Screw (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Oi, oi, oi! Stop! Off each other! Get everyone banged up.
I am so sorry, Governor.
Problems? Always.
But I'm on top of it.
Thank you.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting your faith in me.
You're Custodial Manager now.
You've earned this chance.
You're not gonna sit down? There's just so much to do over there.
It's nothing to worry about.
I know you're anxious to make your mark, Leigh, but remember, change doesn't happen overnight.
Take some time.
Think about what kind of leader you're going to be.
Right, got it.
Miss Henry? Mr Ray.
You appear to have a drug problem.
I just didn't get much sleep last night.
Drugs are a societal problem, not just a prison one.
But overdoses, positive drug tests and violence are very much wing issues.
And numbers of all three are rising more sharply on yours than anywhere else.
Which is why I'm in such a hurry to get back there, to tackle the problem.
If drugs out there were treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one, the prison population would halve overnight.
- You have a plan? - [SCOFFS.]
Less talk, more action.
OK, good.
But shouldn't we talk about it? Or you could just come and see for yourself.
When? Any time.
I'm not going anywhere.
You should really see a medic.
Oh, it's all right.
Ain't even broken the skin.
Any idea what it was about this time? Oh, what it's always about these days drugs, and who gets to sell 'em.
I don't remember it ever being this bad.
Are you sure you're all right, Jax? Yeah, yeah.
I've had worse and still finished a shift.
I think I took a kick in the bollocks, Sprog.
- That could do with a rub.
- Oi! You can die if your balls get squeezed too tight, you know? Do you need anything, or? Look, it's not your fault, you daft twat, all right? I'm fine.
Yeah, cos, you know, a lot of adrenaline gets released and that.
That's a true fact.
If you're really sure you're OK .
needs a key worker, please.
But I've already got too many.
We all have, which is why from now on we're gonna prioritise those who need us most.
He's already been bumped over from YO.
You're good with the young ones.
Who cut his hair? Surely all we need to know is which gang he's in so we can decide which landing he'll stay alive on.
In case you hadn't noticed, there's a gang war going on.
And how do you know he's a member of one without looking at his file? Well, you saying I'm wrong? Dunno, but deciding you know someone just by looking at them is.
The drugs are already here.
There is nothing we can do about that Ba-da, ba-ba, ba-ba! Mr Adrenaline himself! Whoa! Thank God you made it, Swiss.
I was in the Threes office.
I didn't hear the alarm.
But we can shrink the market.
Gotta keep the door closed up there.
It stinks of weed.
He'd be off for three months with this, wouldn't you, Swiss? We're going to hold an amnesty.
- A what? - It's, erm Yeah, I know what it fucking is.
What is it? As you say, it's as bad now as it's ever been.
And we can't do anything worthwhile until we stop the violence and the only way to do that is to turn the recreational users away from drugs.
If they stop, most of the debt and the bullying stops too.
And the gangs go back to supplying the hardcore addicts, and that we can manage.
Are you saying we should give up on stopping supply? No.
I'm saying we give the men a choice and a stake in the outcome.
We say, "Hand over your contraband, without repercussions, "help us make the wing safe and we'll reward you "by working together to make some lasting change.
" It's about establishing a culture of trust.
Well, I must be high myself.
How is saying, "We won't punish you for having illegal shit" making us any safer? So when you thinking of starting this, then? I asked Larry to put notices under cell doors this morning.
Hold on, without fucking telling us? I am telling you.
Look, we could go back to doing what we always do.
We could take all those involved in the fight down to Seg, lock down the wing for 24 hours? If we don't at least try to do things differently, we can't expect anything to change, ever.
And things have to change.
They can't go on like this.
Right, I'll be his key worker.
Yeah? Yeah.
I already had an app from Louis Costa.
Says he needs a key worker and you'd already volunteered.
I'll handle it.
- Thanks, mate.
- Yeah.
Nice to know someone gives a shit.
Oi! I still can't believe she didn't tell us.
No, you mean you can't believe she didn't tell you.
No-one else is surprised.
She's always had more faith in them than us.
And now she's CM she'll be even more of a fucking nightmare.
But you'll still back her, though, won't you? Yeah, we all need to back her.
What's this about, Boss? So who do you fancy in the fight? Ha-ha.
What's this, then? Boxing? Well, gangster or not, I hope he killed his barber.
Look, you're not planning on following me about all day, are you? What? Cos I'm no Whitney Houston and you're certainly no Kevin fucking Costner, so we'll just All right? It must be scary.
First time in an adult jail.
