Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


Excuse me.
Come on, Friedrich, leave the man alone.
Long day?
I'm waiting for my daughter.
They're running some tests.
All the best to you. Come.
- There you go.
- Thank you very much.
I know you're privately insured,
Mrs. Pötschke.
You can come,
but you'll have to wait to see the doctor.
How much longer will my daughter be?
- Your daughter's name?
- Josy.
Josephine Larenz.
Mr. Larenz?
You didn't have an appointment.
Sorry you had to wait,
but you see what's going on here.
No. She's with Dr. Grohlke now.
She's in the treatment room?
Yes, for almost an hour.
- Not according to my information.
- That's impossible.
Mr. Larenz?
Mr. Larenz!
What are you doing?
Where is my daughter?
- Josy!
- Mr. Larenz!
Sorry, Dr. Grohlke,
I told Mr. Larenz he can't go in
I saw her go in here.
He ignored me.
It's okay.
Mr. Larenz, if you don't leave now,
I will have to call the police.
Isabell Josy has disappeared.
Did you hear me?
- What are you talking about?
- She's gone!
Josy's gone! I'm at the doctor's
and I don't know where she is!
I don't know where she is!
Are you okay?
Have you seen my daughter?
This tall. Blonde hair.
My daughter, she's 13
- Blonde hair, this tall. Josephine.
- I'm sorry.
- Mr. Riegger.
- Any signs of a kidnapping?
- When was Josy Larenz last seen?
- Mr. Riegger.
Please stay back.
Please take one step back.
This is private property.
Viktor, the press
is expecting a statement.
I can't.
If we give them nothing,
the crowd out there will only get bigger.
You do it.
They don't want the lawyer.
They want to hear from you.
I'll do it.
What will you say?
What do you think?
That Josy's alive.
That she'll come back home,
safe and sound.
Mr. Riegger,
any comments from your client?
- Do you have any new information?
- Any leads on Josy?
Where is Mr. Larenz?
Come here.
You're a good boy.
I always wondered why people come
to the island at this time of year.
Apart from you, there is probably
not a single tourist on Parkum.
That suits me fine.
- Thanks for keeping me company.
- Thanks for the ride.
It's not for you, Sindbad.
Come on. Inside.
What the
Hey. It's okay, Sindbad.
Just mice or rats.
Calm down.
Come on, let's get comfy.
- How was school today?
- Sensational.
We just wanted to show interest,
that's all.
Good luck, Viktor! I try that every day.
Well, I had a German class first,
then history, then a break, then gym
Got it.
I want earrings.
How old-fashioned.
Why not an eyebrow piercing?
I like nose rings.
Your mother had one this big.
Don't believe your dad.
Okay, this big.
I'm being serious.
You're 13.
She's not 13. She's seven.
Seven and a half, eight at most.
Dad, I'm 13.
The only one in class
who doesn't wear earrings.
Get away from there. Go!
As head of this institution,
it was no easy task for me
to nominate a successor
to Professor Merkt,
who not only founded and led
the psychiatric ward at our clinic
for almost three decades,
but also defined it significantly.
So it's all the more important
that his successor,
who, by the way, was Professor Merkt's
explicit candidate of choice,
is given all the possible support
he needs from us.
Dr. Roth, you can be assured
that we all stand behind you.
I would like to give you a warm welcome.
Well, I
I didn't really prepare a speech.
I wasn't expecting this today.
We have a lot to do.
- Yes.
- I look forward to this challenge.
To the successor!
It could've been so nice.
I wasn't the "explicit candidate
of choice" of our beloved boss.
Former boss.
Careful, he's coming.
Hello, Dr. Roth.
Ines Mergentheimer, your new assistant.
I know.
Ines has been our angel
for almost 30 years.
No idea what we'd do without her.
And you are?
Frieder Jeschke.
I work in your department.
I have a list here
I'll be getting back to work.
From now on, I'll take care
of these cases personally.
Do the colleagues know this?
Take care of it.
Everything will be fine.
We just have to stay calm,
and it'll be fine.
I feel much better.
- Can't we just go home?
- Certainly not.
We're going to see a doctor.
Josy, come.
Trust me.
- Larenz. We spoke on the phone.
- Oh, yes.
So you want earrings?
- Yes, I do.
- That's how I started.
Then let's go, follow me!
Take a seat.
Listen, what if I get my ear pierced too?
So you'll see it's not that bad.
This will feel cold.
- Viktor!
- It looks worse than it is.
It doesn't hurt.
Hardly, anyway.
Right, now it's your turn.
I want to think about it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Sorry to bother you.
Are you Viktor Larenz?
And you are?
I'm Anna Spiegel.
I just need a few minutes of your time.
I don't give interviews.
This is not about an interview.
I'm not feeling very well.
I don't practice anymore.
Your lawyer said if there was anyone
who could help, it would be you.
Mr. Riegger sent you here?
I really need help.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Larenz, please. You have to
Dr. Jeschke, I don't know if
I need to talk to him now.
