SEAL Team (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Credible Threat

Previously on SEAL Team I was always the one leaving.
It sucks staying behind.
- I know you miss it.
- I'll miss you.
Forgot I promised Gordon I'd meet him for drinks.
- Gordon, huh? - I need to go, and you need to talk about your paranoid fantasies tomorrow.
JASON: So you're telling me you don't need any surgery? Nope.
Doc fixed me up with some heavy duty anti-inflammatories.
Told me not to bench with a straight bar.
Stop being worried.
I'm good.
(GROANS) That's Steve Porter's drill.
- He got something on it during an op.
- Mm-hmm.
And he asked me if I'd have our labs test it.
JASON: Why did he, uh, give it to you guys and not the military lab? AMY: I never really thought about it.
You're asking permission to go after Salim Hakan, the Afghan police commander.
MANDY: I know Salim's the new poster boy for our mission here, but unfortunately, he's also connected to the ambush and murder of six American operators.
- General Hakan.
- You want to go after Salim Hakan, you can't be even a little bit wrong.
The old men will bury you.
JASON: Permaz Hakan.
How'd it go in there with his wife? So, she doesn't know anything about him targeting Echo Team, in particular, but she does claim to know that he's targeted Americans in the past.
Your pride has made you careless.
Nobody would be surprised if a pretty, American girl was found dead in this part of town.
S01E18 Credible Threat Any chance this isn't what I think it is? Depends.
What do you think it is? I think it's a target package for General Salim Hakan, Police Commander of Nangarhar Province, hero of Afghanistan, Queen of the Andals and the First Men.
Tell the truth.
You made that last part up.
In that case, no.
There's no chance it's not what you think it is.
- Mandy.
- 300 pages, four flowcharts and two maps demonstrating Salim Hakan's ownership of the poppy farm and his connection to the money that paid for the hit on Echo Team.
There's also a digital recording of him threatening the life of a duly-sworn American intelligence officer.
This is the target package.
Command is free to turn it down.
Just better hope they never have to defend that to an oversight committee.
(SIGHS) They're not gonna be too happy.
Be forced to admit the guy they just publicly bet on as the way forward here turns out to be killing Americans.
Instead of just selling us out like the guys they usually bet on? It's gonna make a whole lot of people look a whole lot of bad.
Figure they ought to be used to that by now.
You're sure of all of this? Completely.
I'll make the call.
Stand by.
And, Mandy.
Yeah, I know.
Great work.
You're a pain in my ass.
- Morning, sunshine.
- What do you mean, "Morning, sunshine"? It's 5:00 in the afternoon.
Ah, you know what I mean.
Glad you could make it today.
You're looking a little light on your feet.
Light on my feet.
I'm not light on my feet, Ray.
Morning, everybody.
- See? She gets it.
- Good morning.
First things first, as of a few hours ago, the target package on Salim Hakan is officially in the pipeline.
- Yeah.
(whoops) - DAVIS: Well done, well done.
Hey, what did, uh, Belding say? - I'm sure you can imagine.
- Oh, I'm imagining, all right.
I'm imagining the whole thing right now.
Anyway, he passed it up the chain.
But keep in mind, it took over 200 days to get approval for the Bin Laden op.
Salim Hakan's been ingratiating himself with American brass for years now, so we may be waiting on a green light for a while.
How the hell is it I ended up in such a bureaucracy? So, nothing to do but wait, wait, wait.
ERIC: Yeah, something tells me we'll find a way to keep busy.
Delegation of congressmen and DoD officials arriving in J-Bad tonight.
Part of a publicity tour highlighting infrastructure improvements and growing stabilization in the region.
Wait for it.
Don't tell me.
- Yeah.
(LAUGHS) - Hey, Blackburn, please.
- Give me a buzzkill.
- We will be doing security.
RAY: Ah, come on, man.
Keep them from getting blown all to hell in the middle of this stabilizing region.
Yeah, that would be embarrassing.
Well, the delegation is scheduled to visit Forogh Curative Hospital, Downtown Jalalabad.
What time do they touch down? DAVIS: I'm gonna meet them at the airfield, bring them back here to meet you all, - and then show them to their quarters.
- SONNY: Any chance this group is better than the last group we had to babysit? You really think politicians get successful by listening to people? - No.
- Nope.
Oh, this guy.
What, you know him? I know of him.
