Secret City (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

The War Zone

[Bailey] It's a matter of national security that we contain this situation.
- I'm sure you understand.
- Yes, Minister.
- I need to get out.
Let me out of here! - [crashing] What happened in Davoren Park is a tragedy and now a 16-year-old boy, Robbie Lambert, is an orphan.
[woman] Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! We'll find out what's going on.
- [heavy gunfire] - Where's Markson? [Lockwood] Corporal Markson was captured.
I want a briefing after they land.
Have the Pakistani ambassador standing by.
I'm looking for a senior media advisor, full salary with benefits.
- This is classified.
Who sent it? - Called themselves the Rabbit.
Enemy killed in action my father, my mother, my husband, my little boy.
Did you send an email to my ex-cellmate? Are you the Rabbit? You'd be well advised to keep your distance from Mina and Sami Almasi.
2003, Iraq.
You shot down the ADF inquiry.
Special Forces planted drop weapons on an innocent family to make them look like insurgents.
I've called a press conference for tomorrow morning to announce an inquiry into the Special Forces incident.
It was a trap.
You need to get out before they come for you.
- They set us both up.
- Who? - The fucking Rabbit? - What? [news reports] The minister was shot, execution-style, to the back of the head.
- cold-blooded - I never voted for her, but she The nation's capital is reeling after the shock assassination of Home Affairs Minister Catriona Bailey last night.
No charges have been laid and police are tight-lipped about potential suspects, leaving many to ask the question, was this murder politically motivated? And will there be more? Stepping in as acting home affairs minister is Garrity's trusted right-hand man, Jim Hellier, who wasted no time in ordering a complete security lockdown of Parliament House.
We will bring you all the details - as they emerge.
Back to you in the stu - [knocking] [turns off TV] - [Karen] Ready? - As I'll ever be.
Don't worry.
It's like riding a bicycle through a frigging war zone.
[man] Lockdown.
This is an emergency warning announcement.
Proceed immediately to the nearest secure room.
Lock all doors.
Set devices to silent.
[Bailey] Freedom is not a crown worn lightly.
It weighs heavy with responsibility for those of us who are fortunate enough to wear it.
[reporter] Prime Minister Garrity teeters on the brink of a minority government, with a cabinet minister apparently assassinated on the streets of the capital.
Messages of condolence continue to pour in from heads of state around the world, expressing shock and outrage at a brazen and brutal attack that has shaken the foundations of our democracy.
And the Australian people are looking for answers on what is a dark day for the nation and for a Garrity government - now very much under siege.
- Fuck.
Do we need to lock down the House, for God's sake? We needed to make sure that no one was going in or out, while we put the new security measures in place.
I'm not taking any chances, Ewan.
You asked me to look after Bailey's portfolio till you found a replacement.
This is part of it.
I know.
I appreciate you stepping up.
I'm not going to miss her.
She had one eye on your back the whole time.
Directors-General from ASIO and ASD, sir.
- Anyone been charged? - Not yet.
[woman] We do have a potential person of interest.
- Personal grudge against the minister.
- That's good.
It's still ASIO's recommendation to raise the alert.
- I'm not in favor.
- Well, there's Davoren Park to consider.
We've got records of dark-web conversations between the Lambert boy and militant leftists, The Collective.
They were planning something.
It's possible they were using Lambert's house to stockpile explosives for a terror attack and something went wrong, accidental detonation.
Since then, chatter among The Collective has escalated.
We're not discounting the possibility of another event.
[Hellier] Another bomb? [slow scraping] Patricia.
Sorry for your loss.
[scoffs] It's the first time that wanker's looked higher than my boobs.
[phone bleeps] Listen to this.
"Lock up Robbie Lambert, throw away the key and we can sleep safe.
" It's that dread-peddler Gaelene Curtis from the opposition, with all the hair.
Looks like she's got a couple of orangutans screwing on her head.
I didn't join your staff to be paraded around like some dog-and-pony show.
Why do you think I hired you? I want to be heard.
If I get attention because of who you are, then good.
Whatever it takes.
I've got people looking to me to look after them.
What, like Robbie Lambert? He's not a terrorist.
I know him, I knew his family.
Our intelligence agency seems to think they've got enough to detain him.
[chuckles] I thought you'd give him the benefit of doubt.
It's Gaelene.
I'm gonna give her what for.
Listen, Karen.
Just If you want to be heard, stop shouting.
Stop tweeting every 20 seconds.
Ask to speak to Robbie and get him a lawyer.
