SEAL Team (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

The Upside Down

- You heard from Danny? - Danny Cooper? You gyus were pretty tight back in the day.
- Yeah, no, we were for a while.
- Yeah? - Till he went and tried to kiss me.
- Ooh.
I'm not the same guy I was on Team Four.
Is this the part where I'm supposed to melt because you've seen inside my soul? Melting comes later.
JASON: I should come home.
Look, our family is in extremis at the moment.
Do you really think we ought to be making big life decisions? (LOCK BUZZES) I'm so sorry.
We know.
Okay? Over requested position.
Holding in a figure eight at 3,000 meters.
Latency is 1.
8 seconds.
Tightening up on target.
RITA: Copy.
Got fuel for six hours.
Autopilot initiated.
(TYPING) (MONITORS BEEPING) What the hell? - (AUTOMATED VOICE SPEAKING) - She's losing altitude, fast.
Did we take a hit? No warnings of incoming fire - or air traffic.
- Stick's not responding.
I've lost maneuverability.
2,000 meters.
What the hell's going on? Come on.
1,000 meters.
No, I've lost her.
E39 going down.
I say again, the E39 is going down.
S01E12 The Upside Down Ah, look at this kid, he's like a human garbage disposal.
- He's crushing it.
- Hey, I told you, we're trying to cut down on sugar in the morning.
- Mikey.
- Come on.
He needs the fuel, right? He's growing.
Look at the muscles.
Like, Mikey Muscles, show her the Mikey Muscles.
Huh? I'm really the only one who finds this creepy? Dad comes over to take us grocery shopping? Hey, we're not just grocery shopping.
We're grocery shopping Jason-style.
- That's big.
- Emma, you're gonna need to get a job if you want to start buying your own groceries, okay? Seriously? Is this something you saw on The Brady Bunch? Couple that shops together stays together? You know, I'm sorry, but it sounds like she's trying to pick a fight with us, right? Yeah, I guess jail time really toughened her up.
You guys want to go on with your little Norman Rockwell cosplay JASON: I'll show you Norman Rockwell.
You want to see Norman Rockwell? Aah! That look like Norman Rockwell to you? EMMA: Just saying.
I don't see why you need to drag me and Mikey around like we're three-year-olds.
Or is that part of the kink? (LAUGHS) Well, it's not like we can trust you to stay home alone.
I said I was sorry.
Yeah, it's gonna take a lot more than that.
Lot more.
We have a right to know if you're getting back together.
- Wow.
(CLEARS THROAT) - You have a right? Does this mean Dad's getting out of the Navy? Why would you say something like that? Well, Mom said you guys couldn't even consider getting back together till you were out.
You know what? You guys are gonna be late for school.
Get your school stuff, get in the car.
Come on, we got to get going.
Come on.
Keep crushing the cereal, Big Mikey Mike.
Mikey Muscles.
(QUIETLY): Why would you say something like that? Is that how you feel? You want me to leave the teams? Okay, I said it once, months ago.
I was upset.
I'm sorry.
That what you want? EMMA: Come on, Dad! - We're gonna be late.
- Hey, I You know what? This is really not the time to have the conversation.
- I know.
- EMMA: Dad.
I'll drop them off, I'll come back, and we'll have the conversation.
Jason, I got to show three houses this morning.
I'm not even gonna have time to unload these groceries.
- Of course you do.
- Can we Jason, can we please - just talk about it later? - Yeah, let's do that later.
Of course.
Later it is.
(ENGINE STARTS) DANNY: Good morning.
You're just gonna ghost me? I don't think that you can call it "ghosting" if you stay at my place, but No, I'm just gonna go run off these sins from last night.
(VELCRO RIPS) Thank you, by the way.
You didn't have to pay for everything.
Oh, come on.
You finally agree to go out with me, I'm not gonna pay? No chance.
Besides, it's about time a SEAL starts taking care of you for a change.
I told you, I don't date frogmen.
Well, lucky for you, the Talimonster saw fit to blow me up, and end my career.
