Secret City (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Pale Horse

We've got records of dark-web conversations between the Lambert boy and militant leftists, The Collective.
We're not discounting the possibility of another event.
What was the target? What were you planning to strike? Why would I kill my own family? The United States conducted an aerial strike on a vehicle in the Pakistani territory of Northern Waziristan.
- You were targeting a Pakistani general? - We targeted members of the Haqqani.
I want to come home.
Please bring me home.
Someone's covering something up and I think that Bailey is involved.
And that's why she's dead.
Then why would Catriona Bailey call you so many times that night? The house in Adelaide, it was a fuck-up.
I know.
The police are about to identify a suspect in the murder of Catriona Bailey.
Mina Almasi.
Doesn't she have an association with your media advisor, Harriet Dunkley? Robbie didn't do it.
The bomb came from the sky.
Bird in flight.
I can't.
It's not responding.
Impact in six seconds, sir.
Weapon still hot.
Disarm, Treloar! Too late.
Impact! You need to call your dad.
What do I say? Tell him you're in Hawaii.
- Hawaii? - A last-minute thing.
What's gonna happen to me? Dial the phone, Treloar.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
You've called Ray Treloar.
I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message.
Dad, it's me.
I'm calling from Hawaii.
Sorry I missed you.
I was hoping to hear your voice.
Anyway, I'll see you soon.
Now write a postcard.
Start with "aloha.
" The fallout from last night's Ludie Sypek Show continues.
Koutoufides hires an ex-con like Harriet Dunkley and she doesn't even know who her jailbird mate is? - Miss Dunkley! Harriet! - Have you spoken with Mina Almasi? - Did Karen Koutoufides know - Come on! your former cellmate was a terrorist? - Did she kill Bailey for you? - Just a few words! Ah.
So she returns.
Know what that sound is? The sound of me being unfollowed.
I hired you, so shit like this wouldn't happen.
Karen, I really I want you to take a look at something.
This is Daniel Houli's phone.
He caught the missile on video.
You can hear it, too.
You see that? That's a missile.
This was followed by 17 phone calls between Catriona Bailey and the Chief of Defense.
Then the next day, Lockwood sends one of his top soldiers to Davoren Park.
And you know this how? - You don't want to know.
- Have you done something illegal? - You really don't want to know.
- So you have.
This proves that the bomb came from the sky.
No, Harriet, this proves a dark shadow in front of a street lamp for half a second.
Yeah, followed moments later by an explosion.
Why would the government cover up an attack? It doesn't make sense.
- What if it's ours? - Our what? Drone, maybe.
We run surveillance drones out of Edinburgh Airbase.
- It's up the road from Davoren Park.
- Yeah, Tritons.
They're used to catch boat people, but they're not armed.
Even Immigration hasn't started bombing refugees yet.
But if they had a weaponized drone program, they'd have to keep it a safe distance from civilians.
I mean, probably run it out of Woomera.
Not even God knows what goes on out there.
Harriet Dunkley? Yes? - Can you come with us, please? - What's this about? Do you mind if I call you Caroline? I do mind.
My mother called me Caroline.
Cal it is, then.
So, why did you run, Cal? I didn't tell anyone, if that's what they're worried about.
Tell me what happened that night, when you were coming home.
- I never left home.
- You know what I mean.
We were on a southeast flight path, 100 nautical miles out from home base when the link went down.
- Did you report it to Command? - Not initially, no.
- Why not? - It happens all the time.
Usually it only lasts a few seconds.
But you waited three minutes and 36 seconds to inform AOC that the link had failed to reconnect.
Did you have an episode, Cal? No.
Then what happened? It's programmed to fly in a circular pattern, then return to base - in the event of a system failure.
- But this wasn't system failure.
- It was like it was possessed.
- Possessed? - Since day one, plagued by demons.
- The drone or the pilot? I am not the drone.
It's happening again, isn't it? I thought this was an ASIO investigation.
