SEAL Team (2017) s01e21 Episode Script

The Graveyard of Empires

Previously on Seal Team Alan Cutter.
He's the founder of Xeon Tactical Security.
CUTTER: What Steve found, we all found.
Traces of lanthanides, yes.
But traces only.
That's the history of Xeon's failed exploration in this area.
Steve went to him to talk about these rare earth metals.
A few days later, Steve is dead.
I just think that there's something else that's going on here.
This is Abad Halani.
My brother, Nouri Halani, blew up your commandos some weeks ago.
I want to deliver him to you.
He can give us blew up your commandos some weeks ago.
Nouri Halani.
He's asked for an in-person meeting.
(SHOUTING) (CRYING) My name is Abad Halani.
- I know who you are.
- Your commandos burned a poppy field belonging to one of my brother's people.
Now, let me tell you how to kill him.
MANDY: Our friend Abad convinced his brother to make the visit to the village of Ayub Kheyl.
That's Taliban country.
So if you guys get caught on the ground Then we better move fast.
(GRUNTING) - Jackpot.
- DAVIS: Bravo 1, confirming positive I.
on Nouri Halani.
How do you know about Cutter? - The Englishman.
- Yeah, the Englishman.
(SHOUTING) Countermeasures! Brace! PILOT: Flare! Flare! No! DAVIS: Bravo 1, this is TOC.
Do you copy? Say again, do you copy? Bravo 6, do you copy? ERIC: Call the Quick Reaction Force, the Combat, Search and Rescue birds on standby and tell 'em to launch.
Do you want to spin up an extra medevac, too? Not till we know if the operation is rescue or recovery.
Shouldn't have trusted Abad.
The idea that he would just hand over his brother.
We don't have time for that right now.
Besides, we were gonna go after an HVT like Nouri Halani no matter what call you made.
Bravo 2, this is TOC.
Have Avenger 2-6 move to the crash site.
RAY: TOC, this is Bravo 2.
We're already doubling back.
Five minutes out.
ERIC: We don't know what took 2-4 out.
They went down hard.
Stay alert.
RAY: Roger that.
We'll get to 'em.
All right, boys, we're gonna secure a perimeter at the crash site, exfil the injured, then wait for the Quick Reaction Force to get the rest of us out.
Copy? Heads on a swivel, boys.
Heads on a swivel! (ECHOING): Avenger 2-6, this is Bravo 4, come in.
I repeat: Avenger 2-6, this is Bravo 4.
Do you read me? TOC, this Bravo 4.
Come in.
Repeat: this is Bravo 4.
Come in.
Avenger 2-6, this is Bravo 4.
Come in.
TRENT: Clay, I need a hand with Jason.
(SAW WHIRRING) Jason?! Jason? Jason, are you okay? Hey, hey, can you hear me? Jason, can? What's going on?! He got hit in the head while we were spinnin' out.
(GROANING) We got shot down, man.
Hey! Jace? TRENT: Hey, we lost the satcom.
We got no comms with TOC.
Hoping they got eyes on us.
DAVIS: We got multiple survivors down there.
Get that medevac launched.
Bravo 2, there are survivors.
How far out are you? Two minutes out! Two minutes out! Okay, boys? We got two mikes out! TRENT: Pilot's dead.
The co-pilot's in trouble.
We got to move him.
CLAY: All right, this is what we're gonna do, okay? We're gonna stabilize the wounded here, okay? Then we're gonna push to an LZ and wait for the QRF to get us the hell out of here.
- That sound good, y'all? - Good.
Medders? Hey, you all right? - Yeah? - Yeah.
- Hey, you good? - Yeah.
- I'm good.
I'm good.
- You good? Hey, where's Nouri? He got tossed out prior to impact.
We didn't strap him down.
It's fine.
We got bigger issues right now.
We're sitting ducks out here.
T-There's a farmhouse, okay? We're we're gonna set up a CCP.
Trent, let's-let's move Jason now.
And then we'll come back and get the rest of the wounded guys.
- You ready? You good to walk? - Yeah.
You good to walk? Let's go, brother.
Come on.
- (GROANING) - Hey.
My leg.
(GROANS) My leg's burning up.
My leg's burning up.
Give me the morphine.
- Morphine.
- Here, here.
I got you.
I got you.
- Come on! - I got you! (GROANING) I'm gonna go clear this house and make sure it's secure.
Roger that.
