SeaChange (1998) s04e04 Episode Script

Paradise Reclaimed (4)

1 And it's Radio Riley all the way around the Bay.
If you woke up this morning needing to mend a bridge, give it a go.
You may be surprised who walks back over it.
Family breakfast! Stella! Miranda! Where are you? Down! Hello? - You've locked the door? - Yeah.
Anna? I know you're in there.
Come on, we need to talk.
You can't keep hiding from that baby.
No, I'm catching up on paperwork.
Semifinals of the pool comp are coming up and maybe we need to practice? Maybe a drink? - Let her in.
- No! I'm not giving up on you, my friend.
You missed a fabulous breakfast.
How long do you think she'll stay now that she hates me? Stella doesn't hate you.
And I hope she stays long enough for us to resolve our differences as a family.
Mum, we're never going to be the Brady Bunch.
- Ah, good morning.
- Morning.
I love a good jumble sale.
Especially for a good cause.
Archie too busy plundering our mineral wealth? I grew up on that beach that Striplands' trucks are now digging up.
Isn't it lucky that I'm here to restore it to its former glory then? Shelley Beach.
Isn't that the place you to took happy snaps of me when I was a baby? Mm-hm.
It's where we had all day picnics and we built sandcastles and Miranda learned to snorkel.
And now it's covered in trucks.
Good job saving paradise.
While you're living in your sister's house for free, - could you please try to get along? - Mum, I'm only here because I have nowhere else to go.
Pearl Bay is barely on the map.
Come on.
I mean, Pearl Bay wasn't that famous for anything - but Bucket was.
- Who's Bucket? He was famous for discovering the rainbow seahorse.
This is all his stuff.
May you rest in peace.
Everyone reckoned they didn't exist like the Tasmanian tiger, but Bucket swore he saw them.
Where? Right here in Pearl Bay, and the seahorse legend was born.
The rainbow seahorse? Excuse me, I'm looking for a place called The Pearl.
I cannot for the life of me find it on the map.
No, I don't think I've heard of that.
Have we met before? I doubt it.
Are you in construction? Well, I did build a toilet block in Africa.
- You? - Well, I've got a stake in a luxury development somewhere on the waterfront.
Sorry, I've been away.
I don't think I can help you.
- OK, well, have a nice day.
- You too.
See ya.
Thank you.
That is magnificent, Kevin.
- Alright.
10 bucks.
- Hey? - Two.
- Discount? Yes, can I help you? Hello, Robert.
Oh, hi, darl'.
I, um, I had a call just now from an old friend of yours.
- Oh, yeah? - Yes.
He said how close you'd gotten in prison, and, um, that would explain so much.
A name, darl'? Can you give me a name? - Uh Scissors, paper, ro - Rocco! Yes.
He said he had an early release for good behaviour.
- When did you tell him this? - Just before.
He's in town now.
Rocco? Yeah, let me know.
Morning, Constable.
It's some very sloppy parking.
I'm just running a reggo.
I like to keep an eye on any strangers in town.
Or I could just tell you that he checked into my hotel this morning as a Mr Rocco Bellini.
- Bellini? Two Ls? - Yeah.
- What else can you tell me? - I haven't interrogated him yet but I think he's after a cooked breakfast.
And Laura Gibson said he looked familiar - when she came in for a coffee.
- Familiar? - Mm.
- In what way? Familiar in that you should ask her yourself.
- Wait, isn't that Bucket's stool? - Allegedly.
You know you're inviting bad luck if you get rid of it.
Look, you stick to policing tourists.
Let me worry about my decor.
This is Pearl Bay.
The magical town where I was born.
This is the town my sister Miranda has been trying to defend for years.
The place where the famous Bucket Jones found his legendary rainbow seahorse.
So it's up to me now.
It's the reason fate brought me home, to do what my sister couldn't.
To stop the sand mining and to save paradise.
Ah! Ah! Ah! - Rocco! - Robbie! I've been looking for you everywhere.
Oh! What a surprise! I thought you weren't due for release for at least a year.
