SEAL Team (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Tip of the Spear

1 JULIE: Do you know why you're here? I was ordered to be here.
JULIE: That's not what I meant.
Oh, yeah, well, look, my new C.
thinks that he's gonna make admiral one day with his pioneering approach to the management of combat stress.
So you're not a fan of psychotherapy? (CHUCKLES) No.
So what should we talk about? I don't know.
It's your nickel.
(SNIFFS) Your time.
All right.
Tell me about Nate.
You know (SIGHS) even if I wanted to talk about that night the op, and what happened I don't think you would be cleared.
Hayes, I read the after action reports.
I know about the weapons on the ship and where they were going.
I'm cleared to know anything you do.
JASON: TOC, we have confirmed jackpot I'm looking at 14 Javelin missiles.
Request permission to move to demo.
MAN (OVER RADIO): Copy, Bravo 1.
Wait one.
Bravo 1 standing by.
War on terror, baby.
War on terror.
TOC did give you the authorization to move to demolition.
You set the charges, but instead of proceeding immediately to exfil NATE: Bravo 2, this is Bravo 4.
- Go for 2.
- NATE: What's the story on those skiffs? Still out of our hair for the moment.
There's no reason we can't look inside that safe on the bridge.
Bridge safe is not our mission.
We get into that safe, maybe we find something lets us go after guys on both ends of the shipment.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
What's your status? Over.
Bravo 2, hold one.
Let's do this.
Let's go.
JASON: This is Bravo 1.
We're going for the ship's log.
We're gonna find out where these arms were headed.
Sonny, you owe me that bottle of Macharren's.
Nate talked him into it? Why do I feel like you just hustled me? 'Cause I did.
JULIE: Nate really wanted to get a look in that safe.
It doesn't matter what Nate wanted.
I made the call.
- Clear.
- Clear.
You guys get back to exfil.
Alpha Team, moving to exfil.
We got names, numbers.
I mean, that's just the stuff we can halfway read.
(BOATS APPROACHING) Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
You have three enemy boats inbound.
You need to exfil immediately.
Copy that.
We're moving to the secondary extraction point.
Let's go.
(TRACERS FIRING) Go! Go! You okay? Yeah.
NATE: You all right? (GRUNTING) - NATE: We lost the bag.
- JASON: Nate, leave it.
I got it.
- Don't do it.
- Jace, I got it.
- Don't you do it, kid.
- NATE: I got it.
I got it! - Let me get it.
- Get in.
NATE: Wait! Get him in! Go, go, go, go! (AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE) Fire in the hole, boys! Where's that blood coming from? (SNIFFS) I understand that you're still in touch with his wife and child.
He's my godson.
And they're living in Wyoming now? Mm-hmm.
That's where she's from.
That'd be Nate's, uh, wife, um widow, so, yeah.
And she's bringing the boy back here this weekend for his First Communion.
Will your family be there? Well, look at that.
Time's up.
So we're clear, the fact that you refused to talk about Nate's death is the most obvious way of telling me that that's exactly what we need to be talking about.
It was really nice meeting you, Julie.
- Uh, Dr.
- Right.
I trust you agree that I fulfilled my obligation here this morning, and you will relate that to my chain of command.
PRIEST: The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
(CHURCH BELLS TOLLING) JASON: Aha! Look at that, ladies and gentlemen, our First Communicant, Landon Massey.
Come here, buddy.
- Ah, bud! - Yeah.
Hey, blow it up.
You know he's sleeping on our fold-out, right? I heard.
(CHILDREN SHOUTING) I miss seeing you guys.
It sucks that's the way it works.
And if any of us thought there was even a chance you two weren't gonna get past this, we'd all be taking it pretty hard.
DAVIS: All right, buddy, look, you just enjoy it while you can, okay? 'Cause in a few years, you want a sip of wine, you're gonna have to start copping to Father about all your sins.
Maybe not all of them.
(CHUCKLES) - We're gonna go.
- I'm sorry, you can't spare a single Saturday afternoon to celebrate your godbrother's First Communion? We just watched him eat the wafer.
We really got to stay till he drinks the Kool-Aid? ALANA: What you say in private's one thing.
