SEAL Team (2017) s02e13 Episode Script

Time to Shine

1 (whistling Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places") (boat horn blowing in distance) (lighter clicks) (camera clicking) (whistling) (clicking) (grunts) Ah.
Remind me to never do this again, huh? ERIC: I'll let Captain Edwards know you don't approve of his damage lock-out chamber.
I'm sure all the COs of nuclear submarines have complaint boxes posted outside their staterooms.
A lock-out chamber it's like a five-star hotel compared to being in that thing, - that's for sure.
- Yeah.
- How'd it go out there? - It went swimmingly.
Iranian cargo ship exactly where Mandy said it was supposed to be.
Ah, a successful special reconnaissance in North Korea.
TAKAHASHI: Sir, tube four is depressurized and ready to unlock.
ERIC: Very well, Petty Officer Takahashi.
Let's get Senior Chief Perry the hell out of there.
- Aye, sir.
Stand by.
- Roger that.
Hi, Ray.
That was unpleasant.
I don't know about that.
I mean, swimming against current? That was unpleasant.
How you holding up? I burned up my air consumption.
Was down to 35 bar of O2 before I locked back in.
Lucky for us, this sub's gonna give us a lift back to our exfil boat.
Can't be soon enough.
Being in a sub's cramped quarters, too many dudes, it's like living in an underwater Y.
I'm gonna leave you in the capable hands of Petty Officer Takahashi here while I transfer these photos over to Havoc.
How long till we get our last man out? - Five minutes, sir.
- All right.
Let's get Quinn and Spenser out, stand by.
Make a hole.
Up ladder.
Your swimmers recovered, sir? Yeah.
Waiting on the tube to depressurize so we can pull my last two men out, Master Chief Wilke.
Captain Edwards will be happy to hear that.
About time we got underway.
Loitering in enemy territory is not my idea of a good time, either.
We floated the communication buoy after we recovered your first man.
Radio's all yours.
ET2 will upload your images.
Would it kill 'em to put a window in here? There's nothing to see but black water this far down.
They got it.
Exactly where we thought it would be.
Yeah, pulled it off.
Now they just got to get out of there.
Toughest thing in the world is standing by while your team works without you.
Well, it makes it a little bit easier knowing how much Sonny hates the water.
ERIC (choppy): Havoc Base, this is Bravo Actual.
Radio check.
Bravo Actual, this is Havoc Base.
We have you broken but readable.
How me? I have you same.
I pass Rourke, Morrissey, and Mars.
How copy? That is a good copy.
Any other message traffic for this station at this time? Negative, Havoc.
Just looking forward to seeing the sun again.
Roger that.
Tell Bravo 3 to look out for sharks.
Havoc out.
- Monero, checklist.
- MONERO: Yes, sir.
Sir, they passed Morrissey.
All swimmers are recovered and on board the USS Booker T.
Miss Ellis, how much longer can their exfil platform hold on station? Uh, the Ang Paggising can hold another four hours.
Being this close to North Korean waters, they'll definitely be on DPRK's radar, but since this trawler is known to fish the area, it shouldn't arouse suspicion.
HARRINGTON: Let's hope not.
It's the only way they're getting home.
Lieutenant Commander, I understand your men are recovered.
Our last man should be locking back in shortly.
As far as we're concerned, our work here is done.
Not soon enough.
With 155 souls on board, I have no desire to stay longer than we have to.
Master Chief, make your heading two-seven-zero and make turns for 30 knots.
Two-seven-zero, make turns for 30 knots.
Aye, sir.
Petty Officer Jones, make your heading two-seven-zero and turn for 30 knots.
- (groans) - Let's go, Ponyboy.
Get on out of there.
(grunts) Grab my rifle? - Yep.
- Thanks.
Oh, boy.
I feel like I just relived my own birth.
- That was really just awful.
- Yeah.
I bet Sonny's miserable.
Oh, he's got to be losing his claustrophobic mind - right about now.
- Right? How much longer until he comes out? Uh, two minutes.
Two minutes? JASON: Give him a call, Clay.
See how he's holding up.
Bravo 3, this is Bravo 6, uh, we're requesting an update of your current position.
