SeaChange (1998) s04e03 Episode Script

Paradise Reclaimed (3)

1 You took off for London before I even finished school.
You left Rupert and me for dead.
Max won that incredible job in London and Stella was still a baby.
I would rather not talk about Stella.
She is your sister! And she's improving! I'd rather put my effort into keeping you on the straight and narrow than reporting you to the parole authority.
But you do want to be a mother! You ARE a mother! This was not the deal.
I gave birth, that's all.
Joe is Anna's baby now.
Thank you.
- Bob.
- Huh? Where were you the night of the storm? Looking for that $500,000? Regarding certain black packages You mean the cash? If somebody does come forward, then the claimant will be thoroughly investigated, and that person will feel the full force of the law.
You've probably already discovered what a dreadful mother I am.
You seem to be a particularly amazing grandmother, though.
No, I'm not allowed to be that.
Let's see if I can do what nature intended.
Ooh, wow.
It's kind of amazing.
Yes, Mummy's back.
Let's get you home.
When we were young We had so much fun Father, mother, sister, brother -- love 'em or hate 'em, there's still no denying 'em.
Why won't you come home? They're with you at the beginning but will they be there at the end? Family, folks -- you can't live with 'em, you can't live with 'em.
Oh, hello! Still on holidays? It's my gap YEAR.
No place like home, eh? Maybe for you, Dorothy.
I never really had one.
Oh, well.
Your mum will be pleased.
Why won't you come home? - Morning! - Morning.
Isn't this fabulous? It's for baby Joe.
It will help boost his special awareness.
I didn't think you'd be in today.
County Court hearing.
Oh, that's today.
Yeah, and I wasn't too sure you'd still be doing the grandma thing after today.
You know, the hearing.
No, I don't know.
Um, well, look, I'm not across the arrangement you and Anna have sorted out, so it's really none of my business.
Could I see the list, please, Zac? Sure.
- Gibson -- Kazan.
- Yeah.
That'll be the parentage order that Miranda filed so that Anna can adopt Joe.
I mean, your grand The baby.
- Today? - Yeah.
That's happening today? Yeah.
What do you want? No! No, I've got nothing left to say to you.
No, OK? Well, if you want it that much you're gonna have to come get it.
My grandson is being officially adopted out today and I had to find out from my clerk! Sorry, Laura.
I didn't realise you weren't in the loop.
This is my decision.
It's not yours to make.
Well, will baby Joe's father be in court today?! I told you -- baby Joe's father is not in the picture.
But I take it Mystery Man is fully informed.
I shouldn't have to be part of this.
Mum? Stella! Darling, what on earth are you doing in Pearl Bay? Huggie? Aww.
Great, that's all we need.
What is it, sweetie? Josh broke up with me.
Aww, there, there.
He left me dangling literally at the end of a bungee rope.
- Rude.
- I know, right? Never trust a man who doesn't wear socks.
Really? So where's Josh now? With any luck his plane crashed on the way back to LA.
Oh, it's Anna's.
Oh, yeah, I saw she had a baby.
Kid lost out gene pool-wise there.
He'll grow into those ears.
What's wrong with his ears? No, it was more the enlarged forehead I was worried about.
That's his fontanelle.
Why do you care? Who's the dad? Don't go there, sweetheart.
Well, Anna did.
Or is it like a turkey baster job? How long did you say you were staying again? Stay as long as you like, sweetheart.
You settle in.
I'll get you a fresh towel.
"Stay as long as you like"? This is my house, remember.
- She's your sister.
- Half-sister! I haven't seen her for ages.
You nearly didn't see me for almost three years! You missed my 21st.
Yeah, well, I was there for most of the other ones.
No, come on, last time she stayed here it was an absolute disaster.
She makes a sloth look hyperactive.
I will find her something to do, alright? She cannot find out that I am Joe's birth mother.
Why not? The whole town knows that.
Because she is the most opinionated person on the planet, and just today .
today I don't need the third degree about the arrangement that Anna and I have made.
'Arrangement' -- well, that's one word for it.
Second-most opinionated person.
Ohh, ocean air is so good for you, isn't it? A bit like paid work, really.
See that man over there? That's Ben.
He runs the Tropical Star.
