SeaChange (1998) s04e02 Episode Script

Paradise Reclaimed (2)

1 I'm headed to Pearl Bay.
I can't wait to see you! Hiya.
Findlay Knox.
I'm really hoping this is Pearl Bay.
- Reason for visit? - I just need to see my daughter.
- Mum.
- Darling! I am so glad to see you.
- You've you've you've - I am.
You know, it's complicated with the baby.
Complicated? If this baby is the only reason that you're staying, then you might as well go now.
- Why? - Because I'm not keeping it.
I'm having this baby for you, Anna.
Anna? Oh, my god, it's you.
Miranda's giving her baby to you? Wee baby boy.
This adoption business -- is it just a casual arrangement? Miranda and I have an agreement.
- You'd better eat that, Bob.
- Yes, Rocco.
Yeah, there'll be a cash drop at the oyster farm.
Good luck on the outside, Bob.
Whatever you do, don't let me down.
- What exactly are we after here, Bob? - It's empty.
There should be 10 packages in there.
That's what the note said.
Oh, I reckon they've probably floated into the bay like the other black packages.
What other black packages? Main Beach, 1600 hours.
The real criminal is the kind of person who needs to chuck this kind of cash into the ocean in the first place.
All I wanted to do was to fix a marriage.
Oh, well, you fixed our marriage alright.
Your Honour, with the greatest respect, may I suggest -- you could disqualify yourself? Good.
You do it instead.
I quit.
All stand.
If the Department find out we've lost another magistrate, well, they'll close the courthouse down.
I'll be your magistrate -- just until you find someone else.
No, it's all sorted.
Laura Gibson's come back.
Morning, people.
It's Radio Riley here, all the way around the Bay.
Hey, did you cop a gander at that sunrise today? Looks like that shimmery moon is on its way.
That time when we dump that old emotional baggage and say goodbye to the past.
The spent dreams.
The lost loves.
Let it all wash away.
And hello to the naked truth in all its naked glory.
One too many Sinkin' into time Remind myself the reasons why Because the heart will have its way.
I'm sorry, bubba.
You're going to stay with Laura because Mummy's got to go to work.
It should be all fine.
All fine.
Yes, it is.
It's gonna be I know Miranda's at work.
- Hi.
- Sorry to do this to you.
It's just that with Joe arriving so early It's not a problem, honestly.
I've used up all my leave and my maternity cover doesn't arrive for another week, so - Are you sure Miranda's OK with this? - Of course.
I don't start myself for another week so it's perfect timing, really.
Thank you.
- Ah, here we are.
- Thank you.
Oh, better rush.
Bye-bye, little man.
Oh, bye-bye.
Oh, bye, bye.
- Bye! - Bye.
Hello, you.
Let's go and see your real mum.
Mum, you're interfering again.
You shouldn't have taken him.
This was not the deal.
I gave birth, that's all.
Joe is Anna's baby now.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- Oh, little sweetie.
Oh, he's probably hungry.
I expressed enough milk.
Didn't Anna leave you any? It's at the house.
Hey, maybe you should just breastfeed him.
It's much more convenient.
All that bottle sterilisation and refrigeration -- it must be so bad for the environment.
Forget it, Mum.
We've been through this! I'm not breastfeeding, and I have work to do.
Of course you do, sweetheart, and I am here to support you however I can.
- I have raised three children.
- Joe needs routine.
He doesn't need to be shunted all over the place like we were when we were kids.
I am just here to tell you what's going on.
Anna is in a bind and I'm available.
You fit in with him.
He doesn't fit in with you.
Come on.
There you go.
Oh, he looks just like you.
We won't budge from the couch.
- Good morning! - Morning.
How's the little guy? Oh, he's so cute, isn't he? He's the sweetest baby I've ever seen.
What a lovely little guy! How are ya, Joe? Bye-bye, Joe.
Yep, thanks for calling back.
Any update on my maternity replacement? - They're working on it, Sarge.
- Great.
