SEAL Team (2017) s02e20 Episode Script

Rock Bottom

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - You didn't have to sleep - out here.
- Well, you know therapists they like their patients on the couch.
Lock up when you leave, okay? [GRUNTING, SHOUTS.]
RAY: We have HVT.
- What happened? - Fell down.
MILLER: Fear is a hell of a thing, Davis.
If you don't slay it, you will not make it through OCS.
I used my faith as a weapon.
I denied a man his last rites to get what I needed from him.
I'm paying for it.
JASON: Your new friend what's her name? - RAY: Christine.
- Christine.
Something you're trying to ask me, brother? BRETT: Search everybody! - Somebody took my binder! - Hey! Swanny, I have your binder right here, man.
JUNE: Your psychological issues - are worsening.
- My issues are not psychological.
They're physiological.
I don't have the authority to authorize an MRI, which costs thousands of dollars.
BRETT: My battles are over, man.
CLAY: Let's just go.
Let's go hit the bar.
Let's go get some beers, and let's forget - about today, all right? - Yeah.
You know, you and me we would've made good teammates.
Are you gonna tell me what that means now? Hey, Swanny! [CRYING.]
What did you do? What did you? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
MANDY: Two days ago, a hotel was bombed in Phuket.
11 Westerners were killed.
22 more were injured.
It was similar to the event in Manila that severely wounded one of Bravo and killed 15 civilians.
Somebody's targeting Westerners.
We traced the bombing in Phuket to the Asian Liberation Army.
- ALA? - Mm-hmm.
They're throwback Commies.
Haven't been militant in 30 years.
That's why I'm worried.
An element of the nonviolent New Resistance Force carried out the bombing in Manila.
A formerly peaceful Islamic group bombed a mining interest in Vietnam.
The ALA's attack in Phuket fits into a pattern.
It's not a coincidence.
The tactics are alike, and they're not local.
They're imported.
Someone is radicalizing anti-Western groups in Southeast Asia.
Why? To destabilize the region.
Make it easier to recruit, set up shop here.
Do you know who? I suspect, but I can't say yet.
Ray, you seeing this? Ain't blind.
But by the time we flank 'em, they'll have that truck loaded and gone.
Got to hit 'em straight up.
SONNY: You know, the whole part of a surprise attack is the surprise.
We kind of lose that when we go straight in.
Bravo 2, take Full Metal to the right.
We'll go left.
MANDY: We intercepted communications.
The ALA is expecting a shipment of weapons at a port south of Bangkok.
- Bravo 2, on my mark.
- Solid copy.
They're planning another attack? Yes.
SIGINT says active shooters at Pattaya Beach.
HICKS: Pattaya Beach.
There's a U.
carrier in port there.
They're gonna hit the U.
sailors on liberty.
Unless we stop them.
We're hanging out here, Jace! Sonny, Trent, in the water! Hit 'em from the exposed side! SONNY: Roger that! Says the guy who hates water! I can get the Thai government to approve an op.
Tell your boys to keep things muted.
Incoming! Ray, you good? Yeah, I'm good! The plan is a stealth op.
Bravo will seize the weapons and bring back prisoners to be questioned.
JASON: Bravo 3, how long? SONNY: Get ready for fireworks.
On three.
One, two, three.
Grab 'em.
- Get down, get down [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Figure this guy's a long way from home.
What do you say, family vacation? Yeah.
Doubt he brought his wife and kids from Pakistan.
Havoc, this is 1.
We got someone here CIA's gonna want to talk to.
BRETT: Doesn't matter how good you are.
You could be the best damn SEAL on the best damn team.
Every operator knows, comes a time when your number's up.
Being a team guy, you never figure on being alone.
When it ends, it's it's like life stops.
At least, the good parts.
I just signed the divorce papers.
Only surprise is Katy stayed with me that long.
The moment I knew it was really over, Katy looks at me and says, "I don't know who you are anymore.
" All I could think to say was, "Neither do I.
" Talk about a shot in the arm, being home.
This is home, with the guys.
I met this kid, Clay.
I've got a place to crash now, job interview lined up.
Things-things are gonna change for me.
I feel it.
Things are gonna change.
I've got a job interview lined up place to crash now.
Yeah, I met this kid, Cla Paroxetine.
To go with the oxycodone, hydro hydrocodone diazepam, clon clonazepam for I don't know what for.
