SEAL Team (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Other Lives

1 Previously on SEAL Team JASON: It doesn't matter what Nate wanted.
I made the call.
RAY: Where's that blood coming from? JULIE: The fact that you refuse to talk about Nate's death is telling me that's exactly what we should be talking about.
RAY: Nate's death isn't on you.
I understand that since the operation in December last year, you and your wife have separated.
RAY: You know he's sleeping on our fold-out.
ALANA: I miss seeing you guys.
Sucks that's the way it works.
And if any of us thought there was even a chance you two weren't gonna get past this, we'd all be taking it pretty hard.
Hey, Daddy.
Be great if you could come by one evening.
Well, I don't live there anymore, so it really doesn't matter, right? (SILENCED GUNSHOTS) Clear.
I told you to stay out of the tunnel, no? Until you graduate Green Team, you're a member of Chalk 2, Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 3.
Damn right.
JASON: The kid's not Tier One, not yet.
You're saying that Molly doesn't want any of this stuff? She just wants to get rid of her whole just everything here? That's what she says.
She keeps telling me to sell it all.
Since Nate's death, Molly just wants a fresh start with her family.
Yeah, but there's a lot of stuff here.
I mean, I could tell her to kiss my ass, find someone else to sell the place.
Let's have dinner tonight.
Hmm? Tex-Mex.
(CHUCKLES) It's not a good idea.
It's a great idea.
Remember what happened last time? Yeah, I do.
Jason, it's too confusing.
“Too confusing.
” What, for the kids? For everyone.
Look, that was never our problem.
Problem was I was never here.
That was the problem, right? No, our problem is you're not here even when you are here.
Just checked out all the time.
Look, if we're taking a break, then we're taking a break from all of it.
(MURMURS) (LAUGHTER) NATE: So, I hired a gardener.
JASON: Nate Massey is hiring another guy to mow his lawn.
Say it's not so, please.
Last deployment, Molly forgot to put the eggshell in the soil like I told her.
We had the worst fight that we have ever had, okay? So I just figured, you know what? Gardener is cheaper than a divorce.
JASON: So, Nate, Alana and I, we've been talking and we're gonna live apart for a while.
I'm sorry to hear that, man.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what, it is what it is, right? Should move in here.
Move in here with me, spend a little quality time with your godson.
Godson I could deal with, but walking around your eggshells, no, thank you.
And, besides, do you think Ray would really want me to live anywhere else but his place? (”OFF THE GROUND” BY THE RECORD COMPANY PLAYING) (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) I gotta get myself off the side of the road I gotta get myself up off the side of the road Things are lookin' clear as they've ever been Don't know how it'll end, but I know where to begin Gotta get myself off the side of the road I gotta quit lyin' to myself And let the truth be told I got to quit lyin' to myself And let the truth be told Again I woke up burned out by the sun Tired of layin' still so I'm movin' along Quit lyin' to myself and let the truth be told Hey, hey, yes Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh Hey, hey, I've gotta pick myself up off the ground, yeah Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh Hey, hey I've gotta pick myself up off the ground, yeah (GRUNTING) Got some wheels on you, Spenser.
Good finish, Brian.
All right, come on, let's go.
Finish it up.
Got a big day in front of us.
I've gotta pick myself up off the ground.
DOCTOR: Mm-hmm.
Good movement.
Ah, good heart sounds.
I'm telling you, baby, he's got my dad's height.
You know, he's got my dad's height.
Remember, I told you my great uncle, he backed up Willis Reed when he was with the Knicks? It might've been my great, great uncle.
I think it might ring a bell.
The fluid volume is normal.
Fetal position is head down.
Okay, Naima, looking real good for four weeks out.
What did we say? Was it the 29th or something like that? Yeah, 29th.
Well, baby gets a vote, too.
Sometimes they just do not want to stay in there.
But as far as him going out of town? Yeah, what's your duty schedule like? Unpredictable.
What command did you say you're with? Logistical support, was it? (PHONE BEEPS) Bye.
We got a big one.
MANDY: You're looking at satellite imagery of an abandoned hospital outside al-Hool in northeastern Syria.
Wait a second, I'm sorry, but there's a lot of tire tracks there for abandoned, I'm saying.
