SEAL Team (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

All That Matters

1 Previously on SEAL Team JASON: There's been an accident.
My wife, Alana Hayes.
I'm sorry.
JASON: It's always been Alana and me.
A family.
She held everything together and made it work.
I need something from you.
I need you back on Bravo Team, if you're okay with that.
You didn't go? No.
ERIC: We have a situation.
Pakistani radicals have taken over a hotel in Mumbai.
MANDY: FSO David Nelson.
We believe he's still in his room.
ERIC: Indian government has given us the green light to go in, rescue our FSO.
That is the extent of our mission.
It's a dry hole, boss.
Havoc, we have a problem.
Havoc, we have a problem.
Big one.
The FSO is gone.
I say again, our objective is gone.
Bravo 1, I copy that.
FSO Nelson is not in his room.
Stand by.
Looks like Nelson put up a fight.
These Muj, they're real tough guys, beating up on a bunch of paper pushers.
You got to assume he was alive when they dragged him out.
SUMMER: Hotel's been under siege for hours.
This much blood, might be a body recovery.
Toss the room.
RAY: Roger that.
They could've slipped Nelson out in the initial chaos? I don't think so.
No one has entered or exited the hotel grounds since Bravo made entry.
So why didn't they just shoot Nelson where they found him - like everyone else? - America has always supported India over Pakistan in the Kashmir conflict.
Perhaps they see a high-profile foreign service officer as leverage.
Ransom? No.
The attack's been underway for almost a day, and not a single demand has been made.
Hizbul Mujahideen is here for blood, not money.
They will kill Nelson.
And in a way that'll bring maximum publicity.
He was hiding in here.
Got Nelson's phone.
Texts to his wife and kids.
Last one sent 22 minutes ago.
We literally just missed him.
Nelson's still in the building then.
Well, he could be on any floor, in any room.
He's a giant needle in a 500-room haystack.
He gone.
Maybe not.
Good call, Bravo 2.
There he is.
Got FSO Nelson.
Camera 653.
He's alive.
Where are they? RAY: Looks like some kind of storage room.
Top floor.
Always the top floor.
CLAY: Uh, I got nine Tangos, by my count.
RAY: Ten men armed with AKs fortifying their position in a room with only two ways in.
As is, I don't see any way we do this without taking casualties.
Neither do I.
NEWSCASTER: Chaos continues to fill the streets of Mumbai as terror strikes India's largest city.
The death toll is rising at four known locations targeted by the Hizbul Mujahideen.
And while exact numbers are not yet known, - early estimates of reported fatalities - [TOASTER POPS.]
are in the dozens, with the numbers of wounded well exceeding that.
Evacuations have been ordered in a two-kilometer radius around each location.
Mumbai itself is under mandatory curfew.
How long that curfew will last is not yet known.
India's prime minister is expected to make a public address within the hour, and we'll bring that to you live.
Oh, you're up early.
I was up all night.
You didn't sleep? I made breakfast.
For the whole neighborhood? How are you right now? What do you want me to say, Mom? My life's been turned upside down, then shoved right through a shredder, okay? Well, you'll get through it.
That's what you do.
You get people through things.
This is different.
This is different.
This is different.
- Is it? - Yes, it's different, Mom.
So, um What are your plans? 10:00 a.
College counselor, right? 2:00.
Basketball game.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about what my plans are, Mom.
For the future.
For Emma and Mikey's future.
They just lost their mother.
What does today matter? Today is everything, okay? Tomorrow is tomorrow.
I'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow.
But today is today.
What are you doing? I'm waiting for Mom.
For her to come in here, riding me about oversleeping.
Okay, right well, right now, you have a-a college counselor meeting this morning.
So you got to get up.
- So? - So, I'm here to take you.
All right? So, let's go.
Get out of bed.
I don't want you sitting around here, doing nothing.
I'm not doing nothing.
I'm missing Mom.
Look, Emma, for me, dealing with a loss, how I deal with that is I push through.
You have to push through.
I won't ignore my feelings and soldier on, which is what you're asking.
Even if I feel awful, I'm going to feel, Dad.
