Scorpion (2014) s04e11 Episode Script

Who Let the Dog Out ('Cause Now It's Stuck in a Cistern)

1 Morning.
How you doing? Didn't sleep a wink.
I wish you'd just stayed with me last night.
I wanted to be here in case Sly had any last-minute stuff to go over.
That way, I wasn't across town.
Good morning.
You ready? Where's the rest of the team? They're, um taking care of something at the courthouse.
He's here.
All right.
Commence Operation Judge Nudge.
There you go, Paige, stink yourself up good.
Pardon me.
That's right, get the relaxing scent of lavender all over him.
I'm terribly sorry.
No problem.
Did you get enough on him? Better be.
Gave the guy everything but a lap dance.
Happy, how goes you? HAPPY: Almost done.
Judge Tuck's courtroom is set for a soothing 69 degrees.
Tuck will be cool and comfortable instead of hot and bothered.
All right, Walt, he's headed your way.
WALTER: On it.
Uh, one large non-fat double short cap, two pumps of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, and extra foam, and two sugars, please.
Morning, Alice.
Morning, Judge.
I'll have your Earl Grey up in just a moment.
Keep the change.
Thank you.
Okay, Toby.
All right, our jurist will be calm as opposed to tweaked out on caffeine.
And now the pièce de résistance.
Everyone chills when listening to the comforting music of the tropics.
(steel drums playing gentle music) Cabe's fate will be decided by a very mellow fellow.
Cabe, on the other hand, looks pissed.
You did what? A university study showed people handed down more lenient sentences when they're, you know (Jamaican accent): feelin' irie, Mon.
Do you know how much trouble we would've gotten into if you would've gotten caught? Perfumes, teas, manipulating a municipal building.
We just wanted to help.
We're scared.
It's a bit tense.
(sighs) I know.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Uh, then let's go get settled.
If it gets tight during the trial, just look over your shoulder, you'll see your friends.
We've got your back.
About that.
I got a call late last night from the court clerk.
They've decided on a closed courtroom.
What? Evidence regarding Scorpion's previous cases might come up, could jeopardize national security, so it is a nonpublic trial.
PAIGE: Wait.
So this is good-bye? Th-This is it? No.
No, it's not good-bye.
I've got the hardest working lawyer in town, and I'm innocent.
So I'll be back in the garage tonight celebrating with you guys.
But if something does happen, I left each of you a gift on your desks.
Don't open it until you know how the coin lands on this one.
Well, I should go.
No tears.
No hugs.
Just need to go.
(whispers): You're gonna be all right, kid.
All right? You get to come with us, Allie.
Thank you.
But I'm gonna wait here.
I just want to be close.
I can't imagine what he's feeling right now.
BAILIFF: All rise.
That's not Judge Tuck.
JUDGE: Be seated.
Judge Tuck received a phone call-- medical issue with his wife.
She'll be okay, but I've been assigned to hear the case.
So, uh, let me just It's like the Arctic in here.
Fix the heat, will you, please? HAPPY: Find out what you can on this guy.
Already on it.
Oh, crap.
This is Judge Max Talbertson, aka Maximum Max Talbertson, 'cause he hands out convictions and harsh sentences like breath mints.
(Jamaican accent): We're screwed, Mon.
Doubly screwed.
That was Homeland.
Do they know that we hacked the court's security cameras? Nope, but we should power that down when our new handler gets here.
New handler? HAPPY: No way.
Cabe's our handler.
In the event that he's convicted, Homeland is sending over Clarence Mickelthorn, who is going to interview us to, and I quote, “determine whether Homeland's relationship with Scorpion is beneficial to the government.
” And if he feels we aren't? Well, we lose our status as approved federal contractors, and considering our current financial situation, that means we're out of business.
This is nuts.
I got to clear my head.
I'm such an idiot.
If we want to hear what's going on in the courtroom, I can just hack a ham radio signal and try to pick up the frequency of the bailiff's walkie.
PAIGE: Walter, you haven't had much to say.
Anything you want to add to this? Nope.
