SEAL Team (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Kill or Cure

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - DOCTOR: Given your age, there's a possibility you may never resume your duties as Bravo Team leader.
Jason's injury put me in the hot seat.
Every day's a test.
NATALIE: All the skills the Navy teaches its operators, they leave out the most important one: how to ask for help.
I can tell you what the ambassador would've done if someone forced an award on her.
She would've used it.
You almost got yourself killed.
- I'm okay.
- You are such a jackass, Sonny.
JASON: I look to the future, and I don't see anything.
It all just looks so empty to me.
This is what we were warned of.
This is what was foretold.
The Lord said their flesh will rot away while they're standing, and their eyes shall rot away.
Their tongues shall rot away inside their mouths.
The Lord said there will be a plague of blood.
The stench of death will rise from every village.
Sinners will be besieged by this plague, and the Lord's wrath will be like fire across the land.
He will make this curse cling to you It'd be nice if he threw in sports and weather now and then.
- (CHUCKLES) - DOOMSAYER: blood in the sea Latest numbers from the other villages.
Fatality rates are holding steady.
What passes as good news in an Ebola outbreak.
- (CHUCKLES) - (CLATTERING OUTSIDE) You hear that? I think Mr.
Microphone finally ran out of double-As.
- (SCREAMS) - Stay down! Stay down! My man, you move, I'll cut you open! Let's go.
Get that beer going.
First round's on me as we celebrate my friend's return to his rightful place: beside us at a bar.
Hey, I never seen a man so happy three weeks after having a bladed implement jabbed into his nutsack.
- Bladed implement never stood a chance, Sonny.
- (CHUCKLES) CLAY: How long till you're cleared hot, brother? Next Monday, doctor clears me, and it's go time.
- Cheers to that, boys.
- Oh, yeah.
All right, really, though.
You're healing up quick.
- What's the secret? - There is no secret.
You work hard.
Drink your beer.
Come on.
- I think I know what the secret is.
- What's the secret? This doctor.
She put a little healing spell on you.
I-I think what's really healing him so fast is the magic of three weeks away from this little Texas river cricket over here.
(ALL LAUGHING) DAVIS: So, four-day leave starts tomorrow.
- I'm gonna go see my sister.
- Oh.
- In Jersey.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- That's good.
Good you guys are-are talking.
- Trying to patch things up.
- Little bit.
You know work gets rough.
- Mm-hmm.
- Need to vent.
Ronnie's a good listener.
Listen, it's always good to have someone like that.
Hey, you know what I was thinking? Maybe I'd just push my trip a day.
- You and I could hang out.
- Mm.
- Like old times? - Mm.
- Friends? - Friends.
Yes, of course.
- (CHUCKLING): You know, like - Yeah.
You see - The way it used to be? - Yeah, the way it used to be, of course.
- That was good stuff.
- Yeah, it was.
Yeah, just hard to go back to, uh just friends when-when the good times when a decent portion of those have been moved to the bedroom.
Those were fun times, too.
Listen, Lisa, uh, you were right to end this.
Ain't no way for us to be all in while we're on Bravo.
You know, and I just, uh I just don't want to fool with anything less.
Not with you, anyway.
- It was a crazy idea.
- Yeah.
Well, listen - Have yourself a good weekend.
- Thank you.
- Right.
- Okay.
And, uh just because you know, we're done don't mean you can't hang with the-the team, you know? Come on.
Do some shots.
- I'll see you.
- See you.
What's up? Where you going? Is the old Officers' Club popping off tonight or what? Two-for-one champagne shooters? I wouldn't know, you know, it's not my scene.
No, your scene's right here with us.
It's been forever since we hung out.
Things change.
What, because you're an officer now? Blackburn's an officer.
It's not the same.
You know that.
Yeah, I also know it's not the same without you around.
Yeah, nothing is the same.
I get it.
I know.
I'll see you later, sucker.
All right.
RAY: Give this man a shot.
