SEAL Team (2017) s02e14 Episode Script

What Appears to Be

1 My baby! My only baby! No! Okay, just because Grandma Linda is coming here doesn't mean I'm not gonna need your help.
All right? There's practice with Mikey, there's picking him up, taking him to practice.
You know, there's a lot of stuff that I need you to cover while I'm away in the Philippines and you're not listening to me.
You're on your phone again.
I am.
Grandma and Phil somebody.
Phil? No, Philippines.
It's where I'm being deployed, Emma.
- Hello.
Put that - Oh, my God.
I got in.
Got in what? - Tisch.
- Where's Tisch? New York.
It's an art school.
Tisch is an art school? You applied to an art school? Yes.
I told you.
What, and they tell you that you got in through e-mail? That's how they all do it, Dad.
What do you mean? This is preliminary, to make sure I'm still interested.
And I'm interested.
Do they have history and math? No.
Then it's not a school.
You don't want me to go.
No, I don't.
Do they have a football team? It's not a school.
I can't believe you.
Can't believe me.
What? Art's not a job.
- It can be.
- I thought you said that you were gonna apply to a school around here, like a normal college.
It's my decision.
And what about Mikey? He's here with you.
I'm not here all the time.
I'm not his mom.
Thanks for being proud of me, Dad.
That went well.
That went really well.
You avoiding me, Davis? - No.
- No? I'll tell you what, the upside to almost dying in a torpedo tube is I got a lot time to dwell on my mistakes.
And I realized that how I reacted to the OCS news probably wasn't one of my finest moments.
Hell, I should've just been happy for you.
So, I lived, and I wanted to tell you that, uh, - I'm happy for you.
- Sonny.
- Yeah? - When it looked like you weren't gonna make it, none of that stuff even mattered.
I was just thinking about you.
Oh, yeah? I have that effect on people.
We're playing with fire.
I'd much rather play with fire than water at this point of my career.
Aw, come on, Davis.
Eh, with the whole OCS thing, you know, um, our jobs really aren't Sonny, I'm not even talking about the rules.
Neither of us have a good track record with making a relationship work.
That is true.
Who's to say we're not the exception, though? You really believe that? I don't know.
I don't know.
Neither do I, so But losing our friendship isn't worth the risk.
Hey, do me a favor.
Hmm? If you're gonna play late-night Bobby Flay, clean up after yourself.
What? The mess you left in the kitchen.
What mess? - Oh.
- Do I need to add sleep-cooking to my list of worries? I forgot.
I woke up at, like, 2:00 in the morning craving cheeseburgers and decided to make it a reality.
I'm-I'm sorry, baby.
Anyway, clean the grease off the back of the stove, would you? Yes, ma'am.
Are you having trouble sleeping? No.
No, I was out cold.
I just got hungry, is all.
- Pastor Mel called again.
- Did he? About scheduling Junior's baptism.
Yeah, well I'll call him today.
If something's wrong, Ray I'm good, babe.
All right? Nothing's wrong.
Okay? Okay.
I ever tell you how good you look in these scrubs? - I mean, like, really good.
- Mm-hmm.
Have a good day at work, okay? I'll-I'll clean my mess.
What are you doing down here? I have an interview at Old Dominion.
I miss the raspberry scones.
Figured I'd stop by.
Yeah, they always have your order ready for me every morning.
I don't have the heart to tell 'em.
Plus, the scones are actually really good.
- So - They are.
how have you been? I'm fine, I guess.
Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you.
I wanted to apologize for the way It's okay, so It's not.
At the airport, right before you left for deployment.
I-I hate myself for doing that.
You didn't want to, you know? I-I pulled it out of you.
I've always had the power of persuasion over you.
Yes, that you did.
Look, it it sucked, you know, it did, but I understand that this world isn't for you, okay? - You didn't want to ask me to choose.
- No.
I would never do that.
Thank you.
Because I may have chosen you.
Really? Then, yeah.
But now You know, the last few weeks I've gained some perspective.
We recently almost lost Sonny.
- What? - H-He's fine.
But, you know, he said something that really hit me.
He said that the teams are the greatest thing in his life.
And I knew then that the same was for me.
You know, I'm never gonna leave this life.
It's funny that you knew that before I did.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
It's funny.