So your file says that you cut hair at the YO.
Did you cut your own? I don't particularly want to do this either, but we've been sat here for 20 minutes and I have to put something down, so? Are you in a gang, James? Right, then.
I'll put "Yes".
I ain't in no gang.
You lot should all know about being in a gang.
And, yes, I do my own hair.
I don't trust no-one else.
Man's just trying to do my time and keep it moving, but But what? But what, James? Sometimes man ain't got much choice.
Do you think you're the only one here from a council estate? For fuck's sake.
It's like talking to my shithead brother.
Do you know how easy you make it for people to write you off? You might not have lots of choices but that don't mean you have to keep making the shit ones.
Don't mean you can't help yourself.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
How? Bro, you've spelt it wrong.
No, I haven't.
Yeah, it's on the sheet the CM gave you.
It's an E, bro.
Not an A.
Emnasty? What, so I could put, like, 50 bags in there and no-one can say nothing? Yeah, I suppose so.
Yeah, if you like.
But what do I get, though? Well, you get to, you know Ah .
not get punished.
Whose dumb fucking idea was that?! There's very little evidence to say amnesties work.
I thought you'd be right behind it.
It's like that poem you keep going on about.
"We want them to take responsibility, "but we give them fuck all responsibility", or whatever [MUFFLED TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT.]
I'm behind the principle, but statistically they have a very low success rate.
The focus has to be security.
So what is she really up to? Why would she want people to give up their drugs if she was bringing them in? That's a really big "if".
You don't think she's hiding something? I don't think she's bringing drugs in.
One of us probably is.
Statistics aren't proof.
Listen .
I don't like it either.
We're supposed to be a team, but do you think people aren't speculating about you? When it comes to corruption, the finger always points at the last in.
That's you and me, but you're a woman so, even more unfairly, you'll be odds-on favourite.
What's the book on, Google? What's that, Miss Henry? I've seen you, running round.
What you taking bets on? I haven't run in 13 years, Miss.
I'm registered disabled.
The boxing.
If I hear people are getting ripped off You know me, Miss.
I was going to run a book on the CM job but no point.
- Always yours to lose, wasn't it? - Oh.
Now she's CM she'll think she's even more untouchable.
You want to keep the suspicion off us, help me get proof.
Tick tock.
I hope that thing actually works, cos you're running out of time.
Do you think no-one's noticed how many drugs are about? The whole wing's gone mad.
I know you might not care about consequences but I thought you'd at least notice them.
Who are you angry with me or little brother? Maybe yourself, for getting played so easy.
What choice did I have? Same one you got now.
That should make you feel less guilty.
I read your boss's thing.
She's right.
Biggest customer base ain't addicts.
It's all of them trying to kill a bit of their bird and some of the pain, because there is fuck all else to do when you're stuck in there.
And in here.
That's why there's always going to be a demand, no matter what you do.
What else is there? Remember .
we never made this.
You've got until the end of the week.
Jesus! - Don, all right, mate? - [GRUNTS.]
What's going on? There's fuck all in here, Miss.
It's a joke ting.
- Oscar the Grouch! - [LAUGHTER.]
You have to remember to lock it.
Oh, sorry, I thought we were establishing a culture of trust? [REGGAE MUSIC, RAZOR BUZZES.]
- You all right? - Boss.
What? Kyrel's the wing barber.
I told him you've got some talent.
Come, my G.
Bun dat, I ain't trying to be no fucking hairdresser.
James, you said you wanted to stay out of trouble.
At least give it a go.
For what? A couple of vapes and an orange? It's up to you.
It's your choice.
What the fuck does 8 ball know about cutting hair? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
What happened? Who did this to you? Well, I feel safer already.
I'll radio Healthcare.
Do the roll-count.
What do you want? Erm - Are you - I'm fine.
It's not your fault.
You know, the amnesty.
It was worth a try.
Right, of course.
You think I should just give up.
I think maybe you've overestimated them.
Maybe not just them.
Also .
I know you said you would reward them once everything had calmed down but if you want people to stop using you have to give them something else to focus on, now.
They can't really afford to wait.
What else is there? You put James Fairley in the barber's.
When I went past, it looked like it was working out well.
Did you wanna talk to me? On Friday, you said you wanted to talk after the shift.
Oh, yeah, that That can wait now.
Did you mean it? When you said I could be good at this? Up to you.
Oh, erm Congratulations on the job.
Sharpened toilet brush.
Delta Wing.
Segregation, C&R.
Rib plate surgery.
Curling scald.
Threes landing.