We believe the Syrian Army is using it as a bioweapons factory.
RAY: Wait a minute.
Weren't they only supposed to be using mobile labs now? I'm sure you all remember Dr.
Lucien from our chem-bio desk.
Oh, no, Dr.
Hi again, everybody.
Our recent success IDing and destroying mobile labs has convinced the Syrian regime to go back to using static sites.
And they're choosing hospitals because they think we'll be afraid to bomb.
DoD won't authorize a strike without definitive proof that the site's being used for chemical weapons production.
Okay, what does the DoD consider “definitive proof”? Physical evidence.
Samples? Gets better.
So, a satellite passes every seven hours, traverses the area for 12 seconds, takes six photos.
Three passes ago, took these.
Those black shapes are Dead cattle.
JASON: Well, they definitely had a leak, didn't they? MANDY: Heavy fighting in the area last few days.
We believe an errant shell hit the stockpile.
20 klicks; that's close.
ERIC: Yeah, we'll be monitoring the Syrian troop movements best we can.
Get you in and out in a hurry.
How big is the guard force? LUCIEN: Uh, so far, we make it a single six-man unit.
You're telling me they got a chemical weapons factory and there's only six guys guarding it? Yeah, enough that they were missed by the photo analyst.
Not for the cows, we might never have found the place.
Best guess what they were making? Based on the regime's history, sarin or VX.
One of those is the bad ones, right? Uh, sarin is pretty nasty stuff.
Bucket full of it, kill every man, woman on the planet.
But you're probably thinking about VX.
It's widely regarded as the deadliest substance man's ever created.
So, we're gonna actually have to handle this stuff? Right, and who says you never take us anywhere nice? Seal Team 1x02 "Other Lives" Oct 4, 2017 Look, we can't even get a drone up.
I'm just gonna assume we can't chopper in.
Russians are threatening to shoot down anything that crosses into Syrian airspace.
We jump in.
Oh, yeah.
We bail out in Iraqi airspace, then fly to the target under canopy.
That's right.
The problem is getting out.
How far to the border? 18 kilometers.
What's the nearest Quick Reaction Force? Special Forces ODA working with Peshmerga at the border.
Great, it's easy.
Have them standing by.
Once we secure the target, they come and they pick us up.
Hey, we've been seeing Russian troops on the border areas, yeah? DoD will never authorize any ground movement with the possibility of Russian contact.
DoD has no balls.
- MANDY: We could get you local vehicles.
- DAVIS: How many? I wouldn't count on more than two or three.
(WHISPERING): Two or three.
It could work.
We keep our numbers small.
How many straps? Well, it's Syria, so there's no BSO, there's no indig partners.
Maybe two EODs for the decontamination.
You don't need a translator 'cause you got Ray and Trent.
Okay, so, two EODs, that's all we need.
MANDY: Yeah.
And him.
What? It-It-It's not my idea, I assure you.
Another contribution from the good-idea fairies at CENTCOM.
MANDY: We have no idea if that factory is still actively contaminated.
What, the Syrians didn't clean it first? LUCIEN: As far as we can tell, they just pulled their “scientists” out and, uh, locked the place down till they can pacify the area.
ADAM: All right, listen up, Green Team.
Time for the first top five and bottom five of this year's Selection and Training.
Today you get to judge each other.
One side of your paper lists in order the top five candidates of this Selection and Training class.
On the other side lists the bottom five.
We'll tally the results.
We'll post the bottom five on the wall in the team room.
Bottom man in the bottom five will be immediately dropped from this Selection and Training class.
Questions? Yeah.
How come you don't post the top five? At the Tier One level, top five candidates, just means you met the expectation.
Anything else is unsat.
So-so guys in the top five, they don't even know if they made the grade? End of this Selection and Training, if you're still here to get drafted into a Tier One squadron, then you know you made the grade.
Is that clear, Mr.
Spenser? Yeah.
Got a little soft there in your old age, huh, Mary? Meaning? Meaning the Spenser kid still has his teeth.
Back in the day, you would've knocked 'em all the way in the back of his throat.
Yeah, kid's barely halfway into Selection, already got the chance to operate in an honest-to-God - real-world mission with Jason Hayes - That's right.
- the Bravo Team big dogs.
