SEAL Team (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

Unbecoming an Officer

Previously on SEAL Team I know that starry-eyed look.
- What's her name? - Her name's Rebecca.
She's from D.
I have a work function on Saturday night.
It's the Congressional Wine Caucus.
Do you want to be my plus-one? This town can't even get drunk without ulterior motives.
But if you don't work the machine, the machine will work you.
I'm gonna try for warrant officer.
Ray, you've wanted to run your own team for as long as I've known you.
But I got to take care of my family, babe.
- That's my priority.
- Walk the line for the next few months.
I don't want anything derailing your application.
- I hear you.
- I don't like that I have to do this right now.
- Do what? - Tell you that I like you.
Your scene's right here with us.
Things change.
What, because you're an officer now? - Just have a drink and - Get out of my face.
- You need to relax.
- I said get off of me! That was very stupid, miss.
Very nice.
Can definitely say that the hip is officially healed.
You know, could've gotten you back in the field faster if you'd only let me show you these exercises sooner.
Hey, well, I got to work on my flexibility, that's for sure.
I did not have any complaints.
You know, practice makes perfect.
You know that.
So admirable.
Practice, huh? If we're gonna if we're gonna have some more practice, then I do have a few requests.
Oh, really? I'm sure you do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where does that start? Well, to start, worked up an appetite.
- You hungry? - Ah.
What, for food? Ooh.
Oh, wait a second.
What time is it? Oh.
That's not good.
Listen, I got to, uh I got to, uh, go meet the boys at the Bulkhead.
That means I can pick up Indian on my way home, since I don't have to worry about your palate.
- That's a bad call right there.
- Mm.
Um You know, I would, um I'd ask you to come and all to the Bulkhead, but, uh Well, us making a-a public appearance might make some waves.
It's probably good for us - to let this be what it is - Yeah.
without anybody else's expectations, you know? Yeah.
What time you meeting 'em? Now.
I'm late.
But, tell you what, why don't you just, um, order some food? Just don't-don't touch my mess.
Because if I come back and I don't know where things are, I get confused, if people move things.
- And it's, uh It's my mess, you know? - I - I wouldn't dream of it.
- Yeah.
But, you know what, I'm just gonna get out of your way.
No, no.
You sure? Yeah, it's cool.
Uh, I, um I got to get ready.
Go get ready.
So, then there's, uh there's Brock.
He's, uh he's the dog handler.
Cerberus, right? Will I get to meet him tonight, too, or Yes.
And, uh, n-no, there's no dogs allowed in here.
- Oh.
- Unfortunate for Brock's social life.
You're sure you're-you're up for this? Relax.
Are you nervous I'm not gonna fit in with your friends? No, not really.
Not at all, actually.
They're just, um They're a little-little different from your crowd.
That's a bold assessment from a guy who's never met my crowd.
Politicians and pipe hitters don't really mix.
I'm not sure I'd fit in.
You'd fit in just fine.
Tell me you haven't imagined yourself on a bigger stage.
Leading my own team one day is about as big a stage I've considered.
Not sure I believe you.
But when you are ready to glimpse behind the curtain, I promise, I will prep you as well as you have prepped me for tonight.
Speaking of which, Full Metal, what's his actual name? Nobody knows.
Not even him.
You got a second to talk about your SOUTHCOM assessment? Yeah.
What's up? The four HVTs that evaded capture in Colombia, did you ever find a link between any of them and FARC? We weren't looking for one.
I'd have to check my notes.
Give me 30.
You okay? Fine.
Years of interrogating tells me that you aren't.
You want to take a break, talk about it? I can't.
I get isolating yourself from the guys, but now I'm on the list? It's nothing that I can talk about with anyone at Command.
Not even you.
All right.
Have it your way.
But if you change your mind, you know, secrets are kind of my thing.
You drive three and a half hours from D.
just to see this guy? That's a lot of time to think - about how much better you can do.
- True.
Well, I don't come just to see him.
