SEAL Team (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on SEAL Team RAY: My shoulder wasn't messed up, that boy would still be alive.
JASON: You lied to me, Ray.
You lied to the team, put us all at risk.
Yes, I did.
You're gonna go, uh, teach a Green while you're rehabbing.
FINLEY: I would definitely say you've got a concussion.
And you remember the whole incident? [SCREAMING.]
Bravo 2.
You'll be taking us to target.
Roger that.
Don't get us lost, Blondie.
Havoc, this is 1.
I'm passing Hextall.
How copy? ERIC: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Good copy.
CLAY: Target building's the northern structure.
Path clear? - Creepers lingering on target.
‭- Take it.
Time to wake up the neighborhood.
We're here to take you home.
I got this, Jace.
I got this.
Havoc, this is 1.
Get up now.
ERIC: Good copy, 1.
Let's go, boys.
Let's go home.
- Exfil, exfil.
- Come on.
- TRENT: Got hostiles moving on us.
- CLAY: Move.
Looks like the end of the line.
All right.
End ex.
Every one of you pencil pushers better be checking off that "perfect" box.
Yeah, we'll debrief when we get back to the base.
CLAY: Come on, Blackburn.
Come on, at least tell us how we did.
Let's go.
You crushed it.
We're back.
So back.
Navy spent millions on you, but a coffeemaker stops you in your tracks.
What are you talking about? I mean, six months here and I still can't figure this thing out.
Must be a girl.
There you go.
I was just gonna do that next.
Of course you were.
You sleep well? Yeah.
Well, you know what? Mikey had the buzz saw going again.
You know, the kid can snore, let me tell you.
So I ended up on the couch again.
I'm sorry you're still bunking in his room.
‭No worries.
We should've bought that, uh, bigger home.
You know, the one that you wanted? - Not what I was talking about.
- Yeah, I know.
Under the same roof, but not sharing the same bed.
It's not ideal, but hey, look, you see me complaining? I'm not complaining.
Rent is free and I get to see the kids all the time.
Yeah, well, they wanted you here after the crash.
They were scared.
We all were.
How'd it go last night? Great.
Team's clicking.
- That's not what I meant.
- I know.
It's it's not my first concussion, Alana.
You collapsed in a restaurant.
Doctor cleared me.
You were there.
I was there.
I remember what she said.
"Jason, we know so little about traumatic brain injury" Stop.
You know what? This conversation is starting to remind me of when we were married and we're not married, but we're doing good, so you know what? Let's be good.
I need a ride to school which, obviously, wouldn't be an issue if I had my own car.
All right, you're complaining about not having a car and I gotta sleep in a Spider-Man bunk bed with your snoring brother.
EMMA: Here's a vision, for example.
‭JASON: Yeah.
Dad wouldn't have to sleep in a ten-year-old Spider-Man bunk bed if he rents the house on Pine.
Either of you even look at it yet? Um, you know what, I tell you, I just, uh, I haven't gotten to it yet.
Yeah, it's on my list of things to do.
Avoidance much? Okay, let's go.
I'll take you to school.
Okay? Love you.
- This toast's for you.
- Good day.
- I'll keep that for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- No.
- You almost had me that time.
You cheated, Clay.
- How do you cheat at running? ‭- Cheated.
You how do you cheat at running? You elbowed me three times.
- No, no, no, no.
- ‭Yeah, and then you cut me off - No, that's not cheating.
- like, three other times.
No, no, no, that's strategy.
- That's not cheating.
- Oh, is that what it is? - Yes.
- Oh, really? Look, maybe you'll get lucky.
Maybe you'll get me tomorrow.
Well, in that case, maybe you won't get me tonight.
- Wait a second.
‭- What? - Hold on.
‭- Yes? - You know what? ‭- What? - I'm gonna disqualify myself.
- ‭Uh-huh.
I lost.
You won.
You're a sensible man, after all.
Hey, don't forget that we have dinner with Polly and Chris tonight.
Yeah, yeah.
And, uh, brunch with Pete and Lacey on Saturday.
Cocktails at Professor Kilborn's on Tuesday.
You realize that most of my brainpower is in charge of keeping track of your social calendar? I'm just taking advantage while you're still around.
Bravo performed a hit on an HV and ran into something no one had ever encountered before: a sandbagged position concealing a PKM.
I don't know about y'all, but a big-ass machine gun is the last thing I want greeting me when I enter a room.
After a period of kicking down doors, the enemy countered our approach.
