SEAL Team (2017) s02e19 Episode Script

Medicate and Isolate

1 Nick! Get the JOC on the horn, call for extract.
They're massing on us fast.
We already hit 'em.
It's time to go home.
This is Foxtrot 4, request for immediate extract.
JOC: Foxtrot 4, this is JOC.
QRF is inbound.
- At your door in 20 seconds.
- I copy.
20 seconds.
Foxtrot 4 out.
Collapse security, collapse security.
Stand by for breakout.
NICK [OVER VIDEO]: Go ahead, Swanny, I got you covered.
BRETT: No, no, you go.
I got this.
Lead us out.
NICK: Roger that.
All right, boys.
Let's get ready to make the donuts.
Go, go.
BRETT: Nick? Nick? Nick? Nick? Nick? Nick! [CRYING] [WHIRRING] Oh [GROANS] [GROANS] [GRUNTS] [BONES CRACK] JULIA: Doesn't sound so good.
[EXHALES] I said that didn't sound very good.
Oh, it's, you know, it's the ones that you don't hear that should scare you, really.
How'd you sleep? Like a log.
Well you know, you didn't have to sleep out here.
You know therapists, they, uh, they prefer their patients on a couch.
Lock up when you leave, okay? Um, and don't worry about last night.
[EXHALES] That seat taken? [LAUGHS, GRUNTS] All yours.
Well, look at that.
Almost good as new.
- Got the bandages off yesterday.
- Yeah? You think it'll scar? Uh, it's hard to say.
Some things do, some don't.
I figured if anyone would know about scars, it'd be a SEAL.
Ah, well, you know, I actually got out of that bar with just a few scratches, so Those aren't the wounds I'm talking about.
Yeah, I know.
You know, the cost of this job, the collateral damage inside, it builds up.
And if you don't find a place to put it, it just sits there, corroding you.
I denied a man his last rites to get what I needed from him.
I'm paying for it.
I should pay for it.
I don't understand.
Christine, what I do for a living I traffic in life and death, and I'm okay with that.
But this was not about a man's life.
This was about his soul, and that is different.
Hey, Em, I was, uh hoping I'd, uh get you, but, uh [SIGHS] I wanted to just wish you good luck before your recital.
And, um you know, with the whole tuition thing, I still don't really have any updates on that, so But I'm working on it, and it's gonna get done.
Do me a favor, will you, just give Mike a hug for me.
Tell him to keep his head up when he plays.
All right, and, uh give your dad a call, will you? [SIGHS HEAVILY] Long night of fun with the lady shrink? [CLEARS THROAT] About as long as, uh, your little breakfast you just had with, uh, your new friend what's her name? - Christine.
- Christine.
Yeah, she got clipped in the Manilla bombing.
Been checking on her, - seeing if she's all right.
- She got clipped, huh? Yeah, she got clipped.
So, Ray, let me ask you something, what about Naima what does she think about a treatment for her? She doesn't think anything, 'cause I haven't told her about it, 'cause there's nothing to say.
If you say so, Ray.
If you say so.
Something you're trying to ask me, brother? Yeah.
[PHONES RING] [SIGHS] SONNY: Anybody know what the hell's going on? RAY: Just better not be another readiness drill, - I know that.
- I hate those.
They're like dry strip clubs: pole's the same, stage is the same, but without the booze, it's like an eighth grade dance.
Sorry, what kind of eighth grade dances they have in Texas, Sonny? - Good ones, man.
- ERIC: Gentlemen.
Apologies for the hasty takeoff, but this mission is extremely time-sensitive.
MANDY: Ten hours ago, eight members of an Army Special Forces ODA were ambushed on the ground in Mali by fighters from the Islamic Fighters of Mali.
AFRICOM is still sorting the facts, but everything that could go wrong did.
They were hit hard, engaging in a running gunfight for a couple klicks before being ambushed by a second Islamic Fighters element here.
The team retreated on foot, held enemy forces at bay until their QRF arrived.
If they made it out, why are we going anywhere? MANDY: One of our soldiers didn't make it back.
In the chaos, Captain Aaron Washington was cut off from the team when they left their vehicles.
Sat footage of the firefight places him on the edge of a ravine when he was RPG'd.
We still in comms contact with Washington? - Captain Washington was KIA.
- [SIGHS] Your job is to locate and secure the remains of Captain Washington before IFM finds him and turns this into a propaganda opportunity.
Captain Washington was a husband, a father.
His family in Idaho deserves to bury him.
What's going on there? You know, the TV's a lot better when it's on.