Let's see if we can get you a job, shall we? A job? Mum, I'm an emotional wreck.
I need wallow time.
What you need is to keep occupied, not sit around licking your wounds.
Oh, missed it.
Hurt my leg.
I didn't know you played beach volleyball.
- Neither did I.
- Ben, this is my daughter, Stella.
She's putting her hand up to work at the pub.
- No, I'm not.
- She's incredibly experienced.
- Not true.
- And she has a fantastic work ethic.
- All lies.
- Sounds promising.
I love her dearly, but I just need her out of the house.
- Oh, OK.
- I can't really pay her.
I can't really pay me.
Just take it out of the five grand you owe me, if you like.
Do I go to jail if I don't hire her? Something like that.
- Ben! - Great, OK.
Come to the pub, we'll talk.
OK, your serve.
My serve, sorry.
I've got to go.
- What am I supposed to do? - Go and play with your sister.
Get a suntan.
Oh, my god! Your boobs! They've, like, grown a size or three.
- You've had work done.
- As if I would have cosmetic surgery.
Oh, my No, no, I am not judging.
You look hot! Well, hotter than usual.
Speaking of hot No, we don't talk to him.
He's the enemy.
Well, with enemies like that who needs friends? Hey.
Come on.
Make my day.
What's the point in having a police presence if we never get to make an arrest? It would mean we're doing our job.
Not with Bob Jelly still walking the streets.
We've talked about this, haven't we? We haven't got enough to link him to the money.
We could put pressure on him, ask hard questions -- good cop, bad cop, old-fashioned police work.
Force him to reveal his connection to the washed-up loot.
I think he must have wind.
You little ripper.
Lights but no sirens.
I've almost got him down.
I'm going to stand I'm going to win I won't give up and I won't give in The higher I can climb The more this life is mine Step aside, world There ain't no stoppin' me.
Is there a reason you're driving down the wrong side of the road? Just a momentary loss of concentration, Officer, I can assure you.
I mean, that and your country's crazy road rules.
- Driver's licence.
- Yeah, nix to that.
My girlfriend has it.
Along with my passport and my favourite leather jacket too, if you really want to get into it.
Step out of the car, please, sir.
- Uh - Out! - Yep.
- Yeah.
Hands where I can see them.
- Sarge? - Yeah? He's got no driver's licence -- international or otherwise.
No passport.
And no socks.
- That's a crime in this country? - Should be.
- Hey.
- H-hey.
Remember me? I'm Stella's boyfriend, Josh.
Face rings a bell.
Cute kid.
What? I've got really bad reception.
What? Who's here? Your sister's boyfriend.
Guy you had really bad drunken sex with.
Joe's father! Come in! Water's yummy.
- Hey! - Hey.
I heard you were having a clean-out so I just thought I'd come and grab Uncle Angus's board.
Yeah, yeah, that looked special so I put it aside for you.
- Ah, yeah.
Help yourself.
- Ah.
Oh, that's Pearl Bay 150 years ago.
- No way! - Cool, huh? Wow.
I saw your flyer about today's meeting.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hoping to get as many people as possible.
I just want to let them know we're trying to restore Shelley's and Arthur's Beach to their former glory.
Well, hey, if you need bums on seats, just make sure there's plenty of calamari.
Calamari? Yeah, mate, trust me -- just call Smithy, eh? Oh.
Yeah, everyone loves his calamari.
People come from miles around.
- You surf? - Yeah.
I mean, I'm working up to it.
Hey, if you see Miranda, let her know about today's meeting.
OK, but I don't think she'll be able to make it.
Adoption hearing today.
- What are you doing here?! - I just need my passport.
I don't I'm not giving you your passport.
- Babe, please.
- You should've just deported him.
Well, if it was that simple I would have.
Oh, no, no, no.
Wait, we can't do this.
He has to know.
- What's going on here? - Shh.
- Where is it? - I don't know, I don't know! Is this some kind of sick joke or something? Where is it? Turns out Josh didn't make it back to LA after all.
- You're crazy.
- I have nowhere to go.
- I don't know anyone here.
- Do something.
- Like what? - She stole his passport.
That is theft.
It's deprivation of liberty.
Arrest her.
Just let her talk things through with him.
Quick sneaky Taser'd be faster.
