Screw (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

We want them to have self-worth, so we destroy their self-worth.
Help me.
Toby! Toby! We want them to be responsible, so we take away all responsibility.
Oh, Christ.
Put anyone unlocked in the classroom on the Ones, don't let anyone go back to their cell.
Go, go, go! Down to the Ones.
Move, now! Guard this door.
- Move.
- Down to the Ones.
We want them to be positive and constructive, so we degrade them and make them useless.
We want them to be trustworthy, so we put them where there's no trust.
We want them to stop exploiting us, so we put them where they exploit each other.
We want them to own their own problems and stop being parasites.
No questions, just go.
Stop with the questions, just get in there! So we make them totally dependent on us.
Toby! Who.
I mean, why? Because they're scum.
And some people round here keep forgetting that.
How's this for a reminder? I mean, where's a bloody gun come from? I am too old for this.
My mum already hates this job.
What about Toby's poor mum, eh? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Most of the wing were banged up.
Shouldn't we go speak to them? No, tonight's about protecting evidence.
Forensics, CCTV Shouldn't we let them know what's happened? Maybe once we know? Fuck them! Fuck all of them! And fuck you! You were told this was coming.
You was told! Stop it.
Stop it.
How the hell did a firearm get onto the wing? DI Shannon.
This is the number one, Governor.
Sarah Cahill.
The SIO will want to talk to you.
He'll run the inquiry out of Knights Road.
We'll help in any way we can.
Well, I'd usually be asking if anyone in the area is known to police but, uh All those who were out of their cells have been put into a sterile area in the gym, and we lock down until further notice.
How are you? Was it you who found him, boss? How did you get there so fast? Where were you when the gun went off? Checking the shower on the Threes.
We need to give initial statements tonight, and then you can go, ahead of full witness interviews here tomorrow.
You're staying here, then, I suppose? We have to find out who did this.
We need elimination fingerprints before you go, and all your clothes.
Yeah, they'll need everyone's cos of the firearms discharge residue on whoever was in the cell.
Yeah, yeah, I seen it on a Is he saying that we're all suspects? Is he? Cos we were all together when the shot was fired.
Not all of us.
Come here.
It's all right.
Police confirmed overnight that the shooting of an on-duty prison officer is being treated as murder.
No arrests have yet been made Have you seen the circus outside? Area team wants to deal with all media.
What about the unions? They're out there giving interviews.
I know it's been a long night, Leigh, and you haven't been home, but you're management now and the fallout from this is gonna be huge.
Obviously, there'll be an inquiry.
Maybe a separate one to establish how the gun got in.
Plus issues arising from the Lucas Cooper incident.
You've got a lot of questions to answer.
- I know that.
- Do you? I spoke to Toby's parents a few hours ago.
Told them how seriously we take our duty of care towards staff.
But then I thought "Do we?" - Simon - I thought, "We promoted Miss Henry knowing full well she's a terrible manager "and has zero time for that side of the job.
" But, finally, I thought, "Why not give her enough rope to hang herself?" Do you want me to resign, Governor? That's for the inquiry.
What I'm asking at this stage is that you use your relationships with the men on C wing to help the police find the culprit quickly, for everyone's sake.
I understand.
That's what I said, when Toby's father said he holds me personally responsible for his son's death.
And I promised him we'll get to the truth, whatever the consequences.
Whoever did this is on C wing, Leigh, and nobody knows them better than you.
So, given we can't transport that many prisoners to the station, we've made base in the classroom Er, we've already started interviewing 'em Don't worry.
We're used to people in bad suits caring more about what the cons have to say.
- Listen, erm Gary, isn't it? - Mm.
I'm happy to never see, let alone speak to these rats ever again once they leave court.
I don't give a fuck after that, but there's a clock on this and I aim to be out of here as fast as humanly possible.
But don't you worry, we'll be speaking to each one of you in depth.
So the good news is that despite nearly a third of my suspects being convicted murderers, we know the shooter's still in the building.
There's a fact about that.
About how many murderers the average person walks past in their life.
But, erm, can't think of it now.
It's last year's, innit.
Are you questioning the whole wing? Er, no, we'll do a full search.
But unless there's specific intel, we'll only interview those that were unlocked.
I plan to go cell-to-cell, see if anyone will talk to me.
I'll need to be able to tell them when we can unlock, so how long will forensics be? They've been banged up forever.
Which is a problemwhy? It's a prison.
You get locked up.
That's sort of the punishment.
