Scorpion (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

Crime Every Mountain

1 WALTER: Previously on Scorpion Mark Collins? He was a member of the team.
It didn't work out.
Kicking me off Scorpion, it was a deep betrayal.
CABE: If I uncuff him without a direct order, I violate a half a dozen federal statutes.
What we're doing is more important.
Collins! (cackles) You're under arrest for instigating an escape.
- I want a lawyer.
- I want to be your attorney.
- You want to what? - I can do this.
I want a family.
I've always wanted a family.
And I want one with you.
'Cause I love you.
TOBY (Southern accent): And what did you observe Mark Collins doing prior to unlocking his stun cuff? Well, I felt like he wasn't a threat to run.
Who cares what you feel? He asked what you observed.
The judge is gonna nail you for that.
Run it again.
Gallo, why did you feel it was necessary to unlock the prisoner's stun cuff? Look, I didn't think he was gonna run.
He was faking an ankle injury.
Not what he asked.
Answer what is asked and nothing more.
It's not my fault! Foghorn Leghorn is throwing me off! I resent, I say, I say, I resent that remark.
SYLVESTER: Toby is playing your attorney.
If you're thrown off by him, how are you gonna handle a prosecutor? WALTER: Well, I suggest that we find out.
Now, Agent Gallo, you purport to be some kind of a lawman, do you not? You know I'm a federal agent, Walter.
Yes, one on suspension.
Anyway, I was wondering why you, a lawman, continually consort with criminals? (chuckles): I don't consort with criminals.
Do you or do you not, on a daily basis, associate with an illegal gambler (normal voice): Former illegal gambler.
the daughter of a jailbird Only my dad.
Mom was clean.
and the daughter of a con woman currently on the run from the authorities? That's pretty accurate.
Even your lawyer committed cybertheft against a bank in his youth.
Man, even I think he's guilty now.
Look, I'm not, and that's what I want to say.
Well, you can say that to your cellmate.
(sighs) CABE: You know, what kind of system would twist the words of an innocent man and put him in jail? (Southern accent): Well, in the immortal words of Mr.
Atticus Finch Doc, your ass better be a size 12, because that's the size shoe I'm wearing! Cabe, do you see how worked up you get? This role-playing, it confirms my position: you have no business taking the stand.
The trial's in a few days.
Can we just end this charade so I can focus on the task at hand? I need a breather.
Walter, I'm gonna work on my opening statement in your loft.
TOBY: Walt, I know we're trying to make a point here, but “Say it to your cellmate”? That's a little rough, yeah? Cabe can take it.
It's getting pretty tense around here.
Can say that again.
What do you think of Walt dragging us into it, like we're cut from criminal cloth or something? It's uncalled for.
It's ridiculous.
Kind of true though.
I mean, we do have some gangster in our blood.
Moving on, how is the fixin' of the comms coming along? Link system on these buggers is still unresponsive.
Even Sly's backup microwave band is D.
No case today.
You have time.
Oh, speaking of time, uh, and how a ton of it has passed and you're still not harboring a fetal fugitive, um, I've been doing some research.
I found a very interesting study out of Russia.
It said that mild limitations of blood flow to the extremities can redirect blood to the gootius Maximus and increase chances of pregnancy by two percent.
You want to tie me up? What? No.
'Course not.
We would tie each other up.
“Love is the Tie that Binds”? Deviant.
CABE: Damn it, Walter! Are you kidding me?! I'm gonna deal with that.
We're not done with the conversation.
Whatever, Mr.
(phone rings) Yep.
You care to explain this? These are pears, those are plums.
Don't be a wise guy.
TOBY: Hey, all right.
Let's all simmer down.
Everybody's a bit on edge today.
I'm not on edge.
I just want a banana.
I wrote “banana” on the fridge list.
Walt did the shopping this week, and, lo and behold, no banana.
It is a high caloric fruit loaded with carbs.
I was trying to be helpful.
You want to be helpful? Then get me the damn fruit I asked for.
Wha? What the hell just happened? Walter's psychology is playing out.
Think about it.
Trial's coming up.
Walter's sharp on cross-examination.
Then he pokes the bear with produce.
