SeaChange (1998) s04e01 Episode Script

Paradise Reclaimed (1)

1 Agolo Agolo, agolo, agolo, agolo Agolo, agolo, agolo, agolo Agolo ~ Where is she? Laura Gibson.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
We were about to make a terrible, terrible mistake.
But don't worry -- there's a solution.
You see, the whole orientation of the toilet block is completely wrong.
- No.
- Sorry? No, I've had enough, and so has everyone else.
This isn't still that silly fuss about the hairdryer, is it? I mean, honestly, who needs a hairdryer in Africa? You assaulted another volunteer.
The electrocution was not my fault! Ask Cindy! Cindy filed an official complaint.
- Well, that's ridiculous.
- And it's not the only one.
I am only trying to make things better.
Look at the big picture! The big picture is a national state of emergency.
That's my pencil.
And make sure you leave the T-shirt.
I earned this T-shirt! This is a violation of my employment contract.
- You're a volunteer.
- I know my rights! I want an appeal.
Maybe you should sort out your own issues before trying to save Africa.
My issues? Your violent, jailbird husband.
Your drug-addicted daughter.
For your information, my now estranged husband is appealing those charges.
And Stella Well, Stella was slipped those drugs.
You know that drug that they use to spike girls' drinks in London nightclubs.
- It's called something like gamma - Gamma butyrolactone.
We've cancelled your visa and ordered you a driver.
They never actually understood my family, you know? Volunteering's one of those things I always, always wanted to do.
You know when you've ticked all the boxes with your career and the kids are finally off your hands.
And your husband's not who you thought he was.
Darling, it's Mum.
I was thinking of a visit.
Call me.
What more could anyone want, folks? A bird's-eye view of paradise and a cup of tea.
Morning, people.
This is Radio Riley all the way around the Bay, back to where it all began on this brand-new sunshiny day.
Pearl Bay, gateway to free parking, pork pies and pelicans.
And that's how we want it to stay, so get yourself down to the foreshore and sign that petition to stop sand mining ruining our town.
Save our little beading pearl before the mother of all storms starts heading our way.
Oi! Kevin, no seconds until you sign the petition.
Hey, don't forget to sign up and save our town from sand mining! Hey, Miranda, I was thinking if the press turn up to the meeting tonight we can arrest you.
Lillian, we've discussed this, haven't we? What about a code 3, Sarge? Sirens and lights.
- The answer's no.
- No.
- And don't forget the meeting! - Hey.
6:00pm tonight behind the CWA.
If we want to stop those trucks rolling tomorrow we need to get our act together tonight.
Hey, your phone's ringing again.
- Stone, leave it.
- Thanks.
My mother -- she's calling from Africa.
Why don't you pick up, then? Anna, I I can't.
You haven't told her you're pregnant.
No way.
That would be my worst nightmare.
- How long is she away for again? - It's a one-year contract.
Oh, relax, then.
You're safe.
It's Mum.
I've been trying to call you.
I'm headed to Pearl Bay.
Just a quick visit to renew my visa.
I can't wait to see you! Oh, damn.
A little slice of paradise.
Prestigious lifestyle retirement overlooking the turquoise waters of Pearl Bay.
We've seen the pretty pictures, Bob.
When do we start construction? Glad you asked that.
We are all systems go for stage II, a soon as you commit the funds.
What funds, Bob? We're bankrupts, mate.
We declare every cent that we've got to the taxman.
We do not have funds.
Righto, then, no funds.
But my consortium and I, we've made certain arrangements via a third party -- as detailed in our correspondence.
Correspondence? Heh.
Yeah, there'll be a cash drop at the oyster farm on Thursday.
That's yesterday! You'd better eat that, Bob.
Prisoner Jelly, you need to report to the recreation room for discharge.
Good luck on the outside.
Whatever you do, don't let me down.
Nah, course not.
Course not.
Darl, is that you? Oh, no, it's not darl, Bob, it's Kevin.
Heather couldn't make it.
What do you mean she couldn't make it? It's been two years.
I've been rotting in this prison.
Why isn't she answering her phone? I don't know, Bob.
I haven't got a clue.
- Well, you'd better come and get me.
- Well, maybe you could catch the bus.
Catch the bus?! Let's get this straight, Kevin -- you're only acting Shire President because I rigged the vote, so you get here now or you can kiss your little power trip goodbye.
- I'm a bit busy, Bob.