We know what that means.
Oh, I was supposed to have this time with Joe.
He'll be fine.
He's with his mother.
Sorry, biological mother.
I think I'm gonna go check out the back for graffiti.
And if I find another pig in a police hat those taggers will regret the day they ever picked up a spray can.
Hey, what are you up to? Just getting organised.
Wee baby Joe looks like he's doing OK.
Oh, well, yeah, he hasn't sprouted fins yet if that's what you mean.
I didn't officially thank you for delivering him.
Don't be daft.
You were a wee bit distracted at the time.
Yeah, I was hysterical.
But thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Had trouble with the photocopying machine.
Stupid, silly thing.
- What's going on? - Nothin'.
Oh, the council kindly rented me a shed to use as an office.
Did they now? Yeah.
Ah, so there's your lease.
- Just get it back to me when you can.
- Thank you.
- Keys.
- Yep.
Lock's a bit tricky, but you'll figure it out.
- Gotta go.
Bye! - Bye, Kevin.
So you're staying in town and working next door to me? Yeah, that's the plan if I can actually get in.
Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that is reekin'.
Yeah, well, it was the old seafood co-op.
Ah, it's meant to be vacant.
What's all this stuff? Well, the crap on that side of the shed, that belongs to the Historical Society, but no-one's been running that since Meredith retired.
Sea Scouts own the kayaks, and those chairs and trestle tables are left over from the Pork Queen Festival.
Pork Queen? Yeah, I'm lobbying to get it banned.
- Is that a car? - That's mine.
I've asked Patchett's to tow it but they've got a little bit on at the moment.
Hope it's not in your way.
I mean, I'd hate to impede Striplands' plans in any way.
Well, it's cosy.
All of it.
Wouldn't want you to move a thing.
Alright, then.
- See ya, neighbour! - Bye now.
Laura Gibson.
What, today? You've got to be joking.
Yeah, but I said I'd start in a week.
Well, can't you find someone else? Never mind, my sweet.
I know you're hungry.
You're hungry? I'll get you something to drink, shall I? Don't you worry.
Thanks for starting early.
- Zac Bell, is it? - Yeah.
- Laura Gibson, remember? - Of course I remember.
I just need a large jug of hot water, please? Oh, OK.
Yeah, yeah.
And if Miranda calls, he's not here.
You want me to lie? Hey, maybe maybe I can just, um, pass her on to you.
Oh, no, no, no, I'm not here either.
Um, look, if the Department of Justice calls someone has to be here, though, because they're threatening to close us down.
Oh, well, let's try and avoid that, shall we? Yeah.
Oh, I could yeah.
So the 44-gallon drum was lying on its side.
- You've already said that, Lil.
- It wasn't like that before the storm.
It was nowhere near the police station wall Can we just speed things along a bit, Lil? And I found this loafer right beside the drum.
So someone's pulled the drum over to the wall to climb up to look into the window, because that window looks straight into the cell where we put all the money.
And then the drum fell over and they lost their shoe.
- That's brilliant.
- Thanks.
So who? Oh, someone uncoordinated and desperate who knows the money's here.
Everyone knows the money's here, Lil.
Well, yeah, but not everyone wears a 2010-style size 11 loafer.
We could do a line-up, like Cinderella.
Or we could just apply some logic.
Who's the shonkiest person you know? Exactly.
No worries, Rocco, everything's in train.
No, not 'on' the bloody train, 'in' -- everything's in train! Alright, I've gotta go.
Bye, bye, bye.
How the bloody hell am I supposed to conduct delicate business negotiations with all this bloody hoo-ha? It's bad enough that Kevin bumped me to the backpackers' dorm without this.
I'm just trying to reduce the fire hazard.
Well, it's not good enough.
I'm moving out.
Where to? Everyone else is pissed because you lost their savings.
Yeah, well, you you watch 'em tripping over themselves to say thank you to me when their land values skyrocket.
Actually, not everyone hates your guts.