I mean, I'm enjoying the wonders of Virginia Beach.
I went to the aquarium today.
Saw some beautiful sandbar sharks.
I just don't understand how the government slaps warning labels on video games, but yet a temple of aquatic nightmares, they call that educational.
Oh, so you're the one that's afraid of water.
I ain't scared of water.
Yeah, just everything that's in it.
- Yeah, a lot of stuff on land, too, right? - Come on now.
Why don't you all just kick me while I'm down, huh? Why are you down? Well, truth be told, you have rendered my boy Clay here absolutely useless as a wingman.
Okay, women will definitely sniff out that he's a decoy when I swoop in and-and do my thing.
Now I got to figure out a new wingman amongst this motley crew here.
See, Trent, he's too quiet.
Full Metal, too scary.
Too Brock.
What do we have here? Little Vicky Martin.
You know what, just right.
Here we go.
You're up, buddy.
Oh, come on, Sonny.
- Vic? No offense, buddy, - Yeah.
but Vic doesn't know when to let it slip - that you cried at Wreck-It Ralph.
- Oh - Yeah, I had tears.
- Right? Am I right? - Yeah.
- Oh.
He Al he also, he also doesn't know about that one mission - Mm-hmm.
- where you saved that tiny little baby cheetah.
Yeah, that baby cheetah's mom and dad were killed by poachers.
- Aw, I love cheetahs.
- Yep.
Works every time.
- Gotcha.
- Boom.
But, unfortunately, I'm gonna have to stand you down on this one, buddy.
You see, I need to roll with somebody that actually, you know, has their head in the game.
So, Vic, it is time to shine.
Let's go.
Clay's girl seems pretty nice, huh? Well, you know, the two of 'em, they met at a funeral, so it could be bad luck.
Not everyone can be like you and Naima.
Trouble in paradise.
What's going on? No, no, no.
It's just, uh we found a house we like.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- Yeah.
But Naima's worried about overextending ourselves.
I'm not sure I should put in an offer before I find out if I'm making warrant officer.
This last op you had, you crushed it.
You're gonna get the promotion.
- Yeah? - Get the house.
Come on.
Clay's new lady.
We like her? All of us except Sonny.
Doesn't he know he's still number one in Clay's heart? - Oh, my goodness.
- Mm? You just got checked out at my ten o'clock.
Better get after it, young man.
- "Better get after it, young man".
- Yes.
Guess what, not-not my type.
I've never seen Jason Hayes pass up a sure thing.
Maybe it's medical.
- Oh.
- It's not medical, all right? - Trust me.
- Okay.
Are you seeing somebody? What is this, 20 Questions here? I'm an interrogator.
- It's kind of what I do.
- Okay, that's fine.
You can be an interrogator.
But, you know what, I'm unbreakable.
So, another beer.
Three shots.
Set 'em up.
I'm happy for you, brother.
You have fun.
Yeah, fun.
Have fun.
But if all he's looking for is no-strings-attached fun, our friendly frog hog over here would fit the bill perfectly.
Maybe he's looking for strings.
- Are you looking for strings? Are you? - Yeah.
Hmm? There it is.
I'm looking for shots.
All right, fine.
You're unbreakable.
- Yeah, yeah.
- But if you're not all in with someone, - you might as well be all out.
- Look at you, huh? Just handing out relationship advice like you're, uh, Dr.
What can I say? Failure makes me an expert.
But you did just use the word "relationship".
You did.
What's with them eyes, man? You're looking well-rested.
Is that because Vic discharged his duties or 'cause he laid a turd? Oh, he laid a turd, man.
He did, but, uh, I managed to bag an HVT 'cause Sonny is too sexy to fail.
Hey, we, uh, we missed you last night.
Where were you? Work.
All right, celebration's over, listen up! This is Yevgenny Kostarov.
Russian arms dealer funneling weapons on a ratline that runs from China to Iran.
Russia, China, Iran.