Since Mr.
Gallo requested a bench trial, I will be both judge and jury.
In my courtroom, you will find that words matter.
Facts matter.
And we'll stick to the facts.
The State may present its opening argument.
Your Honor, we are not here just about facts but relevant facts.
All of the service that the defendant has provided to the military, to the FBI, to Homeland Security is admirable.
But it is completely irrelevant to these proceedings.
All that's relevant is Mr.
Gallo's actions.
And we know his actions: he used a key, he unlocked an ankle cuff, and he let Mark Collins, a federal prisoner, go free.
Any other fact is moot and should not be considered.
Thank you.
Dodd, your opening.
Your Honor (clears throat) my client is a military hero.
He Counselor, I agree with Ms.
Dine's assessment that Mr.
Gallo's prior service is not germane to these proceedings.
Hence, I will not be entertaining such argument.
Uh I will just readjust on the fly here.
It'll only take a minute.
PAIGE: Is it a bad sign when your lawyer tears up his opening statement? If I could just crack this radio, we'd be able to hear what's going on in there, instead of playing charades.
MAN: Officer Salerno responding to 7th and Brockton.
Okay, that's a police walkie.
Come on, dummy, you can do this.
Um, you called yourself idiot earlier and now dummy.
Why don't you take it easy on yourself? Make way! (gasps) Toby! What are you doing?! (panting) Dusted off the old unicycle.
Bike makes me “two” tired.
Don't you get it? Two-tired.
I found a scone in the back of the fridge.
I hope no one minds.
That's from Halloween.
Shh! This is Officer Salerno.
We have a report of a small dog stuck in some kind of hole in the ground.
Great, instead of the trial, I get a stupid dog.
Man, I am a moron.
Well, of course.
You're attempting to hack an archaic analog system.
The odds are staggering.
You know, amongst all this stress, you almost seem serene.
What's that all about? Mm.
It's an astute observation.
You see, at first, I was very concerned about the trial.
Keeping me up at night, interfering with work-- very inefficient.
So, I began to read what others have said about dealing with stress-- uh, Tesla, Shakespeare.
But the philosophy that I found the most useful is by an American baseball player called John Milton Rivers.
Mickey Rivers? I-I love Mickey Rivers.
He played for the Yanks in the '70s, right? He was the guy who used to, uh, he batted like this, right? All irrelevant information.
So, a news reporter asked him how he stayed calm under fire.
He said, “I don't get upset over things that I can't control, “because I can't control them, “so what's the use in getting upset? “I don't get upset over the things that I can control, “because I can control them, so there's no use in getting upset.
” (chuckles) So I care very much about Cabe.
I wouldn't want anything bad happening to him.
But I can't control what is happening, so I have decided to not let it affect me.
As long as you're not affected.
Not one bit.
Upon arrival, use nylon rope, try to lasso the dog, pull him up to the surface.
TOBY: Good luck.
There is no way they're getting a rope around his waist.
Do we have any milk here? Forget it.
I'll check.
Oh, look.
Homeland Director Carson's about to take the stand.
Paige, you-you see that body language? How cocky he is? There's no way Sly's doing well, or he would appear more thrown.
This is Officer Salerno.
Puppy's far down.
It's shying away from the rope.
Requesting LAFD backup.
Oh, geez, who could've predicted that? Oh, it must've fallen into one of those old 19th century cisterns that they have down in old L.
Guys, the judge is showing agreement markers when Carson speaks.
Thanks, Dispatch.
Awaiting arrival of hook and ladder.
I know the area around 7th and Brockton from watching a documentary on the building of the L.
subway tunnels.
The soil has a lot of silt from the old riverbed.
Well, silt compresses easily.
Weight of that fire truck is too much for that topography.
Could cause the cistern to collapse.
Right onto the puppy? Guys, 7th and Brockton is only ten blocks from here.
We're gonna go save that dog, aren't we?! Damn right we are.
(squeaks) Okay, guys, grab your gear.
Oh, Paige, the fire department are gonna get pissed when we tell them to back off, so you'll have to talk to them.