HAPPY: Crap! (clattering) Oh, when it rains, it pours.
Couldn't help but overhear you shouting “crap.
” I just hung up with Piker Forest Search and Rescue in New Mexico.
They want us to get out there with my winch today.
I scheduled that presentation for three weeks from now.
HAPPY: I know.
Which is why my winch isn't ready for a full demonstration.
What's the hurry? A rockslide blocked the only access road out of the valley, and they're expecting a big storm in three days.
They're worried about getting emergency vehicles through the canyon? Bingo.
So they want us to clear the boulders before the storm comes.
But they're a rescue unit.
Don't they have their own winch? Not like mine; it's a fluxed cylindrical diameter creating twice the lift capacity with half the force applied.
I could flick those boulders off the road like a couple of dusty boogers.
But I don't like working out my gear until it's ready.
So I told the boob from New Mexico I'd think about it, and I hung up on him.
We can't afford to lose this job.
Paige, smooth things over with them, tell them we're on our way.
(scoffs softly) But we don't all need to go.
Maybe some of us can stay back with Cabe, lend moral support as he preps for his trial.
That's a construct.
There's nothing moral about Cabe's predicament.
Paige, Sly can hang back and work with me.
I'll be fine.
See? He's fine.
I see you're enjoying that plum.
It's the poor man's peach.
WALTER: Where is the ranger? He said he'd meet us here.
That's what the dude at the rescue team station told us.
He also told us that he used this government truck to rescue two bears from a flash flood.
Not sure he's a source of reliable info.
Actually, we're really early, so we should get to it.
'Cause the faster we get back to L.
, the faster I can check on Cabe.
He's going to trial, not to war.
(scoffs) Hey, we're all stressed about Cabe At least some of us are.
but let's focus on making sure my winch passes today's test with flying colors.
If Search and Rescue likes what they see, the State of New Mexico will be our first large-scale buyer.
Then this sucker will get into sporting good stores nationwide, sell online, and Scorpion's money woes are over.
Our financial cupboard is bare, and Lord knows we're not filling it with any of Walter's inventions.
I beg your pardon.
My hot dog invention, now known as the “Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube” What happened to “U-Dog”? It seems that there is another patent for, uh, a hot dog with a less efficient, much more shallow condiment channel, and some scaredy-cat lawyers won't allow me to use “U-Dog.
” I even had to rewrite the jingle.
Oh, please don't.
It's a Meat Tube Pretty sweet tube It's a jump up and get on your feet tube It's a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube, it's What do you think? I think, for a genius, you sing about your wiener a lot.
CABE: So, finding anything that will help? Trying.
You've had your nose in that book for the last three hours.
What you looking for? Prison regulations regarding medical care for inmates.
If our Eighth Amendment argument doesn't fly, then I want to have backup.
Good, good.
That's good.
Except the law states that prisoners only need to receive “adequate” care.
And since the stun cuff only caused temporary and nonlethal pain, then prosecution could argue that removing the cuff went beyond the care that was necessary.
You know what might work? You letting me work without interruptions? Excuse me if your “no wins, no losses” record in the courtroom doesn't fill me with confidence.
(alarm beeping) What the hell was that? Nothing.
My tea's ready.
(beeping) We found him? I can't believe we found him.
Found who? Yosemite Sam! (exhales) You scared me.
Found who? Uh you know, it Technically, it's “found whom.
” - Kid! - Collins.
We may have found Mark Collins.
I got to say, Happy, that winch worked great.
It was a fantastic invention.
It's no mutilated hot dog.
Man, New Mexico is beauty-ful! I haven't been here in years.
When were you in New Mexico? Oh.
My old New York bookie, The Gooch, he was a little unhappy with me.
I had to lay low for a while, so I hobo-trained it to Santa Fe.
Can't wait for you to be the father of my child.
Still getting the ranger's voicemail.
We're not waiting for him anymore.
He's a half hour late.
We need to get back.
So I'll just bill him.
Let's hit it.
That was boring and uneventful.
Just the kind of case I like.
(plane engine sputtering) HAPPY: Listen to that engine.
Plane's not gonna make it.
