SEAL Team (2017) s01e17 Episode Script

In Name Only

Previously on SEAL Team Salim's business is doing favors for powerful people.
You have a relationship with him? He'll talk to you.
Salim loves beautiful women.
MANDY: I'm hoping you can tell me something about the man who walked our team into that house.
My only thought is that he may have been forced into it.
Salim Hakan, commander of the Afghan National Police.
I think he's the guy who blackmailed Tariq into luring Echo Team to their deaths.
I can't share you anymore.
I don't think I should be your wife.
Jason Hayes.
I'm Amy.
Nice to meet you, Amy.
How'd you get past the gate? I was friends with Steve.
Not that kind of friend.
Steve was married.
I was gonna invite you over to come and see my garden.
In fact, ladies and gentlemen, I believe it's no exaggeration to call the capture of Musa Ghani the most significant blow we've struck to date against the Afghan heroin industry.
This victory would not have been possible without the full participation of our Afghan partners, particularly General Salim Hakan, commander of the National Police for Nangahar Province.
- General Hakan.
- (APPLAUSE) Thank you, General Sullivan.
Today marks a true milestone in the history of my great and troubled country because the elimination You ever get the feeling that we're witnessing the U.
led celebration of what may be the most corrupt man in the most corrupt country on Earth? If you were paying attention, you'd know it's not a celebration of Salim Hakan but of the successful capture of Musa Ghani, who, until yesterday, was one of the most powerful drug barons in this country.
And this is what we must defeat.
This is what feeds the monsters that prey upon us.
Any truth to the rumor that he was also a DEA informant? I bear witness to a new dawn in Afghanistan, a dawn of freedom and prosperity, founded on our unshakable alliance with the most powerful democracy on Earth! (APPLAUSE) - (EXHALES, LAUGHS) - Hey, you are athletic.
- (LAUGHING) - You really are athletic.
I'm trying to keep up.
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, my God.
I am definitely gonna have to clean up.
(GRUNTS) That's Steve Porter's drill.
- Yes, it is.
- Yeah.
That's a, that's a hand-cranked coalminer's drill, his daddy gave it to him West Virginia.
How did you recognize that? He gave that to you? Rest in peace.
Yes, he did.
I thought you guys were just friends.
(CHUCKLES) We were.
Why did he want you to have that? He he got something on it during an op.
- Mm-hmm.
- And he asked me if I would take it in to have our labs test it.
What'd the lab have to say about it? Just had dirt on it.
Why did he, uh, give it to you guys and not the military lab? I never really thought about it.
I guess I figured he he just knows everything is better - in the private sector.
- Yeah.
I was meaning to give it back to him.
Then him and his guys got wiped out.
I don't really know what to do with it.
This is a joke, right? I get it.
- It's not a joke.
- We just took down DEA's best source in all of Afghanistan only to find that he's not our man.
In fairness, the guy that we took down is also an international drug trafficker.
And now you're asking permission to go after Salim Hakan, the Afghan police commander who happens, currently, to be the local face of that cooperation.
Any part of that that I'm getting wrong? What do you want me to say? I know Salim's the new poster boy for our mission here, but unfortunately, he's also connected to the ambush and murder of six American operators.
That's what you said about Musa Ghani, remember? "I don't care if he's a DEA informant The money on his field paid for the murder of our guys.
" - It did.
- Except it wasn't his field anymore.
How close are we to knowing who he sold it to? We're still trying to run down who owns the holding company, but the state of record-keeping in this country being what it is Listen you want to go after Salim Hakan, you can't be even a little bit wrong.
The old men will bury you.
That's assuming you even make it out of this country alive.
What? You believe me.
About Salim.
You know he's our guy.
Find out who owns that poppy field.
S01E17 In Name Only So you're saying that I got to be celibate until these wounds heal up? All I'm saying, kemosabe, is that chicks dig scars.
SONNY: Exactly.
