SEAL Team (2017) s03e11 Episode Script

Siege Protocol

1 Previously on SEAL Team Thank you for making the trek out here.
What changed your mind? You.
I have imagined myself on a bigger stage.
Maybe there are better ways to impact the world than carrying a rifle.
Well, you're in the right place.
I don't like that I have to do this right now.
Do what? Tell you that I like you.
I know that we're just having fun here and that you want to keep things separate.
But I don't know if I could really do this unless we are all in.
I got a messy life.
Lot of strings.
I just want to make sure that you understand that.
Messy can be fun.
You're suffering from hypertension and severe dehydration.
No talking.
This man needs food and water.
Grapes of Wrath.
What-What's going on? Havoc, this is 1.
We passed dragline.
Copy, Bravo 1.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Be advised, local police are inbound.
- The clock is ticking.
- Copy.
How we looking? Coming out.
Get up.
Hey, we got two prisoners.
We got to find the last one.
Got one.
Havoc, this is 1.
We passed Luke.
End ex! End ex.
Nice work, gentlemen.
Yeah, the shooter in the staircase, that was a nice touch.
Same for that IED in the entryway, man.
Way to keep us on our toes there, Blackburn.
Yeah, I never realized you were such a sneaky bastard.
Got to throw a few curveballs your way.
Okay, well, when we gonna quit playing laser tag, go get ourselves a real hostage? 'Cause my trigger finger's gonna need a cold shower from all this teasing.
Sonny's right when we heading to Caracas so we can, uh, smash some skulls? Soon as Mandy says so.
And Captain Lindell gives us the green light.
Until then, let's run it again.
Ground entry.
I'll be throwing the whole kitchen sink at you this time.
Let's go.
All right, it's Friday, ladies.
We haven't been spun up in a long time.
So, who's ready to run wild and free? - I'm in.
- Oh, Slick Vic.
That's right, guess what? You're buying first round.
Who else is in to get a little weird? - I'm out.
- I'm out, too.
Cerberus has to meet a new potential breeding partner.
I thought the whole point of the dog was the dog was supposed to help you find a breeding partner.
My review board's tomorrow.
And howling at the moon's not gonna help me get my stripes.
- Give 'em hell.
- Sounds like you got bleeding numbers there, Sonny.
- Bravo 1, always there to save the day - Yeah? let's go, buddy.
As much as I'd love to do a little day drinking with you I'm out, man.
You know what, things to do.
Tell you what, though.
Why don't you ask Mr.
Spenser here, Sexy Lexy, look at him.
I think his girl in D.
has made him forgot what it means to be on Bravo.
Half in, half the time.
Her name's Rebecca, and if you stop whining, maybe I'll try to make it back to hang out with y'all later.
Let's just face it, I am the last of the wild stallions amongst a bunch of geldings.
What the hell is this? Hmm, think you might need - an iron, buddy.
- Yep.
Rock in the bag trick, huh? Can you smell what the rock is cooking? That's a rookie-ass move, man.
Ah, it's just a little reminder, Clay, that we don't all live in a convent.
Here you go, buddy, watch out.
Payback's a bitch.
Clay, you know, next Halloween, you could go as Magic Mike.
Clear! You usually wait till 3:30 before you start to bug me.
Oh, I'm not bugging you, trust me.
I am sabotaging your work.
Oh, that's an interesting tactic, considering I'm the reason that you are not using a walker.
Come on, let's get out of here, have some fun before I spin up, huh, what do you say? Some of us have regular work with regular work hours.
You know what, and I fight, I fight for your right to have those hours, and also, I fight for my right to, what? Take you to, uh, the where you want to go? The boardwalk or the Ferris wheel? What? I would rather go on one of your ops.
But there's a batting cage nearby.
- Interesting.
- Uh-huh.
How about a little home run derby? You're challenging me, moi, to an athletic competition? I mean, I know it's not really fair since only one of us is a D-1 athlete, so Yeah, you're gonna forget about that when you see my Babe Ruth impersonation.
Yeah, well, he's dead.
So, that sounds about right.
You, uh you lost in thought in a happy place or a sad place? Just soaking it all in.
Soaking all what in exactly? We got it.
- What? - The house.
Really? Oh! Oh! The-the realtor said there were, like, 13 other offers.
Well, the sellers were moved by our story.
That's a great story, baby, I Mm-hmm.
It's all happening.
Everything you worked for It's been a team effort, baby.
A team effort? Speaking of which, that's all the more reason I need to study for my review board.
I got to stay sharp.
Relax, Ray.
Just go in there and be yourself.
You're a lock.
We sure did make a lot of a lot of memories here, didn't we? It's time to make some new ones.
This place feels like it's about to erupt.
You've been here five days.
Try being here six weeks.
Place has been destabilizing by the day.
Still, being boots on the ground with you, putting together a target package for Bravo, beats sitting in the ops center.
Even if we're in one of the most dangerous cities on Earth? Not sure what that says about our line of work.
Or us.
It's my CI, he's on his way in.
He's been feeding you decent intel on the prison and our hostages how's he holding up? British doctor with no love for what's happening down here.
James Bond he's not.
- He got anything good? - He better.
'Cause we're running out of time.
Okay, mm-hmm, yeah.
I say it's time to run the bases.
Oh! You Babe Ruth off the field, too? Well, maybe, just a little bit, uh - These shorts are always - Hey, Dad.
Whoa! Oh! Emma, hey! What are you doing home? I told you I was coming down.
I left a voice mail to remind you.
What? Uh, yeah, uh busy training.
- I blanked.
- I can see that.
Hi, I'm Natalie.
Your dad has told me so much about you, Emma.
Nice to meet you, Natalie.
How do you know each other? We work together.
You're too pretty to be a door kicker.
- I'm a physiologist.
- Yeah.
I guess your dad would've mentioned me if I was part of Bravo Team.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I can see my friends - and come back later.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're going out to dinner, you're coming.
You know, I have a ton of paperwork piled up at the office.
And it seems like you two have a bunch to catch up on.