Now, why am I sharing this, Benzo? So we don't get our nuts shot off? - [LAUGHTER.]
‭- Partly.
But the point of the story is the point of Green Team.
It is to get you to expand your thinking.
The enemy adapts to us.
We've got to adapt to them.
And most often, a split second is all you got.
So how did we adapt? We started coming in from the roof, from the floor, the walls.
Hit them hard from everywhere and send them on to their maker.
All right, get jocked up and meet me in the shoot house in five.
Let's go! - Sir.
‭- You heard him.
They love you, Ray.
Yeah, after a year here, I've never seen anybody take to instructing the way you have.
Yeah, no offense, Adam, but I hope I'm not looking at a year of this.
ADAM: It matters, Ray.
Teaching the guys who'll be fighting in the field to be better, smarter.
It's tough to imagine not doing this.
Tough to imagine.
Get up.
You know you must be some kind of VIP if the strip club has your emergency contact info.
Oh, trust me, it-it ain't cheap.
I thought the idea was that the strippers take off their clothes.
I am what you call an innovator.
Yeah, you keep up the partying, you're gonna be - what we call unemployed.
- Oh, yeah? "All in, all the time" doesn't just apply to trigger pulling.
Listen to me.
I know that the downtime - gets you a little bit stir crazy ‭- Mm-hmm.
but you've been pressing the red harder than usual.
And all without my right-hand woman.
Still don't understand why you grounded yourself.
- Something you want to tell me? - Yeah.
That you're about one G-string shy of an intervention, so let's go, Magic Mike.
Sonny has landed.
The War on Terror continues, boys.
Dude, you reek.
That is the aroma of champions, okay? Two parts whiskey, one part Brittany's cheap perfume.
You ever take a night off, Sonny? SONNY: Well, some of us like more action than Crock-Potting and Parcheesi with Lady Professor.
CLAY: What was with last night? You running back to help Jason with that pilot? Jason's our team leader and he called it in.
Look, that door was an open threat, man.
You know, some mudsucker could've got the drop on us.
SONNY: All right, listen, wonder boy, we're playing paintball, not hunting Talimonsters.
And because you seem to have forgot that Jason got his bell rung not too far back, maybe I was a little reactive.
Jason's squared away, okay? Not trusting that is gonna lead to mistakes.
I do trust that.
I don't take kindly, though, - to lectures before breakfast.
‭- Okay.
Just trying to tell you, man.
It just could've been, you know, a little cleaner, that's all.
Oh, I agree.
Bravo hasn't fired on all cylinders since we lost our number two.
All right, who wants to get in the ring with me and throw hands? You ready to turn those show muscles into go muscles? - Shoulder's 100%.
- Mm.
Which I can't say for your breath, Sonny.
Training cycle got you crawling the walls again? You know it.
The whole world's on fire, and we're sitting around here playing capture the flag.
Hey, Ray, when you coming back? Ball's not in my court.
Hey, Ray.
How are the wife and kids? Um, little man took his first steps the other day.
That's great.
Special time.
You know what? Good that you're around.
Say, uh, look, Jace, I wanted to talk to you about, um [PHONES RINGING.]
Well, looky, looky.
It is about damn time.
All right, bro.
Got to go.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Hey, Sonny.
Stay there.
Wash up.
You smell.
SONNY: Roger that.
Someone forget to call Mandy? Agent Ellis is out of the country building a target package.
Please don't tell us you brought us in here to go over Miss Mandy's travel itinerary.
There's a situation spinning up in the Gulf of Guinea.
Keywood Rochelle.
It's an American oil platform off the Nigerian coast.
It's been overtaken by armed militants.
SONNY: GOPLAT takedown.
Hell yeah.
That is the white whale of Special Operations.
So, let me guess, Americans on board? - Is that why we're handling this? - Yeah, American crew - on board.
‭- Okay.
Two were killed during the initial assault.
Who's behind this? An upstart group.
It's called the Delta Resistance Army.
Uh, right, okay.
What's the ransom? Doesn't appear ransom is the motive.
Sig-Intel indicates three smaller tankers steaming their way.
Look, small or not, a tanker loaded with oil, that's, what, at least $40 million on the open market? Is this some kind of oil heist? In part.
Their communications indicate the militants have rigged the platform with explosives.
Analysts think it's a coming-out party.
JASON: Steal millions in oil, fund up, kill some Americans, and blow off an offshore oil rig just to announce yourself to the world.
