Scandal s07e17 Episode Script

Standing in the Sun

Everything's going to be fine.
LBJ literally called his the "ugliest thing he ever saw.
" LBJ must have been a very vain man.
- You remember Clinton? - I do.
Then you remember how he got played.
What? It's true.
Shadow of a blue dress, painted right there beside him, clear as day.
Fitz, the artist you chose for your official presidential portrait is phenomenal.
You have nothing to worry about.
Teddy Roosevelt didn't think he had anything to worry about, either.
His artist chose to depict him as a mewling cat.
Now you're worried about looking like a cat? You're enjoying this.
You have no idea.
Not helpful.
I have to go.
Mellie's being questioned tomorrow.
I suppose resembling a cat should be the least of my worries when my ex-wife's presidency is on the line, anyway.
Fitz, I know whatever happens with Mellie tomorrow is going to affect you, too.
I know that it's your legacy, too, your story.
So, how do you think this story ends, Liv? Any ideas? And then, after the teaser, we hit Kaylee Myers at Justice, then we go to Michaels at the White House.
He'll lead into his donut, and then his Q and A will be on the prompter.
So you are telling me that we are making television the same as we do every night? Was this the dream? What our mothers and grandmothers burned their bras for? So, that you would have the cherished opportunity to be in these hallowed halls and waste my time? Back away from me! Where's the countdown? And running, three, two Lovers of Liberty, brace yourselves, for our top story is more salacious than the greatly respected fair and unbiased nightly news program I usually bring you, but this is our reality.
This is happening in America right now.
President Melody Grant will be questioned by a special prosecutor as to whether or not she tried to kill Vice President Beene by paying an assassin to crash his plane into our beloved District of Columbia.
Whoa! That's a mouthful.
President Grant has, of course, denied these charges publicly, but tomorrow the President will be under oath.
Will she risk perjury and repeat that denial under the questioning of Lonnie Mencken? Only God and Mellie Grant know the answer, and that will be the moment you, Lovers of Liberty, find out the truth.
On advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer and assert my Fifth Amendment privilege.
- It's that simple.
- It's not that simple, Helena.
I haven't done anything wrong! Madam President, as your attorney, I want to remind you that invoking the Fifth Amendment Is the quickest way to make it appear as though she has something to hide.
The second you say those words, you give them everything they want.
Answer the questions you're asked.
"Is it true that Charlie worked on your campaign?" "Yes, it is.
" "Did you later hire Charlie to assassinate Cyrus Beene?" "No, you did not.
" You make it sound like everything I have - isn't on the line right now.
- Tell the truth.
Do not plead the Fifth.
The truth is your armor.
Madam President, I see you got your hair done.
Camera's gonna love it! Do you, Melody Margaret Grant, solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.
Marcus Walker.
Long time.
What brings you to this side of town? My meeting at Justice let out early, so I'm going to play hooky for a bit at the new Smithsonian.
You should join me.
I actually got a meeting I should get to myself.
You still at Agriculture? Agriculture? I'm on the Hill now.
- Klein.
- Intel committee? Mm-hmm.
What was the meeting about at Justice? - Hm? - The meeting at Justice.
What was it about? Let me put it this way Be glad you don't work at the White House anymore.
Madam President, you do not deny an association with the suspect currently in custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two? That is correct.
Were you aware that, while working on your campaign, this man, Valentine Cascabel, a.
Norman Talesai, a.
Charlie, was also in the employ of Olivia Pope and associates? I am aware.
Madam President, why did you fire Olivia Pope? Marcus! Mellie's about to get hit.
Excuse me? Why did you fire your former Chief of Staff, your current advisor, Olivia Pope? I didn't fire Ms.
She resigned.
And yet, here she is, today, by your side.
Pope and I worked together very closely, very intensely for an extended period of time.
First, in the campaign, then here in the White House.
After a while, tensions rose.
It happens.
I see.
These tensions would they have had anything to do with Ms.
Pope's plot to assassinate President Rashad of Bashran? I don't know what you're talking about.
President Rashad.
We need to do something now.
- What are you saying? - I'm not saying anything.
I'm the President.
I don't need to know the details.
What I need is to guarantee myself some semblance of deniability, so Consider it handled, Madam President.