There's this new guy at the pub, Ben, who doesn't know anything about you.
You're smarter than you look, aren't you, kid? Jesus wept, are you lying dead on the floor in there? - What? - I want a room.
- What? - Am I talking Swahili? I want a private room -- accommodation.
Well, hey, I don't do accommodation.
Oh! You're gonna regret this, and that is not a threat -- that is a promise! - Bob? - Huh? Can I have a word? Ah yeah, sure.
What about? Where were you the night of the storm? I was in the pub.
You you saw me.
Yeah, no, before that, because you came in with a little bump on your head, and one shoe.
Oh, that? Nah, nah, nah, that was I was texting and I forgot to look up Oh! .
and I ran into a telegraph pole.
- Oh, no! - Yeah.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Or did you in fact sustain that injury in an attempt to climb onto a rusty drum and pull off the window grille at the rear of the station and steal $500,000? 500,000 bucks? What are you talking about? Oh, you know what I'm talking about.
And you know, if we find proof, you'll be back behind bars before you can say 'Ponzi scheme'.
You know, as a former shire president, I am appalled that our police chief should be wasting valuable, finite resources on .
on sheer bloody fishing Oh, fishing! .
when there are real crimes -- real crimes -- that are being committed right under her nose.
Yeah? Yeah? What are those real crimes, Bob? Ben Russo in there, he refused to give me a room.
No, he he did.
My in-laws used to own that pub, and I know my rights.
I I want him charged.
I want him charged with refusal to provide accommodation.
I'll get Lil to do the prep.
Mum, why aren't you picking up? I just want to check that Joe's OK.
Call me back.
Well, if it isn't Aquaman.
What have you been up to -- holding back the tides or just swimming to New Zealand and back? Is it just me or is the, uh, water kind of weird today? 'Sort of weird'? That's not a very scientific term for a marine biologist.
Marine scientist, actually.
It's always weird before a shimmery moon.
- A what now? - A shimmery moon.
It's a it's a Pearl Bay phenomenon.
All the tides get out of whack and the marine life get confused.
People reveal their inner truth.
Ah, you'll figure out the rest.
What's the scientific basis for that, then? Oh, no, there isn't one.
But you said yourself that the water was kind of weird.
Actually, I did see a hawksbill turtle out there, which is kind of odd.
They don't usually migrate to the cooler waters.
Probably global warming, though.
Once Kevin caught a nine-legged octopus on the shimmery moon.
And Bucket swears he saw a rainbow-coloured seahorse.
Hey, don't leave your scuba gear there.
That's where Darryl does his prawn shop.
Thank you.
- Hey! - Hey.
Driving past and, um, thought I'd say hi to Joe.
Is he? No, no, sorry, he's at home with Mum.
No, I just I just called in there.
Oh, she promised she was going to lay low.
- I was just trying to call her.
- Yeah, he's due for a feed.
- I shouldn't have left him.
- Oh, no, Anna, no, I'm sure he's OK.
- Don't worry.
- Should I put out an amber alert? - What? - Run! - OK.
- Run! Shirley Watts, you are charged with exhuming human remains without the appropriate permit.
How do you plead? If Pearl Bay Cemetery were a little bit more helpful I wouldn't have to dig up anyone.
Well, that's not a valid plea, Mrs Watts.
I only put Roxy on top of Reggie.
I didn't dig him up.
Roxy being your family dog? Reggie's dog.
Oh, moppet.
- Is he hungry? - He shouldn't be.
I gave him a bottle 20 minutes ago.
Your Honour? Please, I had to Hold the fort please, Mr Bell.
Um - Where's Joe? - Who? - Joe, my son! - Joe, my baby! Mum, why did you bring him to work? There, there.
Oh, sweetheart.
Come on, just give him to me.
You promised that you were going to keep him at home.
Well, I was, but the Justice Department called me out of the blue.
Why didn't you just call me? I would have taken him.
Because I didn't want you to think I'd broken my promise.