I just take 'em.
Nothing helps.
They understand that something's wrong with me.
In my head.
They won't help me.
Not really help me.
I know how to fight wars.
I know how to fight men.
I don't know how to fight the VA.
I'm tired.
Study my brain.
Figure out what happened inside my head.
JASON: Look at that.
Hard to know what's in another man's mind.
- JASON: Yeah.
- Wish he had said something.
Here we go.
To those before us ALL: To those amongst us, to those we'll see on the other side.
Lord, let me not prove unworthy of my brothers.
Here's to Swanny.
How are you doing? Deployment's coming to an end.
- We ship out next week.
- Really? Yeah.
So soon.
Well, Christine, I-I thought the change in scenery would've done me some good.
But here we are, three months later, and the bad guy's still out there and I'm even more mixed up than when I left.
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have to sit here and listen to me wallow in self-pity.
You can't tell me deployment's all bad.
No, not all bad.
Look, uh I hope I haven't been too much of a burden.
You know, our talks.
Ray, whatever this is, it feels good.
You only have a week.
Maybe we should, you know, make the most of it.
You're a long way from home.
The Ummah is my home.
That's cute.
What about nonbelievers? They will be punished by God.
You sound very stupid right now.
Is this God's will? You know nothing of God.
You're a whore.
You were there, near the bar in Manila, when the bomb went off.
You were in Phuket, when the hotel was bombed.
And you were on the loading docks, picking up more weapons for another attack.
Terrorism, weapons trafficking, mass murder.
You are never gonna be free again.
And I get to decide where you die a hole in Egypt or a jail in the States, where you can see the sun once a day.
You can help yourself.
How is that? Yasin Khan.
Some say the next Osama bin Laden.
Saudi national.
American-educated, Ivy League.
Brilliant organizer, brilliant communicator, and he's a crazy, radical nutjob, just like you.
Yasin Khan is behind the recent attacks in Asia, and you're working for him.
I have nothing to say to you.
We've been watching you.
- [BEEPS.]
- Well, listening.
Your home isn't the Ummah.
It's Pakistan.
Yasin Khan is in Pakistan.
And you are gonna tell us exactly where.
I can promise you that.
You're wrong.
Yasin Khan is not like bin Laden.
He's ten times the man, ten times the leader.
And he will do to your country ten times the damage.
No, he won't.
Because we're gonna kill him.
Hey, Emma.
Finally, I caught you.
Sorry, Dad.
Been busy.
Was out all day, too.
Naima took me shopping.
That's great.
How is she? Good.
I think she's worried about Uncle Ray.
Why's that? Guess they haven't spoken in weeks.
She said you guys have been off-grid.
But you've called us.
I didn't say anything.
No, you-you were right not to.
I Did you get my e-mail? About a meal plan and books? - Vanessa says it's cheaper to buy - Stop.
Whoa, whoa.
Just slow down, okay? How's Mikey? He's fine, Dad.
Mikey wants to go away to hockey school next year.
Hockey Hockey school? Yes.
It's a boarding school where they play hockey.
I know what that is.
How am I supposed to pay for that? And I also need a meal plan and books.
Emma, hold on, okay? I will check my e-mail when I can.
I-I called to talk to you.
You haven't even looked? If the payment's late Look, it's not gonna be late.
Says the man who refuses to deal - with anything regarding my future.
- I'm not.
Look, can we just talk about something else here? No, Dad.
We can't, because you keep making this the thing we always have to talk about - by not dealing with it.
- Em-Emma, st Great.
Unbelievable, man.
Kidding me.
One MRI? One MRI.
That's all his life was worth? That MRI that you wouldn't authorize.
You-you knew what was wrong with him, and you wouldn't help.
I couldn't help him.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? He shot himself, and you're sorry? You could have ordered that MRI.
No, I couldn't.
Look, I've tried that before, and it just gets a patient's hopes up until they're flatly denied.
My hands were tied.
The VA system serves nine million veterans.
Yeah, serves them.
You make them sit here and wait in line for hours.
And then you just, you do nothing, - but you shove pills in them.
- Look, we do all we can.
- You don't do enough! - I know that! Look, I try my best.
I do my best.
I work long hours here.
But you're right.
Your friend deserved better.
Heck, every vet deserves better.
But no one seems to care.