Mencken, I don't know what this is or what you think you're doing I'm establishing motive for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Ms.
Vice President Beene found out about your assassination attempt on the Bashrani president.
He disapproved, and when it became clear that he wouldn't stay silent, your solution was to kill him too, wasn't it, Madam President? On the advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer and assert my Fifth Amendment privilege.
There it is.
- We're done here.
- Very well.
Perhaps Ms.
Pope will be able to answer my questions when we speak tomorrow.
- That's - A subpoena.
I look forward to our conversation.
There's no way that video's admissible.
How do they even have this? It's B613.
There are cameras everywhere.
We are living in a fishbowl.
Tell me that won't hold up in court.
Blame it on the PATRIOT Act.
Once you start working against the state, it's open season on privacy.
I bet he was watching us.
I bet he was in that dumb, stupid pool of his, sitting in front of some monitor with that dumb, stupid face of his.
Do you like that, Jake? Are you proud of yourself? What if Liv doesn't testify? She'll be held in contempt.
Or worse, she'll look guilty.
We need to get up to the Hill before they vote to impeach.
Let them know they're being played.
Waste of time.
Jake Ballard's lying and we're letting him.
- We need to get ahead of this.
- I am telling you.
- It won't work.
- Why not? Because we're already behind! Congress knew about that tape before we did.
Jake made sure of that.
The narrative has been set.
They have us in a corner.
We're clear about what happens next.
Oh, yeah.
Inquiry officially turns its attention to Olivia Carolyn Pope, just as Admiral Ballard suggested.
Lonnie, do I detect a problem? Look, I don't kid myself about what we're doing here conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States, high treason.
I know what I signed up for.
And you know why.
All you do, every law you break, is for your country, for your son.
I know why I'm here, Vice President.
Why is he here? - Who? - Jake Ballard.
He's a ghost.
Jacob Ballard didn't exist before joining the Navy.
You've been looking into him? How does a man without a past get so lucky? How does he climb so far, so fast? He might be pretty, but he's not that pretty.
There's something else going on here.
I think I'm going to work from home.
That's dinner? Yeah, and breakfast and lunch.
We've been going at this so hard I don't think I've eaten since wait, yesterday? Yeah, yesterday.
We wouldn't be putting ourselves through this if Liv had just killed Cyrus when she had the chance.
We're happy she didn't.
- Yeah, but - We're happy she didn't.
You're just going to have to accept that, as long as Charlie's behind bars, I'm not going to be happy about anything.
Well, blessed be.
I was told people still worked here, but I wasn't sure I believed it.
Can I help you? Yes, you can.
You see, there is a rumor, a rumor that Olivia Pope has been subpoenaed to testify against the President.
I wonder if you would like to comment.
Why would we comment against Liv? Because not too long ago, it was this firm that leaked the news that Olivia Pope had been fired by the White House, and so I presume that you and Miss Pope were not on ideal terms, so can you help me? We can help you.
Help you find the door.
It's right there right behind you.
To be clear, if retribution isn't incentive enough to speak out against Olivia Pope, I'm prepared to pay you or at least buy you a proper meal.
No, I like cereal.
It's full of nutrients.
Let me be blunt, Miss Perkins.
Lawyers are expensive, and you are going to need a good one to liberate your baby daddy.
Is that the word? One thing I remember from my brief tenure as President ugly things happen to people in the bowels of the Pentagon.
Well, if you change your mind, you can call me at the studio.
I'm sure my Lovers of Liberty would be quite excited to hear your story.
Have a blessed evening.
Give the lady a prize.
Am I supposed to be afraid of you? Is this supposed to be scary? No, I brought you something.
You brought me something? A gift.
Go ahead.
Take it.
- What is that? - Sand.
It's from the island.
Sand from the islands.
My little piece of the sun, our sun.
Jake Here.
I want you to have it.
I don't want it.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
I would never call myself a happy person.
Not coming from the people I come from, the trash that I come from.
But I was happy once.
That island made me happy, being on that island.
My feet on the sand, the light on my face.
Standing in the sun.
I was happy standing in the sun with you.
Lessons learned, huh? Jake, we never had a chance.
Not a real one.
- My father - Our father.