In public, you represent this family.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Hi.
- We're gonna go.
- Okay.
JASON: And they're off.
RAY: Well, you know, I'm I'm just gonna go be - somewhere else.
- JASON: Yeah.
So, Molly and Landon are gonna stay at the house for a couple nights after her parents go back.
Well, I don't live there anymore, so it really doesn't matter, right? - But - And I realize it's a long shot, but it'd be great if you could come by one evening.
- That's the first week of new rotation.
- Also, Emma's recital is this week, and I know she won't say anything, but it would mean a lot if you could just be there.
- I'll try.
I will try.
Okay, we got to go.
Sorry, you'll have to excuse us.
- Let's move.
- Go do this.
Just be safe.
Call when you can, okay? I will.
MAN: Come on.
The Agency believes we have an opportunity to snatch Abu Samir.
Yes, I know, some of us have been down this road before.
But for anyone needing a refresher Abu Samir Al Masri, high-level ISIL commander, responsible for dozens of attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.
Last several months, we've had sightings of Samir throughout Central Africa, meeting with various local jihadi leaders.
He's due to sit down with some guys from Boko Haram in two days that's our window.
We're going into Nigeria? Not Nigeria.
Samir doesn't trust Boko enough to meet on their own turf.
General Lionheart he's guaranteeing security for both sides at his compound outside Monrovia.
They've got 24-hour drone surveillance on the place.
They'll let us know as soon as Samir's on-site.
We're looking for a straight-up snatch-and-grab.
Live capture of a high-value target.
So you believe a moment of truth comes, and Abu Samir just passes on martyrdom? Martyrdom's a young man's game.
Samir's talent for self-reinvention is part of what's allowed him to survive in the game for over 20 years.
But that means 20 years of gold floating around his head.
And if you can bring him to me still breathing, I'm gonna get it all.
Seal Team 1x01 "Tip of the Spear" Sep 27, 2017 (GUNSHOTS, MAN GROANS) - Clear! - Reset! (MEN GRUNTING) - (YELLING IN ARABIC) - Yo mama.
- Get on the ground! - Whatever.
- Get on the ground! - Stop worrying about me.
- Get on the ground now! - Stop worrying about me.
Stop worrying about me.
Now! You should worry about your hostage 'cause you dead.
BIG CHIEF: Hold there! It appears we have a problem, Mr.
Big problem, Big Chief.
BIG CHIEF: For you and me, both.
Matter of fact, mine might be the bigger problem.
See, you get taken in the prime of your life while you still have your hair.
I have to live the rest of my life with these fellas whispering behind my back how I got you killed on account of I went easy.
What do you think of that? I think the name Big Chief is meant to be ironic.
How's that now? Well, Big Chief in the movie, I mean, the guy barely talks.
You know, in fact, it-it even kind of seems like maybe he can't talk.
Whereas you Please step out, miss.
Thank you for your service.
Spenser, would you care to save us a little time and tell us the mistakes you're already planning to correct so as not to get yourself killed in some dumbass way? I can't think of one.
Do you believe you were right not to assess as a threat the woman we just saw with a gun to your head? I believe I was correct to prioritize the military-age male as the greater threat.
But I guess I should have considered the possibility that she was muling 'em.
You know, but, even then, I-I don't think that I would have turned around to search her before I got him on the ground.
And if I had, I bet you would've dinged me for it.
(CLICKS TONGUE) - BIG CHIEF: Reset! - (ROPE BEING PULLED) (PLANE SOARING) - I'm telling you, he's not ready.
- So he's a wiseass.
- Wiseass? More like a smartass.
- Okay.
Do you remember what we were like when we were in Green Team? Okay, I'm sorry, but we just watched him get killed.
What, did you see that? You know as well as I know that scenario is a no-win.
- I don't know about that.
- Big Chief says the kid sees the Matrix, - just like his old man.
- What, is he gonna write a book, too? Mm-hmm.
Anybody see a way to hit this place from the ground? Well, not with Humvees or APCs, that's for sure.
Mm, a little Mogadishu for my taste.
We could patrol in.
Insert somewhere on this beach.
RAY: Mm-mm.
- What? - All that garbage floating on the surface gonna be a problem for the outboards.