So, it was very nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you, too, Natalie.
I'll talk to you later - about that thing, all right? - Mm-hmm.
So want to go to the taco place? We can't reward saber-rattlers, Clay.
You of all people should appreciate that.
Isolation's the only answer.
Isolated China for decades, and now they're dominating the globe.
You know, Gene, those who cannot remember the past Oh, right.
- Uh, Clay, I'd like to introduce you - Representative Suzuki.
The chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
Rebecca's been telling me all about you, Clay.
Well, I'm sure it's all lies.
Um, I read the congressman in on your friend Brett and the troubles he had after he left the service.
Rebecca's convinced me to add Mr.
Swann's Purple Heart and the fight against TBI to the list of my commitments.
You know, there's about a million other names you can add to that list, sir.
He's as persistent as you, Rebecca.
I think D.
has a new power couple.
Excuse me one minute, please.
I hope I didn't overstep.
No, not at all.
Let's see if that, uh, pencil-pushing bureaucrat actually follows through.
That "pencil-pusher" has more power in this town than a platoon of your soldiers.
I'm a sailor.
And, evidently, half of a, uh, power couple.
Well, we have a long way to go before we can give John and Jackie a run for their money.
A, um, key to my place is a start.
This way you can escape to VA Beach whenever you need to detox from Capitol Hill.
Thank you.
But we don't have to stay in Virginia Beach tonight, do we? I'd rather not wait three hours to do what I want to do.
We should go to your place.
- Like now, huh? - Yeah.
Whoo! That is nectar of the gods.
Whoo! What is wrong with you? Are you kidding me? You're lucky the boys aren't here - to see this pathetic display.
- Ha.
You need to pull it together.
Look, well, at least I'm here, right? What the hell is that supposed to mean? All throughout Green Team, I hear about Bravo and their legendary partying ways, right? - Yeah.
- And then I get here and, you know, no offense, but other than you, the team's a bunch of spinsters, man.
- We are in transition.
Okay? - Mm-hmm.
We're in a bit of a downward spiral, but I promise you this, okay? Bravo will be back with a vengeance.
Even Clay? Well, that little, uh, puppy dog, he is a lost cause.
Come on, you don't mean that.
Look, I'll tell you this, man.
Clay is by far the best pipe hitter I've ever seen ever.
And for some reason, things just aren't good enough for him right now.
What do you mean? Well, he almost left the team for his ex-girlfriend Stella.
In my opinion, he dodged a huge bullet on that one.
Yeah, not a fan.
After that, being a frogman, well, it just wasn't good enough.
Let me tell you something.
Bravo is my family.
With or without Clay.
- ¿Comprende? - Loud and clear.
Okay, let's get another shot and get weird.
- All right.
- Andre.
More hostages have been coming into the facility by the day.
Violence is spreading into the streets.
I'm not sure how you got me to do this.
Well, you knew you were doing the right thing.
And you can't resist my charms.
What's the security situation around the hostages? Guys with guns.
Anything out of the ordinary? One prisoner said, "Grapes of Wrath.
" Is that some code word? They're gonna be moved out of the facility.
If we lose their trail, they're as good as dead.
My team has to get in there.
I should note that the hostages were being moved to a different floor.
What floor? How many more security around them? Oddly, the barbarians didn't feel the need to loop me in.
I'm gonna need a little more, Isaac.
We can't hit a target with so many unknowns.
Your smile won't work this time, Mandy.
The Special Police are rounding up anyone suspicious.
I I'm on a flight out of here this afternoon.
Well, you're the only one who can get in there and get me that information.
Why did I agree to any of this? For the same reason you became a doctor to help people.
Oh, that's not fair.
I've done more than you asked already.
Okay, yeah.
You've got every right to get out of here.
But if I don't get eyes back inside that facility, my team and the hostages you are treating are in serious danger.
They need you.
I need you.
You'll get me out of the country as soon as possible? You can trust me.
All right.
Got to love that.
You must really like Natalie if she's convinced you - to eat meatless burgers.
- Well, all I know - is that she told me if I eat these things - Mm-hmm.
it's gonna prolong my, uh, operating days.
- Oh.
- Look, the jury's still out.
She works at DEVGRU as, um, a physiologist? Yeah, physiologist.
I admit I should've told you about her, but I didn't, all right? I didn't mean to blindside you.
It is weird seeing you with someone other than Mom.
I just didn't want to upset you, that's all.
I don't expect you to be by yourself forever, Dad.
I hate thinking of you alone in your depressing apartment.
As weird as it sounds, it's nice to know someone's looking out for you when I'm not around.
Besides, it's not like I've told you about my boyfriends at school.
Boyfriends? Interesting.
That would be a plural, and I'm gonna say, you know what, I'm contacting Full Metal after this little lunch we just had to make sure that he is camped outside of your dorm room 24/7.
I bet Natalie's upset.
She's a strong woman.
She'll be able to handle it.
She's not important enough - to tell your kids about? - She'll understand that I was just protecting you, that's all.
Or protecting yourself? Okay, what is that supposed to mean? Protecting myself? Remember Mom and her crossword puzzles? Yeah.
She used to do them when I was deployed.
It's how she passed the time when you were around.
She'd sit at the kitchen table doing her puzzles while you were busy finding different ways - to shut her out of your life.
- You know what? - That's not fair.
- Took years, but you pushed Mom away.
I just hope you're not doing the same with Natalie.
What do you say we lighten this moment up? Change the song.
- Yeah? I'm doing it now.
- Right? Bam.
Right there.
Is-is the leg okay? I mean, you look good.
I mean, healthy.
Yeah, no, it's good.
The leg is, uh, got no issues.
Bravo's been kicking down some nicer doors these days.
I never pegged you for, uh, Italian shoes.
Looks nice.
Are you okay? I mean, I thought we parted on good terms.
Yeah, no, I just, I'm a little a little thrown that you're here right now.
Why are you, why are you here? - I mean, in-in Virginia.
- My department was hit with severe budget cuts, and I was low man on the totem pole, so I took a job at Old Dominion, and here I am.