Anybody know where I can get a gun? JASON: Was that bad? (GROANS) Commander Blackburn.
General Cook.
- Ms.
- Nice to see you again, sir.
And you must be Master Chief Hayes, sir.
I was gonna say the stubborn son of a bitch who almost got himself stranded in that house in Yemen.
Right, something like that, sir.
- That was a tough op.
- Yeah.
Good to know we're in such capable hands.
- Yes.
- Gentlemen.
Congressman David Alper.
Secretary Benjamin Reed.
Master Chief Hayes, sir.
How you doing? Welcome.
This here is, uh, Bravo Team.
We're here to keep you safe.
Hope you make that easier than it sounds.
Driving around in an armored convoy in J-Bad isn't exactly inconspicuous, sir.
JASON: Ah, it's like wearing Mets gear to a Phillies game.
Crimson to the Yale Bowl.
(CHUCKLES) Something like that.
Um, so, we'll keep it real simple.
You're not in Washington anymore.
You're in a war zone.
Follow our instructions.
If you don't, you're gonna get killed.
ERIC: All right, well, gentlemen, if you'll follow me, I'll show you to your accommodations.
Thank you.
After you.
What time do we leave in the morning? We got to be at the hospital by 0900, so I figure we take off around 0730.
- Okay.
- First time in a while you guys aren't gonna be working reverse schedule.
Yeah, you know what? You guys want to make the most of this, uh, night off? I can get us some adult beverages.
Bring 'em back here after I get our guests tucked in.
That is, unless you'd rather just have a rest.
JASON: Nah, we're good.
(LAUGHTER) - I'm out.
- JASON: Why are you out? - You're always out.
- SONNY: Hooch it up.
- What do you mean you're out? - Let's get the hooch.
- Oh, shake it.
Shake it, shake it, man.
- CLAY: All right, all right.
SONNY: All right, let's go.
- Here we go.
- Sonny's toilet hooch.
Now, Davis, if I make this right here, you're gonna settle my stripper tab.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, oh.
All right, no, no, hold on, hold on.
- You miss this - Yes.
And you have to ride with the suits tomorrow.
CLAY: Don't do it, Sonny.
That's a terrible bet for you.
Don't do it.
Bad one.
I got this under control.
No look.
With a no look.
Ready? (ALL YELLING) SONNY: Come on! DAVIS: Sonny, my love, you just enjoy that ride with Congressman Chicken Hawk - all day tomorrow.
- (laughing): Congressman Chicken Hawk? I'll show him where to tie his little, yellow ribbon.
RAY: Boss, doesn't it strike you as odd that a guy who spends so much time and energy hating our elected officials doesn't take the time to vote for anyone else? Wait, time-out, time-out.
You don't, you don't vote? JASON: No, no, he doesn't believe in that political rhetoric, right? SONNY: Correction.
It is a privilege to vote, and a soldier should be apolitical.
- CLAY: Apolitical? - All right, here we go.
Do you even know what "apolitical" means? (LAUGHTER) SONNY: I hate Alper because he uses the military as a talking point, not because of the color of his tie.
Now, I-I've served under three presidents, never knowing who my next boss is gonna be.
It's better not to care.
(WHISTLES) Unfortunately, break time's over.
TOC in one.
There's no way the Salim package got approved that quick.
Yeah, unless Mandy got in there and worked some magic.
Let's go find out what she wants.
Burn it out, boys.
Uptick in chatter.
- "Chatter" like talk? - Yes.
So, basically, all the people you have under surveillance around here start texting, talking, e-mailing each other more than usual, and that's alarming enough to cut short our night off? What's alarming isn't that they're talking.
It's what they're talking about.
Rumor going around that somebody's planning to hit the congressional delegation.
I feel like I already know the answer to this question, but any chance that the brass see fit to cancel this dog and pony show? The point of this tour is to prove progress in the region.
Canceling at the last minute because of a threat It's not exactly the figure that Command wants to cut.
CLAY: I suppose if safety were a chief concern, then they'd just do a photo op here at the base.
You can't tell us anything more what we're up against? We're working on it.
JASON: All right, Ray.
What are we working on? (SIGHS) Well, uh, convoy's especially vulnerable to an RPG hit.
Or a car bomb.
Damn shame most of the roads in this country can't accommodate tactical speed.
We're just gonna have to move as fast as the roads can accommodate, right? That takes care of transport.
