SEAL Team (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Say Again Your Last

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
- We are at RTB.
- ERIC: Copy that, 1.
Secure the FSO onto the bearcat and send him to us.
- We're not escorting him? - ERIC: That's correct.
You're being re-tasked to assist with enemy combatants at the Khorana University.
Bravo 1, there are American students trapped there.
We're getting reports of active shooters targeting students and faculty.
Roger that.
JASON: I've been with the teams for nearly 20 years.
Been leading Bravo for half that.
And what I realize now with Alana gone is that, uh, I've been able to do that, sir, because she's had the home front covered.
Bravo Team is in good hands with Adam.
He'll be fine without me.
But my son, my daughter, they're not gonna be good without me.
Sniper! [GUNFIRE.]
I have to leave Bravo Team.
The terror attacks in Mumbai continue, as a Pakistani radical group has struck multiple targets across the city.
Though Indian authorities have retaken control of five sites, a sixth, Khorana University, remains in terrorist hands with students and faculty being held hostage.
- We need to get an angle on the sniper.
Tan building, southwest corner.
If I get up to that white truck up there, I'll get a clean shot.
Roger that, Bravo 2.
Take 6.
Get this guy.
Clay? Clay! Man down! [BULLETS RICOCHETING.]
Clay? Clay! [BARKING.]
Come on.
Come on.
Get him into cover.
: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Your advancement to the university seems to have stopped.
Havoc, this is Bravo 1.
Man down.
How copy? Copy, Bravo 1.
Standing by.
He took a round directly to his chest plate.
No entry or exit wound.
Didn't penetrate.
Got a pulse, but he's not breathing.
All right, impact must have paralyzed his respiratory system.
All right, let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
At least we know his body armor wasn't made in China.
All right, yes or no questions only.
Are you in Virginia Beach? Are you in India? Am I better-looking than Sonny? [CHUCKLING.]
He's fine.
Goldilocks is obviously concussed.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Give me a sitrep.
The students aren't gonna be able to hide forever.
We're all up, Havoc.
Bravo 2 took a round to body armor.
He's ambulatory.
We are Charlie Mike.
Any new information on the students' location? The background of Valerie Wyatt's video matches with the third floor of the library, but there haven't been any new posts.
No way to know if the students are still there.
Maybe they're all too dead to work the social media.
Maybe they're lying low so they don't give themselves away.
Dead or alive, job is to find 'em.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
We lost a little time here.
Can you help us out with a faster route to the university? DAVIS: Bravo 1, resume your previous course.
50 meters up, turn east.
800 meters on, you're gonna run into the back gate of the university.
Roger that.
Bravo out.
Clay, stay close to me.
Ray, you're on point.
The rest of you, - fall into patrol order.
- Check.
How you feeling? Uh, like the weakest link.
Like I slowed us down.
I'd rather lose a little time than my 2IC.
Shake it off.
Not so easy.
Not so hard.
Shake it off.
Roger that.
TV REPORTER: On the heels of Indian troop movements in the Kashmir region, a Pakistani radical group, Hizbul Mujahideen, have launched coordinated attacks in Mumbai.
We can confirm one American, State Department official David Nelson, was rescued earlier by Indian security forces.
Indian government officials are calling the violence cowardly, reprehensible attacks on India's sovereign rights, and promised a thorough vetting of security procedures - to protect against - [BROADCAST FADES.]
Need some help? Yeah.
Thank you, sir.
My brothers, they're gonna be out there fighting, and, um, I'm gonna be home sleeping in my bed.
How long till you get used to that? Well, I'd like to say weeks, but I'd be lying.
Months, years.
Helps to know your team will understand why you left.
It's true what you're thinking, though.
Everything just goes on, right? Without you, yes.
Put your foot in a bucket of water, take it out.
There's no hole, water fills it in.
SEAL teams are like that.
Doesn't feel good.
If it did, there would be no value to what we do, right? Standing down isn't giving something up.
It's tearing something out of you.
It can't feel good.
Bravo 1, you have multiple unknowns approaching your position.
Roger that.
Dual point.
Dual point.
S-vest! - [MAN YELLING.]
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
What did we just see? - What happened?! - Adam, Adam, he, uh he just Give me a sitrep.
Adam's gone.
Bravo 1, respond.
SONNY: Clay, answer him.
Radio check.
Will someone please answer him? Bravo 1, answer.
All stations, this is Havoc Base.
What the hell is g going on out there? Havoc, this is Bravo 6.
We read you Lima Charlie.
I pass fallen eagle.
Bravo 6, say again your last.
6 to base, I say again, fallen eagle.
We lost Bravo 1.
How long till we can get 'em out of there? Bravo 6, tell me what you need.