Wait, hold on.
I don't want a puppy to die, but Clarence Mickelthorn is coming to evaluate the team.
If we're not here, he could shut us down.
Paige, uh, I'll explain what's happening here.
Um, y-you see, we're people with almost 600 IQ points between us.
And we're waiting for a judge with an IQ of, what, 120, tops, to determine the fate of our friend.
We're not used to feeling helpless.
We are used to solving problems.
When we can't control things, just like Walt and Mickey Rivers said, we don't react well.
But this doggy situation is something that we can control.
We need a fix of something we can fix, 'cause the stress of waiting to see if Gallo gets the gallows will drive us nuts.
And it's your job to keep us sane.
'Cause come hell or high water, we are getting that hound out of the ground.
There's the truck! Toby, the car's still moving.
(horn honking) Are you crazy? Hey! You trying to get killed? You can't bring that truck any closer to the cistern or you'll cause a collapse and kill that dog! Who the hell are you, and how do you know about the dog? We heard it on the police radio, and we are a team of geniuses who work with the federal government.
Geniuses? I doubt it.
He's just unnerving a truck full of guys who want to kick his ass with a psychological process called non sequitural distraction.
Nice moves, babe.
Thank you, darling.
(grunts) Oh.
Oh, there he is, I see him.
Oh, no, he's terrified.
It's okay sweetheart, we're gonna get you out of here.
(whimpering) Scorpion 4x11 Who Let the Dog Out ('Cause Now It's Stuck in a Cistern)/fon I'm telling you to get out of here.
You still don't believe me? Fine.
The soil around here is a mixture of sandy loam, gravel, granite, river wash and black adobe.
Any weight over three tons around a preexisting hole could create a cave-in not unlike a cover-subsidence sinkhole.
That fire truck is 16,200 pounds, or 8.
1 tons.
Okay, I get it.
You're smart.
Yeah, we're also vindictive.
You let the mutt go kaput, every news outlet in L.
will know the name Salerno.
Hey! Back up.
Truck's too heavy.
(truck beeping) HAPPY: Okay.
Give me the specs.
Uh, well, about 20 feet deep.
Uh, two feet wide.
All right.
I can squeeze down there.
Are you crazy? How do you expect to turn around and get back up? Monty? Monty! That's my dog down there! It's okay, baby, I'm here.
(whimpers) He got loose and ran off.
I was looking for him, and a neighbor said that they heard he was in a hole over here.
I'm Paige.
We're government contractors.
For now.
What's your name? Uh, Jane.
Look, you got to get him out fast.
He has type 1 diabetes and he needs his shot.
When was his last dose? Little over 12 hours ago.
Weight? 12 pounds.
Last time he ate? Last night.
I was gonna feed him after our morning walk.
Okay, this is all bad.
We got a lightweight, diabetic dog with nothing in his stomach who's past due on his insulin.
His blood sugar's rising, so rough calculation, it'll be at a lethal level in, like, 28 minutes, Monty will be a goner.
Oh, my God.
This is all my fault.
I should've got a collar that fit him better.
Well, that's in the past.
There's no point in stressing over things you can't control.
Have you heard of Mickey Rivers? Not now.
No, I'm just saying that this situation we can control, starting with this collar.
This ankle collar.
Do you recognize it, Director Carson? Yes.
Some call it a cuff.
It's what was placed on Mark Collins.
And its purpose? To prevent his escape.
We put one on him upon his release from prison.
Now, did you approve this release? I did, but was initially against it.
Gallo pushed.
Now I know why.
He was getting paid off by Collins.
Objection! Non-responsive, lacks foundation, speculative, and he's being a jerk.
JUDGE: Sustained, but, Counselor settle down.
JANE: Settle down, Monty, you're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Sly looks pretty agitated.
Paige, we can't control the trial, but we can surely control how Monty is going to be lured into his new doggie elevator.
I got the collar fixed like a handle.
Got Happy's extension cord.
Should be long enough to reach the little fella.
Now time for the bait.
It's really good bait.