Guys, stop, you're way overthinking this, all right? We're not swimming the prisoner out.
Okay? We're going in the same way we're going out, that's with choppers.
RAY: Rotors are gonna make an awful racket coming up the valley.
Give everybody in the house time to get set to repel boarders.
It's not Samir's house.
But it's not Samir's house.
- Uh-uh.
- So? So why's he gonna dig in when he hears the rotors? He's not gonna dig in when he hears the rotors, okay? Spooks already said he's not into martyrdom.
So we're come straight up the valley, we're gonna buzz the compound, we're gonna drop right down on him, and then, what? Samir's gonna spurt.
Instead of landing on the "X,".
Black Hawks gonna come about for the VI.
Davis, you got a basic sense of what we'll need? For a helo-based vehicle interdiction? Don't insult me.
Oh, I wouldn't go down that path if I were you.
(LAUGHS) DAVIS: Hey, you heard about your strap? Whoa, wait a second, I don't have a strap, okay? Carlo's team's got the strap.
What, am I getting a DNA tech? No, she's still with Carlo.
You're getting the translator.
Wait a second, they speak English in Liberia.
Yeah, but the general's guards don't speak English.
Because this weird bastard's apparently so paranoid about being betrayed, he only hires bodyguards who can't communicate - with the neighbors.
- Okay, so what do they speak? Well, intelligence just said "local tribal dialects,".
but turns out there's about 200 of those.
- (CHUCKLING): Yeah, of course there is.
- I looked that up.
Good news is, Commander Blackburn found a guy that grew up over there, so he speaks a whole bunch of the big ones.
Okay, wait a second, last time that I was in the Tribals, it took two days to find a translator who could speak Urdu.
So you're telling me, in 19 hours, you found someone who can speak the local tribal dialects? Hey, it's better to be lucky than good.
(CHUCKLING): You got to be kidding me.
Any word on wheels up? Strictly hush-hush.
You know how it is, first spin of a new rotation What time did you pick in the pool? It gives us about four hours.
I have an idea what we can do.
Uh, n - No.
- What? Doctor said it was fine.
Good, even.
A didn't he also say that it could trigger labor? (SCOFFS) Maybe.
No, we need this kid to wait in here - till Daddy's home to catch him.
- (CHUCKLES) You hear that, son? (LAUGHS) Any idea when that'll be? (SIGHS) Time frame for the op is awful tight.
Just so as long as you make it back home to us.
Roger that.
DAVIS: So the ISUs are all loaded and I just got off with the advance team.
- JASON: Great.
TOC up and ready? - DAVIS: Oh, yeah.
What do you say, Jedi, ready? Let's go brother, huh? Come on, man.
DAVIS: Clay Spenser, Jason Hayes.
Meet your strap.
I met myself there Saying, "Go home.
" Sing it loud and clear We've had worse straps.
Remember Captain What's-his-name, froze on a HAHO ramp? At least this kid's a Team guy.
JASON: Team guy? That's Ash Spenser's kid.
You realize that, right? We're gonna hold it against him 'cause his dad got PNG'd? His dad's only persona non grata because he had the bad manners to write a book without being an officer.
(CHUCKLES) Big Chief already signed off.
It's one mission.
JASON: One mission.
I don't want to get it in this kid's head like this is some kind of an audition.
One mission.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, you got a problem with your accommodations? You know how many times I've made a hammock on a C-130? DAVIS: Yeah, the new C.
says, "Straps get straps," so But I'm not a strap.
According to the Navy, until you graduate Green Team, you're a member of Chalk 2, Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 3.
- Damn right.
- Yes, and as impressive as that is, if you're working on an operation and you are not a Tier-One Operator, you're a strap.
So, how about you sit back down, buckle up back here with the rest of us support personnel, and don't make me kick your ass up and down this aircraft? Can I at least get an Ambien? If I'm gonna sleep sitting upright for the next 19 hours? It's gonna be 22 hours.
And Ambien, I can do.
I might even be able to rustle you up a Seconal, you treat me real nice.
Clay, straphanger, for now.
MANDY: Mandy, straphanger, always.
You guys, uh, with the CIA? We can neither confirm nor deny.