(ALL LAUGHING) CONNERS: So how was it seeing the guys? - That was the first time in a while, right? - Ha! It was great.
I'll tell you what, it was a lot of fun.
We had a blast.
One of my boys, he actually ended up scrapping with a possum.
(BANGS ON TABLE) - In the parking lot.
- Hmm.
I, uh, I imagine that would be Sonny.
Sonny, Sonny, I'll tell you what now, if you want a real project, he's your man.
You talk to any of your teammates about what happened to you? Your, uh, your panic attacks? - JASON: What? - CONNERS: Your panic attacks.
Did you talk to any of your teammates about 'em? Why would I do that? - It's not worth my while.
That wasn't me.
- That wasn't you? - No, it wasn't me.
- Who do you think that was, then? I spun out for a second.
I spun out.
The thought of someone cutting into me didn't sit well with me, Doc.
Got a little agita, you know? - Jason, come on.
- Come on, what? Well, I think guys like me quiver at the thought of surgery, but not, but not you.
You're Captain America.
- (SCOFFS) - You dodge bombs and bullets for a living.
So the thought of you or the notion of you freaking out over a little outpatient surgery doesn't, uh, doesn't track for me.
I'm just telling you what happened here.
But you've undergone procedures before.
Your second panic attack was after your surgery, is that correct? So don't tell me you were spun out by a procedure you'd already undergone.
If your surgery hadn't been done right your career might've been over, is that correct? I'm just asking, might might that be the trigger? Oh (TAKES DEEP BREATH) I just lost it for a second.
But everything's getting back to normal.
Back to normal or back to the way you like it? (EXHALES) The way I like it.
What is ? You got a problem with that? I mean, I can see it on your face that you have a problem with that.
So what do we, what do we do here? What's the point? What-what am I doing here? - We talk.
- "We talk".
(CHUCKLES) We talk? We've been talking, so (EXHALES) Why don't you just tell me what my problem is? - And we fix it.
- I-I wish it was that simple.
Do you, do you think it's that simple? I mean, coming from a man like you, who's got all these books around them? And your experience? I would say that's very simple.
- It's not really how I do things.
- (SIGHS) How do you do things? Well, my-my 30,000-foot read is that you're suffering from a form of anxiety.
- (EXHALES) - The obvious culprit being trauma.
Duh, that would be war, Doc.
- Well, sure.
- Yeah.
But I define trauma as the assault of the unimaginable.
So, losing a teammate or suddenly and tragically becoming a single parent.
An unforeseen face-to-face with the possibility of never leading Bravo Team again.
How we gonna work the problem? How are you gonna work the problem? I have to really understand what's happening, Jason.
And the only way I know - how to unpack that is to talk to you.
- Talk? Again, it's talk.
Talk, talk, talk! Got to justify the hundred dollars you're paying.
JASON: It's a lot of talking.
And I'm not getting anything, really.
I can't seem to really help you out, because I don't think you want to be helped.
You know, Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".
That's great.
Use the sports metaphors to get into my head.
While I sit here on the, what, $100-an-hour couch? - You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- REBECCA: No, I can't.
- Ignore it, come on.
- (CHUCKLING): I can't.
- Come on.
- (RINGING CONTINUES) - REBECCA: You never know what kind of dire emergency might arise.
Like a 2:00 a.
booty call from a lonely bar-closing soul.
- A booty call? - Yeah.
Yeah, that was more like a lifeline saving you from some stuffy D.
Well, I could get used to your version of flesh-pressing, even if you were a little flingy with my shirt.
Can you find it for me? (EXHALES) Oh, speaking of Washington, I have a work event on Saturday night Congressional Wine Caucus; do you want to be my plus-one? The whole world's going to hell and Congress is worried about wine? Well, I listen to the minority whip drone about Pinot, and he might back the security bill my boss is pushing.
I'm gonna take a pass.
This town can't even get drunk without ulterior motives.
But if you don't work the machine, the machine will work you.
