SEAL Team (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Pattern of Life

- SEAL: Got movement! - Aisha.
Aisha! Aisha.
Let's go.
D-Rock, stay here with them.
(REEMA SCREAMING) Trent, how's she looking? She's in trouble.
HADDAD: Aisha, Aisha.
Target secured.
Hey, shut your mouth.
Please, I'm a doctor.
Let me help my daughter, please.
He speaks English.
Yeah, that's exactly what I just thought.
Please, let me help her, I'm begging you.
Listen to me, she's in good hands, all right? We're gonna take good care of her.
- Get him in the other room.
- Aisha.
(SPEAKS ARABIC) Keep him quiet, take him in there, will you? Come on.
Let's go.
Why are you doing this? Why are you doing? Please! Please, Aisha! (SPEAKS ARABIC) - In the other room.
- A-Aisha! (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Brock! Brock, get upstairs.
- Keep her quiet, will you? - Copy that.
Here you go.
Hey, come on.
Let's go.
Kid, what are you doing? Come on.
Stop second-guessing yourself, all right? You made the right call.
All right? Guy had an AK.
Shot was downrange.
Can't take it back.
But what you can do right now is get your head back in the game.
You hear me? Yeah.
- Yeah? We good? - Yeah.
Get over there.
Help patch her up.
Let's go.
Hey, help me get her to the kitchen table.
All right? You get the high, I'll get low.
(STAMMERS) I'll say when.
One, two, three.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (AISHA GROANING) - All right, ready? - Yeah.
ALPHA TEAM LEADER (ON COMM): Bravo 1, this is Alpha 2.
We're on the roof, setting up overwatch.
How copy? Good copy, Alpha 2.
Alpha 2 out.
Hey, boss, I got the mom and the kid upstairs.
Kid's about eight or nine.
Look, let's find this phone and get the hell out of Dodge.
Start on the first floor.
- Clear the front room.
- Roger that.
How is she? It's not good, it's bad.
Took a hit very top of the clavicle, right? Well, her mom's upstairs.
Let me go see what she has to say, okay? (DOOR CLOSES) What have you done with my wife and son? They're fine.
Come on.
Get up.
(GRUNTS) I want to see them.
I'm sorry, but that can't happen right now.
Then tell me what you're doing here.
We're looking for a phone and you're gonna give it to us.
What kind of phone? What are you talking about? We'll know when we find it.
Maybe it's this one, Ray.
It's not it.
I have done nothing wrong.
Please let me take my daughter to the hospital.
You help me find the right phone, and we will.
Got one.
It was in the small room off the kitchen.
Looks like it might belong to the girl.
Check it.
SONNY (OVER COMM): Bravo 1, this is Bravo 3.
Got the cell phone, five SIM cards, and reading now.
Sounds like you got the golden ticket.
I've always kind of wanted to meet Willy Wonka.
He would be the Gene Wilder Wonka.
Johnny Depp's interpretation of the character was just a little weird for my taste.
(GRUNTS) I'm sorry, boss.
There is no golden ticket on my end.
Keep looking.
It's not it.
Where's the other phone? - Please.
My daughter needs a hospital.
- Stop.
There is another phone in this house.
The sooner we get the phone, the sooner we'll leave.
Where is the phone? There are three phones, you have them.
That's all we have.
I don't understand what you're doing in my house.
You know we're gonna find it sooner or later.
You gonna make us tear this place apart first? If you find this phone you're looking for, you'll leave? RAY: The phone and whoever it belongs to, he'll have to come with us.
But your wife can take your daughter to the hospital.
Maybe it's you.
You got the phone, huh? You're caught.
So now the question becomes what? Are you gonna bring your whole family down with you? (INHALES) Do either of you have children? If it were your daughter bleeding in there, maybe dying, is there anything you wouldn't do to get her help? If I could give you what you want, I would.
Does your son have a phone? He's only eight.
There's only four of you that live in the house.
What do you say, boss? Do it the hard way, tear this place apart? Tear it apart.
Copy that.
- You speak good English.
- You think the only reason someone would learn your language is if they intend you harm? The guy we're looking for, he's supposed to speak good English.
- The man with the phone.
- Yeah, the man with the phone.
- I went to medical school.