I kind of figured you were out of my life for good this time.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- Mm-hmm.
Just, um, imagined you'd moved out to California and met some-some tech dude, you know? Started drinking kombucha and driving a Prius.
Moved into a yurt, forced him to read Kate Bornstein, never looked back on your days slumming it here.
I never felt like I was slumming it.
Truth is, I I never felt at home so far away from here.
- I, uh, I got to go to work.
- Oh.
- Thank you for the coffee.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Um I would love to talk again.
I-I just miss you.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I know that you're eager to get your packet submitted, which is why I invited Captain Lindell to participate.
Appreciate you very much, Warrant Officer Mack.
In your OMPF, you're described as "a rock," - the soul of the team.
- I care about my teammates, the same way they care about me, sir.
Biggest question I have is: why? Why warrant officer? I feel it's both my duty and obligation to serve the United States Navy in a role that maximizes my efficacy.
Well, that was well-rehearsed.
You workshop that answer with your wife last night? Yes, sir, I did.
Now give us the real reason why you've bypassed making master chief and running your own team.
I belong on Bravo, sir.
Because they need you? Eh, duty calls.
We'll pick this up when you return, Senior Chief Perry.
All right, gentlemen.
CIA put in the request for this op, but you still need my green light.
Situation on the ground in Caracas dictates we'll need it fast, Captain.
Political instability, rival factions fighting for valuable resources.
It's bloody as hell and getting worse, Sir.
Yeah, not to mention FARC, National Liberation Movement, Hezbollah, even these Colombian guerrillas, drug guerrillas get in this action.
Right, well, it's a potluck of hell.
We know that, but we've been training weeks for this op.
Three weeks ago, Venezuelan Special Police, country's own version of the SS, apprehended three oil executives from a hotel in Caracas under suspicion that they were spies.
Turns out one of them is.
CIA Agent Carlos Ramos.
Working under nonofficial cover.
A CIA-SOCOM joint task force is already boots-on-the-ground prepping the AO.
Word is they're gonna move the prisoners, and we need to strike before that happens.
According to CTR, this holding facility's pretty lax with its security.
It's got a low-rent gate guard, and the gate is usually open.
That's good, then it's a straightforward plan.
We fast-rope in on the roof, take out the guards, get the prisoners, and we're out of this country before the Venezuelans know we're there.
What about contingencies? Groups down there aren't exactly following standard tactics.
They want to get dirty with us, we'll get in the mud with them.
All right, you're a go.
JSOC wants someone down there as part of "Special Activities.
" Since Senior Chief Perry can't fill those shoes yet, Warrant Officer Mack will be going with you.
Gentlemen, you be safe.
Boys Petty Officer Spenser, a word.
I received a phone call from Representative Suzuki - asking about Brett Swann.
- Oh.
Glad to hear the Veteran Affairs chair is finally doing his job.
Oh, the congressman's very taken with you.
And I thought we had an understanding about letting me handle this? Uh, Suzuki's just looking to make things better.
Same as you.
You come and see me when you get back.
This conversation is far from over.
What you working on? How was your night with Emma? I'm sorry about that.
Lucky for you, I live for awkward moments.
You two obviously had a lot to talk about.
She staying the weekend? Not anymore, I I'm spun up in an hour.
Look, I should've told her about you.
How do you have that conversation after all that you've been through? Well, with Emma, she's fine.
She's strong, she can handle it.
I'm not talking about Emma.
What does that mean? I understand how much you're carrying around, Jason.
And how much you're keeping from me.
I don't take my baggage downrange.
There something wrong with that? You can't keep all these worlds separate forever.
It's what I know.
Yeah, that does not mean that it works.
Like I said, my world is messy.
We'll talk when you're back.
Be safe.
So we finally get a chance to go outside the wire, and y'all are acting like somebody pee-peed in your grits.
Like, Sonny, it's a long flight.
Want to give it a rest, brother? I'm sorry, Mr.
Ray Perry, I didn't realize becoming a warrant officer made you so sad and grumpy.
Turn that frown upside down? Somebody need a hug? Mm? Cute.
Tell you what, Sonny, if I were you, I would, uh, I'd pound a bunch of laxatives, because remember what happened to you in Mexico last year? Yeah.
Montezuma made it all the way to Venezuela? - Mm-hmm.
- I hate that dude.
I do.
Hey, sit on ice.
Heard the review board got cut short.
- Sorry, man.
- Eh No use in, uh, worrying about what I can't control.
Right? Man, I don't know how you do that.
Nothing rattles you.
No man added a day onto his life through worry.
You know, this is funny coming from you.
I was starting to wonder if you were capable of emotion.
Learned to hide it, I guess.
Not always.
Something's got you rattled right now.
What's up? No, it's nothing.
Just those first ops we ran when I joined Bravo, they feel like a lifetime ago.
- That's why we train, kid.
- Yeah, I know.
I just don't want to be Bravo's squeaky wheel, you know? You need to relax.
You've made me look good for standing up for you so far, so you've got that going for you.
I owe you everything for that.
Just keep pulling your weight.
As far as I'm concerned, we're square.
- Yeah? - All right.
You know, if you're gonna ask me for money for your campaign, you know, well's dry.
Uh, I'm not sure I'm electable with the issues I'm facing on the home front.
Women issues, huh? Must be going around.
- You want to talk about it? - Nope.
I do not want to talk about it.
Do you? Nope.
Carry on.
Knew the situation was bad down here, but I didn't know it was the Wild West.
Yeah, good thing we came during the Purge.
Any more pressure gets applied, this city's gonna implode.
All right, which is why we do this hit fast.
- In and out, got it? - Ah, Ensign Davis.
Pretty sure the officers' quarters are down the street at the Ritz.
You guys really need some new material.
Bravo Team reporting for duty, ma'am.
Glad you guys made it in okay.
Tell you what, you always take us to the nicest places.
Let's not keep you here long, then.
That's all right, we're ready to go when you're ready to go.
Plan is still the same.