Look, I'm sorr I'm not, um Used to waking up next to this? I was gonna say I'm not a morning person, but now that you mention it.
How about you and I go get some breakfast after your run? I got a new shipment of bailout bottles coming in at work that needs inventory.
I got to get on the horn with the West Coast, talk some clients off the ledge, so I'll get out of your hair.
Okay, I'm gonna take that run.
I had fun last night.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) It was fun.
Maybe we can do it again, later in the week? Maybe.
(SNIFFLES) STELLA: Hey, sleepyhead.
You're wearing my favorite shirt.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you forget that my closet's 40 miles away? No, I was gon I was gonna wear that shirt today.
Well, I guess you're gonna have to come grab it from me, then.
Don't tempt me with a good time.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, I, uh, I got to go.
Are you getting spun up again? Look at you with the vernacular, huh? Nice.
That means that's a yes.
Where are you gonna go? I don't know yet.
Well, I wish I hadn't graded all these papers.
Why not? Now you can hang out and just relax all day.
Thank you.
Grading is, uh, pretty much the only way I can clear my mind when you're off saving the world.
I-I'll be back soon, okay? Okay.
And when I am, I'm gonna want the shirt back.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) It's my favorite shirt.
And I want it.
But then you'll be gone again soon, right? On, um, deployment.
How's that for vernacular? Trish mentioned it the other night.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry.
Look, I-I've been meaning to talk to you about it.
I just didn't know how to bring it up.
I've known about it for a week and didn't know how to bring it up.
Didn't actually want to bring it up.
(SIGHS) So, uh, where-where are they sending you guys? Uh Never really know till you get off the plane, but as of now, Afghanistan.
Oh, good.
Least it's not a place that's been convulsed by violence the last two millennia.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Um, for how long? Three months, at least.
That's longer than we've been together.
(SNIFFLES) I, uh I guess it'd be a lot to ask you to put your life on hold and wait for me.
And I guess it would be a lot to ask you to think about me when you're in a war zone 24/7? (PHONE CHIMING) I guess we just got a relationship stay of execution.
(CLEARS THROAT) (SCOFFS) So, you're sure you're not pressing the red, coming back too soon? Last week you were on the P.
What, this week, you're ready to roll? - Look, brother, the shoulder's great.
- Yeah? Right? And you wouldn't touch the smoke - I'd be throwing today.
- Yeah, I doubt that.
Sure that this whole early recovery has nothing to do with the deployment money? (LAUGHING): Look, man, I appreciate the concern, but the shoulder's squared away, - and Naima has the other stuff handled.
- Okay.
- That good enough for you? - Yeah.
Yeah? (PANEL BEEPS) Ah, look who it is, huh? TRENT: Look who's back.
Have a seat.
I hate the number two.
- You miss me? - Back in his chair.
I'm just more of an odd-number type of guy.
Welcome back, bud.
- Yeah, brother.
- ERIC: All right, listen up.
Air Force had a fancy new drone go down about four hours ago in the Anbar Province, just east of the Syrian border.
Okay, any chance you're just keeping us informed here? - We are gonna go get it back.
- Bringing it back.
- Hope we do.
- MANDY: Iranian and Russian military all over that border.
The Air Force doesn't want the drone's proprietary technology falling into the wrong hands.
So, the Air Force loses a drone in Iraq Where they already have thousands of troops.
Instead of using any of them, they want to send us all the way from beautiful Virginia Beach? Is that right? The crash site is just outside of Al-Qa'im.
Ah, that's why they're sending us.
Al-Qa'im is ISIS's last stronghold in Iraq.
Which makes it one of the most dangerous places in the world.
SONNY: Well, let's just drop a warhead on that proprietary crap, blow it into a million pieces, and keep us out of the death zone.
MANDY: You know, I wish we could, but that option is off the table.
This is Meera Nelson from Defense Information Systems Agency.
She's here to explain why.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What I'm about to share with you is known by, uh, only a handful of people within our government.
- Moon landing was faked.
- Ha, ha.