Do you want to extract? Or do you want to continue the mission after the CASEVAC? Havoc, can you relay the latest sitrep at the university? The Mumbai police have set up a perimeter.
There's a Lieutenant Arya that's in charge there.
They have reported execution of hostages.
It's 20 minutes to get to them.
Bravo 6, CASEVAC and extract are both 20 mikes out.
It's your call.
Roger that.
How far are we from the university, Havoc? DAVIS: About three mikes.
I copy three mikes to the university and 20 to CASEVAC or extract.
- Stand by.
- Extract? No discussion.
We ain't turning tail.
You understand? This job ain't done.
RAY: I don't t like a CASEVAC any more than I like an extract.
Takes us time that the kids don't have.
Okay, then we hump the rest of the way in.
We're not leaving Adam here.
Adam's not here.
Then I'm staying here! You understand?! Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- We're not leaving Adam behind! - Sonny! - I got it.
- Hey.
You staying here is not an option, okay? It's either we all stay or not.
Now, let me tell you something.
As hard as this decision is, Adam would have made the same damn one.
Because he knows those kids need us more than he does.
We will be back.
Look at me.
We will be back.
Havoc, this is Bravo 6.
That's a negative on the CASEVAC.
We are Charlie Mike to the university.
What about Bravo 1? Roger that, 6.
I copy, Charlie Mike.
Hey, what about Adam? RAY: Trent on point.
Sonny, take rear security.
Let's move out.
Hey, now ain't the time to mourn.
Time for payback, all right? Let's go.
Right, yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
Really, I-I really, I appreciate it.
Oh, I need to go.
Uh, Emma's here.
Who was that? Friend offering sympathies.
Why does it bother you so much? Why does it bother me? Because all they do is they say the same thing; what else is there to say? "Deepest sympathies.
" Every time I hear that ring, it just reminds me of your mom.
Want to do something? Bring her back.
You know, sometimes what you need from somebody is just nothing at all.
Where's your brother? He wanted garlic knots.
Grandma took him Pungo's.
First time he's had a real appetite.
TV REPORTER: total number of locations in Mumbai attacked to six.
Indian security forces and police remain on high alert.
That's where they are, right? Where you'd be now if you'd gone? It's fine.
I know you can't say.
When I was little, when you were gone and I missed you, I'd take this picture, put it in my room.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I used to ask Mom how you got the cut on your face.
She'd say it was a story for when I'm older.
I'm older now, so how'd you get it? Let me see that.
I didn't notice anything but your mother in this picture.
That cut, uh buds.
Quite the storytelling, Dad.
Can't wait for your memoir.
No, my memoirs are gonna be mostly about my brothers and all the fun times I had with them.
We bring you now disturbing video from an American student caught up in the terrorist attack.
They came shooting and-and stopping and starting again, and I don't want [CRYING.]
It scares me.
And more than ever that you would be there.
All right, you know, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying here.
I told you that, I'm not going.
I'm still scared.
- What does she want? - She's from the State Department.
Reporters are calling her office trying to seek confirmation that U.
forces are on the ground.
What outlets? Fox and AP.
How long can she avoid answering? Well, as long as we want, but they're gonna seek out other sources.
Well, for now, the line is, "No comment.
" Mm-hmm.
ERIC: It's Blackburn, sir.
We have a situation.
Between the media and the aid organizations, word about Adam's gonna get out soon.
All right, I'll, uh, I'll make sure the family hears it from us first.
Roger that, sir.
Anything you need, all right? Thank you, sir.
You okay? I'm fine.
Are you? You're angry that you're not there.
I'm just worried about the boys, that's all.
- Phone keeps ringing.
- Don't pick it up.
Just ignore it, okay? I'll be inside in a second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Senior Chief Ray Perry, U.
Navy Special Operations.
I'm looking for Lieutenant Arya.
Building's surrounded.
We haven't made entry.
Force 1 instructed me to relinquish tactical control to you.
How many enemy inside? - At least six, but we don't know.
- And hostages? Also unknown.
The main entrance, - is it a lobby or an atrium? - Both.
Then let's not go that way.
This side entrance over here.
Is it locked? It's an emergency exit; it shouldn't be.
We enter there.
Trent, on point.
I got it.
Took a round to the chest, brother.
Shook it off.
All right.
Take us out.
What? HARRINGTON: Oh, that's a hell of a greeting, Master Chief.
Sorry, sir, we've, uh, had some issues here.
How can I help you? It's Adam.
What about Adam? We lost him, Jason.
We lost Adam? Yeah.
He's dead.
Havoc, this is Bravo.
We are making entry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
It's okay, it's okay.
We're Americans.
We're Americans.
