Screw (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Oh, my God.
- Where did you come from? - No, Damon, what have you done? It's all right, it's all right, mate.
Miss Henry.
What time did you get in? I need to see the Governor.
The Governor's travelling to an external meeting and can't be reached I'll wait.
You've got a wing to run You need to lift this lockdown.
- Miss Henry - A man tried to kill himself overnight.
I saw the email, I believe he's fine.
He's alive, but only cause he pressed his cell bell what if he hadn't? We need to unlock today.
I'm sorry, I don't see the relationship suicide attempts and self-harm are hardly rare in prison, are they? Sadly.
However, what I do see is a sharp fall in violence on C Wing.
No-one's been out of their cell for three days.
Well, whatever you're doing, it's working.
I haven't done anything, that's the point.
This isn't why I became CM.
You have no idea the pressure this lockdown's putting people under.
- We have to unlock.
- No.
I've already discussed it with the Governor.
Your amnesty and what followed resulted in serious disorder, and none of us are exempt from pressure.
C Wing will stay locked down for the rest of the week.
If someone dies, it'll be on you.
Well .
it's your job to make sure that doesn't happen.
Damon Brown tried to kill himself last night, Code Red.
- Is he all right? - He will be.
- You're his key worker, aren't you? - [SCOFFS.]
What, you saying it's my fault, then? Was he on an ACCT document? No, so he wouldn't normally be checked at night, so if he hadn't pressed his cell bell We're sitting on a time bomb.
10% of the population of this wing is already on an ACC and therefore vulnerable, that's just tip of the iceberg.
Management wants to keep us locked down for the rest of the week, so it's down to us to make sure that nobody reaches a point where they feel they can't cope.
What does ACCT stand for? Anyone? Come on.
Don't pretend like you don't know.
- Assessment - Oh.
Care Of Crazy Tosspots, that's it In Custody and Teamwork Teamwork.
I've been through every one of these.
Staff contacts say things like, "Asleep, I think.
" "Eating crisps, seems happy enough.
" "Still alive.
" Yeah, well, it's easy to criticise but there's never any time.
Well, we haven't got that excuse now, have we, not while we're locked down? These are legal documents and they can mean the difference between life and death.
If you don't take that seriously, I can't help you, you're on your own.
And in addition .
today, we're all gonna go through our key worker list.
and have face-to-face, one-to-one contact with every man on there.
Cooper can carry on seeing anyone who needs help with legal letters or forms.
In terms of priorities, consult the board.
And if you're with a prisoner and his padmate tells you he needs a toilet roll or whatever, ask yourself is that what he really wants or is it just an excuse to engage you in conversation? I'm deadly serious, I want every single man on this wing to have had meaningful contact with his key worker by the end of the day, or I'll report you to the Governor.
We have all most of us been in the position of finding someone who decides they can't carry on.
Don't let that be a name on your list.
So we are not giving them toilet rolls any more? Obviously, sometimes a man will need a toilet roll.
Why would he ask for it, if he didn't want it? Miss Malone is also due on the wing today for psych appointments.
Make sure all the listeners get out.
OK? Let's go.
- Something's obviously very wrong.
- What you on about? Miss Henry's living here, in the prison.
- Are you? - Yes, I'm sure.
She's sleeping in Cell 82.
I haven't thought about anything else since I found out, - and I don't know who to talk to.
- How about Miss Henry? [SIGHS.]
Fuck's sake.
For someone so clever Just ask her.
You really need to talk to her.
Seriously, Jax, can you two kiss and make up so you can tell her she's fucking losing it? "Consult the board"? How? It's like the fucking Da Vinci Code.
Is she under loads more stress and that, Jax, like I dunno, cos of, like, the new job or .
or what happened with the boxing? Or maybe it's personal? Something at home? It's not really anyone's business, is it? Hello.
Looks who's back.
Criminal, really, damaging a face like that.
- I'll take him up, babe.
- Yeah, I'll race you.
Oh, no.