Yeah, good behaviour.
You know, sort of come to have a look - and see how the investment's going.
- Ah.
The boys are keen for some good news.
Let's go for a guided tour, yeah? Yeah, yeah, sure, you will not be disappointed.
- The view, the view is to die for.
- So what are we waiting for? - Let's go.
- I'd love to, Rocco, but not at this very moment.
I've got an appointment, I've got a dental appointment.
You wouldn't believe the amount of pain.
It's off the Richter Scale, mate.
I tell you what, give me an hour and I'll meet ya back Is that the time? Got to go! Morning! Just passing.
I know why you're here, and we're fine.
Although I'm not sure Anna is.
It's a lot to process.
She just needs time.
- Posters look good.
- Another desperate attempt.
I know we're not talking at the moment but I really think you should see this.
OK, I'll send it.
- Go on, look.
- Yeah, OK, yeah.
"This is the town my sister Miranda" Oh, fast forward a bit.
- It's a rainbow coloured seahorse! - What? It can't be.
Well, you tell me what it is then.
- It's amazing.
- Wicked.
Yeah, I wasn't even looking for it and bam! Just came out of nowhere.
All that stuff Bucket was saying must've been true.
Are you trying to do my head in? I don't care about your head, this is my thing.
OK, the only people who claim to have seen the rainbow seahorse are you and Pearl Bay's biggest fruit loop, - who is now conveniently dead.
- Miranda! I'm so glad I don't see the world through your eyes.
Anyway, I'm late for my meeting with Findlay Knox - who wants to discuss my footage.
- Why? Maybe because he's interested.
Maybe because he's a marine biologist.
Panda, this could be a good thing.
Mum, it's Stella.
It's never good.
I'll give you the guided tour.
What brings you to Pearl Bay? Oh, Rob and I go way back.
We're working on a little project at the moment, a luxury waterfront development.
Is that in the planning stages? It's at the stage where it should be complete.
10 apartments.
He kept that close to his chest.
Is it up the coast a bit? No, it's meant to be somewhere around here, I don't know.
It's got like a big Like that.
- Big road like that up the front.
- Really? Yeah.
Actually, that's Bob's place there.
You can wait for him if you like.
- Bob lives here? - Yeah.
We might have to move him around a bit during the school holidays but yeah.
Where did you see this again? You know that rocky area near where the old marine rescue jetty is? Yeah.
It wasn't very deep though.
It doesn't need to be with a seahorse.
So, what do you think the chances are of us finding it again? - It depends - Can I have a word with you, please? - You.
- Yeah, sure.
I surveyed this whole area in 2014 and again last year from the southern border of the national Park, right through to Shelley Beach and I documented every species that exists here from protected to endangered and pests.
I can show you the files.
I'm not doubting that you didn't do your job correctly, I'm just saying are you aware that the rainbow seahorse has been sighted before? By who, other than Bucket and my crazy sister? Well, it was off the coast of South Africa, there was no photograph but perhaps Bucket read about it.
And with climate change, nothing is out of the question.
Rare species are showing up in all kinds of places we don't expect them.
So you're saying that you think it's real.
I'm saying it's not out of the question.
Crazy weather after the waterspouts here, with these king tides and the river started running backwards and then the architect, the bloody architect cost us a fortune! And there was the damn council, you wouldn't believe the hoops we had to jump through.
- Bobby! - Rocco.
You stood me up.
Bit of a hitch at the dentist, eh? Yeah, root canal.
I had a double root canal.
Have you been ignoring my calls? No, no, no, Rocco.
There's this blackspot here in Pearl Bay.
It's shocking reception.
I really think that you've been telling me porkies, Bobby.
About a lot of things.
Let's take a walk.
Lies, cheats.
They get my goat, know what I'm saying? Oh, I hear you.
I don't know why you've done this to me, Bobby.
I can explain.
Keep moving.
Rocco, mate, everything is under control, I promise.
Eyes front.
Come on, Bobby.
Don't be shy.
Oh Love the water, don't you, Bob? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Nothing like it.