Has anyone ever considered taking a blowtorch to the machine? It usually doesn't end well.
You know, I've been hearing some rumbles Ambassador Marsden? People are starting to question her decisions in Yemen.
What is there to question? I mean, she sacrificed herself to try and bring peace.
- Right, it's just - Just what? Just the machine? What, they can't stand a hero? Someone who actually shot straight and fought for good? Politicians gonna slice that up into their own angles? I don't know.
It's just talk.
And it's a good bet someone's trying to cover their asses.
(PHONE VIBRATING) - Work? - Yeah.
The machine beckons.
ERIC: You're looking at Sinoe, Liberia.
- (MAN SHOUTS) - (WOMAN WHIMPERING) Cut you open! ERIC: The man with the machete is Dioh Morlu.
He's the self-appointed commander of the Holy Vengeance Militia.
Folks he's terrorizing are Aid Corps International workers trying to contain the worst Ebola outbreak the region has seen in years.
And those boxes they're stealing? Vaccine that has shown promising results in combatting the disease.
Ripping off Ebola meds from people in need's about as cold as it gets.
Stepping right into a zombie apocalypse.
ERIC: Vaccines fetch a high price on the black market.
Hoarding them gives Dioh Morlu - more power in the region.
- While prolonging the epidemic.
So far, Morlu and his men have hit a dozen medical aid teams.
They've killed two doctors who wouldn't give up their cargo.
We're spinning up to protect these aid workers and their mission.
Tier One on a humanitarian mission? (CHUCKLES) I mean, does it seem a little strange to anybody else? ERIC: Clearly, the brass has its reasons.
CLAY: Why don't we go in there and just fricking schwack this clown Morlu instead of giving the State Department a photo op? I mean, sure, protecting this medication's a worthy cause, worthy mission, but it's not gonna solve anything long-term.
Well, maybe this will help you ease your frustration: while we are not to target Morlu, if you cross paths with him or his men, standard ROEs apply.
You can engage.
But our primary objective is ensuring the aid workers' ability to do their job safely.
This outbreak the reports here say that it's a new strain? Possibly airborne? That's correct.
Morlu's army is only one concern.
The larger concern is a battlefield where the air itself will be trying to kill you.
(PANTING) All right, Jason, that's time.
- Jason.
- (PANTING) You got a little extra fire this morning? Yeah, you know what? Adrenaline's pumping.
Plus, I got this creeper, you know, staring at my ass.
Actually, I'm trying to check your form.
Ooh! Ooh! You're violating my space! (BOTH LAUGHING) You sure this extra energy doesn't have something to do with Bravo getting spun up? Don't like when they're operating outside the wire without me, so it's got to be the last time this happens.
I'm surprised you didn't try to get cleared early.
Might've tried.
Doctor couldn't see me till Monday.
When did you become so accepting? I just don't want to risk missing more than this op.
Some pain-in-the-ass physiologist told me that.
She sounds brilliant.
Could be.
Let's talk about your diet.
Don't you want to talk about my ass some more? - Mm, we'll get back to that.
- All right, so it's tasteless, it's, like, green; when I do eat it, I feel like I'm eating dirt.
It's horrible.
Yeah, yeah, eating plant-based does not have to make you miserable.
Look, okay, there is a new vegan place that I saw over on Richmond, you should check it out.
(COUGHS) Vegan restaurant? Actually, just the whole thought of it It's gonna be impossible for anyone to convince me to have an Impossible Burger.
Yeah, I really appreciate how open-minded you are - about all this.
It's commendable.
- All right.
Come on.
I wouldn't even know what to order if I was at a vegan restaurant.
How about this? How about, uh, why don't you come with me? Help me navigate the, uh, - the meatless menu? - You want me to come with you? Uh, yeah.
CONNERS: Well, that must have felt risky.
Risky? Risky, how? Well, asking out the woman who's guiding your recovery, what if she had turned you down? You know, it's those type of awkward moments - that keep me in business.