So Go on, Swiss, say toilet roll, I fucking dare you.
I thought you'd be in Healthcare longer.
Did you miss me? Could have been worse, I suppose.
I knew you'd still be here.
Listen, we need to move quick, all that stuff that my lot robbed from the amnesty bin will have sold again by now.
Oh, what? You didn't think lockdown was gonna stop people using, did ya? It's probably the only reason you haven't had a riot.
I'm still here because I want to be sure that I made myself clear the last time we saw each other.
The other day where a warning, and now I'm telling you I've done my part and we're finished, for good.
You really think so, yeah? Tell who the fuck you want.
You'll go to prison for five years.
It's your word against mine you're a convicted criminal and I'm a brilliant liar.
Where are you off to, Cooper? Oh, Mr F asked me to go and help Nawak write a letter to his Judge.
Oh, right, got keys now, have we? Cooper? Oh, no, but, erm .
I'm waiting for Mr F.
All right, yeah.
Come on, I'll take you.
Thanks, Mr Campbell.
What are you so excited about? Glad to be out, and I like helping people.
Although I I don't really feel qualified with all the legal stuff, I'm I'm actually an estate agent.
It's all down to your lot, you know.
Generation fucking Snowflake.
You lot started talking about your feelings, now everything's a fucking condition.
And if she says in her report you've got some fucking syndrome they only thought up yesterday, you can forget about your D Cat or your parole.
Mental Health? Fucking industry it is now.
Anyway what's up with you? We're here to talk about you.
What are you still doing here, anyway? You said you was leaving.
What's it to you? It's cost me two fucking yoghurts, that's what.
What is .
is everyone betting on how long I'll stay? Nowadays, there's more old'uns in prison than ever before, and it'll only get worse, and there's no - what do you call it? - Provision.
Provision bloody stairs everywhere you look, no health care! If it wasn't for the younger lads helping us out, we'd be banjaxed, wouldn't we? Course we would.
Don't "true fact" me.
Are you still saying squirrels are cleverer than octopuses? Oh, yeah.
Let me tell you about squirrels, man - No.
- Listen, squirrels - No.
Fucking no, no, no.
- Squirrels pretend to bury their nuts - No, no.
Fucking hell.
- .
in order to fool people, you know.
It's a true fact, man.
My point to the jury was this I'm not saying I didn't do it, what I am saying is your only witness has got brain damage as a result, so how reliable can he be? Am I right? I'm right, aren't I? Course I am.
Close that.
Yeah, but leave it open a bit.
You want privacy? This is meant to be a confidential conversation.
You all right, then? In what way? I mean, pushed my cuticles with a ruler this morning and Or do you mean emotionally? Because, if I'm honest, I've never fully worked through my relationship with my parents, especially my dad.
His version of masculinity and how damaging that can be growing up, do you know what I mean, Mr Campbell? I'll put that down as a tick.
It's natural to be nervous, Steven, but you've earned your release.
Yeah, it's just, you know, I get to walk around again but .
but the guy we killed, he won't, will he? Not ever.
You were young, you all were, and you've never tried to deny your part in the fight or the man's death.
You can't do any more than serve your sentence.
Thanks, Miss.
Are you all right? The listeners are here to listen to staff as well, you know, if needed.
I think you're busy enough at the moment, that helps me a lot.
How's the new job going? Don't shout, Rachel.
Please I was I was helping a guy out, that's all.
There's so much stress.
It's it's all cause of lockdown, all of it Lucas, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna ram that phone up the same hole it probably arrived in.
Five minutes.
I understand, I really do, but we can't risk anyone finding out.
Lucas, you've got an appointment.
Hello, Lucas? An appointment? Great.
Er, who with? Follow me and you'll find out.
I'm supposed to ask if anything's worrying you, any problems? It's you with all the problems, Rose.
What does that prove? Mm, nothing, but the video it's taken from proves a lot, including how decent you look in a pair of jeans.
Show me the video.
It's not on that phone.
How do I know it's on any phone? Yeah, I guess you don't.