- I knew it.
- A few months ago, DARPA detected a mysterious virus on one of its new E39 drone's central processors.
And subsequent tests found indications of the same malware on more of our drones.
How many more? All of them.
At first, the malware was only detected logging keystrokes.
- Seemed benign.
- Okay, so now you think that someone used the malware to hijack the drone? - It's the most likely scenario.
- Oh.
I know, it probably seems like you're cleaning up someone's science project, but trust me, this drone crisis presents an urgent threat to our national security.
The E39 is patient zero.
Only by recovering its processor can we determine the exact nature of the virus, figure out a way to reverse engineer it.
ERIC: Alpha and Bravo Teams will escort Ms.
Nelson and her technician, Mr.
Nolan, to the E39, then secure the location so that they can extract the drone's processor.
(WHOOSHING) All right, so the drone went down outside of town.
We slip in, we slip out, right? - Sounds simple.
- It's not going to be that simple.
- There it is.
- We believe an I.
cadre found the E39 and moved it to this former school.
- (WHISTLES) - DAVIS: Oh, smack dab in the middle of the city.
Precisely where the final push to clear ISIS is about to take place.
You sure you're ready to come back now? - More so.
- Okay.
Well, there is one more wrinkle.
There's always a wrinkle.
Due to the fear of losing additional assets, the Air Force has grounded all drones.
So now we're walking into the most dangerous place in the world blind.
Yeah? Hey, I, uh need some advice.
Point the muzzle end of your gun in the direction you want to shoot.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) So? What's going on? So we're, uh, you know, we're getting ready for deployment here soon.
(CHUCKLES) Here it comes.
Whole deployment talk.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, huh? You and the, uh, professor getting a little serious there? I don't know, man, m-maybe, maybe not.
Kind of at a crossroads? You know, look, man, I, uh, I was married well before BUD/S.
So, you know, the whole long-distance relationship conversation, I don't even know if I'm the one to have that talk.
Okay, got it.
Yeah? - I'll get it squared away.
- But I get it.
I understand.
There is a-a price to pay for everyone.
You know that.
You just got to figure out what you're willing to pay.
I mean, can you imagine your life without her? 'Cause if you can, you got to cut your girl loose.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
So, get some rest, will you.
Iraqi security forces have retaken almost half of Al-Qa'im over the last eight weeks, but the pace has been slow, and the fighting brutal.
Just as we saw in Fallujah, these I.
fighters have had months to fortify their positions.
How many fighters are we looking at? Iraqi Special Forces allowed some 300 to surrender two days ago.
But we estimate there remains about 1,200.
1,200 true believers.
They definitely aren't waving the white flag.
That's for sure.
Fighting to the death, maybe we will get that zombie apocalypse after all.
ERIC: The Iraqis' final siege consists of two phases.
Phase One, currently underway, involves softening up I.
defenses with a combination of artillery shelling and air strikes.
Bomb 'em back to the Stone Age.
Or as they like to say over there, last Tuesday.
ERIC: Phase One ends at 0500, at which point the Iraqis will conduct a mechanized infantry assault.
That's urban fighting, building-to-building, bloody and brutal.
No, we'll be gone before the fighting even starts.
With the artillery and the air strikes, it'll just drive I.
into their ratholes and their bunkers.
It'll give us cover to get in and out without being detected.
DAVIS: We're coordinating with the Iraqis to make sure they don't drop any artillery near your position.
RAY: Yeah, that's real comforting.
Iraqi military and shooting straight don't always go hand in hand.
Time we land, you'll have less than two hours before Phase One ends.
Look, what's the fastest infil? SONNY: Parachuting in with all that artillery in the air doesn't exactly tickle these nuts.
And the roads are basically one big IED by now.
- So that's out.
- JASON: I'll tell you what, why don't we helo in on this riverbank right here.
It's a half a klick from our target.
We can hike the rest of the way.
When we get to town, Spenser and I will break away from the team and provide overwatch from this (GRUNTS) building right across from the square.
