SEAL Team (2017) s01e11 Episode Script


Previously on SEAL Team Okay, what am I supposed to do with this thing again? Emma agrees not to get into a car driven by someone who's been drinking, and we agree not to punish her if she calls us, drunk, to ask for a ride.
(GRUNTING) JASON: Ray, you all right? RAY: If you're having trouble - staying on top of things - I'm not having trouble, Ray.
I've been handling the finances in this family for ten years.
NAIMA: It's not good.
Really not good.
You ever hear from Danny? You guys were pretty tight back then.
No, yeah, we were for a while.
Till he went and tried to kiss me.
Sly dog.
(ANIMAL HOWLING) Bravo, Lima, Quebec, Mike Mike, Papa, Sierra.
Holding for Teacher.
Still holding for Teacher.
(ENGINES STARTING) S01E11 Containment Congrats again.
You'll love the house.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Now, they looked happy.
Well, I got them a $50,000 credit on their new house, so I would hope they're happy.
There you go, right? Always be closing, right? - Yeah, something like that.
- Okay.
Uh-huh, so (GRUNTS) You called me over here, left a message, said you needed to talk to me.
Emma got invited to the Narrows this weekend.
Lily's parents have a house there.
Seems nice.
Or not.
I don't trust Lily.
- She's wild.
- Well, what What kind of trouble could they get into? They don't even drive.
I'm worried they're planning to meet up with some boys.
Anyone in particular? Julian.
He's a freshman.
That doesn't sound too At Hudson State.
Hudson State College? Jason, you're not gonna say anything? What do you want me to say? Emma can take care of herself.
Daddy's little girl? Come on.
What do you want to do? You want to ground her because she's got a boyfriend? I told her she can't go.
Before I came over to talk this through I didn't call you here to talk it through.
I just need you to back me up.
- Back you up how? - Call her.
Tell her, tell her we talked it over, and you agree with me, she shouldn't go.
Maybe I don't agree with you.
You leave me alone with the kids 300 days out of the year.
Least you could do is, once in a while, not make me be the bad guy? - You're not the bad guy here.
- Sorry, did I say "bad guy"? I meant "grown-up".
I'll call her.
- Jason - No, it's okay.
I'll give her call, and I will tell her that we talked.
And that we're on the same page.
Right? (DOOR CLOSES) DAVIS: You excited to see Danny? Yeah.
Just, you know.
They finally got back to me out of the blue, and he's in town.
Just wonder what he looks like.
Well, I mean, look, it's been, what, six years? I'm sure we all look a little different.
No, it's just, you know.
What he looks like after the frag hit him in the face.
I mean, look, from what I remember, visiting him in the hospital, most of that damage was below the waist.
I was right next to Danny when the bomber clacked his vest off.
Most of the blast went straight out, and blew his lower body into Danny's leg, and I heard that's why his wounds got all septic.
Who's hungry? (CHUCKLES) DANNY: Hey.
There he is.
(CHUCKLES) It's good to see you, man.
- I like this.
- Yeah.
I can grow one now.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) SONNY: Looking good.
Yeoman Third Class Davis.
Good to see you again.
That's actually Petty Officer First Class Davis.
SONNY: Easy now.
I promised her you wouldn't try and make out with her.
Oh, you know me.
I would never.
(LAUGHTER) Sit down.
So Good to hear from you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What have you been up to? - Private security.
- Seems like it's, uh paying well.
If you're good.
(CHUCKLES) Now, how the hell you making out? Seriously, you want a job? Come on.
He's got, what, two years left on this enlistment? (LAUGHS) Look it, I am morally opposed to working for anybody that would allow me to wear a jacket like that.
(LAUGHTER) Well, I hope you're not morally opposed - to them paying for lunch.
- Well, as long as you're buying me another whiskey, then.
Looks good, man.
Yeah, suits you.
Makes your eyes pop.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) You should see the other guy.
I did.
Well, what was left of him, anyway.
DANNY: You know, I still got pieces of shrapnel inside me.
Every once in a while, one of them finds a way to the surface, and I have to scratch it out through my skin.
SONNY: That right there is making me crave some corned beef.
Who's hungry? (LAUGHTER) That was actually my joke, just so you know.
- Okay.
You feel that right there? There's the pop.
Right in there.
You got to wear the brace.
JASON: Yeah, yeah, the brace.
I get it.
Give me a second.
I'll be right with you.
Ah, that's okay.