Why are you taking
two of my long-term patients away?
They're your patients? My mistake.
I assumed they were patients
of the psychiatric department.
And I am the director of that department.
- Those are technicalities.
- They're facts. Ms. Mergentheimer?
Excuse me.
Did I forget about an appointment
with Mr. Jeschke?
I'm sorry. Professor Merkt
always kept his door open.
I know that a new broom sweeps clean.
But this is too much.
There'd be no need for a broom
if there were no dirt.
I'd like to know what you plan
to do with these patients.
And I am available for any questions
from my colleagues at any time.
Once they've made an appointment.
You can put that away.
And now I have to go
pack up my old office.
What are you doing?
I'm making tea.
Are you feeling better?
Sweet of you to look after me.
Should I have just left you out there?
I'd like you to leave.
Just give me 15 minutes.
I am a writer.
I mostly write children's books.
You may have heard of me.
My novels are mostly popular abroad.
Japan is one of my main markets.
Even though
I haven't published anything for ages.
For how long?
Two years.
You see, Mr. Larenz, when I was 13,
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
I was in treatment for years,
but it didn't help.
None of the medications
or therapies helped.
So my childhood was hell.
It didn't improve either.
How did your schizophrenia manifest?
For a long time, I just had
one friend as a child, Terry.
One day my father took him for a walk,
had a heart attack, and died.
My mother tried to tell me that
as gently as possible, but
How could she?
It felt like my world
went completely dark.
I blamed Terry for his death.
If Terry had never existed,
my father would be alive.
Get out of here!
Come, Terry.
I had to hit him several times
to kill him.
I hit him with the hammer
until he stopped moving.
Can you recall your thoughts?
No, I can't.
Because it never really happened.
Terry never existed. I imagined him.
I was affected by it for years.
Like a dog, you might say.
I assume this wasn't
the only incident, right?
No, that was just the beginning.
I had a friend.
Her parents were very rich.
She celebrated her birthday
at Hotel Charlottenburg.
Returning from the bathroom,
I saw Julia at the reception.
Julia is your wealthy friend?
No, Julia is a character
from one of my first short stories.
What happened?
The hotel employee said, "I'm sorry."
"I can't find a reservation
under your name."
And Julia said, "Can you check again?"
Of course.
She looked exactly how I'd described her.
She said exactly what I'd written down.
"That's very unfortunate."
"Staying here
would've been very important."
It smelled of gunpowder. And gun oil.
It wasn't unpleasant at all.
Sometimes I imagine I can still smell it.
Ms. Spiegel, I really don't know
what you want from me.
Your symptoms are those
of a classic schizophrenic.
Any old psychiatrist could treat you.
No need to come to an island
to convince me to practice again.
I don't want anyone. I want you.
I need someone who can relate to my pain.
Why do you think I can?
My last story is about someone
who was very close to me.
Whom I lost.
Who else but you
would be able to relate to that?
After the loss of your daughter.
Get out.
Get out. Right now.
Don't ever come back.
You're making a mistake, Dr. Larenz.
- Well, welcome.
- Thank you.
Isabell. My wife, Isabell.
- This is my wife.
- Marte.
- It's a pleasure.
- Thank you.
And my daughter, Mila.
Nice crib.
What does a place like this cost?
It's nice to meet you.
We're very grateful to you.
Oh, please. Happy to have you here.
This is Josy, our pride and joy.
A small gift for you, Mr. Larenz.
This must've cost a fortune.
That wasn't necessary.
After all you've done for me
Well, come in.
This is my lawyer and best friend,
Wolfgang Riegger. His wife Monika.
Mr. and Mrs. Roth.
- Hello. It's a pleasure.
- Likewise.
- Hello.
- Evening.
We went to boarding school together.
He wouldn't have survived without me.
Is that so?
Don't you want to go up to your room?
You're in the same year as me.
Hey, how old are you? Eight?
I'm 13.
Can I smoke?
I don't think my parents would like that.
And if I open the window?
Did it hurt?
Did what hurt?
- Piercing your ears.
- No at all.
So what should we do?
I mean
Apart from playing with stuffed animals.
What do you play?
Do you know BTS?
Come here.
Come on. Get up.
Captain Celebrating something?
On the contrary.
I'm just preparing myself.
A storm is coming in.
Really? How long will it go on for?
Nobody knows. The weather's fickle.
I recommend you stock up, too.
It could take a while.
The culprit kidnapped his victims
at grocery store parking lots.
He put them in the trunk
and took them to his house by the forest.
The closest neighbor was 15 minutes away.
Nobody would ever find this place.
Nobody would ever guess
what happened there.
When I opened the hidden door,
I saw a staircase
leading down into the darkness.
Oh, God.
That was really the wrong moment.
There she was laying before me,
cut into pieces
"Without a Trace."
"The 100 most mysterious
disappearances of the 21st century."
- How far in are you?
- Eighty-seven.
The wife's body was just found
in the basement.
Cut into pieces.
I'm looking for rice.