Not wounds.
I haven't met a woman yet that likes to get blood on her sheets.
That is why right there that you and I, we roll in different social circles, my friend.
Thank God.
What we're saying is, you at least need - to let these things scab over, man.
- So let me just get the record straight, young Jedi.
Sonny does not abstain while he's on deployment.
Come on, man, that's like sitting at the buffet table - with your jaw wired shut.
- DAVIS: Ew.
Look, you guys got to be at the TOC in five.
We doing another daylight hit? How about you get your ass to the TOC in five, - you can find out for yourself.
- Well, you coming with us? I was gonna go put some batteries in your night vision - Is that okay with you? - (CHUCKLES) - Okay.
She told you.
- Thank you.
So, if Ghani sold that poppy field eight weeks ago, that means that the cash we found on it last week Wasn't his.
Okay, so if the cash wasn't Ghani's, and Ghani wasn't in charge of the hit on our guys, then whoever is is out there - and he's laughing his ass off still.
- ERIC: Listen, Ghani is a bad guy He may not be the bad guy who killed our friends, but we should all be proud as hell - to have taken him down.
- So what you're saying is last night's party was - a little premature.
- Look, Sonny, we'll earn it.
Okay? Soon as we catch up with the guy who did it.
That's what we do Earn it, right? Do we, uh, do we know who Ghani sold the field to? KSR Holdings.
They got holding companies here in Afghanistan? They do.
What they don't have is searchable online databases.
But lucky for me, I have an in at the J-Bad Hall of Records.
JASON: Oh, you mean that reporter who's been sniffing around you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Turns out KSR Holdings has been around for 20 years.
Last six months, they've been buying up other fields in the surrounding areas.
Poppy field gets torched, KSR buys the ashes on the cheap.
Their holdings now stretch to over several hundred hectares.
CLAY: That's a lot of real estate.
SONNY: Yeah.
I mean, they might be trying just to build some townhouses or something.
Keep the HOA fees down.
RAY: Either that, or somebody's about to go big into the poppy business.
Okay, not that this isn't fascinating and all, but any chance that your reporter friend can find out the guy who's behind KSR Holdings? It's not a guy.
KSR Holdings is owned by Permaz Hakan, Salim Hakan's first wife.
RAY: Wait, now hold on.
Yesterday you thought Salim was a cop on the take from whoever ordered the Echo hit now you're saying you think he bankrolled the whole thing? I'm saying I think we need to talk to his wife.
Salim is worried that people are gonna make a fuss about a police commander, what, buying up burned-out land.
So what does he do? He puts it in his wife's name.
Same thing mob guys do to dodge the taxman.
Way the laws are in this country, he doesn't even need to worry about her double-crossing him.
Anything she has is his automatically.
CLAY: All right, well, that's it, then.
I mean, if Salim's wife owns a field, that means Salim really owns it.
That means he paid for the Echo hit.
It's not enough.
Not enough for who? The DoD.
Brass has a lot invested in Salim.
No way they're gonna distance themselves just because his wife's name is on some piece of paper.
That's why it's so important that we find her.
- Assuming she's alive.
- JASON: Even if she is, Salim's never gonna let that happen.
MANDY: I'm not sure he'd have much to say about it.
Nobody's seen Permaz in years.
Word is she ran.
Word say where? DAVIS: Kind of dirt she has on him, I'd run far, far away.
- All right, so we find her.
- Find a woman who's hiding in a country where women are already invisible? Is her father alive? MANDY: Barely, from what I understand.
If anyone knows where she is, it'll be him.
Unless they had a falling out because he married her off - to Salim the psycho.
- This culture, no matter how estranged they are, a father always keeps tabs on his daughter.
- So he's trying to protect her? - So he knows when to mourn her.
(GOAT BLEATING) All right, listen to me.
Put it to him this way.
It'd be a lot better if we find his daughter before Salim does.
(SPEAKING PASHTO) - Inshallah.
