Search Party (2016) s02e03 Episode Script


[SCOFF] - Can I help you? - Oh! [CHUCKLE] Don't mind me.
I'm using my day to take pictures of people who look truly happy and I couldn't help but feel that you are so at peace.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, would you mind leaning back against the railing again and just think "New York!" [CHUCKLE] No, I'm good.
I appreciate it, though.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
No! Um Aah! Help! No! Oh! - [SOBBING] - Bitch! I love you! I love you! Huh?! - Please! - What is wrong with you?! Aaaaah! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS] - [THUDDING] - Sorry.
I thought they were real.
PURITY RING: Obedear The sky is low Oh, my God! It's driving me crazy.
- I know we know him.
- No, I'm telling you, it's the guy that chartered a jet just to watch you scrape your foot with a Ped Egg on it.
That guy was teeny-tiny.
It's not him.
Hey, um are you guys medicated? - Of course.
- My whole life.
That's that's good to know.
Just 'cause I feel like I've been having a hard time, just like, - readjusting to everything.
- Dory, can we just not? Just wanna have a normal day, talking shit about strangers.
Yeah, yeah.
I think it's okay, though, that that we check in with each other, right? Yeah, I love that.
I love that.
I just I'm sort of the philosophy right now where I think it's best to not think about it and keep moving forward and that's working great for me, 'cause I've never been better.
Which is exactly why I'm trying to really just bury myself in working on my book right now.
Speaking of which, my editor is introducing me to my entire publishing team today.
And they're considering turning my life - into a board game.
- Oh, my God! [LAUGHTER] [CLINK] Great.
I just keep Google-searching, like, [QUIETLY] "Montreal body found".
I mean, aren't you guys a little freaked out about getting caught, like, any second? You know, I read online it takes years to get over killing someone.
So the best we can do is just carry on.
Right, I just I don't have anything to get back to.
I don't have a partner.
I don't have a home.
I literally have less than I had before I started looking for Chantal.
But To look on the bright side, you found her.
Thank you for that.
Yeah, I I guess I just miss when my problems were about nothing.
What about Drew? Have you seen him recently? No.
[EERIE MUSIC PLAYS] So, if you get the job, you just, like, live in Shanghai? - Yeah.
- You want that? It's not that different from New York, actually.
What the hell are you talking about? Everything's Chinese there.
- [BOTH URINATING] - Yeah, but I am Chinese.
How do you say, "I love beautiful women" in Mandarin? [SPEAKING MANDARIN] [LAUGHS] My boy's ready.
- [LAUGHS] - [URINAL FLUSHES] What are you guys talking about? Doy, Gardner.
Job opening in Shanghai.
Alan applied.
He's gonna get it, for sure.
[URINAL FLUSHES] Hey, does China have an extradition treaty? I don't know, man.
You running away from something? [CHUCKLES] - No.
- [CHIME] Hey, my buddy says the hookers in Shanghai - are super patient and really relaxed.
- - Wouldn't know anything about that, man.
This isn't the easiest thing for me to say because, you know, when I quit, I really wanted to quit.
But, um I guess I'm just wondering if there's any way I could just - come back and be your assistant again.
- [SIGHS] Dory, you're so sweet.
But I I can't.
[QUIETLY] I don't I don't have the funds.
Sorry, what? I'm out of funds, Dory.
[RAISES VOICE] I have no money.
I mean, how? I I Sorry, I just don't understand.
Like, I mean, is everything okay with Sundeep? Oh, no, no.
Ha! Uh Sundeep says that my lack of awareness is a "liability" and that I could stay here as long as I want, but he needs to cut off all ties with me.
Oh, Gail.
I I'm, I'm so sorry.
It's terrible.
It's so it seems so sudden.
Yeah, it was a few days ago Drew and I also split up.
Oh, my God! No, Dory! - Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.
- Ohhh.
We are gonna get through this, okay? Let's just promise each other, all right? Okay.
I promise.
[SNORT] Oh, look at us.
Two single women in their late 40s.
And this one was listed online as a Humphrey Wentletrap, but it's actually a Brown-band Wentletrap.
- [CRUNCHING] - Oh, that is gorgeous.
Portia, look at this.
Portia! Pay attention to Bing! Oh, my gosh! Beautiful shell.