If I've got a North Korea there, I've got myself a bad-guy bingo.
Latest Intel has him at a safe house in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He is a key HUMINT asset in unraveling a major network.
We need him brought in alive.
Uh, you know that depends on how easy he makes it.
And they rarely make it easy.
What kind of resistance are we looking at? Kostarov travels everywhere with two armed guards.
And he's drafted a handful of locals.
So, we're probably think Ensign Davis.
A word, please? Okay.
What the hell does Ops O want with Davis? Wish I knew.
Look, all I'm saying, there's a lot of reasons why they want to talk to her, that's all.
Yeah, but what the hell's so important that they pull Davis out of a warno? They don't really expect us to spin up - without our Intel officer? - Gentlemen.
I will talk to the operations officer and let you know what I can after we are done here.
In the meantime, let's focus up.
Along with his armed guards, Kostarov uses Dhaka locals for additional security.
Uh, and-and this is a safe house, right? Not a, not a storage depot.
There's, uh, not a weapons cache on site? Intel suggests he keeps his merchandise elsewhere.
All right, no hostage rescue here, huh? It's just a straight-up direct action? It's slow, quiet, barricaded movement.
We got a partner force to, uh, set up a perimeter, correct? - Yep.
- All right.
Offset infil.
- Patrol to target.
- In and out.
Be home before bedtime.
All right, we're wheels up in an hour.
I'll try to get some answers on Davis.
Okay, ASAP.
You're going somewhere in a hurry.
Yeah, well, it's the first time I'm spinning up since I got injured, so we'll see how good your work really is.
You put in the time and your hip's healed.
- My money's on mission success.
- Yeah.
Unless you and the guys raised too much hell last night.
Wow, this is weird to be rooting for the guy that I'm dating to head into battle.
You weren't really upset that I didn't let you come with us, were you? - No, I really wasn't.
- All right.
I mean, you want to stay off Bravo's radar, I feel the same way about DEVGRU.
You do? Yeah.
I mean, people here still question whether my role is even necessary.
It's kind of hard to win them over if they see me as Jason Hayes' girlfriend rather than as a medical professional with invaluable expertise.
And besides, we're having fun.
There's no reason to ruin it with a spotlight.
We're having fun, huh? Right, well, unfortunately, I got, I got to go work.
- Yes, you do.
- Mm-hmm.
Just be safe out there.
And take care of yourself.
I will.
Ensign Davis, you've been accused of assaulting a member of local law enforcement, a violation constituting conduct unbecoming an officer.
This board will review the events, allow you the opportunity to explain them, and make a recommendation to the XO.
As this misconduct is too serious to be handled administratively, the XO will decide whether or not a court marshal is in order, or to take punitive action under the UCMJ Article 15, non-judicial punishment.
Do you understand why you're here? Yes, sir.
Eric? Ensign Davis, please relax.
According to the New Jersey police report, you were a patron at an establishment called Downbound Lounge on November 11th is that correct? Yes, sir.
Did you consume alcohol at this establishment? Yes, sir, I did.
About how many drinks did you have? Two shots and one beer, sir.
Were you intoxicated? The Breathalyzer put me at .
06, sir.
So you were legally sober when you struck the New Jersey police officer? I have no excuse for my actions or We're not looking for an excuse at this point.
Just a reason.
Very well.
I'm gonna recommend that your case be moved forward to an Executive Officer's Inquiry.
You're dismissed.
Yes, sir.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, not too close there, okay? I don't want you crop-dusting me while I'm getting my beauty sleep.
I can't make any promises.
Just keep it tight there, Vickey Mouse.
Careful, this could be some big, uh, elaborate payback for you failing as a wingman.
You know he did his best, but, uh, what he does need is to be tutored by the froggiest frogman that ever frogged.
Ain't that right? Well, I'm happy to help.
I'm not talking about you, Clay.
"Clay"? - Yeah.
- Not Nick Carter, - blonde Backstreet Boy? - No.
