SEAL Team (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Boarding Party

1 Previously on SEAL Team JASON: It doesn't matter what Nate wanted.
I made the call.
- RAY: Where's that blood coming from? - JULIE: The fact that you refuse to talk about Nate's death is telling me that's exactly what we should be talking about.
- Nate's death isn't on you.
- JULIE: I understand that since the operation in December last year, you and your wife have separated.
RAY: You know he's sleeping on our fold-out? ALANA: I miss seeing you guys.
It sucks that's the way it works.
And if any of us thought there was even a chance you two weren't gonna get past this, we'd all be taking it pretty hard.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Hi.
ALANA: It'd be great if you could come by one evening.
Well, I don't live there anymore, so it really doesn't matter, right? - I'm Clay.
- Stella.
When can I see you again? If you are what I think you are, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding me.
Until you graduate Green Team, you're a member of Chalk 2, Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 3.
I'm telling you, he's not ready.
ADAM: List in order the top five candidates of this Selection and Training class.
On the other side, list the bottom five.
We'll post the bottom five on the wall in the team room.
Bottom man in the bottom five will be immediately dropped from this Selection and Training class.
Is that clear, Mr.
Spenser? We come on the sloop John B My grandfather and me Around Nassau town We did roam Drinking all night (radio beeps) MAN (over radio): Uh, Dr.
Clark? A fight I told you never to call me here.
And I told you never to push your depth.
You were close to 40 meters.
Which, if you remember, is where we predicted we'd find the highest rate of algae depletion.
Next time just use the drone.
I will, if I want contaminated samples.
You get the bends one time, believe me, you won't want a second.
You better stop right now, Vince, or I'm gonna start to think that you care about me.
Believe me, it's not about you.
It's the band deposit I'm worried about.
That and the cake.
You know, this feels like a good moment to mention I never liked you.
And yet you're marrying me.
Speaking of which, did you ask my (gunfire continues) (men shouting in foreign language) S01E03 Boarding Party (radio drones indistinctly) (whistles softly) (chuckles) Okay.
Maybe we have a different understanding - of the word "ready" here.
- (chuckles) I'm basically ready.
" No, you're not basically ready.
Let's go.
Chop, chop.
All right? All right? And they say that your generation has a different type of work ethic? It's not our fault it's the participation trophies.
Okay, seriously, Emma, isn't "late for school," like, a thing anymore? My homeroom teacher loves me.
I'll be two seconds.
I'm sure she'll love you even more if you're on time, right? Come on.
Let's go, go, go.
I told you you don't have to drive her.
Come on.
I'm her dad, right? I like driving.
Didn't hear the doorbell just now.
Used my keys.
- That's it.
I'm changing the locks.
- Come on, really? It's not like I don't breach doors for a living.
I can get in.
(hair dryer whining nearby) What's with the toolbox there? Did you know? (chuckles) Did I know what? I'm sorry, you have to catch me up here.
All right, I started cleaning out Nate and Molly's garage yesterday I told you I was gonna clean out the garage.
Nate was hiding a burner phone.
Uh, I think he was keeping it in his toolbox.
Nate was hiding a burner phone from his wife.
(chuckles) Just to be clear here, you think because Nate had a phone, he was cheating on Molly? (sighs) All I'm saying is there's a lot of reasons why people use a phone.
Not necessarily wh-what you're saying.
All right, so was he? I don't know.
Was he what, having an affair? Well, what do you think? You were his friend.
(sighs) Oh, right.
I'm sorry, you can't.
'Cause-'cause I'm just Wives' Club, right? It's you and the boys.
You wouldn't tell me - even if you knew.
- I'm not doing this right now.
Emma, come on! There was a time you would have told me, you know? I looked at the history.
All the calls are to and from one number.
Did you call it? - Disconnected.
- Okay, look, I'll take care of this.
I'll take care of this, all right? Just don't say anything, 'cause I don't want anything - getting back to Molly, all right? - Trust me, I'm not looking to talk about this, especially with Molly.
EMMA: Not looking to talk about what? Grown-up stuff? Grown-up stuff.
Exactly, huh? Talking about grown-up stuff.