Fast-rope and the helo standby.
On standby.
Just came to let you know we're waiting on some intel from a CI.
Settle down.
Just need five minutes.
All right, let's go.
Jock up.
Let's move.
We don't want to be here longer than we have to.
Come on.
Hey, sorry I, uh, didn't make it to hang out the other night.
Yeah, you know, I figured you're too busy draining the swamp in D.
Dude, why do you have such a problem with Rebecca? Well, I figure she's got quite the short leash on you, buddy.
With the way you were sneaking around for Davis, not sure I'd be comparing leash sizes there, pal.
Well, listen, pal, I was protecting her, okay? Least I didn't, uh, lose who I was.
You're saying I have? I just think you like playing Mr.
Spenser Goes to Washington a little too much.
You open your mouth way too damn much.
- Oh, really? Did I strike a nerve? - Hey, hey, hey! Get your heads in the game.
Seen that look before.
It's not good.
My CI reports the area surrounding the holding facility is crawling with VSP.
Death squad must be assisting with the transfer.
We're undermanned and outgunned.
What do you think, brother? I think our op just got canked.
That's what I think.
Thanks to Mandy's CI, here's what we know.
Gate stays closed.
Two guards out front instead of one.
Only people allowed in and out are VSP patrols in the neighborhood.
Probably 'cause they're planning to move the prisoners.
Craig reported that Ramos and the other hostages are being held in the east wing with half a dozen guards present.
Well, Dr.
Craig kept us from walking into a goat rope.
Yeah, well, helo insert's out.
You don't want to draw that kind of attention, - get into a big-ass gunfight.
- Mm-hmm.
- What about ISR? - Yeah.
It'd feel a lot better with someone watching our six with that death squad on top of us.
It's not exactly a Predator, but it has an hour of flight time and will at least give us eyes on the facility.
So, we're planning on taking the horsemen of the apocalypse on with a toy plane.
Right, Jace, what do you think? Well, don't have enough guns to overrun them.
Don't have enough time to come up with something to, uh, get under their noses, so I say we just hide in plain sight.
VSP masks should give us the cover we need.
Look, I'm all for playing dress-up and keeping things fresh, but posing as the Venezuelan death squad doesn't exactly get my engine running.
That's great, Sonny, but we're gonna wear the masks, all right? Put them on.
That phone gonna help us avoid the VSP? - What's up with you, man? - Nothing.
Nothing's wrong.
You been hangdogging it since we were wheels up.
Now, if you got something in your head, you need to clear it out now before we roll.
All right, you're right.
You know what? Natalie, she met Emma.
Ah, worlds collided.
They collided, but I didn't tell Emma about Natalie.
- I'm sure it'll smooth over.
- It's not gonna smooth over.
Come on, you know this.
What is it, something like 85% of the relationships in teams fail? My marriage failed.
I isolated Alana.
I shut her out.
She didn't deserve that.
What are you getting at, brother? I'm getting at is the stats show, right, that me and Natalie are gonna blow up.
That's what it shows.
She doesn't deserve that.
Could happen, yeah.
But honestly, Jason, right now it sounds like you're the one pulling the pin.
Look, I'm gonna need you to focus up, boss dog.
I need your head here in Venezuela, - not in Virginia Beach.
- You're right.
You're right.
- You're right.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Your flight's tonight, so you have to leave ASAP.
It's all laid out in the evacuation plan for you and your colleague.
Um, I'll need to go back to my clinic first.
And then go straight to the airport.
Thank you for all you've done.
Just, uh, get those prisoners out.
We will.
Call me as you pass each phase of the evac plan so I know you're safe.
So, uh, this is it? How do I see you again? I'm CIA.
I'll find you.
The theme to tonight's raid is BDSM.
Does that make Brock the gimp? All right.
Full Metal, you can use those later on Sonny if you want.
Tell you what, you got your zip ties? Vic? Zip ties? All right, listen, we got to spend as much time as we can on target without anybody knowing that we're there, so hold your fire.
All right, everybody good with no-go conditions? More than two guards at the gate, we abort.
Vic and Metal, once they get the go-ahead, they're gonna be open and exposed.
"Open and exposed"? I think we've taken tonight's theme a little too far.
Let's roll out.
Come on.
Bravo 1, this is 2.
All clear.
Copy, 2.
Metal, you and Bravo 7 are up.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're passing Bronson.
That's good copy, Bravo 1.
How are we on those no-go conditions? This is 1.
We'll have eyes soon enough.
Bravo 7, we're two mikes out.
Copy, 1.
Meet you at the gate.
Masks down, Sonny.
Bravo 1, this is 2.
Approaching the gate now.
Eyes on two guards.
Oh, crap.
Bravo 1, looks like we got a problem.
Clay, get your gun up.
Bravo 1, we've got about five seconds to make a move.
Hit the beams.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're passing McQueen.
That's good copy, Bravo 1.
We shouldn't have another patrol for a few hours.
Craig should have called in already.
There's nothing to do but trust the plan.
Vic, Metal, watch the gate.
Get the drone up in the air.
Let's roll.
Bravo 1, this is 7.
Drone is airborne.
We're up.
I've got a feed.
There's a lot of bodies on the ground.
Prisoners should be in those rooms.
Clay and Brock, sweep right.
We gotta move.
We got two in here but no Ramos.
All right, looks like the other hotel's across the wing.
You ID those two.
You got rear security.
Let's move.
Clear! Ray, you good? Yeah.
You want to trade places? Havoc, this is 1.
We're taking heavy fire.
We're still looking for one hostage.
Bravo 3, see if you can get an angle on the shooters.
Copy, Bravo 1.
It's coming from the other side of the wall.
Bravo 1, this is 6.
Shooters are on the other side of this wall in here.
Copy, 6.
I count two shooters.
You think Ramos is with them? Let's check.
No Ramos.
- Give me a homewrecker.
- All right.
Bravo 3, Bravo 6, see if you can distract the shooters.
Yeah, copy that, Bravo 1.
I'm good at drawing attention.