What about after we're dismounted? DAVIS: Well, the hospital's in the middle of the city, so it's accessible by multiple streets.
What if the bad guys decide to put somebody - in the crowd with an S-vest? - Or a few somebodies.
Yeah, I mean we know that these protectees are gonna insist on working that crowd.
Ugh, a politician is not gonna miss a chance to pose with all those photogenic, sympathetic Afghan kids.
- Yup.
- JASON: Yeah, okay, so when do we get advance work at the venue? I'm still trying to coordinate with the battle space owner now.
So, no advance work is what you're saying? Yeah, I'm saying the battle space owner's an Army colonel.
- Doesn't exactly answer to me.
- JASON: Okay.
You know what we could do is just screen the crowd.
Anyone who gets close to the delegation, you know what they have to do? They got to pass by the Hair Missile here, right? Get a good sniff.
(LAUGHS) Right? Get a good sniff going here.
Hey, how's, uh, Stella holding up with the first deployment? (CHUCKLES) Uh, she's good.
She's, you know, keeping busy becoming an expert on all things Afghanistan.
- Well, busy's good, I guess.
- Yeah.
I mean, every time I think about, like, trying to put myself in their shoes, it's it's weird.
Right? Yeah, but I mean, at least Danny's, like, been over here, you know, he knows the whole deal and everything.
That's got to help, right? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but you're okay, right? Honestly, I'm, uh I'm not really sure where Stella's head's at right now.
She's been spending a lot of time with this guy she works for, Gordon.
(QUIETLY): Sorry.
- Why are you laughing? - I'm s You're worried about a guy named Gordon, Clay? (CHUCKLES) Come on, now, Stella adores you.
- You think I'm being paranoid? - Yes.
But also no.
My Gordon is named Tiffany.
Danny's physical therapist.
In my brain she's, like, six feet tall, abs for days.
Yes, keep going.
- Shut up.
You're stupid.
- Way to go, Danny, huh.
(SIGHS) It's messed up, isn't it? What long distance can do to your head.
Hey, you ever see, uh, Strangers on a Train? Yeah, sure.
Psycho offers to kill a guy's wife if the guy kills the psycho's dad.
Yeah, I'm not-not sure I'm at the whole "murder Gordon" phase yet.
No, but you're curious.
And if you do a Internet deep dive on Gordon, that would be weird, right? Serious stalker behavior.
But if I look into Gordon, you look into Tiffany.
I mean, that think that would just be two friends doing each other a solid.
We're not stalkers.
- Okay.
All right.
- See you later.
'Sup, Doc? Hey, hey! Hey, hey.
I got to say it was a trip getting your message.
Who would've thought, J-Bad.
You and me, huh? - Well, how the hell are you? - Good.
Hey, last time I saw you, you were, what, uh, scrubbing VX out of my hair in, uh, al-Hool.
- Right? - Yeah, yeah.
Actually, it turns out a lot of the ISIS guys we kicked out of Syria, they're just coming here to regroup.
So, Agency's worried they're gonna start with chemical weapons again.
Therefore (POPS) Hey, you want to grab a beer? Yeah, maybe later, we'll definitely do that.
Listen, can you keep a secret? Uh yeah, sure.
All right, listen, this, um, this drill bit Buddy of mine using it to poke around the old irrigation tunnels around here.
You know, he thought he found something I don't know what But, uh, as you can see, there's some residual on there.
I just thought maybe you could find out what that is.
You think it's a chem-bio agent? No, I don't think it's anything like that.
Yeah, well, there's definitely enough residual.
You know, uh, what kind of field those tunnels were irrigating? Yeah, poppies.
Well, I could take a sample, run some basic tests on it, but if you really want to know what's on this thing, I got to send that out to our lab in Germany.
- Can you keep that quiet? - Sure.
I mean, the kind of stuff I usually send those guys to test, if it doesn't have the potential to wipe out Western Europe, it ain't gonna really raise their pulses anyway.
That's great.
Let me know what you find.
We'll get that beer later on, okay? What's a favor between two jump buddies, right? - That's right.
- My man! Yeah, my man.
MAN: How's it looking? MAN 2: Looks good Derek, Franklin and Full Metal will be your drivers.
Lead Hummer Ray, Brock, and the pup.
Trail Hummer Clay and Trent.
Everyone else will be in the MRAP with the protectees.
Any chance that seating chart slipped your mind? - Bet's a bet, sucker.