Once we're out, we just We don't matter anymore.
That's what you're saying.
Nine million patients that need care.
Run by the same government stooges that can't graduate 50% of high school kids or get us out of endless wars.
: And we expect them to make this work? This place might as well be the DMV.
Look traumatic brain injuries go unreported.
You want to help? You want to make a difference? Start there inside the military.
Make that your mission now.
Vodka soda, please.
Well, look at that.
Fancy seeing you here.
We're on an island the size of a parking lot.
Not many other places to be.
Yeah, I think that's working out for me.
Uh Thanks.
You look tired.
Long day.
- Difficult patient.
- Patient.
Well, I thought that you weren't supposed to talk about your patients with the whole patient confidentiality thing.
Well, I'm not exactly revealing anything confidential.
Just saying I had a bad day.
All right.
How about you? My day? Uh, just like yesterday.
The day before that and the day before that and the day before that.
You know, you're not really telling me much.
- You realize that, right? - What exactly would you want me to say? Just how your day was.
Is that too much to ask? I didn't come here for this.
What? It's just a conversation.
It's not a conversation.
You're turning it into an argument, it sounds like.
That's odd, because I was just asking how your day was, and you don't really want to talk about it, or much anything else, so You're psychoanalyzing me.
You're trying to root through my brain and find something that is a problem that really isn't a problem, and then you make it a problem.
That's exactly what you're doing.
That's what you think? Yeah.
You know what? I can definitely think of some other place to be.
: Argument, man Somebody's not happy with you.
Oh, please.
I don't want to talk about it right now, get into it.
Can I, uh, get one? Uh, gin and tonic.
Actually, I'll just have whatever he's having.
- Not having your usual? - No.
Show of support.
Show of support.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
You want to tell me what's wrong? - Geez, you got to be kidding me.
- Oh, my God.
You know what, let me ask you a question.
Why does everybody think that something's wrong? We don't have to talk about it.
I'm good.
It's fine.
All right, fine, you want to know what's wrong? You know, my best friend, Ray, he's pulling away from the teams.
He's loose, and he's going off the rails.
I got Clay, who just got shot on my watch.
He's back home.
He's going through rehab.
I don't even know what the odds are that he even makes it back.
My old pal Swanny shot himself in the heart in the VA parking lot.
He's gone.
My daughter, she hates me.
I'm constantly worrying about my kids because they're home alone because their mother died.
And my AO is so far up my ass because, you know, he doesn't think I know how to run my teams.
My teams.
What, am I supposed to, like, feel better now that I did that? [CHUCKLES.]
: I don't know.
I don't know, either.
I don't talk about these things because [SIGHS.]
I protect the people that I care about.
So do you.
No, Jason.
We don't talk about these things because we want to protect ourselves.
: You've reached the Sonny Quinn request line.
You know what to do.
Hey, it's me.
You're probably out kicking doors.
Hope you're staying safe.
To be honest, I really wouldn't mind being out there with you right now.
Got this got this thing to do.
It's, um it's a family thing.
Probably something I should have done a long time ago.
You know, somebody told me once that memories you ignore don't go away.
They just become ghosts.
And I can't live with ghosts, so Hey, Ronnie.
What are you doing here? I wanted to say hi to my little sister.
You don't have a sister.
Your daughter's beautiful.
She looks just like you did.
RONNIE: What do you want, Lisa? I'm still in the Navy.
Um, Officer Candidate School right now.
I graduate in a couple days.
I'd like you to be there.
Why would I do that? Because we're family.
Are we? Do you want to go another 20 years, - having it divide us? - Why not? - Because it hurts.
- Does it? Yes, it does.
OCS is tough.
And I was handling it.
You know, I was kicking ass, even.
Until this fire exercise.
We have to secure a ship that's engulfed in flames, put out the fire, rescue a downed sailor.
And I failed.
History repeating itself? Oh, come on, Ronnie.
It was not my fault.
I didn't kill Michelle.
A fire did.
You left her inside.
I had to get you.
I had to make a choice.
I was 11 when the house burned down.
11, trying to save myself and my two little sisters from a fire because our mother was not there to save all of us.
She was a single mother doing the best she could.
She was a drunk! And she was out drinking again that night.
I couldn't reach Michelle.
I tried.
I tried.
There was so much smoke, and I-I couldn't see, and the fire was getting bigger, and I was terrified.
