SEAL Team (2017) s02e15 Episode Script

You Only Die Once

1 - Previously on SEAL Team.
- DAVIS: I reapplied to Officer Candidate School.
Figured you should know.
You are a leader.
You get in, you go.
Cost of war isn't just paid on the battlefield.
I mean, it comes home with us, right? Steals from us our lives, our marriages.
Maybe even our faith.
JASON: Adam was killed in action.
Gave his life to save his brothers.
He died a hero.
- I've been going to a support group.
- Support group.
That's, uh, really not my thing.
I figured.
Did you just get back from somewhere? Dirt under the fingernails, - little rough around the edges, huh? - It's just a a certain kind of tired in your eyes.
[SIGHS] [WHISPERS]: Disaster.
VICTORIA: It's a big decision you got there.
- Victoria.
Didn't see you there.
- Mm-hmm.
No, you were you were lost downrange.
- You were very mission-focused.
- Well you know, way more decisive in the field.
Tell you, when it comes to milk, it's a whole different story.
Emma likes skim.
Mikey likes whole.
It's like I'm playing Russian roulette - when I'm in the dairy section.
- I've been there.
Good to see you.
It is.
You, too.
Last month was great.
You know, I keep, uh, hoping you're gonna swing by the café again.
Oh, you know, I've been busy.
You know, and, uh, kids.
Be nice to catch up.
Have you, um, tried the new place on Circle Drive? Olivo's? Emma's been dying to try that place.
She says her taste buds are way too sophisticated for the greasy spoons I'm taking her to.
Um, what about Friday night? Friday? No.
Emma, pinning her down on the weekend, - forget it.
- Well, that's okay, 'cause I-I was thinking, uh just the two of us.
Sure, okay.
Okay, it's settled.
Yeah, Olivo's.
Um go for the one percent.
It's a compromise, so - Okay.
One percent it is.
- One percent.
- That's a good idea.
- Everybody's happy.
"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.
" This is the verse, when I lost my leg, I turned to during rehab.
It reminds me that I can endure anything with faith.
RAY: Well, you know, as, uh someone who's actually been burned, how-how do you keep your faith? [SCOFFS] I'm still alive.
Well, a lot of people are alive, right? I mean, they're living in places where so many are crying out for God, and it doesn't seem like he's answering.
Makes you wonder if he's anywhere at all.
Are you are you feeling distance between yourself and God, Ray? Uh, maybe maybe this is a blessing.
M-Maybe going through this will bring you closer to him.
Or maybe the distance grows, and the only thing left between me and God is space.
How's it going, guys? [EXHALES] [JASON LAUGHS] Walk of shame, huh? - That obvious? - Yeah.
- What was her name? - Lisa.
No, Lizzie.
Well, it sounds serious.
So what, you're staying here now? Bunking in the cages? Uh, yeah, you know, I just I don't know, figured I need a little change of scenery.
Try and focus on the thing that matters most in my life, - being a Navy SEAL.
- That's the case, then you got to come out tonight, meet Swanny.
- Brett Swann? - Mm-hmm.
Gee, that guy's a legend, man.
He's a frogman's frogman.
Hell-raiser back in the day.
Hope he's not going as strong as he used to, because that's just gonna catch up to you.
Burn you out.
Know what I mean? Yeah.
I hear you.
[LAUGHTER] So, I'm tangled in a tree, hanging there.
There's Taliban all over.
I got to got to cut free or I'm dead.
But there's a there's a dog below me, a puppy.
- A puppy? - BRETT: Yeah.
Yeah, staring right up at me with these big, brown eyes.
And he won't move.
If I if I cut away, I'll I'm gonna drop straight down and crush him.
- Is this for real? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, the puppy was real.
You risked your life for a puppy? Oh, of course.
Well, what SEAL wouldn't? So, I start swinging.
I, uh, get some momentum.
I-I cut my line.
I fall on a bunch of rocks, but I miss the dog, who-who slobbers all over my face.
I broke an ankle, and I separated my shoulder, but that dog followed me around the rest of deployment.
- He really did? - Yeah.
Even better, we brought we brought him back with us.
We got him adopted.
And you can feel where I broke my shoulder.
Feel-feel it right there.
- Oh, my God, I can feel it.
- Yeah, told you.