- Jax, are you in here? - [DOOR SWINGS OPEN.]
Ah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry, it was urgent.
Erm, I'm on Has your husband still got that big TV in his den thing? We've been working together seven years, I've been married almost 20, and you still can't remember my husband's name? Nat.
- Pat - Pat.
Well, has he? Why? This amnesty has to work, Jax.
I need to prove there's value in letting me try new things.
- Us.
- What? Us try new things.
- You know what I mean.
- Do I? I thought I could at least rely on you.
You mean you took it for granted.
Friends don't do that, Leigh.
Do they say, "Congratulations on getting the job "you've always wanted"? I could not have been more supportive.
You know that.
But friends share, they ask for help.
That's what I'm doing.
So has he still got it, or what? I'm going to screen this big boxing match tomorrow.
We are.
They can't watch it on the in-cell TVs but if they use the amnesty bin, and there are no more violent incidents between now and then, it'll be screened on the Ones.
Sounds good, yeah.
Screen it how? - On Matt's - Pat's! - TV.
- Yeah, if I can fit it in the car.
How fucking big is it? 60, 70 inches.
Fuck knows.
And he'd miss that thing more than he'd miss me, so We'll look after it.
All right.
So we're not only turning a blind eye to them having drugs - we're now actually rewarding it? I have explained the thinking.
We need to work with them.
Isn't that why we're in this mess, because somebody already is? Shall I tell you what really boils my piss? Is that officers actually see what that shit does, and the danger it puts us all in.
Anyone working with cons is the lowest of the low, as far as I'm concerned.
No exceptions.
70 bloody inches! The electric in Cell 82 works.
I tried the lights.
No-one bothered checking because her word is law.
She can do anything she likes.
That's not exactly proof.
The security camera outside that cell isn't working.
Nothing works here.
It's been out of order for ages.
I checked.
So did you find anything, in the cell? Just some bedding.
But the wall unit is locked.
That'll be it, then.
That's where she keeps the dildos.
Even if she is doing something she shouldn't be, I mean, we don't know her reasons why.
What? I thought I was Mini-Leigh.
Well What happened to walking a mile in someone else's shoes and all that? Isn't that what you lot are all about? You lot? Yeah.
You're Christian, aren't you? I saw your little pendanty thing.
It's nice.
I'll bring you one if you like.
Are you trying to recruit me? I've just got several, that's all.
Bro, they're puttin' on the fight, fam.
They're putting on the fucking fight! [SHOUTING.]
We're not ten years fucking old.
You can't stop me being naughty by offering me a fucking ice cream.
We get an ice cream for the fight, Miss? I might stretch to a few sausage rolls.
It all depends on you.
It's only her that actually benefits.
From you acting like fucking sheep! Do these count, Boss? I mean, am I meant to hand them in or? I couldn't give a tiny little shit what you do.
- Who do you think you're talking to? - Right, hey, hey, hey! What's going on? Nine months, I ain't lost nothing.
The minute you dump him on me, pair of scissors goes missing.
Dump? I'm schooling you, fam.
I got three kids out there, counting hours.
I ain't trying to get caught up in his eejat moves.
I have to hand over all sharps before we bang up.
- Did you take them? - What? Did you steal the scissors? No! Right, OK.
Keep looking, and I'll be back.
Come on.
I told Kyrel he could trust you, and he trusts me.
And I told you I ain't trying to be no barber earning 12K a year, living in the same shitty flat I'm in now.
Well, think bigger then.
I've got fuck all! The only thing worth anything's my reputation and if these man think I'm weak I'm good as dead.
Is that what you're scared of? Who says I'm scared? Who's threatening you, James? Is that why you took the scissors? You think having a weapon'll protect you? It's not me who needs protecting! You're the threat.
You're going to stab someone.
Who's making you do this? Who said anyone's making me? I've seen the same look on my little brother's face.
You're right to be scared.
This isn't something you just come back from.
If I do this one thing, I'm set for life.
You'll do life.
I'll be out in nine, max.
Nine years? Of your life? I'll get looked after in here, then on the out You'll be looking over your shoulder every minute of every day.
I'm doing that now.
You don't wanna do this.
Who cares what I want? I do.
And if you really don't, why tell me all of this? You want me to stop you? Spin your cell, find the scissors, send you to Seg.
But it's not my choice - it's yours.
I will help you, but it's gotta be your choice.
I'm gonna walk around the landing.
You have five minutes to hand them in.
All right, chief? Hey, fellas.
How you doing, guys? You good? Yeah, yeah, man.
Are you good? Hi, guv.