That's what he needs.
Not some self-serving, mud-slinging match in the Twittersphere.
Huh! This is going to be fun.
[wind whistles] [cash register bleeps] That's 22.
That card's been canceled.
Got cash? No.
[man grunts] - [man] Hey! Hey! - [tires squeal and engine revs] Shit! [phone buzzes] [man shouts on TV] They lost her.
- [Garrity] So, how did we get this file? - USB left it at the Embassy in Islamabad.
[man] You talk! You talk now! My name is Corporal Gavin Markson.
I am a member of Redback One, currently based in Afghanistan, on the Pakistani border.
Based on intelligence collected by my unit, the United States conducted an aerial strike on a vehicle in the Pakistani territory of Northern Waziristan killing two members of the Haqqani Network and General Tariq Nazir of the Pakistan Armed Forces [turns TV off] [Garrity] Targeting a Pakistani general? We targeted high-value members of the Haqqani, Prime Minister.
This is the first I've heard of General Nazir.
What's a general doing in a jihadist's car? Sightseeing? Pakistan claims it wants to regain control of the tribal lands.
The General could have been negotiating Haqqani withdrawal.
So, who's got our man? Well, on the face of it, Haqqani, but we took out a general, so this could have been orchestrated by Pakistani authorities as a response.
They wanted a hostage.
As soon as they got Markson, - they were gone.
- [Garrity] What do they want? Exchange? They might not want anything except revenge.
This might just be a taunt.
- [woman] Yes, sir.
- Get me the Pakistani Ambassador.
- I think he’s out of town.
- I don't care if he's on the fucking moon.
- I want to see him.
- Yes, sir.
I want to come home.
Please bring me home.
[bleeping] [Declan] You could start with our Innovation and Jobs media release.
You know, I actually report directly to Karen.
The electorate's lost 4,000 jobs since the car factory shut down.
Karen wants the factory repurposed.
We must get big industry back into Wakefield.
- That's a state issue.
- They're talking, but that's all.
Karen thinks we can bypass all that stuff and not wait for the wonks in South Australia that we know aren't going to get anything done soon.
If you can make some punch in the media on a national level, you know that people will get behind it and, before too long, we've cut through.
That's what she's trying to do.
It's why we're in Canberra.
[knocking] What are you doing, Harriet? You would never take a job on this side.
I don't believe it for a second.
What are you up to? What are you up to, Griff? You don't even have a minister any more.
- Been asked to stay on with Hellier.
- You know where the bodies are buried.
[chuckles] I think I'm way behind you in the body count.
We go way back.
What does it mean if I can't access a Home Affairs document on the server? It means it's restricted to the secure computer system in the ministerial wing.
You do know about digital fingerprints? Everyone's got a digital code.
You try to access a document, it leaves a record.
So if I could access a document, I could find out who else had accessed it? Sure.
And if you could get to a restricted document, you would also be in a nice, deep pile of shit.
- Oh.
See you.
- Where are you? Good start.
Hi, Thomas.
- I don't owe you anything.
- You don't think? I spent two years of my life feeling like shit for doing my job.
Kim stole classified material.
What was I supposed to do? I need to get into the Home Affairs secure system.
I want to find out who accessed this and I think that you can do that for me.
I can.
But I'm not going to.
[speaks Arabic] You okay? Everything all right.
You have everything you want? We've got nothing to hide.
You're not going to learn anything.
Mina didn't do it.
If she didn't do it, Mr.
Almasi, where is she? And why was her mobile phone found on the road heading out of town? I mean Christ, Mum, hospital leftovers? Thanks.
Come home, Harri.
This place is a dump.
Yeah, well, it's right for me at the moment.
I need some space.
When did I ever not give you space? I got work to do.
Lasagna tomorrow.
See you then.
[phone vibrates] - Hello? - [Mina] You were supposed to leave.
Uh I, uh I couldn't.
Where are you? [news report on TV] Mina? [sighs] I can't tell you.
Listen, I found where to access the redacted document.
So, if I can get to it, then we'll know who set you up.
[exhales sharply] And if you get caught how am I supposed to be okay with that? Listen, have you got a place to stay? I'm not telling you.
Too risky.
Even Sami doesn't know.
[TV blares in background] I need to talk to him.
What for? It's better that you don't know.
Mina, all we ever had was trust.
You're the one who said that.
[hangs up] - [sighs] - [phone bleeps and vibrates] [Karen] Okay, you all right there? Settled? [baby gurgles] All right.
[baby gurgles] Let's see who's listening.