So I grabbed you, and I ran.
And Mom blamed me for Michelle's death because she sure as hell wasn't gonna blame herself.
But it wasn't my fault, Ronnie.
I wasn't responsible for Michelle's death.
I know that now.
If you already know that, then why are you here? I'm here for you.
I want us to be sisters again.
Have an invitation.
The ceremony's gonna be on Saturday, and I [SNIFFLES.]
I hope you'll be there.
Hello there.
They're running tests.
They tested the charges before the bombings, and according to our prisoner, Khan is there.
It's unusual sophistication for groups like this.
Typically, they just use old artillery rounds and cell phones.
We need to hit that camp.
Yeah, well, PACOM is all about low-vis ops.
Not a kinetic op and not in Pakistan.
Asking Shaw to approve a mission like this, in the outer reaches of this theater [CHUCKLES.]
: Yeah, odds are slim.
Okay, well, I'll beat the odds.
Good news, Clay.
You're progressing fine.
You're on schedule.
My right leg's getting better? You're sure? It is.
When, uh, when do you think I can make it back to my team? It's still premature to speculate, but if this pace of healing continues, I think you'll operate again.
You're fortunate.
Navy Med Center has an excellent PT staff.
Yeah, fortunate.
Hey, uh, do-do I have anything in my jacket about a blast-wave injury from the bomb? No.
There's no mention of it.
First responders were likely focused on your legs.
Why? I just, uh, had-had a buddy who couldn't get treated for TBI 'cause his injury wasn't in his jacket.
Oh, I'm not surprised.
Head injuries often go unnoticed when the victim doesn't lose consciousness.
And the lack of self-reporting is understandable, given that a TBI can interrupt or end your military career.
You've, uh You've been experiencing symptoms? TBI, I mean.
No, I none.
Not like a team guy would tell me anyway.
There are a total of five stations.
Each is graded and must be completed before moving on.
If you do not, the result is a failing grade.
Any questions? Very well.
Davis, you're up first.
Midshipman Davis.
SHAW: Are you joking, Miss Ellis? You're asking me to approve an operation into an area that's been waiting for a war since Gandhi? Not gonna happen on my watch.
Sir, Khan is running next-level operational precision.
In the years leading up to 9/11, we saw this with bin Laden, and we ignored it.
HICKS: Sir, Yasin Khan is unlike any other radical out there.
He is a game changer.
For 18 years, we've been playing whack-a-mole in the Middle East, reacting to 9/11 when we could have prevented it.
We had a chance to kill Osama bin Laden in 1998, but our leaders lacked the will.
Here, with Khan, we have a similar choice.
If we don't act, we will pay.
I understand, Agent.
There's still the issue of Kashmir, a nuclear-armed Pakistan and India.
The closest the world has ever come to nuclear war was over this region.
Now you're asking me to drop a couple SEAL teams directly into it.
Commander Shaw, you're exactly right.
Khan has set up in this area because he is banking on the fact that we won't risk going in.
It's worth the risk, Commander.
And you want Bravo to prosecute the target package? Bravo and Alpha are the only Tier-One assets in the AO.
This goes sideways, it's my career, which means it's also all of yours.
Oh, man, I want some nuts.
Let's go.
Set 'em up.
Six beers, six shots on me.
I got this round.
Count me out.
I'm gonna go call Naima.
That's cute.
You go ahead and you call your wife, Ray.
What's that supposed to mean? Just talked to my daughter.
You know what she's saying to me? She's saying that Naima told her that you haven't been talking to your wife for weeks, Ray.
You want to tell me what a teenage girl's doing in my business? Watch your tone.
That's my daughter.
Why don't you take the air out your chest, Jason? Look, all I'm saying is, this is my business.
You're right.
It is your business, but when it starts affecting the team, then it becomes my business.
Guess what.
Team affected.
It's my business.
You're just looking for something to be mad at That right? We all know what you're going through, bud.
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you? Yeah.
You haven't prayed in weeks.
Look, I know what happened in Mexico.
That church that hit you hard, man, but this isn't you.
This is not Bravo 2, pal.
See, you know what? That's all you want.
- What? - Bravo 2.
Good old Ray, propping you up.
- Propping me up? - Yeah, propping you up.
Holding you together, holding everyone together.
You know, I'm not, I'm not gonna do this with you.
Not until you get your own house in order.
