SEAL Team (2017) s02e22 Episode Script

Never Out of the Fight

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - We've lost Bravo 2.
I say again, we've lost Bravo 2.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
- Do you copy? - All right, change of plans.
We're going to get Ray.
I came here to talk about my real issue: TBI.
I didn't see any record of traumatic brain injury.
If your wound wasn't documented while you were serving, I can't treat it.
Hey, Swanny.
ISR just picked up Bravo 2's helmet strobe.
Copy that.
They'll send everyone.
Bravo will not be able - to fight their way to safety.
- I know.
There's no chance I'm authorizing an Indian-led QRF.
And you'll have to deal with the fallout.
- Bashir Varma.
- I know this location.
I will kill you.
Ain't nothing stopping me.
He is my refuge, my God in whom I trust.
Ray, get down.
Copy that.
Bravo's helo is about to touch down.
Can't believe we're getting them all back in one piece.
Well, recovered Ray, avoided a diplomatic firestorm, and we didn't escalate the India-Pakistan crisis into a nuclear war.
I'd call today a win.
Well, don't forget why we're here, Commander.
To get Yasin Khan.
Let me remind you, recovering Perry rather than taking out Khan was your call.
One that's had some serious consequences.
Rescuing Senior Chief Perry was the right decision.
I stand by it, sir.
A zealot like Khan, he's got to spread his message.
He's not gonna go underground.
We'll find him.
It won't be Bravo going in if you do.
Had your shot and you missed.
Total mission failure.
That's not entirely fair, sir, we I don't entirely care.
The results speak for themselves.
A word, Commander? - Hey, Ray.
How you feeling? - Hey.
Uh a few scratches, few bruises, but I'll be ready to go when we reload on Khan.
Not asking about the elbow.
I know.
Give us a minute, will you? - How am I feeling? - Yeah.
How are you feeling? Feel like I've never seen a more beautiful sunset than the one I saw tonight.
Feel like I've never wanted to see my family more than I want to see them right now.
And I feel like I don't deserve my teammates who marched through hell to come save me.
Really thought you were gonna die on that mountain.
I did die.
Part of me, anyway.
I was almost lost for good, brother.
Told this woman I was holed up with I'd kill her if she made a sound.
I scared her, but I terrified myself.
Mostly because I believed I'd do it.
Knew I was digging my own grave if I let her go, but, Jace, something happened and I realized she was sent to me.
That woman was my salvation.
She was your salvation how's that? It just hit me.
I'd rather die being the man Naima loved than live as the man she found.
I know Mexico denying that guy's last rites, it hey.
That wasn't you, man, that was me.
I know how hard that was on you, and I should have been there for you, and I wasn't.
You were when you marched your ass over that damn mountain to come save me.
And that's all that matters.
- No brother left behind.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- That's right.
Back in five, four, three I'm pleased to be joined by Ash Spenser, former Navy SEAL and author of the best-selling book The Man behind the Myth.
It's an absolute honor to be here, Patty, speaking about an American hero that your audience most likely has never heard of.
Brett Swann.
Brett is the former Navy SEAL who recently took his own life in the parking lot - of a VA campus? - That's correct.
One among 19 veterans who have committed suicide on VA campuses from 2017 till now.
What do you call that? Acts of protest.
Wake-up calls.
Right, I-I guess what I'm asking, Ash, is, did Brett do what he did because he was suffering from traumatic brain injury? Brett committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment for his TBI.
And that's a crime.
A national disgrace.
Is this your second book? That's correct.
There he is, ladies and gentlemen.
Bravo 2 is back in the fold.
Hey, how you feeling, buddy? I, uh - grateful for all you boys did for me.
- Mm-hmm.
Hate I put you in that position.
Do it again if we have to.
Well, no doubt, but, if you do go missing again, can we please do it in a less vertical environment? Because my legs, they, they are killing me right now.
Hurt? Like that? That hurt? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on, now.
Thank God for those horses.
Oh, you know, I'm actually pissed off that I missed Sonny in his element.
- In his element, man? - Yeah.
He's definitely no Clint Eastwood on a horse.
More like a koala bear on a mule.
What the hell you talking about, man? I was doing things on that animal that you city boys can't even comprehend.
Sonny can't ride.
- No, he can't ride.
- What? I can ride just fine, I just I'm not a fan of those furry, demonic quadrupeds.
Oh, a cowboy that hates horses.
I don't get it, I don't get it.
A frogman who hates water.
You two are a hell of a lot more entertaining - when you punch each other.
- I mean, look, hey, you could've been Full Metal.
He fell off at least, what, twice? What I was demonstrating there was a classic horse warfare combat dismount.
Y'all should've been taking notes.
All right, here we go.
So, we cleared hot to go get Khan? Khan's in the wind.