Being nude just gives you this certain type of freedom.
Freedom, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So you don't own the land that you said you owned.
No, no, no, but we're close, we're so close to a deal.
You wouldn't believe - how close we are.
- So what's taking so long? Kevin, he drives a hard bargain.
He might look like a dill but he's ruthless, but I've almost got him.
I'm going to give you until tomorrow lunchtime - to have that contract signed, OK? - Perfect, perfect.
And what about the money? The boys and I need to know that it's safe.
Safe as houses, it's in a rollover fund.
- Phenomenal interest.
- So we're sweet.
We're as good as ever, still living the same dream.
I put a lot of faith in this, in us.
What kept me going on the inside.
- You won't let me down, will you? - Never, never.
Good boy.
- Ben, Shelley Beach? - Please, be my guest.
Thank you.
What have you done with Bucket's stool? - Um I shifted it.
- Well, where did you put it? As far away from this hotel as possible.
The last time that chair we shifted, the whole roof caved in.
Man, you're in for some serious bad karma.
As opposed to the last six months of my life.
Well, there goes your business.
I mean, who are you? The tooth fairy? I don't know about you guys but I'm out of here.
- Oi! That's jaywalking.
- Huh? Step over here, sir.
Uh What? I'm doing my best here for the both of us.
The more people I arrest, the more days you get in court.
Can't you do something useful instead of going to the beach? - Like what? - I'll deputise you.
- Yeah? - Mm-hm.
Yeah! That sounds cool.
- What do I have to do? - Be alert.
Look for suspicious behaviour, anomalies.
OK, anomalies.
Like the fact that Rocco Bellini registered his car under an alias.
- Who? - Why would he do that? I don't know.
Hi, Judge.
Yes, Lillian? I've got a guy who just arrived in town, Ben Russo said you might know him, Rocco Bellini.
Yes, he did look familiar.
But no, I'm sorry, that name doesn't ring a bell.
He also goes by the name of Rocco Angioli.
May be an old client, or he's been through the court? I can't divulge that kind of information, you know that.
But for what it's worth, he did mention he was in construction.
Hey, Lil.
Do you mean like .
suspicious as in Arnold stealing Marge's scooter? Is that suspicious? Sorry, judge, got to go.
Wh Where is everyone? Maybe you should put Bucket's stool back.
But why would I do that? I mean, I hate that chair.
Well, you won't have any customers if you don't, that's why.
Thank you for the good advice, Henny Penny.
Henny who? It's a fairytale, she was a catastrophist .
and a chicken.
You should look it up.
People in this town are very, very traditional.
You can't help yourself, can you, with the interfering? Interfering? Me? You're like a control freak who can't make up her mind, like a high-end yo-yo.
You take away my liquor license then you give it back, then you want me to hire your daughter, and then you want me to fire her, then hire her again.
Yeah, but she would She said She has not turned up to one single shift, then you want to tell me all about the kooky whimsy of this magical town.
Get rid of Bucket's stool.
But don't say I didn't warn you.
W Oh! Come on.
Righto, step away from the scooter.
Hands where I can see them.
Sorry to interrupt your baby blues, Sarge, but Arnold's at it again, stolen Marge's scooter.
You'll have to take care of it, Lil, I'm swamped here.
- You sure that's what you want? - Did you hear me? I said Arnold.
Yep, he's all yours.
- Is Anna angry with me or something? - Of course she is.
You'd steal anything that's not nailed down.
Only things that move.
Like, I wouldn't steal a couch.
Arnold, you know I have to charge you this time.
- What about my milkshake? - Sorry.
Anna always buys me a banana milkshake when she arrests me.
- Then she gives me a lecture.
- You want a lecture? Stop stealing people's stuff! I'm still taking you to court.
Come on.
You know, it was a female in case you're looking.
Sorry, what now? The seahorse from the footage.
No brood pouch.
Therefore female.
She could be miles from here by now.
While poor hubby is left at home preggers.
- They've got it sorted.
- Yeah.
But I wasn't looking.
No, no, of course not.
Me neither.