(sighs) Bravo 3, this is Bravo 2.
Radio check.
You changed locations? Hey, Sonny, this is Jason.
I bet right about now you're regretting doing all those squats, huh? All, uh, snug as a bug in there? SONNY (over radio): Kiss my waterlogged Texas ass.
There it is.
Hey, at least there was no sharks in there, brother, right? I'll tell you what, man, I'd rather take a swim with the man in the gray suit any day over sitting in here.
I feel like I'm on the business end of a clogged toilet.
Hey, maybe you should've let Trent take your place.
This op wins the Sonny Quinn nightmare mission award.
Swimming? Check.
Freezing? Check.
Climbing over sharp volcanic rock? That's a check.
Didn't get shot at? Check.
Now, last but not least, sitting in a tube that's tighter than Shamu's keister? - Check.
- You got to give it to him, man.
He's a world-class complainer.
- Nobody does it better.
- Nuh-uh.
- Master Chief, we're ready here.
- We're ready? Hey, Sonny, we're ready.
But, yeah, before we open you up, you sure you don't want to spend a little bit more time in there and do a little bit of self-reflecting? I will self-reflect all over your damn face, you don't pull me out of this damn thing.
(rumbling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
RAY: Hey.
(muffled chatter) - What's happening? - I don't know, Master Chief.
What do you mean you don't know? Hey, I got a guy in here! 1MC: General quarters, general quarters.
The locking mechanism isn't working.
What do you mean the locking mechanism isn't working? I got a guy stuck in there.
(grunting) (metal tapping) What the hell's going on out there? Hey, Sonny, I got some bad news.
You're stuck.
Right there, more Come on, come on.
(exhales) The thing ain't moving, boss.
SONNY: My grandninny taught me two things: never wear your dirty boots across her clean-ass floor, and never beat a joke to death.
Let me out.
Uh, it's no joke.
Sonny, the submarine's powered down.
The latch is stuck.
- Just need to sit tight.
- (chuckles): Yeah.
Tight's about all I can do in here.
JASON: Master Chief, something's wrong with the torpedo tube.
Latch is stuck.
It's not opening.
Yeah, we've experienced a power surge from the reactor that somehow shorted the locking mech.
Weapons is working with engineering right now.
Got a time frame? I'm headed to control to speak with the captain and figure that out.
You mind if I come? That's one of my men in there.
Don't mind, but, Master Chief, we're working the problem, and getting this boat up and running takes priority - over one sailor's discomfort.
- Right.
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
For once, Sonny has a right to complain.
Being stuck in that tube is a whole new level of suck.
This mean we can't mess with him anymore? Oh, hell no.
Want to keep his mind occupied.
(Sonny whistling "Friends in Low Places") - (laughs) - See what I mean? How do you keep that mind occupied? Sonny, anything but that song, please.
(whistling) (metal tapping) Look, did I nearly pop that NK soldier just to keep my ears from bleeding, man? (Sonny laughs) Only the Beatles have sold more albums than the legendary Garth Brooks.
You're on the wrong side of history, boys.
Yeah, happily so.
Hey, fellas, it's, uh, getting a little tight in here.
My skin's starting to crawl.
CLAY: Hey, it's just like BUD/S, out there freezing in the surf, man.
Focus on something else to keep your mind off it.
Oh, yeah, I hated BUD/S.
You know, I used to make a bucket list.
Things I want to do before I die.
Yeah, I, I had a bucket list.
Yeah? What'd you have on it? (chuckles): I can't remember.
I scrapped it once I found out about the SEAL Teams.
Master Chief Wilke, glad you made it.
WILKE: Captain, we have an issue in the torpedo room I needed to update WEPS on.
Talk to me, Master Chief.
One of the SEALs is trapped in a torpedo tube.
Petty Officer Sonny Quinn.
It seems the power surge froze the locking mechanism as it was mid-throw.
Just spoke with the weapons division officer, and he's putting a team together now.
Very well.
I don't believe we've met yet.
Captain, this is Bravo Team's leader Mas Master Chief Jason Hayes.
Submarines are a strange animal, Master Chief.
Everything down here has a way of amplifying itself the more stressful things get.