Because you had! - Do you want me to take him? - No, no, it's fine.
I'll take him till you finish work, Anna.
Wait! Miranda! Uh, all all stand.
I'd like to apologise for that brief intrusion.
But may I just take this opportunity to say how wonderful it is to be back in the Pearl Bay courtroom.
Miranda, hi.
How's Joe? Has he settled down? Oh, good.
Oh, that's good.
When are you dropping him off? Yeah, see you then.
Why should I babysit some other dude when I can barely dress myself? Could you not compromise, Mr Russo? Allow Mr Jelly to stay one or two nights until he can find alternative accommodation? Well, I've got no towels.
I've used all the sheets for painting.
Besides which, I am closed.
Your Honour, the Tropical Star is closed in name only.
Mr Russo is still providing beer by way of donation.
Look, I would pay to to get someone to take it away.
It's the hoppy handiwork of my ex-wife's master brewer with a man bun.
Constable, what's the relevant by-law here? Mr Russo is legally required to provide self-contained accommodation of at least three rooms as a part of his commercial hotel licence Mmm.
regardless of the quality of the guest.
But according to my records, Mr Russo's licence has lapsed.
Lapsed? Well, you're not permitted to supply beer, Mr Russo, without a licence -- by donation or otherwise.
So I'm afraid I have no option but to officially close the Tropical Star until you renew your licence.
How how much is the licence? $5,000.
Oh, this is priceless, and wonderful, and I thank you, Your Honour.
I couldn't have asked for a more cataclysmic stay in Pearl Bay.
Court is adjourned.
Uh, all stand.
So sorry, mate.
I didn't want this to happen.
I mean, Laura Gibson is a crazy woman, but the the cops had me over a barrel.
They were going to charge me with vagrancy.
- Vagrancy? - Vagrancy.
Well, that'll make two of us, won't it? Well, I'd better get you back to your mum.
- Shh.
- Oh, is he? I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was taking Joe to work.
I was stupid.
I was trying to protect your feelings.
Here's a novel idea.
Why don't you just try telling me the truth for once? I know I haven't been a perfect mother, alright? But do I really deserve this much resentment? Let's just let's just leave it.
No, that's my problem, you see? Leave what? I still don't understand what all this is about.
Do you remember the day that you left for London? Well, that was a huge decision, darling.
From my end, I'd had one marriage implode already and, you know, I couldn't have Stella coming from a broken family too.
She was a baby.
And you chose to stay behind.
Maybe I didn't want you to leave.
Maybe I wanted you to beg me to come with you.
Or decide that you couldn't possibly leave me after all.
When your taxi turned that corner, Dad had to practically carry me back inside.
Why didn't you say? I was 16, Mum.
I was a child.
Has it occurred to you that you're the reason that I don't want to be a mother -- especially not a single mother? But you do want to be a mother.
You ARE a mother.
I mean, you should have seen yourself today, like a lioness protecting her cub.
Joe belongs with you.
You are going to regret this for the rest of your life.
I have to get Joe back to Anna, where he belongs.
Yes, but the Tropical Star's been part of the town's fabric for the last 97 years and the new owners'll probably turn it into a day spa.
Well, I'm sorry, Mrs Jelly Miss.
I've had enough.
I can't get my hands on five grand.
Mr Russo, isn't this rather a drastic step? Yes, it is, but I've got no choice, Your Honour.
I'm broke.
I'm bloody penniless.
My ex-wife made sure of that, and the powers-that-be around here, well, they've they've forced my hand, haven't they? Well, I had no choice -- given the legalities.
I'm having a few of the locals around to raise a glass and farewell the Tropical Star.
And don't worry about that liquor licence, because it's a private party.
Oh, Laura, I know it's been such a difficult time for you.
Believe you me, I would go to pieces if Jules had done to me what Miranda's done to you.
But I wanted you to know, woman to woman, that I don't blame you for making a stupid decision to close the pub and force Ben to sell like the rest of the town do.
Thank you Heather.