[news report] Independent South Australian MP Karen Koutoufides is leading the charge for ASIO’s release of Robbie Lambert.
Evidence linking him to the Davoren Park explosion remains undisclosed at this time.
[Griff] Koutoufides is gaining traction.
Human Rights Watch just responded.
Human rights? What about the rest of us? What about our right not to get blown to kingdom fucking come? Uh, line up a call with ASIO DG.
I've been granted an access visit with Robbie this afternoon.
- Oh.
- A welfare check.
- That's good.
- Tiny problem.
The meeting's in the middle of Question Time.
They've done it deliberately.
- Then I wouldn't put pressure on the PM.
- Don't worry about Question Time.
- You can't be in two places at once.
- I can't, no.
No, I got a ton of meetings today and I'm trying to get you a headline interview.
- I got to be here to do my job.
- This is your job.
He's got no one else.
[Robbie] Please.
I need a break.
I need to go to the toilet.
We traced these conversations back to your laptop.
[sighs] I don't know about any collective.
I don't know about any of this.
This is you talking.
"We want maximum damage, need to strike fast.
Targets to be arranged.
" No.
I said that’s not me.
Please I need to go to the toilet.
What was the target? What were you planning to strike? Why would I kill my own family? I don't know about any of this.
Don’t you lie to me, Robbie.
Lying to me would be a very, very bad idea.
Ambassador, it's now day seven of Corporal Markson being held in Pakistani territory.
Now, we need to know exactly what your government's doing to facilitate his location.
I understand your distress, Prime Minister, and you have my government's sympathy, but the Haqqani are in Pakistan illegally, and we don't have contact with them.
General Nazir, what was he doing in a terrorist's car? Your soldiers are not the only targets for kidnapping, Minister.
My government, of course, is doing everything in its power to find your Corporal Markson, but you must understand, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Thank you, Ambassador.
Prime Minister.
- They know where he is.
- Yeah.
We need to put the pressure on.
A sanctions warning? No, that'd make it public, and I think we've got to be smarter than that.
Half the US military are looking for him.
There's lots of eyes in the sky.
We'll get him back quietly.
I know this is hard for you but it shouldn’t take much longer.
Robbie, have you had access to adequate facilities during questioning? Things like toilet breaks and water.
Robbie, I can’t help if you won’t talk to me.
I do have one question.
You going to get me out of here? I mean, we are doing everything we can.
- So, that means no? - [door opens] We have to conclude your visit, Miss Dunkley.
[sighs and mutters] Robbie, I want you to know you have a lot support out there.
Robbie, no, please don't.
- Put the weapon down! - Let me out! - Please! - Put the weapon down! - Let me out! - Don’t hurt him! Please! - Put the weapon down! - Please don’t hurt him! - [Taser fires] - Please! [grunts] [yells and groans] Out! Get her out! Robbie.
[groans] Fuck.
[phone rings] [sighs] Hi.
No, I just I just left now.
It went fine.
Yeah, no drama.
Hey, Karen, I'll be in there soon.
Hey, Sami.
It's Harriet.
I need a favor.
[sighs] Hello, Thomas.
- Wait.
Do I know you? - We have a friend in common.
She spoke to you yesterday.
She wanted a favor.
I'm I'm sorry, but It would mean so much if you could help her out.
I'd be very grateful.
You see my friend, Mustafa, over there? He's not as patient as me.
You understand? Take some time to think about it, Thomas.
You might change your mind.
For you.
[door slams] [phone chimes] Word is the Libs have picked a candidate for the by-election.
Don't know why they're bothering.
Bailey's diehards won't change now.
Who's that with Gaelene Curtis? Lobbyist from Vanguard Energy.
Vanguard Energy? They want to open a solar thermal plant in Victoria.
Gaelene wants it to be in Big industry.
Big, new, shiny industry.
Hold the fort, Dec.
Hello, Gaelene.
How's the lamb? Not too fatty for you? Karen Koutoufides.
Independent for Wakefield.
- Alex Berezin, Vanguard Energy.
- We're in the middle of a meeting.
You need a solar plant.
I've got a disused car factory that's begging to be reopened, and a very keen workforce.
Infrastructure coming out your proverbial Karen, you've got a worthless piece of real estate - and a bunch of meth-head bogans.
- [chuckles] Go back to your table.
Think about it, Mr.
Berezin, then come and have a chat with me.
- You won't even have to buy me dinner.
- I'm buying him dinner.
[beeping] Okay.
I'm here.