Which is why I'm worried about my man trapped in that tube.
Need him out now.
I understand he's your priority.
He's not mine.
Mine is to get this boat operational and get out of North Korean waters.
Since your man's situation isn't life-threatening, he's gonna have to stand by.
ERIC: Master Chief Hayes? May I have a word with you? Told you to stay put in the torpedo room.
This isn't the command; this is a nuke-powered sub in the regular Navy.
All right, we're guests here.
Understand? How bad off are we? The reactor that runs the sub is fine.
But the propulsion system is down.
We are dead in the water until they can get it up online.
You ever see this before? Not in my 24 years in the Navy.
Well, I guess that's some relief.
Don't know how good it is for Sonny, though.
I understand.
But the captain has made his priorities clear.
- (clears throat) - This is a strategic-level issue.
All right? Let's let the crew work the problem; it's their boat.
Captain Edwards is making the right call.
- Right call? - Yeah.
Be sure to tell Sonny that.
It is the right call.
Forgive Master Chief Hayes's bearing.
He's used to fixing any problems that come his way his way.
One of my sailors in there I'd feel the same way, sir.
ERIC (crackling over comm): Power's coming back on.
The propulsion system's software is rebooting.
Bravo 3 is still locked in the torpedo tube.
Recommending push our timeline 30 mikes right.
How copy? I copy.
Push timeline 30 mikes right.
Havoc out.
Miss Ellis, is that a problem? No, sir.
I will make sure the trawler is aware of the issues and accommodates.
DAVIS: Hey, Trent.
Can Sonny breathe down there? As long as they pressurized the tube and the water was forced back out to sea, he's fine.
Just got to let some air out of his rig every once and a while.
He's just getting a little froggy.
Aye, sir.
Secured for general quarters.
Sir, we have most of the systems back online outside of propulsion.
Engineering officer says it's a matter of minutes.
Does that include the locks on the torpedo tubes? Should be up and running.
Let's get the lieutenant commander's man out.
Sir, we've run the bypass, but it's still frozen.
Master Chief, I've run down the line of fixes for this.
I'm gonna have to talk to the XO about a more aggressive solution.
Let's just cut this thing open.
I could grind it out.
All right, I like this kid.
We need the skipper to sign off; he might want us to keep working for a solution.
Well, if we miss our exfil window, we might end up joining you for the rest of your deployment.
Grab a tool kit and a grinder and stand by for my word.
All right, Master Chief.
Now we're moving, huh? I'll talk to the captain about cutting your man out.
JASON: Good, now we're getting somewhere.
SONNY: Someone doesn't tell me what's going on out there, I'm gonna start singing.
Yeah, they're talking about doing a mechanical breach to get you out, Sonny.
Come on, let's go.
Start cutting.
I have to stand by until word comes down - that I'm allowed to cut.
- You're kidding me.
Rules and regulations here? Welcome back to the regular Navy.
The captain is concerned about damaging the tube and limiting our combat readiness.
You got to be kidding me.
It's Captain Edwards' boat.
It's his call.
Fine, I'll just go talk to the captain myself.
No, Master Chief, you will not.
You will stay here and wait until the man that the United States Navy has given command of a billion-dollar boat to decides that he wants to talk to you, and if and when that ever happens, you will address him as a senior enlisted sailor as required to.
Am I clear? Crystal.
I will speak to Captain Edwards myself.
All of you will stay here until I get back.
Up ladder, make a hole.
SONNY: You boys there? I think I got a little bit of a problem.
What is it, Sonny? Okay, well, remember in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker and Chewie, Han Solo and Princess Leia, they jumped down that Death Star garbage chute? And th-they think it's pretty bad.
Then, all of a sudden, uh, it gets worse? What are you getting at, Sonny? (grunts) The tube's filling up with water.
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
There's been a change in Petty Officer Quinn's situation.
I suppose you're not here to tell me he's out of the tube, enjoying a hot cup of coffee? Negative, sir, water is leaking into the tube.
- (sighs) - Requesting permission to use the grinder to cut it open.
That torpedo tube enables me to keep my sailors and my boat safe.
I cannot, in good conscience, diminish our combat readiness when we still have two months of a deployment in front of us.
