Secret City (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Run Little Rabbit

1 [Suzy] Robbie? Have you done your homework? [news report] Climate change activists face the prospect of… [distant alarms blare and dogs bark] [breathes heavily] I can't breathe.
I need to get out! Let me out! [grunts and gasps in panic] Let me out! I need out! Let me out! [brakes screech] [door slams] - Everything all right back here? - [grunts] [groans] [muffled thump of dance music] [upbeat dance music plays] [Harri] Goodbye, Canberra.
Auf wiedersehen, adieu and fuck you.
- You're leaving? - Yeah.
You knew that right, Min? Didn't think you meant it.
I mean, there's just nothing here for me anymore.
I Who's going to hire an ex-con? Maybe we should dive in, Harri.
- I thought you said you can't swim.
- I can't.
- Hey, Min.
- Yeah.
Let's get you home.
What's the point? I can't sleep anyway.
That's probably just 'cause you miss the top bunk.
- Oh, yeah.
- And the concrete walls.
[phone rings] - [baby cries] - Shh.
Baby, I'll get it.
Is everything okay? - [Arianna] Have you heard the news? - No.
What news? There's been an explosion here in Davoren Park.
- Karen, it's Pete Lambert's place.
- What? The whole house went up.
- I've tried calling the neighbors.
- Oh, God.
- I've left five messages.
- [baby burbles] I can't believe it.
[sighs] I wish you were here.
Karen? [phone bleeps] [man speaks Chinese over computer] - [speaks Chinese] - [man speaks Chinese over computer] [both continue speaking Chinese] [news report] Indications at this stage point to a gas-leak explosion.
Locals say the pipeline in the area has been faulty for some time and their pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears.
[Bailey] Tell Lavelle to wait until after the security briefings.
- He's just traveling now.
- Tony? - Do I need to know what this is about? - No.
- I'll have him wait in your office.
- No, Griff.
Not my office.
Sorry I'm late, Prime Minister.
Four people are dead.
What the hell happened? We're still waiting on the site report.
The locals were saying it was a gas explosion.
History of gas leaks in the street, apparently.
The last AEMO report recommended Davoren Park for urgent mains renewal.
But, typically, the Premier has cried poor and demanded we pay for it.
- Treasury said no.
- Why'd it have to be Wakefield? Now we'll never shut KK up.
Let's move on to the situation in Pakistan.
- Who's KK? - The white knight.
Karen Koutoufides.
The third K is silent.
[phone bleeps] You following this? I'm getting flayed alive.
The house is in session.
What are you supposed to do? Yeah, well, it's my electorate.
People expect me on the ground in crisis.
You have been riding the government about these gas leaks since the campaign.
Uh, maybe we should go the back way.
No, it's too late.
Get this on ice.
- [reporters chatter] - Oh, KK, do you want the victim's names? I know the victims' names, Dec.
- [reporters call out] - [reporters] Karen! Today is a dark day.
[inhales] What happened in Davoren Park is a human tragedy and now a 16-year-old boy, Robbie Lambert, is an orphan.
I personally know the Lambert family.
Their youngest, Oscar, went to the same school as my son.
We all grew up in the same community.
Hard-working families that have been abandoned by this government many who are losing their jobs, their homes and now their lives.
[cameras click] Oh.
[sighs] When is this prime minister going to stand up for them? Those are the questions that I will continue to ask.
Thank you.
[men shouting in Pashtun and gunfire on video] It was an ambush.
The safe house was just inside the Pakistani border.
[men shouting in Pashtun and gunfire on video] Is that Pashtun or Urdu? - Afghan Pashtun, Minister.
- So it's Haqqani.
[man] We've lost Markson! Shit! Fall back! Fall back! [gunshot and indistinct shouting] - Where's Markson? Where's Markson? - [man #2] I don't see him, sir! Corporal Markson was captured.