We're out. The whole island has
already been here and stocked up.
A storm is coming.
But we should still have some pasta.
It's a funny coincidence.
A woman came here
looking for you yesterday.
For me?
You're Viktor Larenz, right?
Case 58.
A woman in her mid-20s
who looked like she didn't belong here?
Anna Spiegel.
I talked to her for a bit.
There's normally nothing to do here
at this time of year.
What did Ms. Spiegel have to say?
She wasn't chatty.
She wanted to know how to find you.
And she bought a hammer.
A hammer?
Did she say what for?
Why does someone need a hammer?
I mean, she came in here
in high heels, in the rain.
If you want to ask her, she's staying
at the Ankerhof next door.
Show yourself, or I'll sic the dog on you!
Was the rabbit good?
Have you ever tried pheasant
with juniper sauce?
Delicious, I tell you.
- Halberstaedt.
- What's up with you?
- My pal here looks more alive than you.
- It's just
Everything's fine.
Tell me about it
over a strong drink or two.
Or a whole bottle.
Or that.
Hey, Sindbad!
Did your master want you to chase down
the mayor, Sindbad?
She must've got here somehow.
That's not the point.
She was here before me.
My decision to come here
was very spontaneous.
Then someone spontaneously told her
that you were planning
to come to the island.
She claimed my lawyer told her.
She bought a hammer at the grocery store.
You must introduce me.
I've been looking for a woman
who likes DIY.
They don't make them anymore.
Believe me, she's not into DIY.
So why did she buy a hammer?
For what? To bash your head in?
If you put it that way
My fridge, the good old thing.
Always sounds when it's needed.
A beer to wash it down?
- You have a fridge out here?
- Don't you?
I love my beer ice cold.
And close to me at all times.
Now tell me what's really bothering you.
In a few days, it'll be two years
since Josy disappeared.
And so you came here to Parkum
to bury your head in the sand?
There are things
that have a strange way
of catching up with you
and then striking you
with double the force.
It's better to confront them right away.
You've reached the voicemail
of Wolfgang Riegger.
Please leave a message.
It's me. I'm calling because a woman,
Anna Spiegel, was here.
She claims you recommended me
and told her I was on Parkum.
Can you call me back?
What do you want from me?
- We're back.
- Put it out. They're coming.
- Josy!
- Josy?
You're on my Spotify friends list now.
Cool. We can listen to stuff together.
See you around.
What happened to your ears?
I had them pierced.
- Who did that?
- I did. With a safety pin.
Are you crazy?
Not brave enough at the shop,
but now a safety pin?
Get back here right now!
What's the big deal?
Does it still hurt?
It burns. But not much.
Can I take a look?
You don't want it to get infected.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why did I have to? You said it was okay.
No. Not with a safety pin.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You know
Hiding something is like lying.
Mom is just disappointed. Come here.
Let's make a pact.
What kind?
Let's always tell each other the truth.
It's a sacred and binding pact.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I was dead.
I was still breathing,
but I no longer existed.
I died on the day Josy disappeared.
Maybe it's really time to confront things.
What do you say, old pal?
I called out to you.
Why are you here?
I can't manage this without you.
Give me one last chance.
Then I'll disappear.
I promise.
Sir, should all of this go into storage
or do you want to keep anything?
- No, take everything away.
- You heard him, guys.
- Hello, neighbor.
- Dr. Grohlke.
I want to apologize for lying to you,
first of all.
Mr. Riegger doesn't really know I'm here.
He defended me in a court case,
and told me you're the best therapist
he knows.
That became an obsession for me.
I thought only you could help me.
I think I have an obsessive personality.
- How did you find me?
- It wasn't hard.
I read an old interview
in Modern Psychiatry.
It said you had a house here
which you use as a retreat when
When things become too much.
- That was five or six years ago.
- Yes.
I thought it was worth a try.
The timing fits too.
Nice space.
Do you think so?
Yes, I always did.
But I never thought you of all people
would give up your practice
to work in a clinic again.
A lot of space for storage.
A lot of space.
Yes, I know what you mean.
The timing is perfect.
- My clinic is overwhelmed.
- I have to go.
So you just came here
and asked about me at the grocery store?
What grocery store?
The shop by your hotel.
That one. I've never been.
I've been at Ankerhof for a week.
Not a five-star hotel,
but the minibar is well stocked.
They even have chocolate bars.
Sorry, there must be a mouse there.
Didn't you come here to tell me something?
I wanted to tell you the story
I wrote before I was admitted.
Hey, Sindbad!
- You were at a psychiatric hospital?
- Yes, I had a nervous breakdown.
The story's about a little girl
who suffers from an unknown disease.
One day, the girl disappears.
Without a trace.
From the clinic of a doctor
in Charlottenburg.
Neither of us can do anything
about what happened.
That was in every newspaper in Germany.
Everybody knows that!
I didn't want to upset you.
I know. It's okay.
It's just rats, okay?
Ms. Spiegel?
Ms. Spiegel! Come back!
Ms. Spiegel!
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