- Huh? You know how you asked me to keep those sand mining blokes happy while you were away This jetty is private property.
You can't use it as a loading bay.
Stone's family have owned it for thousands of years.
Oh, maybe not the jetty.
It's gotten a bit tricky holding the fort.
Tricky? What do you mean tricky? This is a private mooring.
You do not have permission to dock here, and if you don't believe me you can ask our Shire President.
- Kevin! - Gotta go, Bob, sorry.
Kevin! I said move.
That's assault, lady, and we'll be going to the cops.
Knock yourself out.
Well, you two are a constant disappointment.
They were meant to repair this bridge! Pearl Bay Tourist Authority.
Short survey, thanks.
Home address.
- Home, uh - Mm-hm.
Well, I left here 20 years ago, actually.
And then there were a few years of foreign postings and then 10 years in London.
I loved that terrace in London.
But for the last six months I've been living in Africa.
"No fixed address.
" Reason for visit? Organisational stuff-up, that's the reason.
I mean, by rights I shouldn't even be here.
I had a perfectly good visa that would have lasted me another six months at least.
I had a plan, I had purpose.
Let's just take a breath and let's go again, please.
Reason for visit.
I just need to see my daughter.
" Go through.
A lot's changed in 20 years.
So Striplands said that you tried to drown one of their workers, and there's only so long that 'baby brain' defence will wash.
One more month.
I intend to make the most of it.
You know you can change your mind.
I won't.
I made a promise.
Hey, Miranda.
Riley here.
Guess who I just met.
Ya mum! No! She's on her way into town! - When? - Now! Um Are you gonna? What what are you doing? I don't know.
I don't care.
Just, um, tell her that I am on a field trip.
I'm out of range.
- Just stall while I figure it out.
- You can't take that one! Arnold Buttersworth nicked it from Port Deacon.
I'll take it back there, then! - Helmet! - Yep! Heather! They let me out of jail, darl! Heather! Excuse me, please.
- Robert? - Come on, come on! Robert, you broke my heart.
And don't try coming to the house -- I've changed the locks.
But that's my castle.
Our Camelot.
Well, you put it in my name, remember? That was just a tax dodge! Heather! Hea! Hea Eh? I said "I missed you" You said "I watched your sister on the TV "It was weird" I said "I loved you" You said nothing And your silence confirmed my fears I said "I'm still angry" Code 3! Constable Liano to base.
Code 3! Everyone's gone home And you're all alone.
This is becoming a bit of a habit, Mr Russ-o.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I was trying to express my creativity and this woman tried to kill someone! - That is ridiculous! - He's right.
This woman is a known lunatic.
She was aiming for me.
You came out of nowhere, Bob.
Mind you, if I had seen who it was See? See?! Licence, please.
This whole unfortunate incident is this man's fault.
You'd get on really well with my ex-wife, you know that? If you had not distracted me with your ludicrous infantile display - You are a lunatic.
- You two, outside now.
You stay here.
I'm throwing the book at you, Mr Russ-o.
It's 'RU-sso'.
Laura Gibson.
Sergeant Kazan.
This is a beat-up.
Bob Jelly was nowhere near the crossing.
- Ah.
- Mum.
I just got your message.
What happened to Africa? Darling.
I am so, so glad to see you.
Africa is wonderful.
There's just a tiny, tiny glitch with my visa.
But enough about me.
Tell me about you.
What what You've put on a little bit of weight.
You've you've you got I am.
Oh, my god, you are.
You're Up the duff.
Bun in the oven.
Knocked up.
Darling, why didn't you tell me? I'm going to, um, leave you to it.
You were halfway round the world with a dodgy phone connection.
Well, you look great.
The whole thing is wonderful! Tell me everything.
Tell me about the father.
Tell me He's not involved.
- That's a shame.
- No, no, it's not.
- It's what I want.
- Are you sure, Panda? I mean, something must've gotten you two together in the first place.
You wouldn't have fallen for a total loser, would you? Mind you, there was that phase, wasn't there? The boy with the mother issues.
And then there was that guy who wore the dreadful leather pants and oh, my god, then there was Elliott! No, stop.
Don't, Mum.
This is why I didn't tell you.
There is nothing to talk about.
Well, you're having a baby.
That is .
I've I've got to go.
I'll find you a bit later.
You were supposed to report to me Oh, two hours ago.
I was a bit busy getting run over.
My point is -- a charge of dangerous driving against Laura Gibson will make a lot of extra work for me.