No, sorry.
See, Obi-Wan, he-he knew when he lost to the dark side, so what I'm gonna do is focus on Padawan Vic here.
And teach him the wisdom of someone that wants to, uh, be fully committed to the Jedi lifestyle.
You're comparing Rebecca to Darth Vader? Nah, I mean, the way you popped off in Liberia, I don't think you ever would've done that before you met her.
Hmm? She's got your head turned, boy.
Did you forget about all the other times - I popped off before I met her? - I'm just saying what is.
- Hmm.
- Okay? I just need to know the guy next to me, he's got his head in the game, that's all.
All right, gather up.
Let's go, wake up.
Brock, let's go.
Metal, up.
Hit Full Metal, will you? So, I just got off the phone with Blackburn.
It appears that Davis went through some disciplinary review it's not looking so good.
Next step is Executive Officer Inquiry.
- What? - Yeah.
- Why? - She got clipped a couple weeks ago.
Public intoxication, - assaulting a police officer.
- Davis? - Yeah.
- No, there's no way.
Well, I figure her last call was to you, Sonny.
So, you want to fill in the gaps? Oh, well, this is the first I'm hearing of it, but if you ask me, you know, that officer was probably asking for it.
What the hell I don't understand is why-why Blackburn didn't speak up in her defense, and put an end to it? Well, he was probably blindsided by the whole thing - just like we are.
- It's got to put him in a tough spot politically with Command, so it's gonna be on us to step up for her since he can't.
When's her XOI? Day after tomorrow.
Well, some long flights, don't know how hard it's gonna be to grab Kostarov and it's a tight timeline to get back there for her.
If she doesn't beat this, she will get bounced out of Command, that's for damn sure.
That's why we got to crush this op, focus up, and get home quick, all right? So, after we breach, we split the train.
Sonny, you got Vic and Brock.
Basement and first deck.
The rest with me, second deck and up got it? Roger that.
Havoc, this is 1, passing Hatchell.
I copy Hatchell, 1.
Be advised, our partner forces are offset.
They'll set their perimeter after you clear the first floor.
Clay, Sonny.
Hold here with the heavy gear till we make entry.
Trent, pick it.
Sucks what Davis is going through, but it's not your fault.
Why would it be my fault? Look, man, I'm not stupid.
Her reaction when you said that you hooked up with some chick last night? You never telling us your girl's name? Her job change having an impact on your guys' relationship.
Sonny, it's Davis.
That's all in the past now.
3, this is 2.
First room is clear.
Make entry and stash the breaching tools.
We can talk about it another day, but right now, I need to know the guy standing next to me has his head in the game.
Laser focused.
Just like you, princess.
Let's go.
Bravo 3, this is 1.
Take 5 and 7 to clear the basement of the warehouse.
The rest of us are gonna hit the upper decks.
Strong copy.
Go, go.
I count three! Make that two! Grenade! Avalanche! The hell was that? Everyone good? Yeah, roger that, boss.
Bravo 3, this is 1.
Radio check.
Bravo 3, this is 1.
Radio check.
That's good.
Read you, Lima Charlie.
What the hell happened down there? Looks like a frag went off in the basement, setting off a sympathetic detonation.
Aw, man.
What the hell's down there? Well, might as well have been a wildfire, 'cause the floors from above are collapsed all the way down to the basement, blocking the stairwell.
Need help getting out? Uh, that is a negative.
We'll work the problem.
Copy that.
Bravo 1, ISR just registered a heat signature of what looks like a large explosion on target.
How copy? Yeah, we got heavy ordnance that detonated in the basement.
- No casualties.
Charlie Mike.
- Roger that.
Do you need assistance from our partner forces? Have them make sure that the front entrance is clear.
- Explosion probably woke up the neighborhood.
- Roger.
We're on it.
Havoc out.
All right, get Bangladesh Counterterrorism and Transnational Crime on the horn and pass the word.
All right, boys, quickie saw's upstairs.