(plane crashes) So much for “boring and uneventful.
” WALTER: There's no explosion.
There's a good chance of survival.
Call Search and Rescue! PAIGE: Already on it.
What a shock-- no answer.
Government employees not doing their job.
What a surprise.
Well, I know one government employee we can count on.
(phone vibrating) SYLVESTER: Well, Walt and I built this supercomputer.
It's constantly searching for anything that could alert us to Collins' whereabouts: his name entered in a database, algorithm that calculates a behavioral pattern that he could fall into, facial recognition software from security cameras-- airports, train stations, banks.
We also keep a tab on his finances and his relatives.
We call it CLAM: the Collins Location and Apprehension Module.
And that's why you guys wouldn't let us in here.
Walt said it was because of mold.
Just CLAM.
(sighs) Cabe's not answering either.
I wish we had the comms.
Hey, I have been working on them all week.
I wish they came with an insurance plan, but they didn't.
Never get insurance on electronics.
It's a sucker's bet.
Shut up.
Yes, dear.
Okay, let's get headed over that ridge.
We're gonna have to help those people on our own for now.
CABE: So how can a handful of servers like this be enough computing power to analyze all the data you're collecting? Well, we might be siphoning CPU power from other government programs that aren't necessarily essential.
Doesn't sound legal.
Uh, one of the reasons why we can't send a cop to investigate any of the leads that CLAM provides.
That's what that alarm was.
It was a lead.
Well, a pawn shop in Santa Barbara contacted the Feds about a purchase of vintage and rare radio parts.
They can be modified to act as transmitters in IEDs.
Any sale of these items needs to be reported to the ATF.
- And Collins is a radio specialist.
- Exactly.
So he could've found these parts at a garage sale or a swap meet and known they were valuable.
And he's on the run, he's desperate for cash.
He sells 'em to a pawn shop, and he's got some folding money.
And CLAM caught it because we have it searching for anything weird in the world of radio markets.
All right, so what's next? Well I will direct all of CLAM's computing power to Santa Barbara.
So if Collins is there, we're gonna catch him.
MAN: Over here! Help! Okay, honey, help is here.
I'll check the passengers.
Grab the water from the back.
Got it.
Uh, I'm a doctor.
What can you tell me? I'm Frank.
My daughter Jessie got knocked out when the plane crashed.
Her leg is mangled.
TOBY: Fib fracture.
It's impacted.
I can set it, but when she wakes up, that's gonna hurt like hell.
She got a concussion upon impact, but her vitals are steady, so she'll be okay.
It's best if I set this before she wakes up.
(bones cracking) Who are you people? We're federal contractors out here to clear a rockslide caused by the same wind shears that most likely made your plane crash.
HAPPY: What happened? We were on a family trip.
I lost control.
We only had one chute, so I sent Elijah.
Elijah? My son.
He's 14-- he jumped out somewhere northwest of here.
You got to help me find him.
(phone ringing) Hello? Ms.
Dineen, this is Ranger Carter with Search and Rescue.
Where have you been? We have multiple active incidents in the field.
Sudden wind shears are taking out climbers left and right.
And planes.
We're at a small Cessna five miles from the landslide.
One injured, stable, one lost teenager, and we have a doctor providing treatment.
We've got a civilian on a rock ledge 50 feet up with no harness.
We got to tend to that one first.
See if you can communicate with your lost teen.
I'll be in touch as soon as I can.
Walter, what do we do? Well, we go find his son.
Toby and Happy, stay here and tend to Jessie.
Paige, we're gonna go with Frank.
He knows the general area that Elijah jumped out of.
We can calculate the rest.
HAPPY: There's no roads out there-- you guys will have to hike.
Call me when she wakes up.
Copy that.
Good luck.
I don't get why you're mad.
It's my freedom at stake! I have a right to know you're trying to get the guy who screwed me.
But we didn't want to get your hopes up that we would catch him.
Now, with all the extra computing MIPS that I've directed at Collins' last known location, we have a shot.
Yeah, well, I'm still pissed.
I missed a call from Paige.
Yeah, Paige.
What's up? Okay, you got to be kidding me.
