Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


Anna! Where are you?
You kissed?
For at least an hour.
With tongue?
You've done stuff with boys too, right?
Not really making out.
Should I show you?
It's easy. Look.
First, press your lips here. Like this.
Not so hard.
And now you move around. Light and soft
You look like you're biting into a lemon.
Shut up.
- Come here.
- What are you doing?
- So, I'm Oliver.
- No.
Come on. Oh, Josy.
- You're so hot.
- Stop it.
Not bad.
Fuck, you're bleeding!
Dad! Please hurry!
Mr. Larenz, Josy got a nosebleed.
Just like that.
We were talking and it just started.
Okay, sweetie.
Don't lean back. Lean forward.
Yes, that's better.
Breathe through the mouth.
I know. Almost done.
Can I help?
- I need ice.
- I'll get it.
Okay, let me see.
There's less now. It'll be over soon.
Your parents really take care of you.
Yours would do the same.
I'd have to get run over. Seriously.
At least an arm ripped off
and internal bleeding.
Then, maybe
Thank you.
Viktor Larenz. I'm outside the hotel.
- Hello, case 58!
- I wanted to talk to Anna Spiegel.
Don't know if she's here.
Do you do everything around here?
Firefighter, accountant, pastoral care
I could even remove your appendix.
Can you open up? It's really urgent.
Her key's here, so she must be out.
She left something behind.
I want to put it in her room.
I can do that.
I'd rather do it myself.
No, I can't allow that.
Okay. What's your name?
Bentje. Okay.
Bentje, listen.
I need to find out who this woman is.
It's crucial.
You have a new lead on your daughter.
I knew it!
Is Anna Spiegel a suspect?
She might know where Josy is.
I need to search her room.
That'll cost me my job.
But you have enough jobs.
At the moment, yes,
but if anyone finds out, I won't.
If it helps to solve the case.
But I'll come too.
So Anna's the classic femme fatale.
A blonde goddess with blood-red lips
who turns every man's head.
Do you think she kidnapped Josy?
Is that her room?
But we need to hurry.
Wait! Fingerprints.
You even made it on the cover.
Yes. That's how she found me.
Apparently I mentioned something
about my vacation home in there.
It says nothing about a holiday home.
Not a word.
Very suspicious.
It must say something.
Come on.
You can't just take that with you.
She can't notice someone was here.
It's time for your rounds.
- Hello, Dr. Roth.
- Hello.
Ms. Seeberger.
Ms. Seeberger?
My name is Roth. I'm your new doctor.
Where's my doctor?
Dr. Jeschke normally comes.
How are you feeling?
You're not Dr. Jeschke.
When did you last get out of bed?
Where would I go?
Pulse is normal Blood pressure
I'm just a burden to everyone anyway.
Not even my family comes
to visit me anymore.
Ms. Seeberger.
I'm going to prescribe you something.
- Something new.
- Why?
Let it be a surprise.
It can hardly get any worse, right?
Ms. Seeberger will be treated
with Cervax from now on.
But that's a very strong sedative.
I know.
It's called a paradoxical reaction.
You're leaving, Doctor?
What if there's an emergency?
You'll be the best person to deal with it.
Please don't forget
Ms. Seeberger's medication, okay?
You know what?
Just tell Anna that I need
to talk to her urgently.
Looks like I have another job.
Oh, right.
That's all I have with me.
You've got to be kidding me.
- Something's wrong.
- Obviously.
It's okay. This one's on me.
- Well
- What do you think about our new boss?
Please sign here.
Does he make your life hell
like everyone says?
They should chat less and do their job.
Thank you.
But if you want a change, Ines
There's a vacancy upstairs.
Sabina is on maternity leave.
Professor Gessl
needs a new executive secretary.
You've been here the longest.
You deserve that position.
Imagine a world
where everyone gets what they deserve.
The number you have dialed does not exist.