- Inshallah.
That's what he says.
Yeah, because it's God's will I heard him the first six times.
Is he aware that Salim wants his daughter dead? (SPEAKING PASHTO) - Inshallah.
- JASON: Tell him, if my daughter was in danger - Mm-hmm - and someone came to my house and said that she was in trouble, I'd be man enough to accept that because it's God's will.
The heathen's speaking God's will.
He believes in fate; I believe in getting things done.
- JASON: Just give him a second.
His face gives me the damn willies.
Give him a second.
- Yeah, what? Uh, so he says that "When I was a wealthy man with a large family Okay "It was Inshallah.
"And when my daughter married an evil man, "it was Inshallah.
Now you will bring her back to me.
" Where is she? (SPEAKS PASHTO) JASON: I swear we will do everything in our power to protect her.
Yes, we'll bring his daughter back to him.
Jamal Mazari.
Human trafficker.
Kidnaps little girls, sells them to other dirtbags or ships 'em off in bulk to jihadi soldiers in the field.
And Salim's wife ran to this guy for protection? That's what her daddy says.
Heart wants what it wants.
Heart's got nothing to do with it.
She ran to Mazari because he's a Tajik warlord running a chunk of the Panjshir Province.
He and Salim would never be on the same side.
JASON: Look, we found his wife.
Question is, how do we get - to her without Salim finding out? - ERIC: Yeah, as soon as we put in the target package, he gets the heads-up.
Might even have enough time to go get her himself while we're sitting around waiting on approval.
What if she's not our target? - What do you mean? - I mean, what if the goal of the op was just to grab Mazari and then, well, Mrs.
Salim just happens to get rolled up with him? You think Mazari's a big enough fish to get us a green light? There's one way to find out.
Mazari's compound is well guarded.
Bad news is he's been expecting to be hit for several years now, which is why we have this.
And his defenses are pretty dug in.
What's the good news? Good news - Anybody? - Good news is he's been expecting a hit for a couple years now, so his guys are probably getting pretty lazy.
JASON: Look at that.
You get a case of beer.
So, what are you thinking, Ray? Helo infil? - It's what I'm thinking.
- Right.
Where? Three-klick offset from the compound, patrol to the target on foot.
Take out his sentries from the last cover and concealment around here.
Prepare to commence assault.
Yeah, which brings us to the fun part.
Permaz Hakan.
Salim's wife.
DAVIS: Now, this photo's about 20 years old, so I'm having our techs do a digital aging.
Might get a sense of what she looks like now.
Mazari lives in the men's quarters here.
Female staff is in this building.
And we believe this is where they're keeping the prisoners - until they put 'em up for sale.
- JASON: Okay, we're certain that Permaz lives in the, uh, female staff quarters? (SIGHS) We're certain she's not in the men's.
Gonna have to secure Mazari at the same time we're searching for her.
Ooh, tricky.
Have to move fast.
We always move fast.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CLEARS THROAT) So, looks like my little research trip panned out.
What makes you say that? Your boys are spinning up as we speak.
Even if that were true, we do hits almost every night, so Yes, but I'm hearing this one is related to what you got at the Hall of Records.
- Hearing from whom? - A Marine Private First Class Jane Doe.
Possible that's not her real name.
And what do you give PFC Doe in exchange for this information? Let's see, a private first class only makes about $450 a week, so Mm.
Best to keep these kinds of transactions purely professional.
Why I thought I would bring up that Jason Hayes interview again.
You don't have to.
He'll do it.
Thank you, Mandy.
Really, really.
I-I appreciate that.
And just so we're clear, I always keep my transactions professional.
Even this one? Especially this one.
Glad we got that out of the way.
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome.
Weird thing.
So, my friend over at the Hall of Records, he said another Westerner came in there a few weeks ago asking about some of the same land holdings.
- Another journalist? - Probably.