I'll talk to Miss Henry later about it.
Don't worry.
Miss Henry.
I thought we could discuss this in person.
I used to box a bit, at uni.
I can see that.
You mean you enjoy picturing me being punched in the face? Yeah.
I've been looking into amnesties in secure environments and the outcomes are mixed, at best.
Whereas the outcomes of prison can't even claim to be that good, and over a longer sample period.
Well, I suppose the proof of the pudding I didn't realise it was also a weapons amnesty.
They must really want to see this fight.
That's impressive.
This TV, it will go through Security, have full portable appliance testing, etc? Mr Phillips.
Mr Ray.
Miss Henry looking after you? I'm learning a lot.
Mr F.
"Mr F"? Erm, Phillips.
We're working on Dan's literacy.
- Quick catch-up? - Hm.
Looks like we're going to need more food on the wing sooner than we thought.
Pick up instructions tomorrow.
I've noticed you've got a visit booked in.
Girlfriend and little boy? Hope they don't get pulled out at the gate for a random search so they've only got a few minutes with Daddy.
I'm in a gang now too.
Fresh fruit and a big-boy book.
What props would you have brought to an actual date? Wait This isn't an actual date? There's a young guy on the wing.
I'm his key worker and I need a bit of advice.
So not a date, then.
Your text weren't exactly clear.
Have you seen that film A Beautiful Mind? What exactly is all this, Boss? No system.
Most vulnerable get two pluses.
Oh, right.
Do bed-wetters get a choc ice? Mr Campbell.
Need a hand.
What I need help shifting this fucking home cinema I've been made to cart in.
It's in Security.
Actually I could do with the pair of you.
Don? Well, I can't lift anything, Jax.
Doctor's orders.
See these bloody rubber soles they make us wear Who put it in the car? Pat.
Well, if he can move it on his own I mean, I get it.
I'm telling him, "Be a barber," but even as the words are coming out my mouth I'm thinking, "He could earn ten times more than that if he just sold drugs.
" But why has it not occurred to him to want more? And why are we always trying to persuade lads like him to be a fucking barista? Why not tell him he could be a barrister? I mean, we could do with more of them that look like him, couldn't we? I mean, he could be anything.
Probably not, though.
What? [SIGHS.]
Who are James's parents? What support has he got? - I don't know.
- No.
Know why I can afford to earn nothing while I read bare books and prepare to become one of very few black prison governors in the country? Because I have people supporting my ambitions, in every way.
Maybe you do too.
People, yeah.
Ambitions, not as much.
So imagine it's just you and no-one cares whether you live or die, let alone pass an exam.
And you're blaming this kid for not trying to be a brain surgeon? I'm not blaming him.
I'm trying to help him.
Then stop pretending that every young black man is the same, cos that's no use to anyone.
Are you saying I'm racist? Why'd you come to me with this? Right.
Know what the problem with prison is? It treats everyone the same.
Imagine if every patient who went to the doctor with a problem got the same prescription, or the same care in hospital.
Most people would die and there'd be outrage.
I'm not a fucking racist.
When people like you decide you wanna help People like me? .
you forget that the kind of help you want to give might not be the kind that people need.
This isn't about me.
This were a lot less fun than I hoped it would be.
Sure you're all right with that? Yeah.
It's not actually that big.
Not really intimidated by the size of my husband's telly, are you? Oh, there it is.
Hey, the telly's here! Hey.
It's massive! Telly's here, everybody.
Fuck off.
Don't all help at once.
Oh, you know what it is? I sprained my ankle, you know, when I was running down the stairs with that massive Iraqi, and it's just swelled up again, Gaz.
Yeah, my knee's gone again.
Where did you get a fucking war wound, Swiss? Goose Green, '82, in the Falklands.
A proper war, Sunshine.
You must have picked up a few scars over the years, Boss.
I remember, right, first year we started working together, Miss Henry put herself between an officer on the ground and a double-murderer armed with a lid off one of those big fuck-off tins of fruit salad.
How many stitches was it again? - 34.
- Ooh, where? - Can we just - Let's have a look.
Mr Campbell You should be proud of your scars.
Part of who you are.
Maybe if you're a boxer.
Even then, I thought the idea was to not get hit.
Which brings me to tonight.
Now, obviously, not everyone's gonna wanna watch the fight - that's fine.
But I want all those who do on the Ones, so that we can control them.
Obviously, there's a lot at stake.
Well, it's a World Title shot.
You had a bet, Boss? No, I mean for the wing.
If this goes well, we've got something to build on.