- Where? In Texas.
Watch him.
JASON (OVER COMM): TOC, it's Bravo 1.
Go for TOC.
Target secure.
Four detained including one child.
One noncombatant injured.
We're rendering aid.
What happened? Shot a teenager on the way in.
Dad drew down upon us.
She picked the wrong time to step in front of him.
ERIC: Understood, Bravo 1.
How is she? She lost a lot of blood.
Trying to stabilize her now.
All right.
Keep us posted.
What about the phone? We got three, multiple SIM cards.
None of them are the ones we need.
Are you sure we're at the right target house? Your IR lasso is coming from the same house we pinged the phone to.
So the phone is pinging you right now? No, and actually, we lost the fix on that about an hour ago during infil.
So the pinging killed the battery? Or somebody popped out the SIM card.
Bottom line, signal intel has the phone in the house as of an hour ago.
Drone surveillance says no one's left the target building since we lost contact.
So the phone is in there somewhere.
(SIGHS) RAY: I heard.
Wouldn't be the first time intel sent us to the wrong address.
Remember Libya? TOC, we got one military-age male on target.
Recommend we cut bait, bring him with us, get the girl to the hospital.
How copy? Good copy, Bravo 1.
Wait one.
Bravo 1, this is General Cook.
Son, you understand whoever has that phone runs an online recruitment site linked to at least eight domestic terror suspects? Yes, sir.
Read the briefing.
And did your brief include the names and photographs of all 36 Americans killed at that resort in Malaysia? Yes, it did, sir.
And the fact that the bomber spent over 19 hours at the website in question? Think you'll agree that justifies spending a few more minutes on target.
Copy that, sir.
Sir, keep in mind that we're already several minutes past our optimal time on target.
In 35 minutes, that city is gonna wake up for morning prayer.
Exfil after that is it's damn near impossible.
It's risking a riot.
I understand that, Eric.
Why I'm hoping your boys will move fast.
We need her systolic way up.
I know.
Command says we stay until we find that phone.
She may not have that long.
She lost a lot of blood.
It's too low.
I can't read anything.
Command believes the lives we might save finding that phone outweighs this life.
You are the man in charge of this circus, yes? Bravo 3's downstairs.
Take his place, tell him to come up.
Roger that.
I heard the sound of my husband's voice through the floor, so I know he's alive.
- Tell me about my daughter.
- Your daughter's been injured.
We're giving her medical attention - right now.
- She's injured? You mean, one of you broke into our house and shot her.
An unarmed girl.
Your daughter needs blood.
My daughter needs a hospital! You can take her to one as soon as we're gone, understand? Then get out of my house! I will take her now! Ma'am, arguing is a waste of time.
Now, we have a field blood type test to make sure you and your daughter are compatible.
My advice? Let us run that test.
If you're a match, we'll take you downstairs, draw your blood, and ask you some questions.
You mean while you figure out that you're in the wrong place? That you kicked in the door of an innocent family? Your daughter does not have time for this right now.
My husband is a doctor.
Yes, and as we tried to tell him, there's nobody in the world better equipped for treating gunshot wounds than these men.
Best thing you and your husband can do for your daughter right now is to answer our questions.
Sooner we have answers, sooner we're gone.
Look at this.
Light? (SPEAKING ARABIC) Here, okay.
All right.
Let's make ourselves scarce, little buddy, and let the grown-ups talk here, okay? Come on.
Look at this right here.
It's a glowstick.
Yeah, they're cool, huh? You wave it in front of your face like this.
Look at me.
Ooh! It's cool.
(SOBBING) They're in the bathroom, right.
Come on.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Yeah, I'm surprised he's not a little more concerned about that girl dying.
Not even from a PR standpoint? If you want to get into a general's head, I find it helpful to think of everything as a number.
People, food, bullets, countries You figure they're all like that? I mean, officers? (SIGHS) I can only judge by those I've met.
What, Sonny told you? Oh, that you're applying to officer training? Yeah.
Come on, OTC? I think that's great.
Thank you.
But I will remind you that this is the Navy, and it's called Officer Candidate School, so keep your voice down.
(WHISPERING): Congratulations.
Save it for when I get in.
- Why are you even keeping it a secret? - Come on.