I'm not stone.
I'm not you.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
Copy that, 1.
The FSO is being held by ten enemy combatants barricaded in a storage room on the top floor.
Team is too light for an assault on a fortified position, and I don't feel like adding Bravo Team to their kill list.
Stand by, 1.
We need to run this up the chain.
Roger that.
Standing by to stand by.
You think he's good? Dude's a freaking ninja, Sonny.
- All right, what's your problem? - Ain't no problem.
Just Adam's been pulling Green Team duty for quite a spell.
And it feels strange to take lead from someone that ain't Jason.
I'd follow Adam anywhere.
Don't get your panties all twisted up there, Bam-Bam.
It ain't the going that worries me.
It's the getting back.
You think too much, Sonny.
Or not enough.
Sometimes I can't tell.
You know, if Jason was here, he'd light both of you up.
Focus on the op and stop jaw-jacking like two Green Teamers.
Are we good? Fine as Texas wine.
We're good.
You're gonna be jaw-jacking later.
SONNY: I bet you will.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
Hostiles are getting ready for their show.
They're gonna toss him from the building.
Havoc, this is 1.
We got to move or we will lose the FSO.
Bravo 1, unless I am missing something, you are staring at an assault that is tactical suicide.
Thanks for sugarcoating it.
You're the one on the ground, 1.
Convince me.
Ideas? There's two stairwells leading up to that room.
There's one on the top floor hall.
One from the service hall, opposite side.
We hit 'em from opposing directions, right? Clear toward each other.
Ten enemy, all their firepower.
Question is, can we tap 'em all out fast enough to keep Nelson alive? Monitors give us eyes.
We can see them, they can't see us.
Makes it tactically possible.
We buy time by pumping the room with flash-bangs.
SONNY: Yeah.
And then the white light's the last thing they'll see before they head off to the big old virgin party in the sky.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
We have a plan.
- Copy, 1.
- We post Bravo 7 here and have our own ISR in the building.
Assault the room from both entrances.
Clear toward one another.
We divide their attention and firepower.
It'll work, but we got to go now.
Make it happen, 1.
Kairos, you're our eyes.
Anything changes on these screens, - you let us know.
- The Eye of Horus.
I like it.
Don't get trippy on me, Moonbeam.
Stuff makes me nervous.
I'll watch over you, Sonny.
Shut your mouth.
Clay, you and Ray take the rear stairwell position outside.
The rest of us will approach from the top floor hall.
Good? - Yeah.
- Copy that.
NEWS ANCHOR: Pakistani radicals from the group Hizbul Mujahideen have taken control of several targets throughout the city, including the National Theatre, the Gallery, the Sopara Grand Hotel, leaving in their wake dozens of victims.
It's been reported that a guest at the Sopara Grand Hotel, American Foreign Service Officer, David Nelson, is still unaccounted for.
Horrible, isn't it? People wake up, go to work, and that happens to them.
I'll never understand.
Till you see it.
Then you just know that some people are evil, Mom.
- You going? - [SIGHS.]
Without Emma? Emma doesn't want to go.
She doesn't need to.
Their mother just died.
I know! I know what happened! Stop! Someone needs to get stuff done around here, instead of wallowing.
That's what I'm doing getting things done.
Stop reminding me.
SONNY: Why is it when every Hans takes a building, they don't have the common decency to commandeer at a lower level? ADAM: Optics.
You kill Nelson in his room, people only hear about it.
Hang him from a building, they never unsee it.
BROCK: Yeah? So what are they waiting for? - ADAM: More cameras.
- More eyeballs.
See, I still think the Kardashians are the way to go.
That's a time-proven means right there.
Bravo 2, we're approaching level 33.
What is your current position? [ALARM BLARING.]
Level 33, in position, standing by.
Bravo 7, talk to me.
Hallway extending to the main entrance is clear.
Just inside, two Tangos smoking and joking to your immediate right.
Bravo 2, you should have clean shots to two enemy - upon your entry.
Roger that.
Bravo 2, prep a crash, stand by for my call.