She had a motive.
It's not murder, Bob.
Don't need a motive.
If we did, though, we'd be looking at half the town.
You lost a lot of people's hard-earned investment funds.
And I paid the price.
Because personally, I'd rather put my effort into keeping you on the straight and narrow than reporting you to the parole authority.
What do you think? Sarge, what do we do with Laura Gibson? Tell her she's free to go.
Does she know what happened to her house? Oh.
Hello, stranger.
Kevin, what happened to my house? Mmm, few things.
There was the coastal erosion, the rising sea levels.
Port Deacon scouts got a bit silly on their end-of-year But I think the last king tide would have been the final straw.
- Miranda never told you? - We haven't spoken in a while, so Oh.
We lost a few bits of your furniture too before we twigged.
That old sideboard my ex-mother-in-law gave me with the fake gold curly bits? - We saved that.
- Yeah, of course you did.
Good news about the baby, though.
We haven't had a bub since the quintuplets.
Even though Miranda isn't, you know What, not married? It's the 20th century, Laura.
No-one minds about that.
It's the 21st century, Kevin.
Yeah? When did? What do they mind, though? No, I was just saying, you know, it's complicated with the baby.
Complicated? What, is there some problem with Miranda's baby? No, no.
I shouldn't have said.
I didn't know you didn't Is that an alarm? I think that's the pie warmer.
Someone's at the pie warmer! - No, wait! - Good talking.
- Kevin! - You just stay there.
I'll get you a pie! So who is this guy? Findlay Knox.
He's an environmental consultant with Striplands sand mining company.
How do we know that he's planning on crashing our meeting again? CWA.
He called to see if he needed a ticket.
We have to stop him.
How do we do that? We get Riley to man the bridge, make sure that he refuses this dickhead entry to the town, and then we pray to the universe that this storm is still coming and there's no other way he can get here.
Catch you later.
Oh, Mum, I'm actually really busy right now.
Why didn't you tell me our house fell into the ocean? Because the insurance wouldn't pay out.
It was built beyond the high tide mark.
It's Crown land.
Well, you can thank Jelly Realty for that.
Sure, yep.
I'm happy to blame Bob for most things.
- Why not rising sea levels? - What's wrong with the baby? Sorry? I spoke to Kevin.
He said there was some complication with the baby.
Not that I know of, no.
Oh, thank god! Mum, why .
why are you here sticking your nose into everything? Why now? - You've never been interested before.
- What are you talking about? Of course I'm interested.
What, for five minutes.
You took off for London before I even finished school.
You left Rupert and me for dead.
I flew you over every school holidays, and you and Rupert had your father.
Only because you didn't want him.
Oh, come on.
I had no choice.
Max won that incredible job in London, and Stella was still a baby.
I would rather not talk about Stella.
She is your sister! And she's improving.
And even that is hard to swallow.
The point is I'm here now.
Only because of your visa! Yes, but I could stay longer.
I mean, this is the time when you really need a mother, you know -- you and the baby.
If this baby is the only reason that you're staying then you might as well go now.
Why? Because I'm not keeping it.
Darling? If you weren't planning on keeping it then why on earth weren't you more careful? There are so many alternatives.
I think you should go.
No, I didn't mean Obviously the damage is done now.
It's all too late.
Yeah, and there are other things that I would rather do with my life right now.
And I thought you had other things too, so perhaps you should just hop on your plane and go back to the Third World, because they need you more than I do right now.
I'm on an ATL, Sarge.
'Attempt to locate', ATL -- I told you.
- Hey, Zac.
- Hey.
You see that black thing out there -- black plastic? You want to grab it for me? - Uh - Go on.
Come on.
Hey, I saw Shirley Watts carrying one of those home yesterday.
She said it was bones for her dog.
Shirley's dog is dead.
Really? See, that's another difference between you and me, Zac.
- What? - Your observation.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Maybe a few other things too, like we both love chilli, and just, like, westerns.
Just a whole bunch of other stuff as well.
Just focus on the dissimilarities.
But maybe it's fate, Lil.
I mean, if every police prosecutor and every court clerk for three generations have ended up married, then No, Zac.
maybe there's no point in fighting it.
We have the power to rise above our destiny.
I'm gonna put it in the water.
Progress, Sarge.
At this rate I should be finished his booties by the time he hits school.
Main Beach, 1600 hours.
- That makes six so far.
- Seven.
Eyewitness account on Shirley Watts.