That's a bit extreme, don't you think? - Babe, please.
- I said don't call me 'babe'! Stella! STELLA! I think my daughter needs a bit of space.
I think your daughter's a nutjob! She's holding my passport hostage, for God sake.
Who does that? Panda, can you talk to her? She's very stubborn.
I think you're probably going to need a new one.
Meanwhile, Sydney is very lovely this time of year.
You called her 'Panda'.
Next bus leaves in about half an hour.
And she let you.
Don't worry about your hire car.
- I'll take care of that.
- Yeah, better get a shuffle on.
When did you two meet? Uh, I came and visited Pearl Bay last year with Stella.
- Yeah, fleeting visit.
- When last year? June.
- Anna.
- Mmm.
Where is the nearest embassy to get a speedy passport replacement? - I'll make some calls.
- So nine months ago.
Josh, do you want to come with me? I'm going to the airport.
Would you excuse us, please? I just need a word with my other daughter -- in private.
Nine months.
Tell me I'm jumping to conclusions here, Miranda.
You slept with your sister's boyfriend? Bloody hell, Miranda! It's not an excuse, but I was incredibly drunk and I made a mistake.
A mistake is forgetting to put out the rubbish, or accidentally running over the cat! Nothing you say can actually make me feel more stupid than I already feel right now.
You have outdone Aunty Trudy.
Except that.
Hello? Parole check.
Hello? I just came to, uh .
give you my autograph.
Hellooooo? Come on, you bastard, click! Click! Thanks for helping.
Shovelling dirt gives me blisters.
It's just nice to get out of the courthouse, you know? Thank you for asking me to come along.
We reburied Shirley Watts's dog, Zac.
It's hardly a date.
Yeah, yeah.
Can I help you, Mr Jelly? Oh, I just came for my parole check, Constable.
Thank you.
Been keeping your nose clean? Cleaner than some.
I know what you've been up to.
You've been snooping around after that money, haven't you? What money? The money that washed up onto the beach in black plastic packages that you tried to steal the night of the storm.
Well, if that's what you're looking for, you're out of luck, Bob.
- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Quick question -- do these belong to the cemetery or here? They're ours, Zac.
Storeroom, thanks.
- Sure thing.
- Cemetery, eh? Nah Bit of a relocation job.
Nothing too interesting, just some standard digging.
Really? Yeah.
Well, see you round, Constable.
You can bank on it.
What happened there? I think we just laid a trap.
Yeah, cool.
Well, you can't push this parentage order now.
Josh has rights too.
You really think he's father material? What sort of man has sex with his girlfriend's sister? I don't want Anna and the baby drawn into this.
Joe needs a clean start.
Then what do you propose I do? Send Stella to her dad.
In prison? I don't know! Extend her gap year.
Nepal's looking good this time of year.
Annapurna circuit -- long way around.
This is your baby sister we're talking about.
I am not going to buy her off just because of the pickle you've found yourself in.
I have a meeting to get to.
Besides, I've just landed her a job at the pub.
Un-land it.
Oh, sorry, we're closed.
You may have noticed a 'sorry we're closed sign' on the door you just barged through.
Oh, I'm not after a drink, I just was hoping to head something off at the pass.
Listen, I gave Stella that job, by the way.
- Oh, god.
- You wanted me to hire her.
Yes, but I don't actually think it's such a good idea after all.
If she comes in, would you please tell her you've changed your mind? You want me to sack her? In a word, yes.
Benny? (Hi.
) Back in a second, darling.
She's really pretty.
And young.
Too young for me -- is that what you're saying? No, I didn't Listen, I think that I am big enough and ugly enough to look after myself, thank you very much.
Well, you're not that big.
And you're not that ugly either.
- Thank you, Your Honour.
- I'd better go.
So you'll fire Stella? She'll have me for wrongful dismissal.
It's just as well I'm friendly with the local magistrate, then, isn't it? Mmm.
Yeah, so this beach here known as Arthur's was a really popular picnic spot with the locals.
You free later tonight? Yeah.
I mean, like, I'll check my schedule and things like that.
- But, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm free.
- OK.
Then in the '50s and '60s a series of groins were actually constructed in order to mitigate the damages of coastal erosion.