Maybe he's working on an exposé about CIA's involvement in the Afghan heroin industry.
Call it "The Phoenix Project Didn't End With Vietnam.
" Why not "Phoenix Project Rises From the Ashes"? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Nice shooting, Tex.
Take some shots, Ray? (SPUTTERS) Come on, man.
You know we don't play this game.
Really? Just say that to Willie O'Ree or my brother Wayne Simmonds, huh? Doesn't count.
Brothers are Canadian.
Come on.
Let's go.
Put the pads on, Ray.
You know what? - It's okay.
I'm good.
No, stop.
- Get in net, get in net.
Put 'em on.
- Stop playing.
- Don't.
Put the pad on.
- You good, huh, Ray? You good? - Stop playing.
I'm good.
- Really? Are you good, Ray? - Yeah.
I just noticed you didn't sleep in our hooch last night.
- Oh! - You, uh, with that contractor lady? - Yeah.
- Oh, that's what this is all about.
I see.
Got a problem with that? No.
No, actually, I think it's a good thing.
I mean, she seems like a lot, but maybe you could use "a lot" right now.
What's that mean, Ray? Well, we rolled up the bombmaker, right? Yeah.
We rolled up the hit team that wired the house.
We rolled up the heroin kingpin we thought funded the op.
At what point do we decide we got whatever justice there is to get for the Echo guys and go back to trying to win the war they died fighting? The enemy tries to kill us, we try to kill them.
Damn straight.
I'd just prefer you didn't seem so eager to get there.
You make it personal, it's gonna eat you up, brother.
You telling me you don't want to smoke the guys who took out Steve Porter and Echo Team? Is that what you're saying? You know I do.
I just want to make sure that you don't want it so bad that you end up doing something stupid, like chasing Ghani and his bodyguard up that hill.
I can't promise you I'm never gonna do that again.
But what I can promise you is next time I do something like that, I won't bring you guys.
- We good? Huh? - (PHONE RINGS) You really got to ask? (DROPS HOCKEY STICK) Hayes.
(ALL CLAMORING) ERIC: Everybody's bickering! Everybody's bickering! It's not solving anything! Listen up! Any way we can just tell 'em no? No.
All right? I already tried that.
- The DoD is standing firm.
- Eh.
If we're gonna go after the Al Capone of human traffickers, then it's gonna have to be a joint mission alongside our local partners.
RAY: Well, I guess that answers the question of whether Salim - knew where his wife was holed up.
- Exactly.
Which is why he sent his guys along.
He probably figured out that we were hitting the place.
But to be fair, we don't know that it's his guys.
They're not cops? Afghan Army Special Forces.
- Oh.
- CLAY: Most of their Special Forces guys are pretty solid dudes, from my experience.
But that doesn't mean that they haven't been infiltrated yet.
- We'll vet 'em as best we can.
- (JASON GROANS) Hold up, we're gonna have people in here? Yeah.
Commanding officer, couple aides.
Got to assume they're bent, too.
So we cover up the board, anything related to Salim and the wife.
I'm on it.
Hard to see how we take Salim's wife off-target without them noticing anything.
That's why I suggested to General Sullivan that the honor of taking down a heinous villain such as Jamal Mazari should go to the Afghan fighters themselves and that we'd be responsible for bringing in all the secondary targets.
But if any of 'em are Salim's guys, you know they're gonna go after her first.
Yeah, smoke her while we're hitting the target, say she got hit in the crossfire.
Question is, they gonna try and smoke us, too? SONNY: Here come our pals.
- Think that's a Lego.
- Lego man.
Lieutenant Abu Nabi.
You are the master chief? - Yeah.
- You guys ready? - Uh, yeah, we are prepared.
- Um - What's wrong? There's been a change.
What do you mean there's been a change? One of my men was called away.
An emergency in his family.
That man is his replacement.
- Is he one of your guys? - I've never seen him before.
What's going on? Uh, well, got a new guy.