So, Portia, tell me, are you acting in anything that has room for an aging John Garfield type, such as myself? Oh, Bing, if I was working on anything, - you would be the first to know.
- Aww.
I don't know how she does it.
She takes after her father.
[SIGH] He could clip his toenails - for 10 minutes and call it a full day.
- No, I'm I'm going on auditions and stuff, like a totally normal, motivated person.
I have a really big one this week, actually.
- And? - And I'm probably not gonna get it, because it's Elijah Clyde, so they're probably just looking for a name.
It's the LaBianca play! Oh, this is so exciting! Do you know your mother met Charles Manson on an airplane? No, I think.
It's a Charles Manson thing? The LaBianca murders were a night of barbaric killings that he convinced his followers to do.
I think you should act like you know that, if you're going in.
Bless her heart.
That woman was gutted.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Sorry.
I can't drink out of bottles because I got braces.
Turns out I'm a tongue thruster.
Okay, cool.
Your hair looks looks lovely, blonde.
Thank you.
[CHUCKLE] Um, what was it that you wanted to talk about? [CHUCKLES] I don't know what I saw in Montreal but I know that I need to bring it up.
Do you know what I'm talking about? Um, look, Chantal, I think I I think I do.
This is all a big misunderstanding.
I uh, really hope not.
[CHUCKLE] What? Drew when I was in Montreal, I, um I saw you.
Why is that funny? [SCOFF] I'm sorry.
It's not funny.
It's not funny.
Oh, wow.
It's, um It's very serious.
Okay, well, it's true.
[CHUCKLING] I like you so much, it's like, tragic.
Look, I'm just not in - a place at all right now to be - No, you know what? I actually don't even I don't want you to say anything.
I just want you to know that I think you're extraordinary.
You know, I want you to just receive that.
Okay? [CHUCKLE] Okay.
I receive it.
Thank you.
I think you know Flicky and Nyanne, but this is Rayche, Lupile, Georgette, Nixine.
I just wanted to see him in the flesh.
Selena, Elliott.
Elliott, Selena.
- Hi, Selena.
- This is your team.
Okay, this is amazing.
I'm truly so inspired right now, I just wanna, like, hole up in my apartment and, like, write the whole thing tonight.
- [LAUGHING] - You're so funny.
- Please, though.
Save it for the page.
- Okay.
And, speaking of which, when can we see some pages? We would really love to mock up a calendar.
Okay, insanely soon, but if I can just take a moment, um About a month ago, I was lying to the world about having had Stage IV cancer.
And now I stand before you, outed.
[CHUCKLE] And victorious.
But it's not just my benchmark.
This is for that little kid in West Virginia who changes his name simply because he feels compelled to.
And that mom in Dallas who says she has "three sisters," when, really, she just doesn't.
[CHUCKLES] Let's give a voice to the many complicated liars out there.
- [APPLAUSE] - Yes! What is not to love about him?! Okay? What is not to love?! Ohhh! Nuggie him! - [LAUGHING] - Nia, you're crazy! Oh, my God.
That moment when your hair falls out? [BIRDS CHIRPING] - [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS] - So, um, are you are you and Dory s still talking? No.
Uh She actually kind of ruined my entire life, so Ugh.
I'm sorry.
That sucks.
[CHUCKLING] Yeah, it does suck.
Okay, I'm gonna be honest, actually.
Um, in Montreal, I I could see the way that she was disrespecting your masculinity.
You deserve somebody who sees all of you for who you are really are.
Uh [CLEARS THROAT] You keep saying that you see me.
I'm just curious, um when you look at me, what is it that you see? [SIGHS] I see a boy who's been hurt and needs healing.
And I wanna heal that boy.
Um, you know that this would, um, really hurt Dory a lot, right? And that, if we do this that's like the worst thing possible.
That doesn't affect me at all.
[DRUMMING NEARBY] [BUZZ] Well, if it isn't the hero of the month.
Um I was actually calling 'cause I had a question I wanted to ask you.
Yeah, what's up? Um, I wanted to know if you were still, uh, tutoring those kids on the side.
Um, 'cause I I need a job.
Uh, no.
Actually, the program I was working for, it's not around anymore.