And we did.
We had a chance.
But you had things you wanted to accomplish, presidents you wanted to make, and now so do I.
Don't do this.
I'm taking what is mine, and you will not stand in my way.
Tomorrow when you are questioned, you will tell Lonnie that you killed President Rashad at Mellie's request.
You will implicate the President of the United States and I will make sure that you are pardoned as soon as Cyrus becomes President.
You don't have to be this person.
This isn't you.
- I know you.
- No.
You only dealt with me, treated me like a human being as long as I carried your bags, fetched your toys, kept you warm and defended, like a good watchdog.
The thing is, Olivia, if you starve a dog long enough, it will tear you to pieces.
Tracking the hacker who hijacked Air Force Two was a dead end, literally.
There was nothing left that connects him to Cyrus? There is nothing left that connects him to hacking.
So we can't nail him on the Air Force Two thing.
What if we went further back? Cyrus Beene is not lacking in past sins.
- Like Defiance.
- Exactly.
The man rigged an election.
Election rigging blows back on Liv.
And Mellie.
It would just be another article of her impeachment.
H How about this? Cyrus ordered a drone strike against Liv.
I was there.
- What? - When you were kidnapped, directing the CIA to take out an American citizen.
That's something, right? It would mean telling the world that Fitz went to war for his girlfriend.
Cyrus killed Amanda Tanner.
- Correction.
- Charlie killed Amanda Tanner, and I think we can all agree he's been through enough.
And the last thing Mellie needs right now is for Fitz's philandering to be back in the news.
Oh, what about Jake?! Jake is his muscle.
We take him off the board and Cyrus is exposed.
How? Everything Jake did was with my blessing or in the name of Mellie.
Recently, sure, but returning to past sins for a second, he did act alone when he murdered James.
David was there.
Killing James was his first act as Command, to keep him from telling the world that Sally Langston murdered her husband, a murder that Charlie and Quinn covered up for B613.
It's no use.
All roads lead back to us or B613.
Anything we accuse them of hurts us, too.
Former Chief of Staff Olivia Pope will be testifying in a mere matter of hours now.
Exactly what she will have to say to Special Prosecutor Mencken is still anyone's guess.
However, Washington insiders are anticipating a smoking gun.
After Ms.
Pope was served her subpoena, the House Judiciary Committee began drafting articles of impeachment.
How many times have I told you, you have to be what? You are the gladiator.
I would gladly follow you over a cliff.
You have to be what?! Twice.
What?! "We the people" it's everything.
Twice as good.
Twice as good as them to get half of what they have.
But you got to show up.
You got to be a warrior.
You don't get to pick and choose when the real Olivia Pope walks through that door.
If there are no more white hats, if the deck is always stacked, and if everyone you love is a monster, there is, in fact, someone worth saving.
- Who? - Everyone! - You are the gladiator.
- Everyone is worth saving, even the monsters, even the demons.
Everyone is worth saving.
You have to be what? But you got to show up.
You got to be a warrior.
"We the people" it's everything.
In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light.
That is the point.
At least, I'd like to think that is the point of you.
It's a new world.
Do you, Olivia Carolyn Pope, solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.
Pope, you were present for the interview of President Grant.
You are familiar with the video surveillance recording presented as evidence at said interview.
With that in mind, I prefer to get right to the point.
Did President Grant give you an order to assassinate President Rashad? There are many presumptions included in that question.
It's a simple question yes or no? - Did the President - That's presuming that President Rashad was assassinated.
There's evidence to that submitted to the record, - evidence provided - Evidence is evidence.
- It's not fact, it's not - I understand you don't want to answer the question, Ms.
Pope, but you have been compelled to answer by the authority vested in me by the Justice Department and the Constitution itself.
So you can answer or you can plead the Fifth.
I remind you You're under oath.
Now did President Grant give you an order to assassinate President Rashad? No, I did.
- You did? - I gave the order by the authority vested in me by my post as Command of B613, a secret intelligence unit walled off from all other agencies within the U.
An organization that has existed for decades, an organization being run by Jake Ballard out of the old pool under the White House briefing room at this moment.
An organization that is secretly funded through a loophole in the defense budget.
Hold it.
Back up right there.