- You got to be kidding me.
She's overseeing my therapy, all right? It's just "lunch".
Okay? - Not a date.
- Come on, Jason, I don't think guys like you ever do anything without intent.
You know what? The last time I asked a girl out on a proper date, Randall Cunningham was the quarterback, yeah.
Can I offer an alternate theory? Ah, you know what? No, it wasn't Cunningham.
It wasn't, you know? It was Ty Detmer.
That's who it was, and he sucked.
Well, you can deflect all you want, but the last times Natalie saw you away from work, you were all whacked out in a-a compromised state.
- I Wow.
- So maybe you wanted to erase that perception now that you are on the mend physically and mentally.
(CHUCKLING): You're overthinking all this.
- You really are.
- Kind of what I get paid to do.
- Yeah.
- Well, you can't deny you only started hanging out with your teammates again when you were back to your old self.
- Normal, as you say.
- That's not how my mind works, okay? I'm not looking at all the angles that way.
I imagine that your mind must work that way - on the battlefield.
- We're not on the battlefield.
Are you sure? (SIGHS) All right, so I take it this is the old wagon train we're gonna be protecting here, huh? Yeah, correct.
We'll, uh, be escorting them to the village of Yadro.
There's a recent outbreak there.
We head out in an hour.
It's a hot zone, so you already know, full CBRN coverage.
Yes, it sucks.
The disease is fast-acting, so be mindful of your MOPP gear.
Keep an eye on your suit's integrity, and watch each other's as well.
Yeah, and if the suit tears? We'll evac back here for decon.
SONNY: And then you change your skivvies.
CLAY: Let's add one more to the list of Sonny's little phobias.
SONNY: Hell yeah I'm afraid of that Ebola.
Heard this one has teeth, man.
It's like the shark of viruses.
Well, you know, it's better off to just not get exposed.
'Cause if we do, we're gonna be quarantined here for weeks, man.
What's got you eyeing the clock? You got a hot date? SONNY: Oh, Miss Mandy, if I'd known you were coming, I would have shared a cab to the airport.
Guys, this is Dr.
Alice Lizer, she's one of the Agency's chem-bio geniuses.
Lizer, Senior Chief Perry.
- Okay.
- I'm not big on handshakes things I've seen through a microscope.
What's the, uh, what's the Agency doing here? I thought this was just a naturally occurring viral outbreak.
The U.
maintains strategic resources in the area.
Airstrips, ports.
If the locals lose faith in us because we can't stop the epidemic, we lose our foothold.
A lot riding on some kindhearted med students.
MANDY: And the assets chosen to watch their backs.
So, Doc, when you bag this Ebola, you, uh, gonna mount it on your office wall? As an infectious disease expert, this is like the Hannibal Lecter of viruses.
Now, if it's an airborne strain, studying it will have implications for biodefense.
Lizer will travel with you to collect samples.
I'm gonna go grab my gear.
SONNY: Hey, Doc, does hand sanitizer work, truly? Gives me dry skin.
Yo what's, uh, what's got your head spinning? An outbreak could last for months.
There's no way they keep us here that long.
So what are we really here for? Endgame is not our problem, Clay.
Let's focus on the job, get this work done.
All right? Come on, man.
Bravo 1.
- Oh, wow.
- There you go.
- Would you look at that.
- Oh, man.
That doesn't look bad.
You managed to sniff out all of the saturated fat on the menu.
- That is commendable.
- Mm-hmm.
It's not bad, right? (MOUTH FULL): Yeah, it's good.
Tell you what, if I if I jogged from J-Bad to Kandahar, my sweat socks would taste better than this.
Not melodramatic at all.
- Oh, no? - Not in the least, no.
Like, Virginia Beach, how's that treating you? Mm.
I don't know.
The view from my office is pretty similar to San Diego.
I still need to find a great place to go for a long run so I can clear my head.
- Yeah.