Come on, let's go.
We'll talk about it in the car, 'cause you are late.
I got to get you going.
A lot of grown-up stuff.
Too much grown-up stuff.
Step out, I got it.
- I got this, Clay.
- No, I'm good.
Swap with Jonesy, he needs a break, let's go.
Come on! JASON: Swap with Jonesy because he needs a break.
You got to be kidding me, right? Hey, look, man, you can't deny the kid's talent.
Or his ego.
His ego 'cause he's refusing to check out.
Yeah, to prevent his teammates from puking.
No, I think he's overcompensating because he's hit the bottom five.
That's why.
You know what? He keeps pressing the red like that, you know what he's gonna do? He's gonna hit a wall, he's gonna slow his whole team down.
You sure you're not threatened - 'cause he's faster than you? - Threatened? (scoffs) You gotta be kidding me.
Triple my rucksack, and I'll still beat his ass up that hill, Ray.
What was that you were just saying about ego? - Nothing.
- Jason Hayes, you said something about ego a second ago.
JASON: Come on, Ray-dawg.
Come on, let's go.
No slack, boys, let's go! You missed your exfil window and are now in enemy hands.
Congratulations, you've won the chance to run it again.
You know, Mr.
Spenser, there's such a thing as being too unselfish.
Team's only as fast as its slowest guy.
(jets flying over) The Centaurus, a U.
-flagged research vessel doing oxygen-level surveys in the South China Sea.
We think it was hijacked this morning.
Wait a second, you think? - What do you mean, you don't know? - Well, whoever took it hasn't made contact yet.
How do we know anyone took it? (on speaker): This is Dr.
Vincent Barbour, aboard the research vessel Centaurus.
We're approximately 100 miles off the coast of Iloilo.
We're being overtaken by what appears to be a gang of Oh, God! No, no, no, no! (automatic gunfire) No, please, no! (cries out) What do you want? (indistinct shouting) BARBOUR: What do you want? Who are you? (static) (gunfire, screaming) Dr.
Vincent Barbour, professor of Ocean and Climate Science at Stanford.
We believe it's his voice on the sat recording.
Julia Clark, also from Stanford.
These two are due to get married next month.
DAVIS: There's more photos on your laptops, plus full bios for the scientists.
They don't ask crew members to post bios - on the faculty Web site.
- You know that's right.
- DAVIS: Mm-hmm.
- You two best watch the "exploitation of the working man" talk.
People might get the idea you've gone commie.
- DAVIS: Oh, please.
- What the hell'd you just say? So that's the hostages, and now we come to the hostage-takers, and for that, this is my colleague, Sam Roberts.
Sam's the Agency's top analyst on Southeast Asian piracy.
Wow, you got more than one expert on Southeast Asia piracy.
- Okay.
No offense, bud.
- None taken.
SAM: Uh, actually, although the Horn of Africa still gets the most attention, the waters of Southeast Asia have become the most dangerous in the world.
Now, the good news for us is that, unlike the Horn, the region surrounding this area is relatively stable.
There's just not a lot of harbors for pirates to hole up in and negotiate ransom.
Most of the local pros use the Anambas Islands.
Centaurus's GPS shows her 400 miles east of Vietnam, headed south-southwest.
Puts her in the Anambas day after tomorrow.
Okay, that's great.
How long till we're greenlit? Working on it now.
Apparently, they're having one of those office politics situations up at CentCom.
A couple "two stars" trying to show who's got more juice.
- You're kidding me, right? - I wish.
- War on terror.
- War on terror, yeah.
We should be airborne right now.
Well, you know I'm trying.
(sighs) (pop music playing in background) Snatch me up to your side Ah all right.
Mm You know what they call a guy who graduates last in his med school class? Why's it got to be a guy? Is that how you chatted up Miss Gender Studies? You "white knight" it? She's studying literature.
She's here, you know.
(clears throat) Yep.
They call him "Doctor.
" - Him or her.
- Hmm.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Come on, man, you got to shake this off.
You got to shake it off.
You're still here, all right? Make it through Selection, get drafted to a Tier One squadron.