[gunshot and yelling] Clemens is hit! Clemens is hit! Fall back! Fall back! [gunfire] [silence] Jim, where's Redback One now? They're in the air now.
They left Bagram Airfield overnight.
They should be touching down in an hour.
- Wes, you'll be there? - Yes, Prime Minister.
I don't envy you that.
I want a briefing after they land.
Have the Pakistani ambassador standing by.
Thank you.
[Griff] Shall I join you? Griff, leave us.
This will be a short meeting, Mr.
I know what you people are up to.
It ends now.
I'm afraid that's impossible, Minister.
You don't get to decide that, Mr.
I do.
Now, shut it down or I tell the PM.
[sighs] [Lavelle clears throat] [sighs] Is there anything I can do? No.
[cupboard door bangs and machine whirs in background] [kettle whistle] [cutlery clatters] [news report] Toys now adorn this iconic fencing, erected by authorities to - How's the hangover? - It's fine.
- Can I make you some breakfast? - No.
- You off to the police station? - Yeah.
[door bangs shut] Nice talk, Harriet.
the names of the four victims, Peter Lambert.
Suzie Lambert, Chloe Lambert and Oscar Lambert.
A memorial service will be held in the coming days.
[indistinct chatter] - Don't say it.
- Fucking politicians, sir.
- I'm working on it.
- We go in as a patrol.
We come out as a patrol.
No man left behind.
- I'm handling it, Sullivan.
- How's Markson handling it? These people haven't even heard of the Geneva Convention.
How'd they find out about the safe house? They didn't just get lucky.
I'm pulling you out of the debrief, Lieutenant.
I need you to go to Adelaide.
No uniform.
Adelaide? She's gone AWOL.
[sighs] [distant siren] - [woman] Get off me! - [man] You're making it worse.
[man] Calm down.
[Harri] Oh, fuck.
Harriet Dunkley.
Wow, fancy meeting you here.
Oh, you got my last day of parole marked on your calendar, do you? It's a story, Harriet.
You of all people would understand that.
[contemptuous chuckle] I'm curious, what does an ex-con like you do now that you're free? - I'm going to get the hell out of here.
- I don't buy it.
You're a political animal.
Canberra's your natural habitat.
There's nothing natural about it, Ludie.
- It's a fucking zoo and you know it.
- Yeah.
I'm offering you a chance to poke a stick at the wildlife.
Regular panel gig, my show.
Tell your side of the story.
Set the record straight.
You skewer that arsehole, Bailey, and you dance on Paxton's grave, the whole bloody lot of them.
It's a well-paid gig.
It's worth a lot of money.
You get your foot in the door.
I would just be live bait for your conga line of demagogues and you know it.
Can't blame a girl for trying.
You know we'll do a hatchet job on you either way? [woman] Harriet? [video game bleeps] [speaks Arabic] [giggles] Mum, stop.
[computer bleeps] - Five more minutes.
- Okay.
That's it? All done.
Good luck.
[phone rings] Hey, Mina.
[bell rings] [dog barks in distance] - What happened? - She's inside.
- I don’t like her in my house - She is helping me, Sami.
She’s helping? Min, this is classified.
Who sent it? Anonymous.
Called themselves the Rabbit.
- I didn't know Bailey was Defense.
- She's been in three governments and both houses of parliament for 30 years.
She's like a cockroach.
She'd survive the apocalypse.
- Are these bits blocked out? - Yeah, they're redacted.
Can we find out? Well, freedom of information allows exceptions for Defense and National Security.
See what they called them? EKIA.
Enemy Killed In Action.
My father, my mother, my husband, my little boy.
The location, the date, it's them, Harri and Bailey buried it.
- I should've been there.
- You were getting medicine for your boy.
I need to see Bailey.
- That's not a good idea.
- You know her.
- - You can get me to her.
- I have no accreditation.
- I'm persona non grata.
- I need this.
You got a little girl and this whole new life.
Get me in a room with Bailey, Harri.
You owe me that.