We got to sledge our way out of here.
Unless y'all got, uh, any better ideas.
Well, you got breaching charges, right? Can we blast it, give us a head start? That is such a sweet thought there, Vickey Spears, but unless you want to bleed out of your eyeballs from the overpressure, I'd start swinging.
Yep, it is sledge-o-matic time.
Bangladesh what's going on? On my way to brief Lindell.
Some ordnance detonated on target.
But the Intel said that they're a safe house.
Nothing about a weapons cache.
- They okay? - No injuries.
Definitely a setback.
They can take care of themselves, unlike you.
What? You do know that you can speak in your own defense at the DRB, right? I just thought that I I thought I should stay humble.
That wasn't humility.
That was surrender.
What the hell happened that night, Lisa? Some guys were hitting on me.
I hit back.
Cop was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Then why didn't you just say that? Better yet, why didn't you use your one phone call on me? I could've helped you get ahead of this.
The fact that you didn't inform anyone makes the entire chain of command doubt whether you're honest and trustworthy.
If you can't prove that you're both to the XO, you're headed for captain's mast.
Trent, Metal.
Clear the rest of the building.
We got this.
That's Kostarov.
He's bad, boss.
We got to get him to secondary care fast, J.
He's losing too much blood and that QuikClot's not gonna stop it.
We need all the information we can out of that guy's head.
If he dies, mission failure.
He's gone.
Damn it.
Grab biometrics.
Havoc, this is 1.
Go for Havoc.
Scratch my last.
Bravo 1 out.
Roger that, 1.
Got Ethernet cables.
Looks like they go up to the third floor.
Maybe Kostarov has a computer.
Well, let's go see what's on the other end of them.
Bravo 3, sitrep? Still working the problem, boss.
- Almost through.
- Copy that.
J, we don't have time to treasure hunt through a third world unstable building.
I want to salvage this op and get - the Intel that we need.
- If the priority's getting back to Davis, shouldn't we just bust the boys out and head home? Building's all clear.
Let's roll.
We'll cruise to this SSE.
Pilot'll make up time in the air.
Gonna need another way up.
This is pretty direct.
One more good hit right there.
Aw, come on, now.
That is not good.
Not good at all.
The smoke is getting thick.
We need to get this under control, and when we do, we will De-jock and conserve our oxygen.
Aw, the heat's melting the plastic.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 3.
We got a problem.
I need some help down here, buddy.
Bravo 3, say your last.
We got smoke coming through the hole in the wall.
We can't seem to stop it, and it's getting really hard to breathe.
Bravo 3, stand by.
Full Metal, grab the breaching tools, - help the boys.
- Roger that.
Clay, you're with me.
Let's go find some kind of a jackpot.
So what's going on with you and Sonny, huh? You been fighting all the time.
In the bar, in the plane.
- What's the problem? - Uh, he's got a problem with Rebecca.
Problem with you or her? Here they are.
I don't know, maybe both.
He's still reeling from his chick freakin' torpedoing him.
You second-guessing bringing her around us? Nah.
Sonny'll get over it.
You know, Bravo's the biggest part of my life, figure Rebecca needs to be a part of it, too.
There's no hard drives.
If he's here, hard drives are here.
Tear it up.
I would rather drown in a torpedo tube than be cremated in this stairwell.
Tell you what, I hate fire and I hate smoke! We're coming to you, Bravo, 3.
Still on our way down to the quickie saw.
Dead end.
Weak spot.
Shouldn't take too much to break through here.
Yeah? Good idea.
Let's do it.
Surprised to see you back in the saddle, you know? After what happened with Stella.
What-what other option do I have? You know? I mean, after my parents got divorced, the only thing my dad committed to was just being a lone wolf.
I'm sure it was a lot of fun when he was younger, - but now he's just alone.
- Having a new girl, no guarantee you're not gonna end up alone.
You have the same job she's gonna have the same issues.
- Yeah, but you can't look at it like that.