Can we arrest her? Ooh, I'm tempted -- after that hair perm she gave me last birthday with the ringlets.
Do you remember? But no.
- Damn! - Lil! Look, the real criminal is the kind of person who needs to chuck this kind of cash into the ocean in the first place, yeah? Yeah.
- Good job on that ATM, though.
- ATL.
ATL, yes, good.
Oh, bugger.
What exactly are we after here, Bob? What we're always after, Kevin -- a bright, shiny future for this ungrateful backwater town.
What the hell? It's empty.
Well, just don't throw it back in the water because Bob, I just said! Now you'll kill a turtle.
I'm more worried about my own mortality at the moment, Kev.
There should be 10 packages in there.
- That's what the note said.
- Are they all black plastic like that? How would I know? They're all gone.
It's just that with the tide running the way it is and the crosscurrent and the fact that there's no sandbar anymore, I reckon they've probably floated into the bay like the other black packages.
What other black packages? The ones that have been washing up onto the beach since yesterday.
The ones the coppers have been collecting.
- No.
- What? No, no, no, no, no, oh, no.
- What? - No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is Radio Riley all the way round the Bay with a friendly reminder that the storm is a-comin', with a hazardous surf warning for all coastal waters between Pearl Bay and Port Deacon.
I told you -- Knox, Professor Knox.
Probably like a fancy company car or something.
Whatever you do do not let him through.
Yeah, good.
And there's a marine warning out so there's no other way he can get here.
Hang on.
What did you say this guy looked like again? OK.
I'm going to have to call you back.
Invigorating weather! Think my kayak sprung a leak out there.
Findlay Knox, Striplands mining company.
I'm really hoping this is Pearl Bay.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
What did you say his specialty was? Coastal geomorphology.
He studied the impact of coastal erosion on marine flora and fauna off the West Antarctic ice sheet.
I don't even know what that is, but I'm impressed.
It was a leftover from last month's John Wayne festival.
How do I look? Well, hello, Pearl Bay.
You certainly know how to play hard-to-get, don't you? My name is Findlay Knox.
You know what? I don't want to talk at you, OK? I'm going to talk right to you here, to show you all just how determined I am to bring this beautiful little town of yours back to the way it was 50 years ago, before the modern age took its toll.
Remember that beach? It's gone.
Like much of your wetlands here, your marine life and your coastal habitat.
Here's the good news.
With Striplands' help we can get all that back.
Now, as Striplands' environmental consultant it's my job to guarantee to you all that this sand mining venture that we're bringing into Pearl Bay is not only going to bring back all the businesses Yep.
and all the jobs that we need, right, but it's actually going to set this little bay up in a much better place for future generations.
So any questions? - Yeah! - Let's do it! - We're sunk.
- Yeah.
Great accent, though.
- Bad man.
- Yes.
So luckily we've had a cancellation on the double deluxe tonight, but I've locked the door in between.
As long as there's a bed.
- I won't be staying long.
- OK.
Rightio, then.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Thanks, Kev.
And I'll leave you to it.
Your big man's comin' back, darl.
You'll see.
Surely you could find another witness.
I mean, half the street must've seen what he was doing with that paint.
No-one's prepared to talk.
And you're an old hand.
Your name's on the board.
As you may be aware, Your Honour, the owner was not with the vehicle at the time Constable Liano, please don't presume I'm aware of anything in this case.
But you do know whose van it is, don't you, Your Honour? That was your boyfriend's van, wasn't it, Clara? That's enough, Mr Russo.
Just ignore them.
Their marriage is a bit of a train wreck.
- What -- you mean the two of them? - Mm-hm.
Constable Liano, if the independent witness has something to say I'd like to hear it.
Your independent witness here tried to murder a homeless man yesterday, I believe.
Your Honour, if I might say one thing in my own defence We refer to them as 'people experiencing homelessness' now, Mr Russo, and you need to address me as 'Your Honour'.
Well, how about I address you as a massive pain in the arse? Is that better, Your Honour? Your Honour, we will offer evidence to prove that the offender caused damages to the value of $10,000.
Hold your horses there, Constable.
I want some bloody answers.
This is not the forum for your personal gripes, Mr Russo.
Then where is? You tell me, because if there was a forum then I wouldn't have to go to all the friggin' trouble of harassing your dickhead boyfriend just so I can have a simple conversation with you.
Someone should stop this.
Hey, maybe you should sit this one out, Your Honour.
