Scandal s07e16 Episode Script

People Like Me

1 HUCK: [ECHOING] We've all done bad things.
I need you to do something for me.
[ECHOING] We've all hurt people.
Be my Command again.
Kill Cyrus Beene.
It's what you do next that matters.
You want to kill Cyrus Beene? I want you to handle Cyrus, yes.
- [SCOFFS] - I would do it myself, but we both know that's not a possibility.
- Mellie, I'm not - We have no choice.
[WHISPERING] You're not a killer, Mellie.
I am the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
I kill every day.
With drones in far-off villages, with the choices I make about how many troops to send to keep the peace, which countries get aid from my government.
People die on my watch every day.
All of them more innocent than Cyrus Rutherford Beene.
You're under suspicion for attempted murder for taking Cyrus' plane down.
What do you think happens when you're You are as precise and capable a killer as any, and do you know you can make Cyrus' death look I do not kill! [SIGHS] Not anymore.
418,000 Americans died in World War II.
There is such a thing as a just war.
And we are in the middle of one.
This is not a war.
This is war! And he is the architect of this war.
He is the villain, Olivia.
Where is your patriotism? I am the state.
He is the enemy of the state.
He is attacking democracy, attacking the Oval, attacking freedom.
Attacking you.
Attacking me.
Me, Liv.
You worked so hard to get me here.
Two women outran the boys all the way to the Oval.
Cyrus doesn't get to steal that out from under us.
Cyrus does not get to rewrite the history of women.
He doesn't get to erase our climb.
Does he? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] CYRUS: Admiral, thanks for coming.
I just want to make sure we're keeping an eye on Mellie.
Things are ramping up.
We need to be sure she's not gonna try to do anything stupid.
Of course.
But I also think we might consider adjusting the plan.
Adjusting the plan? [CHUCKLES] - Now is not the time to start - Well, hear me out.
You said yourself that Olivia Pope isn't going to sit quietly by and let this happen.
- Olivia Pope.
- I think the timing's right for a targeted, preemptive strike against Olivia Pope and her team.
- If we can just - Don't be greedy, admiral.
We have the chessboard set up exactly the way we want it.
The queen is in check.
Impeachment is nigh.
Now is not the time to go on the offensive.
We do that, we risk making ourselves vulnerable.
No, now is the time to defend our position.
Vice President, I'm simply suggesting that And I appreciate the input.
But let's not overcomplicate things, huh? Stick to my plan.
[CHUCKLING] The President of the United States is a prisoner in her own house.
You just need to make sure she stays that way, all right? - Yes, sir.
- Attaboy.
The British PM, the Prime Ministers of India, Pakistan, the President of France, the German Chancellor Just tell me who hasn't called.
Um, I don't know if there Who who Who should I get on the line first? - No one.
- No one? But they will call.
They will all call.
I will need to tell them something! First of all, wipe that look off your face.
You are a woman.
Not Bambi.
And this is the White House, not a blazing forest.
Yes, ma'am.
[SIGHS] "The President is very busy doing her job for the American people.
She will return your call when she is able.
" - That is what you will tell them.
- Yes, ma'am.
Because until further notice, the only person you put through to me is Olivia Pope.
Yes, ma'am.
Tell Secret Service I'll be using the tunnel to move between the Oval and the residence from now on.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [ALL REPORTERS SHOUTING] The Justice Department cannot, at this time, provide details without compromising our ongoing investigation into the hijacking of Air Force Two.
What I can confirm is that President Mellie Grant is a person of interest in that investigation.
[ALL REPORTERS SHOUTING] We will provide updates as new information comes to light.
And that is all I can say at this time.
Thank you.
MAN: Is it true there's a ransom? You want us to kidnap the Vice President of the United States? No, I just want access to him.
If I can get him alone, I can convince Cyrus to end this ridiculous scheme against Mellie.
But you're the last person he wants to see right now.
Do you still have the number he gave you? Yeah, but it was a burner.
He must have gotten rid of it by now.
Obviously, but if I can figure out his movements - while he had it on him - OLIVIA: It might give us a location for this little heart-to-heart.
Do it.
We'll need a copy of his schedule to cross-reference.
David can help on that front.
HUCK: And if you can't talk Cyrus out of it, what then? Is there a Plan "B"? QUINN: We're Plan "B.
" While Liv's appealing to Cyrus' better angels, we'll be searching his phone for proof that he coordinated the attack on his own plane.