Just want to introduce your new hair missile, get his scent on you while he's still calm.
This is Cerberus.
Yeah, he's a pussycat.
Now, if he accidentally bites you well, in the unlikely event that he does do not say no.
Part of their training is that biting is never wrong.
Ain't that right? Yeah.
Hey, I should probably tell you where we keep the broom handle in case we got to pry open his jaw.
- Thank you, Sonny.
- (CHUCKLES) - Hey, good boy.
- Hey! Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Listen, pal, you never tell him to sit.
Only time he's supposed to sit is when he smells explosives.
We clear? MANDY: Those aren't clouds.
TIM: Smoke.
City's in the middle of burning time.
MANDY: There's no way we get a green light unless we can confirm Samir's presence.
Up till a few hours ago, we were having no problem finding holes in the smog.
"Finding holes"? I'm not seeing any holes in here.
TIM: That's because now.
Lionheart's guys have joined in the burning.
And you failed to mention that to us because why? I told you, till a couple of hours ago, our optics weren't compromised.
He means about the guys in the compound starting to burn.
You think they're using the fires to cover Samir's arrival.
I say we do a little sneak and peak.
A ground recon? You want to go out into the city on foot? Yeah, we'll take the Scooby Van.
Davis? TIM: Seriously, guys, I know Monrovia's supposed to have gotten better the last couple of years, but it's still kind of Mad Max out there.
JASON: Wow, now, that was racist.
That sounded racist to me? How about you? Mad Max is wall-to-wall white folks.
Definitely racist to ask the black guy to rule if something's racist or not.
- Just FYI.
- Okay, mocha latte.
Guys - Guys! You're punking us, right? - RAY: See? Now that's racist.
I'll get first watch.
You guys get some sleep.
Most of Lionheart's guys are a bunch of speed freaks.
Look, my, uh my dad's book.
I know a lot of guys had a problem with it.
Man survives the things he did, he should write a book about them.
Come on.
Your watch.
Get in here.
Let's go.
Come on.
Move over, will you? You're crowding my space now.
(GRUNTS) Stay right there, strap, so I can lean back into you.
Just like that.
There you go.
(SNIFFLES) We got movement.
White kufi.
Take a look.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
Confirming you're seeing what we're seeing here.
Roger that, Bravo 1, we're seeing it.
Positive I.
on Abu Samir Al Masri.
Congratulations, TOC.
He is exactly where you told us he was gonna be.
I'll tell you what, we're gonna pack up, and then we're gonna exfil.
How copy? Strong copy, Bravo 1.
Great work.
- I don't get it.
What do you mean you don't get it? I mean, Samir's legendary for his tradecraft.
Kept him alive all these years, while his friends were getting turned into pink mist.
Why is he coming out in the open now? We don't know that it's khat they're selling.
MANDY: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Current video feed appears to show subjects unloading a hooded prisoner.
Can you confirm? JASON: Affirmative.
Freeze it there.
Oh, God.
I know who that is.
BRYCE: Believe everyone's properly situated here now, Ms.
Ellis, so please tell us what we know about this poor woman, Ms.
, uh Marshall, sir.
Stacey Marshall.
Abducted April last year from her NGO's distribution center in South Sudan.
We're not certain how she came into the possession of this particular group, but as you know, it's not uncommon for hostages to be sold and resold through various pipelines, particularly attractive Western females.
Thank you, Ms.
Now, Eric, how are we planning to bring this young lady home - to her loving parents? - Sir? - Yes, Ms.
Ellis? - Abu Samir's continued survival would almost certainly mean hundreds of deaths, both of civilians and of coalition personnel, and in fact, we believe he may have knowledge of planned attacks already in motion.
I'm gonna cut you off there, Ms.
It sounded like you're about to suggest we do nothing for Ms.
Marshall, and instead adhere to our current operational plan to snatch Abu Samir.
Eric, I'm gonna ask you a very simple question.
Do we have the resources to rescue the hostage and perform a successful nonlethal snatch of the HVT? ERIC: Well, sir, it's difficult to be definitive, till we've had enough time to fully revise our ops plan, but I think at the moment We can do both.
I-I'm sorry.