- I mean, it's it's kind of a necessity, given all the time I'm spending with you.
All right.
There's a lot of good runs around the beach.
Maybe I'll go this weekend.
How you doing with the team away this time? Have you had any more mishaps with inanimate objects in your apartment? That inanimate object had it coming to it.
Let me tell you, it lost, I won.
You seem more at ease with the boys gone this time.
Yeah, I just, uh, want to get back to operating.
That's all that matters to me right now.
It's nice having something you love so much.
We're both lucky that way.
I love what I do.
I love my work.
That's all that matters.
What about you? How'd you, uh, get into physiology? I was carrying the puck across the blue line when a Wolverine defenseman hit me knee-on-knee and blew out my ACL.
Kind of sucks when something you love just gets torn away from you, doesn't it? - Yeah, it does.
- Mm-hmm.
My playing days were over, but the rehab process hooked me.
I got my masters in physiology, and, uh I fell in love again.
And getting people back to doing what they love is so much more of a rush than anything I ever got playing hockey.
What about you? Did you always know you wanted to be a SEAL? Love being a SEAL.
Can't think of anything else I'd want to do.
- Hey, Ronnie.
- Hey.
(DAVIS CLEARS THROAT) I hope this place is okay.
Suburban Jersey, not quite a dining hotbed.
No, it's good, it's good.
It's just, um, up the road from my hotel, so Sorry about that.
I was all excited to have you at the house, meet Dave and the kids, - but this stomach bug they've all got - Understood.
It's totally fine.
This is a cute town.
I see why you like it.
Close enough to the city for Dave's job, and the schools are wonderful.
That's good.
Have you eaten here before? - Uh, food's decent.
- Oh.
(BOTH LAUGH) The apple pie is what it's all about.
Is it as good as Aunt Joanie's apple pie? Do you remember the way she made it? She would, like, drizzle that, um, that caramel drizzle on the top of it.
I wish I remembered that.
She was sweet, and And we had good times, too, Ronnie.
Before everything.
I'm glad you're here, Lisa.
Me, too.
If it were up to me, I'd rather Morlu and his men just ambush us out here in the open, man, instead of waiting till we get to this village.
Smoke 'em on the highway, save people more blood and guts.
Maybe they don't attack at all.
That'd be ideal.
Yeah, we're real good at avoiding conflict.
Real good.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
We're two klicks out from the village, break, interrogative: do you have visual on us? That's a good copy, 1.
I have both you and the village on ISR.
Not a lot going on right now.
A few small vehicles in and out.
No indication of enemy activity.
RAY: I'll take that.
Bravo 1 out.
What do we got here? What's this guy doing? LIZER: What they've been told to do.
Destroy all the possessions of the infected.
VIC: Whole life burned up on the side of the road.
Hey, you want to go for a run this weekend? - (CHUCKLES) - Show me the local trails, if you can keep up with me.
Wow, if I can keep up with you, huh? Tell you what, I'd like to, but I got something.
My, uh, my daughter, she's coming back from college.
Thanks again for lunch.
- Was not my choice.
- Mm.
- I am never gonna live that down.
- No, you're not.
CONNERS: So how did it feel being with her? It was good, you know.
She's on my side.
Getting you back to operating? Yeah.
- You speak highly of her.
- Do I? - You're here because of her.
- I wouldn't say that.
You're kind of stretching it now.
That's what you told me.
Let's see, Natalie's words were: "All the skills the Navy teaches operators, they leave out the most important one: how to ask for help".
Well At lunch, you-you felt nothing more? What do you want me to say? Huh? She's fun, she's-she's always happy.
She's great to be around.
I mean, she passes the time.
Did you want to sleep with her? Doc, you are aware of how the male species operates, right? So you did.
Just sex.
Just sex.
And if you're doing it right ooh, wow, it feels pretty good.
- Did you feel guilty? - Guilty about what? I'm just wondering if your wife crossed your mind.
My wife's dead.