Ready? - Do it.
- Pucker up, little buddy.
Bravo 3, you good? Gonna need a good hose-down, but we're still vertical.
Copy that.
Brock, link up with Trent.
Get the prisoners to the SUV.
Got it? Copy that.
Bravo 3, go to the next phase-line.
Copy that.
- Breach.
- That's why they call it a homewrecker.
Open it.
Got him.
Ray? Yeah.
Havoc, this is 1.
- Let's roll.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
That's a good copy, 1.
Passing jackpot.
- You seeing this? - What is it? Headlights are headed their way now.
Looks like two SUVs.
VSP? Can't tell from the image.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
Be advised, you have two unknown vehicles headed towards the target building.
How copy? Copy that, Havoc.
Bravo 7, do you got eyes on 'em? Eyes on.
Two vehicles approaching.
Looks like a patrol.
How far out? One mike, maybe two.
Let's not get caught in a gunfight.
Bravo 6, what are they doing? Bravo 1, this is 6.
Should be in the clear if we don't stick around.
I pass Coburn.
We're RTB.
That's good copy.
Passing Coburn.
Guys we have unknown vehicles outside our location.
- You good? - Yes.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're ten mikes out.
Havoc, I say again, we're ten mikes out.
Havoc, this is 1.
We are ten mikes out.
Comms suck down there.
I count at least half a dozen armed fighting-age males outside the building.
Looks like VSP.
How the hell did they find us? We need to burn the TOC and evac now.
Let's go.
- Mack? - Yeah.
Bravo 1, in the blind.
Havoc's been compromised.
I say again, Havoc's been compromised.
Move, move.
Move! Bravo 1, Havoc has fallen.
Incoming! RPG knocked out the power, but the backup generators are online.
We need a visual of outside.
Where'd they hit from? Northwest side of the structure.
Counting ten, 12 VSP assaulters.
Anyone moving out back? Can't see anything.
We got two cams down.
Havoc, this is 1.
Troops in contact, one of our vehicles down hard.
RTB as soon as we handle it.
Copy that.
Bravo 1, stand by.
Havoc will pass a sitrep shortly.
VSP has our position surrounded.
We need to call it.
Initiate siege protocol.
- Mack, with me.
- Let's do it.
Bravo 2, you got eyes on 6? Still inside the car! Hey.
Hit Bravo with these rally point coordinates.
We'll meet them at Dr.
Craig's clinic.
This is Agent Ellis.
Site's been compromised.
Tell the director of operations I'm requesting a Sentinel scrambled.
I understand the airspace risk, but we need the asset.
Launch the drone.
Clay didn't get out?! Got to win the firefight first, Sonny! Clay! I got you.
I got you, Clay.
- You ready? - On you, Jace.
Bravo 2, I'm moving to the SUV, set the base element.
That's us.
Move! - All right, you ready? - Yeah.
One, two Bravo 2, set.
Frag out! All right, you good? - Yeah? - Yeah, I'm good.
All right, look.
Havoc's in trouble.
Let's move.
Clay, you okay? Yeah, good.
Davis, kit up.
Ralph, go dead-bolt the garage door.
I'll roll with him.
They're in the garage.
Door's secure.
I'll go get 'em.
VSP's breaching.
They ripped open the garage.
- Ralph's gone.
- Gone? He was at the point of impact.
There's nothing left, man.
Can you move? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Havoc 2, how many thermites do we have down there? Havoc actual, I count three.
Slow your roll, boys.
We got two enemy vehicles inbound.
Ray, you four to the flank.
- Rest with me.
- L ambush? That's right.
We'll draw them in.
- We'll open up on their flank.
- Man, let's move.
¡Levante las manos! - I'm down to one mag.
- Same.
All I got is one mag and my razor wit.
Might run into trouble on the way there.
- We're gonna need ammo, boss.
- You're right.
You know what, strip what you can.
Rounds and mags.
Let's go.
Havoc needs us.
Let's double-time it.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're RTB.
How copy? Negative, Bravo 1.
Havoc is departing our current position.
Rally point coordinates were sent.
Proceed there.
There's no way we're heading to an alternative rally point with Havoc under fire, Jace.
Let's go.
Mount up.
Let's roll.
That good? - Works for me.
- Okay.
Mack, Mandy, we need to fend off this next wave of assaulters.
Davis, scrub the TOC.
Grab all the Toughbooks and hard drives marked with the red tabs.
- Let's go.
- Thermite the rest.
Burn it down.
Then fall back to the safe room.
Copy that.
Reload! Moving.
Bravo, be advised.
We've initiated siege protocol.
Havoc is going off-line for exfil.
Bravo 2, copies all.
Havoc's going off-line.
Hold on the door.
Nice shot.
All right, let's go.
Havoc, this is Vulture 1 and 2.
Confirm you're good for extract.
Vulture 1 and 2, Havoc actual.
I confirm good for extract.
Copy, Havoc.
We're three hours out.
- Check back on final approach.
- Copy, Vulture.
Havoc out.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Move with me.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Lisa, what the hell? - It's nothing.
- It's clean.
We got to keep moving.
- I'm almost out.
- All right.
Mack's set to receive us.
I'll cover you.
Collapse back to him.
- Coming in.
- You're good.
Last man! Move! We got you! That'll torch the place? Takes two minutes.
Burn travels through the walls, back here to its ignite point.
- While we're trapped in here? - No.
We'll be long gone.
There's one vehicle down there.
Keys in the visor.
Enemy incoming! It's Blue! It's Blue! VSP's breached.
We're burning it down.
Got to move.
I know a place we can lay low.
Good, 'cause the entire country's hunting us.
- What happened? Are you okay? - Got to go! We'll clear inside before you take 'em in.
- All clear.
- Clear? - Yup.
- Sonny.
- Post up at the other entry.
- Roger that.
Blackburn, bring everyone in.
Thought Mandy said Dr.
Craig's clinic was supposed to be a safe spot for us.
Well, it looks like the storm's already been through here.
- That's for sure, huh? - Yeah.