Loss of liberty is the punishment.
What happens here is supposed to encourage change.
Well, erm, I'm sorry to break it to you but, given how often we see the same faces, I'd say something's going pretty spectacularly wrong.
Yeah, like too many people "not giving a fuck what happens - "to these rats after they leave court.
" - Leigh.
Well, you'd best interview us quick, cos the union could ask us to strike at any minute.
And if they do, I'll be first out that fucking door.
Hurt one of us, you hurt us all.
What happened in the Falklands, Swiss, when you lost a comrade? Buried them.
How are you? I don't know if you've spoken to the Governor yet, about having me sacked, but I'm not going anywhere until they arrest whoever's done this.
And I don't want to speak to you until after I've talked to the police.
Toby told me about you.
Who had the gun? I thought you never looked.
Fuck you! I'm about to be interviewed by the police.
I swear down, this had nothing to do with me, on my mum's life.
Who had it, then? I don't know.
It got jacked.
It was stashed in the stores, then it went.
When? Yesterday.
Look, I'm trying to find out myself.
- Why were it in here at all? - I can't tell you that, but it had nothing to do with you lot.
Rose, this is going to cost me as well you know.
Not as much as it's cost Toby Phillips.
Just don't say nothing to the feds.
If I find anything out, I'm going to tell you, all right? Sorry, Rose.
I believe there's been a recent influx of drugs on the wing.
- Any idea how they've been getting in? - Ask the cons.
If you're looking to get out of here quick, I wouldn't try tackling the fucking drug problem.
You don't think there's any connection? Because we know staff can get manipulated.
And Toby was inexperienced, and, from what I gather, a bit naive? Toby were more experienced than me.
He weren't naive.
Just saw the best in people, that's all.
And he would never be corrupted.
The prisoners are saying they'd heard a rumour there was a gun hidden somewhere on the wing, but no-one knew where.
Where were you when you heard the shot? I was dealing with shit, literally.
A lot of the guys weren't out long cos 'Police Camera Action!' was on TV, you know? And everyone loves that, so.
Erm, it was limited association? We've been in lockdown.
Only those with some degree of trust were allowed out.
Trust no-one in this place.
Did any of the men have a grudge against Toby? No, no.
Poor sod had only been here five minutes, plus, you know.
It was really hard not to like him.
Even if you tried.
Although all of us are the uniform first, then the person.
What about staff? Any personality clashes? Arguments? What made you go to that cell? The gunshot.
And why would Toby have been in there? No idea.
Because he were meeting Miss Henry.
How do you know that, Rose? Because he told me.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Do you think we should have said something, Jax? So the boss and Toby had a few words, so what? It seemed a bit more than that, to be honest.
Didn't it, Don? None of us know her, including you.
Now let's say she did it Come on, Gary! Even if she didn't, but she knew who did, could you swear she'd tell anyone? Right, well, what was the row about? Miss Henry.
Did you know that the camera outside cell 82 was out of order? There's always cameras not working.
Isn't it your responsibility to report faults, especially if they compromise security? I've got lots of responsibilities.
Why didn't you tell us that Toby went to cell 82 to meet you? I didn't think it was relevant.
You were asked the question directly, Leigh, and you lied.
He was there because of me.
So you set the venue? What was the meeting about? - He wanted to talk.
I was on my way - About what? to find out when I heard the gunshot.
Why that cell? It's out of action.
- It's not easy to find privacy here.
- You've got an office.
There's people in and out all the time.
Do you often use that cell? No.
Your fingerprints are all over it.
Like I said, it's private.
Did you know that Toby told his mentor, Governor Ray, that you didn't like him? Did Toby's mentor tell you that he doesn't like me? Right.
Come on, who else was out? What about that fella with the unibrow.
MacPhail? Poor fucker's blind, isn't he? Only in one eye.
Put him down.
Do you think the union will tell us to strike? I didn't think we were allowed, being civil servants and that.
There's ways around that.
Ellis? Yeah, you find ways round it every day.
Ellis is gay.
What, and gays can't shoot guns? Come on! Miss Gill? What exactly did Mr Phillips tell you? Did you have anything to do with this? Are you serious? - Do you know who were involved? - What? Would you say if you did? Of course I would.
You didn't tell them you were meeting him, did you? Why? Because you don't want them to know that you're living here? Or is there something else? What happened when you met? We didn't get to meet.
Everything all right? What was that? You know, erm, you didn't say anything about a row with Toby? What the fuck is this? When you won't talk to anyone, Leigh, it leaves room for people to imagine all sorts.