As some of you may be aware, it actually had the reverse effect and the result was truly devastating on the natural environment.
So this is the same location here today.
Now, what Striplands is wanting to do is to establish a regeneration works, to bring back that natural ecosystem that was in place before the development.
How are you going to do that, then? Oh, hey.
Yep, good question.
Thanks for asking.
Well, it's a multiphase approach, the first of which is to remove those groins and then actually deposit tonnes of reclaimed sand in order to restore those lost beaches and the coastal dunes.
So more bulldozers, then? Well, yes, sometimes mother nature needs a helping hand.
See, that's my favourite tailor spot, that rock wall there.
Whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're not removing any fish.
We're not removing fish.
No fish will be removed.
He's saying everything's our fault.
Or our parents' and grandparents' fault.
Or our groins, apparently.
Well, thank you all for coming.
Mum, do we have any pawpaw ointment? Ah, there should be some there.
Second shelf on the left, I think.
Pregnancy vitamins? They're mine.
I'm quite low on folate.
You're acting really weird.
OK, my clothes are three days past a wash, so I don't think Miranda would like you going through her things.
I was thinking I would borrow a T-shirt.
A maternity bra? - Yours too, I suppose.
- Actually, yes.
Online shopping stuff-up.
Thought I'd keep it for Miranda in case she needs it down the track.
Or you.
Miranda's acting really weird too, so what's going on? This is Pearl Bay, darling.
Nothing goes on here.
Unlike Nepal.
Now, there's a place that fires the imagination.
I was thinking I might actually have enough points on my cards to send you.
Why do you want to get rid of me? Darling, don't be silly.
Of course I don't want to get rid of you, I just Is it Miranda, then? Because you're both acting really strange.
No, no, no, I'm just thinking of some sort of last gap year hurrah -- you know, conquer that mountain Every time I get in the way you just try to send me off somewhere.
At least it's always somewhere spectacular! Far out! - Hey, Arnold.
- Hey, Miranda.
- How's it going? - Not too bad.
- Thanks for that.
- Sure.
Babe, I really need my passport.
Yeah, I've got your bloody passport, OK? Just follow that bike! Yes! - Hey, Sarge.
- Hey.
- Where's your helmet? - Don't know.
Joe, we've got some milk! Ta-da.
- Catch ya! - Catch ya.
That's Miranda's baby.
- Helmet next time.
- What are you talking about? My sister got herself up the duff and she's keeping it a big fat secret from me.
You know, she has always hated me just because I'm, like, the precious baby of the family.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
What's 'no, no, no', Josh? Who's the dad? We don't know who he is.
He's got, like, a big Why do you care? Um Uh Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Argh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Relax, relax, relax.
We'll talk about this, OK? Oh, my god! Argh! Come on, babe, you don't even drive.
Come on, Stel! Hey! Hey! Stella, don't! Baby?! Did you know about Miranda and Josh? - Know what? - Did you know? Where are you at the moment? Hey, who said you could move my car? I did.
And it wasn't easy, so, uh you're welcome.
You are so arrogant.
Really? Whole town saw through your little PR schmooze today.
I thought the meeting went well.
They ate all the food.
Put the car back when you've finished.
You slept with my boyfriend and had his baby?! How completely messed up are you? Girls, please, let's try and keep our heads.
We don't want to do anything we might regret.
Anything else.
No, stay out of this, Mum.
This is between me and my lying, cheating sister.
But none of this is Miranda's fault.
It's not? It's not? Oh, yeah, go on, defend your firstborn.
No, no, no, it's completely out of her control.
It's a genetic trait.
A bad gene line running through the family -- on your father's side.
The point is, Miranda's full of remorse about what she did.
Aren't you, darling? I am.
Really, it's the truth.
See? We can survive this.
We're family.
That's what we do.
We struggle on because we're all we have.
Come on, group huggie.
Are you kidding?! No! Go to hell, both of you! Actually, hell is right here right now so just stay where you are.
Seatbelt! Stella, it's me.
I'm just calling to see how you are.
I know you can't be bought, but the universe works in mysterious ways, darling, and there'll be an upside to this.
I'm just not sure exactly what it is right at the moment, but there'll be one.
Call me.
Miranda, a quick word, please.
Mum, if this is about Stella, now is hardly the time.