Any sign of Dr.
Craig or his colleague? Hey, Mandy, we got to talk.
Hey, guys, let's go triage the hostages.
Craig was carrying out his evac plan.
He stopped responding two hours ago.
VSP must have suspected that he was passing intel on the hostages, and rolled him and Dr.
Kay up.
He wanted to leave two days ago.
- I convinced him to stay.
- Just stop.
Just slow down, okay? You understand me? If they wanted to kill them, VSP would've done it here.
He knew the location of the safe house.
VSP got it out of him.
He led them right to us.
Mandy, they can break hardened operators, all right? - Wasn't Craig's fault.
- No.
It-It's mine.
Did Trent check you out? We're just under three hours before our extract touches down.
I confirmed it before shutting down TOC.
You thinking we push there now? Hmm.
We'll just be waiting there exposed.
It's safer that we just shelter here, treat our injured.
I got a drone launched.
It'll give us eyes.
I'll work on getting a SATCOM link.
It'll give us a visual.
We'll need it to find a safe route to extract.
All right.
Craig's still out there.
He didn't ask for any of this.
I dragged him into it.
Oh, look, Mandy I just I can't leave him.
Look, we do not have the time or the resources to conduct some kind of a manhunt, understand? My priority is to get everybody out of this country safe.
- You understand? - Well, what if I could get a location on him? Our cover's been blown.
It's blown.
The VSP is tearing the city apart looking for us.
Come with some good, solid intel.
Maybe we'll talk, all right? Solid.
Got to be solid.
- Got it? - Okay.
All right, that should hold.
- Cool.
Thanks, T.
- Ooh-ee! Them staples are gonna go real nice with that D.
paper-pushing girlfriend of yours.
That's it? Thought you'd go with something like her leash chafing on my scar.
I mean, I'm sorry, man.
I might have crossed a line a little earlier.
Yeah, well, I might've taken it better if things were a little smoother on that front.
There trouble in paradise for Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles? Uh Stella showed up at my place right before we left.
She moved back to Virginia.
Well, yeah, I've been there before.
You're trying to close the door, the next thing you know, they come knocking, stirring up everything you're trying to forget.
Well, how'd the, uh, how'd the reunion go? Yeah, it wasn't like that.
Oh, wasn't like that? So, I'm not even sure what she wants.
Well, it's pretty clear to me.
She moves across country, knocking at your door? Hey, you guys see painkillers anywhere? - Ah.
- There you go.
Thank you.
You know, I'd, uh, still be dangling upside down in that car like a little air freshener if you hadn't cut me out.
Ah, you'd have done the same for any of us, right? Yeah.
Come on, man.
Your love life is already too complicated without adding there Ricki Vic to it.
Don't worry there, Peaches.
I'm not gonna steal your little wingman apprentice away.
I think we could lose the "apprentice.
" Also, more of a master now.
- Really? - I got to give it to the kid.
I coached him up pretty good.
So you know where he keeps his spare key in case you need to drag his ass home? Which WrestleMania DVD to play to keep his night terrors away? - Hmm.
- I even know his ATM number for when he passes out in the champagne room.
I just got to tell you.
You two are way more agreeable when you're disagreeing.
Just saying.
Especially you, Blonde Judas.
- Okay, that's it.
- What? - Pucker up.
Come here.
- Hey.
Oh, whoa.
- Oh! - Come here.
You need to get that scrape stitched up.
Relax for a minute.
I need to get this SATCOM link up and running.
Ensign Davis? How you handled yourself back there was nothing less than remarkable.
I dropped my spatial awareness.
No, you prioritized.
You risked your life to keep our extract inbound while you were demoing the TOC.
If you think that's dropping SA, I strongly disagree.
Oh, well, agree to disagree.
Look around, things go south.
Happens to all of us.
But it's how we conduct ourselves after the fall that defines us.
Tonight, you sacrificed your own safety for the good of the team.
If you hadn't been there No.
Know how many times Bravo's said that about you? I need to keep working.
- Well, you need to get that stitched up.
- Mm-hmm.
Guess you've stolen my ability to complain about my review board getting cut short.
Don't tell me you'd rather be tap-dancing for a wardroom of humorless brass right now.
Lot less stressful here.
You had Trent check you out yet? Yeah, he told me to open the tourniquet every 20 minutes for blood flow.
Didn't want to remove the souvenir from my leg yet.
Overheard Mandy lobbying to attempt a rescue of Dr.
That a call you'd make? Well making the call is not the problem.
It's living with it's the hard part.
Is there a particular call that's weighing on you? Still think I should've stood for Davis at her disciplinary review.
Yeah, she got off, though.
And you didn't have to ding your career.
It's a win-win, right? I would say so.
It's all about picking your battles, man.
I picked wrong on that one.
It's the last time I put my own interests over what's right.
That's gonna give us a drone feed? Well, as soon as I link it up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
I got you.
- You okay? - Yeah.
No, I'm fine.
Shh, shh.
Hey, hey, look at me.
- Just breathe.
Trent? Trent? - I'm fine.
I'm She almost passed out.
Just take a look at her, all right? Yeah.
Come with me.
I'll have a look.
Come on.
- Sonny? - No, no, no, no, no.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Get in here.
I just got to get this SATCOM - get this SATCOM - No, no, we're fine.
Got it.
- No, I just, I got to, I have to - Stop.
Stop! Sonny, get this thing working, will you? The Agency only knew of the one holding facility where they had us.
Uh No idea where they might have taken Dr.
Okay, so, who would? Who can we lean on? See, I had value because they suspected me of being CIA, but I'm not sure what they would want with a Brit.
Well, the fact that they didn't leave Dr.
Craig for dead tells me that someone had a use for him.
The question is: who? There was one VSP lieutenant in there who would talk to me a bit Cabrera.
He seemed to be fed up with the unit's tactics.
Vulnerable? Eh, at least a glimmer of a conscience.
He carried some guilt over losing his wife.
If I hadn't been chained to the wall, I might've tried to turn him.