The guy who owned it tried to turn it into a preteen matchmaking service, so, yeah, that thing got shut down.
All right, well, nevermind, then, - I guess.
- But, hey, um I wanted to tell you something.
Yeah? I'm sorry that I implied that you couldn't find Chantal.
I think it's pretty cool that you proved me wrong.
Oh, thanks.
And I was wondering, would you be down with, like, me doing a piece about the whole thing? - [VEHICLE HORNS BLARING] - You know, like a young hero's profile? I I n I I see why you maybe want to do an article, right, 'cause it's it's a story.
But I just I don't think there's that much there.
And, hey, Dory, if anything, you know, it would be a really cool excuse for us to hang out.
Hello? Hello? Um, could you could you not, though, - Julian, for now? Just don't.
- Well Okay, well, look, Dory, it will take, you know, 10 minutes tops.
Just don't.
[DRUMBEAT INTENSIFIES] - [HEARTBEAT RACING] - - [BENCH CREAKING] - Yeah, baby, yeah! Oh, finish big, Drew.
Get it all up in there.
Um My chest is falling asleep, actually.
Do you mind getting all the way off the couch? - Yeah, sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Okay, yeah.
Ooh! Ooh, that's better, huh? Are you starving? I'm starving.
You know what I'm craving, actually? I'm craving microwave S'mores.
Is that just me? I don't know.
I've never had that kind of food.
[SCOFF, CHUCKLE] I like taking care of you.
[SIGHS] Hey, Chantal, do you mind doing me a favor? Can you just, um - just hang out in here for a second - while I go do something? Yeah.
Where are your graham crackers? Maybe I'm out, or maybe they're in a cupboard or something.
[WHISPERING] But if you just stay in the kitchen and don't make a sound.
- Okay.
- Okay? - Hi.
- Hey.
What is it? Um, can we just talk for a second? Yeah, I don't really think that's such a good idea, Dory.
Do you have a girl in here with you? No.
No, I don't.
All right.
I've just been feeling emotionally, uh, all over the place right now, so, it would just be really helpful if we could just talk for, like, one second.
Yeah, well, maybe you should just go get a bite to eat and then you'll feel better.
Hey! What's going on? I know things are really weird between us right now, but, like this is bigger than us, Drew.
Um, you know what? We don't do this anymore.
[SLAM] [GASP] Why do you have this? This is the award from Agnes's Aunt Noni's house, so wh why is it in your apartment? [SIGHS] Uh [VEHICLE HORN BLARES OUTDOORS] Because I took it.
I can see that.
Yeah, um I took it 'cause it's broken.
You can see right there, there's a crack in it.
Um I think Matthieu did it, and I wanted to take it and bring it home and get it fixed because I knew that you weren't supposed to be in the house, so I took it, um so so that you wouldn't get in trouble.
That's so sweet.
You didn't have to do that.
Oh, come on.
No, I wanted to.
I wanted to do that for you.
I guess you saved me two times, then.
Yeah, I guess I saved you twice.
- [LANGUID TUNE PLAYS] - [DOOR CLOSES] Gail? [KEYS JINGLING] Gail? It's Dory! I woke with no vision To the sun rising and You were there At my side We woke up in Sundeep? No, it's it's Dory.
Dory! Hi! Hi.
Dory, how are you? Did you, um did you take your pills? Oh, yes.
I took them all up.
Oh, is it still raining out? Ooh.
- No, it's not.
- Mm-hmm.
It didn't rain today, actually.
Good, good, good.
Gail, I'm gonna stay with you for a little while, if that's all right.
Yay! That makes me happy, Dory.
And I'll remind you again in the morning - so you don't forget, okay? - Oh, perfect.
Thank you.
[LOWERS VOICE] Gail, could I tell you something? Of course.
I killed a man.
And he didn't deserve it.
No, I'm sure he did.
No, he didn't.
And I'm really scared.
There's nothing to be scared of here.
You're attractive.
You're gonna live a fine life.
[SIGHS] I just keep trying to leave it behind, but I can't stop thinking that it's just not gonna end well.
Oh, you don't know that.
[WHISPERING] What's gonna happen to me? Aye, aye Oh, oh, oh, eh, eh Oh, oh, oh, eh, eh Oh, oh, oh, eh, eh