SEAL Team (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Ghosts of Christmas Future

Previously on SEAL Team JASON: That's Ash Spenser's kid.
My dad's book I know a lot of guys had a problem with it.
His dad's only persona non grata because he had the bad manners to write a book without being an officer.
Look, if we're taking a break, then we're taking a break.
Problem was I was never here.
Our problem is you're not here even when you are here.
- You're a teacher? - A grad student.
RAY: Where's that blood coming from? Nate's death isn't on you.
Nate was hiding a burner phone from his wife.
You think, because Nate had a phone, he was cheating on Molly.
All the calls are to and from one number.
JASON: It's the same address, Norfolk.
Carter? Mr.
Carter? Mr.
Director Johnson will see you now.
If you follow me, please? Thank you.
We need to protect him 'cause he's an asset.
I'm not arguing this with you anymore.
At the end of the day, it's my call.
Then we won't have a problem.
When's the next time you're gonna have comms? All right, Doug.
I'll talk to you then.
I thought you were supposed to say upstairs now, with the rest of the elder statesmen.
You cannot imagine just how boring it gets up there.
(LAUGHS) So Doug's back in the Tribals? Oh.
That's individually cleared.
You know the thing nobody tells you about getting kicked upstairs at this place is the higher you go, the less you know.
Look, Oliver, I'm actually late for dinner already.
Who are you meeting? You remember my friend Helen from State? Oh, my God.
She's gonna kill me.
How many times did I warn you not to let the Agency become your one true love? That's awfully heteronormative of you.
How do you know Helen and I aren't an item? Gonna move to the Berkshires, open a pit bull rescue.
Oh, God.
I already have two actual parents, so if you just came down here to talk about when I'm gonna meet a nice man Mandy.
The director just gave the green light, finally.
We're gonna go get him.
The Butcher of Travnik.
Baljic? The devil himself.
And I want you to quarterback it.
I don't know what to say.
I'm honored.
and Mrs.
As your son Michael may have told you, we like to view our, uh, disciplinary matters as just one more opportunity for learning.
Teachable moments.
That's not language we use anymore, but that's essentially the idea.
Look, who knows what the world has in store for our young people once they venture beyond our walls.
We, uh, we can't anticipate every situation they're likely to face, so what we try to do is, uh, give them the tools to-to make the best decision no matter the-the circumstance.
And Michael didn't make the best decision given the circumstance.
Fighting's never the right decision.
I'm sorry, who are you? What do you do again? - Yeah.
- Jason.
You remember Mr.
Michael's guidance counselor.
Please, call me Keith.
I'm sorry, but you were telling us how it's not right to fight.
You disagree.
Well, it sounds to me like the world that you're preparing your students for is a world where, if you ask really nice, the bad guys will leave you alone.
Is that what you see? I fear that we've, uh, wandered some distance from the point.
As-as I was saying, because it's the first time that Michael has exhibited problem behavior, we'll want to take a look at any recent changes to the, uh, home environment.
KEITH: Now, we understand that the two of you have been living apart.
Uh, yes, for about six months or so.
- And how does Michael feel about this? - How do you think he feels? ALANA: I don't think I have to tell you how inexpressive 11-year-old boys can be.
Believe me, Mrs.
Hayes, Michael is hardly the worst on that score.
Mostly they grow out of it.
Well, he seemed to be taking it in stride, so KEITH: And in the months since Mr.
Hayes moved out, has there been any further evolution of the domestic arrangements? Are you, are you asking if we started dating? In instances of marital separation children can become hypersensitive to change.
Well, I suppose I can only answer for myself, but as far as that goes, the answer is no.
No further evolution.
Same question.
Has your domestic situation recently continued to evolve? Mr.
Hayes? (GRUNTS) Look, doesn't it bother you that our-our son is growing up at a time where he's taught not to punch the bully in the face? Uh, not really.
Besides, Caden's not a bully.
He was one of Michael's closest friends all last year.
As far as his mom and I can put together, they got in some falling out over a girl.
Or maybe Xbox.
Do you think Michael knows that we've been? What? Fooling around? - Oh, is that what we're doing? - Yeah.
I don't care what you want to call it.
All I know is that I want to keep doing it, that's all.
Why? Wh? I didn't even really think that would need an explanation.