How I knew you.
I know the drill.
You should go.
It was good seeing you.
It was good seeing you.
Clay be careful.
You know me.
New target package.
You'll want to take a look.
Democratic Republic of the Congo? American philanthropist Damian Gilmore wanted to spend some of his Silicon Valley fortune building a new hospital outside of Kinshasa.
Caught the attention of this man Ronan Benga.
Self-proclaimed "Eternal King" of the region.
Let me guess the Eternal King took issue with Gilmore's plans.
Gilmore and his security guards were found brutally executed outside the hospital site.
All right.
How do we figure into this? Congolese military has intel on Benga's whereabouts.
State Department wants him renditioned.
General Trask, AFRICOM commander, is standing by for the warning order.
So how do they know Benga killed Gilmore? His feet.
After Benga kills his enemies, he chops off their feet, for protection if they meet again in the afterlife, they won't be able to catch him.
Ghosts may not be able to catch Benga, but Bravo Team sure as hell can.
Isn't that General What's-His-Name? Uh, General Trask.
- Four-star running AFRICOM.
- Africa, huh? Alright, I got 20 bucks that this is pirates.
I'll take that action.
I'll bet you will.
All right, listen up.
We have General Trask joining us from Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.
Let's try not to waste his time.
Meet our target Ronan Benga, head of a rebel militia group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo "God's Freedom Warriors.
" - Boom.
- Come on, man.
- Pay up.
- Those warlords - get me every time.
- There it is.
- There you go.
Just kidding.
- Two days ago, Benga massacred a group of men hoping to build a cancer treatment center - in the Congo Basin.
- Oh, so the leader of God's Warriors - is pro-cancer, huh? - Damian Gilmore, one of the men who funded the hospital, was one of those butchered by Benga.
Several American surgeons were also among his victims.
This is the third time in a month that Benga has led attacks against Americans.
Now we have a reason to go after him.
But we need to be quiet.
Congolese government has no interest in letting their people know they're working with the Americans.
This operation has to have zero footprint.
Am I clear? - Mm-hmm.
- Yes, sir.
Benga is best known as an acolyte of one of the most notorious Congolese warlords of the last 30 years: Gadiel Kande.
"Torturer General.
" All right, he's been, uh, involved in genocide for decades, right? And built an army of psychologically scarred, drug-addicted child soldiers along the way.
One of whom was Benga.
By-product of a horrific cycle of iolence.
Kids never have a chance to just be kids.
Can you imagine becoming the thing you hate most or be killed for it? Kande died in a drone strike last year, but his tactics and his legacy live on through Benga.
Well, look, with all due respect, General Trask, with intel on this guy's location, why don't you just go after him like you went after Kande? I mean, why do you need us? The drone strike on Kande was a success, but in a country as anti-American as this, the optics were less than ideal.
So Benga has to be handled quietly.
" We'll go over the specifics of the mission on the way.
We're wheels up in two hours.
Let's go.
Based on intelligence reports, General Trask has pinpointed Benga's location deep in the savanna near the Kouilou River.
Is there any crazy wildlife in those parts? Yeah, they got jumping two-foot spider.
- A what? - What's the name of it? The Kouilou spider.
You're not serious right now, are you? All right.
So, what's the plan? - We hit his house? - No.
Can't have anything too kinetic in a populated area.
He's more vulnerable on the move.
Vehicle interdiction is the smart play here.
I like it.
That's a great call.
Get him out in the open, away from the eyes and the ears.
According to the intel report, Benga likes to travel with a two-vehicle convoy through this area.
Ambush vehicle.
All right, so we can set up here and wait for the convoy.
They're not gonna be expecting anything.
No, not in a country where Benga commands so much power, no.
I'll get the indig vehicles ready on the ground.
All right.
Nine hours till we land.
Y'all know what to do.
Let's get some rest.
Hey, Jace.
- Yeah.
- Hey, hold up.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, look, man, I'm sorry.
I-I've been meaning to stop by.
How are the how are the kids? The kids.
Uh, Emma got into Tisch.
Really? I mean, that's great for her, right? It's an art school, Ray.
- Yeah, I know.
- What are you gonna do in art school? Like, what, they don't There's no history, there's no math.
I mean, come on, it's it's in New York City.