Yeah, I understand that, sir.
Even down one torpedo tube, this is still one of the most lethal boats in the water.
My primary mission as CO of the Washington is to fulfill the third arm of the nuclear triad.
Fact is, your mission, your men, even my men, are secondary to that charge.
Yes, sir.
But with all due respect, sir, the government, our government, has spent years and millions of dollars training Petty Officer Quinn to conduct the dangerous operations that ensure that this boat never has to fulfill that role.
(humming "Friends in Low Places") Name that tune, Ken Doll.
CLAY: I'd rather drink a Yoo-hoo and ketchup smoothie than listen to that freaking noise, man.
(laughs) How you doing in there, buddy? Oh, little old me is just peachy.
I've got a joke for you.
Okay, you ready? How many Germans does it take to, uh screw in a light bulb? One.
You know why? (German accent): 'Cause they are efficient and they don't have a sense of humor.
(chuckling): That's good.
That's not very funny.
(laughing): That's pretty damn funny, man.
At least he's still laughing.
WILKE: Captain Edwards has authorized the use of tools - to extract Petty Officer Quinn.
- Here we go.
All right.
Let's cut this thing open.
Sonny, we're cutting you out, brother.
Cut him out, let's go.
Hurry up.
(saw rattling) (gasps) (grunts) Amen.
I got friends in Low places, where 1MC: All hands man battle stations.
(siren blaring) All hands man battle stations.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
What'd you stop cutting for? Hey.
Chief of the Boat, report to the conn immediately.
That can't be good.
Oh, well, that's Hey, fellas, it's, uh, gotten awful quiet out there.
Want to tell me what the hell's going on? (grunts) All right, you know what? I'm gonna find out.
Blackburn warned you about stepping foot in control, brother.
I'm sick and tired of being a passenger, Ray.
(sonar pings) What have you got? I got a, uh, Romeo-class sub bearing zero-one-zero, 15 knots at 15,000 yards, sir.
Keep tracking her.
Designate her Master One.
Conduct an all-sensors search for other submersed threat platforms in the area.
Aye, Captain.
Told you to keep out of here.
Yeah, well, things are getting serious down there.
Well, up here, too.
North Korean sub just showed up on sonar.
They out hunting or they just out for a stroll? Don't put much stock in coincidence.
We can't cut your man out until that sub moves out of sonar range.
Okay, but that tube is filling with water.
Sonny is gonna be in trouble if we don't get him out.
We're going to go from patrol quiet to silent running soon.
North Koreans hear power tools, we start trading torpedoes, the whole world's gonna be in trouble.
That tube is filling with water and I got a man in that Master Chief.
RAY: Getting quiet in there, brother.
You good? (grunts) (panting) No offense here, Perry, but I'd much rather hear the sound of the grinder than your voice.
We're running quiet until a North Korean sub moves off.
(Sonny chuckles) Oh, this is perfect.
I survived the whole damn War on Terror, but snapping pics of some stupid boat is gonna do me in.
Stop that, brother.
Can't let those thoughts creep in.
Maybe this is the Almighty getting back at me for all the bad things I've done.
No, man, it's just it's just bad luck.
(grunts) (exhales) Do your old buddy a favor there? Say a prayer for me? Help me get out of this mess? (sighs) Yeah, sure thing, brother.
Never did I think once, when we met, that'd I'd be asking you to pray for me.
You know? I mean, nobody closed down more bars, crushed more skulls than Ray Perry back in the day.
(chuckles) Yeah, well, howling at the moon is in my rearview.
You know, Naima made damn sure of that.
Yeah, truth is, though, Ray, I (exhales) I always admired that.
You know, the ability to balance operating and, and a happy home life.
Just don't see that in me.
Sure you do, brother.
You just haven't found that right person to help you realize it.
MANDY: Just got an update from Blackburn.
Yeah? There's a North Korean sub patrolling in the area.
So they can't extract Sonny until the enemy sub - is out of range.
- That's not all.
- What? - Water's now leaking into the tube from the outer hatch, which is also stuck.
Sonny is gonna be in big trouble if they can't get to him soon.
He'll be fine.
Jason and the boys are gonna work the problem.
