SEAL Team (2017) s03e13 Episode Script

Fog Of War

- Previously on SEAL Team - You'll get me out of the country - as soon as possible.
- You can trust me.
I count at least half a dozen armed fighting-age males outside our location.
Bravo 1, Havoc's been compromised.
Move, move.
Where is Dr.
Craig? Where? They won't keep him in this country much longer.
Hezbollah? Dr.
Craig's life is in our hands.
Two mags each.
Let's roll.
Bravo 1, Havoc is going off-line.
Rendezvous at the exfil point.
We're wheels up as soon as my team arrives, Captain.
Yes, sir.
I'm getting reports on a large explosion at the Hezbollah facility Bravo hit.
Caracas traffic is usually light at this hour.
- They should be here by now.
- Any word on if they rescued Dr.
Craig or his colleagues? Well, Jason's comms call dropped.
No word on mission success or casualties.
Something feels off.
We're running an op with no comms, no overwatch, no TOC.
Damn right something's off.
All right, let's move.
Let's go.
Let's go! Had us in the dark there, Master Chief.
Yeah, well, dark is where this op should stay.
Where's Dr.
Craig? He got killed in the raid.
What do I need to know? Total mission failure.
Come back and check on you in a bit.
- Thanks, brother.
- Yeah.
You getting busted up isn't gonna help my warrant officer rep.
- How you feeling? - Eh, you know.
Leg's gonna get better.
But judging by the way you all look, I'm not sure I can say the same about Bravo.
What the hell happened? Dr.
Craig stuck his neck out for us and we failed him.
Gonna put the team under a microscope, that's for sure, but as long as the op checks out, the team will be fine.
Same for your warrant packet.
My promotion's an ugly thing to think about with Dr.
Craig on board.
Stirred up a hornet's nest at the Pentagon.
British citizen, working as an asset for the CIA, killed in a SEAL raid? - The optics are bad.
- I don't care about optics right now.
I'm concerned about reality.
Reality is that the teams have had a string of bad press lately and we can't afford another black eye.
Look, we pulled ISR off target, so I am out of the loop.
Tell me this was a clean op.
I can't tell you that.
What do you mean you can't? It was I was with Command and Control.
All right? When I went to go join my team, there was an explosion.
That's what killed Craig.
Did you identify the source of the explosion? My priority was getting my team back to this plane alive.
I didn't have time to ask questions.
Well, I suggest that you make time now, find out what the hell happened.
'Cause we need an answer for Command as soon as we touch down at Virginia Beach.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry about Dr.
You feeling okay? Yeah, I mean, my head's throbbing a bit, but I'm fine.
That's not what I'm asking.
You were a heartbeat away from being killed.
I've been deployed how many times, but I really never came face-to-face with You ever been that close? How'd you shake it? Who says we shake any of this? Bad ops never get any easier, do they? Only ops I seem to remember.
Blackburn crawling up your ass? That's 'cause the brass is crawling up his ass.
Dead hostage always makes officers jumpy.
Pentagon is gonna pin this on us if our story is not airtight.
It's gonna get ugly, early.
All right? That's their MO.
If I was just a few seconds faster, I maybe this turns out different.
What the hell happened in there? I only know what I saw, brother.
We entered the target building holding Dr.
Craig and Dr.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
Heading to the second deck.
How copy? Bravo 2, this is Say again your last? Clay, take your team and head upstairs.
All right, roger that.
Sonny, on me.
Looks like another dry hole.
Or not.
What the hell was that? Bravo 6, this is Bravo 2.
How copy? On me.
Toss in a crash.
I'm all out! Crash out! I didn't expect a barricaded, belt-fed machine-gun.
But I knew the hostage was in the room, so I threw the crash, and we were about to make entry, - when the whole damn place blew.
- W-Wait a second.
I mean, a crash grenade is just gonna stun the enemy.
It's not gonna destroy the whole room.
Yeah, I know.
We're missing some elements here.
Wish I could shed more light, J.
You know what? Gather the boys together.
We're gonna do an AAR, figure out why that room exploded.
We've been pressing in the red since we touched down in Caracas.
I haven't slept in two days.
Why the hell can't we just do this when we get back stateside? Why? 'Cause we got a British doctor, you know, who worked for the CIA who was killed in a failed Tier One op.