How many men do you think were involved? Orchestrated, synchronized, military-like attack on four high-profile targets in a major city? 40, at least.
A lot of men, a lot of weapons, trained up for the mission.
And all that costs a lot of money, the kind of money Hizbul Mujahideen doesn't have.
So where are they getting it? LAGHARI: Lieutenant Commander Blackburn? What is it? Terrorists at the National Theatre are neutralized.
Force One assets are about to assault the Tamerlane Gallery.
So it looks like this nightmare could be over soon.
Video feed from my lieutenant's body camera at The Tamerlane Gallery.
Moving through the primary viewing room.
Dead body.
Suicide vests.
Then, at the hotel, they'll have them, too.
Yippee ki-yay.
Bravo 1, stand down! I say again, stand down.
Back off from the target.
Bravo 2, hold what you got.
I say again, hold what you got.
CLAY: Yeah, copy.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Yeah, Bravo 1, strong likelihood that the enemy combatants are wearing suicide vests.
Well, that's a real turd in the punchbowl.
ERIC: Bravo 1, I need a sober assessment.
Can you gain control of the situation given this escalation? ADAM: Stand by, Havoc.
Bravo 7, you able to get a read on the hostiles wearing vests? One posted approximately three meters from the main door.
Another near the kitchen.
It looks like extra weight around their waists.
Could be S-belts, but I can't be certain.
The most likely breach point, exactly where we were gonna be.
How do you all plan to breach a door when there's a guy strapping an S-vest on the other side without him clacking it off? Hey, what about a lock pick? Smart thinking.
CLAY: What about a lock pick? Ken Doll is right.
Bravo 1, you need me up there to help? Negative, 7.
Bomber at the main entrance he still holding the same position? A-firm.
Same position for the moment.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
We're Charlie Mike.
Charlie Mike.
Roger that, Bravo 1.
ADAM: All Bravo elements, head shots.
I say again, head shots.
Bravo 2, tell me when you're in position.
CLAY: Yeah, copy that.
- You ready? - [PANTING.]
What? You don't think you can make the shot? It's not me I'm worried about.
Look, Ray, you've been out a long time.
I got this, Clay.
Just wanted to hear you say it.
Bravo 1, in position, standing by.
Bravo 1, this is 7.
Bomber's still inside the main door, three meters, not going anywhere.
Bravo 7, when he turns away, you tell us.
Roger that.
Stand by.
He's turned away.
Go now.
They're about to kill the FSO.
Brock, photograph their faces.
Everyone else, grab any SSE material you can.
Stay clear of the vests.
Thank you.
Nelson, are you okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
We need to get you checked out.
Can you walk? I-I I-I need to speak to my family, my wife.
We'll get you medical attention first, sir; then your family, I promise.
What a world.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
Target secure.
Ten terrorists down, no casualties.
Heading for exfil in three mikes.
Roger that, Bravo 1.
Great work.
Hey, it took a serious pair to make that call.
Nice work, boss.
Hayes, it would be perfectly okay to reschedule, given the circumstances.
I know.
I'm-I'm a guy that likes to get things done, so, let's get 'em done.
This is Emma's future we're talking about.
Seems she should be here.
Well, I'm Emma's eyes and ears today.
What do we got? Well, Emma, as you know, has done extremely well.
Her grades are exemplary, even with a heavy AP load.
And she has great extracurriculars, and not of the hoop-jumping, expected sort.
Yearbook, debate.
And volunteering homeless shelters and the V.
? Wait, I didn't know that she did that.
Must be hard to keep track, considering your line of work.
The 12 schools Emma applied to 12 schools? No, she wants to stay local.
Emma applied to Harvard? She didn't want to.
She didn't want to burden the family with the tuition.
- Does she have a shot? - Yes.
She does.
I made her apply.
Whether she can afford to go or not, I want her to know what she's capable of.
I didn't even know a school like Harvard was even a possibility.
- Mr.
Hayes? - Mm-hmm.
How are things at home? Under control.
Given that Emma's not here, I want to make sure everything's okay.
Like I say, everything's under control, so, we're done here.
I'll leave these here with you.