I don't want to talk about her.
'Cause it's too painful? Don't want to think about her.
Not here.
You think a lot, don't you? Not about much that matters, Doc.
You think about your daughter.
- You know what I mean.
- Your son, your team.
- No.
You know what I mean.
- They matter.
- (EXHALES) - What was the last thing - you thought about that upset you? - Coming here today.
What else, Jason? Got a lot of I got a whole lot of upset going on in my head.
Which is why you keep your "three-foot world".
Which is why you're most at ease outside the wire with your team.
You're the calm in the, uh, chaos.
I suppose that's true.
Adrenaline suppresses memory and keeps the demons away.
They actually have studies that have shown that the act of courtship can fire up the same adrenal glands - as-as skydiving.
- (GROANS) Courtship? Courtship, courtship.
What are you talking about here? I think you know what I'm talking about.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Getting to know someone, Jason.
Unlocking little mysteries, finding commonality.
- Feeling that connection.
That-that is a rush.
- (EXHALES SHARPLY) - And then you throw in sexual attraction - Yeah.
I'm sorry, is this What is this? Is this leading up to you asking me if I was breastfed as a child? Well, there you are deflecting again.
There you are circling the question again.
Just ask.
Were you anxious and uncomfortable with Natalie, or were you calm in the chaos? Hmm.
That's a good question, Doc.
I hadn't thought of that.
(CHUCKLES) LIZER: I'll assess the level of infection.
Outreach will urge residents to get vaccines and treatment.
RAY: Copy that.
Sonny, take Vic, Metal, guide the outreach workers and Dr.
Lizer here through the village.
SONNY: Vic, really? I don't have time to babysit this fool.
Clay, Trent, I want you to take overwatch on these tents.
Brock and I will set security around the village perimeter.
Let's move out.
SONNY: Place is creepy quiet around here.
VIC: Yeah, it's a ghost town.
Who's the village Warhol? Could be anyone.
These outbreaks breed paranoia.
Let me go in alone.
No reason for everyone to risk it.
You cannot go in alone.
This big fella right here is gonna go with you.
Metal! Would you mind escorting the lady? Yeah, thanks, buddy.
I can hear your eyeballs.
- Huh? - You're wide-eyed, man.
You gotta stop it, it's creepy enough without it.
Just observing.
Observing? You know, how the team works.
Different ways of doing things.
Personalities, that kind of thing.
(CHUCKLES) Listen.
Many people have tried to understand the great mind of Sonny Quinn, and they have failed every single time.
Copy that.
What in the hell are you observing anyway, man? About you? No, about that dead chicken over there.
All right.
You don't like change.
You know, Jason sidelined, Ray going for warrant.
Clay frustrated with his spot, and spending more time with his girl than with you.
And I think you're taking that harder than anyone else.
(SONNY CACKLES) Good one, man.
Clay don't have no girl, but, uh, nice try there, Mindhunter.
My guy comes in smelling like lavender body lotion half the time.
But hey, maybe I'm wrong.
You are wrong.
About everything.
'Cause that's what new guys are.
It stays like that until I tell you different.
You understand? Roger that.
Here we go.
Pickup truck 1,000 meters north heading our way.
Armed, old gas masks, like the video.
That's gonna be Morlu and his men.
RAY: All stations, this is Bravo 1.
We have what appears to be five enemy, armed, approaching south along MSR.
Bravo 2 and 4, hold what you've got, everyone else consolidate on me.
Bravo 1, this is 2.
Copy hold fast.
Let's see if we can get 'em to stop.
Get inside.
Go inside.
(CHILDREN SHOUTING) Hey, stop! (GUNFIRE) ERIC: All stations, this is Havoc Base.
We see one enemy combatant on foot.
He is heading west into the village.
I got nothing.
Who's got him? SONNY: This is Bravo 3.
We don't have him, either.
CLAY: Havoc, this is 2, do we have a known point on the squirter? Yeah, approximately 200 meters east of the aid tents.