But .
unlike you, I am not a brilliant liar, so, I mean, you could take the risk, that's your call, but if you resign or go to the feds, so does this video.
I've told you I'm in a gang now, too.
Look, if you were really in a gang, you'd have let your boy kill me and not even thought about it.
I feel loads better now, you know.
- It's OK, Ted, it's all right.
- [SOBS.]
I'll sit here and talk to you all day.
Not now.
You need some proper help, right? Er, sorry about this, erm, every room's got someone in it.
I don't understand.
Well, everybody and everything is operating at full capacity.
No, I mean why am I here at all? Well, erm, Luke Lucas.
Erm, what? My name's Lucas.
Are you sure? Erm, L Cooper, I thought the nurse said Luke.
Oh, maybe, maybe she did and Luke is the right name and I'm the wrong guy? - So, which wing is Luke Cooper on? - I have no idea.
Miss Malone.
Oh, sorry, we're having a confidential meeting here.
In the shower? Erm, I haven't got time to check and come back.
- That's fine.
- One minute.
I need you to see Ted Riley, today now, if possible.
Do you know how many names I've got on my list? He's a friend of Damon's.
The man who tried to kill himself.
I have raised Ted's name with Healthcare.
He needs more support than we can give him.
Do you know how many names are on that list? He shouldn't be here and I know you must hear that all the time Hear it and say it.
I'm sorry, it won't be today.
Maybe this week.
Remind me again why we closed the asylums? Nobody liked the idea of locking up people with mental illnesses.
Don't worry, Abdul, it's a general key worker check in to see how you're feeling.
I'm I'm struggling a bit with sleep to be honest, Boss.
Really? Why's that? Sit down, Boss.
- Lucas won't mind? - Oh, no.
Where's Lucas now? I'll tell you what's mental? Doing this.
It's a prison if you're in here and you're depressed or angry, I'd say that's pretty fucking normal.
It's the one's who aren't messed up that we should be worried about.
Although, I am quite enjoying this, to be fair.
Well, do a couple of mine, then.
Well, we don't need to ask how you're feeling, do we? Listen.
Erm, either of you two fancy doing a swap with someone? No.
Just take one of mine, then? I am not messing about today, Gaz, man.
No-one should be messing about today, man, - it's not worth losing your job over.
- How they gonna know? I thought it were impossible to get the sack, they're so desperate for staff.
Unless you shag a con or get caught smuggling, but then losing your job's the least of your worries.
No, man, the boss is not playing around with this ACCT stuff, man.
Honestly, I'm telling you, if you guys mess up even once today, she's gonna have you sacked.
- You'll swap with me, won't you, Jax? - [SIGHS.]
- Who you got? - Kenway.
- Ain't he on an ACCT? - Might be.
Ha! Then no.
Oh, well, that's very fucking caring of you.
Look you can't text me at home, all right.
Why not? We work together.
Yeah, and you can text me about work, but you can't text me asking for a picture of my tits in the bath.
Oh, Swiss, erm, I've gotta Kam over to Healthcare, he's done something to his fucking cuticles or something.
You couldn't check in on Kenway for us could, yeah? - I've still got half of my own to do.
- Oh, come on, mate, I wouldn't ask if it weren't urgent.
Could you return Mr Cooper to his cell, please? Yeah, he's on my list anyway.
Why are you in the shower? Erm, I've opened an ACCT document for him, - could you log it for me, please? - Yeah.
This this crazy.
I'm sure it'll only be short-term but it's better safe than sorry.
This is the Some some poor guy called Luke Cooper needs help but she can't admit there's been a mistake, so I get put on an ACC just in case how is that right? It'll stay on my record now, won't it? So you're saying you don't need to be on one? I'm completely fine.
Or, well, I was.
Don't worry about it.
I'll sort it.
Where am I going? The Case Board's reached a decision on where you'll be held, were you not told? Were you? This is the first I've heard.
- You're to be moved to Healthcare until - Ah.
I'm transferred to a women's prison.