Listen, I don't know why you won't go home, all right, but if you need somewhere to stay Or someone to talk to.
I know.
I always know.
Yeah, but you never take me up on it, do you? I've tried so hard to be a friend to you.
To me, or to who you'd like me to be? I've still got half the wing to speak to, and obviously I need to clear my name.
Wearing a stab vest by frontline staff across the secure estate.
Officials say a attentive agreement has been reached between the Prison Service and representatives of prison officers in the wake of the murder of Toby Phillips.
The threat of strike action appears to have been averted after the two sides shook hands on a timetable for implementing a raft of security measures aimed at improving officer safety.
Blah, blah, fucking blah.
They make promises that they won't keep and there's fuck all we can do about it.
Same old.
Do they really think we're gonna carry on like nothing's happened? - Go on.
- Cheers.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Right, so we've conducted initial inmate interviews now, they've been returned to their cells, full searches have been carried out.
What about arrests? I'm in favour generally, but you know, they do require evidence You've got suspects though? Right? All those unlocked at the time of the shooting Murder.
Are you saying you've got fuck all? What forensics? Were there nothing on the gun? Listen, I share your impatience but everyone in this building is forensically savvy.
Tests are ongoing.
Meanwhile, we'll be on the wing all day, so anything that you see or hear that seems unusual Oh, we'll find out who did it, don't you worry about that.
- Mr Campbell.
- It's all right, I'll No fucking consequences, that's the problem.
One of this lot killed one of us.
Watch your fucking step, fella.
You all right, lads? Yeah, thought so.
Have you heard anything? What did you say to the feds? I can't live with this.
Whoa Whoa.
Throwing your life away is not gonna bring him back.
Listen, I know this is bad but we're in this together.
There's no point us being enemies.
We gotta trust each other now.
I like you.
Nah, real talk.
I do.
Miss? Fuck off, muppet.
Yes, Dan.
Can you give this to Mr F's family? It's probably spelt wrong, and that.
Yeah, I'll, I'll make sure that they get it.
Why are half the cleaners not cleaning? Well, we've run out of bleach.
But we only ordered more like .
barely two weeks ago.
It's not something we order regularly.
Where's it kept? Stores.
The cleaning cupboard And who has access? Cleaning Officer is the key-holder.
That's me.
I don't see why it's such a big deal.
It's not like the poor lad was attacked with Bleach can remove DNA and firearm discharge residue If you use enough of it.
That's impressive knowledge.
One of the men told me when I was going round the cells, and no, he wasn't unlocked at the time of the shooting.
So there's one key and no-one else ever has access to it? What? What? Larry? Well, he likes to organise things.
Hand out the cleaning equipment and that, so sometimes, I get him to sort out the stores, just give him the keys, just let him get on with it.
Yeah, but come on.
Fucking Larry?! Graham.
Call me Larry.
Everyone else does, don't they? Course they do.
I fucking told you lot! You're always, "Ah, happy as Larry.
Makes a cracking cup of tea!" - He does though, to be fair - He's a trained killer.
We'd like you to tell us more about why you're in here.
How long have you got? They said I shot a man and I'm not saying for definite I didn't, it's just Well, I can't remember, that's all.
I've done all the courses and that but you cannot really show remorse for something you don't remember, can you? Am I right? Course I am.
Terry Lyall.
What's that, sweetheart? Terry Lyall.
- Do you know that name? - It's I've not heard it for a while, is all.
You, er, shot a him outside a pub in Scarborough in 2007.
He sustained brain damage but survived, you know.
He's a stranger to you, is he, Mr Lyall? - I don't remember.
- Hm.
And five years before shooting Mr Lyall, you were released on life-licence having served 12 years for the murder of your cousin.
I don't remember.
That was your defence in both trials.
Are you remembering now? [MUMBLES.]
You shot him, too, didn't you? The first man you killed.
- No.
- You didn't shoot him? It's possible, but he wasn't the first.
Nah, I killed loads before that.
I got awards for it, didn't I? Er, in the Army, you mean? - You served in the Falklands.
- Sniper, wasn't I? Course I was.
Well, I was just a spotty kid.
He must have been thirty-odd.
His mob, his mob were programmed to not to see the enemy as human.
Guns aren't the weapons.
People like Larry, they are the real weapons and whoa, they were lethal.
When they come out, nobody decommissioned them.
You saying he's got that fucking PMT or whatever? PTSD.