That's why.
And we need to figure out exactly what happened before we get back home and have Command all over us.
War happened.
How do we know what happened if nobody had eyes inside? We don't, okay? So that's why we're gonna reconstruct the op, put the pieces together and get this puzzle back up and rolling.
Okay, well, I saw exactly what Ray saw.
Okay? Dr.
Craig, he was shouting in the other room, Ray threw a crash, it detonated, and then the building almost went like Jenga.
Okay, so Sonny and Ray, they were pinned.
Clay, how about you? Where was your team at? What'd you see? Uh, cleared the entry with Ray, and then Trent, Vic and me, we, uh, we split off and moved up here.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
Heading up to the second deck.
How copy? Bravo 2 Bravo 1, say again your last? Bravo 2, this Sonny, on me.
Clay, Trent, Vic, push left.
Roger that.
Crash out! It's her.
It's Dr.
Bravo 1, this is Bravo 6.
We've secured hotel two.
How copy? We're Americans.
We're gonna get you home.
- Breathe.
- Hey.
Prep her to move.
Avalanche! All Bravo elements, S-vests on target! S-vests on target.
I never heard anyone calling an S-vest.
Yeah, me, either.
I definitely called it.
Yeah, he did.
Saved our asses dropping that guy.
All right, well, comms were spotty all day.
So we push up on Dr.
Craig, not knowing that there's tangos on target wearing VIP passes to the 72 Club.
So if one tango had a vest on, can't we expect that others did, too? - Room didn't blow itself up.
- Yeah, it tracks for me that a tango in the room was strapped.
All right, so we know that the enemy was in trouble.
He panics and clacks off his vest.
Clears the team.
Ray, you good with that? As much as I'd like to tie a bow on around all of this, we were dodging lead; I never saw a vest.
Just because you can't prove it doesn't mean that it didn't happen.
Sonny, what'd you see? Well, with this new Intel on the-on the vest, I've changed my perspective.
That tango was wearing a pretty baggy jacket.
Pretty hot to be bundled up.
Could be concealing explosives.
Sonny, you'll go on record that you saw a vest? Indeed I will.
This seems pretty open and shut to me, man.
All right, we're good, then.
Get some rest.
Thank you, 'cause I need to go sleep off this Caracas, take some more Imodium.
Sonny, you don't have to worry about Montezuma anymore.
Oh, that's exactly what he wants you to think.
The boys just wrapped up their AAR.
Seems Dr.
Craig was killed by an S-vest.
I realize that doesn't make it any easier, Mandy.
Uh, vests are an escalation in these parts, but it tracks with Hezbollah's tactics.
But S-vests are usually used as offensive weapons Something on your mind, Ensign? I'm good with Bravo's conclusion.
I'm gonna get something for this headache.
Oh, dear.
Still feeling the effects of playing Alamo when the Havoc got hit? Oh.
We're just lucky we all made it out.
You know, being on the other side, and hearing your friends are in the line of fire, well you really changed my perspective of what you must go through.
Well, Sonny, I'm glad it took me almost getting killed to reveal your sympathy gene.
Oh, you know.
You gonna document that bell getting rung? Come on, Sonny.
It's nothing.
I've never seen you report a head injury.
That's 'cause the contents inside my head are far less valuable than the contents in your head.
- Okay.
- Okay? Just-just put it in your jacket.
Look, you don't want to be kicking yourself years from now because you didn't take my advice about your health.
Well, listening to you is usually bad for my health.
Oh, okay.
You got eyes on that S-vest in that room with Dr.
Craig? I told you what I saw.
What, my answer ain't good enough for you? Just seems off.
Bravo found the answer.
Not your concern.
Turn the page.
I'm just trying to clear up some things that aren't tracking.
What's not tracking? What's spinning in that head of yours, Davis? Oh, nothing.
Just we're good.
- Hmm.
- Hey, we're not doing the team any favors if we're making a bad call here.
What's-what's up? Listen, can we all please just stop playing Monday morning quarterback, have a couple beers, and enjoy this long-ass flight home? An innocent man is dead, Sonny.
- Hmm.
- All right? Let's put all our cards on the table.