Phone numbers, addresses
and other useful information
can be obtained under the number
You've reached
Wolfgang Riegger's voicemail.
Please leave a message.
Wolfgang, it's Viktor.
I just saw that my bank account's empty.
Could you find out what's going on?
I just tried Isabell,
but something's up with her number.
Call me back.
Everything will be fine.
We just have to stay calm.
I feel much better.
Can't we
Please, Dad!
Don't go so fast!
Where are we going?
I wanted to return your things.
Come in.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
Ten minutes?
If you won't help me, Mr. Larenz,
I have to find someone else.
I want to catch the last ferry. Goodbye.
You caught me at a bad time yesterday.
I'm sorry.
Give me another chance.
I can definitely help you.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, why?
You look pale.
Why is the patient restrained?
She was stumbling
around her room disoriented
and was mumbling to herself.
Her blood pressure was also high.
But now it's normal!
Should we go back
to her original medication?
She was fine on that.
If you want to call
a near-catatonic state "fine".
We'll continue.
- As I prescribed.
- But
Just do what you're told!
Dr. Roth?
Gessl wants to speak to you.
Captain Josef Hecker
was your patient, correct?
That is correct.
He suffered from PTSD.
Your file says that
you were denied access to the patient.
That is correct.
Our ethics committee
is investigating the claim
that you treated Captain Hecker
with the drug MDMA.
Three years ago, yes.
You treated him with a recreational drug?
Methylsafrylaminc was developed
as a hemostatic substance.
It saved Mr. Hecker's life.
Captain Hecker wasn't reacting
to standard therapies.
So, under my strict supervision,
I treated him
with doses of 20 mg of MDMA.
You do know that MDMA
is absolutely illegal in Germany?
I am aware of that, yes.
That would be all, I think.
Generally, I agree with you.
Patients should only be administered
approved medication.
But you all know about
the clinical studies in America.
They're not completed yet.
Trauma therapy with MDMA
has shown to be very successful.
Dr. Roth, this report says that
the patient had attempted suicide
three times
before you started treating him with MDMA.
Yes. That's correct.
So your therapy worked.
I believe so.
If we abuse our patients like lab rats,
it will open doors to all sorts of things.
We're not charlatans.
The risk is too high, Dr. Roth.
With all due respect, I totally disagree.
Everything in this file indicates
that Dr. Roth saved his patient's life.
If he was my patient,
I would take up the MDMA therapy
right away again.
There is no progress without risk,
ladies and gentlemen.
That's how it's always been
and how it will be.
Thank you, Mr. Larenz.
Those in our field who retire
in their nice clean white coats
never tried to achieve anything.
Sure, they have their sailboats
and their holiday homes in Italy.
If we all stayed content with that
we'd still be boring holes in skulls
to cure schizophrenia.
The ethics committee will warn you.
You'll be on temporary leave,
but you'll keep your license.
Thank you so much.
You have saved my career.
You would do the same for me.
I'm sure of that.
We charlatans have to stick together.
Why do you need to talk to me urgently?
I want to tell you a story.
I don't have much time.
It won't take long.
Go ahead.
When my daughter was small,
I taught her how to play the piano.
She was talented.
She wrote her own pieces.
We once wrote a melody together.
Nothing complicated.
Very simple.
Like a father-daughter movie theme.
Since then, when one of us
wanted to call the other
we'd sit at the piano
and play the melody
The other would go straight away
to the piano,
and we'd play the melody together.
That's a very moving story.
But why tell me that?
Only three people in this world
know that melody.
My daughter, my wife and I.
So how do you know it?
- Know what?
- The melody.
You played it yesterday.
- Did I?
- Yes, you did.
Are you sure
it wasn't just stuck in your head?
Very sure.
I didn't play any melody.
Why are you doing this?
Doing what?
Why are you playing
this psychological game with me?
Mr. Larenz. I'm just a writer.
I make up characters and their situations.
And this may sound really crazy, but
What I write becomes reality.