You can't blame this on me.
And how long was your boyfriend, with his ridiculous topknot, waiting in the wings, hmm? And was he the reason we moved up here in the first place? Tell me that.
Maybe we could steer back to the damage charges.
You were the only reason we came here.
All I wanted to do was to fix a marriage.
Well, you fixed our marriage alright, didn't you? Your Honour, with the greatest respect, may I suggest you could disqualify yourself from this case.
- I agree.
- Oh, can't we finish the case first? Shut up, Zac.
You too, Constable Liano.
And you are just a witness in this case, Ms Gibson.
Yes, but I'm also an ex-magistrate, and believe me, I do know what it's like to be sitting where you're sitting.
You do it instead.
I give up.
Case dismissed.
All stand.
Thank you.
Be seated.
"Striplands' cowboy scientist wows crowd, "supporting the commencement of sand mining this week.
" I'm really sorry.
That shirt looked so good.
It's not your fault this town's full of traitors.
No, it's just bad luck the women's netball team turned up.
Where's that lease? There's got to be a loophole.
This is legal gobbledygook.
You know a lawyer, don't you? Mum.
Thanks for meeting me.
I need your help.
Your only hope, really, is this expiry clause.
If work doesn't commence before close of business today their environmental study expires and the whole process has to start all over again.
So that's what the urgency was.
Well, maybe this storm will arrive in time to stop them.
No, Riley said he saw a boat full of workers arriving this morning.
What time is close of business again? 5:00pm.
Sorry, Panda.
- Thanks.
- Wait.
Listen, don't rush into anything, will you? About the baby.
I've already made a decision on the adoption.
I made a promise to someone and I can't I gotta keep it.
This is Radio Riley here with your latest report from the Bureau.
Upgraded to severe thunderstorms.
Large hail and heavy rain expected to cause flash flooding.
All low-lying Pearl Bay residents are urged to go to the emergency evacuation point at the Tropical Star Hotel.
Oh, come on! Give me a break! Hold your horses! - Hello, Mr Russo.
- Oh, hello.
Just here to set up the evacuation point.
- The what? - Just on the bar there, Lil.
We'll check out the toilet situation.
Oh, how are you going for mattresses? - Mattresses? - Yep, forget about it.
Lil, just bed rolls and sleeping bags.
- Get Kev on the radio.
- Gotcha.
I can't have anyone here.
I'm not opened.
Yeah, I can see that you weren't expecting visitors.
Um we'll fix that.
What's going on? I had a text to get here urgently.
Laura Gibson, good.
Designated safety warden.
That was years ago! You haven't designated someone else? - Doesn't seem so.
- Nice shorts.
Sarge, we've had a report from Striplands' main plant.
Someone's padlocked themselves to a bulldozer -- a young woman.
A young, pregnant woman.
Stay here.
- Hey! - Hey! - Hey! Over here! Over here! - What's he saying? Hey, where's the key? Quick, pull left, pull left, pull left.
Come on! She locked herself up! Are you completely insane? Look at this weather! Oh, god.
Get away! Just leave me alone! - Get away! - Help here.
Come on! If I stay here till knock-off your environmental impact study goes down the gurgler.
Where's the key to this thing? - She nicked it! - Here! Mum, whose side are you on? Leave it! Hey, Striplands can help you build the marine centre you want.
At what co - Ohhh.
- When are you due? - Not for a couple of weeks.
- It's just a pain.
- Get away.
Leave me alone.
- What kind of pain? - It's gone, it's gone.
- What kind of pain?! It's a cramp.
Everything's gone tight.
She's in labour! - Alright, everyone back! Right back! - Get back! Alright, darling, there's no need to panic, alright? Oh, god, oh, god.
Oh, god.
Find the key! Forget the key! Riley, bring me an angle grinder.
A what now? Nothing to worry about, darling.
Careful, careful, careful.
There's a seat over here.
We're gonna sit down.
- That's the one.
- OK.
That's it.
Lil, what's happening with the chopper? Yeah, about the chopper, I don't think it's going to make it.
I want drugs! Everything they've got.
- Yep.
- Has anyone seen Bob? OK, so Port Deacon Hospital are gonna provide us with all the support they can.
- So that's good.
- What's happening with the helicopter? Ah, could be a slight delay on that, but - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Anna?! - Yeah.
I'm having this baby for you.
You need to SORT IT OUT.
OK, just sort it out.
OK, yep.
Alright, let's try breathing.