So that's why you're equipped to test the water temperature and check the currents and see if the conditions might be right for a rainbow coloured seahorse? Yeah, it's I like swimming with my equipment, I guess.
It's a weird insecurity I've got.
So I sell you my caravan park for nothing, and then later you give me double its real value back? That's the beauty of venture capital, Kevin.
You invest 10 and I spin it into gold.
But I'm just the intermediary.
You'll be selling to a trust that I have nothing to do with.
The trust called Jelly Enterprises? Kevin, this is the golden opportunity of a lifetime, a very small window, and that window will disappear unless you take decisive action.
You're giving me a lot to take in, Bob.
I'm gonna have to have a think about it.
Fine, fine.
OK, you have a think about it and then sign.
You've got until tomorrow lunchtime.
It looks like Anna's not coming.
Don't feel too bad.
The whole town stood me up.
Now I'm just waiting for the sky to fall in.
Seems you may be a bigger pariah than I am, huh? How wonderful.
Have you seen this? Your sister's seahorse video went viral.
Look at the comments.
They're all anti-mining.
I prefer to look at it as pro-seahorse.
But if this public interest keeps up and there's even a slight possibility of a rainbow seahorse population then I might have to speak to Striplands and get them to suspend operations and you might get your miracle.
Unless you'd rather drown because I'm the one throwing you a lifeline.
Mum, what are you doing with that disgusting chair? Thought it'd go nicely with your disgusting seahorse lamp.
Which doesn't work, by the way.
No, I'm just going to hang onto it until Ben Russo comes to his senses and decides he needs it back.
- Oh! - Oh! Robert! Darl', Darl'.
I'm glad I bumped into you.
Listen, I need a favour.
What kind of a favour? I got a lunch date and I want to look sharp.
I need my good sports jacket.
A lunch date with your new friend? Oh no, he's more like my new partner.
He's not the kind of guy I'd normally choose obviously but when you're inside, well, you have to make the best of things.
So what about the jacket? Alright, of course I'll bring the jacket.
Good on you, darl', you're one in a million.
Next up, we have Arnold Buttersworth.
Constable Liana.
Arnold was arrested and charged with theft of a mobility device and the use of a mobility device on a public footpath by a person able to walk without difficulty.
Thank you, Constable.
- How do you plead, Arnold? - Yeah, I did it.
- Can I ask a question? - That's a guilty plea.
- Yep.
- Yes, go ahead.
Is Anna not here because of that baby she adopted? Is she even still a cop? - The adoption didn't work out, Arnold.
- She sent it back? Not exactly.
I think we might take this discussion to my office.
- And can you please call Anna? - Yep.
Well, you've heard how Arnold's current foster family feel.
Sergeant Kazan, do you have any other solutions? Not really.
I'll go ring the social worker.
- Why are you wearing slippers? - Arnold.
Can't I just come back to your place again? I'm really busy.
Sorry, Arnold.
Well, since you really do know the drill, Arnold, why don't you just tell me how you'd like this to play out? I'd like it to play out like that other time my foster family didn't want me back, so we went to Anna's place and we watched some telly and ordered pizza with pineapple and anchovies and I stayed the night on her couch.
I don't even mind if we skip the pizza.
I know you certainly don't owe me any favours but thank you for helping the cause.
The favour part was an accident.
You've got your job and your baby, and everything you do you do to save the planet.
And you've got this really hot guy who really likes you but you treat him like crap.
Yeah, because he wants to exploit our natural resources.
I just needed something good to happen to me.
I get it.
I'm home.
Mail for you, Stell.
Looks important.
Nature Stock? That's video footage.
Wait, no, no, no, give it back.
Give it back.
Give it back! - Get off, get off.
- Stop it! Hippocampus.
Hippocampus, that is seahorse.
- You doctored the footage? - Everything alright? Stay out of it, mum! What is this, Stell? You bought the footage.
Is it payback? - I've got to tell Findlay.
- What, no! Wait, wait.
I did not say it was real.
OK? It's not my fault that Findlay and everyone else made such a big deal out of it.