Entire compound's been vacated.
Look, fellas, Commander Shaw's gonna recommend that Bravo Team be split up when we get back from Virginia Beach.
I'm sorry.
I wanted you to hear it from me first.
Guy's got no right.
I wouldn't trade Shaw's position for all the tri-tip in the world.
Shaw's out of his mind.
I'll do whatever I can.
Exhaust my Rolodex.
People owe me favors.
You know what, maybe you should spend some more time watching your own six.
Indian helo disappears out of nowhere.
You must have pulled some strings for that one.
Some strings, something like that, yeah, That's gonna cost you.
A lot of things we do in this job keep me up at night, but risking it to save you guys is not gonna be one of them.
Are you gonna be okay? Okay? I just blew up my team.
You saved Ray's life.
Yeah, right after I almost ruined my relationship with him.
You know, Mandy, I just spent months convincing myself that everything is just fine, that everything's okay, despite everything that's gone on in my life.
My wife dying.
Adam getting blown up.
Brett, Clay.
You know, Mandy, maybe it's just me who's falling apart and taking my team with me.
- You're being too hard on yourself.
- Am I? Am I? I have never seen anyone adapt so effortlessly on the battlefield.
You can do that off the field, too.
You just have to decide to.
I don't know.
I don't know how.
Where you going? Find Khan.
Hung around you long enough to know one thing.
What's that? We're never out of the fight.
- Patty.
- Such a pleasure.
Nice to see you again.
So, what'd you think? I think Swanny couldn't ask for a better advocate.
Take a real coldhearted bastard not to give him a Purple Heart now.
Thanks for stepping up.
One second.
Spenser here.
Congressman Zuckerman.
Oh, you saw it? Yes, sir, it's hugely important.
No, I-I can do that.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Congressman Zuckerman from the Armed Forces Committee? This guy draws a lot of water, Clay.
Could be just the guy we need to fast-track that Purple Heart for Brett.
All because of you, kid.
It's hard to believe we might never go outside the wire together again.
Shaw's got his head so far up his cake-eating ass.
Hate to see what the world's like without Bravo in it.
Indian intel source places Khan in Lahore tonight for a high-level meeting.
I hate to be a buzzkill, Mandy, but Shaw grounded us.
Indians can't escalate their standoff with Pakistan.
We're the closest American unit in the theater.
This call will be above Shaw's head.
One last rodeo.
Bravo rides again.
India intelligence received confirmation from an embedded agent: Khan stayed local, and is holding a meeting tonight to coordinate a multipronged attack, likely in retaliation for being targeted.
Gentlemen, this continues to be an extremely volatile situation.
The entire region is on high alert, both sides of the border.
And an urban environment means even less of a margin of error.
This needs to be a flawless operation.
The target building sits in the middle of the city, - in the timber district.
- Populated area means lots of eyes and ears.
Attracting any unwanted attention will send this op sideways in a hurry.
Zero footprint on this one.
All right, now that everybody's ears are up, it's gonna be tough sneaking into Pakistan under their noses.
An industrial zone is fed by a river that runs into Lahore from India.
- We'll swim in? - Yeah, swim.
Khan is a treasure trove of intelligence.
This could be the most significant capture since KSM.
Capture? Uh-uh.
We're toe-tagging that son of a bitch for what he did to Bravo 6.
Listen, I know you all want justice for Clay, but Bravo could win a lot of friends at the Pentagon and at Langley if you bring Khan in alive.
Saw your dad on TV last night.
Oh, what's he grandstanding about now? Brett Swann.
That right? Yes, that is right.
It's ironic how your father picked up the very fight that I ordered you to put down.
Yes, sir.
Good frogman uses every tool in their kit to succeed.
I hope Ash gets Swanny what he deserves.
Contact's here.
Gear up.
Painter's van.
Nice touch, Batra.
So, doing some interior decorating or are we gonna be schwacking boogers? You guys are as good as I hear, there will be time for both.
Havoc, this is 1, I'm passing Dirty Work.
Cordoned off the target building.
Well, what do you call a curveball in cricket? Cops must be on the take.
Yeah, we make our move now, we'll be front-page news.
Hey, circle back to the alley behind the building.
Bravo 1, the side alley has approximately two meters of separation between the buildings.
Copy that, Havoc.
Target building doesn't have a back door.
Yeah, but it's got a fire escape.
Sonny, take care of those lights.
Roger that, Master Chief.
Take the fire escape up to the roof, clear down, exfil the same way.
All right.
Full Metal, you've got overwatch.
- Roger that.
- Havoc, this is 1.
Passing Undercover.
Bravo 1, we have two tangos in the clear.
Copy, 7.
Keep an eye on 'em.
Sixth floor clear.
Oh, oh.