All right, I'm putting you on speaker.
Sly, listen up.
PAIGE: and Happy and Toby are with Jessie.
We're trying to locate Frank's son.
It's tough terrain, so we're guesstimating.
WALTER: Uh, Sly, can you run some calculations? Roger that.
I am pulling up a map of Piker State Forest as we speak.
Hey, Cabe, could you get Happy on the line? And, Frank, hit me with it.
We were about 8,000 feet when Elijah leapt.
Approximate coordinates? No idea.
We were in a nosedive-- I was panicking.
How about when you first started having trouble with the plane? Rough estimate, let's say we just passed northwest of Taos, going west.
And your son's approximate weight? About 150.
All right, I got Happy and Toby linked in.
Hey, guys, just doing a fast track of your phones' GPS location so we can find Elijah.
How's the girl doing? Search and Rescue's med kit had an air cast.
Toby strengthened it with two branches.
My man's pretty slick when he needs to be.
CABE: Yeah, well, speaking of slick, Walter, I found out about the CLAM under the ramp.
Thought we had mold under the ramp.
SYLVESTER: Okay, I pinpointed the crash site, and I've got an approximate jump spot.
Got it.
Sending you the coordinates for where Elijah should have landed-- it's about a hundred square yards, since I couldn't predict any wind shears he might have encountered on his descent.
Eh, we're not far away.
Sly, Cabe, we'll call you if we need anything, but I think we've got Elijah pinpointed.
We're in good shape.
It's just up here, this way.
TOBY: Okay.
Well, she's starting to stir.
Touch of meperidine so she doesn't wake up in excruciating pain.
(exhales) (bird squawking in distance) Oh Hey, hey, Jess, Jess, Jess.
Jess, you're okay.
You were in a plane crash.
You have a broken leg and a concussion.
I'm a doctor.
You've been treated.
A medevac will hopefully be here shortly.
My dad? HAPPY: Oh, he's fine.
He's with our friends.
They went to go get your brother.
My brother? Oh.
Uh does my dad know where he is? Our colleagues think they have it narrowed down to where he landed.
I just hope he finds him.
Hey, guys, just a heads-up.
We got an awake and alert patient over here.
Jessie, thank God.
Listen, honey, we're getting close to your brother.
Soon as we find him, I'll let you know, okay? Okay, Dad.
(panting) We really need to find him.
I promise I will.
Okay, look, I just made a promise to my girl, so are we almost there or what? We're in the zone Sylvester indicated.
So it's big.
- Well, then we split out.
- No.
Then one of us could get lost, and we'd have two people to find.
Actually, I think we have zero.
That's him.
Elijah? Elijah, can you hear us? I can't even see him up there with the branches and the parachute.
- I'm going up the chute cords.
- No, no, no! No, no! You might pull him down! (gasps) I'm no genius, but something tells me you don't have a son.
Scorpion 4x10 Crime Every Mountain Come on.
Hurry up.
Leave your bag.
Each of you put on a pack, and put your phones on the ground.
(sighs) Good.
So, Elijah was three bags of cash.
Since we're near Mexico, I assume that you run cash for arms dealers or drug peddlers? What kind of monster do you think I am? It's just drug money.
I don't deal with guns.
Except for this one-- which I'll use if you two try anything.
This isn't personal.
But if I had to carry all three of these bags by myself, it would take forever, and the folks that are waiting for this kind of delivery they get mad when you're late.
Tie this around your waists so you can't run off anywhere.
So you've established your son isn't real.
Is Jessie even your kid? That she is.
Chip off the old block, too.
Speaking of which (radio static) Jessie.
We found it.
It? Who besides my mother refers to their son as “it”? JESSIE: Don't move.
Okay, something tells me we're gonna regret helping her.
Turn around, slow.
Hey, Jess, my pals here are gonna help me hump the cash back to the vehicle.
Make sure you keep those other two from causing any problems, okay? See you in a bit.
Copy that, Dad.
All right, the both of you, toss me your phones.
I should've gotten the insurance plan.
(rapid beeping) I knew we'd get another hit.
What does it say? Uh, just one name.
Beatrice Collins, 92.