I'm saying what's changed? We started missing each other? (LAUGHS) I feel like, I feel like I'm 15 again and we're in the back of your uncle's truck.
You still look the same.
That's kind of the problem.
You look the same, too, but you're not.
Jason, when you first started deploying, hard as it was to have you gone all those months, it was worth it.
(CHUCKLES) 'Cause I knew you'd be back.
(SIGHS) Then, somewhere in there, you stopped coming back.
I don't know, Alana.
I don't know.
I guess we're not 15 anymore.
No, I guess we're not.
OLIVER: Luka Baljic, Serbian weapons broker.
We have reason to believe he's the guy supplying the Taliban with the .
50-cal armor-piercing sniper rifles they've been using against our APCs.
Those are the weapons that killed the four marines a couple weeks ago in Kandahar? Mm-hmm.
Next shipment's a load of SA-7s.
Baljic's due in Estonia in 72 hours to oversee delivery of his next shipment to his runners, chiefly this man, Abukhan Kadyrov, Chechen national.
Ex-Excuse me.
These guys are shipping weapons to Afghanistan via Estonia? They obviously don't know how to look at a map.
We're confident in our intelligence and our analysis.
Where your expertise comes in is coming up with a way to snatch Baljic that does as little damage as possible to our diplomatic relations.
Maybe I'm just a little bit behind here, because Estonia's still in the E.
Right? Why don't you just get the local authorities to pick him up and hand him over? There is some concern the Estonians might be reluctant to arrest him.
They're in a delicate situation, diplomatically.
Sadly, some Serbian hard-liners still regard this guy as a hero.
So, what, he fought in Bosnia? Commanded a Scorpion division.
- Oh, that's not good.
- No.
Baljic's personally responsible for the murders of over a thousand Bosnian Muslim civilians.
What? So he's an arms dealer and a war criminal.
At least he's not lazy.
Must be, like, what, 20 years since we went after a war criminal.
Baljic's weapons have killed dozens of American servicemen, which is why we now consider him an imminent threat.
1994, Travnik The massacre I told you about.
Kandahar, two weeks ago.
Take your pick.
S01E04 Ghosts of Christmas Future What's the security like? His protection detail's made up exclusively of guys who served under him.
So they're war criminals, too.
He doesn't go anywhere without at least two or three of them.
Look, anyone want to make a case for taking him at the hotel? It'd be a tough sell to Command, anyway.
State Department's real worried about the destruction of private property.
- Oh, it's good to know the priorities.
- Hmm.
Okay, we know the priorities Hotel's out.
Too many variables, right? We could wait till he comes outside, nab him in the street.
What if he doesn't leave, only orders room service? Okay, look, anywhere else we're sure he's gonna be? Only thing we know on his itinerary is the Kadyrov meet.
JASON: We got a when, where? Where's the Port of Tallinn.
When's variable.
It depends on when the shipment arrives.
Should be in the next 72 hours.
Can we hit him in the port? Military's got security at the port, right? - MANDY: Mm-hmm.
- (CHUCKLES) Good one.
- What? - I'm sorry, we're supposed to be afraid of the Estonian military? RAY: It's not about being afraid, knucklehead.
It's about avoiding the possibility some unlucky Estonian MP sticks his nose in, gets himself smoked Poor son of a bitch ends up starting a war.
I'm just saying, my money's on us.
Okay, keep in mind we're operating low-viz in a NATO country.
That means no helos, all indig weapons.
- So we're talking Glocks and AKs? - Sounds about right.
Hit him in transit, vehicle to vehicle.
- Whoa.
- RAY: Yeah? - Kickin' it old school.
- JASON: That's right.
Seriously, when's the last time we ran a vehicle-based vehicle interdiction? Ah, man, it's like riding a bike, Davis.
- JASON: It's like riding bikes.
- RAY: I'm on point.
- JASON: You're not on point.
- I'm on point! JASON: No, you're not.
What's the deal with Oliver? What's his story? He mentored me through my first posting, fresh out off the Farm.
Always hitting us with these little nuggets - of intel wisdom he'd found.
- Right.
- Rogers' "Rules of Ranging"? - Among others, yeah.
Some of that stuff, I'm pretty sure he just made up.
He's a bit, uh, senior for deploying, don't you think? (CHUCKLES) Oliver spent about four years chasing Baljic in the '90s.
