SEAL Team (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Never Say Die

1 Previously on SEAL Team I lied about the shoulder.
You just gonna keep punishing me for that? This is not about me punishing you, this is about me not trusting you.
How am I gonna earn back that trust trapped in a damn classroom? DAVIS: I reapplied to Officer Candidate School, - figured you should know.
- ERIC: You are a leader.
You get in, you go.
You don't know when you'll be back? No, it's just a little spin up.
I can live being afraid for you, I just need you - to take my fear seriously.
- JASON: I found my own place.
It's not like you're around anyway.
What do you want from me? I guess what I really want is for you not to die.
I'm not gonna die.
I don't believe you.
Look at that fresh coffee, huh? Got the machine to work and all.
Congratulations, you can take it to your new place.
Someone's mad at me.
We got to get moving, Mom.
Uh, honey, a broker's open in Pungo came up.
Dad's taking you.
Last time I saw you that excited was when we got you a singing bear for Christmas.
That was Elmo, not a bear.
If it's not a bear, what is it? Dad, the tour starts at 8:00, and I won't allow your desire to suddenly understand Elmo's genus make me late for my first college tour.
Can you pour me one, too? Look at you, high octane, when did you start drinking coffee? Since I had to leave for a college tour at the butt crack of dawn.
What about "please"? "Please pour me a cup of coffee.
" Does that not work in your vocabulary anymore? Coffee, coming up.
[GRUNTS] SONNY: Is that Davis? Davis! Hey, Davis! Davis! Headphones, bro.
SONNY: Oh, yeah.
It's just so strange, you know.
She's not really a morning person.
So what you get your FRAN time down to? 5:40? Shoulder's strong as hell.
Say what you're trying to say, Sonny, save us the time.
Well you know, I was in Jason's ear.
Bravo machine, it's missing a gear.
I appreciate it, brother, but with Jason, it's about more than the shoulder.
Come on, Ray, we've all played hurt, all right? You remember that, uh, convoy takedown outside Kabul? Well, the night before, I sprained my wrist punching a tree.
Okay, Sonny, why'd you punch a tree? I got twisted up on that green raisin moonshine that the locals make, you know, and I swear, there was this tree that was kind of looking at me strange.
You know, so we got into it, and I knocked that sucker right out of his roots.
My point being, is that I didn't tell a damn soul that I hurt my wrist.
[SCOFFS] Well, man or tree, no one's gonna eyeball you, Sonny.
Look, man, I Thanks for having my back, but all of you start going at Jason, taking my side, he'll just double down.
It's not about sides, Ray.
It's about getting the wolf pack back together.
Brother, you know you're gonna have to wrap your head around something.
I may not be back.
Give 'em hell, yeah? Mandy.
- Davis, hi.
- Hey.
[CHUCKLES] - Been a while.
- How you doing? You know, I'm grinding.
World still stubbornly refuses to give peace a chance.
[LAUGHS] - How are you? - I'm good, yeah.
How's Jason doing? Oh, they cleared him.
Yeah, his head's fine.
And Bravo? Clay's two, so, you know, he's feeling his oats.
Sonny's Sonny.
Um, oh, you know, Ray's out at Green Team.
You don't think he's out for good, though? [STAMMERS] I hope not.
You know, it's above my pay grade.
[PHONE CHIMES] Oh, damn, I'm late for my flight.
Oh, that's right.
Yeah, Blackburn told me you're putting together a new target package? I am.
Something big, closer to home.
How close? Hey, you don't have to [CHUCKLES] Mexico.
Okay, no.
No, but I never said that.
Ma, I am not giving up on my doctorate, I just Mom! I Uh-huh.
Okay, fine, then, j-just let's just drop it, then.
All right.
Dinner this weekend? Oh, you're driving down to meet Clay.
I don't know, I [WHISPERING] It's fine.
It's fine.
No, you do not know my parents.
I have to meet 'em sometime.
It's all right, this has to happen eventually.
Yeah, no, Clay would love to meet you.
He would.
We just, with his schedule, we can't really Of course.
Of course, we will make it work if we can.
I love you.
Okay, bye.
[LAUGHS] You do not know what you're getting yourself into.