Know how far that is away from us? I thought she was gonna be somewhere local.
You know, she could stay at home, take care of Mikey.
But that's not happening probably.
I'm sorry, but am I am I being unreasonable? - Maybe.
- Maybe? Yeah, maybe.
You know what, what do I know? I'm concerned about diapers.
You're concerned about Emma leaving.
But what I do know, brother, is that she's gonna be good 'cause she's your daughter.
Havoc, this is 1.
Passing Saban.
Copy, Bravo 1.
Passing Saban.
Attention on deck.
Carry on.
Everyone, this is General Sunda of the Congolese Army.
He'll be overseeing the operation.
Sir, I've got the target vehicle on ISR.
All right.
Range Rover's running security.
Mercedes is the limo.
Doesn't mean he's in the lead, but it's likely.
I don't want to assume anything in this operation.
We get one chance at this guy.
Sir, I'm seeing something.
Take a look at this.
Benga's a cigar smoker.
Benga's in the lead vehicle.
Bravo 1, be advised.
Benga's in the lead vehicle, and they are coming in hot.
Let's go.
Let's take 'em out before they know what hit 'em.
So much for plan "A.
" Bravo 5, split left, take out the follow car.
Copy that.
Boss, they're bugging out.
You want us to circle back? Negative.
Stay with Benga.
Brock, Cerberus.
Hey, buddy, time to go to work.
Ready! Send him.
Get him! Get the dog, get the dog, get the Here, here! Jackpot.
Havoc, this is 1.
Passing Bear.
Be nice if there was a new medical center around to stitch you up, huh? Oh, damn.
That's right.
You bombed it.
Those Americans had no idea what they were stepping into.
The forces at play here.
You soldiers are equally oblivious.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
Nice work.
Proceed to the drop-off at rally point 3.
Havoc, this is 1.
We got a slight medical situation.
Need two minutes before we start to move.
I copy medical situation.
Tango or Sierra? It's not one of ours.
Copy, 1.
Transfer site's 19 klicks down the road.
Hey, you stay close.
Don't want any surprises.
- I'll ride behind you.
- Yep.
You have no idea what I can give you.
Shut him up.
Who I can give you.
Shut him up, Ray.
Gadiel Kande.
He is alive.
He's not alive.
We know where he is.
He's in pieces.
I will tell you where to find him.
Morning of July 1.
Kiva Market.
The security camera will show me and the man I met with.
If you want Kande, you must hurry.
He will soon hear of your presence and move from his hideout.
Intel says Kande was vaporized in an air strike, boss.
He's feeding us a big, steaming pile of bull.
Oddly specific bull.
Havoc, this is 1.
There's Benga.
Well, at least half the story's true.
My God, I think that is Kande.
Six months after he was killed, which means Yeah, it does.
General Trask? Video appears to confirm the story.
- What are you saying? - Kande's alive.
He survived the air strike.
Benga's telling the truth.
That can't be.
He's right there.
That is him, sir.
No one can find out that Kande survived.
His followers will be emboldened.
It will further destabilize the region.
He must be dealt with.
Our team still has Benga.
Could be our only way.
I want that son of a bitch to tell us everything he knows.
You got two minutes to tell me everything you know about Kande.
- Go.
- And what do I get? That's not my department.
You understand, the man I'm handing you, he's the one that ordered those Americans killed.
And the journalists last month.
And the unpleasantness at that girls' school.
As a dead man, Kande is more powerful than ever.
Such a figure demands a high price.
Why the hell is he wagging his jaw talking so much? Yeah, it is a lot of talk, Sonny.
It's a lot of talk.
Until it leads us to where Kande is.
Kande's alleged address is in the Funa district of Kinshasa.
Right here.
Densely populated area in a highly fractured part of the country.
It makes sense he would hide there.
Our soldiers seldom venture into the area for fear of fueling unrest.
All right, so you have no assets in the area, General? Mm.
All right.
So, Bravo team can wait until nightfall.
Set up a reconnaissance in an urban hide.
We can have two of our men transport Benga to the black site while the rest of the team picks up their gear and moves towards the target address.
We cannot have American soldiers openly assaulting.
Understood, General.
Bravo team will act in a discreet observational capacity.
Davis, find me an adjacent building where the team can set up an observation post.