We're here to help.
You're safe now.
Come with us.
Havoc, this is Bravo.
We are standing down.
Is my arm broken? Gonna say yes.
Embassy doctors will confirm.
Remember how you hurt it? I heard gunshots.
I ran.
Everybody did.
Tripped and fell.
How many bad guys did you see? I don't know.
I was on the floor.
I played dead until they were gone.
Waited for help and nobody came, so I ran for it.
I left my friends behind.
Who does that? It's not like you had a real choice.
JAMIE: Everyone in our program was there.
We were there to cram for an exam tomorrow.
How many of you? Nine.
And you guys were all together when the shooting started? No.
I went to the bathroom and they were in the study lounge.
Where's the study lounge? I'm sorry.
I want to help.
I just, I can't remember right now.
- Jamie, Jamie.
- I'm so sorry.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You can help us.
Hey, Jamie, this is Cerberus.
He's just gonna get your scent.
Havoc, this is Bravo.
Making entry.
ERIC: Solid copy, Bravo.
Havoc out.
Trent, Brock, Ray, you're with me.
Kairos, you go left.
Sonny, go right.
Give me an audible when you're clear.
Copy that.
Clear right.
Clear left.
: Shotgun.
Rather not let the bad guys know we're here.
Pick it.
Havoc, this is Bravo 6, making entry.
Third floor library.
: Yeah.
RAY: All right, Sonny, organize 'em.
Brock, Kairos, set security.
Trent, Clay, med checks.
All right, everybody, listen up.
We're U.
military, and we are here to help you.
Do what we say to do, and when we say to do it, and all of us are gonna get out of here breathing.
You understand? Okay, single file line.
Let's go.
Bravo 6 to Havoc Base.
We have positive control of eight American students, five foreign, on target.
ERIC: Copy that, Bravo 6.
They're all good to go.
- Copy.
- ERIC: You have found the students.
Bravo 6 to Havoc Base.
We're preparing to extract the students.
Copy that.
Everybody, take their right hand, and put it on the shoulder of the person in front of them.
Havoc, this is Bravo 6.
We are Oscar Mike.
Hold at the bottom of the stairwell.
: Movement, movement, movement.
I got tangos between us and our exit point.
Trent, take the high ground.
Kairos, keep them in the stairwell.
Hold security.
Way too many places for them to hide out there.
We need an advantage.
Havoc, this is Bravo 6.
Go for Havoc.
Tell Lieutenant Arya and his men to get to the building's junction box outside our entry point.
Roger that.
What do you need? Darkness.
EMMA: What's going on? You only wear that uniform for two reasons.
An award or a funeral.
Making a casualty assistance call.
Who? Emma, it's It's Adam Seaver.
Hannah's dad? He's dead? What what are you gonna say to them? I'm gonna say I'm sorry.
- And if I had gone instead of Adam - Then you'd be dead, and Mike and I would have lost both of our parents! Not true.
We both would have been alive.
You don't know that! - You don't know! - We both would have been alive.
You don't know that.
You don't.
I do.
I'm coming with you.
- Not allowed.
- Neither is telling me - before you inform the family.
- [SIGHS.]
Dad I know how Hannah's about to feel.
I know.
: Stand by, Havoc Base.
In three, two, one.
All clear.
Havoc, this is 6.
Tell Lieutenant Arya to give us light.
That's payback.
Name Yusuf Naqvi mean anything to you? Yeah.
Senior member of the Pakistani Parliament.
CIA just tied him to Hizbul Mujahideen.
And? And Yusuf Naqvi is knee-deep in the funding of this.
He just became a legitimate target in the War on Terror.
-Pakistani relations are a minefield.
It was pulling teeth to go after bin Laden.
There's no way D.
goes after a democratically elected Pakistani official.
Students are all safe.
They should be on their way here shortly.
Are you okay? Not really.
You're alive! [CRYING.]
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 6.
The students are en route to your position along with local partner force.
Where's our ride to Bravo 1? Trying to get you one, Bravo 6.
Could take a beat.
CLAY: Whoa.
What is that supposed to mean? RAY: Hey, Clay.
I got this.
ERIC: Yeah, resources are stretched thin.
The city's still in chaos.
Working on it.
Roger that.
- [SIGHS.]
- "Roger that"? That's handling it? What about, "How long is this gonna take?" You know, how long are we just gonna leave Adam laying there, exposed, waiting for somebody to come pick up a souvenir? Davis is monitoring him on ISR right now, brother.
That's good enough for you? That's not good enough for me.
You guys want to wait here, wait.
That's fine.
Go ahead.
I'm gonna go get Adam.
Let's go, boys.
: Okay.
He went there to help people.
I know.