- Who is that? - Senior Chief Hayes.
Uh, you were saying? I'm saying that we can accomplish both objectives.
Now, son, needless to say, your reputation precedes you.
But that's mighty hard to imagine.
Assuming that Samir digs in.
But according to the CIA, he's gonna pick flight over fight.
Isn't that right, Ms.
Ellis? Uh, that's correct.
That's our projection.
JASON: So, Helo 1 and Helo 2 are gonna fast-rope the assault team on top of the building.
They're gonna clear down and secure the hostage.
Helo 3 is gonna go after Samir when he squirts.
And Helo 4 is gonna maintain our close air support.
Clearly your op-planning was much further along than you led us to believe.
Nice work, son.
Thank you, sir.
You'll launch this evening? Soon as the sun goes down.
Good luck.
Thank you, gentlemen.
We miss out on this guy, right, we miss out on Samir, who knows how many more people he's gonna kill? I-I get that.
This may be our only shot, I understand.
I almost had him in Baghdad two years ago.
I was meeting with this deputy economic minister, coffee shop in the Mansour district.
We're getting ready to go.
Door opens.
It's Samir.
Walks right by our table, not much farther than where you are right now.
I'm close enough to see the crystal's cracked on his Rolex.
That's close.
Then I look at my source.
Take out Samir, even if I get away, my asset's a dead man.
Probably tortured for a month first, right? So, as soon as we're on the street, I call it in, but turns out, our intrepid local partners at the state security services had been infiltrated by extremists.
There's nothing you could've done.
- Nothing.
- Well, a week later, one of Samir's cells blows up a school bus in Mosul, kills 26 teenagers.
Week after that, my source, the guy I was protecting? Samir's guys grab him and his family.
Send the death videos to Langley.
We got this.
The hostage? Like I said.
We got this.
CHALK 4 PILOT: This is Chalk 4.
I'm having some kind of trouble with my pedals.
I'm getting a lot of shake in 'em.
It's affecting our stability.
I'm trying to hold it steady.
All right, Chalk 4, I need your honest assessment.
Can you continue this mission? Negative.
I need to put her down.
Copy, Chalk 4.
Chalks 1, 2 and 3, your birds are still functional, correct? Roger.
CHALK 2 PILOT: Chalk 2, five-by-five.
CHALK 3 PILOT: Chalk 3, five-by-five.
All right, all call signs, initiate bump plan.
Mission is now exclusively hostage rescue.
Snatch and grab operation has been scrapped.
Sorry, ma'am.
We'll have to get him next time.
CHALK 1 PILOT: Confirming.
Hostage rescue only.
RPG, 12:00.
(STACEY SCREAMING) Put it down now! Put it down! Translator.
(SPEAKING IN HAUSA) RAY: I'm gonna ghost him.
Try another dialect.
(CLAY SPEAKING IN YORUBA) - Jace? - Try another one.
It's okay.
Look, hey, it's all right.
It's okay.
We're here.
We're American.
We're gonna take you home, okay? - Shh.
You're safe.
All right? - (WHIMPERING) - I'll get this off of you.
- Thank you.
We're gonna take you home, all right? - It's okay.
- (CRYING) All Chalks, this is Bravo.
Move to secure the hostage.
We're gonna move her to exfil from here.
CHALK 1 PILOT: Roger, Bravo 1.
Nice work.
This is X-Ray 1.
We're on the first deck.
Looks like your dog's found something.
Sonny! Sonny! You and the strap, you exfil her.
We're gonna go see what the dog has, then we're gonna go home on Chalk 2.
Let's go.
Boss, we run into another one of the general's guys, it'd be great to have a translator with us.
You want the strap on my back, don't you? Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
(CERBERUS WHINES) Samir? Chalk, this is Bravo 1.
We still have a chance to grab Samir.
We good? You can run but you can't hide.
You're gonna stay here and watch our six.
Are we clear? Yeah.
All right.
The tunnel is not secured.
Do you copy? Over.
(RADIO STATIC BUZZING) Bravo 1, tunnel not secure.
Do you copy? (CERBERUS PANTING) (JASON SPEAKING ARABIC) Okay, easy, easy.