Roger that.
If your men catch sight of Kande, I will order an air strike.
That's the target address right there.
I wish he'd come out and fetch his copy of Warlord Monthly.
Make it real quick for us.
Building straight ahead's been confirmed vacant - for our OP.
- Copy that.
Let's stash the truck and get set up inside.
All right.
Secure the perimeter and meet us on the second deck.
Copy that.
Set up those trail cams.
I got your six.
Yeah, this'll work.
Building's secure.
Wireless trail cams are all set up outside the perimeter in case anybody tries to creep up on us.
And if Kande pokes his head out, we allowed to do more than just look? Strictly observe and report.
Glass the structure, document what we see.
It's a high-risk babysitting job.
- Mm-hmm.
- Benga's men that got away are probably telling everybody that the Americans are in town.
- And we let 'em go.
- Yes, we did.
But who knew we'd be sticking around, huh? If anybody tries to tip Kande off and he squirts off target, then what? Somebody else's problem.
Far as I'm concerned, we've accomplished our mission.
Sonny, you're first up.
Ray, you're on scope.
Clay, document everything they see.
- Relay it back to Havoc.
Clear? - Yeah.
Last time I took pictures, the mission went belly-up.
Just saying.
Good point.
Ray? You're first up.
Sonny, you're on scope.
Havoc, this is 1.
We've got eyes on.
Copy, 1.
Standing by for updates.
All right.
What appears to be a window with newspapers covering it.
What appears to be a can with burnt trash in it.
What appears to be a woman, 20 to 30, hanging laundry outside the east side of the property.
Any skivvies with what appears to be Kande's initials in them? That's a negative.
It's been a while.
Anyone getting a vibe? Burnt trash, newspaper on the windows.
Bin Laden's Abbottabad hideout had all the same features.
I think someone's inside.
Says paper on the windows? Come on, brother, you know it gets a hundred degrees here most days.
Maybe they're just trying to stay cool, yeah? Yeah, or maybe they want to burn this trash so nobody searches it.
That's possible.
But if it isn't Kande's hideout, they why did Benga send us here, you know? Might have wanted his deal, and he tossed us a random address.
What appears to be the same damn jeep that's crawled by us twice, and the driver is eyeballing our pos.
Could be just a random local.
Or one of Kande's men.
They're fighting age.
If this is Kande's hideout, he's gonna have security, right? I will Pale Rider this happy idiot.
Just say the damn word.
We're here to watch.
Keep watching.
Another possibility is Benga told us to come to this dump so his men would know where we are, and they could avenge his capture.
You're seeing shadows, Sonny.
Are you sure you want to stick around and find out? I'm telling you, this guy's a damn snitch.
- He had that snitchy glint in his eye.
- Relax, man.
- We're good, okay? - All right.
It's all too quiet, man.
It's like a zombie movie just before they start to get their brains eaten out.
Guys, we got something here.
- Ray.
- Got 'em.
Yeah, there it is.
Havoc, this is 1.
Got two adult females leaving the target house.
Sending pictures now.
Copy, 1.
Receiving now.
Stand by.
There are no matches in any database.
If they're Kande affiliates, they're new ones.
Havoc Base to Bravo 1.
No matches to Kande affiliates.
Havoc out.
We'll get in.
Keep at it.
- Sir, is that? - Target package from last year's actions on Kande.
Similar situation.
I'm trying to figure out what we did wrong.
Intel was rock solid.
Local assets intercepted Kande's wife on her way to the doctor's appointment.
She broke easily.
She gave us everything.
His location was independently vetted? ISR confirmed he was in the building.
Air strike obliterated the structure.
Killed four women and three children.
I live with that, Agent Ellis.
I understand the difficulty of such a call, sir.
My record isn't spotless.
But hopefully, we learn from our mistakes.
The call is General Sunda's to make, not ours.
You know, boss, even if Kande's in there, I mean, those women could be hired help.
They pull that trigger without knowing, and innocents could die.
Guys like Kande kill people every day.
You take him out, you save thousands.
It's a hard choice on a hard reality.
Yeah, but we don't have a positive I.
on Kande.
Which is less than what they had when they swung and missed.
But we know how these guys operate.
They hide behind civilians.
T-They use them to save their own asses.