I've got enough on my plate.
If you decide to change your mind you won't have to do this on your own.
Hey, we should get going.
Gavin Taylor's not the kind of judge who likes to be kept waiting, you know? - Gavin Taylor? - I'm right behind you.
Please don't come in.
All stand.
Judge Gavin Taylor of the County Court presiding.
Hello, Pearl Bay, and a very good afternoon to you all.
And good afternoon to you too, Your Honour.
Laura Gibson, local magistrate.
It's been a long time.
You may remember me as Laura Dawson.
University orientation week -- full moon midnight skinny.
You were my tutor.
Those were the days, huh? Ah.
Now, what's up first? We have Ms Kazan and Ms Gibson.
Oh, yes, the parentage order.
I've read this file.
So which one of you is the birth mother? - I am, Your Honour.
- My daughter.
That would make the child My grandson, correct.
Crazy, huh? And Ms Kazan, you are to be the adoptive parent? And I can't wait.
I understand you've both undertaken the requisite counselling.
- Yes.
- We have.
And can you confirm to the court that you are giving up this child for altruistic adoption, willingly and for no financial gain? I am.
Well, your application seems to be in order.
- I see no reason not to - I see a reason.
I mean, no disrespect, Your Honour.
Sorry, Laura, is there a problem? Well, yes.
You see, I wasn't informed of today's proceedings until this morning and so I haven't had the opportunity to make a proper application for custody of my grandson.
So you're also seeking custody? Yes.
What do you say to this? I don't think it would be appropriate for the court to hear what I think.
I can have the requisite papers in order, Your Honour, first thing tomorrow -- I promise.
You're joking! You want to play grandmother full-time, do you? I just don't want to see you do something you might regret.
In light of this current development I believe it best to adjourn this matter pending referral of the case to the Family Court to determine the best outcome for the child.
All stand.
Mum doesn't want custody, she's just clutching at straws.
I'll sort it.
So you do still want to go ahead? Of course.
Hey, are there any other jobs that I can help you with while I'm here? Nope.
I should get him down.
Hey, I was wondering, how would you feel if we maybe got Joe onto formula sooner rather than later? Oh.
We talked about keeping him on breast milk for his first six weeks.
Yeah, no, I know, it's just the breast pumping isn't really that much fun and with all the to-ing and fro-ing Yeah.
Should we go back to doing the direct feed thing? Oh, no, I don't think so.
No, that's fine.
No pressure.
Be good.
Bye, little man.
Miles and miles of beach, and you show up.
Why do you show up here? Scientific curiosity -- we have a large mammal burying itself in the sand.
My dad used to bury us when we were kids.
I love it.
All that cool sand squeezing you tight.
In the wild it's usually if you're trying to escape a predator.
Or a sign of distress.
I've just got.
I've got sand in my eye.
You know, there's loads of examples of animals that adopt.
Seals, for example -- very open to it.
Yeah, because their mothers have been eaten by orcas.
Really? Is that actually your attempt at empathy? No good? I don't even want to be a mother.
I would make the worst mother.
Why? Because you slept with your sister's boyfriend.
Great, is there anything that you don't know about me? Well, not much.
I mean, I was your obstetrician after all.
You made a mistake.
You know, people do that.
It's not always a terminal condition.
Although in your case it's Come on, let me give you a lift home.
No, I'm going to wait for the tide to wash me away.
Then you're going to be waiting a while.
It's still on the way out.
Come on.
How did you even get in? Whoa.
I know Miranda hates me for interfering but she will thank me one day.
I hope.
What, no witty publican banter today? You get that on your second glass.
That yours? I'm not answering that.
Trouble in paradise? You could say that.
She's very keen.
She has four kids.
Brave man.
I didn't know until her exes rocked up and started dropping them off one by one.
Yes, I think that's called 'turnover week'.
I had to play putt-putt golf at Port Deacon yesterday.
The youngest, Jaan, started calling me 'daddy'.
I've got to go to Wet'n'Wild tomorrow.
Shit! That's her van! Oh, my God, what am I going to do? You've got to help me.
Oh, come on.
Just be honest with her.
Tell her you're not interested in long-term and that you are in fact a cad who preys on defenceless single mothers for quickie one-night stands.