[indistinct chatter] Excuse me, Ambassador.
[toilet flushes] Lavatory attendant now, Harriet? You're moving up in the world.
I thought you'd be prime minister by the time I got out, Catriona.
Why would I accept a demotion? Come on.
Everybody knows you quit the Senate to parachute into the House of Reps for the leadership spill and snare the top job.
Guess I'll just have to settle for sweeping powers and a super-ministry.
I got a favor to ask you and I figure it's the least you can do for me.
Harriet, I'm already doing the least I can do for you.
All right.
Well, a skeleton's fallen out of your closet.
2003, Iraq.
You shut down the ADF inquiry.
Special Forces planted drop weapons on an innocent family to make them look like insurgents.
There's a surviving member, mother of a four-year-old boy and she'd like to meet with you.
I will not be threatened by a traitor to her country or her criminal friend.
Traitor? I mean, that's the pot calling the kettle Chinese, isn't it? Save your breath, Harriet.
You're the little girl who cried wolf.
Nobody's listening.
Excuse me.
Can't keep the US Ambassador waiting.
- [sighs] - [door closes] [Bailey laughs and chatters in background] [Griff] Harriet.
- Griff.
- Today's the big day, huh? Paid your debt to society, and all that? - Yeah, I mean, something like that.
- Yeah.
Well, you look good.
I think prison probably agrees with you.
Better get back to your table, Griff.
You know, drink your Kool-Aid.
[rumble of heavy machinery] [girl sobs in background] [phone rings] - Sullivan.
- Lieutenant, this is Catriona Bailey.
- Are you at the site? - Yes, Minister.
I want you to know that I appreciate how difficult this must be for you, but it's a matter of national security that we contain this situation.
- I'm sure you understand.
- Yes, Minister.
[hangs up] [kettle whistles] So, I, um I spoke to Bailey.
She she won't do it.
She refused point blank.
- Did you tell her it was about Ar-Rutbah? - Yeah, but she still won't do it.
She owes you.
Catriona Bailey doesn't really work that way.
I know how Bailey works, Harri.
She covers up lies.
And this one, she's going to fucking regret.
- You don't know who you're dealing with.
- Neither does she.
It won't bring them back.
I need this, Harri.
Akram needs this.
Don't do anything stupid, Mina.
[ringing tone] Hi, Ludie Sypek speaking.
Hi, it's, uh it's Harriet Dunkley.
Listen, I'll do it.
Thought so.
- Yeah.
On one condition.
- Mm-hm.
It's like a ghost town there now.
[Eddie] They bussed everyone out after to make sure it's safe before we go back.
[Rima] We didn't even get a change of clothes.
They told us they'd cut off the gas supply to the street.
[Rima] Too little, too late.
[ringing tone] - Lockwood.
- I think she was here.
[ringing tone] [Griff] Minister? - Hi.
- [Bailey] Where's Conway? - I've just been told he's been bumped.
- For who? - Here we go.
In ten.
- I don't know.
- Ask Ludie what the fuck's going on.
- Nine, eight, seven, six, five - She's just about to go to air.
- four, three Oh, shit.
It's Harriet Dunkley.
[Ludie] You deal with China and the MSS all the time.
We're talking about trained ADO operatives, experts in their field.
[Harri] I stand by the story.
You knowingly breached the Safer Australia Act because you thought you were above the law.
I think the law was beneath all of us.
- It's a breach of civil liberties.
- [man] Your bosses don’t seem to think so.
- Their hands were tied.
- They threw you under the bus.
So you've got one bottle left.
I'll see you soon.
[man] Our federal agencies are keeping us safe in our beds at night.
I'd like to throw to Catriona Bailey in our Sydney studios.
Minister, do you believe that Harriet Dunkley has now paid her debt to society? Ludie, rehabilitation is a key tenet of our judicial system and I've always upheld the rule of law.
We should expect nothing less from our senior ministers of the Crown, be they responsible for security laws, privacy laws criminal law, military-justice law, in regard to war crimes, for instance.