She's being transferred to Shady Pines.
It's a high-end assisted living facility, in Santa Barbara! That's got to be Collins's grandmother.
That's why he sold those radio parts-- so he could get the money to put her in the geezer home.
Looks like we're going to Santa Barbara.
(whispering): Tied up at gunpoint-- what would Cabe do in this situation? Well, we might not have Cabe around much longer.
We need to think brains, not brawn.
You've been a real jerk about Cabe lately-- - I don't like it.
- We could fall off a cliff.
No, we're not gonna fall off a cliff.
If Cabe gets convicted, he'd want us to stay strong.
I'm not talking about Cabe-- a literal cliff, 15 feet high.
We passed it on the way here.
Now, if we jump off, our weight pulls Frank off.
We'd get hurt, too.
We know it's coming, so we brace ourselves.
Besides, if he gets his money back to our truck, he's gonna kill us all anyway.
You know, your bedside manner sucks.
JESSIE: If it looks loose, you'll regret not doing it right the first time.
Now you.
Your ankles.
Hey, Jess, your dad said that Elijah was 150 pounds.
A dollar bill is .
04 ounces, and since the hundred is the preferred denomination of arms dealers Drug dealers.
My mistake.
So 10,000 hundreds is a million dollars, so that's 25 pounds per million dollars, so I'm assuming there's over $6 million being brought back here? Your wrists.
And shut up.
You don't pull anything, I don't shoot you.
HAPPY: You sure know a lot about denominational choices of scumbags.
Well, try paying The Gooch with crumpled singles.
Our kid has no shot-- it's going to jail.
Hey, I have to stop.
Get that pack back on.
Hey, I have an old lacrosse injury, and it is killing me.
If you want that money carried, I need a break.
You got a lacrosse injury, too? Uh chess club.
Two minutes.
(radio static) Hey, Jess.
My caddies need a blow, so we'll be back at it again soon.
(yelling) (gasps) (yells) Why aren't we on the ground? Oh, the cord's caught on branches.
Lying bastards! (gunshot) (gasps) (gunshots) Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop shooting! If you hit us, we're dead weight, and you won't be able to lift us up! I'll take my chances.
(gunshots) Rockslide! You okay? Yeah.
You? Yeah.
(panting) Well, the good news-- Frank can't get to us.
Bad news? We can't get out.
(both groan) All right, that should give us some fresh air.
Now we have to figure out a way out.
What if he's waiting for us? Oh, you heard him.
He can't be late delivering the money, so he saw us get stuck, we're no longer a threat.
He'll be lugging those three heavy bags to the plane by himself, content to let us die in here.
There's a lovely thought.
You want a worse one? He's gonna kill Happy and Toby once he knows that his daughter's okay and Toby's medical help isn't needed anymore.
So, those bags will slow him down, but we need to find a solution before he gets back to them.
So, let's start thinking.
Aah! Oh, what is that? I kicked something.
Oh, oh.
Oh, Frank's walkie.
Must have dropped it when he fell.
Jessie has the other one.
She'll hear us asking for help.
We need to signal Happy and Toby without her knowing.
I have an idea.
(rhythmic static) Morse code? (static continues) No.
Static's too amorphous for the sharp tones needed for Morse code.
What I'm doing is even better.
(rhythmic static) Ugh! Part of me thinks you engineered all of this just to get me into zip ties.
If I did, I forgot the safe word.
(static) JESSIE: Dad? Dad, the connection's bad.
You have to find higher ground.
Sounds like Daddy dearest is having trouble reaching out.
Dad?! Maybe Walt tricked the guy into getting lost, bought us some time.
(static) I don't even think Daddy's with our pals anymore.
What are you talking about? Listen to that static.
(rhythmic static) Doesn't it sound familiar? (rhythmic static) No way.
BOTH: It's a Meat Tube.
Pretty sweet tube It's a jump up and get on your feet tube JESSIE: Dad? Hello? We got to get Jess's walkie.
I may have a way but it's a little crimey.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Hello! (sighs) SYLVESTER: We're looking for a resident here.
A man's freedom is at stake.
Welcome to Shady Pines.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry.