This is the number of a family therapist.
Emma's fine.
How do you know? This therapist is professional, confidential, excellent.
I think sitting down with him would benefit Emma.
Look, I know what's best for Emma.
Well, congratulations then.
You're the first parent to ever walk in here with an understanding of what their teenager wants.
I really know what's best for Emma, but I appreciate it.
Appreciate it, thank you.
LINDA: Looking for the calendar? Yep, looking for the calendar, Mom, where is it? It's gone.
I need it, Mom.
Nothing in it matters.
Everything in the calendar matters.
I need to plan things; life goes on, do you understand? Mikey and Emma need a dad, not a team leader.
They've been in their room this whole time while you're checking meaningless things off a list.
It's not meaningless nonsense, Mom, do you understand me? I am trying to show them that staying busy helps them forget the pain.
Stop it! - [GROANS.]
- Just stop it! They don't need to forget about the pain.
They need to talk to the one parent who is still alive.
Alana would have been prepared for all this.
Do you understand me? Alana would have prepared for all this, Mom.
Not me.
It was supposed to be me.
They should have been burying me.
I'm the one who was supposed to die, Mom.
CLAY: Bravo 7, you spot any more Tangos? Negative.
Building's empty as far as I can see.
Save for bodies.
ADAM: Roger that.
We'll meet you at exfil.
Nice work.
I owe you a bottle of something.
Some pumpkin seed oil, that really gets your chakras going.
Mezcal works.
But now that you mention it, I notice you're holding a lot of tension in your hips, Sonny.
So help me, you ever talk about my hips again, we're gonna get into it.
Kairos gets a bottle for sitting on his ass watching TV? Wish you'd taken his place? Hell no.
Been on the sidelines long enough, brother.
Tell me about it.
It's not long now, sir.
We're gonna have someone take a look at you, and then we'll, uh, we'll get you connected to your family.
All right.
Thank you.
Nice workup today there, Master Chief, huh? [LAUGHS.]
Didn't do too badly, yourself.
You must've had a fine Green Team instructor.
You know it.
Hey, was that already last summer? Time flies.
Been a good year for you, though.
Making Bravo Team.
Stella not dumping your ass.
That's not a bad 12 months.
You know, I, uh, might've met Stella's parents the other day.
Thinking about making a little trip overseas.
You love her? I do.
Love is good.
Something going on with you and young Spenser? No.
We're good.
Yeah, my BS detector goes off when two team guys aren't on the same page.
It's not a thing, Sonny.
Don't pee on me and tell me it's raining.
Clay questioned my ability, all right? And this is me letting it go.
He's Bravo 2 now, and Bravo 2's job is to look out for Bravo 1, whose job is to look out for the team.
He's doing his job.
Can't fault him for that.
I guess we just are all overcompensating with Jason gone, you know? Guy just always made the right decision.
Kind of took it for granted.
Hope he's doing okay.
According to sources, the death toll across Mumbai has reached 60 victims, and though mandatory evacuations continue throughout the city, that number is expected to rise in the wake of today's terror attacks.
While hospitals are at capacity and triage centers are being established to tend to those wounded in today's attacks, government officials have not commented on any progress that has been [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Hey.
Five minutes, both of you.
- What? - In the truck, let's go.
- What's going on? It's night.
It's fine.
We're out of here.
Five minutes.
I'm not going anywhere.
Five minutes.
ADAM: Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
Standing by for extract.
How far out are they? Copy, Bravo 1, ET on the bearcat is four mikes.
ADAM: Roger.
Four mikes.
Commander Blackburn, the situation has changed.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
We are at RTB.
ERIC: Roger that, Bravo 1.
What's the medical situation with the FSO? He needs immediate care.
Copy that, 1.
Secure the FSO onto the bearcat and send him to us.
Havoc, say again your last.
We're not escorting him? That's correct.
You're being re-tasked to assist with enemy combatants at the Khorana University.
- It's a hostage rescue.
- ADAM: Roger that.
Frag-O to a hostage rescue at Khorana University.
Bravo 1, there are American students trapped there.