- Ooh.
- [LAUGHS] You want a beer? - Beers? - Yeah.
Joe, get some beers for the ladies.
So, what are you doing back in town, man? Running away from the former Mrs.
Brett Swann, as not to be confused with the first and second former Mrs.
Brett Swann.
- [LAUGHTER] - Swanns.
CLAY: Just, uh, just reliving the old glory days, huh? Oh, yeah.
Back to the last place I felt alive.
- Try to crush that one up.
- [LAUGHTER] - And, look, there's so there's - Stop.
No, listen, there's this reindeer named Spin.
- Listen what? Reindeer? - Spin? Right, babe? - Sven.
- Sven.
That's why I got the antlers.
You're telling me that you actually wear the antlers - while you're watching Frozen? - Yes.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- At least he looks good in them, Jason.
- I look good in them.
- Okay.
Can he sing, too? Yeah, he can.
Oh, you know what, you can't ruin this for me, man.
Uh, well, maybe Jason's just jealous.
To the antlers.
- Fishing for an invite to - You know, maybe, uh - maybe I got plans, okay? - [LAUGHS] Oh, you got Friday night plans? What you getting into? Don't worry about it.
- RAY: He ain't got no plans.
- NAIMA: Mm-mm.
- Oh, hey, there.
[CHUCKLES] - Yeah.
I, uh, I heard your reindeer story.
You liked that? - It was it was funny.
I liked it.
- Yeah.
Um, you want to join me for a drink? - I would, but, um - Yeah.
I'll take a rain check on that.
- Okay.
- Okay? - So, you know, team's all here.
- Yeah.
No better time than now to tell everybody.
What do you want me to tell them? You want me to tell them that we're having an illicit affair? - Oh, illicit.
I like the sound of that.
- Illicit.
That sounds real dirty, huh? - [LAUGHS] - You're horrible.
- No, seriously, I'm talking about OCS.
You know, you're leaving pretty soon, and you haven't said a word to anybody.
Come on, Sonny.
What, you want me to steal Swanny's spotlight? - Swanny's always a spotlight.
- [LAUGHS] Don't worry about him.
You know, why not now? They're gonna be disappointed, you know, me going off to be a cake-eater.
No chance.
You know that.
They'll have your back.
What's really stopping you? What if I don't cut it? You know, I don't think I could I couldn't handle coming up short.
There's nothing in life that I've ever seen that you can't handle.
Okay? Now, look, before I made Green Team, I was always worried about washing out.
And then I saddled up, and I'm living my dream, okay? You've earned the right to live your dream.
And you will.
Okay? Okay.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay? All right, I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
- [CHUCKLES] - [PHONES BUZZING, RINGING] Oh, hesitation kills.
Look at that.
Ooh, saved by the bell.
Saved by the bell.
I'm guessing you'll keep yourself entertained, - huh, while we're gone.
- Yeah, don't worry about me.
- I'll manage.
- Yeah.
See you.
See you, Swann.
You know, I never realized how much I'd miss getting shot at till the bullets stopped coming my way.
- Your luck's gonna change.
- Yeah.
- All right, man.
- Hey, Jace.
- Yeah.
- I'm-I'm sorry about Alana.
That I, you know, didn't make the funeral.
I get it.
Good to see you, Swanny.
MANDY: Taimur Zaman.
Hezbollah's biggest financier and mastermind.
The 2012 bus bombing in Bulgaria, as well as a string of bombings in Lebanon and Israel.
This guy Zaman's been an issue for years.
Why we going after him now? ERIC: A series of IED attacks in Afghanistan linked to Zaman has killed a dozen American soldiers in the last two months.
Two just yesterday.
Zaman's survived this long by staying outside of Afghanistan.
It's hard to imagine he's operating there in our backyard now.
He's not in Afghanistan.
Zaman's taken up safe harbor in Iran.
SONNY: Well, Iran's kryptonite for pencil pushers and cake-eaters, so there's no chance in hell they're gonna let us operate - in there.
- Zero chance.
CLAY: Be a good way to start a war.
MANDY: Would be.
But we have verified intel that Zaman is traveling to a town called Hajiabad to meet some Hezbollah higher-ups.
Hajiabad sits on the edge of the Iran-Afghanistan border.