We're supposed to be using the peanut butter to save the dog.
He's got enough.
Judge, I request permission to put this cuff on your wrist.
(quietly): Oh, crap.
For what possible purpose? My client is accused of having the criminal intent, or mens rea if you will, to help Mark Collins escape.
I can demonstrate that removing the cuff is simple.
It would take a mere second or two, and, hence, could be done in the heat of the moment with the world's fate hanging in the balance, without any aforethought.
Okay, fine.
If you feel it helps your case, step up.
Thank you, Your Honor.
(clicking) And now, to unlock it.
Oh, no.
I seem to have misplaced the keys.
Uh, my briefcase.
What the hell are you doing? (whispers): It's called demonstrative evidence.
Only way he can know what you saved Collins from is to feel it.
Don't you dare.
(electrical buzzing) (shouting) What the hell? Oh, Sly.
That is a problem.
Oh, my goodness, Your Honor, I am so sorry.
I have the exhibit's remote in here, and I accidentally Get this damn thing off me! Right away, Your Honor.
Get it off me.
(grunts) PAIGE: Electrocuting the judge? There's not enough lavender in the world to fix that.
Okay, cords are connected.
Ready to lower this thing.
Let's hustle.
Little guy's only got 23 minutes if he doesn't get his shot.
Jane and Paige, video chat each other.
Okay, now, when we lower this, the dog will smell the peanut butter.
He hasn't eaten since last night.
He's gonna be good and hungry.
Uh, then he'll hear and see you on the phone, speaking of which Yeah, that should hold it.
Could have used more peanut butter, but somebody ate it all.
Here we go, nice and slow.
Too fast, and the cardboard will tear.
(whimpering) (Jane sniffles) Can't believe I'm crying.
He's actually the first dog I ever had.
I found him a few months after my husband died.
Oh, I'm s I'm so sorry.
John was sick and suffering, and now he isn't.
But I was.
I was grieving and alone, and then I found that stupid dog wandering around my block, sick as heck, and-- I don't know-- it's just having something to care and worry about helped me take my mind off my own troubles, you know? I think we can all relate to that today.
Hello? Mr.
O'Brien? As His Honor applies the numbing spray, may I point out that the pain you felt is the exact pain that Mark Collins would have experienced had it not been for the brave actions of my client? Therefore, I would like to submit into evidence your unfortunate accident.
Dodd, first of all, pain is not a piece of evidence.
Second, what I experienced was painful, but the question before the court is whether Mr.
Gallo was protecting his prisoner from cruel and unusual punishment.
As for “unusual,” stun cuffs are used all the time.
And as for “cruel,” I'd say it was mean, 'cause I suspect you did that on purpose, though I can't prove it.
That being said, there is a difference between “mean” and “cruel.
” So you're gonna deny my defense? No.
I already have denied your defense.
I messed up.
It all comes down to your testimony, our Hail Margaret.
Our what?! You know, our big last play.
It's a Hail Mary.
Oh, forget it.
(Monty whimpering) JANE: There he is! Hey, Monty! Come on! Come on, boy! (whimpering) TOBY: Come on, dog.
He better get in there.
He's got 20 minutes until he's doggone.
I don't get it.
The peanut butter was just three steps away from him.
Maybe he's scared you'd fight him for it.
Oh, no, look.
He-he can't go in.
His back leg's broken.
Poor guy must've snapped it when he fell.
He can't move.
Damn it! Walter, take it easy! No! This was supposed to be something I didn't have to worry about today because I could control it! Mickey Rivers is full of crap! Since when do you curse like that? Since I have to watch a dog die in a dried-out old cistern.
Happy, pull the box up.
We got to regroup.
Ah, son of a! Ugh! Aah! The cord tore a hole in the cardboard! Oh, that could have fallen on the hound.
I suck today! Would you stop beating yourself up? Yeah, especially since you may have just saved Monty.
Now don't move that box.
When it tilted, the phone must have fallen, and the camera picked up something on the ground.