Could you say that again, honey? Hello! Hello! I am an attorney, and I am looking for someone named Beatrice Collins.
A very bad criminal is going to meet with her soon.
She's moving in today.
Is she a lady friend, or are you unattached? Aye.
Yes, he's unattached Ooh.
and you two can talk about it over tea after you tell us where Beatrice is.
Just a minute.
Take one for the team, Counselor.
There is nobody by that name moving in today.
Are you certain? Absolutely.
My eyes are in perfect shape.
Just like the rest of me.
What the hell's going on? The CLAM said she'll be here.
Could be data overload, it could be a glitch.
(phone chimes) Oh.
But it's not glitching now.
We got a facial recognition match in Santa Barbara.
He is here.
Let's move.
(laughs) Well, the trick is to untie your shoelaces and then loop them through your zip ties.
If you can untie my laces, untie the damn rope.
Did you not hear the gun lady threaten to shoot me if I cut corners on my tie job? I can't get 'em with my wrists zipped, but your shoelaces, on the other hand.
Now we make friction your friend.
Do I even want to know how you know how to do this? You'll be shocked to learn it involves The Gooch.
And the trunk of his car.
Is this what we have to look forward to with our kids? Pulling them out of trouble when they are caught by Paulie Six-Fingers? It was actually Donnie Four-Fingers.
You want to know how he wound up with four fingers? No.
Now get in the cockpit.
What's that for? Our captor.
Who's approaching the plane's aileron.
On my call, you run out and grab her gun.
JESSIE: Dad, this damn thing's not working.
Ready? Go! (grunts) (Toby groans, gasps) Not so fast! Okay, tie her to the landing gear.
(zip tie tightening) Won't want her hearing our plan.
Okay, Walt, Paige, what's going on? Happy! Thank God.
We're buried in a cave.
Frank's returning to the truck.
Not good.
WALTER: We need your winch to remove the rocks.
Well, we can't get to you without possibly crossing Frank on his way back here.
PAIGE: Then find a way he definitely won't be going.
He can't climb with all the bags he's carrying.
Uh, there's a Search and Rescue map in the truck.
WALTER: Great.
Now, remember Sly's calculations for fake-Elijah's parachute jump? We leapt off the cliff about four miles southeast of there.
Uh, 15 feet high.
Okay, I found it.
Uh, there is a 90-foot cliff not far from here.
There's rope in the truck.
Toby could rappel down.
I could? And be a few miles shy of you.
- He'll carry the winch on his back.
- I will? Yeah, you baby.
And once you are gone, I will pull the spark plugs from the truck, and booby-trap the door, so once they're both closed, Daddy and his little girl can't get out.
Frank can shoot his way out.
It's a rescue vehicle designed for mountain conditions.
The windows are reinforced to withstand rockfalls.
It's essentially bulletproof.
TOBY: All right, guys.
Hold tight.
I'll, uh I'll see you soon.
PAIGE: Okay.
You know, scary as it sounds, our fate is in Toby's hands.
Still better than being in Cabe's shoes.
Walter, do you have any idea how cold that sounds? Well, it's a fact.
I'd rather be here with a chance of rescue than be facing years in prison with a novice attorney as my only hope.
(sighs) The “say it to your cellmate” comment this morning, intentionally not buying him bananas.
I had no idea he wanted bananas.
Do you realize what you're doing? You're subconsciously distancing yourself from Cabe so if he goes to prison, it'll hurt less.
But you are only ruining your last moments with him.
Didn't you ever have a friend move away when you were a kid and have to say good-bye? I didn't have friends before Scorpion, so didn't really have a a friend to lose.
I don't know what I'd do if Cabe gets taken away.
Don't know how to process it.
When my mom left my dad he said to me, “The worst thing you can do to yourself is care about someone more than you care about yourself.
” He meant pain is the price you pay for love.
You are trying to avoid paying the price.
Tell me what to do.
I don't I don't know.
Don't push him away.
'Cause if the worst happens you'll never forgive yourself.
You sure you had the address right? I have a very high IQ.
I know how to read an address.
(phone rings) Oh, man, it's your prosecutor.
This is Sylvester Dodd.