If we can find the hacker he used, we can take Cyrus down and clear Charlie's name.
How is everything fine? Your boss is being accused of treason.
I've heard.
Are you caught up in this? - Are you gonna be fired or arrested? - No.
Well, what about me? - After the - After the business with Robert? You have nothing to worry about, Nessa.
How can you be so calm? Because I know I'm safe.
Because I know we're safe.
The Vice President and I happen to have a very solid working relationship, and he has assured me that once the dust settles, I will have a central role in his administration.
Everything I'm doing is for the two of us.
We're gonna be okay.
Trust me.
You promise? [CHUCKLES] Absolutely.
We're a team.
The president's approval ratings.
- These are the most recent numbers? - Yes, sir.
They've Well, they've gone down a lot.
One subpoena, and they're already crucifying her? - Sad.
- Oh, and more of these.
I know you don't like these.
You throw them away every time you get them.
But they must be in season or something.
No, um They're lovely.
[SIGHS] Sir, if the president gets impeached, that means It means that you Yes, Hannah.
But for President Grant's sake, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
[DOOR CLOSES] - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Lonnie, we're gonna have - [CORK POPS] - OLIVIA: Lonnie couldn't make it today.
You'll have to settle for me instead.
Take a seat, Cyrus.
Carol, I didn't say that.
So, then, President Grant is being considered a suspect for what happened on Air Force Two? Just say no, Audrey.
Just say no.
I-I can't speak for the Justice Department or MAN: Then who can you speak for, Audrey, because we're not getting any answers here.
I already said that I'd be glad to find out the nature of Of how to punt our questions better? I'm doing everything I can to answer your questions with the information I have available right now.
- [TV SHUTS OFF] - Why are you even up there? Marcus.
Madam President.
[SIGHS] How are you holding up? [SIGHS] Jake Ballard is using my own press secretary against me.
I've been better.
- You're being framed.
- I'm being royally f framed.
That's why I'm here.
[SIGHS] I'm glad you're here, - but there's - To help fight back.
Cyrus is controlling the narrative right now.
You need to be out there in the press denying these allegations.
The groundskeepers planted peonies.
Since when do you care about some damn flowers? I'm not usually into flowers.
But lately, this is the only spot where I can get some peace.
This isn't over.
There's only one way it's over.
- One way this ends.
- What's that? Don't worry.
I worry when people tell me not to.
[SIGHS] The Chrysanthemums were hard to keep alive, so they're trying the peonies.
I'm not allowed to see things die.
I'm protected.
[WHISPERING] Olivia is working on something for me.
[WHISPERING] What do you mean by "something"? This office gets you one way or the other.
It got Fitz.
It got me.
Either you let someone take it from you, or you lose yourself fighting back.
What are you talking about? [SIGHS] Mellie, if you think for once [NORMAL VOICE] Thank you for stopping by, Marcus.
Rachel? - RACHEL: Yes? - What are you doing, Mel? Can you show Mr.
Walker out, please? Everything's gonna be okay.
[DOOR OPENS, CREAKS] [DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS HEAVILY] OLIVIA: I would have much preferred for all this to go down on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
You and me, late at night, talking about our hopes, our fears, our wants, and our needs.
Just like the old days.
- What are you doing, Liv? - But, man.
Times sure have changed.
Haven't they, Cy? Hm.
First, I'm gonna take your phone.
Huck, take his phone.
- You're gonna want to give it - Okay.
I'll be right outside.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] [LOCK DISENGAGES] Next I'm gonna make you an offer.
End this.
Call your boy and convince him to drop this outrageous investigation into the president.
You do that, you prove to me you still have some semblance of good left in you, somewhere, buried deep, I'm sure, then I'll have no choice but to let you go.
[CHUCKLES] Appreciate the offer, Liv.
Very much.
But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to reject it.
So, what's the alternative? The alternative? That's what I said.
[CHUCKLES] There are people outside this room right now piecing together the details, figuring out exactly how you hijacked that plane and exactly who you paid to do it.
Huck already has your phone, Cyrus.
My team You know who else is outside this room? Another team.
A team of this country's finest Secret Service.
Wondering where the hell the Vice President has run off to.
And I'm very sorry, Liv, but this team my team whole lot better than your gaggle of misguided thugs and one rather irritating little ginger.