We're still gonna be sneaking and creeping - into Iran to get him.
- ERIC: We're not going into Iran.
And this is not a capture mission.
You've been authorized to eliminate Zaman.
This is a special programs op.
That why they didn't want to use a deployed team.
No one can know about this one.
MANDY: It's imperative that you take the shot outside of Iran on the Afghan side of the border.
No easy day.
Latest intel confirms this as the target house.
Zaman and Hezbollah are set to meet in two days.
Okay, well, I'm looking at terrain.
There's not many options.
I mean, look, there's a rocky outcropping here.
We get an angle on the house.
What do you think, Ray? .
338 Lapua? No other cover or concealment, we'd be hanging it out there.
Especially if we get seen.
There's no easy escape.
What are you thinking? Longer shot from a hide? We can build one here.
Looks like enough vegetation to get cozy.
SONNY: How long do you think that is? Is that 1,500 meters? [WHISTLES] That is a long shot.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well, don't confuse distance with difficulty, son.
It's gonna be a hard shot no matter what.
- I've made harder.
- [LAUGHING] Quickscoping on Call of Duty does not count, Spenser.
So, what's the infil plan? Dropping you in at a distance with the Osprey.
You're looking at a 20-klick patrol to Hajiabad.
CLAY: Ooh.
What if Zaman's men counterattack? Then our government might recognize borders, but Hezbollah doesn't.
Our thinking is they'll hunker down after Zaman falls.
During the chaos, you guys will patrol back to the LZ.
Safe in, safe out.
Safe in, safe out.
All right.
There's a lot of ways for this one to go south.
Gonna take a hell of a shot.
Good thing you're rolling - with a hell of a shooter.
- Oh, yeah? It was good to see you out with Naima.
Oh, yeah, man, I'm trying to win back points with her.
Everything good? Yeah.
- Yeah? - It's just, you know Hey, I couldn't help but notice that blonde Yeah.
at the, uh, bar giving you the business.
Smoke-show, right? Oh, yeah.
Ready to start dating again? Yeah, I'm thinking about dating.
It's just, uh everything with the kids, you know? Mikey and Emma.
I don't want to rock the boat at home right now.
Oh, well, the past few months, you've been focused on everyone but yourself.
Nobody'd think twice if you got back out there.
Just no barflies, 'cause you got a lot on your plate.
- Okay.
- Might be nice to have someone to talk to.
Why don't you get some shut-eye like this guy right here? Yeah.
You, too.
RAY: He ain't even flinching.
Eric Blackburn.
How are you? Hey, what do you say, Mike? It's been a while.
Long while.
You're looking old.
Not as old as you.
What happened? - Clearly, I'm working harder than you.
- Nice.
Now that we got the sweet talk out of the way Right.
My Marines are loaded up and waiting.
- We're ready to launch on your notice.
- Appreciate it, Mike, but hopefully, we won't need that QRF.
Well, we'll get your boys home if we do.
Agent Ellis, this is Colonel Mike Smith.
To be clear, Colonel, none of us are here.
How's that, ma'am? Bravo, us this is a black-site op.
Understood, ma'am.
I've been read in.
I'll let you get back to it.
We call in a Marine QRF, everyone's gonna know it was us who moved in on Zaman.
If this op goes sideways, the Marines are Bravo Team's only way home.
In that event, Marines become the only way the CIA keeps this op black.
CLAY: That's Hajiabad.
Border with Iran's about a klick and a half.
Eric, this is 1.
We pass Crystal.
ERIC: Good copy, Bravo 1.
Passing Crystal.
Havoc out.
How's your line of sight? It's far, but it's in range.
RAY: Target house? CLAY: Yeah, clear line of sight.
- Looks good.
- All right, boys, let's get to work.
Ray, Sonny.
Break out the hide.
The rest of you pull security.
Only a few hours to sunup.
Let's get it built.
Havoc, this is 1.
You have any updates before we get to work? Yeah.
Intel says your HVT is on the move.
Minimum of five hours before he arrives on target.
Havoc out.
[WIND WHISTLING SOFTLY] How much longer? You're like a kid in the back of the station wagon.
RAY: Last COMMs window had him two hours out.
Well what do you say there, Ricky Schroder, we make ourselves a little wager till our friend shows up.