WOMAN: This is Assistant U.
Attorney Hadley Dine, assigned to Mr.
Gallo's case, notifying you that we'll be subpoenaing all of his financial records.
We received an anonymous tip from an account in your client's name with a recent deposit of $50,000.
No way! I'm broke! What does this have to do with Mark Collins? The deposit was traced to an offshore account in Collins's name at Tuza Banco.
Collins sent your client the money.
I'll call you back.
That's bull.
I never took any money from Collins.
I've never set foot near a Tuza Banco.
That son of a bitch is toying with us.
(Jessie grunting) (inhales sharply) Ow! (gasps) (groans) Hey, what's your problem? The air cast is deflating.
Hurts like hell.
Well, you've made some poor life choices.
(gasps) (sighs) I'll pump your cast, but I want some answers.
Just help me.
(wincing through teeth) So, when did you decide to join the family business of being a dirtbag criminal? Screw you.
- Cast go bye-bye.
- No, no, no.
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
(sighs) I don't know.
I-I just always followed my dad around.
It was just me and him.
What he did, I did.
But when you were a kid, were you stealing Barbies and stuff? What are you getting at? Was it your call, or did he drag you into this mess? You know what? Forget it.
I don't care.
I mean, your dad's your dad, you know? (air pumping) (sighs) When we get back, you and Walter are gonna get into that CLAM thing.
And you're gonna figure out how Collins cracked it.
And then you're gonna figure out how to track him.
- And then we're gonna find him.
- Cabe.
And I'm gonna beat him to within an inch of his life until he confesses.
He beat us, okay? He totally manipulated us.
You need to stop with these unrealistic fantasies.
You taking the stand, you beating Collins to confession.
You need to get real.
This is going to be a tough trial.
And the only way out is through.
You need to get that in your head.
(engine starts) Walter? Paige? Toby! Toby, in here! Where have you been?! Oh, I'm so sorry.
Did I not scale down a 90-foot cliff and run here with a piece of machinery strapped to my back fast enough for you? Point taken.
I'm gonna feed the strap to you now.
Wrap it around and then send it back to me.
Got it.
Strap coming through! (groaning) (Walter groans) TOBY: All right! Stand back! Okay.
(groaning) TOBY: Three.
Go! All right, all right.
Little performance anxiety.
Happens to everyone.
What's going on? Uh sleeve column's broken.
PAIGE: What? Happy's inventions never break.
They do when her husband accidentally drops it off a 90-foot cliff.
My bad.
I can replace it, I-I just need something smooth and canal-shaped.
Just like a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube.
Yeah, Walt, that's a great idea.
I'll just run to the nearest imaginary supermarket and buy one of your stupid imaginary hot dogs.
No, this area's full of cypress trees.
Take a young branch and then carve out a trench with a stone.
It's gonna need a friction barrier, otherwise the cable won't pull smoothly.
I'm adding sap! Uh Just like fixings in my Meat Tube.
You don't know how that sounds.
Here it goes! (winch whirring) (both coughing) I never thought we'd get out.
Further up here, to the left.
Happy, they're out.
How goes you? Well, not so good.
(whispers): Daddy's home.
Come on, Toby, you can make it! My arms are so tired.
You got to hurry! Frank won't expect us to climb this wall.
'Cause it's insane! WALTER: We got to get the jump on him.
Come on, Toby.
Happy's life is on the line! Hand over hand, just like the rope in gym class.
I always hated that rope, 'cause it gave friction burns to my gooty! Okay, I just untied your daughter, I loaded up all your gear from the plane, and secured all your bags of cash.
How about you, uh, let me go? Nice try.
Now help my daughter in the truck.
Okay, if you say so.
Uh, you getting in or what? My leg's killing me.
I'll get in when it's time to go.
You leg's killing you because hanging it causes blood to rush, which causes throbbing.
At least rest it in the footwell.
You know, for someone who's made poor life decisions, I'm still getting away.
If you say so.
Okay, one door down.
Just need that driver's door closed and they're trapped.
(glove compartment opens) Dad, there's no maps.
Now step away from the truck.
(knocks on glass) Dad, did you hear me? Dad! She messed with the truck! Hey! Get over here.