What's bothering you? It's not Hezbollah's MO to kill hostages that have value to them.
And it's very rare for them to use suicide bombs as defensive measures.
If there was an S-vest in the room with Dr.
Craig, then why wasn't there one with Dr.
Kay? Look, we ain't fighting Hezbollah cyborgs that all fight the same.
You're turning it into s-some sort of math equation.
One plus one does not add up to jack in combat, guys.
Well, Sonny's right.
Look, we're overthinking this.
I'm sorry that I said anything, Ray.
That entry was hell, and somehow you saw an S-vest? Command wants an answer.
I'm gonna give them one.
But we're looking for the truth, Sonny.
If you saw a vest, why the hell didn't you yell "avalanche"? It was all moving pretty fast.
And without knowing Clay's half of it, didn't make a whole lot of sense in the moment.
I love you to death, brother, and I know you'll do anything to keep our asses out of the fire.
Yeah, that's what the brotherhood's about.
Yeah, but the brotherhood's also about being truthful with each other.
Do yourself a favor, Ray.
Stop being a martyr.
Put your ass to bed.
Did you see a vest or not, Sonny? On me.
Nothing you say or do can bring Dr.
Craig back.
Did you see a vest? No, both tangos were in T-shirts, and neither were rigged to blow.
Damn it, Sonny! You know you can get your ass in a fire for lying like this.
Yeah, I just wanted to close the hatch and move on.
The number-one rule in a kill house, number-one rule in a hostage rescue is the hostage cannot die.
Bravo needs to know what went wrong.
Dead hostages is as serious as the business end of a .
Career ender if somebody wants to make a mess of it.
And no good will come of it we dig any deeper.
So move on.
I'm waking everyone up.
We need to get to the truth.
Wake up.
What do you mean there was no S-vest, all right? Clay put a guy down right before he clacked one off.
Dude, I'm telling you, this guy was 100% wearing an S-vest, there's no doubt.
And then Sonny confirmed seeing one in Dr.
Craig's room.
That's not how it went down.
How'd it go down? Tell him, Sonny.
- I might have misremembered.
- Misremembered? What, are you trying to get us and the team jammed up? Look, the only truth is, is that Dr.
Craig is dead.
Okay? Don't matter if it's an AK, PKM or a vest.
He died in combat.
That doesn't work for the brass, Sonny.
If the brass can't accept the way the war's fought, maybe they should stop sending us in there to fight.
We gotta keep at it.
Okay? Not for the cake eaters, but for Dr.
Gotta work from the outside in.
I was external, working C2.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
Radio check.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
Radio check.
Wait a minute, you heard two explosions? One on the heels of the other.
Very distinct.
Could have been a sympathetic detonation.
Crashes cause fires all the time.
I mean, if there was any accelerant in that room, a crash could have set it off.
Okay, well, it's possible.
Anybody see any explosives, ammo crates? Yeah, I-I might have seen some.
We were on the south side of the target building going down the hallway.
Sonny, on me.
You're saying that you saw fuel being stored in the room? - The same room as the hostages? - Two cannisters.
What, am I supposed to believe you this time? I swear on my Grandninny's grave.
No, no, he-he's telling the truth, because I saw the generator in the other room.
The Genny probably runs on diesel.
You know what, I felt the explosion outside.
It was, uh, it was huge.
It definitely had a serious concussive force.
That-that fuel would have to be sitting there just exposed, emitting vapors for it to light off from that crash.
Well, I don't think that these guys are concerned with following procedures.
- It's improbable, but not impossible.
- Sonny, what side of the room were the drums on? Right side.
I threw the crash all the way into the left side of the room.
There's no way it was the fuel that exploded.
Okay, so what, the room just spontaneously combusted? Entire room blew up into a bunch of toothpicks.
There's no way that Ray's flash-crash did that.
All right, look, you know what, we're looking too hard at ourselves.
What if Did we miss anything in the clearance? The enemy has a say in the fight.
We didn't encounter any unknowns, and anybody we saw with a weapon we put down on our way to the hostages.
All right, Clay, what happened after the S-vest blew? Look, man, I can't see how we missed anyone.
The target was pretty straightforward after the S-vest blew.
We ended up with a hot hallway.
All stations, this is Bravo 6.