SONAR TECHNICIAN: Master One Romeo submarine.
Bearing three-four-zero.
14,000 yards and opening.
Enemy boat's almost out of range, Captain.
Permission to continue extracting our guest.
They're changing course too often to take the chance.
Silent running will remain in place until they're beyond the counter detection range.
Captain's gonna get Sonny killed.
Yeah, well, he's got bigger issues.
We got to work the problem.
There's nothing to work.
This is not our place.
Hell there isn't.
Sir, one of my men may drown in your torpedo tube, and you're more concerned about doing things by the book than saving him? You're out of line, Jason.
Chief of the Boat feels the sub is far enough away so we can start cutting again.
Master Chief Wilke, unless Master Chief Hayes leaves the control room immediately, I want him cuffed, forcibly removed, and detained - until further notice.
- Aye, aye, Captain.
You're no good to Sonny in confinement, Jason.
- I'll get out of your way, sir.
- So you know, I admire your dedication, but the chain of command exists for many reasons.
One reason: the hardest decision an officer can make is to sacrifice a life to preserve the greater good.
But when faced with such a choice, things must be done by the book to remove emotion from the equation.
Because as you well know, emotion clouds judgment.
I understand, sir.
Hey, things are looking up, Sonny.
Clay's got your lucky hat.
I'll wear an Oklahoma hat for the rest of my days, you get me out of here.
(laughter) Any news? Nothing good.
I think now would be a good time for Sonny to hear from his team leader.
You all right, Sonny? (chuckles) I'm feeling better now that Batman's shown up.
You, uh you gonna save my ass like you always do, Jace? Yeah.
Gonna get you out of here real soon.
And we're gonna be laughing about this over beers.
Oh, yeah, sounds good.
Some tequila, cervezas, chips, and guacamole.
Maybe a little repeat performance of Vegas with that little spider monkey.
JASON: Yeah, that's for sure, huh? I remember that night.
Maxed out your government credit cards on lappers.
Still don't know how you managed not to get kicked out of the Navy.
You got nine lives, brother.
Yeah, I just I'm hoping they didn't run out.
Hey, don't worry about it.
We're gonna get you out soon.
Hey, Jace? Yeah, I'm here, Sonny.
You got to hurry, buddy.
Please, man, I I'm I'm scared.
Look, how are we supposed to solve a problem they won't even let us fix? It's against everything we do, man.
Hurry up and wait.
SONNY: A thousand ways to die in our line of work, and the only one I'm afraid of is drowning.
It's gonna be a horrible way to go.
Can't let him talk like that.
Keep him upbeat.
Talk to him.
Drowning? Sonny, come on, man.
Thought that, uh, thought sharks were at the top of that list.
I'd love to see a shark right now.
Means I'd be the hell out of here.
Look, man, I think You know, we got some positive stuff to take away from this, right? I mean, maybe this is gonna, maybe this is gonna rid you of your fear of sharks and water and, you know, all that stuff.
Sharks, yeah.
Not water.
(panting) The tube's the tube's about half full of water.
I'm gonna have to go to my Draeger soon.
I'm hunting for air right now.
Hey, easy, easy, brother, okay? Just calm down, all right? Stay calm.
Listen to me, boys, I need you I need you to get me out of here, Clay.
Okay? I can't breathe.
Get me out.
(choppy): Get me Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Aah! Like, how much air do you think he has in his rebreather? I checked my gauge earlier.
I had 30 bars, say, ten minutes.
How much distance do we need between us and the NK sub until we can start cutting? It's about eight nautical miles.
This boat goes 55 knots.
Even if we had full power right now, it's gonna be at least 15 minutes before we get clear.
Hey, S-Sonny? I need I need you just to stay calm with me, okay? Hear me out here for a minute, brother.
All right.
I need you to tell me how much time you think you have until that tube fills up.
(panting) I reckon I'm gonna go Scuba Steve about five.
He's only got 15 minutes of oxygen left.
He's not gonna make it.
I got to open this up.
- Brother, that's not gonna work.
- Help me get him out! - That ain't gonna work.
- I know, I heard you.
- He-Help me open it up.
- Hey! Jason! - Help me get him out.