- Ooh! JASON: Bet's a bet.
Ugh, this sucks.
Okay, let's go.
Let's do this.
See you on the other side, brother.
Damn straight, man.
It's a good day for a picnic, isn't it? - Ah, damn, I'm working.
- Ah, so am I.
No other updates you can give me on what we're heading into here? We're rattling our assets, but nothing yet.
- You all set otherwise? - Yeah.
I'm ready to roll.
Just hoping that these politicians don't show up, that's all.
- Morning again, sir.
- Good to see you, sir.
- Morning, sir.
- Good to see you.
Sorry to disappoint.
Is all of our body armor this heavy? DAVIS: Well, only the good stuff, sir.
Only the good stuff.
Okay, obviously we're all aware of the uptick in chatter, correct? Obviously.
Can I assume we're taking appropriate precautions? Yeah, we're doing the best we can, sir.
The most important security measures remain the same Follow our instructions.
You say jump, we say how high.
How about I say jump and you jump? ERIC: It may sound a little overprotective, but, uh, this is all in your best interest.
Certainly, gentlemen.
I hereby put myself in your capable hands.
We appreciate that, sir.
Now, if you'll excuse me, go ahead and try to get this show on the road.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course, Eric, uh, we'll move out as soon as we have the final member of our delegation.
Yeah, we weren't informed of Uh, he's a last-minute addition.
He should be along any (CHUCKLES) As a matter of fact, that's him now.
I assume you know General Salim Hakan, the commander of the National Police for Nangarhar Province.
We've met.
(GROANS) Yes, sir.
Of course, sir.
What do you mean? You're really gonna let this guy roll with us? It gets better than that.
Alper invited him to ride in our MRAP.
Bodyguards will bring up the rear in their Technical.
- You got to be kidding me.
- I wish.
Comes straight from Command.
Did you tell Command to look at the target package awaiting their approval? It says clearly that he is likely responsible for the death of Echo Team.
Yeah, you're preaching to the choir.
Okay, well, the good news is, Salim's not an ideologue.
He's unlikely to bomb a convoy he's riding in.
Right, well, the bad news is, I got to look at this guy's face without putting a bullet in it.
How long you figure it'd take to get my, uh, kit out here? - Two minutes.
- JASON: Wow.
You really gonna come along just so, what, you can hold my leash? No.
I'm gonna come along to hold Sonny's leash, too.
Kit's on its way.
All right, done.
Let's get loaded up, guys.
Let's go, gentlemen.
SALIM: Do you know a quarter of the women in your military have been assaulted by men they serve with? You're very brave to live on this base.
What do you want? - To apologize.
- Really? The last time we spoke, I was upset and-and angry.
I fear the subject of my wife is not a happy one.
Yeah, she told me some pretty nasty things about you.
The man she describes is who I was.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
We're all products of our environment.
I hope you won't hold mine against me.
Your environment's not the problem.
Have a good day, Miss Ellis.
I hope you'll be safe here.
Okay, look, I'm sure you all know the drill.
You'll stay in formation, we keep it tight.
And when we say move, you move.
The congressman expects there'll be opportunity for positive interaction with the locals.
Except them locals, they're looking for a different type of interaction.
Not the positive kind.
ALPER: Well, the whole point of these events is to demonstrate a cooperative interaction with our Afghan partners.
SALIM: And, of course, to give us the chance to display our gratitude.
You know what, the whole point of this is for us to keep you safe and alive.
Well, surely there's a way we can work all this out.
Obviously we'll do our best to accommodate.
All we ask.
TOC, this is Bravo 1.
How close are we? DAVIS: The hospital's eight blocks away.
ETA two minutes.
Bravo 2, sitrep? All good, Bravo 1.
What's the matter? You running out of small talk in there? JASON: That's funny.
You just keep that up, I'll tell you what, I'll switch you out with Sonny on the ride home.
All right, I'm done talking.
JASON: Oh, Davis puts us about two mikes out.
When we arrive, we want to keep it tight.
This is 1.
Pulling up now.
Southside entrance.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) MAN: Congressman Alper.
ALPER: It's my honor, thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Move, move, move! What the hell are you doing? Clear! (SHOUTING, CERBERUS BARKING) (MAN SPEAKING PASHTO) What the hell is he saying? Something about his wife.
(SHOUTING IN PASHTO) He says his wife is a patient here.
She was hit by a bus or something.