[SIGHS] On your right is our state of the art media complex, where students produce everything from news broadcasts to virtual reality experiences.
Up ahead is our campus coffee shop.
Karaoke and pizza - every Tuesday.
- Yeah, I'm sure we can do that.
It seems like our girls are fast friends, huh? - Yeah.
- Nice campus, huh? Of course this is a safety for my Katie.
She's really hoping for Yale or Princeton.
But between you and me, her GPA's only a 4.
1? Yeah, better than perfect, not enough.
What a world.
Uh, what about your daughter? JASON: Uh Whatever choice she makes, I'm there for her.
She's happy, I'm happy.
Excuse me.
Uh, great talking to you.
I kind of love it here.
Is this a safety school for you? Safety? I should know what that is, right? It means it's a lock that I'll get in here.
All right, yeah.
It's nice.
I like it.
You know what, hey, I support any choice you make.
All right? Just, you know, you end up at a frat party, I may have to gather up the boys and crack some skulls, you understand? - [BOTH LAUGH] - I'm not joking.
[PHONE RINGING] Work? Yup, work.
Remind me not to pick a career that can turn my life upside down at any moment and screw up my kid's day.
- Right.
- It's fine.
I'll come back with Mom to see the rest of the school.
JASON: Okay.
[PATRONS SPEAKING SPANISH] I'll have what he's having.
I don't think she likes you.
That's unfortunate.
That's predictable.
Nobody likes an arrogant American who thinks she can stroll in here and intimidate us locals.
It's bad manners.
MANDY: I apologize for offending your Victorian sensibilities.
[CHUCKLES] Graham Kowit.
I don't know who that is.
American DEA agent, went missing a few weeks ago, and I'm guessing you know where to, Fausto.
Only friends use my name.
Be careful, it can be terribly unhealthy for a foreigner to poke her nose in the wrong places, in my world.
My advice: focus on your own health.
[PATRONS SPEAKING SPANISH] Davis, saw you working out early.
It's a little out of the ordinary.
What's out of the ordinary is that you weren't tied up with a bunch of strippers when we got paged.
- JASON: Strippers.
- OTHERS: Ooh! - SONNY: Hey, don't be judgy, Davis.
- [LAUGHS] Okay, nothing wrong with bunches of strippers.
Okay, the swarm seems best.
JASON: Whoa, whoa, whoa, excuse me there, Mr.
GQ, no, no, no, you do not get to comment, okay? Stella pulled you out of that pool, buddy.
Really not loving the new nickname there.
You're not feeling it? Tell you what, why don't you pick your own, then? No, it's bad luck to pick your own nickname.
I learned that from my good buddy - Footlong.
- [LAUGHTER] God rest his exaggerating soul.
[LAUGHS] All right, listen up.
Hope you packed your Ambiens, gonna be a long flight.
JASON: Where we headed? Saudi Arabia.
Three hours ago, Shia extremists took hold of the Qanat of Shaqra.
Qanats are ancient tunnel systems that access underground water sources.
This particular qanat is at the heart of the largest water source in Saudi Arabia.
They intend to release anthrax into the water if their demands are not met within 24 hours.
[GROANS] What are their demands? Does it matter? They're not getting met.
So, the Saudis have asked for our help on this.
Anthrax is a self-replicating bacterium.
Released into that aquifer, no water there ever again.
God knows how many it would just plain kill.
Nothing can go wrong here.
MANDY: Doza operates with impunity and we dig holes.
Corruption and indifference are his most powerful allies.
You talking to me or yourself? Hey.
Well, now you found your agent.
Now what? Now I transform indifference into outrage.
[AIRCRAFT PASSING] Heard Bravo spun up, huh? You got that twitch.
Operating's not the only thing, Adam.
But it's the biggest thing.
Is it? You know, believe it or not, I'm good.
Home life is better than ever.
Regular hours.
Wife's happy.
Kids are happy.
Yard's looking tip-top.
Told myself the same lies for a while.
What made you realize they were lies? On my way to work, half awake, for weeks, I'd drive to my old squadron.
[SCOFFS] I've been doing the same damn thing.
Harder I tried to convince myself to enjoy shore duty, harder I wished I was back out there.
Feels like purgatory here, brother.