I'll wait till you're done with the old guy.
The old man here just bench-pressed 318 today.
- That's right.
- Brother, how many times I got to tell you that benching went out in the '90s? (LAUGHS) It's all full body stuff now.
- Deadlifts, power cleans.
- Okay.
Would you please school this meathead, Lucas? - Hey.
This is between y'all.
- It's between us? All right.
Now let's get a look at that shoulder.
Your shoulder thing acting up again? - No.
- No? I just tweaked it a little bit, taking down that big guy in Yemen.
- Is that right? - Yeah, Lucas will work his magic.
- It'll be good.
- What kind of magic are you working there, Lucas? 'Cause I got to make sure that my number two is operating on full strength.
RAY: Look, I'm fine, I just (GRUNTS) That doesn't sound fine to me.
It'll be fine.
All right? I probably just pulled something this is Resist.
(GRUNTS) All right, okay, okay.
Lucas? (SIGHS) Could be bursitis, but I'm thinking some kind of labrum tear, maybe a torn tendon.
Like I said, you need to get an MRI, have it checked out by an actual doctor.
I'm sorry, "like you said"? Look, you also said that PT might be enough.
Enough to stop you screaming every time you roll over on it in the middle of the night.
Keeping you operational is a different matter.
Okay, look, what are we talking about? Surgery? N-No take it easy.
We're not there yet.
For now, I'm just recommending he go for the scan.
Depending what that shows, we can start talking surgery.
It's a bad time.
Look, we got a deployment in three weeks.
Just just give us a second.
I cannot miss deployment, Jason.
No, no.
You're no good to anyone if you're injured.
I am fine.
(PHONE BEEPING) You're not fine.
You're injured.
- We got a spin-up.
- All right.
You're staying here.
- You're gonna sit this one out.
- Jason.
You're gonna sit the one out.
Get the MRI, see the doctor, see what he says.
And then, we'll talk about deployment.
Good afternoon, people.
Agent Dyer's about to read you in on an op she's been running.
Before she does BLACKBURN: All right, listen up.
For the duration of this op, we are being temporarily granted a read-on, which gives us access to Restricted Data, as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.
Well, that's not good.
Ladies and gentlemen, I need a verbal acknowledgement from each of you that you understand this read-on in no way implies any future access - to compartmentalized information.
- Ha.
Are we sitting in an exit row? Make you proud to be an American.
You remember, last year, someone stole three barrels of radioactive material from the research lab at the University of Riga in Latvia? Well, a few months ago, some Ukrainian mob guys started shopping what they called "ready-made dirty bombs".
So they strap the explosives to the stolen radioactive material? We believe so.
Our asset never actually got to see what they were selling.
You have a source inside the Ukrainian mob? - We did.
- You did.
He was trying to contact us shortly before he was killed.
CLAY: We don't exactly know what they're selling, right? But do we know where they're selling it? MANDY: Port Varna.
It's in Bulgaria, on the Black Sea.
Far as where they're going after that Obviously, a dirty bomb's not a battlefield weapon.
Only way the buyer gets value for his buck is if the blast goes off in the city.
SONNY: I don't suppose we have any idea where it is right now? According to last contact with our asset, the plan was to transport the shipment overland to Port Varna.
This is their convoy.
And how long is that drive? MANDY: Rate they were going, - day and a half.
- SONNY: So we fly into Bulgaria, get ahead of them.
- Yeah.
- Set up a meeting spot, take down the buyer and the seller at the same time.
BLACKBURN: Negative.
Command wants us to hit them in transit prior to the meet.
Our job is to interdict the trucks, then secure the site while our nuclear expert, Dr.
Dyer, confirms the cargo.
Then, we keep the area secure till the extraction team can load the cargo onto the helos.
So, we're a containment team.
We can't let this material near a populated area.
Thing about a dirty bomb, it's not the initial blast that's so devastating.
Set one off in Times Square, you might only kill a few hundred people with the blast.
MANDY: The point is, the real destruction comes from the dispersion of radioactivity.
Render that whole part of the city uninhabitable.
For how long? Depends on the quantity and radioactive half-life of the material used.
So let's say they used everything they took from the lab.
It's difficult to be precise.
Ballpark? 1,000 years.
(JET PLANE PASSES) What, you got nothing better to do at 3:00 in the morning than come visit us? I just had to make sure you had your toothbrush.
- (CHUCKLES) Look at that, huh.
- Oh, yeah.