So, rescue the hostages and prevent an environmental disaster? Just another day at the office, boys.
The platform is 12 stories high and 80 million square feet.
And we got to find the hostages in all that space before the baddies find we're there and turn us into fish food.
I'm sorry, but does every death fantasy of yours turn out to be a shark meal? Just curious.
Yeah, maybe.
Okay, infil ideas? Platform's inside of commercial trawling lanes.
- Go ahead.
‭- So I think we infil on some fishing boats, maybe gets us within a few klicks without raising any eyebrows.
All right.
- Davis, trawlers? - Already have 'em.
ERIC: It's wet season there now.
Talking about large swells, low visibility.
Too rough for a swim? Please, Lord.
Too rough.
I tell you what, low viz at night I say we go in on RHIBs.
Infil directly beneath the beast, right? I can lead climb one of these stanchions, - drop a ladder.
- All right, so we're gonna need an EOD, uh, specialist to defuse the bombs.
Well, speaking of Gentlemen, this is our new explosives ordnance disposal specialist.
Courtesy of the U.
Navy: Summer Kairos.
You know, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guessing you're not from Texas.
Okay, Davis, where we at with the ISR? The bird's gonna launch out of Djibouti.
It should be over the platform by the time we're on the C-17.
But that round-trip's gonna burn a lot of gas.
The drone can only be over the target until sunrise.
Well, tell you what, we'll be long gone by then, right? Right.
All right.
Wheels up in two hours.
Got any business to handle, now's the time.
- Hey.
‭- Hey.
- You're home early.
- Yeah, passport.
Been so long, I, uh, forgot it wasn't in my cage.
You left all three here? [SIGHS.]
‭Wait, are you spinning up? Seems kind of soon.
Crash was only six months ago.
I'm not worried.
Which is why I have to worry for you.
I'm late for a client.
Look, Alana, hey.
I'll see you when I get back.
STELLA: You don't know when you'll be back? No, it's just a little spin up.
Shouldn't be too long.
But you don't know? Okay, so I guess I'll cancel dinner at Professor Kilborn's.
Well, it might be for the best anyway.
I was probably gonna end up shooting her husband.
That's not funny.
It's just that this scares me, and you making jokes is not helpful.
That's not how it's going to be, okay? I'm a big girl.
I can handle your job.
I can live being afraid for you.
I just need you to take my fear seriously, please.
Hey, boss, you got a minute? What's on your mind, Ray? Six months I've been instructing at Green Team now.
From what I'm hearing, you're one hell of a teacher.
Just passing on knowledge that was passed on to me.
Look, I should've told you about the shoulder.
I put you in a tough spot.
But it's time I'm reinstated.
I don't know, Ray.
Might disrupt the whole flow of the team.
You're worried about how I'd mesh with my own team? Come on, look.
Jason, I lied and I'm sorry.
But-but how's it so different from you misleading a doctor about the extent of your concussion? Huh.
Sorry, that a serious question, Ray? - Dead serious.
- Dead serious.
Yeah? You lied to me.
That's how.
And you're just gonna keep punishing me for that Someone died.
Someone died.
This is not about me punishing you.
This is about me not trusting you.
Big difference, Ray.
Well, how am I gonna earn back that trust trapped in a damn classroom? Take care, Ray.
Yeah, you got your team waiting, right? Yep, yep.
- Your family.
‭- Yep.
ISR spotted a skiff uploading six more fighters onto the platform.
Brings our total number of enemy combatants to around a dozen.
And confirmed an oil tanker just left the platform.
Pumping oil's way too sophisticated for these guys.
They're definitely making the hostages do all the work.
Well, that makes our job even harder.
I mean, some of these guys are gonna be in the control room.
But the others, who knows where they're keeping 'em? JASON: Kairos, you're up.
All right.
Come on, swami guy.
Talk us through your deal.
- What do you do? - ISR gave me a look at their explosives package.
Looks like ten to 15 kilos of Semtex per charge.
It's a gnarly amount.
How long to defuse? If they're on the same trip line, five minutes.
If not, three minutes per, once I find them.
Pray it doesn't take long.
Hippies pray? What, are we gonna hold hands and light incense after? - Good idea.
Maybe on the boat.
‭- Don't touch me.
All right, let's revisit the topic at a later time.
It's gonna be a long flight.
Let's get some rest.
Hey, Sonny, what you, uh what you said about the team not firing on all cylinders, you really think that Bravo runs better with Ray as number two? Listen, Clay, I'd kick a hornets' nest with you any day, any time.