Hey, hey.
(SPEAKS ARABIC) Put-put your hands up.
Real slow, hey.
Raise your hands.
Put them up.
Easy, hey.
(JASON SPEAKS ARABIC) (SPEAKS ARABIC) Look at me, look at me, look.
Right there.
Raise your hands.
Raise your hands.
(GRUNTS) Listen to me, I told you to stay out of the tunnel, no?! Jace! Jace! Walk me through it, okay? When I left you at the tunnel's entrance, I told you to watch our six.
Ready? Go.
Then, how, why? I caught a dude trying to creep on you guys, so I figured I needed to clear the rest of that tunnel section - in case he had a partner.
- Oh, but really? Okay.
Then, why did you decide to shwack some HV when we were sent 5,000 miles to bring him in alive? I came on the room, I saw the "S"-vest, I assessed that all three of us were in imminent threat.
Did you assess why we weren't shooting? I figured you didn't have a clean shot.
Did you check his hands? No, I-I-I didn't want to give him time to clack off the vest.
What? Come on.
I mean, the guy was wearing an "S"-vest.
That-That's got to be clean, right? JASON: I told him, "Stay outside, watch my six.
" RAY: Yeah, I know, but the kid made a call.
No, what what kind of call did he make? - And you know what, he's got a point.
- A point? That guy trying to creep could've just as easily had a friend.
Plus, he got Samir straight through the light switch.
- JASON: Right.
- I mean, come on.
You know what, Samir is all about martyrdom.
I tell you what, that detonator, bam, right when we enter the room.
- Boom.
- Maybe he was trying to draw us closer.
You know what? His thumb wasn't on the detonator, okay? How was it with the hostage? - Got her number.
- Got her number.
RAY: Hold on, you're saying that's why you didn't smoke him? That's something.
Wait a second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
You're saying that's why you didn't smoke him? No.
No, man.
The kid was right as far as my position.
- I didn't have a clear shot.
- I did, I did.
I had the shot.
I could've brought him in.
Bottom line, kid saw a guy in an "S"-vest, saw he had the drop on him, took the shot.
White noise right now in my head.
I am not hearing you.
You're gonna call him out in the AAR, say he got it wrong? 'Cause you know that's gonna follow him, Jason.
Your name in an AAR, saying it was a bad shoot? (EXHALES) Look, you might actually be the best damn gunfighter who ever lived.
If not, you're awful close.
All right, I'm listening now.
What was that? So, if you tell me that even back when you were in Green you were good enough to give a guy in an "S"-vest the pregnant pause before smoking him because of where his damn thumb was? Samir's thumb wasn't on the detonator.
Thumb was not on the detonator.
- Did you see his thumb? - I couldn't see his hands.
I could see his hands.
You feel honor bound to call the kid out because he missed something that you and a half dozen other guys on Earth are good enough not to miss? Just make sure you're not doing it 'cause of who his father is.
All right, okay.
Or who he reminds you of.
Nate's death isn't on you.
ERIC: Hell of an op, gents.
Thank you very much, sir.
Listen, obviously, most of the AAR is gonna be about the chopper problems.
Comms we obviously know about.
Intel turned out to be solid.
Eight enemy K.
s, including one.
HVT wearing an "S"-vest.
All clean, correct? Roger.
Eight clean kills, sir.
It's good work.
Look, we should've brought him in for you.
I told you he'd choose surrender over martyrdom.
Almost got everyone killed.
You just saved a woman from probably being tortured to death on the Internet in front of chat room trolls and budding, sexual sadists and her friends and loved ones.
You also, by the way, found time to rid the world of one of its few dozen or so most evil people.
Call that a good night's work.
La, la, la A year from now, we'll all be gone All our friends will move away And they're going to better places But our friends will be gone away Nothing is as it has been And I miss your face like hell And I guess it's just as well But I miss your face like hell Been talking 'bout the way things change (VOCALIZING) And my family lives in a different state - Ooh, ooh - (VOCALIZING) Ooh Been talking 'bout the way things change (VOCALIZING) And my family lives in a different state La, la If you don't know what to make of this Then we will not relate No, no, no, no If you don't know what to make of this Then we will not relate.