I mean, you see how these guys feel about the officers.
- Yeah.
- They seem to like - Blackburn, though.
- Yeah, well somehow I just feel like I'm betraying them.
As long as you don't end up like him.
Figure General Cook cares if that girl lives or dies? Damage is done, PR-wise.
We sent a team into Yemen, the one war zone in the region we're not actively fighting in.
We kicked down a family's door and shot their little girl.
So it's less important to save the girl's life than it is to prove that we were in the right place.
Yeah, it is a lot easier if you think about her as a number.
Yeah, well (SIGHS) that's never gonna be you, though.
How's she doing? Stable for now.
Could have really used a surgeon, but her lung hasn't collapsed yet.
- Good.
Well, that's something.
- Yeah.
Ray's got the mom in the bathroom.
She's ready to give the blood for the transfusion.
- It's kind of risky.
- Yeah.
- But it's her only option.
- Okay.
That's it.
- You good with him? - Yeah, I'm good.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Wash up best you can.
Okay? You're gonna draw the blood while Ray interrogates her.
Got it? I don't know about another cell phone.
How many people live in this house? I told you, there are four of us.
Anybody leave here right before we showed up? No.
How long have you lived in this house? Two years.
When we moved from Zinjibar.
Why did you move? The fighting.
The Saudis bombed us.
My children deserve a future.
My daughter is going to be a doctor, like her father.
What is your husband's name? Haddad Sayid Bashar.
Does he have a second mobile phone? I told you, no.
Does he have a computer? I already told you, at his work.
Where does he work? Al Salam Hospital.
Please let us take our daughter there.
Soon, ma'am.
Now, you're certain he doesn't have a second cell phone? I don't know! Ask him.
He will tell you.
How we coming with that draw? Yeah, we're all good.
HADDAD: I don't know about any websites that recruits terrorists.
I have nothing to do with AQ.
- They're not true Muslims.
- Okay.
- But you are? - Yes.
I told you, I don't have anything against America.
I studied in America.
This here.
What was this doing in your bedroom, hmm? Why did we find that there? (SIGHS) I'm not a jihadist.
You got to do better than that, Doc.
Someone I knew many years back gave me that.
He knew the guy who wrote it, Khalid Hazazi.
I didn't even know I still had that.
Why'd he give it to you? A hospital I was working at was blown up by an air strike.
By the Saudis, using an American drone.
(CLEARS THROAT) My friend was very angry.
- He wanted to do something.
- Must have made you angry.
Not enough to become a terrorist.
Enough to sympathize with them? No.
I went to hear Hazazi speak at his mosque.
It was hateful.
I do not believe in violent solutions to violent problems.
The name of your friend who gave you that magazine.
That's what I need.
The name.
Why? So you can knock his door down - and shoot his daughter, too? - That your answer? (SIGHS) His name is Akram Qasim.
He was a friend, but I do not share his beliefs.
I have not seen him in many years.
Take it to the wife and see if the stories match.
What's your medical specialty? (CHUCKLES) What's the bear's name? - Zak.
- He looks like a Zak.
Well, Mr.
Zak the bear, would you happen to know where a cell phone like this might be hiding in the house? He's just a toy.
Yeah, good point.
(CLEARS THROAT, CHUCKLES) You'd tell me, though, right? If you happened to know where a cell phone was? Is my sister going to die? No, no.
She's, uh she gonna be just fine.
Y-You like soccer, right? Uh, football.
Gunter Schonbach from Germany? Yeah, he's a hell of a player.
Goal! (CHUCKLES) Yes, I play.
The best in my school.
No kidding? Yeah, I was, too, man.
Back in the day, they, uh they used to call me Magic Feet.
Spike the bag and make sure it's primed.
I got it.
It isn't primed, you could give her a blood clot.
That's great.
So we didn't kill her with a bullet, I can kill her with a blood clot.
Okay, good.
Open the roller clamp, squeeze the bag.
How long till she gets that rush of oxygen you were talking about? Any time.
Welcome back.
You're safe now.
Just rest.
You're okay.
We have confirmation of a Haddad Bashar that matches the description that you sent.
Yemeni national, 53 years old.
Currently a senior physician at Al Salam Hospital in Sanaa.
