SEAL Team (2017) s02e21 Episode Script

My Life For Yours

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - Hey, Swanny.
WILSON: Traumatic brain injuries go unreported.
You want to make a difference? Make that your mission now.
RAY: There you go again, calling out everybody else's imperfections when your hypocritical ass is too stubborn to understand that you've been falling apart at the seams.
You trying to hit me, huh? ERIC: Yasin Khan is shaping up to be the next Osama bin Laden.
We tracked his camp to the Kashmir mountains.
Nothing can go wrong on this one.
RAY: Too low, I got to cut away.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We've lost Ray.
JASON: Bravo 2, this is 1.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
- Bravo 2 - Jace, any word on Ray? Hey, Jace, did his reserve open? TRENT: I saw him under reserve canopy.
But he was real low when it opened.
I tell you right there, we should have never done this mission.
- Our minds weren't in it.
- Listen to me, Sonny.
Pull it together, got it? Ray worked the problem, he's gonna be fine.
Okay, but we don't know that.
Havoc, this is 1.
I pass flea-flicker.
Were you able to establish comms with Bravo 2? Yeah, copy that, 1, passing flea-flicker.
Bravo 2 deployed his reserve and was tracking to put down about ten klicks from the LZ.
Still trying to raise him on comms.
Ten klicks, that puts him on the east side of the mountain.
Area's crawling with enemy.
Yeah, smack-dab in the middle of terrorist Walley World.
No QRF, no ISR for overwatch.
I'm telling you right now, Ray's in a lot of trouble.
Havoc, this is 1.
I'm gonna retrieve Bravo 2 and then head to target.
Negative, 1.
Bravo 2 is aware of his contingency procedures, and he's likely moving to the tertiary exfil point.
You are to continue your mission.
That's a big assumption; we don't know his status.
ERIC: Bravo 2 is trained for this type of situation.
Be advised that your mission is time-sensitive.
Your orders are to Charlie Mike.
JASON: Copy that.
We're out.
Are you kidding me, Jace? We're gonna leave Ray out in the cold? TRENT: We're the only American boots on the ground - that can go get him.
- BROCK: Come on, boss, - we can't leave him behind.
- Stop.
All right? Enough.
Get your heads in the game.
We got an op to do.
Ray is gonna meet us at the exfil point.
He is gonna be fine.
Hide the gear and let's go.
Let's go.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
Bravo 2, key your mic.
Come on, Ray.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
Copy? Damn it.
This is Bravo 2 to Havoc Base.
Do you copy? Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
Do you copy? [PANTING.]
Damn it.
Damn it.
Don't look up.
Don't look up.
Don't look up.
We're gonna put down at an Indian base in Udhampur.
They're not gonna be happy about running ops behind their backs.
Sitrep on Senior Chief Perry? He put down somewhere near Kotli.
An area that harbors 13 launch pads and a dozen terrorist training camps.
How many militants we talking about? Couple thousand fighters within two miles of Senior Chief Perry.
An American special operator killed or captured inside Pakistani territory would unleash a diplomatic firestorm that will bury this command, not to mention Bravo team.
Ray's canopy chute malfunctioned.
It was more bad luck than poor execution sir.
Seems like bad luck's been lingering around Bravo for months.
I need to update the Pentagon.
All right.
RAY: Damn it.
SONNY: Hey, J.
Save your oxygen, Sonny.
Look, Ray's alone in the wilderness.
You're a sheepdog.
Sheepdog's gotta keep this flock together.
Yeah, right.
Sheepdog's also gotta drive the herd so they don't lose their way.
You know, when I was in that torpedo tube, the only thing that kept me going was knowing that my brothers were a few feet away from me, all right? This world is a hell of a lot easier to navigate when you got someone to lean on.
Ray's gonna be just fine.
This fight's making you see red.
The last time Ray was on his own, it wasn't a mountain keeping him from the team.
It was you.
He was the first damn person to show up when Alana died.
Hey, listen to me.
I'm very aware what Ray has done for me.
You don't think I have any interest in finding him? You don't think I want to make things right? It's Bravo 2, he's my best friend.
But right now, we have a job to do.
Get your head out of your ass.
Emotions get people killed.
JASON: Bravo 2, come in.
Come on, Ray.
Where are you? MANDY: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Picking up SIGINT that militants located a parachute and two killed fighters.
They know they have a visitor.
Havoc, this is 1.
If Bravo 2 is discovered, our HVT's gonna disappear.
Recovering 2 is critical for mission success.
Request permission to break off to go get Bravo 2.
ERIC: Bravo 2 has kicked up a hornet's nest.
It sounds like the enemy is already swarming.
You head over that mountain, there's no cavalry coming to your rescue.
Do you understand what you're requesting? Copy that.
We're aware of the risks.
Bravo 2 needs us.
All right.