- Damn straight.
Cheers to that.
He got to personally smoke Abu Samir.
Make anyone cocky.
Kid ain't cocky because of what he's done, he's cocky because his daddy's Ash Spenser.
You read the book? You? No.
Is nobody gonna ask if I read the book? Okay.
- All right.
- (PHONES CHIMING) - All right, look, hey.
- Showtime.
I'll tell you what, Ray.
15 years in the Teams, biggest regret is never being able to see my babies born.
What I recall from my first time is that you didn't miss much.
You're mostly there to hold the ice chips.
Holding ice chips, right? Look, all I'm saying is maybe you want to sit this one out.
I do not.
We already talked to the doctor this morning.
Said we're on track for the end of the month.
And if it happens, Naima can get her mom to hold the ice chips.
JASON: You gotta hold the ice chips.
RAY: Nah, I will, I'll make it.
I'm good to go, coach.
Put me in.
SONNY: Since we're the only tandem, we will go first.
When this ramp opens up, we're gonna shuffle forward like this.
Okay? Almost to the edge.
Then I will tap your shoulder twice.
Tap, tap.
All right? Lean forward, and gravity's gonna take it from there, okay? Okay.
Doc, stay with me.
- What's that? - Oxygen.
- I thought this was the oxygen.
- No, this is for pre-breathe.
It's gonna give you a base before you jump.
Okay, look, we are jumping almost two miles higher than the top of Mount Everest.
Right, you don't pre-breathe, you run the risk of passing out, which means you lose body position, start to spin, and that chute right there is gonna wrap around us tighter than a cigarette roll.
Hey, hey.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Silver lining.
If that were to happen to us, you and I are both gonna be unconscious when we burn in.
Okay? That's a good thing.
Let's do this.
(QUIETLY): Sure.
(WHISTLES) Let's go.
Get up.
Break down the pallet.
You're gonna be fine.
(MUSIC PLAYING, INDISTINCT CHATTER) You know you don't have to carry these guys anymore, right? What's that mean? It means this isn't white-side anymore.
All that “rah-rah,” “team first” crap.
Dude, this level, Tier One, these guys are looking for all-stars.
You saying I shouldn't have stopped to help Big Country up the wall? You know, these guys already know that we're SEALs, we've seen combat, been through BUD/S we can act as part of a boat crew.
Well, they're looking for guys who don't need that crew.
I don't know, man.
What I've seen here no one's crazy about guys flying solo.
Look, I-I'm just trying to give you my advice, all right you don't have to take it.
Well, we'll see tomorrow who's in the bottom five or not.
CLAY: Holy Mother, look at that.
Hey, man, come on.
Give a brother a chance.
Like I said, bro, you got to keep up.
I'm Clay.
- Stella? - Mm-hmm.
(QUIETLY, À LA BRANDO): “Stella! Hey, Stella” Wow, no one's ever said that before.
Come on, that doesn't make it not fun.
Do you even know what it's from? Yeah.
I'm not sure I believe you.
Okay, bet me.
- I lose, I buy.
- What year do you think this is? Come on.
Even in 2017, a guy's got to be able to buy a drink without it being considered a hate crime.
I bet you can't tell me one more line.
- And I bet you I can.
- Hmm.
But you know what? I'm not going to.
You know, Oprah did this episode once.
The whole show it was about prejudgment.
I'm pretty sure she was against it.
I have students who might characterize your hate-crime joke itself as a microaggression.
So, what, you're a teacher? A grad student.
Hudson Hudson State.
(CLEARS THROAT) And speaking of which, I have to lead a section first thing tomorrow morning, so I'll get it.
No, no.
You really think I'm gonna let you pay for my drink? (CHUCKLES) Why not? Feminism? Yeah, something like that.
I thought the whole point of feminism was the women were supposed to be able to do whatever they want.
Yes, and, you know, as much as I would like to stay here and debate that definition, because I really never, ever get tired of listening to good-looking, 20-something middle-class white guys opining on the finer points of intersectional gender theory, I have to teach in the morning, just like I said.
When can I see you again? You know my name, and you know where I'm in school.
If you are what I think you are, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding me.
You think I'm Dog the Bounty Hunter? (CHUCKLES) Hey, wait, wait, wait.