That's a drain! So? What? So, we're not gonna have to watch a dog die in a dried-out old cistern because it's not gonna be dry for long.
What the crap are you talking about? What? I swear all the time.
What I'm saying is, we can save the dog.
We just have to drown it first.
(whimpering) Filling the hole with water-- that could actually work! I'm sorry, but I want my dog back up here alive.
No, you don't understand.
When I saw the drain, I thought about water.
When I thought about water, I realized that we could gently lift him up on a hydro elevator instead of one made of cardboard.
You said he can't walk.
How do you expect him to paddle 20 feet vertically? 'Cause Monty's front legs aren't injured.
His light weight and buoyancy means he only needs 4.
54 joules of energy to remain afloat.
That's .
001 kilocalories.
He has that in him, even in a weak state.
But won't any water we put down the hole just run out of the grate? Not if we plug it.
What? From up here? No! From down there! This cistern is networked together with a group of other water-collecting pipes.
They all drain into a central water tank, and if we gain access to the tank, we can plug the drain from underground.
I'll find the holding tank.
Uh, we'll need a sealant and water source.
Okay, there is a construction site.
Come on.
Hey, bro! Can we bum some cement? No.
Come on, man, w-we're trying to save a dog.
I'm trying to feed a family.
Hit the bricks.
That guy will beat your ass.
Yeah, probably.
You got to hurry.
Monty's not doing well, and according to Toby's count, (cries out) he's got 16 minutes if he doesn't get the medicine.
What the hell are you doing? I'm trying to find (echoing metallic clang) Oh! You hear that? Hear the hollow? It's the underground tank collection.
It's the keystone.
Now we just have to pop it in, and I can get down there.
Walter O'Brien, right? Yeah, who are you? Clarence Mickelthorn.
We had a meeting scheduled for today.
Oh, wow, um Mr.
Mickelthorn, I-I'm so sorry we weren't able to meet you at the garage.
We got held up here with a a very important case.
Yeah, puppy in a hole.
Can you stop that while I'm speaking to you? Can't.
Monty's on a clock.
How did you know where to find us? Tracked your cells.
I'm Homeland.
I got the cement! More like stole the cement.
Oh, God.
You stole that material? Who's the suit? Um, Happy, Toby, this is Mr.
Mickelthorn from Homeland.
Oh, the poor man's Cabe.
Thief! I'm gonna kick your ass.
HAPPY: Oh, I could have predicted this.
I-I know he stole your things, but a big guy like you beating up on a pencil neck? You know, what do you what do you get out of that? It'll make me happy.
Oh, let's go, meathead.
I can kind of box, and I kick some mean gooty.
Not helpful, Toby.
Sir, can I just show you this? Um, there is a dog trapped in that cistern over there, and-and I know, I know you don't want him to die over a-a few supplies.
(whines) Just bring 'em back.
This woman saved you a beatdown.
Eh, go pop your pecs.
Shut up, Toby.
Don't blame him.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have let him swipe the stuff.
And you shut up, too.
You've been berating yourself about everything.
That's not who you are.
You're mean and judgmental, and that's what makes you tick.
And you're not a daredevil, so stop riding unicycles and jumping out of cars and running in front of fire trucks and-and picking fights.
(muffled): She's right.
You have been careless.
And you.
I should tell you to shut your mouth, but its been full since we left Cabe at the courthouse.
You're stress-eating your way through this trial, literally consuming anxiety.
You're engaging in risky behavior to distract yourself since you can't gamble your stress away.
And since you can't build Cabe a way out of his problem, you are punishing yourself instead of being nasty to everyone like normal.
In short, your coping mechanisms suck.
So, if you want to help on a day where you feel helpless, get your act together, save the damn dog, 'cause we only have 13 and a half minutes.
WALTER: She's right.
Happy, get your winch on the keystone and yank it out.
Copy that, fatty.
Yo, goober, make yourself useful.
Hook that hose up to that spigot.
That's the Happy I know.
Gallo, this trial boils down to one simple question: did you conspire to help Mark Collins escape? Absolutely not.