Yes, yes, I've told her that, and she said I was sweet! Oh.
- Benny! - You've gotta help me.
My God, she's here.
You've gotta help me.
I'm done for.
- OK, alright.
Come here.
- What? Come closer.
Closer, closer.
Argh! Jerk! Crisis averted, then.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Might, uh Gonna clean up.
I know it's too late but I really regret what happened.
Too late? That's an understatement.
Stella, I can't turn back time.
Can you just stop talking? I'm not interested in anything you have to say.
You're dead to me.
Oh, I'm so glad you girls are patching things up.
So you reckon the cops were digging up the topsoil? Bloody oath they were.
And we can just bowl up and help ourselves? Of course we can, Kevin, course we can.
The whole world is turning green.
Even our local constabulary.
And this topsoil, fertiliser, it's going to do wonders for Heather's veggie patch.
Now see if you can see any recently disturbed soil.
Oh X marks the spot.
What does that mean? Dig here.
- What? - Dig here.
This is it.
Bob, it's somebody's grave.
Yeah, it's Reg's grave.
He won't mind.
- Actually, it's pretty good soil.
- Very good.
It's got blood and bone.
Ready, ready? Go.
One, two, three, go.
Go, go.
Well, well, what have we here? Two dead men walking.
You're starting to get the hang of this.
Excuse me, but Bob said it's alright and I know you've been doing it too.
What have I been doing, Kev? Digging up the topsoil, the fertiliser.
It's for Heather's veggie patch.
You head on home, Kev.
You know what? I'm gonna head on home.
Find your buried treasure, then, did you? Just paying my respects to Reg.
Dust to dust, old mate.
Have you forgiven me? You OK? Yep.
I'm going to miss him, Mum.
You're his mother.
It's not too late to change your mind.
But I can't do that to Anna.
She wants him so badly, and she will make a beautiful mother.
She can cook and she can knit.
Those are not the prerequisites for being a mother, Panda.
I know.
I can't do it, Mum.
You don't have to.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We need to have a talk.
Yeah, we do.
I had to use the recording of your voice to settle him down.
It looks like it's done the job.
Yeah, about the only thing that does.
- Anna - No, uh I have bagged up all his clothes.
And his toys.
There's about a week's worth of nappies here but he goes through them so quickly.
There's a second bassinet at the cop shop with your name on it if you want it.
And I finally finished these damn booties.
Don't look too closely.
They're perfect.
It seemed like such a good solution.
I know how much you always wanted to be a mother, and I know how badly you wanted him.
He's not mine.
Miranda, he's yours.
And he always was.
I'm so sorry, Anna.
Stella, I wish you didn't have to go.
Well, I can't exactly stay.
This is awkward.
My sister and my boyfriend's son.
I couldn't give him up.
I'm so, so sorry.
I know it doesn't make any difference but I was very, very drunk and I can barely remember the sex.
I was with Josh for a year and I can barely remember the sex.
Why do you think I left him dangling off a rope in Tassie? Um Can I? OK.
You stink.
He needs a nappy change.
Well, don't look at me.
This is totally out of order.
I demand to see a lawyer.
This what you were looking for at the cemetery, Mr Jelly? Don't know what you're talking about.
- Who belongs to the money, Bob? - Listen, I know my rights.
You either charge me or you have to let me go.
I can smell your guilt.
I might not have direct evidence that links you to the cash -- yet .
but I'm watching you.
Let's warm up those little tootsies.
You're stuck with me now, little one.
Between you and me, I have absolutely no idea how to do this.
But it didn't stop my crazy mother.
I can't cook and I definitely can't knit .
but we'll work it out together, you and me, hey? I'll try my very best.
I promise.
OK? Expecting two But ready for three I just stood up And I mean it I have better than that Apparently there's a massive spill of whitebait out there.
Must be kind of cool, eh, just swimming together, mucking around in a big gang like that, you know? Till the salmon start tearing into you.
And the sharks eat the salmon.
Turns into a fish massacre.
So you going in? Forgotten my wax.
Better go, uh Yeah.
Don't wanna live in the city My friends tell me I'm changing The smell of salty air Is what I'm chasing Chasing, chasing You probably think I'm mad But it feels good to me 'Cause from now on I'll live as close as I can to the sea.