It doesn't matter how many times you got bottom-fived.
(clears throat) Look, most of the guys in our Selection class just put my name on a list of guys that they think don't belong here.
I'm supposed to just get past that and just go back to operating next to them? Means I know you want to blame that vote on jealousy.
Guys putting you in the bottom five because your daddy wrote a book, or 'cause you're faster than a damn rabbit through the shoot house.
- Yeah, damn right I am.
- Yeah, you are, man.
But maybe you might want to consider the possibility that nobody is trying to punish you.
That guys only listed you 'cause of the way you've been acting since the second we got here.
How have I been acting? You know, all the years that we were together at Team 3, you are the only guy that I was 100% certain was gonna be a Tier 1 operator one day.
The only guy.
Not a SEAL alive wouldn't want to operate next to that guy.
I'd be interested to know what happened to him.
STELLA: Hello, sailor.
- Sailor, huh? That's funny.
- Thank you.
Thought of it all by myself.
Got tired of waiting for you to come over there.
Got tired of waiting for you to call, too.
I guess you really are not Dog the Bounty Hunter.
No, I tried to tell you.
But you are a SEAL, though, right? Or is that something you're not allowed to admit? No, it's allowed.
So, are you a-a a color or a number? I'm sorry? Just something that I heard some frog hogs say.
You're familiar with frog hogs? You're familiar with frog hogs? Uh, yeah, around here, you can't avoid them.
So why come here then? (laughing): What do you mean? Uh, I mean, you're from you're from Hudson State.
That's up north, right, near-near Williamsburg? So? Well, so, I mean, there must be bars in Williamsburg.
There's one a few blocks from my apartment.
Never occurred to you to maybe just do your drinking there? I mean, you wouldn't even need a designated driver.
(laughs) You know, a suspicious mind might think that you're implying that I'm a frog hog.
No, I know what you are.
An intelligent and charming individual who transcends any attempt at lazy generalization? No, you're a tourist.
No, you're just looking for a little adventure before you settle down in your ivory-tower life.
You know, some stories to tell the kids from your seminar.
Let 'em know you were the cool professor.
Okay, that's, um that's a really terrible thing to say.
And to think I came over here hoping to have some fun.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint.
Oh, no, no, no, you did not disappoint me, Clay.
You just stopped surprising me.
BRIAN: Oh, I guess we decided to go the other way on the whole white-knight thing.
Warships, I can see, but yachts? Yeah, who wants to build a model of a research vessel? - Bunch of nerds.
- Not me.
Good news is, you can buy 'em already assembled if you want to pay a little extra.
Isn't it your patriotic duty to build it there, Davis, you know, save Uncle Sam some cash? Sonny, you do realize it's my job - to pack your parachutes, right? - Ooh! Is she allowed to joke about that? - Probably not.
- Well, you gonna write her up? Well, no.
She packs my chute too.
Come on, you got to give her props, man.
At least she's got the manners not to bring up your dive gear.
I'm not evil.
RAY: You ever think of how dumb it is to join the Navy when you're afraid of the water? Pretty interesting.
I think someone's afraid to swim.
I'm not afraid to swim, okay? - It's just not my first choice.
- Okay.
Now, if I was a dirt bag, I'd hide - the passengers right in here.
- Why? No windows, good egress point to move the hostages quickly.
And defendable, in case they get boarded.
Yeah, but where are the bathrooms? - Mm-hmm.
- The worst thing about being a hostage-taker's got to be the hostages.
I mean, they need food, water, bathroom breaks.
JASON: She got a good point.
I mean, you keep 'em there, you're gonna be spending all your time taking them to and back from the head.
So how do you want to board this? Wait till the boat makes harbor, dive in.
Combat swim op.
Old school frogman style.
There you go.
I don't suppose I could interest any of you in an under-way boarding? I mean, we got the helo pad right here.
We chopper in, surprise 'em while they're sleeping.
That'd be great if we knew the location of the hostages.
- I know that.
It's just - Come on, get excited, brother.
Going swimming in it.
Get excited.
It's happening.
We're doing it.
We'll swim in.