Sorry Sorry.
I thought I could help.
You tried.
There's nothing you can do.
I'm sorry, mate.
I tried to hide it but Now what am I going to do? Use the landing phones like most of us do.
You can still talk to her.
- Who? - Rachel! Oh, yeah.
No, it's not that, it's, erm .
first time I've been on adjudication.
First offence you'll be fine.
Where's Childs? I think Mr Carpenter was just going to unlock him.
Does someone need a listener? No.
Miss Henry Miss Henry! Right.
Apologies for this next one, he'd depress a pig in shit.
- Everything all right? - No.
I don't think so.
I think you need to speak to someone.
What are you talking about? I know you're sleeping here.
- If I'm working late - Don't lie to me.
I found your things in Cell 82.
What were you doing in there? - Trying to work out what you're hiding.
- For Mr Ray? - What? - You're spying on me for him, aren't you? I don't know why you think I'm the enemy You just admitted you've been investigating me! .
but if you won't explain yourself, right now, I'll have to escalate this.
Who the fuck do you think you are? What else did you see? Miss Leigh .
I'm not here to make your life harder.
If you tell me what's going on, I'll try to help you.
- Leave me alone.
Get out.
- Sorry, but I can't do that.
- Don't do this.
- I'm ordering you to get out.
In that case, I'll have to take it further.
- This is you not threatening me, is it? - You're giving me no choice.
I see what this is you want me out.
Then you can face the consequences.
- I need to speak to you.
- Not now, Lucas.
- I need my phone back.
- I can't help you.
- You've got to - I can't help anyone.
Come on, come on.
I di II didn't mean to Calm down.
My phone Boss? Boss! Oi! Oi! Stop! Come out! Oi! Ju-just get my my phone.
I can't do that, mate, OK? It'll be in Security.
Listen, but we can maybe get you to use the office phone, OK, if you stop now.
I'm not coming out till I get my phone.
- I can't.
- Get my phone now.
I can't, mate.
Boss? Boss? Perhaps the men have been locked down for too long.
The way she was this morning, we may find this situation owes more to Miss Henry's mental state than the prisoners.
Whatever your reservations are about Leigh, Simon, this is definitely not the time for "I told you so".
- Who are you speaking to on the wing? - Toby Phillips.
Silver Command is being set up in the boardroom.
And what do we know about Cooper? In the first year of five for causing serious injury by dangerous driving and possession of a Class A.
Basically hit someone while high on cocaine.
- History of violence? - Not on his record.
Mental health? Nothing, although it looks like he had an appointment with Miss Malone today.
Get hold of her.
Any family? Wife.
Speak to her too, see if there's anything going on that might be a factor here.
We also need to keep Miss Henry's next of kin informed.
Have we got anyone on shift that has up-to-date negotiator training? - You've got to be joking.
- Governor's orders.
What can I do that the CM can't? Hostages aren't allowed to negotiate.
She won't take any notice of that.
It's just until they can get hold of a trained negotiator.
- Don will be your second, you'll be fine.
- Is she all right? Are all the men behind their doors? - Who made him king of the fucking castle? - Who's got her? - I don't know anything.
- It's Lucas Cooper.
What? You're his key worker, that's why it needs to be you.
No, fuck it, I'll do it.
- I said you'd cover the landings.
- No, no, no, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Mr Ray, I'll pass on the message.
You OK, Boss? - Yeah, I'm OK.
- She never shuts up.
I'm sorry, Lucas, this is my fault.
I'm not sure what I'm doing at the moment.
He was obviously pretty stressed about losing the phone.
I mean, he was on to his missus 24/7.
That's why I haven't been sleeping, he was on to her all night, every night.
But I just spoke to his wife and she said they haven't talked since the weekend.
Well, all I've heard for days now is Rachel this, Rachel that Rachel? His wife's name's Natalie.
Dark horse.
No-one listens.
No-one listens.
No-one listens No-one listens.
No-one listens.
No-one listens.
No-one listens [THUDDING CONTINUES.]