It's an inter-agency matter.
And they figure that you'd know the right buttons to push, is that it? Did you know the Minister would be dining with the US ambassador - at Otis Dining on April 13th? - No.
Why did you follow Catriona Bailey into the women's bathroom? I wanted to go to the toilet, Vaughn.
Is that a crime now, too? Two years behind bars because of legislation the Minister pushed through.
It doesn't mean I assassinated her.
You shared a cell with Mina Almasi.
- Did she talk about her husband, Sami? - We had better things to talk about.
She tell you she took the fall for him, when she went down for bookkeeping fraud? Might've come up.
Standard issue to all Special Forces personnel.
This is the exact type of weapon used by Catriona Bailey's killer.
What does a military-issue weapon have to do with Mina Almasi? Maybe you should be looking for someone in the military.
Your friend is on a kill-or-capture list, Harriet.
If you want her alive I suggest you bring her in.
He’s lost the confidence of not just key members of his party It says here we've purchased ten weaponized Fenrir AOD-Nine drones.
A jet engine with a range of 25,000 nautical miles, duration 31 hours with a full weapons load flying altitude, 65,000 feet, 40-meter wingspan and a top speed of 650 kilometers an hour.
Total price tag, 200 million from an American manufacturer called Trebuchet.
- Who's spending our money? - Our defense minister.
Thanks to Hellier, we're now the 11th biggest military spender in the world.
- Where are they keeping them? - A factory in San Diego.
- We don't take delivery till 2023.
- You're sure? According to this.
This is a race against the odds, but I believe the people of Kingsford Smith want a genuine alternative to the more-of-the-same candidate offered up by this Labor government, a government that has stopped listening and You think the Libs can win Bailey's seat? - Yeah, sure.
- That is my commitment And I could ride a unicorn into the House of Reps.
If you got the balance of power, you probably could.
I think hard-working Australians are sick of this government and their squabbling and their in-fighting and their lies.
They deserve better and I intend to see that they get it.
Having ASIO march my senior media advisor out of Parliament was a cheap stunt, and you know it.
Well, I make no apologies, Karen.
I'm responsible for the investigation into the assassination of a minister of the Crown.
You know Harriet Dunkley had nothing to do with Bailey's murder.
Then why did she confront Bailey at Otis three days before she was killed? That's what you've got? That's your case? Well, that, and she did get pretty cozy with Almasi at Maconochie Prison.
Well, I would've appreciated a heads-up about this.
Well, it's not quite how ASIO works.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
Before I go, there's a little home video that I think you might be interested in.
Where did you get this? Is this the only copy? Why? Karen, I don't know what you think you know, but I might remind you of your obligations under the Safer Australia Act.
What I know is that if this is what it looks like you need to release Robbie Lambert.
Uh, get me the ASIO office.
I want Madeline Stenders.
Yes, Minister.
Thank you, Jim.
- Mrs.
Houli? - Yes? We have a warrant to search these premises.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Your phone, where is it? - Rima.
- ASIO have just raided us.
- Karen.
- What? - They took everything.
- Ms.
Koutoufides? Under the special powers provision of the ASIO Act, I have a warrant order from the minister to seize and remove a personal item in your possession.
Rima, I'm going to have to call you back.
And the USB.
Thank you.
Not a word.
These are your devices, Miss Dunkley.
- You wiped it? - Questioning warrant.
- You are not permitted to disclose - I know, for two years, or otherwise I'm back inside.
You're free to go.
Where's Mina? Don't you watch the news? I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
Helen, do you honestly think that's an option for you? When's the next consignment? Later this week.
Maybe Friday.
But I have to amend the requisition order.
There's no guarantee You'll get it done, Helen.
You always do.
Mina's the only one who knows the dead-drop location.
Well, you're dealing with me now.
I'll find out.
Only you at the handover no one else.
Tell me about Pale Horse.
We use a flight path over the Arabian Sea.