- No? No, I mean, you just got to ignore and override, you know? It's like overcoming an injury, right? You just put the old relationship behind you, and you just hope for the best.
Hey, what's this? Look at that.
What do you got? Got a safe.
I need the quickie saw to open this thing, though.
Ray needs it for the boys.
- How about a single torch? - No, Trent's carrying it.
Looks like this baby's coming with us.
Grab the sledge.
Damn it.
Well it was a good idea.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
We have a pretty good fire cooking down here.
Got to be a lot of smoke in the air.
Can we determine an emergency services ETA using the ISR feed? Sir, this column of vehicles seems to be emergency services trucks, but they're not running their lights, so I can't be sure.
I'm attempting to contact them now to confirm.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 2.
Radio check.
That's a good check, Bravo 2.
Stand by.
- We're working on it.
- Roger that.
Standing by.
To stand by, apparently.
Be nice if they had a fire up under their ass in Virginia beach.
How long does it take to get an answer? Longer than our boys have.
- We got to put that fire out ourselves.
- With what? We can't smother it, so we got to starve it.
How many slap charges you got on you? - I got one.
- Two on me.
Pull 'em.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
We're gonna do some internal explosive breaching down here.
Roger that.
Building's not gonna be able to take much more stress.
Any other options? Whatever gets us out of here fastest, boss.
We're running out of time.
Copy that.
Bravo 2, send it.
Well, here we go, boys.
Metal, toss it in.
- Good? - Yeah.
Fire in the hole! Okay, this'll get us back to the main room.
Let's rig a way down.
Trent, grab the fire extinguisher.
Metal, get the saw.
Damn it.
All right, Trent, when you're done with that, I got a present for you.
We should be able to get to them through here.
Hit it.
Fire that up, Metal.
I'm through.
Sonny, you okay? Sonny, you guys okay? Come on.
Come on.
Cerberus, come here.
Cerberus! All right, I got him.
- I got him, I got him, I got him.
- All right, all right.
Here, Cerberus.
Come on.
Sonny? Sonny? Vic.
Sonny! It, uh, sure'd be nice if I wasn't the guy that always needed bailing out.
- Just once.
- Don't Don't think of it like that, buddy.
We only cared about saving the dog.
We didn't even know you were in that room.
So, just talked to the pilot.
He's hauling ass.
Looks like we might actually pull this off, brother.
- Yeah.
- Hard drives are in the safe.
Snatching victory from defeat.
Well, no time to spike the football just yet.
Got a teammate back home we got to get to and save.
Isn't that right, Ray? Damn straight.
Yes, it was a mistake not to tell Command about the incident.
I believe I have learned my lesson.
I understand that my behavior outside of work reflects on my character as a naval officer.
Is there anything else that Command should learn from me rather than an outside source? I was in a relationship with a member of my unit.
We took great pains to keep it a secret because we were in love, but it was a violation of the fraternization rules.
Let's go.
XOI in ten minutes.
Let's move.
Sonny, come on.
Master Chief.
What's up, Mack? Slap charges, huh? Outside of the box problem-solving.
Earns a lot fans during a warrant officer review.
- Yeah.
- We should talk real quick.
Oh, I really appreciate you, Mack, but I'm kind of in a rush right now.
I know.
You're gonna go stand in for Davis, right? Yeah.
Look, it's just as easy to lose fans as it is to win 'em, Ray.
You give your word on Davis, and she goes down it's bad optics, man.
Worse than not standing up for a teammate? Her character's being questioned.
If you're absolutely certain she can beat this thing, then fine, but for the sake of your career, for the people that depend on it you can't be on the wrong side of this.
Ray, let's go.
Ensign Davis, we're ready.
We're here to speak to the commander.
It's not exactly protocol.
Duly noted.
My team still wants a say.
Coming? All right.
Sir, we're aware that Ensign Davis messed up.
She made a mistake off the clock, far away from the battlefield.