- There you are.
- Sorry, Mum, I've gotta get going.
I've got to go check on my hooded plover hatchlings.
Listen, Miranda.
I'm sorry about what I said before.
And I'm really sorry for what I said about the baby.
You're not 16 anymore, and I promise I will fully support your decision.
Really? Really.
Thank you.
You missed the drinks.
Yeah, I didn't think I was invited after what happened in court.
Ah, it's red tape.
It's everywhere.
Bloody bureaucracy gone mad.
It's just a business.
I'll be right.
It's never just a business.
I'd know.
My wife's locked me out of ours, and the marital home, and I've got another major business deal that's in danger of going south.
- Well, that's not great.
- Tell me about it.
I tell you, if that deal falls through you can kiss goodbye to Pearl Bay's economic future.
I meant about your wife.
Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure.
Yep, of course.
Heather's been my rock till now.
Well, I I'm a lucky man.
I'm a lucky man, really.
We met each other in our first year at Pearl Bay High.
She's the only woman I've ever loved.
Yeah? You've never been tempted to stray? Well, it's like Paul Newman said, "Why go out for hamburger when you've got steak at home?" Not that I'm at home right now.
Maybe you could stay at the pub for just a little while.
Seriously? Just till the place is sold.
You'd really be helping me out.
Well, don't expect a cooked breakfast, clean towels, bloody foot massage.
When you say 'stay', do you mean inside .
or out on the verandah? I'll be sleeping under stars tonight Not sure exactly where I'll be Maybe underneath the pale moonlight Or maybe underneath that tree Black smoke Writing in the sky tonight Everything'll be alright If you let go Oh, you poor thing.
Human Gathered in the place tonight Everything'll be alright If you let go.
This is Radio Riley, all the way around the Bay with your lunar news update.
Bobby Books reckons he saw a hawksbill turtle hundreds of miles from home.
Hundreds of miles from home did that hawksbill turtle roam.
I tell you what, this shimmery moon is telling me to get a new tune.
Hey! What's going on? Findlay! Oh, no! I think this is the turtle that you saw.
We need something sharp to cut the net.
- Can you find a shell or something? - Uh-huh.
I'm not sure how much fight she's got left.
Come on, it's OK.
Shh, shh, it's OK, darling.
Shh, shh, shh.
Oh, Joe, Joe.
Shh, shh, shh.
Anna! Oh, Joe! I can't believe this but I completely forgot.
I've got a really important work function on tonight.
No babies allowed.
Oh, well, Miranda's out working too, but I can take him.
oh It's alright.
Miranda and I have made our peace.
And I'll keep him calm.
Oh, I hate passing him around like a parcel.
But thank you.
Hello, little one.
Oh, it's me, your nanna.
Ah, sorry, I think it might be best if you don't call yourself 'Nanna'.
Or 'Grandma', or anything like that.
It it's just that my mum's coming down from Queensland to live with us and, um, it might be a bit confusing for Joe.
- Yep.
- Yep.
Makes sense.
Ah Bye, little man.
I found some of her eggs hatched up in the dunes.
God knows how she managed that in such a tangle.
Animal instinct's a very powerful thing.
No-one judges a turtle for laying her eggs and leaving.
Well, I'm not.
I know I may not count 'cause I'm just a soulless minion to the evil empire that is Striplands.
It counts.
Thank you.
Shall we, ah? Let's try and lift her up a bit.
- Yeah.
- Turn.
This way, right? OK.
You know, your mother is absolutely right.
I failed her and she failed you and it's all my fault.
Sleepy little head.
Sad to say I'm on my way Won't be back for many a day My heart is down My head is turning around I had to leave a little boy In Kingston Town.
You've got a nice voice.
Oh! This was supposed to be a private performance.
Looks like it's done the trick.
Yeah, we just needed some sea air, didn't we, Joe? How about you? I'm trying to find my mojo.
Some seaweed sculpture, sandcastles.
But all I found was that weird shimmery moon.