Put all your heat on the team leader 'cause you can't take it when the heat's on you.
There you go again.
There you go again, calling out everybody else's imperfections when your hypocritical ass is too stubborn to understand that you've been falling apart at the seams ever since I'm sorry.
When? Since when? Go ahead, say it.
Say it, Ray.
- Since my wife died? Since Alana? - Yeah, since Alana died! - That's what you're gonna say? - You know what? Man, I'm not even doing this, because you were too stubborn to listen to her, so I know you're not gonna listen to me.
I'm out.
Yeah, I'm out.
I'm out.
You're out? Why you keep bringing up my family, Ray? I didn't bring up family! You brought [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING.]
Come on! Come on.
Yeah, it's all about me, right? All about me, huh? - All about me! - Come on.
Let's bring it back.
I'm good.
I'm good.
- Settle down.
- I'm good, man.
- Come on! - Walk it off! Hey, Ray, listen, man, you and Naima going through stuff, you know, you can always I don't know talk to me.
What's that? What-what you gonna do? You're gonna, you're gonna counsel me with all your all your marriage experience? And I'm sick and tired of Jason holding me up like I'm I'm some damn moral compass.
Hey, you need to take a breath and sit down.
I don't want to.
Sit your ass down.
Bravo 1 may lead the team, but 2 is the glue.
Don't do that.
Don't put that on me.
I did not ask for that.
Maybe you didn't, but it is what it is, brother.
You know what? Don't tell me who I am, Sonny.
I know who I am.
: Oh.
All right then.
So the guy that punches his team leader and his best friend? That who you really are, Ray Perry? You know Shaw has eyes on us.
He's waiting for us to screw up.
It's hard for me to understand why what happened in that bar happened.
Don't know.
You don't know? Look, I let it get to me.
Let what get to you? [SIGHS.]
Ray he's got something going on.
Been dealing with something ever since Mexico, you know? Should have seen it, should have taken care of it much earlier, but I didn't.
This isn't about Ray.
Jason, you've got a heavy load.
Come on.
Trying to fill the role of both parents for your kids and lead this team.
But you cannot do it all, not without help.
Who says I need help? The cracks.
Cracks that are starting to show.
They scream it loud.
Jason, you need to quit making excuses.
- And take a close look at yourself.
'Cause Bravo team is suffering.
And if things don't change, there's a good chance this team gets dismantled.
If that happens, it won't be on Shaw, won't be on Ray.
It'll be on you.
Navy Officer Candidate School Class 2019.
Congratulations, Ensigns.
Today marks the beginning of your career as a commissioned officer.
From this day forward, you will wear the uniform of a leader.
There will be times when you must make hard decisions.
Decisions that you must make on your own.
Decisions that require courage, decisions that affect your nation.
When those times come, I urge you all to think back on this day, on the events that led you here.
Think back to all you've learned, all you've accomplished.
Your failures, as well as your triumphs - Leave here knowing - Ensign Robert Townes.
- that you are prepared.
- Ensign Scarlett Harlow.
URBANO: You are capable.
And you are ready to lead.
MILLER: Ensign Lisa Davis.
Ensign Evelyn Hale.
URBANO: Class 2019 dismissed.
MANDY: The Pakistani you pulled off the dock in Bangkok is a former member of ISI.
Name's Tareen.
SONNY: All that running around chasing Commies, and we're back to the same old meat and potaters.
As you all know, it's common practice for Pakistani military and intelligence to fund, recruit and train terrorist cells.
I bet that connection's the man who trained Tareen.
Got a winner.
Yasin Khan.
Khan ran ISI and Pakistani special operations teams.
Khan's M.
has always been providing funding and target packages for extremist cells, but as his influence increased, Khan began turning on and activating terrorist cells within non-extremist groups.
Like our Communist friends in Thailand and the Philippines.
He's solidifying his influence in the region.
Why? Because he wants the region.
Destabilized and terrorized.
ERIC: Yasin Khan is the man responsible for the bombing that sent Clay Stateside.
He's also shaping up to be the next Osama bin Laden.
We tracked his camp to the disputed area of the Kashmir mountains.
Langley has bumped him up to capture/kill priority.
We'll be executing this one off the books.
Nothing, and I mean nothing can go wrong on this one.