Do you think he would know where Dr.
Craig is? Well, high ranking enough to be in the loop.
Find him.
You could ask him.
You remember how you got here from the safe house? Orange Land Cruiser.
Did you lose consciousness when you were attacked? No.
- What about since then? - Also no.
And since I know you're about to ask if I remember what happened before, I confirmed the helo extract, I grabbed the hard drives, and I thermited the terminals.
I told you, I'm fine.
Except for the, uh, dizzy spell in the other room.
Or would you call that a loss of balance? Either way, it puts you on concussion protocol.
Cocktail time? Magnesium.
Hydration will help stave off symptoms.
Needle coming in.
You good? I'm fine! Put it out over comms, so everybody stops asking me.
Well, you're all set.
But if you have a headache or anything let me know.
Yes, sir.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
All right.
Just hang here and take it easy.
Not a chance.
I got to help us figure out how to get out of this mess.
You're seriously just as stubborn as the first day I met you.
You remember you tried to bite my head off for asking for a hammock.
Not exactly how I remember it.
Oh, you see? You do have a concussion.
You need anything else from me? That's a really generous offer coming from someone who looks pretty banged up himself.
I'm all good.
Be in a body bag if it weren't for Vic, but you know, everybody needs a little help sometimes.
That's why we're a team.
I know, it just seems like when the chips were down, I wasn't an asset, I was a drain on resources.
You are an asset.
And that's why we're all here checking up on you.
All right, so if you get a headache This conversation is going to give me one if it goes on much longer.
- Okay, okay.
- Thank you.
Either got a drone feed or Slovakian reruns of The A-Team.
Not sure I did it right.
We got the drone feed.
Long-range comms are back up, too.
Ooh, my work is done here.
Call me MacGyver.
- Stop, all right? - It's a real lead, Jason.
- Okay, look I understand that.
- A chance to find Dr.
But we're not supposed to be in this country, and you want us to what, just knock on the door of some VSP lieutenant? - Is that what you want us to do? - All right, what's this I hear about knocking on the enemy's door? Go ahead.
There's a VSP lieutenant who might know where they took Dr.
Ramos thinks he might be sympathetic.
We're playing beyond injured and you want to throw a Hail Mary? I have his home address.
We have ISR, we've got comms, there's a couple hours before extract.
That is not much time to get him to cooperate.
Get this guy in front of me, he'll talk.
It's your call, Jace.
Craig's life depends on us.
One last shot, one.
That's it.
Mandy's friends back in Langley have come through with our target package VSP Officer Cesar Cabrera.
He lives in this apartment complex in the Montalbán region.
Area looks quiet.
Shouldn't be that many eyes on us with the citywide curfew.
Violent totalitarian regime with the assist.
Also in our favor, Cabrera's neighborhood has minimal police activity, so we shouldn't expect any resistance.
Well, we can't afford any we're closing in on our extract window.
- Two hours out.
- That's it.
So, any whiff of complication, we cank the op, got it? Here's some petty cash, in case Cabrera needs some motivation.
Clay, Ray, Sonny, with me.
The rest, let's load up.
We roll in five, let's go.
Jace, I-I think I should hang back.
Gather up the ammo, prep for another follow-up.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Trent, take his place.
Roll with us.
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm not sure I want mission success on this one.
You know what, Mandy's got a lead.
We owe it to her to chase it down.
Yeah, but if she pries a location from this guy, then what happens? Another rabbit hole, another door to kick, when we're already on fumes? That's right, we'll figure it out when we get there.
That's what we always do.
End of the road's coming quick, Jace.
Bravo 1, be advised you're one block out from target.
Copy that.
I can take over the ISR.
You knock that IV bag down already? Yeah, I'm good.
Thank you.
Hey, Blackburn? You didn't happen to grab any more mags - at the safe house, did you? - I'll see what I can round up.
All right, you're at the helm.
Bravo's going internal.
Watch the streets.
You know, if you need anything, uh just tell me, all right? Copy.
Kick it open.
Come on.
Who are you people?! Fellow civil servants.
Watch the hall.
Copy that.
Why don't you make this real easy on yourself? 50,000 U.
, Cesar.
Tell us where Dr.
Craig is.
Don't know any doctor.
- You know, no? - No.
He was taking care of prisoners under your watch where is he? Ramos, the American oil exec you had in there.
He told me about you.
Told me that you're good enough to see the evil that your VSP leaders were perpetrating.
Men who would defile your country.
You owe them no loyalty.
Those men? Are expecting me to report for duty in the next 20 minutos.
If I am not there, they will come here.
Are you prepared for that? You're lying, Cesar.
Nobody's coming.
We have all the time we need.
You know, uh, typically, we push the rifle barrel away with our hands and not our head.
You know, I, uh, I really wish I was there, Davis.
We had just gotten to the safe house ten minutes sooner.
It's not your job.
It's on me to have my back.
No, everybody's got to have their six covered from time to time.
You got to ease up on yourself.
You know, I thought I was gonna die, Sonny.
Right there on the floor.
I swear to you I would've burned this city to the ground.
This is all I could find.
Oh, cool.
It'll do.
Craig came here to help your people, Cesar.
To save Venezuela's sick and poor.
And he deserves to go home! Told you, I don't know about a doctor.
Any second, officers are gonna be here looking for me.
We got to end this.
We're burning time, come on.
He knows where Dr.
Craig is.
Of course he does, Mandy.
Of course he does, all right? Here's the thing, he's more afraid of the VSP than he is of us, that's why.
Not giving in.
What's one more body down here? Where is Dr.
Craig? Where?! We got to go.
Is that your wife? A memory now.
Why do you need her forgiveness? You lost so much.
Your loved ones, your country.
The tide of death down here must be so overwhelming.
Easy to lose yourself in it.
The man I'm trying to save he never asked for any of this.
He's a force for good, for healing.
And he's paying for my sins.
I am asking you, Cesar, for a chance to atone.
They call it "The Mill.
" It's where we dropped off those we wanted to break.
The others would do it for us.