You want a glass of wine? I got a glass.
I don't have five grand, but I've got some wine.
I wanna watch you I wanna stay here like this I wanna feel it all Every time that we kiss I want your mother To stay friends with mine I want this feeling I, um .
I thought you could do with some new shirts.
Um, you must never wear stripes and checks.
No, right, right, yeah.
I always forget that.
You can use the old washing machine in the garage, if you like.
The key's in the usual place.
Under the, uh swan.
But the swan's a lotus now.
Oh, righto.
Have a look at that, will you? Remember how we used to celebrate the shimmery moon? Yes.
Yeah, of course I do, Robert.
But I'm I'm completely focused on my career and my self-empowerment now.
And just everything's changed.
I don't believe you.
You tell me you don't love me anymore under this shimmery moon.
If it's true, say it.
Don't know how to keep loving you Now that I know you so well Don't know how to keep loving you.
You know, I was thinking about your shimmering moon and the Great Barrier Reef.
Oh, yeah, the coral spawning.
One night in November, like, hundreds of coral species just all seeding at the same time in the most amazing, like, plumes of orange and yellow and blue confetti.
- Have you seen it? - Yeah.
It's kind of like the whole ocean waking up at once, you know? Explain that with science.
Well, it's the water temperature and the length of the day and direct relation to the full moon, but .
you know that one moment of synchronised magic? No, I can't can't explain it.
Sorry, I don't know why I'm waxing poetic here.
It's the shimmery moon -- does that to people.
Get under? OK, ready? Right under.
Yep, on three, OK? The locals say the truth always reveals itself under a shimmery moon.
It's a nice thought, isn't it? That depends on which of the locals you're talking to.
Yeah, I've always tried to express my truth.
It's not always appreciated.
Yeah, or legal.
But you've got an excuse.
- You're an artist.
- Maybe.
Haven't sold anything in five years.
My ex, she used to say that my work had potential.
Just before we moved here and I failed to stick to the plan.
Which was? Step one -- come here, find some inspiration.
Step two -- create some masterpieces.
Step three -- sell some masterpieces and renovate the perfect gastro-pub.
What about the step with the wife running off with the brewer? That was my fault, apparently, because I failed at step one.
Jeez, I should have seen that coming.
Yeah, like I should have seen my first husband running off with my sister.
At least I'm not related to the brewer.
And my second marriage has just exploded in a gigantic ball of flames.
And I got sacked from a volunteer job in Africa.
Who gets sacked from a volunteer job? Yeah, that's impressive.
And you've probably already discovered what a dreadful mother I am.
Well, you seem to be a particularly amazing grandmother, though.
No, I'm not allowed to be that.
My daughter's giving her baby away.
Yeah, I heard.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- Hmm.
I don't understand it either.
His ears are burning.
Hello, little monkey.
What's up? Oh, I hope he's not hungry.
I'm nearly out of milk.
Don't look at me.
We're on the home stretch there, girl.
OK, safe travels, Myrtle.
You stay away from fishing nets and have a long and happy life, OK? Bye-bye.
Bye, Myrtle.
Good job.
Anna left him with me and I've run out of milk.
I can't get hold of her.
Come here, my sweet.
Let's see if I can do what nature intended.
You'll be fine.
Just guide him, he'll do the rest.
Ooh, wow.
OK, he's really hungry.
Yeah, babies are always hungry.
That feels really weird.
It's kind of it's kind of amazing.
Oh, he looks so lovely in the moonlight.
He's got your nose.
Do you think? Mm-hm.
See that little bit there? That bit that goes like that? It goes 'boop'.
Hello? Hey.
Oh, hi.
Oh, how's my little man? - He's fine.
- I tried to call.
Forgot to charge my phone.
I've been forgetting a lot of things lately.
My brain's just been hijacked by Joe.
Thanks so much for getting him settled.
Hello you.
Yes, Mummy's back.
Let's get you home, eh? Ohh, there we go.
Good boy.