And then 9/11, suddenly, no one cared about a target unless you could show a nexus with international terror.
So Baljic is "the one that got away"? Pretty much.
And, trust me, you don't have to worry about Oliver's objectivity.
I trust you.
STELLA: You know, it's come to my attention that, um that there's a guy with your same last name is giving a reading in Norfolk tomorrow from his, uh, his book about his legendary career as a as a Navy SEAL.
Can I just assume that that's not a coincidence? So, now who's Dog the Bounty Hunter? You said that your father was in the Navy.
Yeah, he was.
In SEAL Team Six.
Yeah, it's actually it's not really called that anymore.
Whatever it's called, your dad is, like, a legend in the same ridiculously competitive unit that you're trying to get into.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Again (CLEARS THROAT) look, my, um, my selection and-and training status is, like it's really it's not something that I'm supposed to divulge, so if you could just, like (CHOPPING SOUND) just let that go.
You know I minored in psych as an undergrad? Yeah, you mentioned it.
Why? Is-is this the part where you're gonna tell me that what I'm really training for is to kill my father and replace him in my mother's affections? So, you gonna go? - To the reading? - Mm-hmm.
Um, I mean, I wasn't really planning on it.
How come? Because I already know what happens in the book.
I don't.
Come on, we'll go together.
It'll be fun.
I want to meet the famous dad.
- You want to meet my father? - Mm-hmm.
And this is, what, like, our third date? This is a date? (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) Seriously, though, I want to meet him.
Yeah, I'm-I'm sure that you will, at some point.
It just You know, this feels like like maybe we ought to wait till we know each other a little better.
We should probably know each other a little bit better before we sleep together again, right? No, no, no, no, no.
I got to go.
Excuse me.
Hold on, hold on.
(SQUEAKS) - Hold on.
- What? Boss, I'd like to register a grievance.
It's kind of a human resources thing.
Yeah, I'm all ears.
This should be good.
RAY: I've let it be known for some time now that I find vehicle-to-vehicle interdictions pretty damn badass, and if we ever got to do one for real Ray, it's a low-viz hit in an area where you're not low-viz.
ERIC: All right, let's cut the chatter.
Let's do a run-through.
Nicely done.
(PANTING) - Let's get it under 20.
- All right.
Let's bring it back, run through it again.
I could do better.
You forget that thing we talked about forgetting? I can't remember.
I'm being serious, Jason.
You already went.
The address we found in Nate's truck You already went, didn't you? (RAY SCOFFS) That's who lives there.
Well, Nate always had good taste.
Now what? (CHUCKLES) I don't get it, man.
You find Jesus, finally? What do you mean, find Jesus? What are you talking about? I'm just trying to understand why you care so much.
I mean, it's not like Nate was the first teammate we had to get some on the side This only proves that he wasn't the exception.
Or-or are you mad that he was keeping a secret from his boys? It's not, okay? It's Alana.
She keeps asking me if I know anything or if I found anything out.
I don't know what I'm gonna tell her.
I-I have no idea.
You know what, man, I don't know why lying gets such a bad rap.
I mean, you want to tell me something that I can't change? - Yeah.
- Something that's gonna cause me hurt? Lie to me, baby.
Well, whatever happened to, uh, "he who walketh the path of deceit - shall see the tongues" - "He that practices deceit shall not dwell in my house, nor tarry in my presence".
Here's the thing, lying is not necessarily deceit.
Especially when it helps protect a good man's memory.
(SIGHS) Nate was definitely a good man.
Target heading north into alley.
Got him.
Heading towards the market.
Paralleling you north, west side.
Target now moving west through market.
Sonny, he's about 30 seconds out.
(BEEPS) Tracking device set.
On the move.
Target is stopping at vendors.
Stand by.
Target is continuing through market.
Three, two, one.
You should have him.
Got him.
Target crossing Rava, westbound.
Now crossing northbound on Allika, east side of the street.
Yeah, sorry.
Where'd he go? We have a visual? I saw him enter the first building off Allika.
Can't tell which door from my angle.
Damn it.
I can't get any closer without drawing attention.
All right, keep your eyes on the doors.
I'm coming your way.
Brock, you got near, I got far.
Sonny, hold tight in case they come back outside.
All call, break.
Repeat, break contact.