I thought you weren't gonna let me buy your drink.
Did I say that? Yeah, I haven't bought my own drinks since I was 16.
I consider it reparations.
Not even carrying my wallet.
Relying on the “kindness of strangers”? (CHUCKLES) (BREATHING RAPIDLY) Hey, I think making these things breathable defeats the purpose.
You okay? If I'm a little nervous about walking into a building full of spilled nerve agent, I guess I'm in the wrong line of work, right? You're gonna be okay.
JASON: TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We've reached our target.
We're about to engage.
(OVER RADIO): Got two guards outside the hospital.
Good copy, Bravo 1.
Any word on our Syrian friends? Negative.
Still engaged with the FSA 20 klicks out.
Copy that.
All right? Up right.
Up left.
JASON: Three, two, one.
JASON: This place took a hit.
JASON: All right, Doc, you're on.
Looks like the shelling tore up the stockpile more than we thought.
I got to swab the apparatus now to get our samples.
What's that do to the timeline? Nothing good.
Let's go, Doc.
You got to move.
Let's go.
You want to tell me what in the actual hell that was about? What the hell was what about, huh? TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We've secured the lab.
Strap's gonna start collecting samples.
Roger, Bravo 1.
We'll get those indig vehicles in place for your exfil.
Bravo 1, be advised, the last satellite pass appears to show a change in the status of the engagement to your east.
FSA force is withdrawing at speed, Syrian Army not pursuing.
Guys, if they turn and move on you, you'll have maybe 20 minutes to get out of there before you're boxed in.
Copy that, TOC.
We'll be long gone by then.
SONNY: This is Bravo 4.
Boss, we need you up on second deck.
(PEOPLE COUGHING) Fadlak Saeidna Fadlak.
Hey, kid, look, look at this.
Hold on to that, okay? Keep that safe, understand? All right? You're gonna be okay.
All right? Be strong.
All right, look, as far as I can tell, the kid is saying that the regime took their village from I.
They rounded them up to work here.
All right? Took the military-age guys to join the fight, including his dad.
Yeah, well, her husband, too.
I mean, she was pretty vague on it.
Didn't seem like something I should press on.
How's he doing? Man, his whole respiratory system's compromised.
Plus, if the paralysis of his throat muscles continues, he's gonna drown in his own spit.
How much atropine you give him? Two Syrettes.
- Okay, great.
Make it three.
- You sure? Might want to hang onto that in case you get exposed.
Make it three.
- Got a head count? - 23 total.
- Seven kids.
- They all exposed? Got to assume so.
- All right.
Can we save them? - Some.
I mean, maybe.
But we got to get them fully deconned and to a trauma center, and even then You have any idea what agent we're dealing with? I don't know for sure till Doc gets it in a lab, but my guess is VX.
How long is it gonna take to decon? Figure ten minutes each, little less for the kids, - because they got less surface area.
- Okay, look.
Get at it, okay? The sun rises in five hours, and when that happens, I want to be somewhere else.
Roger that.
You know we invented VX, right? - Sorry, what? - Yeah.
Well, actually, to be fair, the Brits did first.
But they did it by mistake, and as soon as they realized how toxic it was, they stopped making it.
A few years later, the U.
Army goes into mass production.
We're the good guys, right? You know what? We are the good guys, Ray, because we're not actually using this stuff.
We got two indig cars, Jason.
How we gonna get these people out of here? That's my next call.
ERIC: Yes, sir, 23.
Yeah, o-our guys are using local vehicles, they don't have enough space.
Yes, well, we'd like to request some additional transpo from a Special Forces ODA at the border, sir.
Yes, sir, I realize that.
Yes, sir, I understand, but I-if you would just Excuse me, sir.
They predict they'll be done with decon by 0400.
That doesn't give our guys much time to get back across the border before sunrise.
One thing to be in that place when it's dark, when the bad guys can't see 'em.
They said that they're gonna make it.
Are we gonna get permission to pull those people out once we decon them? Yeah, I'm working on it.
Okay, sorry, sir, I was receiving a field report.
DoD would prefer no U.
boots on the ground in that whole section of the country.
CENTCOM colonel I spoke to sounded like it was news to him our guys went in.