He's a replacement.
- SONNY: A replacement? - Yeah.
The hell you talking about? Okay.
You know what, Sonny, I got this.
Tell him to come here, will you? (SPEAKING PASHTO) (SPEAKING PASHTO) JASON: Who is he? (BOTH SPEAKING PASHTO) His name is Asadi.
He's a commando, not Special Forces.
Stationed in Kabul.
One year's service.
JASON: One year's service.
This is the best you could do? (SPEAKING PASHTO) He has family in Jalalabad.
He was home visiting.
He was ordered to report.
JASON: Report, huh? - Who ordered him? - (SPEAKING PASHTO) He says his command, of course.
Tell him to wait over there, will you? (SPEAKS PASHTO) Excuse me.
What do you think of this guy? Is any of it legit, what he's saying? - Yeah.
I mean, best I could tell.
- It's bad enough we got to work with these guys.
Now we got to trust the new guy? I don't know, boss.
He's giving me bad juju right now.
I'd bet my left nut that's one of Salim's boys.
Okay, listen, bottom line is, what do you want to do? We gonna take him? We gonna leave him? We leave him.
A man down, doesn't matter.
Yeah, we can get this done without these guys.
That's-that's the point though, man.
If we want to do this, we got to take that guy with us.
With the politics and everything, (MUMBLES): it's necessary.
So why don't we just scrap it? Well, if we scrap it, then I think we're giving up our best shot to get Salim.
Do it another day.
What other day? (CLEARS THROAT) May I join? I'll speak frankly.
I know you don't trust me.
I don't particularly trust you either.
I don't trust anyone.
Even Army.
- Taliban are everywhere.
- Right.
Fair enough.
It would not be my choice to bring someone unknown to me.
But I've wanted to free these women from Jamal Mazari for years.
The government will not do it.
Now you want him.
So this is the opportunity.
To end the slavery.
That soldier, I will watch him personally.
You can trust me.
You want me to trust you? Yes.
Get on the bus.
- What'd you say your name was again? - Nabi.
All right, listen here.
Look, I don't intend on getting blown up by Mr.
Milk-Bone right there.
Things go sideways, you can trust I'm coming for you.
All right, Bravo and Alpha teams are two minutes out.
(SPEAKING PASHTO) Uh, Major Rasul would like to confirm that all efforts will be made to keep Mazari's victims safe.
Of course, Major.
We know Mazari keeps the people he traffics in this barracks, which we believe is lightly guarded.
By the time your team has taken the men's quarters, our teams will have secured the women's quarters here.
After that, we'll tend to the prisoners.
Thank you.
Whenever you're ready, Lieutenant Commander.
Bravo 1, what's your status? JASON: TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We're moving to Matlock.
Hey, weren't you in that task force in Kabul a couple years back? RASUL: What is that Matlock, Mannix, Rockford? They're prowords, sir.
Mission codes.
Each one stands for a different stage of the operation.
I understand mission codes.
Oh, yes.
Um, they're famous television detectives.
(SPEAKS PASHTO) Columbo! - (CHUCKLES) - Columbo.
You make a friend back there? (CHUCKLES) Turns out we ran a few Shake 'n' Bakes with his unit in Kabul in 2015, and we know some of the same guys.
Well, I'm glad you're enjoying your reunion.
Now, he's the one watching Asadi, right? Yeah.
Okay, well, I want you watching him.
Copy that.
We have the wife.
Okay, if you hear anything funky, anything at all, you get on the wire.
- Check.
- Okay, good.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
Bravo 6 and our partner forces are moving position.
Stand by.
ERIC: Copy, Bravo 1.
CLAY: Bravo 1, this is Bravo 6.
We're in position.
Copy, 6.
FULL METAL: Bravo 1, Alpha snipers are set.
Three armed men, northeast corner next to the fire.
Copy, all.
I'm in control.
Stand by.
Three, two, one.
(GUNFIRE) Execute.