I hear you.
Jason still being stubborn? I'm cleared hot, but here I am.
Well "Well" what? You hear what's going on over at Charlie Team? Right.
Our counterparts in Saudi intelligence believe that the extremists are camped out here, the mother well it's the main source of the water.
How many extremists? Could be up to 20.
Not really sure.
What are we clear on? What we do know is that this modern access tunnel leads directly to their encampment, but the extremists have collapsed the entrance right behind them.
Well, why don't we help them on their way, blow the damn thing up, call it early and hit a happy hour? - [LIGHT CHUCKLING] - That's great, but the loss of infrastructure would cripple the region for decades.
There's no way we could clear the rubble? No, not without alerting them to our presence.
- Can't risk it.
- That's way too risky.
Tell you what, why don't we come at 'em from a different direction, right? There's a vertical access shaft here on the other side of the mother well.
I say we rappel in and we roll in quiet.
Hit 'em here.
That shaft has not been active in 200 years, so it's unlikely these guys even know about it.
And there's gonna be anthrax canisters they're gonna be holding onto down there, too.
We don't want to be hitting those.
CLAY: So, based on some ancient maps, we're gonna be jumping into an old hole filled with bad guys, booby traps, and poisonous bacterium.
And spiders.
100% there'll be spiders there.
Them freaky desert kind that haven't seen people since Jesus's time.
Okay? What the hell is this, Goonies? Yeah, yeah, it's Goonies.
CLAY: This is all solid rock? Yeah.
Hundreds of meters, every direction.
All right, well, comms aren't gonna work then.
Oh, okay, so what's the solution there? Line-of-sight relays.
You know, we just position some men at intervals and that way we can ensure the execution-checklist items are communicated back to Havoc.
- Yeah, we're good? - We're good.
- Yeah.
- Sonny's fully torqued right now.
- [LAUGHS] - All right, let's get some shut-eye.
Riyadh in six hours.
Let's go.
Good catch with the comms, kid.
Uh, just doing my best.
How's Stella? - She good.
- Yeah? Supposed to, uh, supposed to meet her parents this weekend.
Oh-ho, meet the parents.
I bet you're hoping this spin up lasts longer than expected.
Yeah, man.
Dude, Stella's freaking stressed out.
Starting to think that her parents maybe aren't real happy - with her choice, a team guy.
- Yeah.
Tell you what, Stella's opinion is the only one that matters.
Okay? [GRUNTS] My advice to you is, uh, just-just be you.
Keep it simple.
That's it.
It'll be enough.
Get some sleep, will you? SONNY: What's up, Davis? Dodged my question earlier.
What was with the early workout routine? What's with you creeping on my workout schedule? I wasn't creeping.
All right? You jogged into my line of sight.
I just never known you as a morning person.
What in the hell? Kairos.
- Kairos! - Hmm? You try to put some sort of bewitchment in my boot? KAIROS: I wouldn't do that, man.
That type of crystal forms in natural charcoal layers.
It's an odor eater.
Your boots are malodorous.
CLAY [LAUGHING]: It's true, man.
The freaking smell of those things make me want to suckstart a pistol.
[LAUGHTER] I will push you down the stairs and blame it on the dog.
You understand me? Keep your hippie BS to yourself.
JASON: Oh, wow.
RAY: Sir? Senior Chief.
I, um wanted to talk to you about Charlie Team.
So you heard Drake's getting out and you want to know if the position is open.
Close? Close.
Well, it doesn't help that you're having a hard time with Master Chief Hayes.
Doesn't help.
All right, well, it's not my place to tell you whether or not to join another team, but, well, the reason you haven't quit yet is 'cause you don't know how to.
It's not in your skill set.
It may be the right move.
May be the wrong move.
Doesn't really matter because what does matter in this particular situation is a question that only you can answer: do you want to teach yourself how to quit? May not have a choice sir.
MANDY: Flying across eight time zones will take years off your life.
You haven't aged a day.
Well, turns out that nonstop, crushing stress and binge drinking is good for the complexion.
- You should start a product line.
- [CHUCKLES] Once this thing's over, stay behind a day or two.
I could use your opinion on a few things.
I'm sure you could.
Excuse me.
- Jason, hey.