Sonny, the last time we wagered, you ended up in an American flag bikini running down Main Street.
That's right, and Old Glory never looked better.
You know what this is? You got two minutes to eat these crackers.
Now, if you fail, which you will all right? you got to detail my motorcycle with a toothbrush, wearing a very sexy bikini.
Okay? If you succeed, which you won't, I will wax your Nova butt-naked.
Sonny, I'm a thoroughbred.
You don't think I can do the old cracker challenge? Okay.
Okay, hey, no water, though.
You take one sip, and it is "wax on, wax off," - Yeah.
- and some very sexy bikini lines.
- Never gonna get him, man.
- CLAY: I got this.
This is Go.
You ain't got anything, man.
No big deal.
- Hey.
[CHUCKLES] And the ones on the ground, too.
You got to eat those as well.
That's the whole cracker, counting every crumb.
Look at how slow that jaw's moving.
It's dry like the desert.
Dry like the Sahara.
Hey, you're done, buddy.
- He's done.
- Yeah, yeah.
- This never gets old.
- We're at 25 seconds.
RAY: Hold up, boys, we may have a problem.
What do you got? Not sure.
JASON: That's our target house.
What do you think they're up to? RAY: I don't know, they're concerned about something.
Think they're calling an audible? JASON: They're pointing at another building.
Looks like they're moving the meet.
Considering what we're about to do, they're not wrong.
What's the eye in the sky say? Havoc, this is 1.
I'm looking at what appears to be, uh, enemy soldiers leaving the target house.
You got anything you can tell us about them? Yeah, copy, 1.
Let me see what we can find.
We can't be burned already.
They've definitely moved the meet.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
It appears the meet is moving to a new location 75 meters southwest of the original target location.
- How copy? - Copy.
Meet's moving 75 meters southwest.
New location's out of our line of sight.
We don't have the shot.
I'm not seeing any acceptable spots for Bravo Team to build a new sniper hide.
There's no clear line of sight to the new target house.
What about this outcrop? It's hard to tell from ISR, but it could work.
Yeah, they may be able to take the shot, but they'll be out in the open.
To get there, they have to cross a field in broad daylight.
And I don't like the odds of the enemy not spotting them even if it is a good final firing position.
Plus, exfil will be near impossible if they're detected.
It's Jason's call.
If he thinks he can set up an FFP in no-man's-land and take a shot, fine.
Otherwise we think about bringing them back now.
We got trucks moving in.
No way we make that shot from here, boss.
ERIC: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
We've found a possible new observation point.
It's about 300 meters north of your pos.
Do you see it? Yeah.
Yeah, I see it.
It's nothing but flat green between us and FFP.
Even if we do stalk all the way out there, we'll be hanging out like a dog's balls.
What other options do we have? Wait here for nightfall and sneak out without ever taking a shot? JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We see the position you're talking about.
You think you can make a shot from there? Yeah, we need confirmation that we got clean line of sight to that new target house.
How long before you can get something up over that position? Two mikes to confirm.
Stand by.
I can make that shot.
I know you can make the shot.
So can Ray.
I need you here with your rifle, covering us, to get to that O-P, got it? Okay.
- Ray.
- I'll grab my stuff.
ERIC: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Line of sight from the new FFP is clean.
- How copy? - Copy that, Havoc.
Bravo 1 out.
Now all we got to do is get there.
We're about halfway there.
Out of all the situations we've been thrown into, brother, we never hung it out there like this.
- Hey, Ray? - Yeah? Have a little faith.
Awful quiet there, McDreamy.
Oh, let me guess: you think you should be the one taking the shot.
Thought so.
You know, maybe you should be pulling the trigger, but there ain't no need for you to act like somebody peed in your cornflakes.
Just want to pull my share.
But I respect Jason's call.
Now, easy there, little buddy.
Don't get too respectful.
I don't want to go back to being the biggest pain in the ass on the team.
CLAY: They're about a hundred yards from the new position.
Looks like they're gonna make it.
Don't jinx it.
Ah, come on, man.
Look what you done.
Can't see from our position.
What do you got? SONNY: Got a guy walking towards you.
He's glassing.
You think you can take that shot? No.
Jason and Ray took the .
SONNY: All right, he's walking back.
You're clear.
We're moving.
[GRUNTS] Line of sight to the target building.