He's moving right towards them.
CLAY: Yeah, copy, Havoc.
Take this.
Cover me.
(GUNFIRE) (MAN SHOUTS) (GUNSHOTS) Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
Enemy in the village is down.
RAY: Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
We have four Tango Kilo.
All unknown.
CLAY: Yeah, I have one Tango Kilo.
- Mm - Lisa, I have to ask.
Is everything okay? What do you mean? Are you happy? Why? You've been reaching out a lot, last few months.
It's nice, but I can't help wonder if something's going on.
Like what? Just feels like you're looking for someone to lean on.
A family, and we can be that for you I'm not looking for anything, okay? I'm fine.
- Sorry.
I didn't mean to upset - No, I said I'm fine.
It's been a long ride up here and I'm tired.
And, um, you got to get back home, right? Got to take care of everybody? Okay.
I'll call you tomorrow.
ERIC: All right, listen up.
There's been a change of plans.
It seems that our reason for being here is a little more complex than initially presented.
(QUIETLY): Here we go.
ERIC: Four days ago, when Dioh Morlu hit one of the aid trucks, he made off with more than the usual haul.
The truck was transporting an Aid Corps epidemiologist's sample.
Six vials of pathogen.
Basically, Ebola in its most potent, concentrated form.
MANDY: If Morlu realizes what he's got, he'll put it to market.
- A weapons-grade Ebola.
- ERIC: Our mission is now to retrieve the samples.
This happened four days ago? Why are we just hearing about it now? Because Intel just confirmed a location on Morlu, and we needed you for PSD anyway.
ERIC: He's camped out in a house five miles outside Kuaiya.
Estimated half dozen fighters with him.
A cooler filled with liquid apocalypse.
Sounds like a hell of a party to crash to me.
So, we'll roll in from here, uh, blacked out, on NODs.
Target structure's a single story house.
ISR platform's currently being deployed over the location.
We'll keep an eye on any movements in or out.
And Dr.
Lizer will accompany you to make sure the retrieved vials are safe for transport.
Them walls cave in, Morlu hits the self-destruct button and pops them bottles all over us.
That's why our hit has to be fast.
The longer time we're on target, the more chance we got of the agent being released or a suit malfunction.
Heading out as soon as it gets dark.
Any questions? I'd say we've been in the dark since we got here.
The Intel wasn't actionable until we had Morlu's location.
There was no reason to read you in.
Took y'all four days to track him down? You know, maybe it would happen a little faster if you just would've engaged the eight minds that are here.
The Intel wasn't actionable.
There was no reason to read you in.
That's how this works.
I mean, clearly something hasn't been working for the last 96 hours, because we've basically been lied to.
SO1, that's enough.
Let's get this done and get home.
Let's go.
Let's move, buddy.
Get your head in the game before I knock it off of you.
Yes, sir.
Veering out of your lane like that, it's liable to get you run over.
- I'm just trying to understand.
- What's to understand? War, fight, bad guy, shoot.
You know, we should have been read in, man.
It's just, it's bad judgment from up top.
Your job is not up top, though, it's down here on the ground where the action is.
Yeah, it's also where warfighters pay - for bureaucrats' mistakes.
- Okay, but always wanting to be more than you are, it's gonna bite you in the ass one day.
- What? - (SNIFFING) What? What are you doing? Is that lavender? That's lavender.
That dumb kid was right.
(SNIFFS) JASON: So, what do we got here? We got about a minute left, so I'm-I'm all talked out.
Well, uh, I'll see you again on Friday.
Yeah, you know, about that, yeah, now that I'm, um, now that I am cleared hot, I think our time is up.
I-I can't recommend stopping sessions.
We've only just cracked the surface.
All right, look, when I walked in here, I wasn't fine.
Now I'm better than fine.
I'm good.
Take the win, Doc.
Ending now is anything but victory.
(EXHALES) Feels like a victory to me, Doc.