- That all line up? - Same story the husband gave.
Wife corroborates.
On the other hand, you found the material by Khalid Hazazi in the house.
- He says a friend gave it to him.
- So, you have one military-aged male on target, devoutly religious, speaks fluent English, owns an automatic weapon.
Guy lives in a war zone.
Of course he's gonna have an AK in the house.
The point is, he could fit the profile of somebody who's recruiting citizens of Western countries to his cause.
Maybe he's our Mr.
Big, maybe he isn't, but we can still bring him in.
Just let the station chief in Bahrain sort that out.
If they determine he's innocent, he'll be back home in a few days.
All I'm saying is, if we're gonna call this a dry hole, we'd better do it so we can get this girl to the hospital and save her life.
ALPHA TEAM LEADER: All call signs, be advised we've got activity street side, truck approaching.
What do you got, Davis? DAVIS: ISR shows unknown vehicle pulling in to park outside the target.
- The wife? - Said she never heard of Khalid Hazazi.
Didn't even know the pamphlet was there.
- Transfusion take? - Yeah, it's all good.
- The husband? - Alpha 1's got him.
Keep all detainees away from the windows.
Alpha and Bravo teams, one person inbound approaching the front door.
Overwatch, you got him? ALPHA TEAM LEADER: Affirmative.
Just say the word.
We got a shot from here.
No, I don't want to wake the neighborhood.
We'll take him when he's inside the door.
Alpha Team standing by.
This turns out to be the mailman, we're gonna owe him an apology.
(GRUNTING) English? English! Ray, ask him if he speaks English.
Says he's coming home for morning prayer.
- What do you mean, he's coming home? - That's what he said.
- Phone.
- Run it.
Run it.
(GROANS) Flip him.
Flip him.
The mom, the dad both said there are only four people who are living here, huh? Ask him who lives in the house.
Says he's the wife's cousin.
Why is he holding a gun? Ask him that.
- Says he was robbed last week.
- Last week.
(DOOR CLOSES) It's not a match.
What's on it? Not a lot, man.
A few phone numbers.
All calls made since yesterday.
No texts.
(NASEEM GROANING) RAY: Maybe he doesn't have a lot of friends.
Well, maybe he's got another phone and doesn't use that one.
Says it was taken last week when he was robbed.
- He just bought this one.
- JASON: Pull him up.
Hey, come on.
Thank you.
I'm sending you a picture of our new arrival.
DAVIS: Yeah, they're coming in now.
Also gonna send you a picture of the serial number of the Glock we got off him.
- He had a handgun? - Yeah, tried to pull it on us.
Kind of hurt my feelings.
Copy that.
I'm gonna run all this and call you back as soon as we get a hit.
1 out.
(EXHALES, GROANS) What about him? I don't know.
Guy's not exactly Doc Holliday, - way he fumbled that gun.
- We lose that girl, it's gonna affect Clay.
Clay did two deployments in Afghanistan with Team 3.
All right? Can't be the first time he hurt someone he didn't intend to.
He's never shot a girl before.
Maybe, but it was the right call.
The dad had an AK.
Yeah, I know.
I told him.
(SIGHS) What's up, boss? What are you thinking? Girl in there reminds me of my daughter Emma.
(SIGHS) Feel a whole lot better about the situation if I knew we were certain we were in the right place.
Taking another shot at the dad.
Watch him.
I'll get Alpha 1 out here.
(SIGHS) Is there a reason we seem so much more concerned about this man's handgun than the father's rifle? This neck of the woods, you're hard-pressed to find a house that doesn't have an AK.
Handguns, though, usually means bad guys.
So you believe the new arrival's our man? Believe it's a possibility.
Need to get this sorted real quick.
15 minutes till drop-dead time.
Yes, sir.
I'm sure our guys are keeping track.
JASON: You told me only four people were living here.
That is right.
Naseem only sleeps here weekdays.
He doesn't live here.
He's from the desert.
- He must come to the city to work.
- What does he do? He's a truck driver.
He have any desire to hurt Americans? Young men everywhere are angry.
But I don't think he would act on his anger.
RAY: Naseem active on social media, as far as you know? I doubt it.
I don't think he reads very well.