You know this is the first spin-up I haven't been on with you guys.
Yeah, and don't I know it.
Sonny's been practicing his Bravo 2s all night.
(STAMMERING): Bravo 2, Bravo 2.
I heard that.
(LAUGHING) You need me to give the strap the old Ray pep talk? Davis has got it.
Well, uh, yeah, well, watch your backs out there, and for God sakes, don't let Sonny near the doctor.
I heard that, too.
Hold on a second.
What doctor? The strap, Leigh Dyer.
She's a doctor? Woo.
- Yes, with a PhD.
- PhD Leigh.
In nuclear physics.
(LAUGHTER) Mandy told me.
Man, you know what? You guys got to stop spacing out during the briefings.
That's why we have you.
Hey, so, uh Now that I'm Ray for the day, does this mean that I got to start going to church? (CHUCKLES) No, you're not Ray for the day.
No one's asking you to be Ray for the day.
I want you to be you.
Do want you to know, though, that I'll be using you more than usual as a sounding board out there, you understand? - Roger that.
- I want you to think before you get all aggro at a situation.
- All right.
- Yeah? So don't lose my temper until it's time to lose my temper.
Just don't lose your temper.
Come on, grasshopper, think.
Hi, it's Emma.
Why aren't you texting me? (LINE BEEPS) Hi, Emma.
It's Dad.
I know that, uh, it's early there, but, look, your Mom and I, we had a conversation, and we just don't feel like it's best for you to go to the Narrows with Lily this weekend, all right? It's not that we don't trust you, it's just that we just don't trust the world.
All right, listen, I'll, uh I'll call you when I get close to a phone.
I don't know when that's gonna be, but, um give your mom and your brother a kiss for me, all right? Love you.
(PHONE BEEPS) SONNY: Bravo 1, convoy is 50 meters out.
JASON: Copy, Bravo 2.
We're in position.
Ray should sit out more often.
Hey, boss, you better come take a look back here.
Find the doc's isotopes? No sign of the isotopes, but take a look at this.
Oh, ho.
Okay, look at that, huh.
Haven't seen one of these in a long time.
It's kind of different, but it looks like a one-five-five artillery shell.
It's a one-five-two.
Soviet era.
- Huh.
- Why'd they strap it down? Come on.
They strapped it down because they don't want this thing bouncing around.
- What, it's 30 years old? - They got it packed in with a bunch of other explosives.
Well, you know what, they are Ukrainian.
- They are a bit crazy.
- That is true.
And those guys do not look like they care about much.
Both the other trucks had the exact same setup.
- Same setup? - Yeah.
Yeah, just boxes of AKs and explosives, one single shell strapped down the middle.
- Shut him up.
- Hey.
LEIGH: It's okay.
Let them talk.
What's going on? He's saying it's nuclear.
Oh, good thing we brought our dirty bomb expert.
No, no, you're not He's saying this isn't a dirty bomb.
They didn't need to weaponize anything.
This is a nuclear warhead.
Best guess is a ZBV3 shell designed to be fired by a standard howitzer.
Detonating nukes of that size would give you a yield of one kiloton each.
Tell me you know that off the top of your head.
DAVIS: I Googled it.
Shells that old are very unstable.
They tell you where they found them? Abandoned Soviet warehouse up north.
- Plenty of those.
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay, uh, listen, I'll call you back.
Got to assume the shells are real unstable.
Yeah, well, you got to figure, you know, they've been sitting on the shelves for a few decades now, right? Chopper's en route to pick up the prisoners.
Can we separate the warheads from the shells? I think that would be a mistake.
Much as we'd have to jostle those things cutting them out of there, loading them onto a chopper Plus, the choppers aren't set up to deal with this.
CLAY: There is another option.
The roads out here don't look terrible.
Why don't we just drive out? Clay, we're a containment team.
Our job was to find 'em, secure 'em, not get rid of 'em.
- You got a place in mind? - Yeah.
Marculesti Air Force Base.
Keep 'em in the truck.
'Cause we know they made it this far in the trucks.
Devil you know.
ERIC: If the doc says we leave them strapped in, then we leave them strapped in.
All detainees are loaded onto the chopper and headed back to us.
Bravo's getting in the trucks now.
Copy, Bravo 1.
Better get moving.
Half hour to sun up.
If someone comes looking for their weapons, be nice to have a head start.
Moving now.
TOC out.
If the physical therapist said you have to see a doctor, then you have to see a doctor.