What's the word, big daddy? One of the bodyguards, we know each other.
We're burned.
Jakub Kowal.
We operated with him in Afghanistan.
13 years.
Polish Special Forces.
He was with GROM? - JASON: Oh, yeah.
- Tough bastards.
Appears Baljic's decided to upgrade his security posture.
Guy's the real deal.
Damn shame he decided to work for an ethnic cleanser.
All right, what does this do to the op? Anyone see a way that we don't abort? OLIVER: All right, look, y-you two are the ones he knows on sight, yeah? - Yeah, he knows me as well.
- All right, so we take the three of you off the snatch team.
Doesn't leave much of a snatch team, does it? There's not gonna be a snatch team.
There's no way Baljic does the meet now.
All right? Kowal is just gonna keep him in that hotel till he takes him to the airport.
So we hit 'em on the way to the airport.
When? - What do you mean? - When? When? He means, when are they going to the airport? Or do you know something we don't know? Yeah.
All right, all right.
So, we watch the hotel.
How long? - You keep him in there all week.
- Yeah, during which time, he'll have those vehicles make fake airport runs, keep us constantly guessing whether Baljic's in one of the vehicles.
All right, so we go into the hotel! Mossad did it a few years ago in Dubai.
It was an assassination, with months to plan.
And they still ended up getting their pictures taken.
RAY: Either way, the target that they hit, they didn't know they were coming.
Kowal and his guys are inside that hotel room right now, waiting on us, reinforcing the doors, packing out the windows.
OLIVER: How do you know that? Because we know him.
We trained with him, we worked with him, we fought alongside him.
That's exactly what we would do.
Davis, get me, uh, Baljic's hotel number, can you? Go get him at the hotel? It's been a while since I was this close to the action, okay? It was the adrenaline.
I got carried away.
Long as that's all it is.
What does that mean? It's our careers.
It's their lives, remember? Of course I remember.
Oliver, I know you've been trying to get this mission green-lit since '01.
Just want to make sure, now we're getting so close, you're not gonna catch gold fever.
I guess that you lucked out with Samir as your white whale.
Guy was a walking terror nexus.
I mean, I bet you never got turned down for a green light.
Oh, true, I never had to talk anybody into targeting him.
Finding him was always the hard part.
Baljic was easy to find.
Once he realized we changed our priorities, he came out of hiding and went back to his old life.
Figures as long as he steers clear of any terror nexus, the bill for those murdered kids will never come due.
Oh, anyway.
I suppose there's nothing to do now but sit back, hope Jason's plan's enough to stop Baljic from wriggling off the hook yet again.
Ash Spenser spent 15 years in the SEAL Teams, the Tier One SEAL unit formerly known as SEAL Team Six.
He's the founder of Ash Spenser Tactical Firearms Training, as well as Ash Spenser Security Consulting and Ash Spenser Tactical Security Solutions, as well as a frequent contributor on various cable news outlets as a subject-matter expert on tactics and security.
Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome to our Conversations with Authors series a true American hero, Senior-Chief Ashland Spenser! Thanks, man, thank you.
(AUDIENCE MEMBERS WHOOP) Well, that was quite a mouthful there, Rick.
- Thank you for that introduction.
- Yes.
Um, you know, I was sitting over there a bit concerned while I was listening to that résumé that some of you might be expecting Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you get little old me, and you might be deciding that you're in the wrong room.
(LAUGHTER) The truth is, most Tier One operators aren't much to look at.
No, we're not superheroes.
We don't look like professional athletes.
And we put our pants on one leg at a time.
Well, most of the time.
(MOUTHS) So before we get started this evening, I'd like to find out how familiar the audience is with some of the subjects we're gonna be touching base on, so, by a show of hands, how many of you know what BUD/S is? Excellent.
And that is why I love reading in Virginia! (LAUGHTER) (ASH CLEARS THROAT) I appreciate the call, but I was hoping you were only here on holiday.
What gave it away? The umbrella in my drink? You're here for Baljic? What if I told you I wasn't? Would you believe me? Eh, probably not.
You used to hunt these guys.
Yeah, that was a long time ago, even before you and I met.
(SNIFFLES) Now you're working for them.
Ah, Baljic's not so bad.
Never treats you like a servant.
Pours you one when your shift ends.
Even crack a joke now and then.