And if it doesn't, we lose the trust of the men and the management.
Oi! Evans! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Oi! Evans, now! Fucking - Come here! - [HE LAUGHS.]
You all right? Good morning, Mr Fairley.
Look, come on.
There'll be loads wanting haircuts for tonight.
We'll talk to Kyrel together, get your job back.
James? What's the matter? They didn't mark my face so the CM don't cancel the boxing.
Who did this? I can't wait any longer.
Who did this, James? It doesn't matter who.
You bang them up and next man'll step up.
I can't just stand by and let you kill someone.
Then do something.
Put me in Seg, ship me out.
I'll still end up somewhere, and I'll still have the same problem.
Nothing will have changed.
You said you'd help me.
Yeah, give that Give 'em both a wipe down, actually.
All right, Miss.
Yeah, but Yeah, thanks.
How are you getting on? With James Fairley? Ah, yeah, it's It's complicated.
Are you talking about the scissors he took? Sort of.
Well, it's It's like he's got this one chance to not to go down this path that he'll regret for the rest of his life, and .
it's now or never.
So help him make the right choice.
You're in a position of power now.
Either you take on that responsibility or you don't.
Erm, well What if How far should you go to help? Do whatever it takes.
The system doesn't work, so the boundaries it lays down for us, they don't apply.
Which means we create our own, which is dangerous, risky, but really the only question that matters is .
is it worth it? It's weird.
It was working before.
I'm getting worried now.
Me too.
Not about the fucking boxing! That thing's not gonna balls up my telly, is it? It's just a USB.
I brought it in.
Yeah, but with an app downloaded on it.
So when the fight starts, my guy uploads it, you start the VPN and then it'll streams on here.
- Well, in theory.
- In theory.
Oh, man.
See, everyone just piles on the link and it overloads the software.
- Plus the connection in here - Can you fix it? It don't work like that.
- You're just going to have to wait.
Natives are getting restless! [RAY.]
Shouldn't you be unlocking? Unlock Ones, please.
Mr Ray.
I didn't know you were coming.
Mr Phillips invited me.
There's not much action yet.
Oh, it'll be fine.
Won't it, Mr Shah? [TV SOUND STARTS.]
Come on! Unlock Twos and Threes.
All my work.
Jab the motherfucker! He's dropping his guard.
He's fucking there for the taking.
Don't like the boxing, then? Seen enough fighting, I bet.
What were it like, then, the Falklands? Cold.
You see when you start giving a shit, that's when your problems really begin.
Oh, oh, oh! Hey, watch it.
Fucking gypo.
That's pork.
No, no What? I need protection.
What's in it for me? - Oi, oi - [PRISON SIREN.]
In the neck.
Do it now.
Do the ting, fam! Stop! [SHE BLOWS WHISTLE.]
I was scared you wasn't coming.
Out now.
I just saved your life.
Next time, I might not.
Bro, don't worry about Seg.
Bredrin will send some snacks, vapes, whatever we need.
You done good, bro.
You can't be serious.
Locked down till when? Further notice.
Oh, Boss I'm sorry about tonight, and James Don't worry.
It's my fault.
I obviously overestimated you too.
I thought you were taking your responsibility seriously, but because of you James Fairley's worse off now than he was when he arrived.
Well, we can't all manage people as brilliantly as you.
Which one of you told O'Keefe he could put his anti-psychotics in the amnesty bin? It wouldn't have been on purpose.
Wouldn't it? There's not one of you has made the slightest effort to make this work.
You got what you wanted.
So leave all this, yeah.
Do the roll count and go.
I'll clear it all up by myself.
Sorry, what exactly did you expect? The support of my team.
Why? What have you done to earn the right to expect that? Not just now - ever? You know, granted, Leigh, as an officer you were special, but that's not enough.
- I'm Custodial Manager.
- Neither's that.
Is this about your bloody TV? "Culture of trust," you said.
But the truth is you can't trust any of us with anything more than fucking orders, can you? Even me.
Oh, fuck's sake.
I'm glad we missed the end of the boxing now.
I'm amazed Google let me go without paying him.
You placed a bet with Google? Yeah.
What happened to, "Anyone working with the cons "is the lowest of the low"? All right, firstly, that sounds fuck all like me.
Second, I was talking about drugs.
And, thirdly, you swim in shit long enough, you're bound to stink a bit, ain't you? Feels good, don't it? First injury.
I mean, it hurts and that, but admit it - it does feels good.
Nothing about what happened tonight feels good.
See you tomorrow.
Raheem? Thank you.
For the advice.

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