We have S-vests on target.
I say again He's either reloading, or I laced one in there.
Only one way to find out.
Nice shooting.
We heard the blast right after we confirmed our shooter dead.
So what do you say, Vic Jagger? Huh? You have enough time to put your dance partner down before he pulled the pin? Well, after he squirted, I pressed forward to a barricade while engaging.
Any chance you left him injured? No way.
Five rounds, center mass.
Stitched him up hard.
It sounds like any enemy we engaged, they're all accounted for.
Yeah, well, there goes that theory.
I'm out of ideas.
Well, there ain't no Zapruder film to help us.
All we have is a known unknown.
So all we can confirm is is that I threw the crash, and the room exploded right? Keep at it.
Work the problem.
Hey what's going on? I always carry two crashes and one homewrecker.
But when we re-orged, we were in such a rush, I don't remember what I grabbed.
You grabbed what you usually grab, Ray.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
- Why? I'm looking through my gear, and I only see one crash.
I have no idea what I went through that door with.
They're both cylindrical, - similar in size - Stop, stop, stop.
Don't go there, man.
All right? Look, there's no way you make that rookie mistake.
There's no other explanation, J.
There's something we're not seeing right now.
So relax.
It's staring us right in the face.
I threw a damn homewrecker, and I blew up the room.
I killed Dr.
So, um Ray thinks he knows what caused the blast.
Let me guess.
Cerberus got into the cheese again.
He thinks he threw a homewrecker.
- Instead of his crash? - Yeah.
No, there's no way in hell Ray would do - something like that.
- Yeah, well, you know what? I tried to convince him of that, but he-he thinks he did.
I hate to say it, but it tracks with the size of the blast.
There's no way, man.
I'm not buying it.
What happens to Ray if it's true? Toss a homewrecker in a room with a hostage? I mean, it's a career ender, right? Yeah.
It's over.
- Foxtrot.
- That doesn't make any sense, man.
I mean, Ray sets the bar.
That kind of thing isn't supposed Those types of mistakes don't happen.
Operators get hurt.
Retire, whatever.
But getting your Trident pulled? - Brutal way to go out.
- Yeah, I'd rather suck start my own secondary than have Ray kicked off Command.
- We got to do something.
- Damn straight we do.
We're going shields up.
Old-school teams.
Burning a great team guy ain't ever gonna bring Dr.
Craig back from the dead.
So we're gonna do everything in our damn power to make sure we keep Ray out of the fire.
Get our stories straight, hold fast, weather the storm.
I'm in.
All we can do.
I shouldn't have cut things so close.
I pushed too hard to get Dr.
Eh, you were just looking out for your asset.
I should've been looking out for Bravo.
I should've canked the op.
I manipulated Dr.
I leveraged him to collect Intel for me.
I pushed him to stay longer than he thought was safe.
I used every tool in my toolkit to exploit him and he's dead because he trusted me.
Now I've taken Ray down, too.
And for what? Like any of this is gonna make a difference.
You know, I'm not afraid to get shot.
Not afraid to get killed.
But what scares the hell out of me is letting my team down.
I did that.
I set up my team to fail, and Ray is paying the price.
Okay, so, we've got S-vests, we've got demolition on target, and we've got an unknown number of external enemy forces.
Muddy the waters, keep it chaotic so no one knows what the hell happened.
Just need to convince Ray to stay quiet about his homewrecker theory.
And which one of you gonna do that? Ray, just let us cover for you, man.
You mean lie.
It's not lying.
We just won't paint the full picture.
It's not worth nuking your career over.
Have any of you been reading the paper lately? Every other week there's a new story about the teams.
Abusing prisoners, drug scandals, frogmen getting accused of war crimes.
There's bad apples in every bunch, Ray, and you ain't one of them.
And I won't let it be you, either.
This is how those incidents start.
Right here, right now.
Bravo spins out some lie about a hostage getting killed and gets caught? That's front-page news that'll get you all drummed out of the damn Navy.
We're not asking you to lie.
I know what you're asking me to do.
And I love you for it.
But if you sacrifice your honor out of loyalty to me, our Tridents don't mean a damn thing.
Stop it.
Ray, hey.
Hey, come on, man.
You deserve better than this.