(SPEAKING PASHTO) Well, why the hell you didn't use the front door, then, huh? Huh?! (OVER COMM): Bravo 1, this is Bravo 3.
Go ahead, 3.
Yeah, he's a private citizen, and his wife is here at the hospital.
I'm gonna drop him off at the local PD.
Copy that.
DAVIS: You know Congressman Alper is gonna want to punish someone for a false alarm.
Wouldn't surprise me.
Never good to make an enemy of a guy that's on the committee that controls your funding.
Be nice if he understood the guys are just trying to keep him safe.
Yeah, Alper doesn't strike me as the understanding type.
Excuse me, this just came in from the field office in Herat, - near the Iranian border.
- I know where Herat is.
What's the confidence level on this? The sat phone intercept came from an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander.
Human sources monitoring the cross-border ratlines confirm they've heard the same thing.
Okay, thanks.
What'd they hear? You ever hear of Abu Ali? Yeah, it might ring a bell.
Former Syrian army sniper, now basically a contract killer.
Supposed to be the go-to guy for long-distance assassinations.
His mother must be so proud.
Anyway, 24 hours ago, Abu Ali crossed into Afghanistan from Taybad.
Iranians think he was headed for Jalalabad.
So, last night we hear that someone's planning to hit our congressional delegation, and today one of the world's best assassins turns up in town.
You think that's a coincidence? I sure as hell hope so.
Our shooter's a Syrian national known as Abu Ali.
Though not strictly ideological, he's an old favorite of jihadi groups.
I just sent his file to your tablet.
Yep, there he is.
Abu Ali, aka Brother Death, aka Mr.
DAVIS: As you'll see, he made life hell for the Iraqis in the battle for West Mosul.
MANDY: Unfortunately for us, his range of operations isn't limited to the Mideast.
Well, he's sure as hell been racking up his frequent flyer miles.
We have credible intel he was responsible for the murder of a state legislator in Northeastern Nigeria last year.
Then, six weeks ago, an Azeri journalist under house arrest was shot through his bedroom window.
Damn, that brother's ruthless, isn't he? RAY: That boy's a cold shot.
JASON: Now he's in J-Bad.
Apparently he's targeting our delegation.
- Cank the tour.
- RAY: Damn straight.
- Alper's not gonna like it.
- JASON: I don't care about Alper.
I don't care what he thinks, all right? You can't protect against that.
- Are you gonna talk to Alper? - Yeah.
I'm just saying it's gonna be tough to make a case that our intel's reliable after what just happened.
Fine, I'll talk to Alper.
Hell, we'll all talk to him.
It's not a question of that.
I'll talk to him.
It's my job.
I'm just saying this is not gonna be easy.
(MAN SHOUTING IN PASHTO) Do you see that? This thing just happened, and we already have 25,000 - 26.
Thanks to your crack security squad.
ERIC: Yeah, sir, my men reacted to what appeared to be - a very imminent threat.
- Except it wasn't.
And now you come at us with another "imminent threat.
" - This sniper.
- Believe me, sir, our intelligence is actionable.
And what if your intelligence is wrong? Again.
Our intel people have satellite intercepts confirmed by human assets.
What, who are these assets? It's classified.
- From the congressman? - Yes.
David, individuals fail in war.
Only teams survive.
If one of our best says cancel, I think we should listen.
REED: Well, I just hate to see this crush our nation-building efforts we flew 8,000 miles to promote.
'Cause we don't want to do that.
We don't want to crush - the nation's building - Master Chief You know what, they need to hear this, okay? My experience is that I trust Miss Ellis' judgment.
If she says that this is a real threat, then all your lives are in danger.
Well, apologies to my friend, the secretary, but we are not here to nation-build, Master Chief.
We are here to assist the Afghan people in their struggle to build a nation for themselves! Now, how do we do that if we turn tail and run? My job is to keep you safe.
This tour is done, it's over.
Well, I'll absolve you of that responsibility, Master Chief.
(LAUGHS) Or, if I lack the authority as simply a member of the House Armed Services committee, I'm sure my friend here, General Cook, has a place in your chain of command.
Afraid we're going ahead, gentlemen.
Of course, sir.
You're making a big mistake.
ALPER: Your responsibility is our protection, Master Chief.
Protect us.
Yes, sir.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) RAY: These guys finance the war that tore these people up, fund the hospital that stitches them back together, then show up to take selfies with 'em.