What do you think's gonna happen when someone finds me here with the president's former chief of staff? I'll tell you.
They're gonna say, "Mellie wasn't satisfied with attempted murder.
She had to go and add kidnapping to the list, too?" So, someone finds you here.
You're right.
That would be very, very bad.
- Indeed.
- For you.
You wouldn't want someone to find you in the same place you and Lonnie Mencken hatched your evil plans, would you? The world gets wind of potential collusion between the Veep and a special prosecutor? I don't know.
How do you think that one plays out? I think if you had any proof of said collusion, then perhaps the Veep would be worried.
But clearly, you don't, otherwise you would have used it by now.
I was able to figure out how the two of you were communicating in less than an hour.
Gerber daisies wouldn't have been my choice, but All you figured out was how to tangle yourself up in a situation you have absolutely no reason being a part of.
Enough! Olivia, this isn't your war to wage.
She fired you.
Do you want to go back to prison? Do you miss it that much? What I miss, Liv, is this wine.
Haven't had it in ages.
Still never disappoints.
[CHUCKLES] Then drink up, Cy.
Savor it while you still can.
[CHUCKLES] CYRUS: Don't mind me.
Just getting comfortable.
Seeing how we may be here a while.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Incoming! You got that digital clone of Cyrus' phone? Huck's transmitting it now.
Is Huck coming back? That's not for Huck.
What You want me to hack? You're always talking about how you wanted to learn code.
Yeah, I've also been meaning to take up tap-dancing, but not while the fate of the nation rests on my shuffle.
Abby, if Cyrus has been talking to some black-hat hacker, their communications will be on this phone.
The problem our problem is that they'll be behind layers of encryption.
I don't even know what that means.
It means I need your help.
Let's do this.
Let's hack this sucker.
Cyrus' phone should be loaded up.
Open it with the emulator.
You know, the virtual phone thingy.
I knew that.
[SIGHS] Oh, God.
I'm worried.
- About? - Mellie.
I know her, and the woman I just left in the Oval isn't the woman I know.
She's under tremendous stress.
She's in a prison over there.
That place is a prison.
Don't just brush it off like she's having another bad day.
- She's being framed! - FITZ: I know.
- It's a coup.
- I know.
Then why does it seem like you don't care? I care.
She's dark.
Capable of going to a place she won't be able to come back from.
To the place Liv went.
That office It does that to you.
That's your response? - No offense, but - Oh, I'm sure I'll be offended.
You wouldn't understand.
- Because I've never been the president? - Yes.
This isn't normal! She isn't normal! She isn't right! Her presidency is under attack, as is her legacy.
I've been there.
It's not easy.
And sometimes? There is only one way out a way you never would have possibly considered, but now it's the only way.
Mellie knew what she was signing up for.
That doesn't make it easier, but she will survive.
- Because you did? - What? She'll survive whatever dark deed she's been contemplating because you did? Yes.
- Did you? - What? Survive it.
The Oval.
Are you past all the horrible things you did? The dark, tough choice you made to protect your legacy? [CHUCKLING] Because - [CHUCKLES, SCOFFS] - What? - Nothing.
- Say it.
You could have fooled me.
You seem haunted, tormented.
And, yeah, you survived.
But don't you think Mellie deserves better than that? Karen recently let it slip that she's thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend.
Neil Fitzpatrick.
My dear Karen.
There have been so many.
I counseled against it, which, of course, had the reverse effect.
Anyway, now that I think about it, Neil reminds me of you.
[CHUCKLES] I liked Neil.
Neil was different.
But also the kind of strong hand that Karen needs in her life.
[CHUCKLES] By all measurements, Neil Fitzpatrick was perfect.
Karen claimed that he was becoming needy, deeply insecure.
Posing as an equal partner in public, but behind closed doors, looking for a mommy, a master.
[SIGHS] Honestly, I doubted Karen's every word.
Told her to stick it out.
I mean, how could someone be so upstanding and strong one minute, then so weak and needy the next? It's impossible, right? I was wrong.
Karen was right.
And now I see you are my Neil Fitzpatrick.
A delusional, insecure little boy who believes he's a leader, but in truth, has only ever followed.
One girl to another, one master to the next.
All the while looking strong and pretty on the outside.
I see you.
Olivia sees you.
Oh, oh.
[CHUCKLING] Cyrus sees you.
[CHUCKLES] Explains why it was so easy for him to steal you.