They were killing kids in the street just Men with guns, just shooting anything that moved.
Because why? It was Mumbai.
Right? It was Mumbai, right? You know I can't say anything, not now, Victoria.
I can't say anything.
Do I want media coverage? Do I want the country to know what happened? I am asking you, Jason.
Do I? It's up to you.
Is it? How am I supposed to make a decision like this if I don't even know what happened? Oh, God, this is hell.
This is gonna be hell.
Why don't I have a husband anymore, Jason? Why doesn't Hannah have a father? The short answer: he was killed in action.
The long answer is he gave his life, the ultimate sacrifice to save his brothers.
He died a hero.
He saved lives.
He saved many, many lives today.
Adam was dedicated to a life.
He was dedicated to something that was bigger than himself.
Much bigger.
It's why he stepped in for me when my family needed me.
Which is why your family's paying the price now.
You're paying the ultimate price.
If I was there, Adam would still be here, and I'm sorry.
I am truly sorry for your loss, and it is your loss.
Should the country know? Yeah.
The world should know.
The world.
Because if they know, then he lives on forever.
ERIC: I want to commend you all.
Losing Adam and going on saved lives.
We're wheels up in four hours.
Hit the showers, anything else that needs doing.
Thank you.
For being the absolute best.
Even on the worst day.
MANDY: Hizbul Mujahideen was responsible for this.
One SEAL dead, another shot, countless Indian citizens murdered, with the financial support of a Pakistani MP by the name of Yusuf Naqvi.
What is this? Proof of everything I just said.
You're giving this to me? No.
I have no idea where you got it.
The U.
can't be involved.
You want us to avenge your friend's death.
I want a terrorist off this earth.
RAY: For I do not bear the sword in vain, for my God has commanded me to be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid, nor discouraged.
For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
You've been staring at me ever since we left.
I don't know.
What, did I say something wrong? No.
It's just, I get it.
You get it? Okay.
What do you get? Your job.
I used to think you couldn't give it up because it was all about you.
Like you needed to be some kind of superhero.
But it's not about you, is it? It's about everyone else.
You do it to help other people.
I do it to serve, Emma.
I do it to serve.
I'm sorry Mom never understood that.
Well your mom understood.
She understood in her own way.
You can't give it up, Dad.
I know you did.
Why else would you have brought all that stuff home? I have to do what's best for my family.
Bravo's your family, too.
Decision's been made, Emma.
And the fact that you made it is all I ever needed.
To know you'd leave, for us.
And you did.
We're not talking about this.
We are.
I am.
I can be killed.
I go back, I can be killed.
Then what? What happens to you? What happens to Mikey? Dad, it's better for me and Mikey to have all of you part of the time than part of you all of the time.
You leave the team, you'll rot.
You'll just fade away, and we'll have to sit here and watch it happen.
You'll never be you again.
And I love you the way you are.
I love you, too.
I love you, too.
Can I help you find something? A priest.
Why is that? Well, we're losing people left and right.
It's a curse.
No other way about it.
No such thing as a curse.
Says the curse himself.
You know, since you've been here, Jason's gone home, Clay's been shot, and Adam's in a-a box.
Would you feel better if you took a swing at me? No, hippie.
I'm a peacekeeper.
Got my own way of coping.
Thanks for stepping up, man.
Never easy to push through when a friend goes down.
You recovered.
Too little, too late.
You stepped up when I was almost willing to take no for an answer.
You're the reason Adam's coming home with us.
I'm the reason he's in a box.
We were close to that S-vest because I slowed us down.
This isn't about you, Clay.
You want to order the chaos.
You can't.
Here's the truth: it was Adam's time.
We all have a time.
You know the thing that really gets me is that he ripped me a new one for diving on a grenade in a Green Team drill.
Now he goes and he does a hing like this.
Don't you dare.
You know, long before he was your Green Team instructor, Adam drafted me to Bravo.
He was my first teammate at DEVGRU.
And he died saving our lives, so if you give a damn about honoring his memory, don't second-guess him.
Or yourself.
Just remember what he taught.
SONNY: My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies.
If I get knocked down, I will get back up, every time.
I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission.
I'm never out of the fight.
We demand discipline.
BOTH: We expect innovation.
The lives of my teammates and the success of our mission depends on me.
BRAVO TEAM: Our training is never complete.
We train for war, we fight to win.
I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of combat power to bear in order to achieve my mission and the goals established by my country.
The execution of my duties will be swift and violent when required, yet guided by the principles I serve to defend.
Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation I am bound to uphold.
BRAVO TEAM AND JASON: In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my teammates steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed.
JASON: I will not fail.
Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I've witnessed your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me So bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me My brothers in arms.