You've got ten seconds.
[door clicks] Okay, I'm at the door.
Now, insert the USB.
[bleeping] Now, listen, that's going to brute-force the password.
[bleeping] Okay, I'm in.
I'm, uh I'm just going to put in document number now.
[door closes] Why's it taking so long? Thomas, it's not here.
Try again.
Check you're putting in the right one.
I put the right number in.
It's not here.
Harriet, close it down and get out.
Okay, just hold on.
It's got to be here.
[bleeping] [phone rings] Harriet? What are you doing? Don't answer that phone.
Some sort of internal phone log system has just come up for Catriona Bailey.
- Do not touch that.
- Jesus, it lists every call.
[beeping] - What are you doing? - Just just hang on one second.
- [camera clicks] - Do not touch anything else.
Do not access any other files.
[ringing tone] What is going on? [Lockwood] Lockwood.
- [Thomas] Hurry up.
- Okay.
I'm getting out.
[phone rings] - [Thomas] Harriet, I'm warning you.
- [camera clicks] Harriet! Shit.
[sighs] [door bleeps] You said she'd be here.
[phone disconnects] [dials phone] [operator] The number that you have dialed is not available.
There is no message service with this number.
[call-ended tone] [muffled electronic laugh] [muffled hysterical electronic laugh] [muffled hysterical electronic laugh] [hysterical electronic laugh] [hysterical electronic laugh] [engine starts] [crickets chirp] - [Mina] This is a bad idea.
- I know.
[Mina] Whoever this Rabbit is, they're the one who set me up.
Or maybe they're the killer.
[Harri] Why would the Rabbit message my phone now? It feels like they know I'm digging around and and it's a warning to stop.
- Did you find the document? - No, I found something else.
Davoren Park, what does that mean to you? It's the house in Adelaide, the one that blew up.
Catriona Bailey called the Chief of Defense 17 times that night, almost immediately after the explosion.
And then the next night, she called someone's mobile phone, someone who was standing in the middle of Davoren Park.
It feels like or I think that someone's trying to cover something up.
- I think Bailey's involved.
- That's why she's dead? I don't know.
I mean Do I want to do this again? Like, do I? It's your decision, Harri.
Don't do it for me.
Okay? [birdsong] [Robbie] Let me out! - Shut up! - [man] Put the weapon down! - [Robbie] Don't shout at me! - [Harri] Don't hurt him! [woman] Out! Get her out! - [Griff] That's your poor orphan boy.
- He's desperate.
That's all that means.
You might want to reconsider your position, Karen.
[chuckles] You might want to tell your boss the next time he's got something to tell me, he can do it himself.
I'm here because I believe in what my minister is trying to do.
I wonder, can you say the same thing of your media adviser? Harriet is not a team player.
I mean, she never has been.
Thanks for your time.
Come in.
Shut the door.
I can't have you hiding things from me especially something like this! Well? I didn't want to tell you that he attacked me because I thought that then you'd change your mind about Robbie and stop fighting for him.
I don't play games like that.
I thought you knew that.
Are we on the same page, Harriet? Because Because this place is like a 24/7 shit fight.
- Yeah.
- I need to know I can rely on you.
You can, 100%.
- Good.
- You know that there is a way around this? - We just got to get in first.
- Oh, really? You release the video.
Put our spin on it.
I mean, Robbie was traumatized.
The video, I assume, shows that.
[sighs] No, it'd backfire.
It'd get their attention, then we could use that to ask the questions we want.
Ludie Sypek wouldn't be able to resist it.
[Garrity] Catriona Bailey loved this country and its people.
[funereal organ] When she first joined Parliament, she took an oath to serve which she did, tirelessly, faithfully in both Houses for more than 30 years.
I ask for a minute's silence now as we remember a true soldier of the people.
Have you met our new candidate for the by-election, Ian Casey? Jesus, Gaelene, the body's not even cold.
- I'll be back in a second.
- Yeah.
- [Ludie] Excuse me for a second.
- Harriet.
- Yeah.
- I got your message and I'm interested.
- Okay, and Karen? - I don't think so.
You don't get the video unless she gets a voice.
She's a minnow.
I run a shark tank.
You really want to throw her into that? Yeah, I think she can handle it.
- Okay, we'll see.
- Great.
- Air Chief Marshal Lockwood? - Yes.
Um The explosion at Davoren Park, why wasn't Robbie Lambert arrested that night? Or at the very least, the next day? That's a counter-terrorism issue, not my field.