Maybe you're also just a character
that my imagination conjured up.
Are you sure you really exist?
Why do you only talk about yourself?
You said you'd help me.
Would you mind? My headache is killing me.
Sure. No problem.
Milk and sugar?
Milk! It's in the fridge.
Thank you.
You never continued the story
about the little girl.
- Is this part of my therapy?
- Yes. Here you go.
Okay, let me think.
When the girl went missing,
I was in Berlin
looking for my therapist's clinic.
I was feeling a bit off that day.
And then I heard a little girl cry.
She was standing there, alone
in a dark hallway.
I went to her and she said
she was afraid to go home.
Why was she afraid to go home?
Because evil was waiting for her there.
What is that?
Homeopathic tea.
It's supposed to thicken the blood.
- Isabell.
- I found it online.
More than 1,000 positive reviews.
People swear by it!
It won't help.
No harm in trying it.
It's nonsense.
Your damn doctors haven't been
of any help so far either.
I thought we'd try something other
than conventional medicine.
Is everything okay?
My dad dragged me to another doctor again.
You'll have seen them all soon.
What is it you have?
I always have nosebleeds.
And now stomachaches.
It's the stress.
I always get headaches
when my parents fight.
I think they're getting a divorce.
We need a break from our parents.
Saturday, Mauerpark, party. You and me.
You can forget about that.
They'll never let me go.
Say you're going to my place.
My parents won't care anyway.
Oliver's coming too.
Tea is ready!
Great, thanks a lot.
I just care about your health.
What do you mean by "evil waits for her"?
I don't know. Her words.
Not mine.
You spoke to her?
Tell me where Josy is.
I was an in-patient at a psychiatric
hospital these last two years.
I didn't even know my own name.
I don't think you're much help to me.
I'd better go.
We're not done here.
- Did you let my dog out?
- Which dog?
Sindbad, my dog.
I've never seen a dog here.
Maybe you should go and see a doctor.
What's that, Mom?
Looks like engine oil.
There's ginger in it.
It'll calm your stomach.
I think it's time
for you to go home, Mila.
Bye. And don't forget about Saturday.
What's on Saturday?
- I'm sleeping over at Mila's.
- We'll see about that.
No, we won't.
Have you been smoking?
Sindbad? Sindbad!
I heard one of your patients
had a manic episode today?
I wouldn't call it a manic episode.
Two nurses were needed
to get Ms. Seeberger into bed.
What if she had fallen?
Or disappeared somewhere?
I've never had a patient
react so strongly to Cervax.
Cervax. What was the dose?
Twenty milligrams.
Her vitals are normal.
She could have had a stroke.
She's stable right now.
I'd put her back on her old medication.
Too bad that decision
isn't up to you, Mr. Jeschke.
We have certain rules here, Dr. Roth.
A way of working together.
I call it our corporate culture.
That's very important to me.
I didn't come here to chat with colleagues
over cake and coffee.
I think everyone's aware of that by now.
Professor The patients I took on
have been at this clinic for years.
If those rules of yours include
keeping them sedated
so that they're not a burden
to your employees
then you hired the wrong doctor
to be the head of your psychiatric ward.
Perhaps you are.
Ms. Seeberger will make progress.
I certainly hope so for your sake,
Dr. Roth.
You again?
You come here quite often.
How much stuff do you have in there?
Quite a bit. I
I just got divorced.
Most people come here
to leave their stuff.
And only come back to empty it out
and throw their garbage away.
Things aren't so easy.
Lots of family stuff I need to sort out.
You read the rules. No illegal storage
or you'll be out of here in a flash.
You're not allowed to sleep here either.
Yes, I
I have my own apartment.
I just need to sort my stuff.
I'm closing the gates at 10 p.m.
If you're still here by then,
you'll have to sleep here.
No, no, no!
- Good morning, Dr. Roth.
- Morning.
- Dr. Roth?