(GUNFIRE) Medders, move your ass! (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Derek, cover me! Take cover! DAVIS: Now who the hell are these guys? Nouri's men can't have made it up there already from the village.
Neighborhood they went down in is Taliban territory.
We don't have a lot of fans up there.
(PANTING) (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) They're in combat! (RAPID GUNFIRE) Get us down now! RPG! I got you.
We're taking fire! Damn it! Jace, stay down! (BULLETS WHIZZING) (GROANS) (SHOUTING ECHOING) You're gonna get yourself killed doing this, come on.
Trent! Trent! Jason! Jason! Come on, brother, let's move.
Come on, brother.
Go, go, go.
Go! Go! Derek! - Get Medders.
- Moving! We're going back for the others, okay? Yeah, go.
Jason's down! Put us in! Get us down now! We got a SAM lock.
We got to go.
Our boys need us! Put us down now! They'll have to fend for themselves.
We're out of here.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) (EXHALES) S01E21 The Graveyard of Empires TOC, this is Bravo 2.
We just dropped down about two klicks below the crash site.
LZ was too hot.
We had a SAM lock onto us.
Copy that.
Haul ass up that mountain.
Those boys cannot hold off forever.
We're certain that Jason's helo got taken out by a surface-to-air missile? Seems like an awful lot of firepower for local Taliban.
Probably looking at a Russian SA-7.
Older, still one of the most lethal air defense systems in the world.
Got a two-mile range, deadly accuracy.
What the hell are they doing with that up there? It's a miracle that anybody's walking away from that crash.
It's a miracle that is not likely to happen again.
We are not sending any more helos into that area.
You're calling off the QRF? We have survivors under fire.
Helos don't have a shot against heat-seeking missiles.
We'd be sending 20 men into a suicide mission.
We can't just leave them there.
QRF, this is TOC.
Be advised that (GROANS) there are surface-to-air missiles in the vicinity of the crash site.
Need you to take up a loiter pattern four klicks out and hold that pattern until we can cool off the LZ.
Moving to loiter pattern now.
Davis, I need you to find out where that missile was shot from.
Until we can eradicate the SAMs as a threat, our boys are all alone up there on that mountain.
Candy-ass pilot should have dropped us off at the LZ.
Candy-ass pilot saved our lives.
Every Talimonster in the region's gonna want a piece of that bird, and we're down here.
What good would we be to Jason and Clay blown to pieces all over the mountain? (LOUD EXPLOSION) Our boys are still under attack! And still putting up one hell of a fight.
I'm good.
Go, go.
(ECHOES): Jason, you okay? (RAPID GUNFIRE) (LOUD EXPLOSION) All right, how are we with air support? MANDY: We can't launch any close air support because of the SAMs.
Spectre gunships won't operate in daylight.
The best I can find is an unmanned reaper drone.
- How far is it? - 40 minutes at least.
(ECHOES): Ready? Let's go.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) TRENT: Okay, wounded are all secure in the house.
Sounds like we're starting to push 'em back a little bit.
(LOUD EXPLOSION) You were saying? Let's go.
Got him! Got him! I've got two fighters retreating over the hill into dead space! All right, we're gonna Alamo up! Let's go! Roger that! All right, so it looks like Ray's helo couldn't touch down near us, okay, so we're gonna have to wait for the boys to come get us.
We're gonna hold out till then.
Hey, how y'all doing on ammo? I got three mags left.
Down to my last mag, then I'm Winchester.
CLAY: Okay.
All right.
Let's get some ammo and weapons off the wounded, all right? Hey.
Hey, that Huey's got that M240 on board, right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
We're gonna we're gonna use that to fortify our position here.
You take care of the wounded guys.
We're gonna go resupply, all right? Okay, grab the aid bag while you're at it.
- Check.
- JASON: TOC, TOC, this is 1.
TOC, this is 1.
We got eyes on Nouri? TOC, this is 1.
Do we have any eyes on Nouri? Jason knows TOC can't hear us, right? Yeah, the concussion's got him a little loopy.
- JASON: TOC - We have to cut the guy some slack.
(JASON MUMBLING) (QUIETLY): We got some eyes on Nouri? Anyone got eyes on Nouri? TOC.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) It's Medders, right? Medders.
Yeah, that's right.
You got a first name? Yeah.
I mean, of course.
Of course.
(CHUCKLES) Are you gonna tell me what it is? Yeah, sorry.
It's, uh, Dave.
Yeah, Dave.
- Dave.
- Yeah.
That's my dad's name.