- Hey.
Been a while.
How's the, uh? It's good.
Sorry I couldn't visit you in the hospital.
I was, uh work's been busy.
- Anything you can talk about? - Soon.
Ibrahim Antar, right? Yeah, he uncovered the 2010 Transatlantic bomb plot.
JASON: With the help of one Mandy Ellis.
Can neither confirm nor deny.
You two seem, uh, friendly.
Again, I can neither confirm nor deny.
Please be seated.
I would like to extend a sincere welcome to our American counterparts.
The Shia extremist group Asbat Al-Allah are threatening to poison the water supply to a million Saudis.
Within 48 hours, a quarter of our population will be at risk of contamination.
The extremists are demanding that we release dozens of high-ranking Iranian prisoners.
This will not happen.
Like the United States, we don't negotiate with terrorists.
Elimination of the threat is the only option.
The checkpoint is from a popular movie called Goonies, a kids' movie, Spielberg.
- How far down is that, you think? - 400 feet.
That thing seriously not at the bottom yet? Havoc, this is 1.
Standing by.
Havoc to Bravo 1.
We read you, Lima Charlie.
Good luck down there.
Bravo Team, friendly reminder, we have 55 minutes until the extremists' deadline.
We're operating with only a line of sight.
Comms windows every five minutes.
FULL METAL: Yo, Hayes.
- Yeah? - Don't die, man.
Yeah, I'll do my best, all right? SONNY: Hey, Abdul.
Makes you feel any better, a fall from 200 feet will kill you just as good as a fall from 400 feet.
Shouldn't have told you that, huh? Havoc, this is 1.
Passed the Chunk.
Roger that, 1, we copy, Chunk.
CLAY: Bravo 2 to Havoc.
We are proceeding to enter the tunnel system.
ERIC: Copy that.
How's your team feeling? Confident.
Basara, too? Basara doesn't like uncertainty.
As long as your men make the comms windows on time, he'll be fine.
DAVIS: Bravo Team, mission deadline: 34 mikes.
Repeater, here.
[RADIO CRACKLES] Repeater, here.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
I passed Sloth.
- CLAY: I passed Sloth.
- Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
- I passed Sloth.
- Roger, 2, Havoc copies Sloth.
Kairos, what's he got? Look, we don't got time to meditate, Siddhartha.
Well, I was just about to tell you that.
Covering their bases.
Havoc, this is 1.
- Go for Havoc.
- We've stopped.
We've come across a Soviet Claymore and trip wire.
Bravo 7's on it.
The charge is old, blasting cap is unstable.
Might take a few.
We don't have a few.
All right.
Havoc, this is 1.
Leaving EOD here.
Moving forward.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] [PANTING] Give me some space? [MAN SCREAMS] Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
We got troops in contact.
I REPEAT: troops in contact.
Cover! Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Radio check, over.
What just happened? Jace! [GROANING, COUGHING] Bravo 1, Bravo 1.
Radio check.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Radio check, over.
[RADIO CRACKLES] CLAY: Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
Loud and clear, 2.
Give me a sitrep.
We're down one Saudi counterpart.
Bravo 1, Bravo 3, and Bravo 5 are on the other side of a tunnel collapse.
Their status is unknown.
We got zero comms with the rest of the team.
Bravo 2, radio check.
[COUGHS] - Bravo 2, do you copy? - SONNY: Jace.
They had to hear that explosion.
They're gonna dump that anthrax.
Don't have a choice.
Press forward.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Radio check, over.
Cannot confirm contact with the men on the other side? Negative.
How will they complete their comms windows? They can't until they clear the cave-in.
Asbat Al-Allah is now alerted to our presence.
We can't risk the lives of one million civilians.
You failed to set our conditions.
We have no choice.
Commander, evacuate the rest of your team.
Not until they get to my other men.
We don't know if they're alive.
And we have little time to confirm.
What is your plan, General? [SIGHS] [SPEAKING IN ARABIC] They're enacting a fail-safe.
Why weren't we aware of this? I wasn't until just now.
Basara is scrambling two F-16s.
A thermobaric bomb.
If your team misses the next comms window, they're gonna vaporize the entire structure.
How much time do we have? Seven minutes.