Who is watching our government's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan? What do you think you're doing? Quite seriously, what do you think you're doing? If you pull another blind-siding stunt, you can kiss the Minister and every member of her government goodbye as guests on your show.
Griff, all I can hear is Bailey's attack poodle yapping.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Harriet, the Minister will see your little friend.
[phone rings in background] - [door opens] - Hello.
My name's Andrew Griffiths.
I'm the chief of staff for the Minister of Home Affairs.
- Thank you for coming in today.
- Where's Catriona Bailey? - I'm afraid she won't be joining us.
- I was told I'd get to meet Bailey.
You don't just get to meet the Minister.
We know who you are and what you've done.
What I've done? We brought you out here under the refugee program in 2005, via Lebanon.
We provided you with an apartment and furniture and a second-hand computer for your TAFE course in bookkeeping and what did you do with that? Three years for financial fraud.
After we had paid for five years of trauma counseling.
That's blood money, all of it.
You know what you did.
Well, it's a free country.
You're welcome to go public with your grievance.
You should consider the possibility of breach of parole and your husband's suspiciously successful roof-tiling business being audited by the ATO.
Who looks after Aliah with both her parents in jail? Well, thank you very much for coming in today.
[car pulling away] That old rag's gone to the dogs, if you ask me.
Karen Koutoufides? Mum's taking a keen interest.
She's on her second attempt at parenting me, which isn't her natural skill set.
I happen to believe in second chances.
I'm looking for a senior media advisor.
I'm a little bit out of the loop, but I could recommend someone.
I'm asking you.
I've checked the regulations.
It seems I can hire staff with a criminal record.
[Harri chuckles] Full salary, with benefits.
What do you say? [chuckles] Um Thanks, but no thanks.
You're cool.
Mum's not the only one keeping a close eye.
Someone here to see you.
Thanks, Thomas.
You can call off your little shadow squad, Vaughn, I'm leaving.
Is this Bailey? Did she ask you to watch me? - Who says we're watching you? - Did you send an email to my ex-cell mate? You the Rabbit? [chuckles] The Rabbit? What did they do to you in there, Harriet? Electro-shock treatment? You should've gone on that plane.
Could have been on a beach somewhere instead of rotting in a concrete cell.
I would've got tracked.
Interpol or your lot.
You weren't that important.
Neither was Kim, apparently.
I mean, murdered at the hands of an ASIO operative and there's no Royal Commission, no inquiry? You'd be well-advised to keep your distance from Mina and Sami Almasi.
[phone rings in background] - Boss.
- What is it, Thomas? Robbie Lambert's digital footprint.
[inhales and sighs] How you going? Robbie? Hi, I'm Karen Koutoufides.
My son, Arlo, went to school with your little brother.
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Robbie, I work in Canberra.
I represent the people of Davoren Park and I want you to know that I am going to fight.
For what? You can't bring back my family.
I understand that you've got an uncle in the UK.
We could look at an airfare.
Mum and him weren't close.
- The Houlis said I could stay with them.
- Okay.
This is my direct number.
Okay, now, you can call me any time.
Okay? Excuse me, what - [woman] Robbie? - Where are you taking him? - [woman] Robbie? - [man] What's going on? - [Karen] Who are you? - [man] What's going on? [woman] Robbie! [Karen] Are you filming this? [woman] Robbie! Robbie! - [clamor] - Where are you taking him? Excuse me.
We've got a right to know.
We'll find out what's going on.
Robbie? - [tires screech] - It's okay.
[sighs] - [reporters call out questions] - [sighs] Yes, I've read the brief, and I've read the ASD report and I'm aware he's 16 years old.
What I'm asking is, are you ready to charge him? I know they think we shot Bambi, but wait till they see the facts, hm? Minister.
Good morning.
This is amazing.
My My daughter is your biggest fan.
- Oh! What's your name? - Aliah.