(CHUCKLES) That's my dad's name.
Dave Hayes? Yeah.
(GRUNTS) Wait a second.
Wait, have we met before? About ten seconds ago.
Yeah, you're Jason Hayes.
I'm Jason Hayes.
Look, you ever been shot? To be honest, it's my first time even getting shot at.
Four years in the Corps, I never once got to step outside the wire.
(PAINED CHUCKLE) You ever get used to this? Which part? I don't know.
Getting shot at? Getting shot? Getting shot at, well, you get used to that.
Getting shot pretty much sucks.
(CHUCKLES) - It sucks.
- Yeah, well, - hurts less than I thought it would.
- Yeah.
Maybe that's 'cause of the morphine.
(GRUNTS) It's crazy how the pain just kind of, like, eases up, right? (EXHALES) Dave? - Yeah.
- Dave.
- Hey.
- Yo.
I'm really sorry we got you into this.
I really am.
I told you, I was looking for a way into the fight.
Well, it looks like you found a way in.
MANDY: Okay, this isn't good.
We're getting signal intelligence.
We have armed men on the way from the village to our crash site.
That terrain, we're talking 30 minutes tops - till they get to our guys.
All right, - I'm gonna try to find them on the ISR.
- How many guys are we talking about? - Unclear.
Everyone in that village is a Halani or a cousin of a Halani.
They're not going up there to help our guys.
And we've got no way to warn 'em.
RAY: TOC, this is Bravo 2.
How close are we to the crash site? Bravo 2, estimate you're less than ten minutes out.
But be advised, you may have a large group of fighters heading up to the crash site from the other side of the mountain.
May have? DAVIS: ISR hasn't picked 'em up yet.
We'll let you know as soon as we've got a visual.
Should we deviate from course? Cut 'em off? Negative.
Make your way up to that farmhouse and help 'em hold till we locate the SAMs.
We need to get our helos in there.
Roger that.
I hope we see Halani's boys again.
Got some unfinished business for 'em.
(BOYS SPEAKING PASHTO NEARBY) Down, down, down, down! Down, down, down! SONNY: Get your asses down! Get your asses on the ground! (SHOUTS IN PASHTO) SONNY: Watch the hands! Watch the hands! We don't got time for this.
We gotta get to the crash site.
These are Tali scouts for sure.
- That's a hunting rifle.
- Yeah, and we're their prey.
- So let's take care of 'em and move on.
- Take care of 'em? We let 'em go, they'll start squawking, and the entire mountain's gonna know what our path is.
It'll be Operation Red Wing all over again.
Tell you what, there's one less rifle in this war.
This rifle is probably all these kids have in the world.
Are you kidding me right now? - You did not just do that.
- Yes, I did.
Like you said, we don't have time for this let's go! Golden Horde's charging our men right now while we're sitting here playing grab-ass with Future Taliban of Afghanistan Club! That's great, Ray.
Stop! SONNY: Shoot him! Let him go, let him go.
- What the hell was that, Ray? - Good judgment.
That kid's not a threat, and we don't have time to chase him.
CID may have cleared you for killing that kid with the grenade, but you're still in your head, Ray.
- You've gone trigger-shy.
- Wrong.
You've got revenge in your head, and it's clouding your thinking.
Smoking that goat herder isn't gonna do anything for anybody at that crash site.
Now, I made the right call.
If it was the wrong call, we're gonna be too dead to realize it.
You are emotional.
It was the right call.
Let's go! I am not emotional! (PANTING) Hey.
Looks like we're gonna have some visitors pretty soon.
Yeah, no worries, huh? - We can take 'em.
- Right? I like your attitude.
You got a good attitude.
Hey you got any family back home? A wife or kids waiting on you? Got a girlfriend.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Is it serious? I'm gonna ask her to marry me.
Yeah, you know, high school sweethearts.
You know the story.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard it.
- Yeah, she's tough.
- Yeah.
Yeah, my girl, she's really tough.
This one time, we were in a quarry near school, and I wanted to impress her or something, and I tried to do this, like, triple flip thing, and I crashed a belly slam from 35 feet, and it knocked me right out.
Next thing I know, I'm headed for the bottom.
Next thing after that, Alana's right there, and she's helping me up.
What did you say her name was, your girlfriend? Anna.
Her name's Anna.
What did you think I said? I don't know.
Go ahead.
Anyway, I'm coughing and I'm choking on water, and I look over, and she's she's grinning.