When I take my team outside of the wire, she is the best Intel officer at the command, sir.
She's as important as any shooter on our team.
I trust her with my life.
With all of our lives.
You're running her up because you think that she used bad judgment.
That's just ass-backwards, sir.
Ensign Davis' entire life has been a series of tough calls.
Well, she ain't ever made a bad one.
She always puts the Navy first.
Ahead of herself and ahead of her own happiness.
I'll tell you what, if that ain't character, then I don't know what is.
Ensign Davis appears lucky to have Bravo Team on her side.
We're lucky to have her as one of us.
Thank you for letting us talk, sir.
You didn't have to do that.
You're one of us.
Always got your back.
Do you need a moment, Ensign? No, sir.
I'm ready.
All right, here we go.
Raise 'em up.
Here's to Ensign Davis for beating the rap, huh? - Davis! - She beat the rap, right? Captain's mast is gonna have to wait a while - to claim one of Bravo's own.
- Oh, God.
Well, thank you.
Thank you all so much.
I I mean it.
It's really good to be reminded I'm a part of a pack.
I really do wish you would let me pay for tonight, since I can't even drink, so Yeah, not a chance.
Not while your pay's been docked.
- Skoal.
- Thank you, boss.
- Guys.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, uh I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Hey, look, you had a hard call to make.
Believe me, I get it.
Think it was the right one? Not for me to say, Ray.
Tough but fair.
Hey, thank you for what you said in there.
Well I meant every word.
Should have went in there with you guys.
Stop beating yourself up, all right? You know, you did what was best for your family.
Davis she was saved, so, you know, it's a win-win.
Yeah, I know I'm doing what's best for my family.
It's just today doesn't feel like victory, Jason.
Are you listening to yourself right now? Come on.
Change is good.
Adapt or die.
You know that.
That's ironic coming from you.
How's that? Why is that ironic? What, do you think I can't change? - Is that what you're saying? - D No, no.
- No.
- No, no.
It's not a question of ability, brother.
It's a question of wanting to.
Five, four, three, two - Oh, just in time, man.
Just in time.
- No, I got it.
I got it.
- I got it.
- All right, all right, what we got? All right, we got some live ones over by the dartboard.
Ooh-ee! Okay, let's see what kind of moves you got there, Ricky Martin.
Want to go play the no game? - Yup.
- Oh, yeah? Okay, yeah.
I don't remember Clay being this wet behind the ears.
Tinkerbell was way worse, - way worse.
- Where is he? No, no.
It don't matter, okay? It's not like Leave it to Beaver could help us anyway.
Love awaits.
I really like your shirt.
You clean up nice.
I, uh I figured I got to amort these shoes.
Thank you for making the trek out here.
What changed your mind? You.
I, uh I wanted to explain I haven't been honest with you.
Oh, don't tell me you're married.
Or worse.
Just regular Navy.
I have imagined myself on a bigger stage.
Maybe there are better ways to impact the world than carrying a rifle.
Well, you're in the right place.
Come on.
I need to worry about Quinn's influence on Lopez? No, man.
Sonny just needed a new wingman.
That bromance is gonna be over as soon as he realizes Vic is the better prize.
Sonny ever think about asking me to wingman for him? Yeah, that's a good one, Eric.
- I'll be right back.
- Yeah.
You came.
Your text said it was important.
What ? It's just a flesh wound.
Listen, I I know that we're just having fun here, and that you know, that you want to keep things separate, and I completely respect that, I honor that and-and I fully understand that, but I don't know if I could really do this unless we are all-in.
And, look, if you want to turn around right now and walk away, you can do that, and I respect that.
Go ahead.
Uh Maybe that was a little bit of an excuse.
Preventative measure against more scar tissue.
We both have enough.
All-in has strings.
Strings they get messy, and I got a messy life.
Lot of strings.
I just want to make sure that you understand what I'm saying here.
I'm sure.
Messy can be fun.
Yeah, well, I don't know about how much fun it can be, but