Pack it in.
Come on.
Come on, stop.
Stop it now.
- Get off me.
- Calm down, mate.
- Get off me.
Get off me.
- Calm down, mate.
Come on.
- Get off me.
Get off me.
- Calm down.
Calm down, come on.
Get off me! - You all right? - Yeah.
Good luck.
Lucas? It's Miss Gill.
- Deep breathe.
In, out.
In, out.
That's it, mate, breathe.
In, out.
OK? Fucking Oasis? Most overrated band in fucking history.
Liam's solo stuff is miles better without fucking Noel dragging him down.
Lucas, the longer this goes on, the more complicated it gets, the more people have to get involved.
We can sort this out between the two of us, can't we? Go on.
Lucas, whatever's upset you, we can talk about it.
Shut them out.
Stay in here, stay in here till I till I get the phone.
I told you not to worry, remember, and I meant it.
Just let me help you.
Do you know how to help me? Will they bring the phone? What am I gonna do? I don't know.
Leave me alone! Is she talking to him? - How's it going? - She's doing fine.
- You've got the negotiator phone? - Yeah.
Ask him about Rachel it seems he wants to talk to her more than his wife.
I'll come back.
Control and Restraint are on their way.
Lucas, who's Rachel? - Miss Stokes? - Is she all right? Do you know who Miss Henry's next of kin is? - Why, what's happened? - Oh, no, it's procedural.
She never really talks about her family.
What about husband? Wife? Next of kin should be on her record, though, shouldn't it? They said there are no relatives named in her personnel file.
Miss Stokes! - Sorry.
Yes, mate, it's nothing to worry about, we'll get you fed soon.
Lucas Lucas, we can't help you if you don't tell us what's going on.
- Are you worried your wife will find out? - Yes.
They don't understand, do they? They can't.
Are you all right, Miss Henry? - What's she doing in there? - [PHONE RINGS.]
The one time you need her to fucking interfere.
Lucas, is Rachel putting you under pressure? They don't Talking to her relieves the pressure.
That's that's that's what talking does, isn't it? We all need that, don't we? Lucas, there are only two numbers in your phone.
If you if you've got my phone, why can't I have it? One of them is your wife, the other is your mum Did you speak to them? Did you tell them about Rachel? There's not a single outgoing call on your phone.
Have you been deleting your call history? Please, I don't want them to know.
Or are you just pretending to call her? But why would? I don't want anyone to know.
Is Rachel a real person? Can anyone else hear Rachel, Lucas, or is it just you? - I'm not mad.
- No-one's saying you are.
But they will.
They will if I tell the truth, won't they? I don't Maybe maybe it'll help you feel better? But then there'll be no going back, will there? - No.
- I know I know, I can't, I can't - Who are you speaking to now, Lucas? - Please stop talking! I ju I just want to be left alone.
That's not working, though, is it? You need help.
No help.
Do we need to go in? They they'll say I'm mad and I'll never get out.
- Lucas - I'll lose my wife, I'll lose everything.
- I know you're not mad, Lucas.
- How do you know? Because it's happened to me.
I heard a voice.
After my mum died, at the funeral, I held it together all day, I didn't I didn't cry, not once.
People thought it were weird, but I just .
I couldn't let it out.
And I wanted to stay strong for my little brother, so he wouldn't be scared that we didn't have her any more .
and I wanted him to know that I could protect us.
But .
that night, when I lay in bed and I turned off the light .
I just couldn't stop crying .
I felt like I was sinking .
and then I heard a voice.
What did it what did it say? "Have a cup of tea.
" I dunno if it were God or my mum or grief .
but it felt real.
It was real.
And I needed it.
So I got up, made a cup of tea, and it helped.
How long has Rachel been there? A few years ago .
I just thought some really noisy woman moved in next door .
but then I realised she was talking to me.
That must've been so scary.
No no.
No, she she she used to be nice.
I know she's not real Yeah.
Outside of my head, anyway, but it's not me either, and I I can't I can't control her, I can't turn her off.