And his money spends.
Most of the time.
He trust a professional's judgment about where he can and can't go.
You didn't want him to make the trip? Didn't want him to leave Serbia at all.
I could see that.
No one's gonna go in there after him and grab him.
You know, you can still walk away from this guy.
Make it interesting for you.
Maybe get you a little bounty money.
(LAUGHS) Be a blow to my professional reputation, though, yes? You're really ready to go down with the ship for this guy? For him? It's a question for when the ship is going down.
So far, all we've done is spot the iceberg.
You can't stop us from taking him.
I think I can.
Let me ask you a question.
Three years after leaving GROM, and here you are working for the bad guys? Wait till you've been out a few years You've seen what the options are.
You want to go on making a living using the talents God gave you.
You're a bodyguard who works for a guy who massacres women and kids.
(SIGHS) Didn't see Ray with you this afternoon.
Decided to sit him out of your little recce? Yeah, well, you know what? He draws a lot of eyes around here.
This place isn't exactly a melting pot.
(SIGHS) - Hope you'll give him my best.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks for the drink.
- Yeah.
He didn't go for it.
We heard.
Well, don't tell me you're surprised.
Tell you what.
Gonna need you to book us a commercial flight back.
You and the guys aren't gonna fly back with the rest of us? Change of plan.
Thank you, sir.
RICK: This was great.
Hey, Rick, real pleasure.
Thank you, sir.
- Real pleasure.
- Thank you.
Ah! Alone at last.
(STELLA LAUGHS) You must be Stella.
Uh, I'd better be.
Nice to meet you.
Listen, I was warned that there were certain subjects that, uh, - should be avoided tonight? - Oh.
But there were so many of them, ranging from politics to religion to baby pictures of you know who, and whether or not I have any of those on me There's no way I'm gonna be able to keep all that crap straight.
So, I'm gonna apologize in advance for any offense that I may cause.
Thank you.
Right back at you.
You know, uh, when I first met your son, he tried to tell me what "feminism" means? You're kidding me.
Well, we haven't known each other that long, but I don't think I'd be putting myself out on a limb if I said that is not the way to pick up on you.
And yet, here we are.
He was raised better than that.
How would you know? What my son is referring to, Stella, is the fact that I was away from home quite a bit, even before his mother and I split up.
You see, being a father and being a Navy SEAL That's a contradiction.
Doesn't have to be.
STELLA: Kind of like being a woman and having a career? Right? Exactly.
Where have you been all my life? Come here.
We, uh we finished here? (LAUGHS) I like this girl.
I hope to see you again, young lady.
Call me later.
We'll have dinner.
All right.
) - We get free booze on this bird? - That's first class.
Wait, we're not first class? Who said anything about "we"? (LAUGHS) See, that's-that's not fair, man.
- That's not fair, Jason.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
- (LAUGHING): Yes.
Looks like your airport play worked.
Kadyrov meet's back on.
Bad news Baljic changed the location.
Instead of the port, they're going to Freedom Square.
It's high density, packed with people.
Well, he's awful careful.
I got to give him that.
Yeah, Baljic probably figures if if our airport play was a bluff, we'd be too scared to grab him in the middle of all those people.
Guy makes his name machine-gunning civilians, and now he wants to hide behind 'em.
From a diplomatic relations standpoint, it's even worse than the hotel.
I'll tell you what.
We just intercept him before he gets to the square.
Yeah, we do.
Davis, give me the current imagery.
- SONNY: Vehicle to vehicle? - Just like we planned.
Cue me up.
All right.
Any route they take from the hotel to the square forces them to go through this intersection right here.
SONNY: All right, this is the channelized area right here.
Actually, you know what? Might be too channelized in order for that to work.
Yeah, what's that mess? Looks like someone clacked off an IED.
Looks like a construction site.
Oh, you want to talk about congestion.
That's gonna make it real difficult to get close enough.
You're telling me.
In the middle of the city like that, right, the police response is gonna be a lot shorter than we drilled for.
We're gonna have to speed up the V.
Okay, what's your access to vehicles around here? You got any preference as to type? Heavy.
How far out are they? About two klicks out.
Should be to you soon.
Copy that.
(DOOR SQUEAKS SHUT) Five blocks out, boys.
It's go time.