[CHUCKLES] Nice cane.
Leg must be improving.
Don't worry, I'm still gonna need your help getting into the shower.
[CHUCKLES] Check out my new rehab program.
- [LIQUID BOILING] - Swann, again with the stove? Dude, come on, how many times you gonna leave this thing on this month, man? My, um my therapist won't commit to me making it back to Bravo.
You think it's 'cause they're getting ready to send me out to pasture? All the time and money they're investing in this rehab plan? They're counting on you getting back in the sandbox.
You think so? Don't roll out this VIP treatment for a mothballed frogman like me.
What's wrong, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I wish.
Too tired to sleep.
You have an appointment at the VA this morning.
No, VA's tomorrow, Thursday the 17th.
No, today's Thursday.
What? Damn it.
Helped hunt down Saddam Hussein.
Now I can't even keep the days of the week straight.
Come on.
Let's go, man.
You bust your ass, you can still make it.
Let's go.
I don't need a babysitter, man.
I thought BUD/S was supposed to wean out all the quitters.
Come on.
Don't blame me for ruining your day, pal.
Did you say "YODO"? What the hell is that? So much to learn.
JASON: What's the latest on the ground out there? ERIC: Damn place is a kicked hornet's nest.
SIGINT's hitting everywhere, and IFM fighters are swarming the area.
If they find Captain Washington, we'll be watching what they do next on LiveLeak.
- We're not gonna let that happen.
- All right.
Two Special Forces ODAs.
We're prepping to assault the IFM compound with partner forces.
That should pull most of the enemy out of the field, buy us enough time to recover his body.
Alpha will support Bravo Team.
MARSOC will act as a blocking force.
You'll have an Air Force A-10 overhead - for close air support.
- Three branches for one op? ERIC: All this is to ensure that Captain Washington's sacrifice was not in vain.
Alive or dead, the United States of America does not leave a soldier behind.
We'll bring him back.
Damn straight.
Let's do it.
Could you have parked any further? You bitch this much at Normandy, Grandpa? [SHORT CHUCKLE] Nice burn.
How many of your little notes you have to write down to remember that one? Ooh.
Oh, that was hurtful.
- And hilarious.
You little bastard.
- [CHUCKLES] Looks like you got the million-dollar wound there, brother.
Yeah, something like that.
Hey, could you spare any of those big dollars for a hungry vet? BRETT: Not now, we're late.
That was cold.
Pay one, you got to pay them all.
And I know how much you make.
Little different from your Rain Mansuite at the military hospital.
Yeah, they definitely leave this out of those flashy recruiting videos.
This is a soldier's reward for serving.
A healthcare system that runs like the post office.
Thank you.
I, uh noticed you've been watching some of your old combat ops.
I just like remembering.
The times, fighting side-by-side with my brothers, loving life.
I get it, especially now.
We're going nowhere fast.
Hooyah, Senior Chief.
No easy day.
ERIC: Bravo 1, Delta has initiated their attack on the IFM compound.
ISR has you clear to go.
JASON: Copy that.
- Yeah.
It's a .
50 cal.
And a whole lot of AKs.
Our boys never had a chance.
I pass Omaha.
ERIC: Good copy Omaha, Bravo 1.
You've arrived at the ambush site.
Bravo 1, ISR shows four armed combatants 300 meters northwest of you across the ridge.
Be advised, they appear to be scanning the ravine with flashlights.
- Copy all.
- We got to hustle, Jace.
We'll have MARSOC set the perimeter.
Alpha, Bravo, on me.
Fire Team 1 and 2 will set up a forward firing position around Alpha Team's location.
War on terror will be over before my number gets called.
We can drop a warhead from space onto a postage stamp, and this place is still on a paper system.
]: Number 344.
- [CHUCKLES] These old-timers bled on the sands of Iwo Jima to defend our right to be an inefficient nation.
My dad, uh, he used to whine about this place all the time, but I had no idea it was this grim.
Damn forms make my head hurt.
Come on.
Let me see.
You're almost done with this PTSD questionnaire.
You can lose the "D.
" Post-traumatic stress isn't a disorder.
All right.
Do you have repeated, disturbing memories, thoughts, or images of a stressful military experience? Gonna put a check.
Do you feel upset when something reminds you of a stressful experience? You can check all those boxes, too.
I'm your Ghost of Christmas Future, Clay.
You got enough meds there? This is the VA's health care philosophy: medicate and isolate.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] This is for anxiety.
These are, uh, for nightmares.
Uh, mood swings.