Larry, when you talk about the crimes you're in prison for Is that the gun they say I used? No.
That is the weapon used to kill Officer Phillips.
Do you recognise it? You think I've done it again, don't you? But I'm safe here.
Everyone's safer when I'm here.
I'm right, aren't I? At your second trial, you said, um, "I don't remember doing it but the truth is, "if I've seen a gun, it's only a matter of time "before I've fired it.
It's'" Just the way I am.
But I've got nothing against Mr F.
I've got nothing against anyone, have I? I'm happy as Larry.
But why Toby? That sort don't need a "why".
- He should have been nutted off years ago.
- I trusted him.
This is not your fault, Mr Carpenter.
It's really not, Don.
It's down to the lunatic who shot him And whoever got him the gun.
He says he can't remember what he was doing when the shot was fired.
So he'll be held at Knights Road while we make further enquiries and see if we can work out how the gun got in.
The old bastard always remembers what day his wages go into his account, though.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Don't stay here tonight, eh? What's so special about tonight? Every year we have this conversation.
I don't have birthdays No, I know, but Good.
Let's say no more about it.
Do you know what? Maybe you're right.
Maybe you don't need anyone.
I need to say sorry.
For suspecting you.
Thank you.
There's no reason for you to stay now.
I'll speak to the Governor.
Tomorrow can be your last day.
I'm sorry I haven't replied to any of your texts.
I'll just keep sending them.
till you tell me not to.
See ya.
Amnesia is a pretty hard thing to fake.
Do you know what I mean? Cos I saw a documentary on Yeah, a documentary, yeah? Oi-oi.
Is that for visits, Miss? No, the CM is being called to the Wing Office.
Streaky? Sorry.
About Mr F.
He's not saying much of anything, to be honest.
Don't sound like Larry.
- Oh, no, there are plenty of words - Oh, yeah, don't tell me.
All these longer sentences have turned prisons into care homes, am I right? Course I am.
If it wasn't for those young'uns helping us out in here, all us old'uns would all be brown bread, I'm right, aren't I? Anyway.
We can hold him for a while yet.
We're having him psychiatrically assessed and we aim to charge him.
They'll be coming to take you to the gate soon.
You know what they say, never write your name on a cell wall or Or you'll come back.
You don't want to come back, do you? What's up? You nervous? Why did I have to come to prison to find someone who cares about me? Give it time.
Steven, I know some of the younger lads help Larry out - around the place - Is it true that he's been charged? Who, specifically, helps him? Er, depends.
Deeley does his official stuff, you know, forms and that, Tatter does his laundry.
What about the stores? That's down to me.
Steven? I did it for you.
If you can't remember, they can't charge him.
What they need to do is, er, they need to link the gun to somewhere Larry would have been.
- What, like the stores? - Yeah.
They need someone to say - that's where the gun was, innit.
- Yeah.
I saw, I saw him threaten you the other day outside the office and I, I could see how shook up you were and I thought, what if she goes? She can't go.
Where did a gun come from? I I don't know.
I don't.
I found it by accident the other day in the stores, and then, and then after, after I seen Mr F threaten you, well, I thought I'll threaten him.
And I did, but I don't know, it were like there was just no going back.
You're about to be released.
You've, you've changed my life, Miss, you've changed me How? How, Steven? You're confessing to murder.
OK, I'll, I'll tell them.
I'll tell them.
If that's what you want.
I'll show them where I, where I hid the bleach and my clothes, cos they'll never find them.
It's my fault.
I won't tell them why I did it, not ever.
Just Just tell me what to do.
It's up to you, cos you're the only one that I trust.
It's all my fault.
Miss Henry? Miss Henry! Shut the door.
Shut it.
You'll be locked in.
Get out and shut the door.
- What's happened? - Please just get out.
I can't leave you like this.
I don't mean the cell, I mean the prison.
Get out.
What have I done to make you hate me so much? - You still don't see it? - See what? That I am trying to help you.
That I look at you and I see Please just go.
Before it's too late.
Don't waste your life like I've wasted mine.
That's why you're trying to make me leave? All this time, I thought I was making a difference.
One person at a time, but still.
I just made things worse.
He died because of me.
Who? Toby? If I tell you Tell me what? I was born 45 years ago today.
In prison.
My mum had just started an 18-month sentence.
She wasn't allowed to keep me long, my dad didn't want me, so I was put into care.
And they let me go back to her when once she came out, they obviously thought she'd changed.
Prison did change her, I suppose, but only for the worse.