You're admitting to the assassination of President Rashad on behalf of President Grant? No, on behalf of the Republic, which B613 has protected or pretended to protect for the last 30 years.
Let me get this you're asking me to believe that there is a secret CIA being controlled from the White House? No, you're not getting it.
This deep-state intelligence agency is not controlled from the White House.
It controls the White House.
Why don't we take a break? Are you done with Olivia Pope already? You must have made quick work of her.
Step aside, Admiral Ballard.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Standing in the sun.
You're going to have to say that again.
She outed B613, outed herself as Command.
So it's true.
Everything Olivia Pope told me.
I'm sorry.
Is that camera on? I'm not seeing the little red light.
- This B613 it exists? - Oh, right.
It's probably because you haven't served me with one of your subpoenas, which means and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't have to answer a single one of your questions.
No, not yet, but you will.
I'm afraid I'm not much of a computer guy.
Old dog, new tricks, I guess.
But I have a couple of young eggheads down in my office who can't get enough of that stuff.
And I bet it's going to be like Christmas morning when they open up all those neat toys you have in that pool.
And then you will be served and that camera will be on and you will answer every question.
You have something? We're at the location that you specified, sir, but there's nothing here.
Wait, you mean there's nothing on the servers? There are no servers.
It's just an empty pool, sir.
- What, that's - We can keep looking.
Never mind.
That will be all.
You take me for a fool? You really don't want me to answer that, but it would be foolish to pursue this B613 thing any longer.
You want my advice? Forget Olivia Pope's testimony.
Make it disappear.
In fact, I'll take care of that for you.
The card's still in here, right? Yep.
I'm also going to need the transcripts when you get a chance.
Oh, that twinge you're feeling in the pit of your stomach right now? That means you're in over your head, messing with forces way beyond your comprehension.
Trust it.
Walk away.
- He what? - Buried your testimony.
Jake probably covered everything up.
Thank God.
I hate to say it, but Jake just helped us out big time.
- No.
- What were you Were you out of your mind? I am not crazy and my testimony was not a mistake.
The truth is the answer.
It has to come out, all of it.
The existence of B613 falls on all of us.
It makes us complicit in I don't even know how many crimes.
Treason, for starters, which is punishable by death, so the hundreds of others don't really matter.
Treason, Olivia.
You didn't know about the killing of Rashad, and you can deny you knew anything about B613.
Or you can tell the truth.
The truth? The truth.
It's all we have now to stop Jake and Cyrus.
The only way to end this all is to open the lid on this secret underground world and fill it with light.
We have to speak up.
And say what?! "Sorry, America.
You actually have no control over your government.
" - I don't know.
- So what exactly is your plan? I don't know.
All I know is this is bigger than us.
This is about the country.
This is about patriotism.
The end of politics, the beginning of leadership.
It all has to come down, no matter the cost.
We have to admit our sins, to clear the air for the sake of the future of this nation! If people know what's been happening under their noses for the last three decades They would pick up their pitchforks and their semi-automatic rifles, they would storm the gate.
They would lock us all away forever! - That's the nice version.
- Maybe.
Or maybe they'll wake up.
Or maybe they'll take their country back.
Wake up? You say that like it's a good thing.
- People are - Don't say "stupid.
" Unpredictable.
We have no way to control what happens to us if this gets out.
The truth is scary, but it is also powerful, and it is the best, the only weapon we have to keep Jake and Cyrus out of power and save this country.
Mellie and me.
You made us Presidents.
What you're suggesting would strip us of all of our power, all our credibility, our legacy, our ability to make positive change in this world.
Your ludicrous confession would have defined everything I've done as President, everything Mellie has done, and kill all my efforts for my foundation to help this country.
Do you think if there were any other way that I would have done this? Do you think I want to go down for what I did for Fitz and Mellie Grant, for this country? We are not the heroes of this story.
We are the villains.
This is your chance to be a hero.
This is positive change.
The lid is coming off.
I will make sure of it.
I will find a way.
And when it does, I can't protect you.
I can't even protect myself.
So decide whether you want to dodge and weave and protect your legacies or stand before the world and admit our sins and hope that the next generation of leaders decide to be better than we were.
You told Lonnie Mencken about B613? I knew it.