We're in business.
Havoc, this is 1.
We got eyes on the new target building.
This will be our new FFP.
Good copy, Bravo 1.
We just picked up HVT's vehicle on ISR.
He's ten klicks out.
ETA seven minutes.
Hey, Ray, time to pay the bills.
I'll call wind for you, old-school, huh? I'm gonna need it out here.
Yeah, that's right.
CLAY: Hey, boss, you got a problem.
You got two kids, about 700 meters from your pos.
They appear to be flying a kite.
RAY: I'll be damned if we can't catch a break today, boss.
If this thing goes south, ain't nobody better find out we got done in by two kids flying kites.
'Cause I'll tell you what, it's gonna give me a serious case of the red ass.
There's no way we'll take those kids prisoners.
We'll never get the shot.
RAY: Boss.
What do you want me to do? They're 35 meters off you.
Havoc, this is 1.
O-P-2 has a soft compromise.
- Two kids.
- Yeah, that's a solid copy, Bravo 1.
We're just picking them up on ISR.
I'd say you got about ten minutes before they make it back to town.
Need you to exfil before they do.
How far out is HVT? Sir, the HVT's arriving now.
All stations be advised, HVT is arriving now.
Copy that.
RAY: Two Mercedes with technical vehicles coming in from the east.
CLAY: Your soft compromise is still a few minutes from town.
If they don't get out of there before those kids get to town and give up their position, they're as good as dead.
It's our only shot at getting Zaman.
Bravo Team could have enemy massed on their position faster than they can say "exfil.
" Shall I let Colonel Smith know we need the Marine QRF? Not yet.
RAY: Yeah.
Holding pretty steady at 15 to 20 mile-per-hour crosswind, but problem is it's coming from the valley.
It keeps switching directions, brother.
Come on, Ray.
I've seen you make tougher shots than this.
JASON: Yeah.
RAY: Zaman.
Call it.
JASON: Wait.
Whoa, whoa.
JASON: Hold.
Two Zamans.
Body double.
JASON: We have to engage both.
You take one, I'll take the other.
Not with that rifle at this distance, brother.
No, I can take both, but I need you to spot and call wind for me.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 6.
Your soft compromise is about a minute from town.
If you don't move back here now, you're gonna get stuck out there.
Negative, 6, stand by.
The real Zaman is the one who'll be giving orders.
He's the one in charge, that's how we I.
Copy that.
J, they're both talking to the Hezbollah commander.
I can't tell which one's which.
What are you seeing? CLAY: Nothing good.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 6.
Your soft compromise has disappeared into town.
How copy? Good copy.
Stand by.
Hey, blondie.
Something's fixing to happen.
I think you should carb-load up.
[CHUCKLES] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] JASON: Tell me when and I'll start the wind calls.
RAY: There he is.
I got him.
On the left.
Call it.
JASON: Seven left Nine left.
- Pull right.
- Pulled.
JASON: Ten right.
RAY: Damn it, J.
This wind's killing us.
Just got to ride it out.
There's something going on.
There's a lot of enemy activity on target.
All right.
That's it.
I'm calling it.
Get the QRF moving.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
You have a hard compromise and an enemy moving on your position.
Begin your exfil immediately.
How copy? Bravo 1, did you copy my last? RAY: He's getting real antsy, J.
Stay in the scope, Ray, we're doing this.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Vanquish 1-6, this is Tower.
You're green to go.
Copy, Tower.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] RAY: Wind's still shifting.
JASON: Decision, Ray.
Wind, ten right.
- On you.
- RAY: Taking it.
High right.
CLAY: Bravo 1, you're about to get some serious contact.
They're moving on us.
Here we go.
Got to move! RAY: There's no way, not with that heavy gun on us! We stay here, we're done! DAVIS: Sir, the enemy force is mobile.
They've set up a base element forward of the town and are moving on Bravo with vehicles.
Looks like heavy guns mounted in the back.
All right, Mike, how far out are your boys? Inbound now.
Inside two minutes.
Cover our movement out of here! SONNY: Copy that.
Stand by.
- Ray! - Yeah! Throw some smoke so they can cover us.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Ray! - Yeah! Go! [RAY SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY] I got to change this barrel out or I'm gonna melt this thing! QRF should be here any minute.