Stella, I will never understand you.
Likewise but it doesn't mean you have to tell him.
Look, Findlay wants to believe it's true.
Everybody does.
Now, what's more important? Exposing me or saving Shelley Beach? Sometimes you've got to play hard to get what you want.
You might even get the guy.
It's a precaution more than anything else.
If this turns out to be a genus that the scientific community thought was extinct, and we have been sand mining anywhere near that, the Striplands name is complete mud.
No, no, I think that's going to be too late.
You need to let me know by this afternoon.
Yep, bye.
I don't think they're taking this seriously.
I think I've got to do this.
- Do what? - Hit the big red button.
You mean stop the trucks? Yeah.
Well, don't expect me to object.
That's all I've ever wanted.
Darl', you are a lifesaver.
Yes, well, I had two choices, Robert, to turn my back on you forever or try to support you through this difficult transition you're going through and get to know the people who matter to you most.
Move your sausages, Robert.
So, I have invited myself to lunch.
Heather, sweetheart, you have gone over and above.
Over and above.
Yes, I know.
Here he is.
Here he is, here he is.
Come in.
Banana smoothie, Judge, your favourite.
Thank you, Constable.
And why do I deserve this little treat? Because bananas are good for your memory.
So they might help you remember why all roads lead to you in regards to one Mr Rocco Angioli.
And how do you figure that? I did my research.
Angio Constructions was represented by one of the partners of your old law firm.
He wasn't here to see you, was he? That's preposterous.
And even if he was, I wouldn't tell you.
Angio Constructions -- fraud, money-laundering, bankruptcy.
The CEO faced charges of malicious damage, grievous bodily harm and ended up in Sefton Jail.
You can't tell me anything else? Sorry.
Lillian? Yes? Didn't one of our locals spend some time in Sefton Prison? I can't remember.
Bob Jelly.
It's true.
Banana works.
Delicious lunch, stunning setting, hosted by a beautiful woman.
You're definitely punching above your weight, Bobby.
Thank you.
Although you may find he needs a little bit of extra looking after, particularly in the wardrobe area.
So, I'm hoping this celebration is a preamble to our good news.
Definitely, definitely.
- What good news is that? - To us and our glorious future.
You and me, Bobby.
Sorry, I thought this would be a lot easier but it's quite hard, isn't it? I, um, I just need a bit of a walk.
I'm fine.
She has trouble adjusting since I got out of prison.
Look, man of the moment.
- Kevin! - I thought about the contact, Bob.
The answer is no.
I've twiddled my thumbs long enough.
Rocco, Rocco, where are you going? To have a chat with Kevin, mano a mano.
I'm gonna take him fishing.
Deep sea fishing, actually.
Oh, no, no.
Don't do that.
Unless you want to go fishing instead, Bob? Um Oh my god.
Oh, Robert.
I don't know what came over me.
Oh my god.
And interrupting our favourite brass band for a very welcome update - on our sand mining saga - So, what happened? Listen to this.
Findlay Knox has just announced suspension of sand mining operations while investigations continue into the real-life sighting of the rainbow seahorse.
Yes! We haven't won the war, folks, but we need to thank two very canny sisters for our latest victory.
Miranda for her marathon opposition and Stella for her rainbow seahorse! I couldn't be prouder of you two.
Go, you Gibson girls.
Go! Wow, my clever, clever girls.
Where's your keys? Eh? Keys, I need keys.
You take off.
I'll get him back to the pub.
Robert, you're not angry with me? No, darl', you did me a favour.
I rue the day that I ever got involved with Rocco.
- Oh, you do? - Absolutely.
What the? What? Well, bugger me.
- Got some intel, Sarge.
- On who, Arnold? What's Arnold done? Gave his social worker the slip again.
Let me out! - I've got this.
- Let me out of here! I'm sorry, I swear.
I didn't know he was in there! - Where is he? - He's in there.
Arnold? I'm going to kill you! He's gonna kill Arnold.