Thanks, guys.
Hey, you OK? This is Radio Riley, all the way around the Bay.
I hope everyone made it through that shimmery moon last night.
Not like our poor old Tropical Star -- now her days are numbered.
Miranda? Yep? - Darling? - Yeah, come in.
Well, I don't know about you, but I haven't slept a wink all night.
How are we going to handle this? What? How are we going to handle what? No, Mum, I haven't changed my mind about Joe.
No, it it was just the shimmery moon.
It's it's finished now.
Lil, can you? Laura.
I'd like to pay Ben Russo's liquor licence, please.
You do? Yes.
I caused the problem.
I will solve it.
Yeah, oh, well, it'll certainly put you back in everyone's good books around here.
- That's not why I'm doing it.
- Oh, no, I didn't And for the record, I would like to remain anonymous.
Fair enough.
Laura, I'm sorry about last night, what I said about my mum.
I know you're finding this all very painful.
I think everyone's finding this painful.
Even Miranda.
Has she said something? Has she changed her mind? Not in so many words, no Knew it.
And, frankly, this is between me and her, and I'd appreciate it if you kept your speculation to yourself.
- Fine.
- Yeah.
But that doesn't change anything.
Radio Riley with a community update, folks.
The Tropical Star lives again, thanks to the generosity of our very own mystery benefactor.
Could I get a bit of shoosh, please? I'd just like to take a minute to thank you lot for supporting me and the Tropical Star, even when I didn't want you to.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
But there's one person who deserves a very, very special thanks.
And even though they tried to remain anonymous, I found them out.
Mr Bob Jelly.
Thank you very much.
Oh, yeah! You didn't have to say that, mate, you really didn't.
Look, uh, folks, I I I just want you to know how much Pearl Bay and each and every one of you -- how much you all mean to me.
- Hear, hear.
- Bob Jelly! - Well done, mate.
- Good on you, Bob.
No, it wasn't him.
It was Laura.
She did it.
She paid Ben's fee.
Now why would I do that? So everyone would stop hating you for closing down the pub.
Oh, good on ya, Laura! Congratulations.
Well done.
Never hated ya.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
But you could have just kept us open and saved yourself 5,000 bucks.
I've never been much good with money, so Um, excuse me, can I say something? Shoosh! Ah, I'd just like to announce a decision regarding certain black packages that you're all aware of.
- You mean the cash? - Thank you, Stone, yes.
If the owner fails to come forward then the packages will be returned to you, the community.
Alright! That's good! Exactly how is yet to be decided.
However, if somebody does come forward then the claimant will be thoroughly investigated, and if that money is found to be the proceeds of crime, then that person will feel the full force of the law.
Oh! Someone's been partying too long.
Aww, thank you.
Oh, he's tiny.
- I know, his wee eyes.
- Oh, he's adorable.
- Thank you so much.
- I know, yeah, yeah.
He is very cute.
Oh, thank you.
Thanks, Lil.
You think he looks like me? Really? Aww.
Oh, thank you so much.
This is Africa? Yes, Africa.
Oh, excuse me.
Zac! Mate, how are ya? I just wanted to, uh Thank you so much.
Really? Ohh! - Laura, stop! - You're a bloody magistrate! - Where are you going? - I don't know.
Anywhere without an extradition treaty.
But then what? I don't know.
Wouldn't it be awesome if you caught another nine-legged octopus? Yeah, I could catch the same one again.
How? Well, I put him back.
You put a nine-legged octopus back in the ocean? I counted his legs first.
Kev, that was a miracle octopus.
You could have been famous.
But I figured this way everybody's got an equal chance of catching a nine-legged octopus again, even me.
Nah, I don't think it works like that, mate.
Oh, bugger, there goes me moment of glory.
Don't wanna live in the city My friends tell me I'm changing The smell of salty air Is what I'm chasing Chasing, chasing You probably think I'm mad But it feels good to me 'Cause from now on I'll live as close as I can to the sea.