Slow, slow.
Moving! Khan's going for the police.
SSE, get a biometric to collect all intel and cell phones.
Roger that.
- I'll go around.
- I'll take the stairs, cut 'em off.
We got squares in the fire escape.
Bravo 3, this is 7.
White side clear.
Call us even? Cuff him, will you? Yeah.
- I got him.
- Got him? Compliments of Clay Spenser.
SSE's complete.
Get those images to Havoc.
All right, let's go.
Safe in, safe out.
Collapse the way we came in.
Bravo 7, moving to you.
Commander Shaw, we just confirmed that Bravo killed four of the most wanted terrorists in the region tonight.
Tell you what, Shaw's got some pair, hitching a ride with us.
We should give Commander Yoko Nono the Argentinian elevator treatment.
I tell you what, Shaw's gonna be headed for a long-neck enema if he tries to turn this plane dry.
Yeah, well, I don't think he's gonna be interested in tangling with you.
Shaw just got his legs cut out from under him.
You want to tell me what in the hell you're talking about? What I'm saying is, is that in addition to capturing Khan, you boys just took out four of the most wanted terrorists in the region.
Shaw is gonna get laughed out of D.
if he tries to take out Bravo.
Looks like the band ain't breaking up any time soon, 'cause we're back.
Look, we've taken our share of lumps this deployment.
Some of 'em were self-inflicted, but you guys kept pulling yourselves up off the mat.
In the end we took out the son of a bitch who took out Clay.
Never out of the fight.
Never out of the fight.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers, bud.
How'd it go with the congressman? That man can talk.
Can I get a whiskey on the rocks, make it a double? Isn't it a little early for a double? Politicians will do that to you.
So? What, is he, is he gonna push for the Purple Heart for Brett? Congressman Zuckerman definitely views Brett's case as an opportunity to spread the word about the need to change the way that we treat our vets, but thank you the only change that clown is really interested in is moving his ass to the Senate.
Yeah, well, doing what's right and self-promotion aren't mutually exclusive.
Zuckerman made it clear if the military were to start retroactively awarding Purple Hearts, it'll just open up all kinds of floodgates for legal issues, creating huge financial burdens.
Brett's not getting a Purple Heart.
No, he's not, but I'm gonna keep banging on the drum.
Maybe it's time to let it go.
I'm not letting it go.
In a few years you're gonna be a vet.
I'm not gonna let you suffer the same fate.
And, look, I want this for Swann.
I want this for all the vets.
But mostly I want it for you.
Thanks, Dad.
All right, let's go, boys.
Wheels up America in 15 minutes.
Relax, Sonny.
Freedom bird ain't going nowhere without us.
Yeah, and technically we're in America right now, dumbass.
Ugh, just go back to not talking, Brock.
Man, look at you.
I ain't seen you grinning like that for months, Ray.
Oh man, that's my "18 hours from kissing my babies" grin.
Must be nice to have somebody to come home to.
Yeah, just hope I get a warm welcome.
Oh, you weren't exactly husband of the year in this deployment, but then again, you didn't cross any lines of fatal variety.
Naima will have your back, like she always does.
Hope so.
Look at you, huh.
Usually I got to drag Sonny out of the sandbox.
Aw, come on, I-I just want to get back and see Clay and reunite the team.
Sonny's got deployment fever.
What's her name? - Yeah, and not her dancer name.
- Yeah.
Oh, man, I just want to get the hell off this cursed island.
Let's go, boys.
No, I'm good.
Damn, you look so grown up.
Oh, don't remind my dad.
What's going on, buddy? How's it going, dude, huh? - I'm good.
- Yeah? - How's your leg? - It's good.
Yeah, it's gonna be fine.
Look at you.
Ah! Ray.
Where's Naima? I, uh I didn't tell her I was coming home today.
I need to go to her.
I owe her that much.
It's gonna be good.
- Hope so.
- Look at you, cowboy.
- What's going on? - Ah, yeah.
We got that guy that de-Playgirled your leg.
- That doesn't surprise me.
- Yeah.
Now, that surprises me.
Sonny Quinn.
Ah, look at you, looking pretty damn good for a cake-eater.
- Oh, well, thank you, I think.
- Yeah? What's the plan for tonight? Uh, think we're all gonna go out drinking.
Before then.
I think we should find the nearest bedroom ASAP.
Hey, Sunshine.
Look at you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What's going on? - Good? - Yeah, good.
That you, Ray? Yeah, baby, it's me, the man you married.
Welcome home.
Remember how Mikey hated being away from home? All he does now is talk about how great Bridon is.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
His coach called me.
They want him to, uh, stay the summer and train there.
What? You'd let him stay? Look how happy he is.
I just want him to be happy.
It's too expensive.