Then what did you do that day, that moment when you uncuffed him? What I was trained to do ever since I watched my father put on the shield and holster every morning.
I helped another human being.
If I'd have left that cuff on, Collins would have suffered.
All due respect, Judge.
Collins would have had the juice a lot longer than the few seconds that you felt today.
It would have been torture.
I know it sounds corny nowadays, but I was raised to do what's right, to protect and serve, to help others.
It's my life's work.
It's what my dad did.
And I would not sully my office, my honor, or my family name by intentionally helping a criminal escape from justice.
No more questions.
Gallo, please read the amount of this deposit into your account on 11/27/17.
Not his account.
I contest this line of questioning.
That's funny, because account has Mr.
Gallo's name and Mr.
Gallo's Social Security number.
Gallo, please answer.
That's a lot of money for a government employee.
In your experience in law enforcement, have you seen people commit crimes for 50 grand? Less? I know what you're trying to do.
You're trying to make it seem like I took a bribe.
I've never been on the take! Mr.
Gallo, enough! Your Honor, my lawyer submitted a brief showing how easy it is to hack into a bank account.
You got to believe me, Judge.
That day on the ice, I was enforcing the law on my own.
With no help on an island.
Your Honor, I need a continuance.
A continuance? Are you crazy? I have a Hail Margaret.
A Mary.
I have a Hail Mary that will exonerate my client.
You can have 15 minutes.
I see the pipe to the cistern.
Cement's almost ready, but Monty's only got about 11 minutes, and this won't harden fast enough.
Uh, that is why I called her.
What's this? It's okay.
She's with us.
Got the plasticizer.
This will increase dry time by five.
Happy, no time for the harness.
I'll grab the cable, just lower me in.
Cop cars.
Chemical additives.
All this is for a dog? Oh, I see.
Very cute.
We should totally save this dog.
She's not in my file.
Are you part of Scorpion? (scoffs) Absolutely not.
TOBY: Okay.
It's ready.
(phone rings) Oh, boy, it's Sly.
Hey, pal.
What's the news? Cabe has a shot, but you need to get me a copy of a specific case.
It's not online? No, the book is too old and obscure.
Only a few law libraries still carry it, including Braddock University in downtown.
It's U.
Bramm in the 1749 to 1855 Treatise on Maritime Common Law.
You have 14 minutes to scan it and e-mail it to me.
That's less time than Monty has.
Who's Monty? WALTER: The dog we're saving instead of doing interviews with Clarence.
Who's Clarence?! He's the new Cabe if you lose this case, and he'll probably shut us down.
You ask me, he looks like a putz.
SYLVESTER: Just find the book! Copy that, Counselor.
Flo, you drive.
And it's Florence.
Okay, Happy, I'm ready.
Drop me in the tank.
(siren wailing) (tires screech) Freeze! Is there a problem, Officer? You ran three red lights.
I've had my lights on for four blocks.
It's an emergency.
Um, I didn't know.
Don't want to hear it.
Hands up.
You ready to take one for the team? I've already made myself absolutely clear that I am not a part of this team.
But fine.
Get the girl.
I got him.
Hi! Excuse me! I need the 1749 to 1855 Shh.
(quietly): Treatise on Maritime Common Law.
It's in our new rare text display in the Brandeis Wing.
Thank you! OFFICER: Stop him! Shh.
I'm coming, Monty.
Hang in there.
(Monty whining) How does he look? Cold and dirty, like me.
It seems today is your day.
We were looking for a distraction.
And you were it.
(whines) Okay, “distraction” is a harsh word.
And looking at your face, I can see that you're a creature with merit.
So thank you.
You see my team and I, we're worried about our friend, and we, uh, we don't know if we can save him.
But he's being brave.
As always.
As are you.
Okay, Monty.
Now I'm gonna seal this up.
That doesn't mean that I'm leaving you.
That means that you're coming home, okay, buddy? (whines) Let's start up the water.
(whining) JANE: It's okay, baby.
You need to swim.
You can do it.
So, opening an abandoned holding tank, flooding municipal cisterns.