We'll clear the school, and then we'll get Meera and Nolan here to do their thing.
How long for you guys on target? Depends on how damaged the drone is.
You need to be fast.
Let me remind you that none of you are read-in on the technology aboard this drone.
Our eyes only.
Oh, wow.
Your job is to get us in and get us out.
No more.
Let me remind you, Miss Personality, that we are plopping our asses down into the end of days battle to help you find your little toy.
JASON (OVER COMM): TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We're passing Jade.
- How copy? - ERIC: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Good copy.
All right, that's Jade.
Almost to the school.
Any activity in town? We're not picking up any chatter.
Artillery bombardment's keeping the enemy pinned down.
For 42 more minutes.
All right.
(EXPLOSIONS, ARTILLERY FIRE IN DISTANCE) Hard to imagine someone's about to fight over this.
Yeah, this place is a ghost town.
- Ghosts don't wear S-Vests.
- SONNY: Speaking of ghosts, I had experience with the paranormal when I was a kid.
A summer spent with my grand-ninny.
Excuse me.
Your what? My ninny.
My grand (SHELL APPROACHING) Incoming! Welcome to Al-Qa'im.
Commander Blackburn.
General Parsons, Commander of Air Combat Command.
I understand you're overseeing the operation to recover my bird.
Yes, sir.
My team's about to move on the drone's location now.
Hear the guy in charge on the ground's a real snake-eater.
Jason Hayes.
Yes, sir.
He's a frogman.
You're gonna get your drone back.
Be happy to keep you updated throughout the mission.
That won't be necessary, Commander.
I'm staying right here to make sure things come off - without a hitch.
- Roger that, sir.
A malware issue may not make people quake in their boots like rockets lobbed into the Sea of Japan, but without drone ISR, we lose our tactical superiority over the enemy.
Understood, sir.
We'll get your drone back.
This should keep things interesting.
What could possibly go wrong with a cake-eater involved? JASON (OVER COMMS): 2, this is 1.
Let me know when you're set for overwatch.
Bravo 1, we're making our way to OP across the street.
CLAY: I'll be in position in less than two mikes.
Copy 2.
Okay, let's just hold here for a second.
SONNY: You know those dreams where you show up to your high school, but you're naked? That's what it feels like right now wandering around here without eyes in the sky.
Go in deep.
(EXPLOSION) (SHOUTS) Spenser? (CLAY GROANS) Spenser! Talk to me, buddy.
Clay! - Clay! Spenser! - CLAY: Yeah.
RAY: Damn it, Spenser, talk to me, man.
Uh, I-I'm good, man, I'm good.
That's quite a fall you took there, brother.
How banged up are you? I'm all right, man.
I'll manage.
All right, man, we're gonna try to figure out how to get you out of there.
JASON: 2, this is 1.
How long till overwatch is set? We have a couple of night crawlers out here.
They can end our mission before it starts.
All right, man.
I got to book.
Go on.
I'll I'll be right on your six.
I got you.
All right, man.
Look, you get moving as soon as you can.
(GRUNTS, GROANS) Bravo 2, this is Bravo 6.
It-it's Bravo 6.
I'm a little jammed up here.
(COMM CLANGS) Ah, damn it.
(ARTILLERY FIRE IN DISTANCE) Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
Be advised, we had an incident on the way to overwatch.
- JASON: What kind of incident? - Spenser fell in the cellar of the building we were clearing.
It's gonna take him a minute to get himself squared away and over to me.
(EXHALES) I hated leaving him.
The clock was ticking.
The kid will be fine.
RAY: He's only rolled with us a few times.
I'd feel a whole lot better if it was me down there.
Look, you made the right choice.
You got eyes on our position? RAY: Yeah.
We got a couple midnight strollers just outside the target area.
Gonna make a path for you.
(QUIETLY): You two stick with Sonny.
Got it? (GUNSHOT POPS) - RAY: You're good to go.
- JASON: Move to target.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
Passing Sapphire.
We've got the drone.
You two, take the high ground.