All right, guys, look, assuming the boat's docked bow-in, our hook-point should be at the stern.
It'll be less likely to have hostiles back there.
Plus, it's got nice shielding from the shore.
This helo pad's gonna provide great concealment from the bridge.
Keep in mind this thing's been at sea for a few weeks, so the deck's gonna be a slip-and-slide.
Gonna have to watch your footing.
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
Yeah, it is.
We figure two assault teams with sniper overwatch? Alpha Team gets set to hit the bridge while we find out where the hostages are being held.
Then we coordinate over comms, simultaneous assault.
Take out the bad guys on the bridge before they can call the cavalry.
Take out the guards before they start smoking the hostages.
- Bam.
- Gonna need Draegers, nav boards, painters' poles, hooks.
She's on it.
Doesn't bother you that the only reason why we're sitting here on our asses, instead of in a C-17 on our way to the "La Bambas" to start setting up our welcome for Captain Jack Sparrow and his merry men is because of a pair of two-star generals who are having some type of bureaucratic power struggle? Pretty sure one of them was an admiral.
Okay, of course, it bothers me, Ray.
You did that whole, uh, new NSA surveillance thing last year in D.
, right? Ugh.
Those guys are terrifying.
Made me scared to walk past my computer.
They teach you how to track phones and stuff like that? (laughing): Look, man, I know things are weird between you guys right now, but stalking your wife's a rabbit hole, trust me.
(laughing): No.
It's Nate.
Well, Nate him, you definitely don't need to track.
From my understanding, he's gonna stay put a while, like End of Times.
Oh, Nate was hiding a burner phone in his toolbox, okay? Alana found it when she was cleaning out their garage.
Oh, she thinks it's a ho phone.
What else is it gonna be? Maybe he was talking to a reporter, like, Deep-Throat style? Partying with Lee Harvey Oswald and the breakdancing kid from that Pepsi ad, right? What do you care if Nate was stepping out anyway? It's Alana, okay? You think that if it turns out they were a lie, she's that much less likely to give you two another shot? Look, man, nobody wants to see you back with Alana more than I do, get your ass back home instead of lounging around my living room all day, but Nate's phone's not gonna get you there.
Besides, NSA wants to track you, they go straight to your nav.
The nav in Nate's car? Yeah, it's like riding around in a digital snitch.
What you're saying is that the nav in Nate's car has got a record of everywhere he's been? - No.
- That's not what you're saying? No, no, I'm saying it's the Lord's car now, man.
- Molly donated it to their church.
- I know.
I'm driving.
Come on.
- Jason.
- Let's go.
Come on.
WOMAN: Let's make sure I have this right.
Something of yours was left in your friend's car at the time it was donated, and I can't call the donor to have her vouch for you? And I can't go looking for the item myself 'cause you can't tell me what it is? Yes, ma'am, exactly.
See, it's a personal "Of a personal nature.
" I heard you.
Son, is there pornography in that car? No, ma'am, there's no pornography in the car.
You know what they say about a man that lets his tongue drip falsehoods in the house of the Lord? "He that worketh deceit shall not dwell in my house, nor tarry in my sight.
" You know your Psalms.
Yes, ma'am, I do.
- You do.
- I do, yeah.
Listen, Nancy, we give you our word, there's no pornography in the car.
- There's no pornography.
- No.
Thanks, Nancy.
Don't make me come looking for you.
Not in this heat.
Thank you, Miss Nancy.
Find a date with multiple calls.
May 1 five calls.
(beeping) Norfolk? What's in Norfolk? Not much, if memory serves.
Pick another date with multiple calls.
April 24 Four calls.
It's Norfolk again.
It's the same address.
That's it.
What do you mean it disappeared? I mean, one second, I'm looking right at it.
- The next, it's just - What disappeared? The Centaurus.
We were tracking it to the Anambas Islands.
Its GPS just turned off.
Oh, my God.
(beeping) (engine starting) Looks like the pirates have finally figured out how to disable the Centaurus's GPS.
Last known position was here.
By now, they could be anywhere within this circle.
And by the time we get you over there JASON: I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
How big is that area? About the size of the continental United States, give or take Ohio.