It's not that simple, baby.
The second I see a Navy doctor, the decision's out of our hands.
Doc says I don't get deployable status, that's it, we're done.
It's dangerous enough to deploy without going into it already injured.
And I get that.
But what's the alternative? Huh? You can't make this about the money.
We're not gonna be out in the street because you missed one deployment.
If you can't pay the mortgage, you generally end out on the street, honey.
That's all I'm saying.
We can pay the mortgage, Raymond.
Naima, we went over those numbers together.
The budget's built around my Hazardous Duty Pay.
- Without it - Look, I know it's scary to give up the little control we have over our lives to some Navy doctor that doesn't know anything about us except your name, rank and serial number.
But this family depends on you being healthy.
Until you become an instructor or whatever you want and do your 20 and get out with a pension.
If I'm able to deploy, honey, I'm gonna deploy.
But you need a doctor to tell you that.
You say you don't want to put us at risk, but if you don't see someone, that's exactly what you're doing.
All right.
I'll call him.
I'll call him.
Thank you.
You know you're a lovely man, Mr.
- I know.
- Mm? (TRUCK RATTLING) It's looking good for a while ahead of you.
The only real issue I see is this bridge 20 klicks in front of you.
The satellite imagery makes it look like it's in rough shape.
Yeah, well, we'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it, huh.
Sit them over here.
And these prisoners claim that they never called for backup? They're gonna claim that either way.
CLAY: So how long has it been since you've been downrange without Ray? A while.
Been a long time.
Have you thought about what you're gonna do if he can't go when we deploy 'cause he's still injured? What is this, 20 Questions? No, it's just I'm planning on having my own team one day.
I want to make sure I'm ready.
And then you watch and you learn.
As far as Ray goes, if he's not ready, we'll just have to cross that bridge, too.
JASON: TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We're approaching that nasty looking turn.
DAVIS: Copy that.
I got you.
But be aware the bridge is just on the other side.
Makes the turn look like a piece of cake.
Thanks for that.
(BRAKES SCREECHING) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(BRAKES SCREECHING) (AIR BRAKES HISS) If the bridge gives We all go boom.
Go forward slowly.
JASON (OVER COMM): All right, we're going one at a time.
Once the first vehicle is clear, the second vehicle proceeds.
JASON: Easy.
Left hand down.
Slow pace.
That's it.
Oh Nice and easy.
JASON: Keep going, keep going, keep going.
Left hand down.
Left hand down.
Straight, straight, forward.
That's it, straight, straight, straight.
Straight, straight.
Watch it, watch the side.
JASON: Nice leisurely drive on a Sunday crossing a bridge, kid.
DAVIS: You're up, Bravo 2.
(BRIDGE SNAPPING) (METAL CLANGING) Ooh! (CREAKING) I'd feel better if you talked.
I'm scared of heights.
Not what I was looking for.
I don't like bridges.
(LEIGH SCREAMS) (PANTING) JASON: Bravo 2, this is Bravo 1.
You guys okay back there? Well, I just heard a big boom, and we're not dead, so I'll take that as a good thing and a bad thing.
Checking now.
JASON: We need to move these nukes.
What's the ETA on the Black Hawks? Black Hawk is a no-go.
The Moldovans have closed the airspace.
They're trying to get us to tell 'em what you're doing in there.
(SIGHS) Okay, so what we're gonna do, we're gonna get all three shells into the lead truck, and we'll get 'em to the C-17.
And we're about five klicks away from the airfield.
MANDY: But the doc said transferring could set off the nukes.
I don't have an option.
It's what we're gonna do Consolidate.
All three shells, put 'em in the lead truck.
So what we'll do is a two-man sling carry on each shell got it? Good? All right, so use the tarps inside.
Hey, be delicate.
"Delicate" is my middle name.
MANDY: EOD doesn't have a better plan than Jason's.
Well, then, what do they have? Fatality estimates for when one of the devices explodes.
We better hope that these gamma rays turn you into the Hulk and not shrink your balls.
You weren't thinking about having kids and settling down anyway, right? No.
Hell no.
You sure she said it was okay to move these things like this? Fact is, she said not to move 'em.
On three.
One, two, three.
We're good.
Okay, so, it looks like these guys really didn't have time to make a backup call.
Yeah, but there's no way to tell they've got a scheduled check-in.
You're gangsters in gangster country, and you know more than anyone how dangerous these roads can be.