You guys ever get permission for stuff like this, or you just do whatever the hell you want? Clarence, can we please discuss protocol later? (cries out) Look! He's doing it.
He's paddling.
SYLVESTER: Toby, I need that case.
Look, I'm trying, man.
I got the fuzz on my tail.
(mumbles) (snaps fingers) Oh, no.
“Oh, no”? Why “oh, no”? Cabe's freedom's under glass.
What does that mean? Oh, God.
(whimpers) Come on, come on.
Oh! U.
(camera clicks) Yeah.
Aah! Hello? (whining) That's it, sweetheart.
Keep going.
He'll be up soon.
Get the insulin ready.
I can't believe this is working.
How's it going? Uh dog seems to be keeping his head above water.
Cabe, not so much.
JUDGE: Your counsel isn't back.
What do you think his issue could be? U.
Bramm, Judge.
I assume you're citing a case? Not just any case, Your Honor.
The 1804 case that requires you to dismiss all charges against my client.
1804? What is going on here? My client stated figuratively that he was on an island out there with Collins.
What he didn't realize is that he actually was on an island.
There was a crack in the ice that Cabe had to leap over because Collins was faking an ankle injury.
These are all facts the prosecution has already stipulated to.
How is any of this relevant? U.
Bramm was a ship's captain transporting prisoners.
And the ship hit rough waters, it was in danger of sinking, so Bramm unshackled his prisoners so they would live.
Eventually, the ship limped to port and many of the prisoners escaped.
But Bramm was acquitted of aiding the escape of a prisoner.
And it was held that a captain of a vessel has a right to take “all due action” to protect prisoners in duress.
Gallo wasn't on a vessel.
SYLVESTER: Au contraire.
The split in the ice created an independent floating entity: an ice floe.
Gallo was in charge of Mr.
Collins; hence, a de facto captain.
Under Bramm, he had every legal right to let his prisoner go when he faced peril.
Your Honor, it's old law, it's weird law, but it's still the law.
This is preposterous.
Okay, if there's nothing else, I'm gonna return to chambers and consider all of this.
But, Mr.
Dodd, I share the prosecution's reservations.
Don't go far.
Come on, boy.
Come on, baby.
Come on! PAIGE: You can do it.
JANE: Come on.
PAIGE: Come on, baby.
Come on.
(Monty whines) Come on, buddy, keep going.
He's not gonna make it.
He's too weak.
(grunts) He's going under! WALTER: (grunts) Come on, buddy.
I got to get deeper.
I can't get him.
(shouts) He's drowning! WALTER: Come on! (grunts) I couldn't reach him.
I'm so sorry.
I-I thought this was something I could control.
That's it? Y-You just give up? Every file I read about your team was what renegade geniuses you are.
You got to figure it out.
There's a dog down there.
He needs air.
You're right.
He does need air.
But not oxygen-- car exhaust.
Well, he can't breathe car exhaust.
He's not gonna breathe the air, he's gonna float on it.
Okay, I'll connect the hose to my exhaust.
Magoo, gas it when I say so.
Now, Monty won't inhale exhaust because he's underwater and not breathing.
But when the engine revs, it'll pump the H2O with so much CO2, that a-a torrent of gas pockets will lift him right to the top.
Okay, punch it! (sniffs, engine revs) I see bubbles.
It's not enough! Okay, floor it, jackass! (engine revs) JANE: There he is.
He's out.
(Jane crying) Oh, he's not breathing.
Inject him.
Come on.
Come on.
Uh, he needs CPR.
Try this.
Come on.
It's too big.
It won't fit his face.
I found this in the cup holder.
Give it.
Come on, Monty.
Come on, Monty.
Breathe for me.
We need a win today, pal.
Come on, baby.
Come on, you stupid mutt.
PAIGE: He's breathing! (Monty whimpers) Hey.
Thank you for being the thing we could fix.
(crying) Oh, yes, honey.
(smooches) Oh, thank you so much.
(laughing) Funny, I made myself this sandwich, and I can't eat.