We enter Pakistan from Iranian airspace.
We take out high-value targets.
Miramshah, mostly.
Which means we kill the target and any military-age males in the vicinity.
As in teenage boys, who may or not be the enemy? That's why they call the targets high value.
It doesn't matter who you kill to get 'em.
You wanted to be a pilot, didn't you, Cal? I am a pilot.
I meant fighter pilot.
But you were never offered a place on fighters.
A fighter pilot only gets a fleeting look at their target.
We watch them study them, stalk them.
By the time the command comes through, we know what color shalwar kameez they like to wear.
Up close and personal from 10,000 ks away.
Sometimes, when the smoke clears, there's nothing left of them.
Other times, you see pieces of them bleeding out on the infrared their blood white-hot in the body, but going cold on the ground.
You watch them stop glowing.
Is that what you saw in Davoren Park, Cal? Your own countrymen? A family? The very people it's your duty to protect.
That's got to have been hard on you.
They rushed those birds into combat ops, Jane, not me.
I will not go down for this.
This was out of my hands.
Uh, I was, um I was leaving a note for running out on you.
I guess I just got a little spooked.
You did me a favor.
Would've regretted it.
Wow, diplomacy's not your strong suit.
Well, in my experience, diplomacy mostly gets soldiers killed.
- Better than bullets.
- Better than lies.
You can fight back against lies.
Oh, yeah? How'd that work for you last time? - You going to invite me in? - No.
Expensive hotel.
Are my taxes paying for this? I'm paying for it.
- It must be costing you a fortune.
- What else have I got to spend it on? I know it was a drone strike on Davoren Park.
You need to leave my room.
You were sent there less than 24 hours after the blast.
You've been in war zones.
You know what the aftermath of a Hellfire missile looks like.
Joe, I know that Catriona Bailey called you at 7:33, while you were still on site.
What was that about? It's classified.
Who are you protecting? Bailey's dead.
So are four members of the Lambert family, and the other one's locked in the bowels of ASIO.
Yeah, for some of us, Harriet, classified information is the difference between life and death.
You familiar with a 9mm Beretta? Standard military issue, I'm told.
Yeah, there's one in my hotel safe.
You want to see it? Do you know that Bailey was killed by one? Doesn't mean the killer was military.
Are you saying you think they're on the black market? Goodbye, Harriet.
Of course the Christian right bible boys are blocking it.
It's pretty hard to read a climate-change report when you're so busy self-flagellating.
Yeah, hang on a sec.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
What the hell are you doing? - You didn't answer your burner.
- Because I got brought in by the Agency.
They said you're on a kill-or-capture list, Mina.
- You got to go.
You can't be here.
- I need you to deliver a package.
- What? - It's Aliah's birthday.
She's having a party family.
I can't.
I've got ASIO breathing down my neck.
What would it look like if I showed up at your house? Mina, listen.
You have got to turn yourself in.
It is the only way.
Do it for your daughter.
I promise I'll keep digging.
Would you turn yourself in to these people? I'm begging you.
I've already lost one child.
I can't lose another.
You know they're saying that a military weapon killed Bailey? Is Sami dealing black-market ADF weapons? She's going to be eight years old.
Sorry I'm late.
- Have you seen Mina? - No, are they in here? - Harriet! - Happy birthday! - Special delivery.
- From Mama? Wait.
Give it here.
Sami! That's mine! Aliah, hallas.
Don't be upset, go play, yalla.
You made her cry on her birthday.
I only wanted to show her… You gunrunning, Sami? Is that what this is about? You got Mina covering for you just like last time? My wife grew up in a war zone.
She understands survival.
Enjoy the party, Harriet.
See you tomorrow, boss.
See you tomorrow, Thomas.
Can you keep a secret? Thank you.
Having a good time, Harriet? Aliah! Aliah! Aliah, baby! Aliah.
Give it to me, darling.
Aliah! Baby! Aliah! Give it to me, darling.