But don't you forget you are just keeping Ray's seat warm until he gets back.
You understand? [GRUNTS.]
- Daddy! ‭- Ah, there's my baby girl.
‭- She already picked out - her bedtime book for you to read.
- Yeah? Let me guess.
- Goodnight Moon.
- How'd you know? It was a lucky guess.
‭- [GRUNTS.]
Go get ready for bed.
I'll be right in there.
I love you being home, Daddy.
What is it? Bravo got spun up.
Rolled without me for the first time.
It stings.
Maybe Jason comes home with the knowledge that he needs you.
I mean, bringing me back after one mission, he'd be admitting he made a mistake.
Jason's a great friend, but you can't keep putting your future in his hands.
He's team leader.
I'm not gonna operate again till he says so.
Last I checked, there are other teams at DEVGRU.
What are you saying, I should transfer out of Bravo? That's exactly what I'm saying.
You're waiting on Jason to make a move.
But maybe God's waiting for you to make one.
You all right? You need a Red Bull or something? You look a little out of it.
Especially considering what we're about to head into.
Out of it? I'm in it.
Look, just, uh just don't let us get blown up, okay? All good.
Look at you.
We're not even in the drink and you're rocking your shark bracelet.
Safe over sorry.
You know what really scares me, though? Being separated from my team.
Being alone, cut away from the team, that's when the sharks, they come get you.
How's it look? No movement at the GOPLAT.
Here's hoping the Delta Resistance Army likes their sleep.
Yeah, winds are pushing opposite Bravo now.
Losing time.
Something on your mind? I reapplied to Officer Candidate School.
Figured you should know.
Didn't expect that after you opted not to go last year.
Well, that's the thing, you know.
- Bravo is family.
- ‭Right.
But that ambition that got you into the Navy and got you out of the hell you were raised in, it's tugging at you again.
People like you need to listen to it.
Um not yet.
You have a group of the most dangerous, egotistical men in the world eating out of the palm of your hand.
It's because they trust you, they respect you.
You are a leader.
OCS just puts a stamp on what everyone else here already knows.
You get in, you go.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're passing Tacoma.
I say again, we are passing Tacoma.
How's that storm? Shifting the currents against you.
RHIBs are not gonna be able to compensate.
What time's that put us on the platform? An hour and 20 behind schedule, Bravo 1.
Chasing daylight now.
That sun comes up, it is game over.
We lose any more time, your team's in serious danger.
Copy that.
Havoc, this is 1, we're on target.
Got 30 minutes to sunrise.
Let's move.
2, on you.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Go for 1, Havoc.
You've got two enemy combatants, armed, 20 yards east of your position.
Roger that.
All Bravo elements hold.
There they are.
MAN: Down here.
: Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
All Bravo elements, continue infil.
Checking something along that main flow line.
Yeah, my guess, something that goes "boom.
" Dodged that bullet.
Yeah, don't jinx it.
On me.
Last man.
You're up.
Do your thing.
You trip one of them bombs, it's gonna be Deepwater Horizon from then on.
What? Do we have a problem? They're smart.
Bombs aren't on the same fire line.
I have to defuse them individually.
Spicoli, how long's that gonna take? I got to find them and then dismantle 'em.
30 minutes.
30 minutes? That puts us in full daylight.
Havoc, this is 1.
Situation's changed.
We're delayed 30.
We gotta push back our window of exfil.
I lose ISR in 20 minutes, 1.
We're in the blind after that.
We know.
Bravo 1, you'll be in sunlight with no overwatch.
We know.
Bravo 1, be advised, 30 more is all you've got.
Copy that, Havoc.
Control room, me and you.
We do not want a gunfight.
We fight with our minds.
Sun's gonna be up when we come back.
You good solo? Alone's my groove, boss.
Poster boy, hey.
Haul your ass up top.
You got overwatch.
You cover his back.
You got it? Roger that.
Trent, on you.
The drone's got to be running on empty.
How long till it needs to head back to the station? Ten minutes until we can't see the platform.
We're gonna lose our exfil route if anybody else shows up.
Yeah, I know.
Bravo 2, you on that? Bravo 1, platform above you, you've got a couple of hostiles pushing around a hostage.
We have a jump? Negative, Bravo 1, you start up those stairs, they're gonna get the drop on you.
Bravo 2, clear a path for us.
Getting in position.
: Bravo 1, coast is clear.
Hey, where are the other hostages? T-Two in the control room.
The others in the break room.