Deserve what I deserve.
All right, I hate to be the one to do this, but we need to take a step back from the Senior Chief Perry issue and focus on on what we did and didn't do right during the op.
We're all gonna have to debrief the Command.
Reps from Langley are already waiting in Virginia Beach.
If we had successfully rescued Dr.
Craig, none of this would be an issue, but the failure added to the fact that we ran an op without ISR overwatch or comms is gonna open us up to a whole lot of questions.
Now, when exactly did we shut down comms with Bravo? Davis.
I-I shut the link when we left the clinic.
And that's when we pulled ISR off target? I'm gonna have to check, sir.
Uh, it's a little fuzzy.
Okay, we'll pull up the logs and check the time stamps.
I can't remember what I did.
You were concussed.
It's okay.
I'll figure out when ISR left target.
If there was ISR over target, this could make things a lot worse for Ray.
If that footage exists, it can't see the light of day.
You're making a mistake, Ray.
No, Sonny, I made a mistake.
What the hell's wrong with you, man? Huh? You think you're better than all of us? That it? Hell no.
Just that the teams need to be better than this.
When you pull your foot out of a bucket of water, it don't leave a hole.
Goes right back in.
But not this time, Ray, you We can't replace you.
You guys will be fine.
You know, people always ask me why it is that I-I do this job.
And it ain't about the fighting, it ain't about the brotherhood.
It's about you, it's about Clay, it's about Jason, together, brotherhood, doing what we do best.
And-and you take that away, and Ray, I don't know what the point of all this is, then.
We all got a line we can't cross, Sonny.
This one's mine.
Nobody wins here, Ray.
What, this truth just suddenly makes up for 18 years of warfare? I couldn't ask for a more loyal teammate.
And there's nobody I'd rather have backing me up.
But this is my decision.
So back me up on it.
Wait, Ray, you don't, you don't have to do this, okay? Sonny's right, it's just war.
I've seen way worse swept under the rug.
If I let you all lie for me, then I fail in the role that's been handed to me by the team.
If I let the brotherhood's loyalty sacrifice our honor, then I don't deserve to be here.
And if I have to leave to preserve Bravo's dignity young brother, so be it.
On our final approach.
We'll be on the ground in ten minutes.
Master Chief Hayes.
Have your team get their uniforms on.
Command is standing by, ready for your debrief.
A serious explanation is in order here.
Yes, sir.
All right, let's go.
Let's dejock.
Meet everybody in the team room.
Let's move.
Everything changes the moment I walk off this plane.
Look, Ray, you know what? I should never have gone after Dr.
It was Bravo was too deep in the red and I pressed it.
Shots down range.
We did our best, just like we always do.
Uh, you know what, you went warrant, you went warrant for me and Bravo, and this is how I repay you? No easy day.
You Just so happened my number was up, right? Not your fault.
The team, man, rolling with you, have been the best damn years of my life.
Want you to know, I'm-I'm gonna go to Command, I'm gonna do everything that I can to to keep you out of their crosshairs, all right? Anything I can.
You know what, sometimes I wish I could rip my eyes out of my head so that Naima see through them, you know? See all the stuff I've seen, the things I've done.
But she'll never really know.
No matter how hard I try, no no one's ever gonna no one's ever gonna understand all of this, you know? - Except my teammates.
- Yeah.
My brothers.
I don't know what life looks like without without that connection, you know? That bond.
I love my family, but without Bravo, I I'll walk through this life alone.
Trident or no Trident, we're always gonna be brothers, Ray.
Always gonna be brothers.
Never gonna change.
All right? Come on.
Let's go.
Gentlemen before Jason gives his AAR to the Command, just want to make sure that you're all on the same page.
You know we are.
Just rip the Band-Aid off already.
So you all support the idea that Ray threw the offensive grenade in the room with the hostage.
You know I've been through all this, stop, stop twisting the knife.
Ensign Davis, Agent Ellis have something to show you.
In the chaos leaving Caracas, we didn't realize we had ISR over the target during the op.
What the hell? It appears as though someone threw something from the outside into the room where Dr.
Craig was held.
So you're telling me that that caused the explosion? So who did it? Let me see a second here.
Ray, and, uh, and Sonny, you're inside the second hallway.