I knew they were backing you into a corner and you were going to do something drastic, - but this is suicide.
- Enough.
I can't have this conversation.
I've had this conversation enough today.
I don't need a lecture.
I need help.
Lonnie knows what he knows.
I need a way to convince him to act.
I can get my toolbox.
That's the wrong kind of pressure.
No, we don't need a pair of pliers to change Lonnie's mind.
We can let America do it for us.
A super-secret spy organization? How stupid must you consider me to be? This isn't a scoop.
This is some juvenile attempt to bamboozle me into spreading fake news.
I am here because Cyrus Beene is the devil.
You already know that.
What you don't know is that he's corrupted Lonnie Mencken, a good man who can still be convinced to do the right thing if we put pressure on him.
You mean if my viewers put pressure on him.
I'll have to have proof first.
- Proof? - It is a secret spy agency.
They don't give receipts.
The whole point of B613 is that there is no B613.
Well, I'm not risking my spotless reputation without it, but find me evidence and I will ring my bell with it for all to hear.
Now excuse me.
This face does not put itself on.
So, what are you going to do? I don't know.
I used to think about those one-term presidents as such failures.
Now what I wouldn't give to be one of those losers.
I know this can't be easy.
Easy? You know this can't be easy? - Okay, I didn't mean to - You know what isn't easy? Watching your father leave and never come back, seeing your husband get shot in the head, burying your first-born child.
Those things weren't easy, but each and every one of them was a lesson, a God-given challenge that allowed my becoming the first female President to make all the pain and suffering worth it.
What is the lesson now? Maybe the lesson is that you get judged by the company you keep.
- What does that mean? - Do you want me to keep it real? Of course.
You're all sharks.
Excuse me? You, Fitz, Cyrus, Olivia.
I've been here a while now, and I've heard things over the years election rigging, blackmail, murder.
I never killed anybody.
But you surrounded yourself with murderers, criminals, sharks.
They work for you, helped you to get to the place you're standing, and now you're horrified and surprised that one of your sharks attacked you, went for your blood, behaved like a shark.
Cyrus is a traitor.
Not just to me, but to his country.
So this is about the country? It's always about the country! No, Mellie.
It's about you.
You care about doing whatever it takes to keep your job and to protect your legacy.
That's fine.
But don't try to have a pity party for a situation that you created.
This doesn't ever get boring? Ha! Never! Um, what brings you here? I wanted to see you.
Here I am, being seen.
I know this everything that's been happening is not easy.
It's not easy for any of us.
But I wanted you to know that I'm doing it for the right reasons.
Olivia is an unfortunate casualty.
She's standing in the way of what needs to be done.
She's endangering the Republic.
I'm saving it.
"Okay"? Okay.
You know why I love her? Why she brings me so much joy? She is the sum of her DNA, a portrait of survival, a monument to lessons learned.
Her superiority is owned in her history.
Evolution, extinction no matter.
Her species can stand proud.
My species Okay, old man, I didn't come here for a lecture.
Shut up and listen.
You've taken the title Command, B613.
The throne is yours.
You think you've done it.
You think victory is yours.
You should feel all warm and giddy inside.
Instead something's missing, right? So you're here.
Not for a lecture, of course not.
To come for a lecture would mean that you understand that you still have something to learn.
No, no, no, no, no, no! You came here for applause.
You came for a hug, an attaboy from Daddy because you think that is what is missing.
You think you need me to tell you, "Good job, well done.
" You think you need to hear how proud I am of you.
You think you need my applause and if I give you that, that will fill the holes and somehow you will actually be the king.
Okay, let's try.
Good job.
Well done.
I am so proud of you, son.
I came to tell you that I am Command now, and I can be kind to you or I can be cruel.
I have the power now and you need to realize You have nothing.
That's my point.
How could I have failed both you and Olivia so spectacularly? The two of you scurry around this town, squawking to anyone who will listen about how powerful you are.
How have you learned so little sitting at my right hand, absorbing nothing? If you have to tell me how powerful you are, you ain't nobody! You got nothing! You have no power! Real power is silent.
Real power is hidden.
Real power was there all along.
Real power cannot be gained and never can be lost.
It is not a commodity.
It is who you are.