You know, I knew right there she was gonna be my wife.
What about you, are you married? Yeah.
I was.
(CHUCKLES) We got two kids.
- You got kids? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I want kids.
- You do? Yeah.
I come from a big family.
- Three boys, two girls.
- Mm.
I wouldn't mind an even half dozen myself.
(GROANS) What are you doing here? What do you mean? Go back to sleep, will you? Go back to sleep.
(GRUNTING) Ray's almost to the farmhouse.
Gives me some relief knowing they'll all be together soon.
We're not out of the woods yet.
Still can't get to them till we clear a path for the QRF.
RAY: TOC, this is Bravo 2.
We're getting close to the crash site.
You got eyes on any enemy in the area? You're clear for now, Bravo 2.
Have you established comms with the other guys yet? (ALL BREATHING HEAVILY) Negative.
Hopefully we will when we get line of sight.
Come on, boys, just over this ridge.
Go! Go! Let's go.
It's amazing anybody walked away from this.
Any Bravo element, this is 2.
Comms check, over.
CLAY: About time.
- Copy that, Bravo 6.
- There we go.
Let's go get our boys.
Let's move.
RAY: Coming to you.
Do not fire to the west.
Say again, do not fire to the west.
Hey, brother.
What's up, boys? Like what you've done with the place.
It reminds me of Pottery Barn.
What's going on? Blown out wall's a nice touch.
Well, now she doesn't look like much, but she's worked this far, huh? - You good? - I'm good.
Want to bring us up to speed? We took five casualties between the ambush and the crash.
Any KIA? Yeah.
And Jason? Jason took a hard hit.
How hard? JASON: Not hard enough.
- Took you long enough.
- Ran a mile uphill to get to your ass and that's the welcome we get? What's the status on the QRF? Circling.
No one's coming for us until we clear the mountain of those SAMs that took you guys out.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We can't exfil on your bird? Huh? Like I said, the area's too hot right now to land.
Boss, you sure you're okay? Yeah.
What is the status of the QRF? MANDY: Bravo 2, this is TOC.
Go for 2.
I hate to break up the reunion, but we finally found those fighters.
Nouri's men are closing in on you fast.
Copy, TOC.
Okay, boys, according to TOC, this is the situation.
(CLEARS THROAT) This is us.
ISR shows a force of about 20 to 25 combatants heading from the southwest.
- A bunch more Nouri guys.
- Got to assume they've been tipped to the location of the helo.
That's how it looks.
They originally massed at AK village after our assault on his compound.
Mandy's guess puts them 15 minutes out.
Bring it on.
How we looking for ammo? Looking about three cans for the 240, what we all got on us, plus we got an additional 15 mags from the go bag on the bird.
We got some pirate guns and a couple Claymores.
Yes, sir.
Also got that satchel charge off the helo.
And I figure, we got, what, another dozen or so frag grenades between us? Depending on how well equipped they are, what type of casualties they're willing to take, we can hold them off say 45 minutes? I'll prep the 240.
Hell yeah.
That'll keep the enemy at distance.
Don't want our helos landing in the middle of a bullet circus.
CLAY: Yeah, look, we're not getting any helos in here unless we take out the SAMs.
This is Bravo 2.
We got a 20 on where those missiles - are coming from yet? - Confirm.
Mandy's gonna be having something for you in a few minutes.
How's he doing? He's a little woozy but luckily, the guy's got a hard head.
Uh, who, Jason? Look, you take care of him.
- Copy.
- MANDY: Okay, here we go.
Hold on, hold on, Bravo 2.
So it turns out that the University of Vancouver is doing a global study on atmospheric temperature fluctuations.
DAVIS: Which we care about why? As part of the study, our Canadian friends were collecting fairly continuous satellite imagery from Khost Province in Afghanistan.
DAVIS: Thermal imagery? Have a look.
Hey, Perry, we got 'em.
Tell me you found the heat signature of that missile launch.
We found the heat signature from the missile launch.
It looks like it's coming from a gully about 750 yards due north of you, which is why our drone didn't pick it up.
Copy that.
Great job, guys.
Bravo 2, you're gonna need to hustle.
We're looking at bad guys six minutes out.
Copy that.
Okay, boys, we found the location of the SAM site.
- All right.
Yeah? - Clay.
You and Sonny want to take Brock, Full Metal, head on over there, show them what happens when they mess with us? Frog's ass watertight? Yeah, man.
Let's get it, baby.
Keep hammering.