But I mean, aren't you the first port of call in the case of terror activities? I wasn't aware you were still a journalist, Miss Dunkley.
Then why would Catriona Bailey call you so many times that night? 17 phone calls between her mobile and your number, starting just a few minutes after the explosion.
This is before emergency services even got there.
This is a memorial.
Have some respect.
I was thinking about what you said the other day and I was wondering if you might change your mind about letting me buy you dinner? We've all got to eat, don't we? Mm.
Beer, thanks.
Big military presence.
You guys planning a 21-gun salute? Or are you going to shoot Bailey out of a cannon? Is it that obvious? You don't hang around the Chief of Defense unless you're on the job.
Joe Sullivan.
Harriet Dunkley.
I know who you are.
Must've been tough.
Two years stuck in a shitty cell.
No worse than being stuck in a shitty foxhole in someone else's country, fighting someone else's war.
It's everybody's war now.
Haven't you heard? What? You really believe that? I believe there are values worth protecting.
- Worth dying for? - Fighting for.
Isn't that why you went to jail? Fighting for something you believed in? Ah, I'm not like you.
You don't even know me.
[gasps] You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, just give me a minute.
Grab yourself a drink.
[sighs] [sighs] Adelaide Fuck.
[sighs] [phone rings in background] [door opens] Did you get yourself a drink? [bleeping] Mrs.
Houli, this is Harriet Dunkley from Karen Koutoufides' office.
I’m going to be in Adelaide this afternoon and I wondered if you’d mind me driving out to Davoren Park, just to ask you a few questions about what happened on the night of the explosion.
Could you please give me a call back on this number? Thank you so much.
Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.
It must be a relief to be home.
Oh, it is.
- Would you like some sugar? - No, thank you.
- [phone rings] - Thank you.
So, um, who actually showed up the, um the night of the explosion? The fire brigade, ambulance, police.
And the men who evacuated us, but they weren't wearing uniforms.
Uh, so, you think they might have been military? Special Forces or something? How's Robbie? It's not easy for him.
Tell him we don't believe what they're saying.
Get Mrs.
Dunkley something she can take back for Robbie.
Maybe a photo of you two.
We weren't that close.
I don't have many photos of us together.
Is that Chloe Lambert? Was she your girlfriend? Nobody knew.
She was only 15.
[sighs] Her bedroom was right across there.
Last time I saw her was that night.
I used to video her.
Nothing creepy.
Just - I can show you.
- Yeah.
[he exhales] [inhales sharply] You don't want to see the rest.
Was that the night of the explosion? Danny, do you think that I could maybe take a copy of that? Cal.
Talk to me.
The house in Adelaide it was a fuck-up.
[breathes heavily] Yeah.
I know.
It's okay, Cal.
You're safe now.
Come on.
Come on.
[TV report plays in background] [sighs] The police are okay with releasing this information? I'm the minister for Home Affairs.
I am the police.
[man] If we take the flip side here and don't do anything [low chattering in background] [softly] Where are you? - [yelling] - [Robbie] I want to get out.
- Let me get out! Let me out! Shut up! - [man] Put the weapon down! - [yelling] - [Harri] Don't hurt him! [Taser fires] [woman] Out! Get her out! A 16-year-old boy, he loses his entire family.
He's detained.
He's isolated, He's questioned without a lawyer.
He's a violent terrorist.
He should be locked up.
- Australians have a right to feel safe.
- They are safe.
- How so, Minister? - The questioning and detainment of Robbie Lambert is just one aspect of the laws that are in place - for the protection of all Australians.
- Protection at what cost, Minister? [chuckles] While we're in a rush to protect some, we're happy to abandon others.
If we don't adhere to the principles of democracy, and that includes the rights, the basic human rights of every single citizen, then we're on a fast track to totalitarianism and, in that scenario, you'd be Goebbels, if you thought for more than ten seconds before you opened your asinine pie hole.
Australians have no need for alarm.
Robbie Lambert is in custody and I'm happy to announce the police are about to identify a suspect in the murder of Catriona Bailey.
- Can you name the suspect? - [Hellier] I can.
A convicted criminal with a personal grudge against the minister.
Mina Almasi.
Mina Almasi.
Doesn't she have an association with your media advisor, Harriet Dunkley? Yeah.
Yeah, they were jailbirds together at Maconochie.
Didn't you know that? [Ludie] Would you care to comment? [inhales] [phone rings] Hi.
Do you want to give me one good reason why I shouldn't fire your arse right now? No, Robbie didn't do it.
The bomb came from the sky.