If you're lying, you're protecting the man who brought violence into this home.
You are the one who brought violence into this home.
MANDY: Naseem Al-Gharsi, 25.
Arrested at a violent protest outside the U.
Embassy in late 2014 That's just before it closed.
Nothing since, but Yemeni police don't tend to punish guys caught protesting the U.
or the Saudis.
Family failed to mention that detail.
Oh, it was three years ago.
Still, he does seem to fit our profile age and background.
Guy doesn't speak any English.
Could he be playing dumb? Well, if he is, he's pretty damn good at it.
Any information on the gun? The serial number says it belonged to an Iraqi police captain, reported stolen in '09.
Captain probably sold it on the black market.
Most likely.
Probably had 20 owners since then.
So, basically, we're back to where we started.
Basically, yeah.
Ma'am, what can you tell us about Cousin Naseem? Nothing.
Not until I see my daughter.
Ma'am Yes, I know.
We don't have time.
Make time! She's still very weak.
You told me she was conscious now.
You got to wait until she's gotten all the blood you gave her.
We'll wait.
(CRYING) (SNIFFLES) All right, you've seen her.
(SNIFFLES, CRIES) (CRIES, SNIFFLES) Need to ask you some questions about Cousin Naseem.
- Cousin Naseem.
- Yeah.
I suppose he's now your terrorist mastermind.
(CLEARS THROAT) What about my husband? You are so desperate not to admit you're in the wrong place that you will stay until you get the answer you want, even if it means my daughter dies.
Look, we're doing everything we can, okay, to save your daughter right now.
And if we're in the wrong place, I'd be the first one to say that.
But right now I need to ask you some questions about Naseem.
(CRYING): What do you want to know? He's my brother's eldest son.
He left school when he was 11 years old to work in his father's metal shop, and now he drives trucks.
Okay, trucks for what? What do you want to hear that he transports guns and bombs? You've met Naseem.
Does he seem like someone you would trust with your weapons? No.
(SOBBING) - Any luck? - Nah.
Thought I'd take a shot at the boy.
How you doing, little buddy? You understand your sister's hurt, right? Huh? Aisha? Not good.
Listen, we want to take her to your daddy's hospital, okay? But my boss He ain't gonna let us leave here until we find what we came for.
(SPEAKS ARABIC) We need to help her right now before she gets any worse.
I can tell she's a good sister.
She really needs your help right now.
Pulled it from the drain.
Kid found it.
Who does this phone belong to? Me.
My phone.
REEMA: Junaid! Oh, no.
Let him go.
JUNAID: Aisha.
(QUIETLY): Aisha.
The boy gave us this phone, says it's his.
It is mine.
It is my phone.
JASON: TOC, it's Bravo 1.
Wife says the phone's hers.
I have my doubts.
Let's see, 76192.
It's a serial number.
That's all I got.
I'm on it.
See what I can get.
Hey, did you open that up yet? Negative.
Phone's locked.
Gonna try and use the fingerprint ID to open it.
Be careful, 'cause it looks like it's a Gate Stream 12S.
I looked it up.
You've got three chances at touch recognition before it locks you out.
(SIGHS) Good to know.
Honestly, at this point, why does it matter? The phone's in their house.
That's good enough for me.
Let's round 'em up, get out of there.
Excuse me, sir? The phone's in the house, we take the occupants of the house.
Pardon me, sir, but when is the last time you pulled someone off of a target? This isn't a drug bust where we can throw 15 perps in the back of a paddy wagon.
We're prepared for one HVT, one phone.
You telling me you don't have helos for four more people? Some crack operation you people are running.
With all due respect, sir.
Excuse me, Petty Officer Davis.
Our infil helos were two MH6 little birds.
Which was the most that I could get approved for the lowest signature in this non-permissive environment.
Each little bird brought over six on the benches.
Between the extended fuel bladders and this high heat environment, we only have 200 pounds left to spare for exfil.
So yes, sir, while I might be able to guarantee that we could squeeze one extra person on board a helo and maybe even lift off, I cannot guarantee that anyone will make it very far.
What he said sir.
Go try Naseem.
JASON: So you're saying it's your phone, but it's not your phone.
REEMA: He gives me the phone to hold during the week.