They're a bunch of cowards.
So regardless of who's in there, you want to drop the house? Hey, everyone knows who Kande is in this country.
All right? What-what he does, what he stands for, that he kills.
If he's in there, then those women are enablers, they're enemies.
It's not that simple.
Cultural difference going on here.
Not sure the women here really have a choice.
Trail cam.
We have more pressing issues, gentlemen.
Told you this guy was creeping.
Sonny, Clay, check it out.
Ray, you stay on scope.
Get your ass in here! Sonny, scope.
This guy speak English? - Yeah.
- Gadiel Kande he send you? - Kande's dead.
- Who sent you? - No one.
- Okay.
What were you doing here? I'm I was scavenging.
- Scavenging what? - Copper wire.
- Copper wire.
- I thought this was an empty building.
Then why'd you circle it three times, chief? - What? - Kande is he in that house across the street? I-I don't know.
I swear.
You got anything? It's all a local dialect.
I don't know it.
But there's a contact in here named Benga.
Benga's a common name in these parts.
And Benga and Kande, they would've used code names, anyway.
These text messages, what do they say? This is with my sister.
- Planning my mother's birthday! Please! - Hey, Ray, Ray, you got to get this.
She turned.
We get it? It's a blurred image.
Havoc, this is 1.
I've got a bad image of a fourth female entering the target building.
Copy, Bravo 1.
Send me a picture of Kande's wife.
Might have been her who went inside.
Yeah, stand by, Bravo 1.
Do you think it could be Nel Kande.
This is what we needed.
This is General Sunda.
Décollage immédiat.
Scramble the fighter.
General, this isn't proof that Kande's there.
It's not even proof that Nel Kande is there.
We know that Nel Kande lied to protect her husband, and our intel always placed them together.
If she is in that house, he is in that house.
I'm not sure if that's enough to warrant a strike, General.
We only have the word of a murderer and circumstantial evidence pointing to Kande being there.
Innocent lives are at stake.
Collateral damage is always unfortunate but unavoidable.
Nel Kande's presence is enough for me.
Sir give my men the time to confirm it's Nel Kande before you have another failure on your hands.
My jet will not fire until your men confirm that the woman is Nel Kande.
But once they do, I will strike and kill everyone there.
It's awful, but that is the price of war.
Jace, is it her? Man.
Could be her.
I I don't know.
I don't know.
Tough call, brother, but you know what I'm gonna say.
- What if it is her? - It is her, because Kande's here.
I agree with him, boss.
You know, I could go on for hours listing air strikes that killed innocents.
Strikes I called.
Look, that's tough, boss, okay? Those victims, they chose to associate themselves with those targets, whether it's for religious beliefs, for social standing.
They took themselves down with their kids.
Did they? I think so.
- That door's starting to open up again.
- Ray.
At least four of them.
What do you want to do, J? Jet's inbound.
I don't know.
I found a text in here in his phone that has the address of this building in it.
To my wife.
Saying where I was.
Shut up.
My ass you're updating your wife.
This could mean soldiers on the way.
Man, we need to make a decision fast.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
Be advised, ISR spotted two trucks carrying armed men towards your location.
I'd suggest you exfil while you still can.
All Bravo elements, be advised, armed convoy is ten mikes from your position.
Copy that, Havoc.
We're moving out.
Havoc, this is 1.
Permission to assault the house.
Say again, 1? Still too many unknowns here.
Getting eyes on the inside only way to confirm Kande's presence and reduce collateral damage.
Everything else is just debatable.
American troops are explicitly not authorized to be in-country.
Master Chief Hayes, I'm ordering you to make the call on the wife, then leave the building immediately.
Copy that.
Stand by.
Got no reason to think Kande's wife means anything, brother.
Even if that is her.
She ratted him out a year ago why would she still be with him? We've both been here before.
I make this call and I'm wrong, we both know how this plays out.
Yes, we have, and yes, I do.
But it's your call, J.
Havoc, this is 1.
We got eyes on the target in question.
It's not Kande's wife.
Say again, it's not Kande's wife.
Call off the strikes.
Copy, 1.
Let's move out.
That is not your unit's decision to make.
I decide when to call off the strike.
All due respect, sir, our mission was to observe and report.
And the master chief has reported that she is not there.