She was so angry.
And she couldn't look after herself, let alone anyone else.
Not that I knew any better.
It was only when I started school I realised that other people's parents didn't get drunk most days and throw tables at each other.
They didn't disappear for days on end, then come back and stay in bed for a week.
And then one day .
when I was nine, I went downstairs and I found my dad in the kitchen, dead.
Knife still in him.
She got a life sentence.
And I went back to care.
And we wrote, for a while, but I never saw her again.
Is that why you became a prison officer? To help people like your mum? I thought if I could just help a few But I would never have got through the vetting because of what she did.
So I lied on the application, and it worked.
And I thought it had gone away, but then, to get the CM job, to stop them replacing me, I forged a birth certificate.
And if anyone ever finds out You'll be living in prison for real.
Once you start lying, there's no going back.
How much of this did Toby know? I never found out.
He knew that I sleep here.
It's the only place I can sleep.
It's as close to .
home as I've ever felt.
I don't understand.
You said he died because of you.
Unless you weren't talking about Toby? You meant your dad, didn't you? They were happy before she got pregnant.
Having me changed everything.
You were a child.
How can you think any of that were your fault? - Because she told me.
- Your mum did? You are not responsible for anyone's death, - not then and not now.
- How can you be so sure? Because I am.
You do not belong in here.
But you are needed.
I never wanted to be a prison officer.
I applied just because Because it were a means to an end.
I never expected to be You haven't wasted anything.
You've changed the way I see prison.
You made me realise that if If you treat the men like .
like they have value, then they start acting like they do.
That's fucking life-changing.
I'm not sure anything valuable or lovable can come out of a place like this.
You can do so much more if you allow people who care about you to help.
No-one can do this on their own, no-one.
What about now? You said you never wanted to be a prison officer.
What about, what about now? What if the real waste was letting one of the most talented officers I've ever seen leave the service? Please don't be nice to me.
You've got so much confidence.
But you've got no faith in your ability to do or be anything worthwhile, have you? Oh, for fuck's sake What if we're both needed here, Miss Gill? It's complicated, right? You don't understand.
Why? You mean Lucas Cooper, the ACCT? - Yeah.
- I can take care of that.
If you want me to.
Only one person bet that you would stay and become a full officer.
You? Toby.
Where the fuck have you been? I'm really sorry, Jax.
Have you seen the CM? Ah.
Running a wing with four people isn't just dangerous, it's - .
illegal, probably.
- Sorry, Jax.
Yeah, well.
Hamid's covered himself in shit again and the whole wing's asking about fucking Larry.
Here he is.
Checking out, sir? All the best, darling.
You stay the fuck away now, won't you? Bye, Miss Stokes.
Thanks for everything.
Thank you, Miss Gill.
Miss Henry.
You ready to go? I think so.
Do you think I am? I'm going back to the station, I'll be in touch.
It's up to you, not me, Steven.
I trust you.
It was me.
It were me who killed Officer Phillips.
That's not something you joke about, son.
- I'm not.
- He wouldn't.
Why? I hate screws.
- No no! - Arms up.
Hands up.
Get him against the wall.
Out you go.
I booked a room.
Tomorrow night.
In that hotel in the retail park.
There's a bar, thought we could get dolled up, make an effort for once.
Don't be silly, all right? Sex and a bit of a fun, that's what this is, mate.
And all that it is, all right? Take it or leave it.
So why do you think Childs did it? Suppose it'll come out eventually.
Suppose everything will.
- For your birthday.
- I don't do birthdays.
Well, I'm giving it to you anyway.
Jewellery's a choking hazard if a prisoner Right, well, carry it, then.
Toby gave it to me.
It's St Jude.
Patron saint of lost causes.
We want them to stop hanging round with losers, so we put all the losers under one roof.
We want them to stop being the tough guy.
So we put them where the tough guy is respected.
We want them to be non-violent, so we put them where violence is all around them.
We want them to be kind and loving, so we subject them to hatred and cruelty.
We want them to be part of our community, so we isolate them from our community.
That's a poem by an American judge, Dennis Challeen.
Toby loved it.
And I think the best way to remember him .
and the best way to make amends for everything that's happened .
is if we all care about things, the way Mr F cared about them, every single day.
For the greater good.
Still don't fucking rhyme.
I'm going for a drink with Raheem from the gate, maybe a few of the others later.
Want to come? I need to go home.
See you tomorrow, then.
You'll need to get yourself a proper watch.
New day.
New day.

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