- It won't budge.
- I don't care.
- It's not gonna budge! Stop! Jace.
Jace, we got, we got our weapons, man.
Right? We got our weapons.
You know what? We got our weapons.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna get the grinder, barricade that door, we're gonna cut him out.
That's what we're gonna do.
Better to ask forgiveness than permission.
Master Chief, what you're proposing is mutiny.
A crime punishable by death, even for special operators.
Now, I know you're willing to sacrifice your own lives, but you turn that grinder on, and you'll be endangering the lives of every man on this boat.
Enemy sub is getting closer.
We maintain silent running.
Master Chief, there has got to be something we can do.
You can pray that that North Korean sub doesn't detect us.
That's about all we can do.
(Sonny panting) What's going on out there, folks? We're going quiet, Sonny.
Need you to stay quiet in there, all right, man? - Hold fast, brother.
- SONNY (panting): Roger that.
Roger that.
Master One Romeo's course hasn't changed, sir.
He's bearing down on us.
Rig for ultraquiet.
Rig for ultraquiet.
Rig ship for ultraquiet.
(equipment powering down) (low whooshing outside) (chains clinking) (panting) (gasping) Washington comms are down.
HARRINGTON: The enemy sub must be right on top of 'em.
They won't find the Washington.
But Sonny's still stuck until the Korean sub's cleared them.
They'll get him out.
I know they will.
(sighs) The enemy sub seems like it's moving away, but we're still rigged for ultraquiet.
Still no cutting? I'm gonna go find Jason.
This way, right? Show me.
You still there, Sonny? SONNY: Yeah.
I ain't pickled yet, but but it's getting close.
If this is the end of game for me (panting) I wouldn't change a damn thing, Clay.
Joining the Teams was the best decision was the best decision I ever made.
Best best decision you ever made, too.
Hasn't really felt that way recently, man.
I wouldn't trade one second one second of being on the Teams.
This is the life I chose.
It's the life you chose.
It's who we are.
And don't you ever doubt that, Clay.
Tube's almost filled up.
(sighs) Ray, man.
It's not making sense to me.
None of this is.
I (sighs) You know, I lost men in combat, I lost brothers.
It's just Can't wrap my head around this.
Not making sense.
It's the perfect storm of awful luck, brother.
Sonny doesn't deserve this.
No, he doesn't.
And right now he needs us.
Come on.
Let's go.
(panting) Tube's almost full.
How the hell are we supposed to say goodbye? Hey, Sonny.
(Sonny panting) Hey, Jason.
Look, Sonny, I Sonny, I'm real sorry I got you in this mess, man, I just You're carrying a heavy load already, Jason.
Don't saddle yourself with the guilt from this.
My number was up, plain and simple.
It's just, uh Listen to me, Jason.
I would've been dead years ago if it were not for you.
Operating alongside you (grunts) is the greatest honor of my life.
(Sonny crying) I'm gonna see you soon, Sonny, all right? I'm gonna see you real soon.
(Sonny crying) Hey, there, Sonny boy.
Do me a favor and give, uh, give them beau-beautiful kids give 'em a big hug from me, tell (sobs) tell 'em their Uncle Sonny loves 'em.
You're gonna do it yourself, brother.
You and, uh, Naima, you always treated me like family, and, uh you have no idea that that meant the world to me.
Damn it, Sonny.
(clears throat) You are family, brother.
And, um I love you.
(sniffles) Hey, I, uh, you know, I've been thinking, m-maybe you were right.
You were right about my leg pouch back in J-Bad last year.
Look at that.
It's about t-time that the Blond Jesus realizes he's not perfect.
(laughing and crying) (sniffles) Hey, Sonny, uh (radio interference) Yeah, Clay.
Same here, little buddy.
Uh I need you guys to do me a favor and, uh t-tell tell Lisa I'm sorry.
Just, just tell her I'm sorry.
That's it from me, boys.
I love you.
I love you, brothers.
It's time to shine.
He's got five minutes.
You know? He's got five minutes.
- RAY: One minute down.
- There's got to be something we're not thinking about here, something we're missing.
Jason, I am all out of answers.
I've never seen anything like this in my life.