Trent, Brock, hold the front.
- Copy that.
- Straps.
Let's go.
You're up.
Your little toy's here.
Let's open it up and get that processor out.
Let's move.
(GRUNTS) How long? How long? Look, excuse me, you are not read-in How long is it gonna take? Airframe got deformed on impact.
Gonna take longer to open up the panel, extract the processor.
- Best case, 20 minutes.
- No.
You got to halve that.
Iraqi shelling, it's gonna end soon.
2, this is 1.
You got Bravo 6 yet? RAY: Negative.
I'll raise him on comms.
Bravo 6, you making your way out? Bravo 6, do you copy? (COMM CRACKLING) (MEN CONTINUE SPEAKING ARABIC NEARBY) Bravo 6, do you hear me? (CRACKLING STOPS) (MEN SPEAKING IN ARABIC) Bravo 6, you making your way out? (DISTANT EXPLOSIONS, GUNFIRE) Bravo 6, come in.
Come on, brother.
Bravo 6, this is Bravo 2.
Do you copy? Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
I can't get Bravo 6 on the comms.
You got eyes on his location? Copy that.
Eyes on.
Looks the same as when I Bravo 1, we got a big problem, boss.
I count three armed men directly above Bravo 6's position.
Spenser still safe? Well, no one's jumping around like they won the lottery, so I'm gonna say yes for now.
I can engage and take 'em out before they get to him, but I got no way of knowing how many more guys are down there.
No, hold on that.
Gunfight would just wake up the neighborhood.
Copy that.
Watch him, Ray.
The bad guys, they just crashed Clay's party.
- We got to get our boy.
- Okay, we'll get him.
Mount up, will you? TOC, Bravo 6 is pinned down.
I'm gonna have to split up the teams.
Alpha will take the straps to exfil.
We're gonna go back for the kid.
Copy, Bravo 1.
Is that gonna be enough rifles to free Bravo 6? We don't have much of a choice, do we? They're not deviating from the mission.
Sir, w-we have a man in danger.
Give me that.
Bravo 1.
This is General Parsons, CENTCOM Air Combat Command.
I admire your desire to get your man, but recovering the drone's processor is your priority.
Splitting your forces is too risky - given the environment.
- Forgive me, sir, but are you asking me to leave one of my men behind? The Iraqi assault's beginning shortly.
We'll attach a QRF with them.
They'll get your guy out.
All due respect, sir, it'll take them a day to move a half a block.
I have thousands of troops operating in combat zones without overwatch now.
Their safety depends on you delivering that processor.
Is that understood? Yes, sir.
Zero chance Jason obeys that order.
Parsons doesn't seem like the type of guy you want to disobey.
ISR is down.
Maybe that helps us.
Hard to know you've been disobeyed if you can't see.
SONNY: Kid's up against it, and these cake-eaters, all they care about - is this damn hardware.
- Let's go.
How much longer? Least another five minutes.
That's too long.
I'm using all the manpower - given to me.
- Get your saw, Sonny.
Open it up.
This ain't brain surgery.
(SAW BUZZING) Let me rip this sucker open.
Kick rocks, nerd.
This is a gross violation of protocol.
He's not cleared to interfere I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
Bravo 6 is about to get a visitor.
Repeat, Bravo 2.
There's a dude going down the hole.
Don't open up.
Spenser will be able to handle business if anything goes down.
Copy that.
Things escalate, I'll unleash hell on their position.
(MEN CHATTERING IN ARABIC) (CHATTERING CONTINUES) RAY: Bravo 1, it appears Bravo 6 just dodged a bullet.
Whatever good karma that kid has, he just used up.
He's gonna need a little more.
- Came all this way for that tiny thing? - JASON: Hey.
You got everything you need? - Good to go.
- Good to go.
Full Metal, prep to blow the drone in place.
Then you're gonna escort the straps to exfil.
We're going after Bravo 6.
Roger that.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
Copy, Bravo 1.
We on a party line here? Negative.
Just us.
Situational awareness, between you and I, I'm going back for the kid.