Go, Bravo 6.
Entering men's quarters.
Bravo 1, Bravo 4 entering servants' quarters.
Permaz Hakan? (WOMEN GASPING, WHIMPERING) Permaz Hakan? Permaz Hakan? Permaz Hakan? Permaz Hakan? I don't see her, Jace.
11 women.
12 beds.
You stay with them.
Rest of us, let's go.
JASON: This is Bravo 1.
We're heading to the prisoners' barracks.
Bravo 6, this is Bravo 1.
What's your status? Still clearing.
Men's quarters unsecured.
JASON: This is Bravo 1.
Entering prisoners' barracks.
(WOMEN GASPING, MURMURING) Permaz Hakan? Permaz Hakan? Clear.
JASON: TOC, we got a bunch of women and children.
They're in pretty bad shape.
Gonna need you in here.
CLAY: Yeah, this is Bravo 6.
We've secured the first room.
No sign of Mazari.
TOC, this is Bravo 6.
Passing Hutch.
We got him.
We got our human trafficker.
Congratulations to you, Commander Rasul.
Thank you.
It was an honor working with you.
(RASUL SPEAKS PASHTO) The commander wants to know why you have not checked off Rockford.
Bravo 1, this is TOC.
How are you with Rockford? Negative.
Still looking.
Is there a problem? No, sir.
Where's that replacement solider, Asadi? He stayed behind to secure the men we shot.
It's all right.
My lieutenant, Bahari, is with him.
I left them here.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 6.
We got a problem.
Asadi, the new guy He's unaccounted for.
Copy that.
We're still looking for Permaz in barracks one.
Yeah, we're headed to you.
Damn it.
Bravo 1, it's Bravo 6.
Asadi's dead.
His throat was slit.
Copy that, Bravo 6.
No sign of Permaz in barracks one.
Meet us in barracks two.
JASON: Bravo 1, entering barrack two.
Positive I.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
We have a James Garner.
Let's go home.
(EXHALES) That's Rockford.
NABI: I knew this man.
I trusted him.
He betrayed me.
Well, you live and learn.
He murdered that poor boy, Asadi, the one that we suspected.
Yeah, well, he would've killed us, too, if he had the chance, so What do you want to do about the report? Mazari's thugs killed him.
They killed Asadi, too.
Both died heroes.
You good with that? Oh, yeah.
- Sounds good.
- Let's go.
MANDY: I understand you speak English? Well, let's just assume you do.
This is a map of properties belonging to KSR Holdings.
The ones in red were purchased in your name, when you lived with Salim Hakan.
The ones in blue, after you left him.
You're a wealthy woman.
Or you would be, if you actually owned any of that land.
Tell me about your husband.
You need a doctor? I can have one brought in.
(SNIFFLES) When I left my husband, I prayed to God that the veins would open and I would bleed to death if I ever came back to this city.
That my wrists would sob blood.
You don't have to die to be safe from Salim.
We can protect you.
When I saw the soldiers, I thought they were coming to bring me back to him.
No, we want information on him.
Everything you know, so that we can put him in jail for a long time.
He will never go to jail.
He knows the people who run the jails.
He will just walk out, through the bars, like he is air.
American jail.
Permaz, God didn't open your veins.
He's not gonna release you through death.
You ran and you couldn't escape.
You have to fight.
It's the only way.
(SIGHS): Okay.
I spoke to your father.
It's how we found you.
He's alive? Yes.
And he would like to see you.
Trust me.
How you doing? Thanks for the invite.
Can't tell you how long I've been trying to get a look at this place from the inside.
Oh, welcome.
Happy I could oblige.
Have a seat.
Not so sure I believe that, but, uh, to tell you the truth, I was starting to worry this sit-down was never gonna happen.
Mandy gave you her word, right? She did.
That's the least I could do.
She always has our back.
And I'm-I'm always gonna have her back.