I'm supposed to copy the new contacts and then erase them.
What is the dude's name? I can't tell you.
He'll kill my whole family.
How'd you get involved in this activity? It was Khalid Hazazi.
The man who wrote the pamphlet you found.
That belongs to me, by the way.
I went to hear him speak last year.
What he said made sense.
We cannot stay silent while you and the Saudis try to exterminate us.
JASON: Your husband aware of what you've been doing? He might suspect something, but I do this alone.
Look, I have told you everything you need to know.
Take me or whatever it is you need to do, and let Haddad take Aisha to the hospital.
BROCK: Hey, boss.
So I tried Naseem's print.
It didn't unlock it.
- Thanks.
Get the husband.
- Okay.
That leaves her.
Yeah, I know.
We try her and it locks, and we're wrong, that whole thing locks.
But it could still be her.
It could be any of them.
Either way, we have to go.
Call to prayer's in four minutes.
I'm aware of that.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
What's the update on the phone? Yeah, Mandy's on it.
It's zero hour, boys.
JASON: Copy that, TOC.
I'm not convinced it's the wife.
I'm sorry.
This woman is telling you it's her phone.
- Am I missing something? - General.
She wants to save her daughter's life.
Okay, here's what we got.
The phone was purchased five months ago in Hamburg, Germany.
We're still working to ID the buyer.
Oh, and you asked me about Khalid Hazazi, the guy who wrote the article you found.
Turns out he was a real baddie.
Was? Yeah, he was on all kinds of lists.
Ran out of luck three years ago.
Predator strike in Libya.
Three years ago.
Are you sure? I could send you the death photos, but I don't think you'd thank me.
You think the wife's covering for the husband? She's covering for someone.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Yeah, except she just admitted to being a terrorist.
I thought maybe you'd like to say good-bye.
That's impossible.
Reema, what are you doing? (CRYING): 'Ana asif, baby.
You didn't know.
He didn't know 'cause it's not true.
You said that you heard Khalid Hazazi speak one year ago; he's been dead for three years.
Who are you protecting? REEMA: No one.
It is my phone.
HADDAD: No, Reema, stop.
- REEMA: It is my phone! - JASON: It's your phone? SONNY: J, come here, hey.
Look, I found these earlier in the boy's room.
They're playing cards from Hamburg, Germany.
I just thought we should chat with him.
Let's do it.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, my boss, uh, he really likes those cards, so wh-wh-who could we get it from? I love this player.
Where can I get this card? Who gave it to you? - Asef.
- Hey.
Who's Asef? My sister, her friend.
Your sister's friend is Asef? (MUTTERING) It's their daughter's friend.
Is she up? - I can wake her up.
- Wake her up.
Aisha! Can you hear me? Aisha, can you hear me? - Leave her alone! - ERIC (ON COMM): Alpha, Bravo team.
Exfil helos in route.
- You've got to proceed now.
- Roger that.
Aisha, do you know Asef? Do you know Asef? REEMA: Asef is the one who gave me the phone! We work together.
Asef is the one you are looking for.
Stop it! Stop.
We know he's a friend of your daughter's.
They are not friends.
He must be using Stop it! Aisha, Asef give you this phone? HADDAD: What is he saying, “Asef”? There is no Asef.
REEMA: There is.
Asef is from the mosque.
I thought they were just friends.
He must be forcing her to help him.
She is just a little girl.
I'm a soldier of God.
Your air transportation is two minutes out.
Copy that, TOC.
We're moving to exfil.
We have one phone, one detainee under medical treatment.
Copy that, Bravo 1.
See you soon.
What'd she have to say? Not a lot.
Mostly Qaeda stuff, you know.
Restoration of the Caliphate, whole nine yards.
Dude, she's a, she's a true believer.
She get that from her boyfriend? Uh, Asef.
Teacher, not boyfriend, her words.
He, uh, gave her the phone, the instructions, everything.
Out of love? Yeah, but she says it's not all about him.
What's it about? Her best friend got killed in Zinjibar two years ago when the Saudis bombed her house with our help.
Says, uh, says she owes it to her friend's memory to strike back.
We can't control those decisions.
We can only control ours on the ground.
All right.
Okay, let's move.
Let's go, boys.
Ready? Go.