Yeah, that's all they want to do is take selfies.
And we watch their backs while they do it.
I don't think about that, Ray.
Yes, you do.
You just can't say it.
That's why you got me.
Bravo 3, Bravo 6, is it clear upstairs? Yeah, Bravo 1, we are clear to move.
JASON: Copy that.
I'm gonna go put eyes on Salim.
SONNY: You know, he don't seem like the guy that would blow us up riding around with us, but he sure as hell would invite a sniper to the party to pick us off.
What are we doing here? This is a clown show.
We got this.
(LAUGHS) Your optimistic point of view amazes me sometimes, Spenser.
JASON: Okay, excuse me, gentlemen.
I think we should keep moving, get you to the second floor.
It's okay, Master Chief, there's been a change of plans.
Change of plans? Washington would greatly appreciate the congressman making himself available to the press.
That's excellent.
And I understand from the director here that the hospital courtyard would be a perfect place for a few quick words - and some Q & A.
- That's a bad idea.
- Yeah, I'd have to agree.
- Well, as do I, but the last thing I want to do is speechify when I could spend my afternoon with these beautiful people, but there it is.
Sir, could I have a word, please? Excuse us.
What's the issue? The issue is that your colleague wants to change the tactical plan.
Actually, that request came directly from Washington.
Shut up! Get him out of here, Ray.
It's bad enough that we are here, but putting us in an exposed position, that's suicidal.
I'll speak with him.
Problem? JASON: Nothing we can't handle.
Yes, I'm sure you're adept at protecting your people.
That I know.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) You have no idea.
Well, if you need any assistance, we are happy to help.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) They say real power grows out from the barrel of a gun.
Apparently not today.
It ain't over yet.
Coming after you next.
Overwatch, south side.
Got it? - On it.
- All right, moving up.
All call signs, we're moving outside, west corridor.
Bravo 3, copy.
You still optimistic there, sunshine? DAVIS: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
What's the situation? It's not good.
ALPER: It's determination like that Like that of our Afghan partners in the fields of Helmand and Kandahar, of our own courageous military in the great mountains to the east, that fills me with a sense of hope and says yes, Afghanistan is worth it.
Now, some have questioned our policy of engagement here.
Is Afghanistan really worth it? Can this great country, made up of so many proud peoples, ever be made whole again? Bravo 2, anything? ALPER: When I spoke with the president - RAY: Still quiet up here.
- the other day in Kabul, he told me of a young RAY: If he's in there somewhere, I can't see him.
And I can see a lot.
Might have dodged this one, brother.
Keep your eyes open.
Copy that.
TOC, you got anything? The security cordon's holding.
There's no vehicular traffic within 200 yards of your perimeter.
Just let me know if anything changes.
- Will do.
- Bravo 6? No, still nothing.
ALPER: it was a raw deal of fate that was handed to him.
He stood up to that Bravo 1, back right.
Guy in a maroon outfit moving towards the center.
- Got him.
Bravo 3? - Yeah, I see him, too.
ALPER: Now, those were the words, the simple words of a boy He's reaching in his pocket.
Don't do it, man.
(ALPER CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) ALPER: Now, this project of ours, of all of us Maroon outfit's not a threat.
Say again, maroon outfit's not a threat.
He's taking a photo.
ALPER: So it's with great pleasure that I introduce one of those partners right here in Jalalabad.
His command has been essential to Bravo 2, you got eyes on the building across from us? Above the roofline? ALPER: Police Commander Salim Hakan.
Gun at two o'clock.
Move, move, move.
Get these guys back to convoy.
- Four of you with me.
- What are you gonna do? Ray's got eyes on the sniper We're gonna take him out.
Our mission is to get this guy back in one piece.
Then what are you still doing here? Go, go, go! Roger that.
2, this is 1.
Heading up with 4.
(VEHICLE RUMBLING, SIREN WAILING) He's on that roof somewhere.
I don't have a clear shot.
He's on the move.
Don't let him out of your sight.
Copy that.
I got the bird's-eye on him.
Go, go get that son of a bitch.
(ALARM BLARING) Can you feel anything? You got, you got any pain? - No.
- No.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 3.
We've searched these guys multiple times, and all we can find is some road rash.
Who the hell's blood is this? NEWSMAN: The shooting seems to have stopped.
It's unclear who among the targeted American delegation has been injured, but it does appear a number of bystanders have been shot That's Salim Hakan.