- You can't afford it.
- Got it figured out.
But you'll be alone.
Maybe sooner than I'd like.
What? Been looking into Tisch's summer program.
And it's a great opportunity to work with incoming freshmen and work with, uh, visiting faculty.
You sound like a brochure.
What? Saw it on the website, and And I think it'd be good for you.
I don't understand.
You've been fighting me going to college this whole time.
Emma, you know, my job is to protect people.
It's what I do.
And with you, you know, going off to college, being so far away, I'm thinking, how am I supposed to protect you? - Protect me from what? - Don't know.
Bad choices, bad people, things happening, you getting hurt, but that's not rational.
It's not rational.
You know, that kind of fear just eats you up inside, and it's undermining, and I don't want my fear to ruin your future.
You just woke up one day in Guam and figured that all out? I just woke up and I decided to work the problem, and I'm I'm gonna work the problem.
British intelligence received these a day ago.
The man with the hole in his face is Bashir Varma.
A terrorist.
A dead terrorist.
And now a dead CIA asset.
Chatter confirms that the Indians killed him, and the only reason they knew where Bashir was: you.
You unilaterally decided to burn an asset.
I made a decision to ensure the survival of a Tier One asset and an entire SEAL team.
You went rogue.
I'm pulling you out of DEVGRU, out of the field.
And for the rest of your career, you will only see the world through the worst D.
office window that I can locate.
Left "In my Father's house are many mansions.
"If it were not so, I would have told you.
"I go to prepare a place for you.
"And if I go and prepare a place for you, "I will come again and receive you unto myself; "that where I am, there ye may be also.
" What can I say about Brett Swann that we don't already know? Brett was he was a great man.
To me this moment isn't about Brett.
It's about failure.
Brett took his own life.
That's not why his life is over.
He was found in a parking lot, but he didn't die there.
He died in Afghanistan with his best friend Nicky.
Every moment that Brett was living past that contact, he was only sleepwalking, because he was hurt and he was changed.
I know because I was there for the last few months of his life.
He was he was helping me, and he did help me.
Brett Swann was a hero.
Injured in combat, killed by war.
And he deserved to be honored as such.
And that didn't happen because I failed to make it happen.
So I'm going to, uh I'm gonna leave it up to some other people to talk about what kind of a man Brett was.
What I'd like to do is apologize.
I'm sorry our country failed you, Brett.
I'm sorry that our politicians failed you.
I'm sorry that the VA failed you.
Most of all, I'm sorry that I failed you.
I failed to get for you an honor which is rightfully yours.
You deserved better than me.
Than us as a nation.
Every vet deserves better than what they got.
That's it.
Take to the highway, leave everything behind Thanks for letting me invade your life.
I mean, not that I had a right.
No, friends have the right.
Watching you deal with everything the last couple weeks reminded me of, um why you stood out.
You know, at the bar, the night we met.
I don't really feel much like the man I was when we met.
That's 'cause you're not.
You're an even better man.
All right, I I got to be serious for a second.
Oh, I doubt that.
I am.
Look it, this is my serious face.
- Yeah.
Sonny Quinn serious.
- Okay.
You, uh find out about officer billet? Hmm.
San Diego.
- That's where they want me.
- Ouch.
Me, I just can't get my head wrapped around, you know, missing Davis.
Same, Sonny.
When? Six weeks.
Sonny, let's make the time count.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Yes, ma'am.
So how did everything go? Fine.
They weren't happy with the decision that I made, but my reasoning was sound, and they saw that.
No, no, they never see everything.
Far as I'm concerned you saved our asses, and I'm never gonna forget that, Mandy.
I know.
What's going on? You okay? I'm fine.
I'm not buying it.
I know you, something's up.
I'm tired.
Yeah? You should probably say something.
Everybody's gonna want to hear from you.
I got something to say.
I'll say a toast, but are you okay? Stop trying to read me.
I just told you, everything's fine.
All right.
I'd like to make a toast.
There are 46 special operators in this room.
655 years of total service.
439 years of deployment.
130 of those years deployed to war.
There are 21 divorces among us.
54 kids affected by those breakups.
17 Purple Hearts.
104 Bronze Stars.
Three Silver Stars.
There are 24 shoulder and arm surgeries.
64 leg and ankle surgeries.
22 back and neck surgeries.
And 34 people in this room with hearing loss.
And all of us with a little bit of what Brett had.
Every single one of us.
That's a lot of pain for us to, to carry around, but I'm not trading that pain in for anything, 'cause that's what makes us who we are.
Yeah? Cheers.
It's a beautiful day.
It is.
You did good, Lisa.
I'm always gonna be here for you, all right? I love you.
- Love you, too.
- I know.
Whiskey? Whiskey.
How you doing, Jason? How am I doing?