MANDY: We need to figure out where they're going.
If they were headed to the Anambas, why weren't they bearing west before the GPS went offline? Trying to throw us off maybe? Typhoon season intensifies the currents, yeah? - Considerably.
- All right.
Well, wouldn't you expect any halfway competent captain to avoid heading directly into a strong current? Lieutenant Commander Blackburn, as a Navy man? If he's trying to save fuel, sure.
SAM: Well, pirate captain may not be interested in that.
Plus, most of them aren't too competent.
Well, this one was competent enough to switch off his GPS.
These guys likely know the waters.
They're in a hurry to find some shade.
Can we plot what their trajectory would look like if they were maximizing their use of currents? Philippines.
What I'm thinking.
(speaks Filipino) Ready, ready.
(grunts) Grenade! ADAM: Hold there.
Role-players, out.
Come on, let's go.
Some real Chuck Norris action, Spenser.
Dive on the grenade.
Make a great chapter in your book.
Problem is, unlike your daddy, you're too dead to write one.
Want to tell us what the hell you're thinking? I was thinking I need to save a hostage and my teammate.
Spenser, this isn't Guadalcanal.
Your mission, for which the American taxpayer is sending you across the world, is to get the hostage to safety, not go medal jumping.
Grenade goes live, you get low, out of the blast range, hope your armor catches most of the flak.
At least that way you're giving yourself a chance instead of dry humping that explosive all the way to the afterlife.
Are we clear? Are we clear?! Clear.
Run it again.
(jet engine roaring) According to my source in Mindanao, the Centaurus is headed for the Philippines.
Iligan City.
Don't you mean "Iligan's Island"? Iligan City has been the flash point for a long-running terror campaign.
My source hears that they're headed there to meet a buyer for the hostages.
Your source know who the buyer is? Yeah.
Thurston Howell III.
Eduardo Mercado.
We believe his organization is responsible for the ferry bombing last month killed 70 people.
Mercado's been looking for a way to announce himself as a player on the world stage.
Figures he'll buy some American hostages, cut their heads off on the Internet.
Cheap way to get publicity, huh? All right, brother Ray.
You want to tell everybody again how we're gonna get these people home safe? We hit the boat as soon as it docks.
Once we secure the hostages, we call for the fast boats, exfil before anybody in port knows we were there.
Petty Officer Davis, you do realize that we will be swimming in some of the migratory routes of some of the world's deadliest sharks.
Yes, indeed.
These are the very same waters where the USS Indianapolis sank in 1945.
Hundreds of American crewmen survived the sinking only to end up, sadly, eaten by sharks.
RAY: Well, you have to assume that those sharks passed down their love of sailor flesh to their shark grandbabies, yeah? - Gotta assume.
- RAY: Gotta assume.
I've been punched, shot and stabbed.
Got frag in my shoulder twice, an RPG almost geld me.
You think I'm afraid of some stupid-ass fish? - DAVIS: Uh, yes.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
- Absolutely.
- Uh-huh.
We all do.
(imitates chomping) (clears throat) Did you pack it? Is this the "it" that you're referring to? Oh, yes.
So these teeny, tiny magnets are supposed to protect you from a 2,000 pound shark? The ad says it's a proven deterrent.
SONNY: Officer's Training School? - What the hell's this about? - Oh, nothing.
My friend, Gina, from Admin was asking, so I thought I'd do a little investigation for her.
Oh, you ain't a good friend if you're helping her become a cake-eater.
Officers are a bunch of do-nothing politicians whose only purpose is dreaming up new ways to get us killed.
And that is precisely what I told her.
And by the way, this bracelet is not bogus.
Aquaman's trident has nothing on this thing.
(grunts, laughs) I got to say something, brother.
What's that? It doesn't seem right poking around Nate's life like this.
Man's got a right to be buried with his secrets.
All right? Just forget we ever found that address inside the truck.
Tell Alana that the phone was a dead-end.
You can see it as lying, or you can see it as easing her burden.
What good's telling her gonna do? I count four pirates on deck.
- Any sign of the buyers? - Nothing.