You? Well, I was looking for units already in the country that had enough vehicles to help carry the people out.
Well, right.
It's easier to get brass to sign off on getting Americans out of Syria.
Exactly, but nothing so far.
JASON: Sonny.
Let's go.
Take a break.
I'm fine.
Look, I got an estimated company of Syrian Army regulars about 20 klicks away.
That sun comes up, I'm gonna need you frosty, all right? We're gonna be here till sun comes up? (EXHALES) We're, uh, waiting on a ride for those people downstairs, huh? I'd put the shooters we have here with us against any other shooters in the world, Jason.
But that don't mean we can hold off an army.
Look, you do know what happens if we leave those people downstairs, right? I know whatever happens has been decided a long time ago.
Not their fault they were born.
It's not ours, either.
You know you got to be real careful deciding what's best for somebody else's life.
Now, say we do pull them out.
Hand them off to Civil Affairs, and then what? Ain't nobody repatriating them in a war zone.
If they're lucky, they end up in Europe.
Let's assume that the borders aren't shut down by then.
And if not, they will spend the rest of their lives in a refugee camp.
You gonna say that to those kids' faces downstairs? I ain't gonna look at their faces.
You know, we got a lot of wolves in this world.
A sheepdog's got his hands full trying to keep his own flock safe.
Got no vigilance left for anyone else.
Not a whole lot of honor in that.
(GRUNTS) It is what it is.
Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Bump to channel three.
(RADIO CRACKLES) Hey, look, I just got the call.
Ray's baby's coming early.
Wait a second, what's wrong? The fetal heartbeat's a lot slower than they'd like.
They're gonna have to do an emergency C-section.
Naima's getting prepped for surgery as we speak.
How is she? Not great at the moment.
It's a tough thing to have to face on your own.
Look, she's never alone.
You know what I mean.
(SIGHS, CLEARS THROAT) You gonna tell Ray? Haven't decided yet.
Okay, look, Blackburn didn't want me to tell you.
Wanted me to wait till you got back.
But you said that I should always give you the data, then you'd decide what to tell our guys.
No, you did the right thing.
Who did the right thing? Sitrep? Just finishing up deconning the civilians.
EODs are gonna move to the lab, start setting charges.
You ready to tell me what happened downstairs? When? Team leader is never first through the door, brother.
You're trying to make sure I get back home in one piece for those ice chips, huh? ERIC: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Something like that.
Go for Bravo 1.
Listen, we made our case.
I told the captain I believed we should authorize you to evac the civilians.
I was overruled.
Bravo 1, your mission objectives.
REMAIN UNCHANGED: collect the samples, destroy any stockpiles and infrastructure and exfil all allied personnel.
Is that clear? So we're just gonna leave these people here to die? Not leaving them any worse off than if we hadn't shown up.
I know it sucks, but I have been on the net for hours, and nobody's gonna authorize more American military across that border.
Look, you're trying to tell me that the Green Berets get a TIC call, that the DoD's not gonna let them respond? I guess to answer that for certain, we'd have to have troops in contact with the enemy.
Do we have troops in contact? Not yet.
(GRUNTS) JASON: So, we completed our mission.
As your ground commander, the only lawful order I can give right now is for us to make exfil.
But I'm not gonna give that order.
I'm also not gonna give the order to stay.
So anybody who wants to leave can get in those cars downstairs and they can drive straight for the border.
I'm sure it'll be a nice Sunday drive by now.
The rest of us are gonna stronghold this position against a very large enemy coming our way.
I expect, once we're engaged, the Green Berets at Sinjar will respond to our TIC.
Otherwise, if they don't, pretty sure we'll be overrun.
You don't think we became frogmen because we didn't secretly all want to be Batman? Come on now.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you guys wouldn't miss me in the fight, let's be honest.
But I also know you wouldn't send me alone, so instead of having eight men here to hold off the descending hordes of bad guys, you'd be down to, what? Six? Maybe five? So, while I don't know if having to go through the rest of my life haunted by your faces not to mention those poor souls behind us is a fate literally worse than death, I also don't want to find out, so I'm staying.
Okay, so let's do this.
Two shooters on the roof.
Three down below.
Let's get everybody away from the windows inside, all right? Hey, Hale Storm, talk to me.