I am power.
Absolute, total, unyielding power.
I will always be power, and I keep waiting for one of you to step up and join me because it is so lonely up here at the top.
Running the world? Really? Running the world and seeing all its moving parts is exhausting.
The sacrifices, the losses, the endless deaths, the level of responsibility.
"Command" may be a title, but it is not a job.
You may call yourself Command.
She may have called herself Command.
Do either of you actually think you ever took Command from me? How I wish.
How I wish one of you would evolve so that I could call myself extinct.
You cannot take Command, son.
It is trapped in my bones.
So Run along.
And leave me here with the other dinosaurs.
I could kill you right now.
But you won't.
I will be here for you, son, when you fall.
Just stay out of my way.
I want to help.
Thank you.
The only problem is I'm not sure there's anything for me to actually do in this situation.
I'm completely useless here.
The only thing either one of us can do at this point is wait.
Wait and see what happens.
With Sally Langston, of all people.
With Sally Langston.
At least we figured something out.
Yeah? What? How this story ends.
It ends with us.
It ends with us doing what's right for the country.
I checked all the old drops Rock Creek Cemetery, Buzzard Point Park, the National Zoo, but there's nothing.
No flash drives, no folders, nothing.
Nothing online either.
The last time Rowan covered his tracks, he scrubbed and overwrote all the deep web caches.
I've been searching old police reports for smoking guns.
No luck there either.
So, short of holding Jake at gunpoint and demanding that he turn over his secret stash We have nothing for Sally.
Maybe that's okay.
Maybe failing at this isn't such a bad thing.
What Liv wants sacrificing herself for the greater good I mean, how much good would actually come if Liv goes to prison? If it means Cyrus won't be President, a lot.
Ultimately, the presidency is just a job.
We're talking about Olivia's life and ours.
Turning over evidence of B613 that implicates all of us.
Liv would protect us.
- But what if she can't? - We're missing the point.
This isn't about Mellie's job.
It's is about a rot at the core of American democracy, about doing whatever it takes to flush that rot out for good.
Restoring transparency, trust, common stewardship for, you know, the Republic.
This does sound so much better when Liv says it.
I know.
How about this? This is about Liv handling this, fixing what needs fixing, wanting to go down and make things right.
That's how we know she's the old Liv again.
You're right.
But without proof, she can't fix it.
Well, there is something.
You couldn't find any evidence? No evidence, but something else.
Witnesses willing to testify at length about B613.
Who? No.
Absolutely not.
Huck and I were B613 agents.
We worked our way up from the paper desk.
- We know everything.
- Methodologies, dates, details.
Details I can corroborate.
I've been close enough.
I've seen enough.
I told you, this is my decision.
I'll protect you from the consequences.
We know.
That's exactly why we're by your side.
By my side? Do you know where I'm heading? Over a cliff.
- He's right, Liv.
- By your side.
Over a cliff.
You still have a choice here.
I can keep your name out of this, deny you had any knowledge of B613, or - You can tell the truth.
- Or I can tell the truth.
It's up to you.
Everything in me is saying that letting B613 come out, to be known to the world, is the biggest mistake I will ever make.
Problem is, I've already made the biggest mistake I'll ever make not listening to you.
If we do this, it may very well be the last thing we ever do together.
Maybe they'll give us side-by-side prison cells.
Hello, Lovers.
As you know, I have been one of the Grant family's most vociferous critics.
Not today.
Today I leap to Mellie Grant's aid with the alacrity of an angel.
Not in the name of partisanship, but in the name of liberty.
Thanks to the courage of some very brave individuals, it has come to my attention that, for the last 30-odd years, our country has been led, not by our President, but by a top-secret spy organization operating within our government on our government's dime - No, no, no, no, no.
- in our government's name.
These are the traitors who tried to bring down Air Force Two.
These are the traitors who seek to frame Mellie Grant for that crime.
These are the traitors Mr.
Lonnie Mencken, who should be dragged out of the darkness and into the light so they can finally be held accountable.
It will not be easy.
The enemy is formidable, but it is necessary, for this is the fight of our time.
Stand with me, Lovers.
Demand justice, take action.
God bless you, Lovers, and God bless America, or at least what's left of it.
Here we go.