We're getting reports of active shooters targeting students and faculty.
How do we know they're still alive? DAVIS: One student, Valerie Wyatt, contacted her family in a live feed through social media to say good-bye.
And likely broadcasting their position to the enemy at the same time.
Please tell me they're not 33 floors up.
ERIC: Bravo 1, the target is approximately 1,000 meters to the east of your current location.
You'll have ISR support, but our partner forces are spread thin.
You're gonna have to patrol to the university on your own.
Roger that, Havoc.
Sending a goodie bag your way with the FSO.
Mag check, boys.
Clay, find me a route.
I'm on it.
Lovely night for a stroll, boys.
Yeah, it's not like we've been running up and down stairs all day.
MICHAEL: Where are we, Dad? JASON: I need to figure something out.
I'll know when I see it.
EMMA: This is so dumb.
One day your mom and I went for a drive.
Pulled over, decided to go for a hike, had a bottle of wine.
We came across it.
If you're gonna show us where one of us was conceived, I swear I will puke.
Okay, this is for you in case we get lost.
- All right.
- Why not buy a couple of those kid leashes? Ooh, or maybe chip us? You gonna follow me or what? Let's go.
Can you please tell us where we're going? I'll let you know when I find it.
Keep up.
There it is.
That's it.
This is your mom's favorite place.
She used to tell me that from here, she could see all the way to tomorrow.
All the way.
That wasn't the case with me.
I could just see what was in front of me.
That's all.
Wasn't always like that, though.
I You know, 17 years ago, I was I was in Utah, training.
I was on this 800-foot rock face.
Halfway up, I froze.
Couldn't move.
The instructor saw that I was in trouble, so he came up to me, and he said, "You know what your problem is? You're thinking too much.
"You're thinking about what's what's ahead of you "instead of where you are.
Right now in this moment, where are you?" He said that you need to focus on the now.
Control what you can see, the three feet around you.
Control that.
And then the next three, then the next, then the next.
I made it to the top.
Ever since that moment, I that's how I've always lived my life.
Just like that, being in the now.
But, you know, with your mom gone now, it it made me realize that I can't operate my family that way.
Your mom's not here anymore to see tomorrow, so I have to be more like her.
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this.
But I'm gonna try.
I have to try to see the world like your mom.
One more thing I want you to see.
Right here.
It's on here somewhere.
Here it is.
That's it.
Right there.
That's your mom.
Go ahead.
One last thing, okay? We are gonna finish this, okay? All right, buddy, let's go.
Off to bed, all right? Right.
Night, Dad.
Night, Emma.
Send it to me.
Send what? The picture, Dad.
- JASON: Get it? Mm.
Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah.
- I love you.
Love you.
You hear that? Hear what? SONNY: Exactly.
That kind of stuff right there, that gives me the jitters.
DAVIS: Bravo 1, you have three unknowns concealed behind what appears to be a dumpster.
They appear to be stationary.
Ten meters north of your position.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
Take my hand.
- Get up.
Up, up, up, up.
- Here.
Hey, look candy.
Look at this.
Here, here.
Come on.
It's okay.
Here you go.
Right in there.
Move it.
Kairos, you can keep your damn crystals.
I'm telling you all I've got some psychic in me.
I believe you mean "psycho.
" There's nothing I can say, Jason.
Kim is beside herself.
We all are.
A bit of advice? Only answer is time.
Yes, sir.
It's why I'm here, sir.
I've been in Teams for nearly 20 years, and leading Bravo for about half that.
JASON: My team, they've become family to me.
Those are my brothers.
Some are still with us, some have been torn apart, but my brothers have always been there for me.
And me for them.
Sniper! [GUNFIRE.]
Where the hell's he shooting from? Havoc, troops in contact.
I say again, troops in contact! Bravo is in good hands with Adam.
My team, they'll be good without me.
I I'm not gonna die.
I don't believe you.
I'm not gonna die.
JASON: But my son, my daughter, they won't be good without me.
My family needs me, sir, and I need to be there with them.
That's why I need to take a step back.
Need to stop operating.
I have to leave Bravo Team.