She's gone all shy.
[chuckles] Can she get a photo with you? - Of course.
- Go on.
Aw, beautiful.
Can I get one, too? Oh, sure.
They killed my family and you covered it up.
I know what you are.
Harriet Dunkley told me.
[camera clicks] - Who was that, Mama? - [chuckles] Nobody important, sweetheart.
[news report 1] Robbie Lambert was arrested after [news report 2] drastic action if this kid wasn't up to his neck in it.
[news report 3] Independent MP Karen Koutoufides on hand [news report 2] What isn't she telling us? [reporters call out] Bailey's office isn't returning any of our calls about Robbie Lambert.
No one is.
- What do you want me to do? - [bleep] Shut the door.
We suspect the boy was storing some kind of homemade IED for a militant leftist group in the family garage.
We're still to ascertain the cause of detonation.
Sorry to interrupt, Director General.
Minister, you really should see this.
Oh, excuse me, Madeline.
[Griff] Clearly, she didn't get the message.
I had it translated.
Good, 'cause I don't speak Chinese.
It says, "Do I have your attention now?" Shall I alert the AFP? No, not yet.
[Bailey] Harriet, come here.
What's the meaning of this? I mean, you got to understand.
Mina Mina lost everything.
She lost her whole family.
There's always more to lose.
I don't respond well to threats, Harriet.
You should know that from personal experience.
I suggest you call off your dog.
Oh, she's not my dog.
What is it between you two? Gay for the stay, isn't that what they call it? I've called a press conference for tomorrow morning to announce an IGADF inquiry into the Special Forces incident in Ar-Rutbah.
All the major outlets have been advised.
[Harri sighs] That's unlike you, Catriona, taking a backwards step.
I'm a pragmatist, Harriet.
We tend to outlast the idealists.
[Mina] "And then the queen looked out the castle window and saw the flock of ravens across the sky" - [phone bleeps] - "And she said to her" What'd she say to her? Remember? "What do you want to do to become a raven?" And then all her dreams came true.
- And she became a raven.
- Mm-hm.
[phone bleeps] [Aliah] Mama? What are you doing? Aliah, go back to bed.
I'll be home soon.
I promise.
[phone buzzes] [clicks tongue] [dials number] Howie, the day's not over yet.
I'll need you to come back.
I have to go to Defense.
You won't have to wait.
- [man] So, where you headed? - Canberra.
[man] I'm headed that way.
[distant fireworks] [sports commentary on TV] [doorbell rings] [TV commentator] Relax you mind, Jeffrey.
Relax your body and [doorbell rings] [sighs] It's late.
Yeah, well, she's not answering my calls and it's important.
Listen to me, I don't want you in my house.
Hm? I don't want some ex-journalist prying into my business.
Two years in a two by three meter cell, Sami, we were always going to talk.
[Harri chuckles softly] Mina's not here.
I assumed she was meeting you.
Did she say where she was going? Fuck.
- [gasps for breath] - [Mina] Harri, it's me.
It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
It was a trap, the whole thing.
What? Slow down.
You need to get out before they come for you.
They set us both up.
- Who? - The fucking Rabbit.
- What? - Bailey's dead murdered.
You need to get in your car and get out now.
[anxious breathing] - Trust me, Harri.
- [Harri] Jesus Christ! [sighs] Mina, where are you going? I can't let them put me back in a cell.
Give me your phone.
I'll turn it off so they can't trace you.
[Mina exhales] - [sharp knock] - [she gasps] Oh, Jesus.
Not going to say goodbye? - Well, I mean, I didn't want to wake you.
- That's not why.
I never asked you to come here, Mum.
I know.
[engine starts] [phone bleeps] - Run, little rabbit - Run, rabbit Hit the road, little rabbit You may dot your Susie Q But I'll boogie-woogie after you You best not slip You best not slide I'll run you round and shoot you down And fry your hide You better run, little rabbit Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang [gasps]