Use you.
[CHUCKLES SCORNFULLY] Now see me! I earned this office.
I am a leader of men.
I will always be exactly what I am, and you will always be exactly what you are Neil Fitzpatrick, without the excuse of being young.
[CHUCKLES] And soon enough, you will be all alone again.
No master.
No allies.
No love.
Because time's up! We're coming for you.
[SIGHS] [DOOR CLOSES] Any word from Quinn? Cyrus isn't budging? You'll keep at him.
It's the '76, isn't it? Can't be the '87.
He's already drinking one of those.
Is it the '76? What are you talking about? The wine.
The poison.
Plan "B.
" You bought three bottles of Du Bellay.
Two '87s your favorite and one '76 because you needed to be able to remember which one you poisoned.
I just got you back.
I haven't done anything yet.
Quinn will track down the hacker.
We will get Cyrus to drop this.
Plan "A" will work.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] You know what I've been thinking about a lot lately? My goddaughter.
Sweet, sweet Ella.
How's she doing these days? [LAUGHS] If you think you can guilt me into becoming a better person by bringing up my daughter, Liv, it won't work.
Reeks of desperation.
Sad, rookie move.
Want to know who I've been thinking about lately? Unless it's whoever you hired to take down Air Force Two, I don't particularly see the point.
I think about him.
More than I'd like to admit sometimes.
It's a shame you haven't been able to get over him.
I often wonder if it all comes back to him if the two of us are here in this room right now all because of Fitz.
He brought us together, you know.
He made us.
Friends forever.
Bound together by all those secrets.
You ever think what would have happened if you never met him? Where you'd be in the world? You think You think you'd be a better person? Okay, that's offensive.
I'm sorry.
Not better.
Do you think you'd be a different person? - If I'd never met Fitz? - If you'd never met Fitz.
Come on.
What do you think? It's just the two of us.
[SCOFFS] Whatever it is that you're up to right now It's an honest question.
There's nothing about you that's honest.
I want to see something.
That's all.
What? What do you want to see? Answer the question.
Hmm? And I'll tell you.
[LAUGHING] - You're ridiculous.
- Maybe so.
I'm gonna need another.
- Can I get you one? - I'll get it.
I'd be exactly the same.
[LAUGHING] No different.
No change, whatsoever, and I know that, Liv.
I can answer that question, Liv, because I, unlike you, know exactly the kind of person I am.
The kind who'd trade his conscience in for a shot at power.
Without ever thinking twice.
I know.
If I wasn't keeping Fitz's secrets, I'd be keeping someone else's.
If I wasn't knocking Mellie from the throne, I'd be doing it to someone else.
Doesn't matter.
I am who I am, and I always will be.
So listen to me when I tell you, you can't do a damn thing about it.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [SIGHS] [BOTTLE THUDS] I think you've had enough for now.
[LAUGHING] You're wasting your time, Liv.
We're wasting our time.
You're gonna have to let me go.
- [COMPUTER PINGING] - ABBY: It stopped.
Why did it stop? Did I do something? Yeah, you you did.
You infected Cyrus' phone with a virus that changed his password.
Okay, enter "LS-New.
" Hit return.
Tell me the numbers you see.
- [GASPS] - We're in! What do you want texts or phone calls? Okay, no, no, no.
Don't bother.
They'll be clean.
- You see that bright red icon? - Mm-hmm.
That's an end-to-end encrypted message app.
No back doors.
No zero-day vulnerabilities.
9 out of 10 hackers recommend it for shady business dealings.
Oh, like the one you and Charlie use - when you send stuff to each other? - Exactly.
Let's see who Cyrus has been sending stuff to.
- That's our hacker.
- Now what? Uh, let's track them down.
Open your TOR browser.
[GASPS] Ooh, the darknet? I've never been on the darknet before.
Well, what are you waiting for? - What if - Quiet.
[SIGHS] [CELLPHONE CHIMING] [SIGHS] Quinn? We found the hacker.
And? He's dead.
My guess He'll kill Charlie, too.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] Uh, we still have other options.
I'm going to head back in.
In 20 minutes, I'll place an anonymous call with the Metro Police.
Don't do this.
First responders will find Cyrus' body and a bottle of wine containing cyanide.
All attempts to revive him will be futile.
All clues will lead to - Liv, please.
- Lonnie Mencken as the murderer.
- This isn't you.