Let's retrieve Bravo 2.
Copy that.
Bravo out.
All right, change of plans.
We're going to get Ray.
Tertiary exfil point's on the other side of that mountain summit.
Enemy's fortified in there like Tora Bora.
Could avoid contact by going around the mountain instead of over.
Ray doesn't have time.
Speed is safety on this one.
- Trent, lead us east.
- You got it.
You scrubbed the op? No, sir.
I am trying to save it.
I gave Bravo a frag-o.
Tactically, it is our only option.
If the enemy finds Ray, Khan will know we are here and he will go underground.
Bravo needs to get to Ray first.
All the strings pulled just to authorize this operation, and your team can't even execute it.
- It's the right call.
- Right or wrong, it's your call, Lieutenant Commander Blackburn, one that better succeed.
Damn it.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2, do you copy? [RADIO STATIC.]
Any station this ne [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
Yeah, give me a minute.
Come on in.
You look good.
I mean, all things considered.
How did you hear? Uh [CHUCKLES.]
And-and I just I just had to come and see for myself.
You, not your leg.
Wasn't really a big deal.
You don't have to do that for me.
I can handle what happened, a bomb nearly killed you.
Yeah, but it didn't.
Thank God.
I, um I came to the hospital.
Like, six weeks ago.
I'm sorry.
I must have been I must have been really drugged up, I don't remember that.
I never actually made it out of the lobby.
Well, bombing validated all your concerns of why we couldn't be together.
STELLA: M-My heart told me that I needed to come and nurse you back to health, but then I realized that, uh, that wasn't my place anymore and that you were probably in enough pain without me.
Honestly, I wasn't a lot of fun to be around then anyways.
Yeah, but were you ever fun? [SCOFFS, MUTTERS QUIETLY.]
So, what, are you you're moving? No, I had a, I had a friend that was staying with me.
Oh, and, uh, did your friend leave? It's a long story.
I didn't drive all this way to just hang out for five minutes.
MANDY: Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Be advised, Indian assets report enemy massing between Bravo 2's last known location - and the tertiary exfil point.
- Copy that.
They know who they're after? Negative.
There's no chatter about American military.
Copy that.
Bravo out.
All right, set security, hydrate.
They're moving, too.
Whole other side of the mountain's after Ray, chasing him down.
He's not making it to exfil.
Uh, he's just evading now, pushing deeper into the valley.
Yeah, the enemy's dictating his choices.
I'm telling you what, if I'm Ray, I'm using this river as a guide to get to the border.
Our hike has officially turned into an odyssey.
Sure has.
I want you to hydrate, - okay? We're moving in two.
- Yeah.
- Hey, J.
- Yeah? I didn't mean to cross the line earlier.
Sure you did.
You were worried about Ray.
We all are.
I crossed the line with Ray, as a team leader and as a friend.
You both were in the wrong.
- Well, Mexico messed him up.
- Mm-hmm.
I saw it.
He'd been struggling for a while.
I should've picked him up, I knocked him down.
That was wrong of me.
I kept waiting for him to sort it out on his own.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe we can't do all this on our own.
Hey, Jace.
We are gonna go find Ray right now.
You understand? [PANTING.]
You think old Shaw's gonna carve up Bravo for this? I don't care about Shaw.
Without Ray, there is no Bravo team.
- Roger that.
- All right, let's go.
We got to move.
Come on.
Ah, damn it.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2, in the blind.
I pass fumble.
Route to tertiary exfil point has been compromised.
Do you copy? [RADIO STATIC.]
Havoc Base? [PANTING.]
Damn it.
Havoc Base, strobe on.
Damn it.
Damn it.
SONNY: Last time I was this dehydrated, it was that training mission in Mississippi.
You downed so much mescal, Ray had to drag you home early every night.
: Yeah.
Yeah, I never got to thank him for that.
Never thanked him for a lot of things.
- JASON: Contact front! Contact front! Move! Move! - TRENT: Contact right! Contact right! - JASON: Push right! Push right! - Take cover! - [GUNFIRE CONTINUES.]
We got two enemy dead, sitting down in both directions! RPGs.
We're gonna get chewed up here! We got to move! Metal, Sonny, push left, hammer that bunker! - Hoo-ya, Master Chief! - Brock, smoke.
Smoke out.
- Go! Go! Go! - Go! Go! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES.]
Cover me! We got to get to that second bunker! [GRUNTING.]
JASON: Smoke! Full Metal, hit 'em! We got to push right! - Push right! - Go.
Smoke out! [EXPLOSION.]
- You got it? - Found the other bunker.
All right, this one's mine.
Come on.
I got this one.
Nice shot, boss.
Let's go.
Consolidate on me.
If this thing goes south, we don't get Khan All the work you put in, it should be your collar.
Khan can wait.
There's only one Ray.