Get down, get down! SONNY: One-eyed Willy's down.
Sonny, secure the anthrax.
I'd rather be holding spiders right now.
So, that's jackpot.
That's the jackpot.
Mission complete.
Now we just got to figure out a way how to communicate it.
What do you mean? We missed two comm windows.
Basara's not gonna be happy about that.
They'll have contingencies.
Yes, they will.
Let's go.
[GRUNTING] ERIC: Bravo 2, our Saudi counterparts are requesting that you exfil immediately.
Havoc Base, Havoc Base, say again your last? Saudi command is unwilling to risk the poisoning of the aquifer.
Need a status report, immediately.
They're gonna bomb it.
KAIROS: Thermobaric, for sure.
Bomb like that will turn every bit of oxygen down here into heat as hot as the sun.
It'll boil the water, vaporize everything, including us.
Keep working.
Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
Myself, the rest of Bravo, we're gonna sit tight.
Go ahead and Charlie Mike.
Any chance you can send us down some shovels and pickaxes? Bravo 2, tools inbound.
DAVIS: Bravo 2, tools inbound.
Bravo 2, tools inbound.
Alpha 1, we need some manual tools down there ASAP.
Anything that can crush rock, move soil.
Roger that.
Let's go.
Bravo 2, you got five minutes - till your final comm window.
- Havoc, this is Alpha.
Alpha 1 and 2, headed down with manual tools.
Bravo 2, radio check.
Bravo 2, radio check.
Radio check, radio check, Bravo 2.
- This right here.
- Yeah.
Maybe it runs under the cave into the other side.
Know what? That's a good idea, Sonny.
That's a good idea.
"What Would Ray Do?" [GRUNTS] FULL METAL: Damn.
I thought you guys could use some help.
CLAY: Well, you thought right.
- Got it? - Thanks.
- You getting it? - Little bit Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
I need at least three more mikes.
We're making some headway here.
Negative, Bravo 2.
You don't have any more time.
Hey! Hey, you guys, shut off your lights.
JASON: Keep shoving those in there, Sonny.
Let's go.
[GRUNTS] Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
Bravo 1 and Bravo 3 are alive, they're sending us a signal over here with some chem lights underneath this cave-in.
We're gonna proceed with the dig.
Copy that, Bravo 2.
BASARA: Lights are a confirmation of nothing.
They could've fallen off a body.
With respect, sir, these are Tier One operators, the best soldiers in the world.
Including one of your own, Kahlil I know Kahlil's name.
He is my best friend's son.
I also know I can't exchange the lives of a million for the lives of a few.
I'm sure you understand these calculations.
In particular, being CIA.
We proceed with fail-safe, because we have no choice, at all.
- They're alive.
I need more time.
- Not possible.
- I trusted your gut once.
- Don't UPS Flight 232.
I trusted you.
You were right.
If you had been wrong, my whole career would have been over.
And if you're wrong here, my career will be over.
Without direct confirmation, Basara will not call off the strike.
The best you can do is buy time.
Make a comms window.
That's gonna take us off of comms ERIC [OVER COMMS]: Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
In the blind, I pass Data.
I say again, I pass Data.
Good copy, Bravo 1.
I copy Data.
Bravo 1 just passed Data.
Let's wait to see if they make their next comm window.
Five minutes.
Five minutes.
Target is in range.
Weapon is hot.
Bravo 2, give me a sitrep.
[ECHOING]: Bravo 2, give me a sitrep.
Come on, come on.
Give me a minute, Blackburn, all right? We're trying to hurry.
Come on.
ERIC: Bravo 2, you got a minute left.
You're taking this down to the wire.
Got a big piece here.
I got this.
[CERBERUS YELPS, BARKS] Jace! Shh, shh, shh.
Let's listen, let's listen.
Jace! Bravo 2.
We're good.
Jackpot, jackpot, jackpot.
Havoc, this is 1.
I pass jackpot.
I say again, pass jackpot.
Mission complete.
Copy that, Bravo 1.
Head to exfil.
Good work, guys.
Not a bad idea.
Wasn't my idea.
Mine was about you staying behind a couple of days.
What do you think? I think I heard you got married.
So I'm hearing that, uh, you can do a pretty good imitation of me, Blackburn.