Right? Clay and Trent, you were clearing the hot hallway, that leaves Vic Vic you killed the tango on that stairwell.
Right next to where they were holding Dr.
You want to tell us what happened, Vic? Don't leave anything out this time.
I've I've got heavy fire! Bravo 1, this is 7.
Ray! Dr.
Craig is down! Bravo 1, this is Bravo 2.
We have one hotel kilo! We should string you up, kid.
You were gonna let Ray hang.
Coward! Come here! Come here! So Ray convinces Jason to draft you.
Sits around, listens to your BS little sob stories, and this is how you repay him? All my times on the teams, I've never seen anything like this, Vic.
I'll let Command know that we have an answer.
This is ugly.
But probably a justified action, given that Vic did not know Dr.
Craig was in that room.
I'll leave you to sort out the rest.
What do you have to say for yourself? No lies.
Look I knew there were vests on target.
But I didn't have an angle on the shooter.
I had to do something.
And I didn't know Dr.
Craig was in the room.
So I threw a homewrecker.
Throwing a homewrecker's the least of your worries.
You left Ray hanging in the wind.
To take the heat on a career ender.
When the S-vest theory took shape, it seemed like nobody would get blamed.
- But things spiraled - Spiraled? Spiraled? You buried the one man who brought you onto Bravo.
Get out.
- N-No, I - Get.
Get out.
Stand by outside.
What the hell are we gonna do with this kid, huh? I got a shovel and a bag of lye in my car.
Death's the easy way out.
Kid's gonna have to live with this shame.
We've got to punish him somehow.
Question is how severe the penalty should be.
Always knew this kid was shady, man.
Blue Falcon finally exposed himself for who he really is.
Letting Ray think he killed Dr.
Craig is unforgiveable.
We got to take his bird, right? 18 years on the team, I've never had to rip a Trident off.
Kid's roadkill.
My biggest fear is losing Bravo.
He ain't ever gonna shake that.
I just had to live with the thought of losing Bravo.
I I don't wish it on anyone.
I mean, do, do we have to kick him off the team for good? I mean, what other punishments exist? Bust him down a rank.
Can't get much lower than new guy.
Send him to the fleet for a disciplinary review? Or he could do, uh, the marine mammal program.
In about a year, he'd be back on Bravo - if he redeems himself.
- How-how can you possibly redeem yourself after something like this? This isn't fog of war, man, this is, this is a guy putting himself ahead of the team.
All right, look, you know what, Ray? He stuck a knife in your back.
You're gonna have to make the call.
Trent? Go get Vic.
Bring him in.
I should have owned up to what I did.
But I never intended for Ray to take the fall for this.
You have a funny way of showing that.
Yeah, you were gonna let Ray wear it till that ISR footage showed up.
You're right.
Ray's a great man.
A better mentor and the perfect teammate.
He deserved better.
You ain't here to sell us on Ray.
Your ass is on the line right now.
Bravo's given me family and a sense of belonging that I've been looking for my whole life.
When I heard that Dr.
Craig was dead because of me I figured I'd lose my brothers, too, if I took the fall.
What, so you were okay with letting Ray lose his brothers instead? I panicked.
Made the worst decision of my life.
I don't deserve to be your teammate, Ray.
And I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
I should've taught you better, kid.
You should've known this team would've went shields up to protect you.
That's what the brotherhood's all about.
What binds us together more than anything? - Trust.
- That's right.
That's right.
Gives us a bond that nobody outside of this team could possibly fathom.
It does.
You're a good man, Vic.
And you got a pure soul.
You've been counted out by this world, and you've done your very best to prove the world wrong.
And nobody knows more than I do that we should not be judged on our worst moments.
I forgive you.
Come here.
Thank you, Ray.
Thank you.
But I don't trust you.
I can't let my teammates go outside the wire with you if you don't have their backs.
No, I I always will, okay? Bravo's my family.
You have my word.
My bond.
No You shattered that bond.
Your time with Bravo Team's over.
I'm sorry.
Get out.
- Hardest thing I ever had to do.
- Yeah.
Ripped away what he held closest to his heart.
You had no choice.
Wearing the Trident, it's not a right.
It's a damn privilege.
- Come on.
- Yeah, brother.

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