You're really gonna be satisfied with a six-man security team? And five, after you murder our asset.
They're gonna have reinforcements standing by.
I'm gonna start talking to these guys.
I thought we were holding off our interrogations - till the guys got back.
- No.
I just want to make sure we don't wind up in trouble moving this slow, in case they have some friends we should be worried about.
All right.
Which one you want to take first? Who didn't have a partner when they picked up the drivers? Number three.
- Over there.
- Yes, sir.
Probably means he's the one that smoked out guy.
Let's start with him.
For an interrogation, I don't speak at all.
It's not an interrogation, it's a conversation.
I'm giving you an opportunity to help yourself.
(SPEAKS UKRAINIAN) I don't understand.
You are.
But, you know You can still help yourself.
How? Tell us how you were communicating with the buyers.
On the radio.
Okay, what frequency? Two three two dot seven six five.
Was there a code word? "Books".
Look for anything with the word "books" on frequency 232.
Hey, are we in? We're gonna go slow.
Understand? Very slow.
All right.
Probably have us all jump in the back here, keep 'em from swinging into each other.
MANDY: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
- Go for One.
- The buyers weren't happy when the convoy failed to check in.
They've got a private army headed your way.
Last radio transmission pinged their frequency 15 klicks to your west.
How many, how fast? Gonna be three vehicles.
Looks like about a dozen men.
You better get to the airfield before they get to you.
You're gonna have to move really fast.
That's one thing we can't do right now is move fast.
DAVIS: You got a fire road ahead about half a klick up on the right.
Looks like a rough ride, but it's gonna bring you right to us.
The problem is the bad guys are gonna catch you before you get here.
Yeah, well, a firefight with these bombs on board could be a real problem.
Split the team.
How are you gonna do that? You've got one truck.
One's gonna take out the strap and the ordnance.
Four of us will stay here, set an ambush.
You're gonna ambush a force three times your size? We're assaulters.
It's what we do, we assault.
- Let's start prepping for an ambush.
- Oh, cool.
Hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? I'm gonna find a place with a flat field of fire, - set her up, let her eat.
- No, no.
I need you to drive out the strap.
- What? - I need you to drive out the strap.
SONNY: Yeah, I heard what you said, but we're about to get in a firefight, so why don't you send the kid? I'm gonna teach the kid how to do an ambush.
Actually, the kid already knows how to do an ambush.
I'm gonna teach you how to do one the right way.
Remember, watch and learn.
Okay, Jason, we're about to get in a good old-fashioned Mad Minute, and you're telling me right now that you want Spenser beside you and not me? You know what? Right now, I need my most senior guy to step up, and that's you.
Ray comes back, you can go back to being a knuckle-dragger, but right now, something happens to us, I need you to get that truck as far away as possible.
- Leadership sucks.
- Yeah, now you're starting to sound like Ray I love it.
All right.
I'm about to start this engine.
You ready to hold them steady? Yeah.
(ENGINE STARTS) TOC says buyer's muscle is five minutes out.
Let's go.
Got it.
Can you stop making that face? Well, that's my "there's nothing to be afraid of" face.
Well, you're really not afraid? Couldn't make that face if I was.
Seriously? We seriously have more pressing issues at the moment.
Like you babysitting those nukes back there.
And to take my mind off of those, I'd like to talk about something else.
To take your mind off being scared, you want me to talk about how I am? Is that it? Look, I-I think we keep the chatter to more operationally relevant things.
Is there anything else I should know? I mean, I think we covered the part about where you're supposed to keep them things from swinging around too much back there.
Right? (GRUNTS) What's a "Mad Minute"? Sorry? When you were making the case to have the pretty boy drive me out, you said to let you stick around for the Mad Minute.
It's a firefight.
So, you'd rather get shot at than be stuck with me? Yeah, I would.
Something really pure about being shot at.
You try to kill them, and they're trying to kill you.
And by the way, that Clay kid? He ain't that pretty.
(BRAKES SQUEAKING) Come on (SIGHS) That is not good.
Can we make it? We don't have much of a choice.
Bravo 4, you in position? Bravo 4, set.
JASON: Ambush will initiate on his soil when the vehicles are in the kill zone.
Always doing Ray's dirty work.
(ENGINE STARTS) LEIGH: Anything you want me to do? Hold on.
Got to hit it fast, or we may get stuck.
(PANTING) We're alive.
For now.
Depends what happens at that bridge.
(EXPLOSION) Get 'em, boys.