What did you do? I'll kill you.
Okay, listen, your daughter is trapped in a truck with no way out and you are 100 miles away from the people who are waiting for that money.
Happy's stalling.
You gonna leave her here and hope that the state rangers don't find her? She wants us to do something.
You gonna try to get her out? Okay, whatever it is, let's do it fast.
There's no good options.
Fix this damn truck.
That guy's gonna snap-- all he cares about is the damn money.
PAIGE: That's not the only thing he cares about.
Go find a sharp stone, cut the brakes.
HAPPY: Look, I don't care about your money.
I don't care who you deliver it to.
So why don't you throw that gun into the woods and I give you my word, I will fix your truck.
Okay? And then you and Jess can get out of here.
You think I'm stupid? Open the door! (groans) Okay, fine.
Take it easy.
I have a release cord running to the truck bed.
I will undo it.
Just be cool.
Now! Dad! The cliff! Dad! I can't get out! Jessie! Jessie! Stop it! Jessie, baby, hold on, baby! Dad, get me out of here! Jessie, I got Jessie! Jessie, hold on! Hit the brake! The brake's not working! Help us! JESSIE: What do I do?! Dad! There's a cliff coming! Get out of the way! Oh, God.
I'm not leaving you! Move! Move, get out of the way! (grunting) Oh, God.
(screams) That held up well, considering I didn't secure it.
We bluffed you, Frank.
On an actual bluff, which makes it cooler.
Okay, you know the drill.
I'm gonna put some leftovers in a pot, and in about 15 minutes, you'll start complaining.
Mm-hmm, thanks.
Yeah, thanks, Paige.
What's up, grabby? Okay, we literally watched a kid almost fall into the abyss today 'cause she followed her dad's footsteps.
And? And we have gangster blood.
You said so yourself.
We can't make a hoagie with spoiled meat.
My meat's not spoiled.
Genetics are real, doctor.
Sweetheart, it's nature vs.
Jess was nurtured by a sociopath.
Our children will be nurtured by you and me.
And what if we suck? We're gonna be great.
I mean, all parents do suck, sometimes.
But when we do, we got Super-Mom Paige to watch out for us.
And Walter's already reading up on early-stage neurological development.
Sly's gonna give that kid a daily sanitizer dip.
And Cabe will put his foot up our ass if we so much as miss a violin recital.
If anything, we got to worry about them screwing up our kid.
We're gonna be fine.
Okay? Okay.
How you guys holding up? SYLVESTER: All right.
Sorry we weren't there for you when you needed us.
Yeah, you guys could've been hurt while we were out on our wild-goose chase.
This damn trial's got everything screwed up.
I need him focused, but Collins has him shaken.
Well, he's back home in the garage, where he's safe.
CABE: Son of a bitch.
I found this.
It's from Collins, I just know.
I-Is it safe? Do we need to call the bomb squad? No, that's too blunt.
Not Mark's style.
“So you look sharp in court.
“May the winds of justice forever be at your back.
You should've gotten a better lawyer.
” Son of a bitch was in our home! Okay, Cabe, let's just try to relax.
He set me up for letting him escape.
He framed me for a bribe I didn't take.
I've dedicated my life to this country! I've never taken a dime I didn't earn.
For honor, duty.
'Cause it's what's right! Collins can take my family, my freedom, he can take my friends, he can take everything! But I refuse to let him take my name! My father's name.
It won't happen.
Cabe what you just said was raw.
And completely believable.
Because it wasn't fantasy.
It was real.
You spoke honestly and from the heart.
Your feelings are authentic, and that's what the judge needs to hear, one on one, without a jury.
I'll ask for a bench trial so you can just speak directly to a learned jurist.
Just Cabe Gallo being Cabe Gallo.
Nothing more convincing in the world.
You're saying I can tell my side? Yes.
I want you to testify.
Well, all right, then.
Well, let's get to work.
(indistinct chatter) TOBY: We got proof Picked these up from Kovelsky's on the way back.
Thank you, Walter.
Whatever you need, Cabe.
I'm not going anywhere.
Thank you, son.
Thanks to all of you.