How long is it gonna take you to, uh, wire up that lab? 20 minutes maybe.
Then I'll have to decon.
Okay, well, let's get on it.
You didn't really expect anybody to take you up on that offer, did you? Oh, I was 50/50 on the doc to be quite honest with you.
(LAUGHS) MANDY: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Bad news, guys.
You have massed enemy on the move towards your position.
Estimate they could be less than 30 minutes out.
How many “massed enemy” are we talking about? Too many.
I just love that feeling when you're about to be shot at.
Anywhere else you'd like to be? - Hell no.
- (LAUGHS) JASON: Uh-huh.
HALE: Bravo 1, this is EOD.
Lab equipment is all detted up.
If you want to double-check.
Death has got everything he needs 'cause once I blow this, we'll need to avoid this whole side of the building.
Copy, EOD.
Wait, 1.
Hey, Dr.
You got everything you need? To prove the regime was making nerve agent? Yeah.
I collected enough residue to poison half the country.
This was some leak.
I'm amazed they're not all dead, considering what they must've taken into their bodies.
I guess they got lucky.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you think that the lab techs, they'd clean their equipment, right? Yeah, I guess so.
- Wouldn't say I think about it much.
- Yeah, especially in a lab making the deadliest stuff known to man.
- Created by.
- Yeah, so? EOD, this is Bravo.
Hold on that demo.
HALE: Roger, 1.
Waiting on you.
RAY: What are you thinking? TOC, this is Bravo 1, we have a problem.
Our chem guy is saying that the samples he's collected are not gonna test positive for a banned agent.
He's thinking they're possibly diluted.
Please advise.
ERIC: Stand by, Bravo 1.
Yes, sir.
Bravo 1 standing by.
They need evidence this place was making poison, and if we can't bring them the samples Then they're our evidence.
Oh, that's good stuff, Jason Hayes.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I am only relaying the information.
Not at all, sir.
I know we're all under a lot of pressure.
(CHUCKLES) That's for sure.
This better work.
- Yup.
- MANDY: As I was saying, our analyst on the ground is certain some of the people were exposed, but he's not confident he can identify which without testing.
In a la in a lab situation, yes.
That's right.
So, leaving any of them behind would obviously risk That's right.
Lieutenant Commander Blackburn.
Yes, sir.
“Diluted”? I'm pretty sure you can detect a single drop of VX in an Olympic swimming pool.
Yes, sir.
23 of them should be more than enough evidence, sir.
And, of course, the human obligation.
Couldn't agree more.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
How many vehicles is he sending? That's beautiful.
Tell him I owe him one.
Okay, listen up, everybody.
The Green Berets are inbound, which means we got to get everybody there out and ready to travel.
The enemy is two kilometers out, which means, hey, multiple vehicles, we got to move now.
Now, now, now.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
Move, move, move, move, move.
Move, move, move.
Let's go! Let's go.
Move, move.
Come on.
Move, move.
Bravo 1, we have Syrian troops on the edge of town - and advancing.
- Let's go.
Move, move.
Come on, move.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Go, go! Let's go, move out, move out! I got you, I got you, I got you.
Hold on.
Go, go, go! Go! Blow it! Blow it! Fire in the hole! (GRUNTS) Hey.
Congrats, Ray.
(LAUGHS) Eight pounds, ten ounces.
Gonna play him on the O-line.
Slow heart rate thing? Oh, that's cord got wrapped around the neck.
No worse for wear.
How's Naima? She's tired, man.
Says she feels like someone cut her open and sewed her back together.
You could have told me, you know.
Yeah, I know.
I, um understand why you didn't.
I know that, too.
ADAM: Could be worse, Spenser.
At least you're still here.
How's it going? Well, I think I might have, uh, underestimated the size of this job.
(GRUNTS) I'm thinking about telling Molly I'm doubling my commission.
How much are you charging her now? Zero.
How was work? - Hmm? - How was work? Good.
(SIGHS) Everyone back safe? Yeah.
Hey, come here.
- Give me a hand, will you? - Sure, Dad.
Hand me that tape, will you? Okay.
Fold that, the bottom one, the sides.
Let's close this bad boy up, huh? Hold that tape right there.
One more, okay? Take two.