We'll just sort this out, yep.
I'll sort this out.
Let's try breathing.
Just keep breathing, Miranda.
That's it.
Breathe in.
Oh, my god, it's you.
Maranda's giving her baby to you.
Yeah, let's not do this now.
Anyone here with medical experience? A midwife? Anyone had a baby? Mine were all elective caesareans, so You told me I was a natural birth! No, I didn't, darling.
I'm sure I didn't.
I've delivered mammals.
Is there anything you can't do? - What kind of mammals? - Seals, dolphins, mainly.
Oh, I delivered a breeched calf on the farm as a wee boy, though.
No! OK, what room can we put her in? With or without a jacuzzi? You can take my room upstairs.
Thank you.
OK, we're moving rooms.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Come on, sweetheart.
- Just breathe.
You lied to me! Did you even breastfeed me? I expressed endlessly! I don't want to push.
Look, you should take over.
Alright, it's OK.
We've got this.
Have you got another contraction coming? - Yes.
- Yeah? That's OK.
Breathe through it.
Breathe through it.
Here we go, here we go, OK? Bob.
Bob, are you still with us? Bob! He was trying to hide from the storm, the poor bloke.
Found him near the police station.
Bob, walk away from the light! Walk away from the light! It's OK, mate.
It's alright.
You're here with me.
Ohhh, shh, shh.
She hates me.
My own daughter hates me.
I've been an absent mother to my child.
She looks pretty grown-up to me.
Clearly you've never had children.
I just want like it used to be, you know? I mean, we couldn't wait to leave our parents behind.
We knew they'd screwed us up but it was a waste of time telling them.
Now they want to torture us endlessly with the mistakes we've made, and they want to rehash it again and again, and they expect progress and breakthroughs, and the torture never ends.
Better? Your baby boy.
I'm just relieved he's not a dolphin.
Does he have a name? Does he? My father's name was Joseph, so, um .
Joe? I like it.
Hello, Joe.
Oh, Joe.
Little Joe.
Oh, darling.
Yeah, when it came out, oh, it was just amazing, Lil.
- Really? - The stuff of life, you know? Hey.
- Hey.
- How bad was it this time? Ah, it's pretty bad, but the worst thing is this.
Clara Russo really quit.
I should let the Justice Department know.
No, no, wait.
Lil, can you get Laura Gibson's phone number? Yep.
No, I can't.
I'd just be going backwards.
Think of it more like a circle.
It's only temporary until we find another magistrate.
I do have a life to get back to, you know? We've lost four magistrates in four years.
The Department find out we've lost another one, well, they'll close the courthouse down.
Are you sure you want me in the same town? This adoption business -- is it just a casual arrangement? What is it? Miranda and I have an agreement, and if you do decide to stay for a bit, well, it could be an opportunity for you to sort things out with her.
I don't think she No, I'm sorry.
I've I've moved on.
But you've got half an hour before I have to call the Department of Justice, so just think about it.
Excuse me.
Mum Mum! Your bag's going off.
"We regret to inform you" ".
terminating your contract"? Oh, Mum.
Hi, Mum.
Went for a walk.
It's beautiful out there.
What are your plans now that the storm's over? Oh, well, apparently Kevin has a rotary booking coming in tomorrow, so I suppose I'll book some flights and get back to things.
This is not about the baby.
Anna's taking him.
But there is room to stay here a little bit longer if you want.
I mean, if you've got the time.
What do you think about that? Huh? Anna! Come on, come on, get off the phone! Anna! Yeah.
I've thought about it.
And? I'll take it.
I'll be your magistrate -- just until you find someone else.
I'm there.
Yeah, no, don't bother getting him to call me back.
No, it's all sorted.
Laura Gibson's come back and she'll be our magistrate for a bit.
Yeah, the one that left Pearl Bay years ago.
Yeah, that Laura Gibson.
Hey, I was thinking maybe we should start a world music radio show.
Just cast a wider net.
What, and include the Port Deacon bagpipe band? Even wider than that.
Really? Yeah.
Well, like a world Maybe a youth music show.
Just something different.
Something that .
something that people will remember us for in 20 years' time.
Oh, no, don't like our chances.
No-one's gonna remember us in 20 years' time.
Don't wanna live in the city My friends tell me I'm changing The smell of salty air Is what I'm chasing Chasing, chasing You probably think I'm mad But it feels good to me 'Cause from now on I'll live as close as I can to the sea.