So what's on the agenda? Well, uh, hoping we could start off talking maybe a little bit about what you think it is we're doing here.
I really don't think about stuff like that.
I'm just here to do my job.
- So it never bothers you, - (SCOFFS) how you guys get used to enforce the will of politicians and corporations? You know, if you'd done your job, you'd know we don't care about politicians or corporations.
All I care about is winning the war here and taking out terrorists.
That's what I care about.
That's doing my job.
How about when you're used to burn poppy fields? Not a mission we would do.
Although it is a mission that Echo Team ran that led to them being targeted in retaliation.
I don't know anything about that.
You telling me I've got that wrong? Telling you I'm not discussing it, truth be told.
- Fair enough.
- Mm-hmm.
Hope you don't blame me for asking.
Opioid crisis back home being what it is, poppies are the only piece of Afghanistan anybody really wants to read about.
Doing your job.
Funny thing.
The real story here is underground.
Underground? Mining.
What I've been told, that's the future here.
Coal mining? Mostly, it'll be rare Earth metals.
Stuff's in cell phones, laptops, and apparently this country is sitting on about a trillion dollars' worth just underneath the dirt.
Just waiting for somebody to drill.
- Trillions with a "T.
" - At least.
Won't be able to estimate the full extent until they can start dropping shafts.
Won't be able to do that until this place is stable, which is where, I suppose, you all come in.
"T" for team.
Right? "T" for team.
(SIGHS) - Hey.
How you doing? - Hi.
I missed you.
You did? I don't think I'm supposed to say that like that.
I missed you, too.
Come in.
Come in.
I got to go.
I got to go check on-on this detainee I rolled up last night.
Oh, what? You just wanted to make sure I'm up to date on your whereabouts? - Hmm? Well, thanks.
- Yeah.
Actually, um, you know Steve Porter's drill? Yeah.
And I know you said you didn't know what you wanted to do with it, and I was just thinking maybe I could have it.
Actually, I think that's a good idea.
- I got to get the drill now.
- All right.
- You stay here.
- I'm gonna stay right here.
I'll see you soon.
Rain check.
Yeah, definitely.
So I had a sit-down with your reporter friend.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What'd you two talk about? Oh, you know, this and that.
Doesn't matter.
Bottom line is you kept your word.
So how did it go in there with the wife? (SIGHS) Well, it's been years since she's seen Salim, so she doesn't know anything about him targeting Echo Team in particular, but she does claim to know that he's targeted Americans in the past.
Wasn't surprised to hear he's still at it.
- (SCOFFS) I bet.
- Also gave us a dozen names she says will confirm Salim wants to be the Afghan El Chapo.
Enough to give us a green light? Honestly? Yeah, I figured you were gonna say that.
Gonna be a lot of red faces on our side when Salim turns out to be bad.
Means most people won't be inclined to believe it.
We'll have to give them something undeniable.
Because she can't.
(CLEARS THROAT) But he can.
Miss Ellis.
General Hakan.
How kind of you to invite me here.
Commander Rasul tells me congratulations are in order.
You've added a human trafficker to your list of successes.
That was nothing.
The real prize was Permaz.
My wife.
You will find her a difficult woman.
She has many, uh problems, you know.
Not compared to yours.
I thought you were just another dirty cop I had to do business with, but it turns out, you've been building yourself quite the empire here, playing both sides.
Your wife has lots of stories to tell.
Drug lords, terrorists And what alarm those stories would raise among my friends in the U.
A prized American partner, a leader of an allied nation, accused of consorting with terrorists? No.
If what my wife told you was sufficient for you to disappoint all of those people, you wouldn't have asked me here.
You want me to know that you know, so you can observe my next move.
Perhaps you should be considering your moves more carefully.
Nobody would be surprised if a pretty American girl was found dead in this part of town.
You're right.
Nobody would be surprised.
My dear, your pride has made you careless.
Not necessarily.
See you soon, General.