Let me out of here, let me out now! I'm going to pop the boot, I want you to get out really slowly, OK? Let me out! I'm going to kill him! Sorry mister, I didn't know you were in there.
I swear! Little bastard! You touch that kid and you're dead! Get on you knees! On your knees, maggot! How were you raised? Lil? Get up.
You OK, Arnold? Yeah.
There are quite a number of charges against you, Mr Angioli.
Consorting, attempted assault of a minor, resisting arrest, leaving a vehicle unlocked, travelling without a seatbelt, offensive behaviour? Skinny-dipping, your honour.
Your honour, I was the one kidnapped.
I'm the victim here.
I take your point, Mr Angioli.
Has anyone been charged with his kidnap, Sergeant? No, we're still investigating that mystery, your honour.
I see.
Well, I'm prepared to dismiss the seatbelt charge and the leaving the vehicle unlocked, Mr Angioli, but meanwhile, a report has been sent to the parole authority who have revoked your parole order and demanded you immediate return to custody.
You will be ineligible to apply to release or parole for a further 12 months.
Thank you.
All stand.
Does that mean I'm not in trouble? You are always in trouble, Mr Buttersworth.
But I deserve pizza? You deserve veggies.
You cannot eat anchovies with pineapple, Arnold.
I make a pretty passable pizza.
My place? 6:00? Think of it as community service.
I'd like you to come.
We'd all really like you to come.
Hello, Findlay Knox.
Uh-huh? Wait, which department? Is that an expert opinion? Are you absolutely sure? Knock knock.
Striplands had their technical department going over your sister's seahorse footage.
It's fake.
Did you know? Not Not at the beginning.
When I decided to press the button and stop the trucks, did you know? I'm only giving you this back because I know you're terribly sorry that you called me a catastrophist, and because you admit that I was completely right about what would happen if you moved Bucket's chair.
Yes, I am terribly sorry and you were completely right, Miss Henny Penny, the sky did fall in and then everybody hated me.
That's not a very good apology.
Maybe I need more practice.
No, you need to look me in the eye.
Try again.
I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
Much better.
I'm really .
really sorry.
Big improvement.
Stripland suspended me while they look into to my alleged misconduct.
I'm sorry.
I mean, it's not a job I'd want but I'm sorry that you might lose it because I hid the truth from you.
I guess we're both bad at being cold-blooded strategists.
My My judgement was cloudy when I made that decision.
By what? You.
Why Why am I a bad cold-blooded strategist? Because they never apologise.
You sure you can fix it? Watch me.
My last night of freedom.
Oh, yes, your first shift at the pub tomorrow.
Um Are you really sure you should be messing with that? It's not rocket science, just needs the wires stripped.
Yeah, please don't electrocute yourself.
We've had enough drama lately, haven't we? - Anna.
- Hi.
Your mum invited us over, me and Arnold.
Oh, cool.
We on for pool later? Maybe.
I can wait.
Dinner is ready, we're on the back deck.
- Do you need a hand? - Sure.
I'm so glad you came.
This looks great.
Never mind.
Next time.
Come on, you.
Let's go play the Brady Bunch for Mum.
Anchovies, no pineapple, Arnold! You're going to love it.
Still think you should be having veggies.
Why did you make pizza? I made it for Arnold, so just relax and enjoy it.
- This is salad.
- This is salad.
We hardly ever eat pizza anyway.
I feel change coming The room is swinging around Feel the wind beckoning me To come along now Before I get too lost So you've got the Easter Bunny, your Father Christmas, your tooth fairy.
Yeah, everyone knows they're not real.
That's right.
But then you move into this grey area where you've got things like the yeti monster and that black panther they let loose during the Second World War where you can never really be sure.
- What about the Bunyip? - Oh, they're real.
I had to chase one away from the dump at the back of the pub one night.
We really have to do something about the locks on those bins.
- What do Bunyip's eat? - Parmesan.
- Ah! - Of course.
Don't wanna live in a city My friends tell me I'm changing The smell of salty air Is what I'm chasing You probably think I'm mad But it feels good to me Because, from now on, I'll live as close as I can To the sea.