Under the stairs, stay put.
We'll come back for you.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
What's your view? All quiet on deck.
CLAY: EOD, what's your status? Sun's coming up and I still got some heavy lifting to do.
All right, well, stop wasting your time talking to me, okay? Come on, let's go.
Trent, with me, control room.
Sonny, Brock, break room.
Bravo 3? A little loud down there.
: That wasn't pretty, but we have four hostages secure.
So much for the element of surprise.
Yeah? Well, you ain't gonna mind this then.
Cover your eyes! Go, go, go, go! Up, up! Up, up! Let's go! Move! Look, double-time those hostages back to the exfil point.
We're gonna turn into pumpkins soon.
Roger that, boss man.
: EOD, this Bravo 2.
Be advised, lost visual on you.
: EOD? I'm a little busy at the moment.
We're not ghosts anymore.
No kidding.
They're gonna want to blow this rig now.
30 seconds, they won't be able to.
Bravo 1, the platform's secure.
Havoc, this is 1.
Explosives are secured.
Send the boats for exfil.
Copy, Bravo 1.
GOPLAT shut down? It's about to be.
Don't move! It's okay.
We're U.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Okay? Bravo 1, be advised, we've lost ISR.
We no longer have eyes on you.
Copy that, Havoc.
Listen, we need to shut this down.
The whole thing, the GOPLAT.
Disable the whole thing.
You shut it down? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Shut it down.
- That's it.
It's done.
- ‭Done? I code locked the panel.
Bravo 3, this is 1.
We're finished up here.
We'll meet you at exfil.
Let's go.
Come on, move! Move! Got your last one, boss man.
Bravo 2, how's it looking? Yeah, no hostiles exited during the firefight or shutdown.
- Looks like we got them all.
- Havoc? ERIC: Exfil transport is ten mikes out.
Roger that.
Hey! - [GUNFIRE.]
- Down, down! Move! Move! ‭This way.
Incoming! Incoming! ‭Down! JASON: Bravo 2, how copy? Bravo 1, Bravo 2, good copy.
One of them RPGs is gonna blow this whole damn thing! Bravo 4, this is 1.
Platform secured.
We're out of here.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
I got a problem up here.
The stairway's cut off.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to meet you guys down at the bottom.
Come on.
Bravo 2, you good? Texas judge scores that a 6.
Interesting form.
Port side! We got you! Reach! [GRUNTING.]
Hell of a jump.
Great job of keeping our asses out of the fire, boss.
- Game on for a minute.
‭- Yep.
- Yeah, but we handled it, didn't we? ‭- Mm-hmm.
Same as we always do.
Yeah, it's just been a while since we operated with bullets flying, and without Ray is all.
You got some concerns there, Sonny? Well, with pinup girl here as number two, who wouldn't? That's right, pinup girl number two.
I'd follow you anywhere.
And I'm happy we're back.
- Right, we're back.
- We're back.
Watch it.
Hey, swami.
- Thanks, man.
‭- Yeah.
Well, you know what, you earned it, Eddie.
- You earned it.
‭- It was an honor.
Not every day one gets to roll with the best.
Well, you know, I'm good with the false modesty, if that's what I'm supposed to be doing here.
- Not necessary.
‭- Yeah.
I'm just saying Bravo has a rep.
You all lived up to it.
You know, uh, we're looking for a new, uh, EOD guy.
Something permanent.
You interested? - That works for me.
‭- Does it? Okay, just one condition, all right? As long as you keep, you know, freaking Sonny out.
- Loud and clear.
All right? Yeah.
- Sorry.
‭- Mm Didn't mean to wake you up.
It's just, this is kind of my bed now, the couch.
Oh - Hey.
- ‭Hey.
- How'd everything go? - Great.
Everyone's safe.
Everyone's good.
How do you feel? Good, you know? I'm back in the field.
Exactly where I belong.
‭- Uh-huh.
Chasing a high somewhere else in the world.
I-I got to go to bed.
You know, Alana, I think I found a place.
My own place.
It's close, so it's not like I'm not gonna be around when you need me, or if you need me for the kids.
- I'm always here for the kids.
- You're operating again, so it's not like you're around anyway.
What do you want from me? Look, I'm I'm trying to do everything here.
- What I want ‭- Yeah.
you can't give.
I'm okay with that now.
I am.
- I guess what I really want ‭- Hmm.
is for you not to die.
'Cause we have kids and they love you.
I'm not gonna die.
I don't believe you.