(NEWSMAN CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (GRUNTS IN PAIN) Bravo 1, Bravo 2, this is Zero-One I got the sniper on the rooftop of the building southwest of the courtyard.
He's battened down the hatches, but he is there.
JASON: Zero-One, looking at roof in question.
There's only one or two places he can be.
Bravo 1, this is 2, taking up position opposite roof to your location.
Bravo 2, you got eyes? Negative.
You got the best angle.
Anything? Nothing.
ERIC: Bravo 1, Bravo 2, this is Zero-One.
I have all y'all on ISR.
He's in the northern enclosure.
Bravo 2, frag him.
- Drop it in there.
- On it.
(GRUNTS IN PAIN) Target down.
JASON: Is everyone okay? (GROANS) Bravo 2, you okay? (GRUNTING) Roger.
I'm good.
He's got a phone.
How they doing? They good? The other two are still getting some tests, but it seems like just a couple scrapes.
Probably some mental scars to contend with.
Should be good, huh? - Master Chief.
- Sir.
We got some real wounded warriors now, huh? This could have been far worse.
If your reflexes were any slower, I'd be on a slab downstairs with General Hakan.
So thank you, gentlemen.
Just doing our job, sir.
(SIGHS) ALPER: Edward, put together a press release.
I want to assure the public - Go ahead, say it.
- What? Whatever is making you look like you're trying to walk forward with your pants on backwards.
Saying I look discombobulated? Yeah, something like that.
(SIGHS) This isn't how I wanted to get Salim.
I get it.
I know you wanted to bring him in yourself.
But you know what? We got him.
Somebody got him.
The point is, he's got.
Call it karma, fate, whatever it is, but a get's a get, - and a win is a win.
- Yeah, I guess.
So, why don't you go get some sleep? You deserve it.
- All right? - Yeah.
(MUSIC PLAYING, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Just, uh, just thought you should know, you've got nothing to worry about.
How's that? Tiffany.
Danny's, uh, his physical therapist.
You mean with all that's going on, you had time to look into her? Come on.
You-You're gonna sit here and tell me you didn't do the old deep dive on Gordon? So do I have anything to worry about with the professor? No.
I mean, I got his his bio right here.
Old fossil time? Yeah, I mean, look the poor guy didn't even have a chance with a girl like Stella.
Well, good.
I wasn't even worried.
Oh, me neither.
All right.
(SIGHS) (WHISPERS): You got to be kidding me.
(PHONE RINGING) (MOANING) I am so hungry right now.
- Starving.
- So are you, too? No, you're sitting on the refrigerator.
No, really? Maybe there's something that we can get here.
- That is no, no an emergency - I got a great idea.
You know what, there's this great steakhouse right out on Route 58.
I'm telling you, they have a rib eye, a bone-in, about this thick it's so good.
Garlic mashed potatoes? - Onion rings? - No.
- Yeah.
- Don't talk to me like that.
(LAUGHS) Mmm Is that anywhere near Jalalabad Airfield? About 7,000 miles, give or take.
- Ooh - Mm-hmm.
- Right around the corner.
- Mm-hmm.
(LAUGHS) (WHISPERS): Want to go? - Well, I'm ready.
- You ready? - Yeah.
- You're not dressed.
I'm just gonna wear this.
It's fine.
- It's so hot outside.
- Yeah.
No, no.
- What? - Oh.
Look, I would strongly urge you not to answer that if it wasn't a matter of national security.
It is.
You're not resting.
I told you to rest.
That's not resting.
You, uh, you gonna eat that? - Uh - What's going on? The sniper's phone.
What? Did you pull something off that? I didn't have to.
A text came in after you picked it off of him.
Well okay, you're gonna have to help me out.
My Arabic's a little rusty there.
"The remainder of your payment will be ready in 48 hours.
" Payment? Wait, so they think he's still alive? And still out there But it's more than that.
If this guy's getting paid, it means he successfully completed his job.
So they don't care if he missed the Americans.
He wasn't aiming at the Americans.
Salim was the target.
There's a lot easier ways to take out Salim.
Not if you want to make it look like a mistake.
And if it looks like a mistake, then there's no reason to look into the person who wanted him dead.
It means whoever killed Salim didn't want us digging too deep into whatever he was doing.
Or looking into who he might have been working with.
What for? (SIGHS) (SOFTLY): Mandy.