These, I, uh I don't know what they're for.
My cocktail of suck.
[SNIFFLES] All right.
Last one.
Do you blame yourself for a stressful military experience? [GRUNTS] All those pills and all that water I got to hit the head.
Havoc, this is 1.
Passing Juno.
ERIC: Copy that, Bravo.
You found Washington's technical.
Sonny, Brock, Ray, rig up.
You're with me.
Trent, stick with Alpha.
We'll cover you.
Bravo 1, this is MARSOC.
- Fire Teams 1 and 2 are in position.
- JASON: Copy.
Set! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Closing in on our guy.
Well, we'll get there before they do.
Brock, throw it.
]: Number 396.
[CHIME] Number 396.
You kick ass over there? Uh, yeah, you know, tried my best.
Where'd your ticket get punched? Philippines.
Little young to have been in the Battle of Guadalcanal, eh? What about you? Que Son.
September 4, 1967.
What are you doing with yourself these days? Same as everyone in here.
Just waiting to die.
- GUARD: Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- BRETT: [STAMMERS] Hey, please.
- Just calm down.
- Please, let-let go of me, all right? - Calm down.
- Hey.
Look, you have to search - everybody in here, all right? - Calm - Calm d Calm down.
- Search everybody! - No, somebody took my binder! - Hey, hey! - Swanny! Hey, Swanny.
Swanny! - I had it two minutes ago! Swanny, I have your binder right here, man.
I got your binder.
I'm s - I'm sorry.
I, uh - Don't mention it.
I must I must have got confused.
I thought I had Come on.
Here you go, brother.
You good? Mm-hmm.
[EXHALES] [EXHALES] Guy's lucky I didn't drop the hammer on him, putting his hands on me like that.
Yeah, you played that real cool.
[CHUCKLES] You are some wiseass, you know that? - [BOTH CHUCKLE] - [CHIME] Number 398.
Shrink time.
All right.
Have fun.
Hey, uh Dr.
Jelly Finger I can handle solo, but these touchy these touchy-feely folks, you know, uh You know? I thought you'd never ask.
I'm glad you're here, man.
Are you still dealing with lapses of memory? Yes.
Intrusive thoughts? Ever consider harming yourself? I already answered these questions in the forms.
My workload doesn't offer me as much time as I'd like to review your paperwork.
Swanny, she's just trying to help.
Do you ever consider harming yourself? I have good days and bad.
Is there a specific incident that troubles you? - Is there a specific incident - Nicky.
My teammate, my best friend.
What happened with Nicky? Maiwand, Afghanistan.
March 12, 2013.
Can you elaborate? I made the wrong call.
Nick got killed.
Should've been me first out that door.
Maybe we should move on.
Three arrests one for possession, two for assault and two stays in psychiatric wards since leaving the Navy.
Are there any other recent incidents to report? Drunk and disorderly last month.
Were you on your meds at the time? And during the other incidents? No, ma'am.
Meds rob life of its shine.
You know, Brett's really been sticking to his regimen recently.
We're trying to see if we can't get an EMT gig lined up, get things on track.
It's gonna be hard for you to find employment with your record, Mr.
Knife's already in.
Don't need to twist it.
You're rated to have total occupational and social impairment.
That's the highest level on our mental disorder scale.
- I don't have a mental disorder.
- Swann.
I know this is hard for you to hear, but your psychological issues are worsening.
My issues are not psychological.
They're physiological.
Shoving more pills down my throat isn't gonna help me.
I-I was injured.
I-I am injured.
I'm gonna recommend we up your dosage of paroxetine.
Medicate and isolate.
Cerberus, phooey.
Havoc, this is 1.
Approaching his last position.
Need a location of the combatants.
ERIC: Bravo 1, you got a five and a technical about a 100 meters out at your four o'clock.
They're still looking for Washington.
And I just found him.
I got four tangos, north slope, two o'clock.
JASON: Bravo 4, this is 1.
Are you sighted on the technical? TRENT: Bravo 1, this is 4.
We do not have eyes on the vehicle.
JASON: Copy, 4.
Move and let me know when you do.
Check, 1.
I'm pushing south now.
He's at your one o'clock, - mounting a DShK.
- Copy, 4.
Stand by.
SONNY: I've got two 15 yards above HVT.
We got to take 'em now.
TRENT: Sighting in on the two to the west.
4 on you.
Someone had to hear that.
Havoc, this is 1, passing Utah.
I say again: we got him.