Uh, hi, yes, I'm calling for Dr.
Who's calling? - Senior Chief Raymond Perry.
- Please hold.
McMaster is not available.
Would you like him to call you back? No.
No, uh You know what? He doesn't have to do that.
I'll call him back.
- You sure? - Yeah.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Thought you said you were walking back.
I found a ride.
Yeah, they're not really using it anymore.
Where are the nukes? Agency's EODs have already got them.
They're, uh, rendering them safe.
A-ha! Hey, you and the strap have a pleasant drive? - Indeed we did.
- Yeah? Stimulating conversation, I bet.
Ah, I believe so.
I reckon she'd say the same thing.
You know, uh, I don't know, boss, some pretty rarified air up here in 2IC land and, yeah, I'm gonna be pretty damn happy when Ray gets back to work.
You did good, man.
You did really good.
Take a look at your knuckles.
They're clean.
So you're telling me you don't need any surgery.
None? - None.
- None.
Nah, looks like I just strained some tendons is all.
Doc fixed me up with some heavy-duty anti-inflammatories, told me not to bench with a straight bar.
Tell the guy that benching went out in the '90s? Damn straight.
You're sure, huh? Stop being worried.
I'm good.
All right, Danny, I think I speak for everybody here at the table that we would like to get some stories from back in the day Davis and Sonny, and Team Four.
Right? Uh-uh, no.
Not a word.
Well, it feels wrong to talk about Sonny, with him not being here to defend himself.
- Go right ahead, right ahead.
- That's exactly when you should be talking about him.
But as far as, uh, Yeoman Davis here is concerned, - I got some - Okay.
It is Petty Officer Davis.
And if you don't want to get your butt whooped JASON: Oh, whoa.
And if you don't Guys.
- JASON: Hey, hey! - DANNY: That's my boy.
- CLAY: That's our strap.
- What's happening? What's up, boys? Ladies and gentlemen.
What's happening? - Y'all remember Miss Leigh.
- Hey.
What's happening? DAVIS: Hey, you can actually sit here, 'cause, uh, Ray forgot my beer.
- I did? Okay.
- Yes.
No sweat.
What's up? Ray's back.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You know, I can buy my own drink.
- I know you can.
- Okay.
Well, I really don't get it.
- What's that? - After all these years, you're still trying to talk me into it? I mean, from my recollection, you don't have a lot of trouble getting female companionship.
I'm not the same guy I was on Team Four.
I look at pictures of myself back then, it's like I'm looking at a stranger.
All right, so you're not the same guy you were? (LAUGHS): Okay.
All right, then, who are you? I'm a lot like you.
Well, you're gonna have to explain that one.
(LAUGHTER NEARBY) Sorry, did I miss something while we were carrying that nuclear warhead somewhere? You don't drink with the wives.
But you're not a frogman.
They treat you like you're one of them, they call you by your last name.
But you're not one of them.
And neither am I.
Look, "there's the operators, and then there's everybody else".
- Mm-hmm.
So here's to the "everybody elses".
Is this the part where I'm supposed to melt because you've seen inside my soul? Nah.
Melting comes later.
This is Sonny's first time getting a strap.
(PHONE CHIMES) (LAUGHS) RAY: What's up, brother? Nothing, I got to go.
I'll talk to you in a little bit.
JASON: I'm sorry.
I get it.
I-I understand, okay look, if you want to punch me in the face, you can.
I just want you to know I called her from the plane.
I told her that I backed you.
Okay? I know.
She told me.
You have every right to be worried here, I get it.
- I'm gonna kill her.
- No.
Lis It's not your fault, Alana.
- Just sit down.
- I can't sit down.
I need to see her so I can shake her until she never does this again.
Please sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Sit, sit, sit.
- Fine.
- Sit down.
Sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Fine.
It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be fine, all right? We'll be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I should come home.
You "should"? I want to come home.
Uh, is that an answer to my question? You didn't ask a question.
I know it wasn't an answer.
Look, o-our family is in extremis at the moment.
Do you really think we ought to be talking about big life decisions? (LOCK BUZZES, DOOR OPENS) POLICE OFFICER: Lincoln? Yes, yes.
Yeah, right here.
- Hayes? - POLICE OFFICER: She's coming out.
She just wanted to wash her face.
I shouldn't have been drinking.
We know.
Okay? Thank you.
(SNIFFLES) Come here.
Come on.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Okay, come on.
Let's go home.
Come on.