Hey, Sonny.
Yeah? Give 'em hell, all right, brother? I want to go home.
Roger that.
Hey, boss.
How's the head feeling? (GRUNTS) Boss? Hey, remember that, uh, that HALO night j-jump that we did 25 knots out in Misrata last-last year? Oh, yeah.
Just feel like my brain is still waiting for the chute to deploy.
Yeah, well, it shouldn't be too much longer.
We've located the SAMs.
Once we get them neutralized, we can get that QRF in here and go home, brother.
Ray, QRF, right? Yeah.
Where-where are we with Nouri? Nouri.
Must've got thrown from the helo before the crash.
So far, the drone hasn't been able to pick him up.
Let me tell you something: if he's out there alive, I want him.
I think you may be too late.
I think the fall probably finished him off.
Well, listen, let me tell you something: if he's out there, I want to talk to him.
- About what? - "About what?" You heard what he said before we boarded the helos.
He said he knew Alan Cutter.
Actually, I heard you say "Cutter.
" Far as I recall, all Nouri did was repeat it.
He said he knew "The Englishman.
" He said he knew the Englishman.
- Okay, okay.
Alan Cutter.
- Yeah, Ray.
Okay, Jason? Alan Cutter's one of the biggest military contractors in this whole country.
- Listen to me.
- You know, maybe Nouri saw him on TV.
- Listen.
- Huh? Listen to what I'm saying.
Steve Porter knew Alan Cutter was into some bad stuff.
- Like what? - "Like what?" Maybe, uh, getting his contractors to burn the poppy fields so-so so Salim Hakan or the Halanis could buy up the land for the mining rights.
You know you're not making any sense right now.
What I am saying right now makes complete sense.
Brother, why don't we focus on getting out of here, okay? Don't patronize me.
Don't do that.
I know what I'm talking about.
What, that Xeon Tactical is in bed with the Halani brothers? Why is it that we could never figure out why anyone wanted to take out Echo Team.
Maybe that's the question they wanted us to be asking ourselves, instead of focusing on the real target.
The one target.
Steve Porter.
You know what? Honestly? In this moment, I don't care if Nouri Halani told you he was on the damn grassy knoll.
You are gonna sit down and you're gonna close your eyes.
And I will get you when we're set for exfil.
'Cause we got 25 bad guys on their way to us, and I'm gonna make sure we're ready for them.
Get some rest.
What you got there, three eyes? Camouflaged bunker.
Well, this looks like a barrel of laughs.
TOC, this is Bravo 3.
We've located the suspected missile nest.
I was wondering if you could do me a solid and send some Hellfire up this way? Considered it, but one of those SAMs could take out our ISR before we get to pull the trigger.
Bravo 3, I suggest you come up with another option.
(CHUCKLES) How the hell did I know she was gonna say that? Standard bunker takedown? Yeah.
Let's spur this pony.
Brock, let's go.
Hey, guys, I think that you should see this.
MANDY: Is that who I think it is? He wasn't there two minutes ago.
Bravo 2, this is TOC.
We believe we have a positive I.
on Nouri Halani.
A couple hundred meters southeast of your location.
What are your instructions, TOC? Leave him be.
You're about to come under attack.
Say again, under no circumstances are you to try to retrieve Nouri Halani.
What the hell's that all about? Halani.
He's still out there.
TOC spotted him.
Not moving, probably dead.
So? So under no circumstances are we to attempt to retrieve him.
- Ray.
- Jason, what part of "under no circumstances" do you not understand? Huh? (GUNFIRE) Bravo 6, this is Bravo 2.
How are you doing with those SA-7s? Prepping to assault.
Well, we're taking fire.
Cowboy up and get it done.
(SHOUTS) ERIC: We got to take out that SAM site, get our boys some help.
Hey, Sonny, why don't you lay down some heavy covering fire, okay? Brock and I are gonna flank them down here on the right.
Roger that.
In position.
Ready? Three, two, one, let's go.
(PANTING) TOC, this is Bravo 6.
Bunker's destroyed.
(CHEERING) Bravo, this is Lieutenant Commander Blackburn, we are clear for QRF.
I say again, we are clear for QRF.
Reload! Move on your left! (GROANS) Hey, Chief Hayes? What you said before about having a family, you mean that? What'd I say? 'Cause I-I love Anna.
Go get married.
(EXHALES) Have a bucketload of kids.
Go on vacations.
Get that house in the suburbs.
I hope you have that boy.