KOWAL: Hey! (HORN TOOTS) (HORN HONKING) Hey, hey, hey! (HONKING) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come on! Go time.
Three two, one! (EXCLAIMING IN POLISH) JASON (OVER COMM): TOC, this is Bravo 1.
Negative visual on the target.
He is not in the vehicle.
He's in the alley.
TOC, target heading north.
In pursuit.
(PANTING) Good to see you again, Raymond.
Of all the gin joints in all the world, huh, Jakub? You don't want to do this.
Not for him.
Lifeboat time.
Well, that sounds expansive.
Who's Zaid Pashtan? He's a source.
I've been reading his file.
Turns out he is the only source says Baljic's weapons are going to the Taliban.
What about the intercepts? Couple of Taliban guys talking on their sat phones, saying how grateful they are about the coming shipment? That can mean anything.
Intelligence analysis is the art of pulling together various types of He's you.
You made him up.
Give Baljic a nexus with terror, green-light this mission.
Luka Baljic is headed to The Hague to be locked away where he can't do any more harm.
And to answer for the harm he's already done.
The world is a safer and more just place now than it was yesterday.
Doesn't matter how we got here, we're here.
You falsified intel.
Those rockets were never headed for the Taliban.
A snatch-and-grab from the middle of a European capital city? For even a small chance of success, that op requires Tier One operators.
But crimes against humanity, well, they're not important enough to justify the use of Tier One operators.
The old men needed an imminent threat.
Only way I saw to check that box.
You used me.
Everything okay? Yeah.
- You? - Yeah, fine.
You figure out what you're gonna do about Nate's mystery woman? I think it's best for all concerned, we just put it to bed.
Smash Nate's burner phone, let all his secrets just die along with him.
I seem to recall advocating for something along those very lines.
Means having to lie to Alana.
Well, you know, lying is not necessarily deceit.
CLAY: You're looking pretty rough, huh? (LAUGHS) Did you tie one on again last night? Couple of the old guys wanted to see me.
It's not like we can go hang out on the base.
How's my girl Stella doing? She's fine.
She sends her best.
She, um she wanted me to tell you she had a good time She's sorry we couldn't do it again last night.
I told you you didn't have anything to worry about.
Everybody likes me.
Oh, yeah.
So I hear.
God (EXHALES) Those guys.
They're so afraid to be seen with me, I swear to God, the bar they picked last night must have been halfway to Richmond.
Guess that's what they mean by PNG'd, huh? All this over a stupid book.
(GROANS) I guess I should just be grateful that they haven't tried to stop you from seeing me.
Yeah, well, you know, Adam says he sees the persona non grata policy as "don't ask, don't tell.
" Adam told me that you were bottom-fived.
Well, I guess I owe you an apology.
I know being my son makes you a target.
This had nothing to do with you.
I just wasn't performing.
I guess you would know.
I mean, I'm just saying it couldn't have helped your case any, and the book tour coming through here put me in front of everybody's mind.
Yeah, well, I guess, uh guess you could have asked to skip one stop on the tour.
You know, maybe just held off reading here until after Selections or till I get dropped.
- You're not getting dropped.
- But, you know, that would require you to consider someone other than yourself.
You know what, I was just thinking I haven't heard from your mother lately, and here she is.
I-I'm sorry, that was that was low.
Don't talk about my mom.
It was just a joke.
Then don't joke.
I know it was rough on you after we split up.
Yeah, you know, and it would have been a lot rougher if you stuck around.
You know, it would have given you more time to teach me to be like you.
You know, if I was so terrible, why is my only son spending his life following in my footsteps? I'm not following in your footsteps.
I'm erasing them.
You think that being an absent dad is because of the Teams? You were absent because of you.
Would you spare me the psychobabble? You spent your whole life looking in the mirror.
You think that's the kind of man I want to be? Clay.
Don't do this.
Uh, it went straight to voice mail, so you must be with a client or something.
Look, I just wanted to tell you that I-I'm planning on coming by this weekend to get Michael and have a little man time with him.
You know, a little father and son See what's going on with him.
As far as Nate's burner phone is concerned, look, there's no good way to access the location history, so that's a dead end.
We'll talk about it when I see you.
Give those babies a kiss from me, all right? (CLEARS THROAT) (SIGHS) (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) What are you doing in Afghanistan?