Just keep hammering! [RAPID GUNFIRE CONTINUES] I'm almost Winchester! Havoc, how far out is the QRF? Bravo 1, QRF is inbound.
ETA: 60 seconds.
Ray, lay out some more smoke.
Bravo 3, get to the LZ.
We're sunk here without them, Jace.
Well we got to hold tight till they can extract us.
RAY: Oorah! Go! Go! Go! [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] Tell you, that was one hell of a shot, Ray.
You can wear those reindeer antlers with pride tonight.
RAY: I will, brother.
Just got word Zaman is still alive.
Shot must've clipped him.
I've been called in to talk to the brass as soon as we get back.
- Damn it, I had him, J.
- No, don't put it on yourself, man.
Things get wonky.
It happens.
[EXHALES] Hey, hey.
We'll get him next time.
[SIGHS] SONNY: Hey, who's going out drinking at the bar? - JASON: Ah - RAY: You know what? I don't think I can handle this Frozensing-along tonight.
- Uh, I'm in.
Jace? - No.
No, I got plans.
Hey, I got something to say.
Um I got accepted to Officer Candidate School.
This was my last mission with you.
[VOICE BREAKS]: And, uh it kills me to leave Bravo, and I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you till now.
You're leaving for good? For good.
OCS is something I've been working toward, and hey, you know, maybe I don't make it through, but I I got to figure out if I have what it takes.
If I've learned anything from working with you guys, it's being the best, you can't be afraid to fail.
Well okay, you joking about this? I am not.
I am very serious.
All right, well, what makes you think you might not make it? You're gonna make it.
You know what? I'm not gonna salute you.
I'm sorry.
Adam never said much when he got back from a spin-up, either.
You know, if something happened over there, I'm a good listener.
I spent 18 years being Adam's personal AAR.
I, uh Look I'm sorry, I, uh I just can't get past the fact that you're Adam's wife.
On some level it makes sense that we're out.
I don't know, it-it's just a little too weird.
Yeah, I know.
I thought maybe Eh, it doesn't matter.
I say we finish the wine.
The wine.
You know, I'm not much of a wine guy, but, uh, why don't we, uh, switch it up just a little bit.
Maybe Hmm.
What do you say? Why not, right? Hmm? [EXHALES] ["PAIN AND MISERY" BY JOSH BLAKE PLAYING] Take some aspirin, drink some water.
I could be nicer Might tell you lies Might tell you lies Might tell you stories I ain't got the time Ain't got the time I don't need the glory You want to leave at different times and rendezvous later? - [CHUCKLES] - I think I'm gonna stay and hang out with Clay and Swanny a little bit.
Tomorrow? Well, yeah, you know, it just hit me that you're really leaving, huh? You hate that I'm gonna be a cake-eater, don't you? Nah, I just just hate that you're leaving.
Didn't I tell you there's so much more Giddyup, little darlin'.
Let's go.
[CHUCKLES] For us to see than pain and misery Yeah, pain and misery Nighty night.
Pain and misery You really think things would've turned out different if if you'd have taken the shot? Pain Oh, man, don't I have to think that way if I want to be the best? Cocky.
Reminds me of Jason when he first joined Bravo.
And misery Look, I'm-I'm not saying that I'm better than Ray.
I'm more dialed in than he is.
But Bravo's my only focus now.
I remember those days.
Why'd you get out? It was just my time, my time to go.
You know, maybe you make that shot, maybe you don't.
But never question the decisions and commitment of your brothers.
Someday you'll realize they're all you have in this world.
Pain And misery, baby Yeah, yeah No more pain and misery.
Hey, babe.
[CLEARS THROAT] How was movie night? We missed you.
But it was great.
Yeah? The kids are asleep now.
I'm sorry I missed it.
You don't control when a mission ends.
When'd you get back? A few hours ago.
So you could have been here, at home.
But you were drinking, right? You're better than this, Ray.
["OLD WAYS" BY BANDITOS PLAYING] You want to help me? Yeah, babe.
Uh, yeah.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm going to sleep Outside your door, mm Until I see Your eyes See the morning light And what we do Can no longer be Undone So naturally I hope you smile And I hope you say I'm so glad you stayed Ooh Yeah, yeah [MOANING] What's your name? - No names.
- Okay.