I'm sure the general's gonna get his balls in a twist on this one.
Uh, roger that.
IEDs forcing you to revise your exfil path.
Estimate the current route will add an additional 15 minutes on the ground.
1 out.
Is there a problem, Commander? No, sir.
Situation on the ground's fluid.
Required a slight adjustment for exfil, but we're still on track for a successful recovery.
(EXPLOSIONS, GUNFIRE STOP) Bravo 1, you hear that? Shelling's ended.
This is when the zombies come out.
Bravo 1, streets are clear.
You should have smooth sailing to OP 1.
JASON: Moving.
SONNY: Streets are probably littered with IEDs.
JASON: Well, we're gonna have to haul ass anyway.
The sun's coming up soon.
(MEN SPEAKING IN ARABIC NEARBY) Bravo 1, I got eyes on some weird light show coming out of that hole.
JASON: Hold what you got.
Spenser's probably trying to send up a flare.
Yeah, a good reason.
You guys got a big-ass antiaircraft gun pointed right at your infil point.
- You've got to pull back, guys.
- JASON: Copy.
- Taking cover.
- Abort.
Okay, look, front door's out.
We got to get off the streets now.
First time the kid saves our asses.
We might actually owe him a case of beer.
2, this is 1.
From your perspective, anything? RAY: I've got another problem myself, boss.
We got more fighters inside.
JASON: Where the hell'd they come from? I don't know.
I've been watching the street the whole time.
It just came out of nowhere.
Remember Mosul when they came out of nowhere? Yeah, bad guys dug a tunnel.
Think they did the same thing here? - Tunnel's our only way in.
- We need to find it first.
We could always ask these guys for directions.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We're looking for a tunnel system that leads into OP 1.
MANDY: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
It would be considerate of ISIS to put up signs to their tunnels next time.
They dig inside.
They pile the dirt from floor to ceiling so as not to give away their locations.
It's it's smart.
But not foolproof.
Look at the ground outside this building.
MANDY: I don't see anything.
Now look at this picture from the next day.
What is that pile right there? That was not there the day before.
Excavated dirt.
Artillery shell probably blew out the window, caused the dirt to leak out.
And Clay's position is the building closest to that entrance.
They must connect.
Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Think we found your way in.
Bravo 2, we're making entry.
Going after our boy.
On my mark.
Three two one.
(MAN SHOUTS) (GUNFIRE) Eagle, eagle.
Eagle, eagle.
Let's go home, Baby Jess.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) There you go.
Up, move.
Get up, kid.
(CLAY GROANS) Look at you, man.
You look like crap.
- Way to blow the overwatch, kid.
- Yeah, he stinks, too.
Oh, it's awesome to see you guys, too, man.
Appreciate that.
FULL METAL: Bravo 1, this is Alpha 1.
Extract point is getting hot.
Gonna have to exfil soon.
Alpha 1, we're moving.
Move to exfil if you need to.
Let's go home.
(PANTING) Copy that.
JASON: TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We're passing Platinum.
Copy, Bravo 1.
That is Platinum.
They're on their way.
Looks like our man made it out after all.
Didn't I tell you we'd bring him home? (HELICOPTER PASSES OVERHEAD) I'll tell you, that kid over there He's a lucky kid, he's got someone like you watching over him.
Any lesser operator probably would have just panicked, started pumping that building with bullets, probably gotten him killed.
This your way of saying you're glad to have me back? How's your arm? It's good.
- Felt like a new man out there.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- That's good.
One that could strike your ass out.
(LAUGHS) I don't know about that.
I do.
I see you checking on everyone.
Who's checking on you? Who's checking on me? Well, that's a rank thing.
I mean, you're only allowed to check on people below you.
So, you know, you actually asking me how I'm doing That's breaking the chain of command.
Breaking the chain of command? Well, it seems to be going around today.
I think so.
(CLEARS THROAT) Nice family we got, huh? It's a bunch of misfits that somehow fit.
Get some rest.
Yeah, get some rest.