(GRUNTS) (SIGHS) - Jason, do you, uh - Yeah? do you remember how you felt that first day when you came to see me? You were, you were in crisis.
You know, we've been over that, so The moment that you realized that the surgery was successful, that's when you thought everything was returning back to normal.
- So? So? - So Bravo 1, right, had been resurrected.
The bulletproof problem-solver had lived to fight another day.
And sure, he might have had to wait a while before getting back in the field, but that was okay, because there was some cleanup work to do at home.
Right? Some damage control.
Assuring everyone who had seen him hurt that he was, he was fine.
He was stronger than ever.
I have no idea where you're going with all this, so why don't you just shoot straight, huh? The man who walked in here three weeks ago, Jason, that man was in pain, that man was vulnerable.
That was Jason Hayes.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - That was a man thrown by having to face what was beyond his three-foot world, overwhelmed by what was ahead and behind in life.
But since then, I have only been talking to Bravo 1.
That's the man that Jason Hayes is truly at war with.
That's the man who doesn't look in the rearview mirror and refuses to think beyond his nose, who lies and withholds to me and lies to you, Jason.
Protects everyone around him other than Jason Hayes.
You seem to have this all figured out.
- Well, what do you know about me? - I know that you can't even see that you have feelings for Natalie 'cause Bravo 1 won't let you.
He reduces your feelings to sex even though you and I both know there are more complicated emotions involved than just a few runs in bed.
- But what do I know about Jason? - Yeah.
Not enough.
That's my point.
You asked me do you remember to use my experience to cut through it and to tell you what was wrong with you? Well, I just did.
You are a house divided.
Until you realize you need to fight for a life for Jason Hayes, a life that's outside of Bravo 1, a life after operating that's coming, whether you want to face it or not we haven't even begun the work.
You can see yourself out.
RAY: Bravo 3, take us up.
Why slow down now? I'm not really looking to chat.
Sure about that? Very.
Here alone, late, tossing them back.
Pretty sure you're looking for something.
Doesn't need to be any chat involved.
I'm serious.
Just leave me alone.
Paulie, give her a swig of yours.
If you don't like it, drink until you do.
Just get out of my face, okay? Come on, just have a drink and The hell's wrong with you? You need to relax.
I said get off of me! That was very stupid, miss.
RAY: Three, two, one.
- Execute.
RAY: He's infected.
SONNY: Blood.
(PANTING) Havoc Base, this is Bravo 1.
Target secure.
Bravo 5, bring in the doctor.
Everything's clear in here.
I'm hoping this is what you're looking for.
That's it.
All there? Whole six-pack.
And the rest of this stuff, the vaccines? Still useable? Goes through decon, should be fine.
All right, we'll load it up and get it to the people who need it.
Vic, take her out.
Well, it sure did no good anyone here.
(DOOR SLIDES CLOSED) (SEABIRDS SQUAWKING) Hey, who's stalking who? (CHUCKLES) That's good.
You know what? That loop is a decent five-mile warm-up.
- You do know that, right? - Huh.
I thought you had your daughter in town? Yeah, well, I lied.
I know.
I just want to tell you that I was cleared hot.
(LAUGHS): Jason, that's great.
- Yeah.
- (SIGHS) And I-I feel like a part of me needs to thank you, because you saved my life.
Well, that's what I do.
I told you, I'm good at my job.
(SNIFFLES) What's wrong? All right, look, I just want to get a few things clear here.
You know, I don't like your vegan cardboard food it tastes like dirt I don't like that you're seemingly right all the time, I don't like that I need your help when my operating days are running on fumes and I don't like that I have to do this right now.
Do what? Tell you that I like you.
Just be honest.
That's all.
Hey, there is a great six-mile run that way.
- Right down that way.
- All right.
- Go ahead.
Get on it.
See you.
- All right.
Let's go.
- I'll see you.
- What? - I knew that you - Oh, what? - Oh, no.
- It's this direction.
I forgot.