Oh, what? I've just been practicing in the mirror.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Go ahead, let me see it.
- I'm Jason Hayes - I'm Jason Hayes? I don't say that.
First of all, I don't say I'm Jason Hayes.
We're gone before sunup.
That's what we do.
- Jason Hayes.
- Yeah.
I heard a better Davis.
Yes, sir.
When was this? When? Got it.
Aw, nappy-poo time, huh? Get some beauty sleep before you deeply disappoint your future in-laws? [CHUCKLES] You know, I could've left you in that hole, Sonny.
Well, you know, you may be a dead ringer for Peter Pan, and Kairos here is liable to worship Beelzebub, but I got to say, uh, you both got big cojones for staying down there like that.
- Vaya con Dios, bro.
- Easy, Kairos.
- Oh, there they go.
- [LAUGHS] What's up? Congrats, guys.
I heard it got a little sticky down there.
- It was good.
- Yeah? Yeah, you know what, to be honest, Ray, we were a little shorthanded.
Saying you needed a little help? I don't know.
Anyone from Green Team worth a damn? You ever hear the saying "quit while you're ahead," Jason? Quit? That's really funny coming from a guy like you 'cause what I'm hearing is that you're window-shopping other teams.
- You know what? - What? I'm done shopping.
Hey, what's wrong? Nothing in the fridge.
Okay, well, that's easy to fix.
What's wrong? I could use a beer.
I guess I got too used to the consistency.
- I'm fine.
- You're clearly not.
Didn't you see what being home did for you? You were happy.
You were there for Emma and Mikey.
Emma came home from Shawboro beaming, told me she loved having you there.
She said that? But now, two spin-ups, and we're back to, "Which Jason is coming home?" Conquering hero? Or the angry, turbulent soul who saw something go sideways? The mission went fine.
What is it then? We might not be together, but I know you better than anyone.
We're still friends right? Of course, but right now, I don't want to talk about it.
I just want my mind off it.
Look, I'm gonna go grab HEB's finest bottle of $12 red, a rotisserie chicken, and beer.
When you move into your place, you might want to have a plan for keeping your kitchen stocked.
[CLICKS TONGUE] [SIGHS] I'm really sorry again for being late.
Coming from overseas and only seven minutes late, uh, you're good.
- Where overseas? - I'm not really, not really allowed to talk about it.
Well, wherever it was, it looks like they had you playing in the dirt.
Uh No.
Uh, yeah, they did, in a sense, yeah.
Uh, some wine for anyone? Uh, yeah, white, uh, French.
- WAITER: Oui monsieur.
You speak French, Clay.
Clay speaks six languages.
So how does it work between you two, with the amount of time that Clay is gone, fighting? Do you have any control with your schedule, Clay? Um, no, no, not at all.
My-my team and I are called and we go.
BRETT: You just go.
Follow the order.
It is the military, sir.
Doesn't sound like that would make for a very stable home life.
Seems unfair to ask that of a woman, all that worrying, fear of losing you while you're out following orders in the field, doing whatever craven politicians tell him to do.
Okay, Dad, I think I told you Yeah.
No, I mean, I-I do follow orders.
And it's true there are some really terrible people in our government.
But I do this so so the people I love, like Stella, never have to see the things that I've seen overseas here on American soil.
I don't, I don't plan on doing this until I'm dead.
You know, I I want to have a-a stable future with your daughter, I want to have kids.
I want to try and maybe run for office one day.
You know, see if I see if I can try and unseat one of those bad eggs you're talking about and maybe make this country a little bit better.
Y'all can, y'all can see me as just a pawn.
That's fine, but I'm still gonna love Stella, and that's not gonna change.
All well and good, Clay, until you come home in a box.
What about Stella then? JASON: I don't understand.
You just have one remote for the TV.
- Can't just have one, right? - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] You got to be kidding, she's knocking.
Alana, why are you knocking? What're you knocking for? It's You forget your keys? Technology, I don't understand.
Why can't there just be PATROLMAN: Are you Jason Hayes? What can I help you with? I'm sorry to have to tell you this.
It's your wife.
There's been an accident.
[VOICE FADING]: She's being transported to Ramston Medical Center