Look at mama.
Look at mama.
Put the weapon down! Put it down! Put it down now, slowly - Hands where we can see them.
- Get on the ground now! - Mama! - Hands behind your back! I'm sorry, Aliah! I love you! A stolen ADF 9mm Beretta pistol the same type used to kill Bailey, was found in your possession, in your garage.
We have CCTV footage of you in the vicinity of the murder site on the night.
She was dead when I found her.
- Do you think a jury will believe that? - I didn't want her dead.
I wanted answers.
We found this in your house.
A redacted Defense Department document signed by Catriona Bailey.
It's classified.
Where'd you get it? It was sent to me anonymously.
By who? They called themselves the Rabbit.
Mina You're going to spend the rest of your life in maximum.
Now, I can help you.
I can guarantee extended visitation rights with your daughter if you cooperate.
Sweet dreams.
I thought I could fix it.
The house, our savings.
Do you have any idea who these people are, Helen? This compromises me.
It compromises us.
I should have you arrested.
I'm your wife.
- It's for your own sake.
- Bullshit.
It's for yours.
You've gambled away most of the payment away.
Now we can't return it.
What are you going to do, Helen? The only thing I can do.
Did you put cameras in here? William, are they in the bedroom? Hey.
It's a school night, Alex.
You realize this is what most teenagers do on a school night.
In fact, drinking wine this expensive would be a step up.
I've got 25% youth unemployment in my electorate.
There are kids not much older than my son that have nothing better to do than smoke meth for breakfast.
They need a job, a future.
All roads lead to Wakefield with you, don't they? - That's why I'm here.
- In Canberra, or having dinner with me? Both.
- Okay, question.
- Mm-hm.
Why do I have your attention? It's my job to hedge bets.
Cover the market.
And you winning the balance of power on Saturday is not beyond the realms.
How much have you had to drink? - You haven't considered the possibility? - No.
I think you have.
I think you've imagined what it would be like to have those smug career politicians have to shut up and listen to Karen Koutoufides.
They are afraid of you.
People believe in you.
Just look at your Twitter feed.
You say exactly what you think.
Want to try telling my senior media advisor that's a good thing? If Harriet Dunkley knew her job, she'd know you can't buy that kind of authenticity.
Good because I'm not for sale.
Where does that sit in the Lobbying Code of Conduct? - They're more guidelines than codes.
- Mm.
Come Saturday, you're going to realize that you slept with me for nothing.
- Daniel.
- Why did you give it to them? That was private between me and Chloe.
What are you talking about? It's all over the TV.
She didn't deserve this.
We Daniel? Now the footage has come to light, the whole of Australia needs to know.
Have we been bombed and are we under attack? Harrowing footage there from the explosion at Davoren Park that raises critical questions of the Garrity government.
And we have Defense Minister and acting Minister for Home Affairs, thank you, Jim Hellier.
First of all, you had us believe it was a gas leak and then you arrest a 16-year-old boy for blowing up his own family.
Surely, Minister, this video exposes what appears to be a massive cover-up? This is the first time that I've seen this footage, Ludie, and I don't know where it's come from.
Um, and I want the public not to jump to any major conclusions.
- For all we know, this could be a hoax.
- A hoax, by who? Well, the militant collective that Robbie Lambert was associated with - He's a 16-year-old.
- There's evidence that he's been associated with these people.
We believe they were planning a major act of terrorism Did you not hear the sound, Minister? That was from an incoming missile from above.
- Ian, if you'd just let me finish - No, you keep going.
- Thank you.
- Keep digging.
All right.
I just think it's important for you to know that we actually have had this footage examined by two independent experts a former chief of defense, General Duncan McAuliffe, a man you know well, and Professor Alan Goodrich, head of the National Security College at ANU, and both men confirm the veracity of the footage.
I think it's high time this government was held to account.
And the people of Kingsford Smith will make their voices heard loud and clear on behalf of all Australians at this Saturday's by-election.