- Yes.
It's Ms. Seeberger.
What happened?
Dr. Roth.
I need to thank you.
I haven't felt this good in a while.
May I?
No more shaking?
Look. Nothing.
Did you eat anything today?
An entire breakfast.
I can't thank you enough.
You're a miracle worker.
Thank you.
Let's not exaggerate. Nurse
Ms. Seeberger.
Twenty more minutes, okay?
Then take her in.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Wasn't it supposed to rain?
Found anything?
I'm still waiting for someone.
- Sorry.
- Hello.
You're over an hour late.
Yes. Now you know how it feels.
Can you put that away?
Happy now?
Yes. What would you like to drink?
Excuse me.
Diet Coke.
Diet Coke. And to eat?
- I can't.
- What do you mean, you can't?
I have to leave soon.
But you just
We need a moment.
I'll have another tap water.
This is your favorite restaurant.
Well picked. Dad of the Year.
And stop stalking me on Insta!
Tell me about yourself.
- About me?
- Yes. How's school?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Do I have a boyfriend?
No, but I'm having tons of sex.
Why are you suddenly interested in me?
I want to be there for you.
But I don't need you.
You weren't even there for me
when my best friend disappeared.
Honestly, you don't want to be here.
Neither do I. So what's the point?
- Mila, wait. I need
- I know. It's all about you.
It's always about you.
Diet coke. Tap water.
Are you ready to order?
I couldn't find anything.
Goodness, you look like a corpse.
Have you seen my dog?
No. Come in.
First thing you need is a double whiskey.
There's nothing better for a pale face.
I've been looking everywhere.
How long has he been gone?
Since last night.
Maybe he went hunting.
A rabbit or fox
That woman
She let him out.
- Which woman?
- Anna Spiegel.
She's unstable, Halberstaedt.
- What does "unstable" mean?
- Psychotic.
- And in layman's terms?
- She is
She's emotionally sensitive,
has a perceptual disorder and mood swings.
Sounds like my ex-wife.
She knows stuff
about Josy's disappearance.
Are you sure?
Very much so.
What are you planning to do?
This is a Mauser.
An especially small weapon.
Not too heavy, easy to carry.
Put this under your pillow.
Play it safe.
No, it's okay.
If she's really crazy,
you need to be prepared.
I'm a therapist.
I've dealt with these kinds
of people for years.
I don't need a weapon.
Well, if you don't need it,
just leave it under your pillow.
- Won't do any harm.
- No, thanks.
I want my dog with me.
They're here.
We picked them up at Mauerpark.
They were drinking vodka
with some older teens.
She fainted.
Everything's fine.
- Everything's fine.
- You're grounded.
For a month. No TV, no internet.
And no cell phone.
We couldn't reach her parents.
Can she stay with you?
Yes, of course.
Come on, Mila.
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same.
What happened?
It's obvious, isn't it?
They were drinking.
Teenagers, right?
I should never have let Josy go.
Your daughter is a bad influence.
- I'm sorry!
- So am I.
Let's go.
I'm still your father.
Since when?
Hey. Hey, come here.
- Come here.
- Leave me alone.
Hey, come here.
I don't want to be treated like a doll.
I know. You've gotten older.
But you're still 13.
Too young for alcohol.
Mom's right. It's not good
for your stomachaches or your nosebleeds.
I'm fine.
I'll get you an orange juice.
Knock before you come in next time, okay?
Mr. Roth?
Can I help you, Doctor?
No, no.
I have everything I need. Thank you.
See you tomorrow then.
See you tomorrow.
- Sorry, I want some speed.
- Yeah, right. Fuck off.
Really. I need speed.
I won't say it again, old man. Get lost.
- I have money.
- Yeah? How much?
Three hundred.
Three hundred?
Show it to me.
You show me the pills.
Man, if you want speed,
show me the damn money.
Okay, but not here. Over there.
Sindbad, come here!
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