I want to defend my country, huh? I want to fight.
- You want to fight? Yeah.
- Yeah.
You want to be a hero.
(GRUNTS) That's easy.
That's real easy.
You want to be a hero? That's easy.
Just don't give a damn.
A bomb, a bullet.
Something's gonna get you eventually, so who cares? I don't know if I can think that way.
Sure you can.
You know, fearlessness is a habit.
You get used to it after a while.
- You'll be all right.
- Anna would care.
- Huh? Who? - Anna.
- Anna? Yeah? - She'd care.
If I died, she'd care.
Aren't you afraid of that? No, I'm not afraid of that.
You'd be leaving - your kids without a father.
Why? Why? - I can't be afraid of that.
I cannot be afraid.
I wouldn't be afraid of that.
- 'Cause if I would, I would not - Because why? You wouldn't be what?! 'Cause you're Jason Hayes? Jason Hayes isn't afraid of anything, huh? (LAUGHS) What are you laughing at? (LAUGHS) What are you laughing at? You.
I'm laughing at you.
You can't admit you're afraid of failure.
You can't admit that you're afraid of failure! Oh, no, you can't be afraid of failure 'cause you already failed.
Yeah, you did.
Huh? That friend you got killed, Nate.
That little Syrian boy with his lungs on fire.
How about those 46 numbers you still got in your cell phone? - They're dead men! - What'd you say? - They're all dead men! - What'd you say to me? Prepare to exfil.
I'm gonna see you again.
I'm gonna see you again.
That's great news.
Thank you.
Got two helos on the way.
Bravo, this is TOC.
QRF is on the way.
Estimated arrival time is five minutes.
RAY: Copy that.
Hold it down.
I'm going in.
Jason! QRF is inbound.
Jason! Get ready for exfil.
Jason! DAVIS: Bravo 2, this is TOC.
I think we may have a problem.
We do.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) I'd hoped you were all killed in the crash.
No such luck.
My brother's men shot down your helicopter.
Abad must have made sure he had men waiting here to make sure I never left this valley.
- Always a thinker, my brother.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Before we got on the chopper, you said something about the Englishman.
Alan Cutter.
Was that Alan Cutter? Huh? Hey, hey.
Not yet.
What do you know about Cutter? My father and I hid in these mountains fighting Russians.
Tell me about Cutter.
Tell me about Cutter.
Or you're gonna die.
You're gonna die here.
You think you frighten me? I know my death is coming.
(GROANS) Perhaps I am not the only one who will die in this valley.
If you die, your brother wins.
Don't let Abad win.
Tell me about Cutter.
Don't let him win.
- Cutter, the Englishman - Yeah.
Came by here last year.
He talked about mining.
Dirt worth lots of money.
I knew Abad was tempted by all this money.
You're telling me your brother made a deal with Cutter? Your brother made a deal with Cutter? Tell me where he is.
What? What? - Parachinar.
- Parachinar, what? Across the border.
Where my brother took sick.
- If you move quickly - Yeah.
Maybe you'll find him there.
Hey, hey, hey.
RAY: What's happening, boss man? Boss.
Remember when we said we weren't gonna go after Nouri 'cause it's too dangerous out here? He's probably dead already.
(GRUNTING) He's dead.
Something we need to discuss? No.
What you need to do is you got to get to TOC.
You got to tell them that Abad is underground in Parachinar.
You sure you're okay? Huh? Make the call.
DAVIS: All Bravo call signs, ISR shows a substantial number of enemy approaching your position.
Yeah, TOC.
We're on the move.
Looks like we're okay for now.
Main force has held up about 700 meters out.
All right.
You know that'll change as soon as they see our birds.
SONNY: Parachinar.
That's what Nouri said.
Any chance we can get the exfil birds to take us there on the way home? - Not enough fuel.
- Or firepower.
All y'all are a bunch of can't people.
Plus we got wounded we got to get to a field hospital.
- Look, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- TRENT: I was talking about Shawford from Alpha.
He's got a fractured pelvis.
- Can't risk having that thing displace.
- JASON: What about the, uh crew chief? Um, what is his name? Medders.
What about Medders? He's gonna make it, right? Right? Jace, he took an AK round through both of his lungs.
That's not possible.
RAY: How come? 'Cause he wouldn't have been able to make a sound.
He hasn't made a sound.
The kid was dead from the time we brought him in the house.
Let's go, boys.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
Let's go, boss.
All right (APPLAUSE)