Why didn't you tell me how serious your issues are? Well, the way the system works, the more problems you have, the better your benefits are, so, I embellish to get my fair share.
I'm fine.
You embellish those arrests and the psych ward visits, too? You stop taking your meds again, I'm gonna kick your ass.
Not with that leg, you won't.
Look, a couple of drinks and no meds I feel like myself again.
One of the baddest men on the planet.
I miss that.
You do, too.
Feeling dangerous.
Yeah, the problem is, I am dangerous to my wife, my friends, myself.
So why not I know you didn't come here just to up your anxiety medication.
What's going on, man? I thought I had a horseshoe up my ass to walk away from the teams with all my my bits and pieces intact.
I've come to realize that I did get dinged.
I just didn't know it at the time.
Unlike you, nobody knows I'm wounded since my injury's not visible.
Traumatic brain injury.
Are you sure? The therapist didn't say anything about it.
'Cause it hasn't been diagnosed yet.
But I know it's there.
I can't say how, exactly, but I got I got rocked by a couple of IED blasts, including the one that killed Nicky.
Why'd you hide this from me? [SCOFFS SOFTLY] I was embarrassed, I guess.
Plus, I didn't want to scare you.
How many times you had your bell rung, huh? I wouldn't change my time in the teams for anything.
Even knowing this.
War is bad for the brain, man.
Emotional trauma.
There's, like, a fire in my head.
Having a TBI is like throwing rocket fuel onto it.
It's a destructive combination.
It's a lot to carry around on your own.
Says the guy who shut himself off from the world when he got blown up.
Became SEALs 'cause we 'cause we didn't know how to ring the bell, right? Only thing a frogman doesn't know how to do is ask for help.
[CHUCKLES] All the time I spent downrange the enemy never scared me.
But the enemy's in my head now.
And I'm terrified, Clay.
Be advised, your contact in the ravine did not go unnoticed.
You have roughly three dozen enemy fighters in nine technical vehicles moving towards your location.
Good copy, Havoc.
Set the timer.
Bravo 4, we're moving in one mike.
Let's go, boys.
Hurry up.
It's getting late.
Whole day's a waste if I don't see the doctor.
You're gonna get in.
Don't worry.
So, what's the play? I know you're not showing up without a plan of action.
Three-pronged attack.
Get Dr.
Wilson to diagnose the TBI, plot a course of treatment, then pray like hell something works and my brain gets unscrambled.
]: Number 412.
I noticed you have some treatment ideas in that binder.
Always a SEAL.
Even with a busted brain, I still feel like I know better than everyone else.
MAN: 398 to the window.
[SNIFFLES, CLEARS THROAT] All right, I'm coming with you.
Where was this earlier? Could've saved me the humiliation of having to ask you.
Wilson's running behind.
We have to reschedule.
Well, I've-I've been waiting all day.
How's June 29? - That's two months from now.
- Please.
It's imperative that I see Dr.
Wilson today.
CLAY: Listen, B [EXHALES] Brett's a hero, and he-he needs your help, okay? You can't just you can't just turn your back on him, man.
Do you want the 29th or not? Look, uh, Derek, listen, my buddy Brett he's he's a little embarrassed to say, but he is He just come back from the Amazon, and he's got a really gnarly rash.
- What are you doing? - Rash? Yeah.
Right, Brett? - Go on.
- Yeah, yeah.
I-I can't lie to you, sir.
It's, uh it's-it's pretty gross.
CLAY: Show-show him the rash.
- You want to see it? - Goes all the way up here, and CLAY: Look, I think that Dr.
Wilson really should take a look at this thing.
I'll make sure you get in.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] ERIC: Bravo 1, be advised enemy fighters are danger close in technical vehicles, massed in your location and the exfil point.
Copy all, Havoc.
MARSOC's heading to secure the LZ.
- [GUNFIRE] - Let's roll! Let's roll! [GUNFIRE CONTINUING] Pretty slick, playing the Zika card.
Yeah, well, team guys don't really handle "no" very well.
[CHUCKLES] Compression issues with the C1 and C4 causing you much pain? Yeah, my neck's manageable, but I, uh I came here to talk about my real issue: TBI.
I didn't see any record of traumatic brain injury.
CLAY: Well, that's because it hasn't been diagnosed yet.
My psychological issues are consistent with TBI.
I have the, uh, physical manifestations: headaches, dizziness, ringing in my ears, insomnia, shaking hands.
Uh, how do you know this was combat related? Brett ran thousands of spec ops.
You know, tip of the spear gets exposed.
My bet is I suffered blast-induced neurotrauma.