- Justice will be served.
- Liv.
- Huck.
It's time for you to go.
- Hi.
How are you? Me? I'm fine.
- How are you? - Fine.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] Mellie.
It's lonely here.
I know.
[SIGHS] I know you know.
Is there something I can do? You're doing it.
You're talking to me.
I really don't have anyone to talk to.
Even though I can't really talk.
I spoke to Marcus.
You don't need it, but here's some advice.
Find another way, if you can.
That office doesn't have to feel to you the way it did for me.
I went there, Mellie.
I justified it.
People forgave me.
I forgave myself.
But I have never been the same.
Find another way.
Don't lose it.
Lose what? Your soul.
You're better than me.
You're better than all of us.
Don't forget that.
I should go.
Admiral, we have a problem.
We do.
You shouldn't be here.
The two of us being seen together only jeopardizes this investigation if it hasn't been jeopardized already.
The vice president's schedule says he's at physical therapy.
That's our problem.
Cyrus doesn't go to physical therapy.
That's his cover for when he's meeting with me.
And if you're here, that means Cyrus is That's our problem.
How about we switch to the '76 Du Bellay? CYRUS: All the same to me at this point.
What now? Nothing.
It's [SIGHS] You're thinking about what I asked earlier whether you'd be different.
Of course I'd be different.
It's not even a question.
You You Yes, you would be exactly the same.
You're incapable of change.
But that's not something to be proud of, Cyrus.
That's sad.
My drink, Liv.
Something needs to numb the pain - of being stuck down here with you.
Vice President.
You ready to get out of here? Ballard, thank God.
I told you.
All this would be a waste of your time.
Where do you think you're going? [LAUGHING] What? Is she serious? She can't be serious.
I think she's serious.
You're forgetting your drink.
No more stalling, Olivia.
You're not gonna give him that drink.
We both know why.
[SIGHS] Here.
Let me save you the trouble.
Take it.
Go ahead.
It'll be faster.
Messier, sure.
Shooting Cyrus in the face requires a bit more cleanup than getting him to drink a glass of poison, but you've got people for that, right? Take the damn gun, Olivia! Fine.
You can shoot me, too.
It's okay.
I'll help.
Ballard, eh - Eh - [EXHALES SHARPLY] She's not gonna do it.
She can't.
She's not gonna kill either one of us.
- She's not capable of - You have no idea what I'm capable of.
Oh, you talk a big game, Olivia Pope, but when push comes to shove, you actually don't do anything.
You give orders.
You unleash your dogs.
You huff and you puff and you work so damn hard pretending to be evil.
But at the end of the day, it's not you.
Getting your hands dirty.
Blowing up planes.
Assassinating world leaders.
That's the work you leave for people like me.
You, Mellie, you get to stay clean because you have people like me.
You get to lull yourself to sleep at night because you have people like me.
And if you don't understand that If you can't bring yourself to believe that, then take the damn gun, Olivia.
Take it and prove me wrong.
Vice President.
JAKE: Just because the vice president's safe doesn't mean we don't have a problem on our hands.
Well, it would appear that way, but if it's all the same to you, I prefer to address this problem - using the instrument of the law.
- I couldn't agree more.
I'd suggest we widen the investigation to include Olivia Pope.
I can easily furnish evidence demonstrating that she was involved in Rashad's assassination.
That's all well and good, admiral, but if I may be indelicate, is there a risk that opening that up may tarnish other parties? No, I'd make sure to scrub anything pointing to my own involvement.
But we can review everything tomorrow morning.
You have a good evening.
So you are involved in this mess.
What exactly needs to be scrubbed, Jake? Who the hell were you even talking to? - Go upstairs and go to bed.
- And to top it all off, now you're dragging Olivia Pope into this? What the hell is going on? Look, Olivia Pope can't stay away from the White House.
She should have been netted by the special prosecutor from the start.
All I'm doing You promised me that this was gonna work out for us that we were some team.
Vanessa, listen to me.
The lengths I need to go to right now, the methods I need to employ, I just can't No, don't you dare keep telling me that it's all for us.
It is for us! You're protecting him, aren't you? - The vice president.
- [SIGHS] He's the one that you've been taking orders from all this time, isn't he? What is it that he's making you do, Jake, huh? Why don't you tell me? Is he asking you to get down on your knees at night, - when you're not here? - Stop talking! I'm not doing what the vice president, or anyone else, wants me to do.