What this video shows is that an innocent family’s home was bombed.
The question is, by who.
US Ambassador’s car has arrived in the PM's courtyard for a meeting with Prime Minister Garrity Someone better start talking.
Prime Minister, the explosion at Davoren Park was caused by an AMG 114 Hellfire missile released as a result of a system failure on a Fenrir AOD Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
- A weaponized drone? - Yes, sir.
Whose? I wasn't aware we were taking possession of those until 2023.
For the, uh For the past six months, we've been running a black-ops mission, codenamed Pale Horse, out of Woomera.
The program is deep alliance, with a US chain of command.
It's, uh It's a highly classified joint operation in Northwest Pakistan.
Our strikes have seriously weakened the Haqqani Network and taken out high-value targets with minimum collateral damage.
- Kill missions? - Yes, sir.
Without my knowledge or authority, Air Chief Marshal! Has there been some sort of coup that I'm not aware of? This is a violation of Pakistani sovereignty, of international laws of engagement "No more dead soldiers.
Flags on coffins.
" Those are your words, Prime Minister.
Pale Horse is a way of achieving that.
It's the only way of achieving that.
The theater of war has changed, sir.
The whole world is a battlefield.
Including a suburban home in Davoren Park? Four innocent people children.
Who else knew about this? Catriona Bailey knew.
Well, that's convenient.
The dead can't speak.
- I want all missions grounded.
- It's been done.
I want the room.
Prime Minister is there a message you'd like to convey back to Washington? Yes.
That as of this moment, the alliance is a matter of contention and that includes Pine Gap.
- Did you know? - I had no idea.
Heads will roll, Jim.
Starting with that fucking Judas, Lockwood! Look, if you sack Lockwood, you're telling the public that you have no control over your armed forces.
It'll be a bloodbath and the truth will kill us.
- I know what you're doing.
- What are we doing? Trying to mess with my head.
The kill list cause a relapse.
It'd be easier for you if I just wasn't here.
Did you know your kill number was 448? You think I keep count? I don't get to decide who lives or dies.
I don't know why you didn't just take me out.
Because you're a valued member of the team, Caroline.
Rima, hello.
It's Harriet Dunkley.
Um, listen, I need to get something translated and I was wondering, by any chance, do you read Arabic? Great.
I said come alone or the deal was off.
Mustafa, get the gear.
Oh, God.
Get in the van, Helen.
Get in the van.
You okay? The Houlis want you to stay with them.
And I've organized for you to see someone.
- A lot of people care about you.
- I just want to get out of here.
Yeah, okay.
Come on.
Let's go.
Pale Horse is the codename for what has been until now a top-secret military training exercise conducted in Central Australia using armed, unmanned aerial vehicles, purchased by the Department of Defense.
On April 12th a system failure occurred, resulting in the tragedy at Davoren Park.
We would ask the media to respect the surviving victim Robbie Lambert's privacy at this time as he deals with an unimaginable loss.
Minister, are you saying the Australian military murdered its own citizens? Where have you been? It's all going off here! I thought you said you weren't like other politicians.
- I'm not.
- No.
You copied that drone footage and gave it to Ludie.
It was the only way to get Robbie released.
Yeah, and change the course of the by-election.
And I thought you took this job so you could work for me, not Mina Almasi.
As your media advisor, I would recommend sacking me.
That would be the smart choice, especially now.
They've called it! Casey's just won Bailey's seat.
He’s conceding.
McCulloch is conceding - Karen Koutoufides' office.
- You're not going to resign, are you? - Things are getting interesting.
- KK, it's the Prime Minister's Office.
Prime Minister.
I guess you'll be needing my support on confidence and supply.
Thank you, Prime Minister.
Yes, sir.
So, when I come back out, will you still be here? Yeah, I'll be here.
- Ewan.
- Wonderful to see you.
- Hey.
- Please, come in.
Thank you.