No, no, no, no.
Prioritize and execute.
Prioritize and execute.
Jace, there's nothing to prioritize 'cause there's nothing inside here we can execute on.
There's nothing we have control over.
Not the Washington, not the enemy sub, not the tube.
We can't affect a damn thing.
You're right.
There's nothing we can affect in here, but there's something we can affect outside the boat.
- Follow me.
- Jace, where are you going? Control room.
Spenser, stick with Sonny.
Let him know you're with him.
Master Chief, what are you doing? Sir, what happens if the enemy sub bugs out? COB, remove these men from control, confine them to quarters, and notify me if they refuse to comply.
Captain Edwards, this is your command, we understand that, but Master Chief has a plan that could work.
WILKE: Sir, our propulsion system reboot is two minutes.
Once that happens, we can evade or engage the enemy, but until then we've got nothing to do but wait.
You have a minute and a half, Master Chief.
- You want us to do what? - ERIC: I say again, request that the asset ship track the following coordinate at full speed: latitude 37.
559 degrees, longitude 124.
508 degrees.
Has to happen now.
Bravo Actual, that puts our asset into territorial waters.
They're gonna pop up on North Korean radar.
That's affirmative, Havoc.
He's gonna use the Ang Paggising as a decoy, pull the enemy submarine away from the Washington.
Can that even work? HARRINGTON: It may.
North Korean radar is comprehensive.
If a vessel penetrates that perimeter, it should elicit a response.
If the enemy sub is the closest ship that's able to respond, which it more than likely is, just might work.
Question is, can we make it happen? If we can get ahold of them in time, we can.
Tell them we're on it.
Davis, send the coordinates to that vessel ASAP.
On it, sir.
(footsteps approaching) What the hell now? Master Chief Wilke just told us to stand by to cut.
Hey, Sonny, I know we're cutting this thing close, man.
We're gonna try and breach this thing and get you out, okay, brother? Stand by, all right? Just stay with me, okay? Stay with me.
If that sub's gonna take the bait, it'd better happen now.
(sniffling) (sonar pings) Sir, the propulsion system is back online.
EDWARDS: Maintain ultraquiet.
Sonny's got less than a minute of air left.
(wheezing) (gasping) SONAR TECHNICIAN: Sir, Master One's bearing is changing.
She's moving.
It's working.
In what direction, Chief? WILKE: Towards the trawler, sir.
Secure from ultraquiet.
Helm, make your heading three-one-seven.
All-head flank.
Let's get some distance between us and them.
And cut that man out of my torpedo tube right the hell now.
Cut it.
You heard me.
Cut it.
MANDY: The enemy sub is moving.
Washington's moving, too, they're breaking contact.
Monero, radio the trawler right away, tell them to turn back.
Stand by.
Come on, Quinn, just a little longer, buddy.
Almost there! Move! Cut it open! Come on, come on.
Go, let's go.
(metal clatters) You got him? - I got him.
- I got him.
(overlapping chatter) Turn him, come on, turn around.
- Put him down.
- Come on, come on.
- Got to get his kit off.
- Sonny, come on.
Help me get his kit off.
Give me some room.
He's not breathing.
Give him the Ambu-bag.
No pulse.
Grab the defibrillator.
- Come on, Sonny.
Come on, Sonny.
- Give me the shears.
- Come on, Sonny.
Come on, buddy.
- Shears.
JASON: Come on, give me something, buddy.
Come on.
Cut him open.
Cut him.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, buddy.
- Cut him open.
- Hurry.
(overlapping chatter) Let's go.
Come on.
All right.
All right, everybody back off.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Analyzing now.
Stand clear.
(whirs, beeps) - No pulse.
- Damn it.
Hit him again.
No pulse.
JASON: Hit him, all right, hit him.
No pulse.
(coughing) All right.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
All right, we got him.
- Pulse.
No shock advised.
- All right, it's good.
Let's get him on the spine board.
Turn him.
- Turn.
- JASON: Down.
Down, down.
We need to get him to the wardroom.
- MM2, help me lift him.
- We've got him.
We got him.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
We got him.
He's our guy.
On me, ready? Three, two, one.
- (gasping) - I got it.