- After he said that she was.
- He said it might be her.
And he has since confirmed that it isn't.
- The jet is three mikes from target.
- General Trask, please remind your people that this is my decision.
You're right, General, it is your call.
But my recommendation is for continued observation of the target by Congolese forces.
There are too many unknowns.
Call off the strike.
Permission to breathe, sir? Permission granted.
No, man.
I'm good.
I I had too much the other night.
I'm good.
Come on.
You've been hitting it hard lately, huh? Almost getting blown up by Jenna that rattle you? No, actually, the exact opposite.
Standing next to that bomb, I didn't feel a damn thing.
That's what's bugging me.
You all right, man? What's going on with you? Hmm? Trying to figure that out, brother.
You know, what we do, we see so much evil.
Yeah, yeah, we see it, and put it to bed.
That's what we do.
It's our job.
Yeah, but it never goes away.
Another story, huh? I mean, I always had faith that it would.
You know, eventually, that it would go away.
That good would conquer evil.
But maybe maybe the reason evil blooms in certain places is, maybe then God's not maybe God's not there in those places.
I mean, if he was, why doesn't he do something about it all? I don't know.
Don't know.
Everything has a price, right, J? Mm-hmm, it does.
Maybe that's what this job does.
Cost of war isn't just paid on the battlefield.
I mean, it comes home with us, right? Steals from us our lives, our marriages.
Maybe even our faith.
You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Yeah? Are you sure? Hey, I'm just talking, man.
All right, just take one.
Hold on to that one right there.
Grab it.
Hey, look at you.
Bless your heart.
So, another international incident averted? Unless, uh, one of Kande's men blows up a mall tomorrow.
Then we'll be asking the eternal question "What if?" for the rest of our days.
Yeah, but it still wouldn't prove he was in that house.
So I'm guessing, uh, you think we made the right call, being, uh, that you're so risk-averse and everything? Ha-ha.
Okay, ha-ha.
Right, I deserved that.
Look, I don't want to throw our friendship away on a whim.
But I also don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering "What if?" Oh, okay.
Uh I'm not sure if, uh, it's the beer I'm drinking or the sleeping pill I took.
I'm not quite tracking what you're saying.
But, uh, are-are you saying what I think you're saying? Yeah.
Too good to resist.
Oh, God.
See you on the ground.
Stop reading there, numnuts.
Come on.
Don't know there's much to celebrate.
Look, if you were in charge, you wouldn't have argued against the strike? I don't know, boss.
You know? By my math, even with 80% certainty he was in that house, we'd likely save a lot of lives taking that shot.
Would have said the same thing if I was in your shoes, but if I drop that ball, and I'm wrong, ooh, there are bigger, long-term ramifications.
I mean, making a call off of incomplete intelligence? Not worth it.
Not worth it at all.
Besides, Kande he's he's on the CIA list, and if I know Mandy, and I know Mandy, she's definitely gonna get him.
- Solid point.
- Yeah.
Guess it's, uh it's easy for me to call the shots when it's theoretical.
Yeah, well, one day, when you're running your own team, you'll think of it differently.
You think I can handle my own team? Yeah, you're good, but you're not that good yet.
Got to earn it.
You don't have the experience.
Thanks, boss.
One other thing.
If you tell anybody I said that you're good, I'm gonna have to kill you.
Well done.
Okay, guys, see you tomorrow.
Been a while since I've seen you perform.
Really, it's You sounded great.
You know, I-I realized I never really understood what, uh college means to you, or what it is for you.
I It's singing, right? I mean, you-you Singing is your life? That's what you want to do with your life is sing? I-I don't know, but I don't have to have it all figured out yet.
- Of course you don't.
- And if this is your way of saying I shouldn't go because I don't have everything plotted out, that's completely stupid.
You should go.
They'd be lucky to have you.
You're okay with this? Um Emma, this is not about me, it's not about my life.
It's about your life.
I know it'll make things harder on you and Mikey, you not having me to lean on.
I could defer a year.
No, you're not gonna defer.
We'll be okay here.
This is your call now, your choice.
You can do this, and I'm gonna be supporting you the whole way through.
Always gonna be here for you like you were here for me.
You know, when Mom died, you let me go.
So I owe you one, okay? Got it? I love you.