I hate saying this, Cabe, but if things don't go our way, they're just gonna cuff you and take you out.
Yeah, I know.
So I wanted to say I'm sorry.
Sly, I need your help one last time.
If I'm gonna be able to get through the next seven years inside, I'm gonna need to know that you're not out here beating yourself up over it.
I'm gonna need to hear you say you did a good job.
'Cause you did.
I did a good job.
You're damn straight you did.
BAILIFF: Counselors, the verdict is in.
All rise.
Be seated.
This is a unique case.
Prosecution claims that the defendant received funds from an inmate to facilitate an escape.
Money was wired into Mr.
Gallo's account, but his attorney supplied valid data-- dense data-- demonstrating how bank security can be bested.
So, that aspect of the case is a wash.
But what is clear is that Mr.
Gallo uncuffed Mark Collins, who then fled.
So is he responsible for aiding the escape? It depends on whether you consider an ice floe a vessel.
The ice Mr.
Collins was on was a freestanding contrivance, which could sink, or drift away, or befall any hazard just like any vessel on the sea.
As such, under maritime law, Mr.
Gallo was permitted to unshackle his prisoner to protect him from harm.
Therefore, I rule that the defendant is not guilty as a matter of law.
Gallo, you are free to go.
Yeah! Oh.
That's a good hug.
Not a good-bye hug.
Cabe is innocent! Oh, thank God! You're fired, but you weren't completely useless.
Thank you.
I'll tell Homeland that Scorpion is unconventional but effective.
All right.
Let's get to the courthouse.
PAIGE: There they are! Oh, I'm so glad this is over.
Not half as glad as I am.
Not a quarter glad as I am.
(chuckles) CABE: I got to tell you, I was a little worried this morning with all that decaf tea and the calypso music.
Speaking of which, where's Doc? Uh, not good.
What happened? Multiple moving violations.
Destruction of property.
Hey, Counselor, we're gonna need your services.
Oh, boy.
I guess my law business is really taking off.
(laughs) PAIGE: How can you not have fermented fish? We order from you every week.
Well, keep it in stock from now on.
Stupid Kovelsky's.
Um Paige? I think maybe you keeping it together for our sake never let you express any stress you were feeling for Cabe.
Oh, boy.
I need to apologize to stupid Kovelsky's.
Hey, how'd it go, guys? Our lawyer got us community service.
It's not a big deal.
I shred my intern badge.
Well, we should make one for Flo, here.
It's Florence.
This one handled herself like a champ today.
I know we got off on the wrong foot, but, um, you helped keep my team together.
So thank you.
You're welcome.
Since you're exonerated, I guess you want these back.
You guys can keep 'em.
It's just my way of saying how much you mean to me.
Sir Ainsley from Chair of Blades.
The bravest knight in all the realm.
Well, you were brave to take up the mantle to defend me.
No way.
A 1959 Gregory.
They don't make them like this anymore.
I figure you could have snuck that into the cake if I'd been convicted.
You know I would.
This is old-school.
Got an old monogram inside.
Yeah, that's my dad's initials.
Cabe, I can't take your father's hat.
You made me get to the heart of some stuff I needed to face, Doc.
My old man would have liked you.
I'd be honored if you kept it.
And an old copy of Tech Talk Made Easy? I got that right after I met Walter, when he was a little guy.
I figured I'd never understand what he was saying, but I at least wanted to be able to speak the language.
The one thing that gave me comfort through all this, if I was going away, was that they'd have you.
Thanks, Cabe.
An old letter? I figured it'd be easier to give you that than to come out and say it.
Well, Allie's waiting for me.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Thank you.
What's that letter? Um, it's the letter Cabe wrote for my visa application.
“To whom it may concern, I write to you in regards “to Walter O'Brien, age 12, “whom I already know will be the most “remarkable person I'll meet in my lifetime.
His intellect is surpassed only by his character” Um, it continues on.
He knew right away how special you are.
It's okay to be calm, to control what you can control.
Mickey Rivers was right.
But showing emotion over someone you love, who loves you that's okay, too.