Hey! Thank God you're all right.
- You are all right, right? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I'm-I'm good.
Don't worry.
- Oh, God.
- I'm fine.
It's - This, is this? - Yeah, careful.
- (LAUGHS): Oh, sorry.
- My-my knee's good.
I shouldn't even be here, but they want to keep me overnight.
Well, I'm gonna stay here with you then.
There's actually no way I'm gonna leave you in this depressing room.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, this is real depressing.
Here, oh, I got you something.
Thank you.
That was nice.
Your shake.
Look, I, um I just want, I want to say I'm sorry about the other day.
I should have brought up the deployment thing sooner.
We're not gonna be talking about that right now.
I just want to, I just want to pamper you back to health.
And that's it.
(SIGHS) So as much as I want to believe that it isn't true, we're about to be two people with 7,000 miles between us.
- Okay, maybe you just need to rest.
- And how are we gonna succeed when w-we're halfway around the world from each other? I mean, most of the guys, you know, in the teams They they all try and do this, you know, balancing, you know, their personal lives with work by putting a wall in between them.
I mean, I've-I've seen it with Jason.
I lived it with my dad.
I don't want I don't want to have a relationship that's defined by walls and boundaries.
Neither one of us does.
So, what are you saying? What I'm saying is, when I was on the plane, I just I kept thinking about you.
You know, because what we do is we we protect people, right? So if, if I let you go, then then I'd really be keeping you out of harm's way.
What-what are you doing? I realized that you (LAUGHS) You're the strongest person I know.
I mean, you don't need protecting from anything.
I realized the only thing worse than not seeing you for the next three months would be never seeing you again.
Okay, well, please, I really And so (LAUGHS) Will you marry me? Wow.
You look amazing.
I was glad to hear from you.
- I didn't think - You'd ever hear from me again? No.
I just didn't think that you would be up for going out after you flew to Iraq and back in the last 72 hours, but now that you mention it, I figured that the odds were pretty low that I'd ever hear from you.
(LAUGHS) Well, here I am.
I got you a drink.
No tequila this time.
(DAVIS LAUGHS) Is this Japanese single malt? Yeah, I took a shot in the dark.
Is there anything that you and Sonny don't talk about? You're right.
It's wrong.
I shouldn't pump him for intel about you.
But in my defense, I need all the help I can get.
You're doing just fine on your own.
So what should we drink to? World peace? Mm.
Awkward mornings after? (LAUGHS) How about mm, to our second date? (GLASSES CLINK) (CRICKETS CHIRPING) (SIGHS) ALANA: You breach that door, you buy a new one.
I didn't see you there.
Everyone okay? Yeah, everyone's good.
You want to sit? Yeah, I can sit.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Well, it's later.
It is that.
Whew, I'm tired.
Look, about what Mikey said Don't have to explain, Alana.
Yes, I do.
It wasn't fair, blindside you like that.
Anyway, I talked to Mikey, and I cleared up any confusion.
- Hey? - Yeah.
You all right? Yeah, this mission just went a little haywire, and, uh, new kid had a close call.
- Clay? - Yeah, Clay.
Is he okay? Yeah, he's Some scratches, but, um, yeah, he got lucky.
Baptism by fire.
Baptism by fire.
How come you never asked me to leave the teams? Because it's who you are.
Wasn't always, but now it is.
I've made my peace with it.
So then why am I, uh, not living here, and just coming by visiting every so often? You ever think about what comes after? Nobody kicks down doors forever.
Well, come on.
What do you want me to do? Open up some tactical training business, and teach suburban accountants how to survive Armageddon? It would pay better.
(LAUGHS) A lot better.
Wouldn't have to worry about money for college.
I could sleep 300 more days a year.
Nicer vacations.
Good-bye to the Ozark water park.
I like the Ozark water park, okay, so - Really? - Yes, really.
Okay, so maybe we don't say good-bye to the water park.
No way.
But we could say hello to Italy.
Maybe Hawaii, tranquil beaches.
Nothing to do all day but sleep.