Is this your contact from the DIA? Doesn't look like she's putting out the welcome mat for us.
Where do you get off running an operation in our backyard without informing us? Need I remind you Kashmir is the likeliest flash point for nuclear war in the world? Thank you for coming, Anita.
We never intended the op to play out this way.
Reports state the entire valley of militants is mobilizing.
Why? Infil went haywire, and got a man trapped in the Azad region.
Five operators are racing after him, but I don't have any assets that can assist in the search.
My government can't escalate the situation by getting involved.
Unless the enemy is mobilizing an incursion into Indian territory.
Might seem prudent for you to launch ISR to monitor their movements? And perhaps we catch a glimpse of our missing soldier? Perhaps.
I have to make a call.
I don't understand how Brett doesn't deserve a Purple Heart.
I mean, he was injured in combat.
Military doesn't see it that way.
They even, uh they even threatened my career if I keep pushing Brett's story.
You guys sacrifice so much only to be abandoned when you're no longer of use.
I didn't mean you.
It's all right.
I feel pretty useless these days.
Especially for Swanny.
He was very lucky to have you in his life.
Believe me.
You know, maybe it's Maybe it's better that warriors like us die heroes on the battlefield, rather than come home and wilt away as forgotten statistics.
Is that how you feel? Brett felt that way.
I know this isn't your favorite topic.
I can handle it.
I thought we broke up because you couldn't.
That's fair.
Part of me still thinks that I'd be a lot happier if I'd just kept my shut my mouth and let you get on that plane to Mexico.
Well, you know what? It's-it's better it happened there on the tarmac than ten years down the road, right? Yeah, maybe.
I just wonder if I performed emergency surgery on a wound that didn't actually exist.
Uh, I'm assuming that you reached out to Ash to help push, uh, Brett's story? No.
Uh, look, my dad's let me down my whole life.
Swanny deserves better than that.
Your dad has a platform on cable news.
And as a former SEAL, he can help keep you out of Harrington's crosshairs, I mean, let you get back to the, to the pipe kicking.
It's door kicking, or pipe hitting.
My alpha-male jargon's a bit rusty.
You really want me back operating, huh? This your way of telling me you're seeing somebody? Is this your way of asking? Stop deflecting on Ash.
I'm not sure he'd be willing to help.
There's only one way to find out.
Havoc, this is 1.
Any word on 2? ERIC: Yeah, negative, 1.
But our host country is spinning up its ISR.
Copy that.
Bravo 1 out.
Finally get some eyes over Ray.
First good news since we jumped in.
SONNY: I'm telling you, man.
I knew this op had bad juju once old fat-head Shaw got on that plane.
Tell you what, man.
The cake-eaters are like What? Felt something depress under my right foot.
Pretty sure it's a land mine.
JASON: Nobody move.
We're in a minefield.
No bueno, boys.
Land mines are like the sharks of the dirt.
Don't have time for this.
I'll figure it out.
You guys keep going.
JASON: Not gonna happen, Trent.
I'll make it safe myself.
SONNY: The hell you will, Trent.
I've seen you open a beer bottle before.
Now, letting you do surgery on a bomb, that's probably gonna turn us into wolf food.
Don't make me laugh, Sonny.
I'm literally on a mine.
Small pressure plate.
Okay? You step off, and you go boom.
Guess I won't be stepping off, then.
Think I have an idea.
Give me your hook knife.
Brock, punch that in.
Right there.
Give me your knife.
Tie it off up there.
Get down and eat dirt.
That ain't no pizza delivery truck.
Standing out here like a hooker in church, boss.
JASON: Come on.
SONNY: You want me open up on this technical? JASON: No.
Any of those bullets hit this minefield, we're gonna be chum.
Stay down.
SONNY: They're coming in view in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, - two, one.
- Ready? Yeah.
They're stopping.
I tell you what, man.
I think I won the bodily function bingo on that one.
We lost a lot of time.
We got to go back the way we came.
Easy up and out.
Come on.
Nice and easy, boys.
Nice and easy.
You scream, you die.
Do you understand? - [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE.]
Hey, Sonny.
How much time did we lose going around that minefield? Two hours, give or take.
Awful long time for Ray to hold out.
- You all right, Jace? - Ah.
Been riding you guys so hard.
Led you right into a minefield.
You got some superpowers, but X-ray vision ain't one of them.
Not your fault.
Hey, sir.
Take a look at your monitor.
Havoc Base to Bravo 1.
Havoc, this is 1.
ERIC: Yeah, ISR just picked up Bravo 2's helmet strobe.
Copy that.
Send us the coordinates.
A-firm, 1.
Sending now.
Bravo 1, be advised.
ISR also shows enemy moving towards the area where Bravo 2's strobe was spotted.
Copy that.
We'll just have to get to him before they do.
Bravo 1 out.