Any luck, we'll get on board before they arrive.
How long till we're there? Based on the current, we calculated a 45 to 50 minute swim from the launch point to the Centaurus and they've been under 40 minutes almost.
All right.
I'm gonna update command.
Hey, um, I just want to tell you that was smart.
You know, figuring out an alternate destination for the boat, contacting your people on the ground, that was resourceful.
All this time around you must be rubbing off on me.
I see three vehicles pulling up.
Got to be our buyer.
Eyes on four men, all armed.
Well, four on deck, that makes eight hostiles.
MANDY: No, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Who the hell are those guys? Brave 1, this is TOC.
- Abort infil.
Repeat, abort infil.
- They're under.
Their comms aren't gonna work until they resurface.
At which time they'll be facing an army.
(muffled talking) All right, looks like the party got a lot bigger than expected, huh? That's what happens when people don't RSVP.
How long until we reestablish comms? - At least a few minutes.
- Our situation has changed.
Can't get to the hostages unseen.
Gonna have to do this quick and dirty.
My two favorite words: "quick" and "dirty.
" On you, Ray.
(indistinct talking nearby) ERIC: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Be advised, multiple hostiles have boarded the Centaurus.
Yeah, we got that.
Moved infil to starboard side.
Bravo 1, we got 12 hostiles on deck.
Any visual on the hostages? None topside, but four hostiles just went inside.
They're rounding them up for transport.
TEAM LEADER: Bravo Team, this is Alpha.
We're in position on the stern.
Alpha, hold.
SONNY: None of these mopes have suppressers.
It's gonna get real loud if they start firing.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
You better get our exfil up and going 'cause this whole island is about to know we're here.
Copy that.
Alpha, want you to beeline for the bridge.
We're going below decks.
Stand by.
TEAM LEADER: Roger that.
(men talking, laughing nearby) (man shouts) (grunts) Bravo Team making entry.
Bravo Team making entry.
TEAM LEADER: Alpha Team is going to the bridge.
(men shouting in distance) Go.
(men continue shouting in distance) TEAM LEADER: Alpha Team is approaching the bridge.
(man speaking Tagalog over radio) - Clear.
- All clear.
TEAM LEADER: Bravo 1, this is Alpha 1.
JASON: Go for Bravo 1.
Bridge is secure, over.
Copy, Alpha 1.
Bad guys know we're here.
Hostages don't have much time.
ERIC: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Go for Bravo 1.
Your exfil boats are four mikes out.
JASON: Hold what you got.
We haven't located the hostages yet.
(men shouting in distance) (people screaming) Hey! (indistinct shouting) - Vince! Vince! Vince! - One on me.
Stay calm and get prepared to move.
(woman screams) TOC, this is Bravo 4.
11 hostages secured.
Bravo 1 and 2 pursuing the last.
ERIC: Roger, Bravo 4.
Your boats are one mike out.
We'll get him back.
Don't worry.
VINCE: Help! Help me! (Mercado shouts in Tagalog) VINCE: Help! Help! Help! (grunting) (Mercado shouts in Tagalog) (indistinct shouting) RAY: We breach, the hostage dies.
Can't leave him here.
Maybe we can talk him out.
MANDY: TOC to Bravo 1.
I have multiple hostiles inbound.
Two minutes from the port.
You need to exfil those hostages immediately.
So much for talking him out.
Sniper overwatch, anyone got a shot? OVERWATCH: Negative.
Bravo has the only breach point.
(Vince shouting) Oh, no.
It's that look again.
It's not the only way in.
(Do shouting in Tagalog) Well, that's a pretty tight shot, brother.
Well, you know what I've made tighter.
Sure you have, Romeo.
ERIC: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
You've got trucks rolling up at your dock.
They are not friendly.
I repeat: they are not friendly.
Buy us some time, Ray.
Copy that.
(engine revving nearby, men shouting) (automatic gunfire) (man screams) (automatic gunfire continues) Bravo 2 to Bravo 1.
Not gonna be able to hold them all off.
Boss, you need to take that shot.
(automatic gunfire continues) (Mercado shouting in Tagalog) (continues shouting) (silenced shot, men grunting) Let's go.