I'm doing what I think what I know is best.
Aligning myself with the strongest allies so that we do not get left behind! There is no "we.
" You really need to watch where you're going I was supposed to be Jackie Kennedy.
American royalty.
A Daughter of the American Revolution.
Not the wife of the vice president's bitch.
It's not who you are, who we are, much as I wish it were.
Because now I have this sick feeling inside me, like all the water has drained off the beach, and we are two fish flapping on the sand, eyeing the building tsunami on the horizon.
We don't need their methods, their tools.
We don't need to adopt or justify violence just because it's been business as usual for the men who have led this country since its inception.
The sins of our past leaders don't need to be our sins.
They may always outnumber us, out-muscle us, outgun us.
That is why we need to be smarter, better more just.
The only way we can win this is if our bond is stronger than theirs, if we hold fast together, no matter what comes.
Mellie, I am with you.
No matter what you think, I have always been with you.
Are you with me? [SIGHS] I'm with you.
Now what? [SIGHS] Now we find a way to surf the tsunami.
MELLIE: By now it has been widely reported that I have been subpoenaed in relation to the hijacking of Air Force Two.
Special Prosecutor Lonnie Mencken has referred to me in the press as a "person of interest" in the investigation.
Mencken's comments have given rise to rumors that I, myself, had a vested interest in the attempted assassination of Vice President Cyrus Beene.
MELLIE: That is why I have come out here tonight.
WOMAN: Madam President, are you complicit with the hijacking? Is it true you paid a man named Charlie? [SIGHS] These rumors, these allegations, have been stoked by my opponents opponents who wish to see the nation distracted from the good work that this administration has done and continues to do.
Opponents who wish to see me backed into a corner and to forever tarnish my legacy.
To them I say good luck.
She didn't kill Cyrus.
I will not be backed into a corner.
I will not allow you to spread lies and to call me a terrorist when I am a patriot.
I'm not trying to bring down jet planes.
I'm shattering glass ceilings and making history.
I am keeping our borders safe and giving our daughters hope.
I am the Commander in Chief.
It is my duty to uphold the law, not to break it.
I am not guilty.
[ALL REPORTERS SHOUTING] If you did not hear me the first time, let me say it again.
I am not guilty.
And I will not be bullied.
Truth is on my side, and I will not stop fighting until the truth is out.
Thank you.
About the old days, and I think that was it.
Cask strength.
First fill.
Aged over an entire 24 years.
It used to be your favorite, right? Back in the day? Your memory serves.
Well, I thought we could both use a drink.
A drink.
A drink to the old days.
To the way things used to be.
You realize that this drink will require you to share a very expensive bottle [DOORBELL RINGS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Mr.
Vice President.
You're out of breath.
Well, Vanessa and I are having a bit of a disagreement.
What are you doing here? I think maybe you were right when you suggested we find a way to manage Liv and her team.
It may be time to adjust the plan.
I'm happy to hear you say that.
Things are getting out of hand.
That speech Mellie made tonight I only hope we're not too late.
Vice President, I've taken care of it.
What did t-taken care of it how? I spoke to Lonnie.
Olivia Pope is now a person of interest in both the hijacking of Air Force Two and the assassination of President Rashad.
You called Lonnie? You can't just The ramifications Cyrus.
I did not sign off on this.
I didn't need you to.
You didn't need me to? This is my operation.
[SNICKERS] Come here.
I want to show you something.
Ballard, what did you do? Mr.
Vice President, when you came to me, when you asked for my help, I asked you a question.
Do you remember what it was? [EXHALES SHARPLY] I asked you why you thought that I'd ever work for you.
In response, you claimed that I wouldn't be working for you.
I'd be working with you.
That it would be you and me versus the world, that we'd be a team.
You proposed a partnership.
Vanessa and I made a similar pact when we got married.
We agreed to work together, to have each other's backs, to listen to one another as equals.
This evening, she made it clear that that arrangement was no longer acceptable.
It was sadly time to dissolve our partnership.
I, uh I see.
I don't work for you, Cyrus.
I don't need your permission.
But I am more than happy to include you in my decision making, provided that, moving forward, you remember to include me in yours.
We're just getting started, Cyrus.
I would hate to have to dissolve our partnership, as well.
Hmm? So What do you say? I'd say we better get someone in here to clean up this mess because we have our work cut out for us.