She got louder and nastier and when it all got too much, I started using alcohol and drugs to to make it stop, but that only got me put in here.
Being locked down in that box all day, I-I-I couldn't distract myself and it got worse and worse.
The only thing that calms her down is If you talk back? That's why you need the phone, so your cellmate doesn't think you're weird.
Is she speaking to you now, Lucas? Talk back to her if it helps.
You're safe here.
I'm-I'm listening.
You can stop shouting now.
I do, I do want to talk to you, but not when you're like this.
We we have to.
Liam had a decent voice but Noel's the poet, man, he's the people's poet.
He-he-he's like that bloke who wrote Jerusalem and that, he's a visionary.
They say Champagne Supernova makes no sense but they'll sing along to I Am The fucking Walrus all day long.
I just came on shift and heard an officer got taken hostage.
- It's not - It's the CM, yeah, but she's OK.
Yeah, no, I think she is anyway.
Did you make all that up? What were you thinking in there, hey? It's like you froze.
I mean, you've been in that situation before.
She did what she should've done, as a hostage.
Thanks for trusting me.
Well, that's a fucking first.
I was worried about you.
Still am.
I'm OK.
All right, well, look, get yourself checked out, all right, then go home.
When was the last time you did that, hey? Seriously, Leigh, I know you're practically living here, right, and if I've figured that out, how long before someone else does, hey? We need to talk.
We do.
Someone'll check on you later, all right? You never said what your favourite Liam song is.
Couldn't name one.
Always preferred Noel.
I thought that was supposed to be a secret.
What's that? Look! No, "Transferred", you plum.
Yeah, poor sod's getting shipped off to a women's nick.
Oh, that's not right, is it? Did you hear that, bro? How can that be right, man? It's all fucking wrong.
'Sup, bro, you all right? Gaz? Was that Kenway fella all right? I tried to get him a listener but it kicked off here before we got there.
He reminded me of that Irish fella Gary found a few months ago in the twos.
The one who killed himself.
What was his name? - It was Andrews, wasn't it? - Does it matter? What's gonna happen now, to Cooper? Oh, Seg.
Then one of those special hospitals? No, no, he'll be moved to a new wing here, with meds hopefully no beds anywhere else.
The NHS can say no to people but we can't you know that? True fact.
For you.
For today.
Told you I'd bring you one.
You'll probably get a commendation, you know.
I doubt it.
Don't you want to keep it, at least for your meeting with Miss Henry? Is there something I don't know? Not here.
So, who is it? Look it up.
We're unlocking for limited association.
There you go, business as fucking usual.
I don't know the Governor's thinking but I assume today has shown her where endless lockdown leads.
Hold on, you're not staying on here, are you? Of course she is.
She'll just carry on like nothing's happened, expecting us all to do the same.
We're not fucking trained for this shit! - I know that, Mr Campbell.
- Gary, mate Well, do something about it, then.
What's the point of being CM if you can't fucking change things? I don't have all the answers.
All I know is, we're it, if we don't look after them, there is no-one else.
Who the fuck looks after us? Can I have a word, Miss Gill? Been looking for you.
It's been a long day, eh? Oi.
What's up, soppy twat? It's all right.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
We've been imprisoning people for long enough to know what works, how you help them change why don't we do it? Why don't we want to? There are moments, like today, when I think I see how you can change things.
And when I think I see what you see in the job.
I wanted to thank you for what you did.
I Well, erm, I sort of had to, seeing as it was partly my fault.
It'll come out anyway when they speak to Miss Malone but .
she opened an ACCT on Cooper and asked me to file it and I didn't.
You're sacked.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, exactly, look.
- Ooh! - Ugh! Connolly says Don wouldn't give him a toilet roll so - [CHUCKLES.]
Speaking of voices in your head.
You poisonous fat piece of shit.
Do you not need that stick? No comment, Miss.
That's fucking immoral.
Morals are for them who can afford 'em, Miss, the rest of us are just surviving.

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