"Others"? The foreigners.
They wanted to take hostages with them.
Hezbollah? They're sending them to the Middle East? Western doctors are valuable to them.
They-they won't keep them in this country much longer.
So, the doctors are in Hezbollah custody? We knew they had a presence here; they're trying to leverage the chaos for their criminal activities.
Uh, look, the facility they have, The Mill, is it an interrogation facility? Pain factory.
Westerners are a huge coup for Hezbollah, so we can assume they're still alive, but they'll be trafficked east as soon as possible.
Extract helos just confirmed they're inbound.
Hour out.
The Mill's in the same direction as the extract point.
It's just a few miles off.
This would be a zero-intel hit on an unknown number of combatants in a setting that we know nothing about.
I'm not sure Bravo's squared away for something like this right now.
Craig kept our asses out of the fire.
You know the boys'll charge it for him if you point the way.
No doubt about that, but I got to draw a line somewhere.
Pack up.
Move to extract in 30 mikes.
Roger that.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
- What are you doing? I, uh, wanted to talk to you.
Look, Blackburn already saved me, Trent medicated me, and Clay pep-talked me, so why don't you just save your energy.
It feels like we're all getting tested down here, right? In my case, literally.
And the guy marking my grade has a three-inch chunk of steel stuck in his leg.
Doubt that earns me extra credit.
Look, Mack didn't get hurt on your watch.
They can't hold that against you.
Truth is, Lisa I've been way too concerned with how I look to the Warrant Board.
- I owe you an apology.
I - Ray, don't.
I should've stood for you after your arrest.
I didn't, and I am sorry.
You think that's what I want to hear? No.
No, it's just the truth.
I made the wrong call.
Look, lot of complications come with following a new path.
I get it.
Yeah, I think I'm starting to find that out now.
Are we good? You were doing what you thought was best for your family.
We're good.
We're moving to exfil.
I got some things to do.
Yes, ma'am.
Look, I know you're angry I understand it but, um, we did everything that we could.
Team's injured.
It's running on fumes.
I know.
I know.
Craig's the newest name on my list.
Your list? What's that? You have contacts on your phone.
I have a list of people I've crossed paths with sources, colleagues, friends, people who grow close to me because they think I have their best interests at heart.
People who inevitably get hurt for trusting me.
I have my share of collateral damage, too.
It's getting harder to justify the people who are getting hurt around us.
They add up, don't they? Here I was hoping we'd get to make just one of those right.
Round 'em up.
All right, so, this is the building where we believe they're holding the doctors.
I had a feeling Bravo wasn't leaving without an encore.
And we're gonna be stripped down, fast and dirty.
The building we're hitting's a disused three-story factory.
Primary breach point's a door on the green side of the building.
What's our game plan, since we don't know where they're holding these hostages? Clear from the basement up.
- Any combatants? - External, I've only counted a few on patrol.
Internal, anybody's guess.
Could be a mix of VSP and Hezbollah.
Sun's coming up in 15, so you won't have the cover of darkness.
Got a jury-rigged TOC.
What's our plan for loss of comms? Helo landing zone's been plugged into all your GPSs.
If we lose comms, get to the extract point.
Yeah, not if, when.
We got 30 minutes till we have to unplug here.
After that, you'll be on your own.
All right, look, these guys are not gonna be expecting - another fight from us.
- Good.
- Got surprise on our side.
- Yeah.
That's about all we got on our side.
Feast your eyes on slim pickings, boys.
All right, look, I know I'm asking a lot on this one.
We're beat up.
We're injured.
With the sun coming up, tactically, we're really going up against it.
So I need to know now.
If anyone has an issue with this, they got to speak up now.
That's a strong copy, 1.
Craig's life is in our hands.
Going for him is the right call.
Got no cake-eaters playing geopolitical chess on this op.
Saving the guy who put his life on the line is an easy call.
And Bravo, we never run from a fight.
- Let's get 'er done.
- All right, dig in.
Two mags each.
Let's roll.
Bravo 5, we're two mikes out.
Everyone conserve your rounds, make them count.
Lower on ammo than a neutered dog.
I can't remember being this Winchester'd.
Chechnya, 2010.
Practically checking the seat cushions for spare rounds.
70 hours of sustained combat.
I still haven't gotten Full Metal out of my nostrils after that one.
Here we go, couple of bullfrogs in the good old days in the pond.
Well, well, I feel a second wind coming on.
That's cutting it too close.
- They're almost at target.
- Good.
Sun's up.
There's gonna be a lot of eyes with it.
Bravo 1, the next right is a street headed to target.
I'm seeing two armed combatants near the front entrance.
Copy that, Havoc.
We got a tail, brother.
Yeah, and these guys do not look like they're out for a joyride.
Armed spotters.
So much for the element of surprise.
We may need to abort.
What's the call, Jace? - Still closing in on us, bro.
- Havoc, this is 1.
We got two Tangos trailing us.
Got others nearby? If they got friends, we're cutting bait.
Copy interrogative, Bravo 1.
Stand by.
I'm not seeing any other combatants.
Get the drone up higher, get a wider view.
VSP's going door-to-door on our block.
There's ten of them out there.
- We need to evacuate right now.
- Bravo's almost at target.
Right now.
We got to go.
- The guys'll be going in blind.
- Davis, shut the SATCOM down now.
Bravo 1, Havoc is going off-line.
Rendezvous at the exfil point.
Havoc out.
Let's go.
Copy that.
Havoc's out.
We're on our own.
Except for these guys tailing us.
We're almost at the target building, Jace.
Give me the go.
Sonny! We're all in now, boys.
Brock, Full Metal, stronghold the vehicles.
The rest on me.
All right, everybody move.
Let's go.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Well, better make 'em count.
On you, boss.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 5.
Tangos arriving in vehicles.
Need additional support.
I got 'em.
- Take 'em inside.
- Copy.
All clear! What the hell was that? Nice, J.
The comms are shot.
- I'm Winchester.
- Last mag.
- Same here.
- On me.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em, boys.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
Radio check.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
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