I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that Pakistan doesn't want us playing in their backyard, yeah? ERIC: Well, given their recent aggression on both sides and the fact that Pakistan and India tensions haven't been this high since the early '70s, no.
If your presence is discovered, it could start a war.
I bet Shaw's happier than a pig in mud over this op.
If we can't breach in Pakistani airspace, we drop in over India.
HAHO's the only way.
You'll be crossing into Kashmir under canopy after opening over India.
Those mountains are pretty high.
K2's what, 28,000 feet? Correct.
But your course has you passing through a saddle which peaks at 15,000 feet.
That gives you a 3,000-foot window for error, so, ideally, you'll pass over the mountain range at about 18,000.
Well, that sure doesn't give us a lot of wiggle room.
Sure doesn't.
If you open below 18,000 feet, you're gonna land on the east side of the mountain, which, according to our intel, is chock-full of enemy.
If that happens, you'll be forced to E&E.
Well, that's a deterrent if I ever heard of one.
Once you're on the ground, we lose ISR, and comms will be spotty.
So we'll be all alone, what else is new.
Let's get our gear ready, grab some rest.
We meet at the staging area at 1500.
- Hey.
- JASON: Yeah.
ERIC: Sonny was right back there.
Sonny's never right about anything.
Yeah, well, he's right about Shaw.
To say that man's unhappy is a vast understatement.
This op could make or break his career.
And ours.
BRETT: When you're a team guy, that's what you live for.
There's nothing like that feeling, that rush.
You are the tip of the spear.
I've got a different mission now.
They tell you in BUD/S, the only easy day was yesterday.
I'm gonna work this like I worked BUD/S.
One day at a time.
I got this.
Lead us out.
Roger that.
All right, boys.
Let's get ready CLAY: Brett Swann lived five more years.
But that explosion is the combat injury that killed him.
Brett deserves a Purple Heart.
And I'd like for you to request an award review.
All right, Spenser.
It'll take at least six months.
That's fine, sir.
And the request will most likely be denied.
The standard for the Purple Heart, when it comes to a blast-wave injury, is that it needs to cause a loss of consciousness or be severe enough to require treatment by a medical officer.
Brett never asked for treatment.
It's not in his jacket.
- Would you have asked, sir? - No.
No, that's not the point.
The point is a Purple Heart will not be awarded because Brett did exactly what you and I would do: he didn't report it.
He should have.
But he didn't feel like he could.
And that's what needs to change.
This medal isn't just for Swanny, this is for all of us who could wind up just like him.
I understand that.
The military has to draw a line somewhere until we know more about TBI.
We're not gonna know more until we change the system.
It has to be reported in order to be studied and treated.
If the military won't pay attention to the problem, maybe the press will.
Spenser, I'm on your side here.
I really am.
But if you take this outside of our orbit, you'll be throwing away your career and facing a court-martial.
Not now, Sonny.
Now is all we got, Jace.
We're 30,000 feet over India, about to jump into a hornet's nest.
We got a cake-eater who's supposed to have our back, and who's getting his knife ready.
And? - And? - Yeah.
Things aren't right with you and Ray.
- The guy took a swing at me.
- The guy? That guy is Ray.
Bravo 2.
Your best friend.
Yeah, you're both in the wrong taking a swing at each other.
You got to make it right, J.
JASON: No, what I need to do is keep my head in the game.
The mission's the only thing that matters.
Ray knows that, too.
Y'all are a bunch of children.
All right, time to get jocked up.
All right, Master Chief Hayes will radio in once all the operators are under canopy.
Sounds good.
When do we JASON: Havoc this is 1, I have six.
RAY: I got a line over! Say again, line over.
I'm working.
JASON: Work the problem, Ray.
Work the problem.
RAY: I'm working it.
Too long.
I've got to cut away.
JASON: Ray! RAY: I'm cutting away.
Tell Naima I love her.
Bravo 2, this is Havoc Base, radio check, over.
Bravo 2, come in.
Bravo 1, what just happened? JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
Bravo 2 has a chute malfunction and had to cut away from his main.
I say again, Bravo 2 had to cut away from his main.
Copy that, Bravo 1.
Did anyone see his reserve deploy? JASON [STATICKY.]
: Havoc, this is 1.
They're flying through the pass, we're gonna lose them on comms.
Bravo 1, say again your last.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We've lost Bravo 2.
I say again, we've lost Bravo 2.