- Hmm.
- What do you think? Well, I'd have to run a battery of tests before diagnosing, but your mental health issues and cognitive impairments, physical ailments and record of heavy combat certainly support the claim.
I could kiss you, Doc.
Anyone ever thank you for telling them that their brain is screwed? - Now, slow down, Brett.
- I know you have a process to follow, and I'll pass those tests with flying colors.
And I-I'm willing to commit to an aggressive treatment program.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, photobiomodulation, uh, nutraceutical supplementation, and, uh I'm sorry.
I just, uh It's-it's been a while since I got a break like this.
Which, uh, which treatment would you recommend? I can't recommend any of them.
Well, fine.
Whatever-whatever plan you prescribe.
No, that's not it, Brett.
Give me a deep breath.
The problem is that there's no record of your TBI.
Yeah, well, which is which is why I'm here.
To get it diagnosed and-and treated.
If your wound wasn't documented while you were serving I can't treat it.
What do you mean, documented? Wh-Why would it be documented? - Easy, Brett.
- The whole point, the whole damn point is it's not a visible injury.
How could I have known to report it when I didn't even understand it? - Swann, this isn't helping, man.
- So when my best friend gets vaporized by an IED, I-I should be more concerned about about reporting my headache than-than trying to save his life? Is that what you're telling me?! Look, Brett dedicated his life to serving our country.
You're gonna hang him out to dry over some clerical issue? Well, it's I empathize with you, but I'm not doing anything.
It's not about me.
It's about the system.
Get me an MRI.
Document the injury first.
Then I can find someone willing to help me.
I can't authori I don't have the authority to authorize an MRI, which costs thousands of dollars.
I'm sorry.
Why you doing this to me? Again, I'm not doing anything to you, Brett.
I'm doing the best I can, but my hands are tied.
The only course of action is to continue - to treat your symptoms.
- Symptoms.
Treat the symptom.
Not the problem.
And for me, nothing changes.
More pills.
[GUNFIRE] Just in time for fun.
What's our move, Jace? Enemy's massing fast.
SONNY: We can't get through that without taking casualties.
Havoc, this is 1.
We need close air support.
ERIC: Roger, 1.
Calling it in now.
We can't sit here much longer, Jace.
These dirtbags aren't helping getting our fallen eagle out of here.
Havoc, this is 1.
How close is that air support? ERIC: Bravo 1, Havoc.
Air support on station now.
Copy that.
Calling it.
- Trent, pop it.
- Yeah! Dragon 26.
This is Bravo 4.
Our position's marked by red smoke.
Enemy's position in 285 degrees at 50 meters, 90 degrees at 500 meters.
Danger close.
How copy? PILOT: Bravo 4, Helo 68 is at your six, and I'm sighting out on your north slope now.
Bravo 4, this is Dragon 26.
I believe if you take a look now, you'll find your tangos have been cleared out.
Have a nice day.
Just in time.
Let's get Captain Washington home.
Hey, let's just go, huh? I can't spend another second in this place.
I'm gonna wait in the truck.
Swann, we got-we got to get your prescription, dude.
Come on.
Look, I know today didn't go as planned.
But you remember what you told me? It's time to buckle down for the fight, 'cause it's gonna be a fight.
- Right? - When'd I say that? You know, maybe Nicky was the lucky one.
Best of us never make it back, right? Come on, man, you can't think like that.
You know, when I got out, I was determined to live a life full of purpose and meaning.
I figured that'd be the best way to honor those who didn't come home.
But now all I want is to is to sleep through the night without nightmares, wake up feeling normal again.
I don't think that's too much to ask, right? Look, all the battles you fought, dude? Come on, you're gonna have this licked in no time.
My battles are over, man.
Hey, Swann.
Come on.
Look, let's just let's just go.
Let's go hit the bar.
Let's go get some beers, - and let's forget about today, all right? - Yeah.
You know, you and me we would've made good teammates.
Are you gonna tell me what that means now? I'll tell you over those beers.
Mother Earth Will swallow you Lay your body down Find the cost Of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth Will swallow you Lay your body down Find the cost of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth Will swallow you Lay your body down Find the cost Of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth Will swallow you Lay your body down Thank you, man.
Thank you.
It's been my lucky day.
Your boy over there just emptied out his whole wallet for me.
- Find the cost of freedom - Swann.
Hey, Swanny! - Buried in the ground - Swanny! Mother Earth Will swallow you - Lay your body down - [CRYING] Find the cost Of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth Will swallow you Lay your body down.