Get him out of there.
(bullets striking) Time to go! TEAM LEADER: Bravo team, this is Alpha.
We'll cover your exfil.
With me, with me! Cover the rear! Go, go, go, go, go! Move, move, move! Move! Let's go! Move! Come on.
Let's move! Go, go, go! Go! (automatic gunfire continues) Let's go.
Alpha boat, coming in hot.
It's okay.
Everybody okay? Thank you.
Couple of hostages are dinged up, but overall, we're good.
RAY: Just like we drew it up, huh? Man, you were just trying to help and I was kind of being a dick the other night, I'm sorry.
"Kind of"? I'm sorry, too.
I was being real preachy.
Well, I, um I should've listened.
You know, I just, uh man, I kept digging myself in deeper and deeper these last few days.
You know, there's just I don't know.
There's something about the Selection process that just makes me Need to prove that you're better than the rest of us? (laughs softly) No.
No, it's not that, it's It's just-it's just making DEVGRU is the only thing I've ever dreamed of doing my entire life, and now, suddenly, I'm wondering what my life might look like if I don't make it.
That's an awful lot of weight to put on your back every time you got to go out and run the O course.
Yeah, you're right.
(sniffles) I just need to worry about the mission, guys to my left, guys to my right.
Yeah, man.
Do that, there's not a SEAL alive who wouldn't want to roll with you.
While we're on the subject of apologies, probably owe Stella one.
(laughs) (chuckles) Yeah, that was some, some serious only-child sulking the other night, wasn't it? - Yeah.
- Oh, man.
(clears throat) She'd be good for you, though.
Good for all of us, really.
How's that? She might be the only person on Earth that can keep your ego in check.
(laughs) Get out of here, man.
- Night, brother.
- All right.
(indistinct chatter) (exhales) Hey.
You know, I'm gonna grab a drink with Sonny a little bit later, if you want to join.
Oh, thanks.
I-I, uh, think I'm gonna head home.
Okay, cool.
I don't know if I'd want to hang out with Sonny myself, if I didn't know him.
(chuckles) It's not because I don't want to hang out with you.
Believe me.
My role here makes it complicated.
Yeah, I get it.
You know, it's better to stay on the outside.
It used to drive me crazy.
Do all the work getting a bead on a target, just to have to hand off to the boys once it was time to actually take it down.
My control issues? I located the hostages, and it was nearly a disaster.
They could've all been killed.
- Yeah, well, they weren't.
- They could've.
And some have been.
I mean, it's a lot to bear.
I keep my distance because I need to.
Not because I want to.
Well, you never send me into the line of fire, so offer stands.
(laughs) - Next time.
- Okay.
CLAY: I was projecting my fear of failure at work onto a fear of failure with you.
STELLA (laughs): You're really gonna feed me psychobabble? Really? It depends.
Is it working? (sighs) I don't know.
All right.
Well, you said that you're sorry.
Now what? What's this? Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
Actually wrote my Your thesis on it.
You're a hell of a writer.
Is this a first edition? No.
You know, now-now's actually, probably a good time for me to tell you how little I make.
Well, as far as apologies go, this is, um, this is pretty good.
Probably a B-plus.
B-plus? Tough grader.
How can I possibly give you an "A" when flowers are the universal way of saying "Sorry for being such a jackass"? I'd have given you flowers, but then, you would've accused me of equating my apology to your reproductive organs.
Or violating your safe space.
Would you please leave my reproductive organs out of this? I, uh I should hit the road.
No, no.
I mean (laughs) I mean, you just drove all the way here.
You might as well just come in for, like, a minute.
(Stella clears throat) (laughs) (clears throat) You know, SEALs prepare for all scenarios.
Shames me to admit this, but, um, I find it kind of hot that you, uh, used your ninja skills to break in here.
Would it ruin the moment if I told you that I left the flowers with your roommate? Definitely.
Oh, how I want you So curious now You give power to me (laughs) And your voice Sings through me Oh, how I want you.
(train whistle blows in distance) (dog barking in distance) (camera shutter clicking steadily) (train passing in distance)