Jace, unless we grow wings, we ain't getting to him in time.
I have an idea.
ERIC: Got to admit, Jason's clever.
Getting to Ray is not what's concerning me.
They're pushing deeper into Pir Chinasi.
ERIC: Getting out is on Jason's shoulders now.
Maybe not.
Oh, good horse.
Little skinny, but she sure got a lot of spunk.
Too steep for horses.
Keep them here.
Havoc, this is 1.
Yeah, go for Havoc.
Still got a bead on Bravo 2's helmet strobe? - Monero? - Yes, sir.
Still lighting off in the same spot right here.
Bravo 1, the strobe is still flashing - at the same location.
- Copy that.
He's probably, uh, hunkered down somewhere.
No, he wouldn't stop now.
- Might be injured.
- Ray's okay.
I got a feeling.
Let's keep looking.
There's no chance I'm authorizing an Indian-led QRF.
Your military regularly runs operations - in and out of Kashmir.
- Not the point.
Look, I understand why you want Khan dead.
But this mess has been created by your military, and you'll have to deal with the fallout.
Bashir Varma.
Maybe not the same threat as Khan, but how many Indians has Bashir killed? Soldiers and civilians.
We know where Bashir is.
So? By the time you're cleared to share his information, this will all be over.
And, if I'm being honest, your men will be dead.
I know his location.
You would really do that? Leak it? Call to prayer is soon.
People are gonna notice you missing.
I'm in a bit of a dilemma here.
Men to the south, the village is north.
Six months ago, I would have tied you up, taken my chances out there.
Trusted this was all part of some plan.
Now I don't see a plan in any of this.
In anything.
I see you versus me.
One of us will live.
One of us will die.
Sonny! Oh, no.
Ray could've fallen over the edge.
JASON: Where is he? Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.
I still don't get why you wouldn't let me see you at the hospital.
I shut myself off from the rest of the world after I got blown up.
Didn't, uh, didn't think you'd understand.
My son was hurt.
What's to understand? Still getting used to you acknowledging that you have a son.
You know, I always feel like I'm bringing a knife to a gunfight when we're together.
What'd you want to see me for, anyway? Brett Swann.
The team guy that offed himself? He's a friend.
What was the deal, then? PTSD? He had a traumatic brain injury, and the VA wouldn't treat it 'cause it wasn't documented as a combat injury.
That's a shame.
I'm trying to get Brett a Purple Heart.
I'm hoping that the military will start acknowledging TBI cases for vets in the same boat as Brett.
Look at you.
My son, the maverick, wanting to fight the system.
It's a worthy fight.
Military's not gonna want you generating that kind of publicity.
That's why I'm here.
I'm, uh You know, nobody knows publicity like you.
You want to use my position at the network to push your message.
It's not a message, it's a mission.
Not a lot to ask after you used me for information to keep yourself in that position.
It's an admirable cause, son, but it's not gonna happen.
That defeatist attitude It's a good thing we weren't fighting any wars while you were operating.
You know what, I get it, Clay.
I was a crappy father, okay? But even an old frogman like me is only gonna tolerate so much abuse.
Hundreds of thousands of vets suffer from TBI.
You could be their voice, their champion.
Maybe, maybe this is the war you've been looking for.
I just thought maybe you'd want to do something to make your son proud.
Oh, no.
There's not much time now.
Maybe maybe I can make it over the ravine.
Over the ravine before you get the word out about me.
No, I wouldn't make it.
The smartest thing I can do is kill you and run.
Why should I trade my life for yours? [PRAYING QUIETLY.]
Stop it.
There is no one up there to hear you.
There's no one up there to hear you.
- No one.
Metal, anything? Looks like he came down that hill pretty hard.
How about you? One set of tracks down by the river.
All right, look [EXHALES.]
Heads on a swivel, boys.
Enemy's on to him.
We got to get to him before they do.
Let's roll.
Come on.
Sit down.
- Sit down! - [GRUNTS.]
Don't make me pull the trigger.
I will pull this trigger.
: Don't make me kill you.
I don't want to kill you.
Stop, damn it.
- Stop! - [GASPS.]
I will kill you.
Ain't nothin' stopping me.
There's nothing stopping me.
Not anymore.
I mean it.
Last mag.
You're never out of the fight.
Never out of the fight.
Oh, Naima is gonna be so pissed.
- Damn it.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! [MEN SHOUTING.]
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall hide in the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.
I will say to my Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in Him will I trust.
" JASON: Ray, get down! Ray.
I got you.
- All right.
You hurt? - I thought I was gonna die.
Yeah, so did I.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We have 2.
We're low on ammunition - and need immediate extract.
- That ridge.
Get them the coordinates.
Bravo 1, we have an exfil plan.
The ridge directly to your south.
You need to be on it, and fast.
JASON: Copy.
We're heading up there now.