Secret City (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Broken Bird

[Cal] Too late! Impact! Impact! - [Harri] See that? What if it's ours? - Our what? Drone, maybe.
[Dunn] You need to call your dad.
Tell him you're in Hawaii.
[screams] - Tell me about Pale Horse.
- I will not go down for this.
[Vaughn] This is the exact type of weapon used by Catriona Bailey's killer.
Is Sami dealing black market ADF weapons? [Helen] I can't do this anymore.
Do you honestly think that's an option for you? [Vaughn] This compromises me.
It compromises us.
I said come alone or the deal was off.
[Sami] Mustafa.
[groans] Surely, Minister, this video exposes what appears to be a massive cover-up.
Kill missions? Without my knowledge or authority! The alliance is a matter of contention.
That includes Pine Gap.
And you winning the balance of power - on Saturday is not beyond the realms.
- [laughs] God.
Casey's just won Bailey's seat.
You're not gonna resign? Things are getting interesting.
So, when I come back out, will you still be here? Yeah, I'll be here.
[alarm bleeps] Why do you bother even setting it? You always have your hand poised, waiting for it to go off.
Just a habit I can't break.
Did you check the hospital last night? He was post-op.
[sighs] Bullet missed his vital organs.
We have his money and his weapons, William.
- What if he - I'm the head of a federal agency, Helen.
He's smart.
He'll know what a warning looks like.
[Vaughn sighs] You really believe that? [sighs] [reporter] Prime Minister, do you have any comment regarding Pale Horse? Prime Minister Garrity, Mr.
Secretary of Defense.
[Garrity] Mr.
- Prime Minister.
- [reporters call out] How was the flight? Twenty-two hours in a padded cell in the sky is a small price to pay to be here in your beautiful country, Ewan.
- [reporter] Is the US responsible for - Pleasure's all ours.
- [Gascoigne] Do you follow the NBA? - [Garrity] Can't say I do.
[Gascoigne] Well, got a story for you.
My team made the playoffs last year.
Last game, tie score, ten seconds left on the buzzer.
Our point guard saves the ball on the baseline looks the other way, throws it back in court, behind his back scores the winning basket.
[chuckles] One in a million shot.
Trouble is, it's the other team's basket.
It's hard to play for your own team when you don't know what game's being played.
Ewan, our alliance is vital to peace in the Pacific region.
I'm here to offer my sincere apologies for the lack for transparency.
Now, security measures were in place to protect you and key strategic sites.
Where were the security measures when four Australians were murdered in their beds? I wasn't the one who needed protecting.
Trebuchet has been supplying us with hardware for two decades.
- Their products are proven.
- So you think it's a security breach? Our enemies are rummaging around in our digital drawers all the time.
It doesn't pay to surmise.
But given that possibility, grounding Pale Horse may not be the wisest move.
Let me be clear, Mr.
Secretary, until we find the drone and get confirmation on what the hell happened up there, Pale Horse is grounded.
[sighs] Well, then we better find that fucking drone.
[Harri] Davoren Park's in Karen Koutoufides' electorate.
She knew the Lambert family.
She believes that the public has a right to know where Pale Horse is running their training operations.
I'm afraid that the information that Ms.
Koutoufides is requesting is classified.
And as I'm sure you know, Pale Horse has been suspended.
Then where was Pale Horse test-dropping their bombs? Like I said, classified.
Did you know the Minister well? Mm.
Four days after Davoren Park, she was murdered with a stolen military weapon.
Did you have any 9mm Berettas in your cache, Major? If you did, there's a high chance Bailey's murder weapon can be traced back to your little trade arrangement with the Almasis.
Thank you, Martin.
Do you have any proof of this unfounded and litigious accusation? Didn't think so.
[lift bell dings] [Sullivan] Lockwood.
Where is she? Cal's safe.
She had to be assessed, Joe.
Her mental health's been compromised.
She needs medication, counseling.
Given her history, she can't be left alone for her own safety.
After five years, why do you suddenly give a fuck about Cal's mental health? I could ask you the same question.
Listen, Joe.
If the public gets hold of Cal's medical history, they'll blame her for what's happened.
She'll be the most reviled person in the country.
We have to protect her from that.
We contain this, contain her until she's strong enough to cope.
I owe her that much.
We both do.
If you'll excuse me, I've got a meeting at Russell.
You didn't answer my question.
Where is she? Just remember who you're talking to, son.
[phone rings] Sullivan.
That woman that you went looking for at Davoren Park, the one in the CCTV photo that I saw in your room What about her? I know where she is.
Where? - What do you want, Harriet? - Who is she? Is she the drone pilot? So, why were you looking for her? Did she go AWOL? Tell me where you saw her, Harri.
Miss Treloar.
Ewan Garrity.
Where's Lockwood? Uh, this will be more of an informal chat.
You're the prime minister, sir.
- How informal can it be? - I've read your statement, but I'd like to hear what happened from the Pale Horse's mouth, as it were.
You were there, Cal, in the chair.
You must have seen I wasn't there, sir.
I'm never there.
I was 500 kilometers away.
You've been running kill missions to Pakistan.
Is that correct? That's not what you tell the public.
In my line of work, sometimes you have to be more selective with what you say, if you want to live to fight another day.
It strikes me that drones are essentially flying computers.
You don't think, uh, an enemy hack is possible? Revenge perhaps? That's not what happened.
Since the program's been running, how many innocent Pakistanis have been killed? It was under your orders, sir.
You and I sit in rooms far away from where real lives take place making decisions that affect those lives.
But above us, beyond the room, outside of our control there are people who make decisions that affect us.
Don't you want to know what really happened? It was done to you, it was done to me and it was done to that family in Davoren Park.
Everything I know is in my statement, sir.
Well, if you think of anything else, Cal let me know.
[door] - [man] Sir, we've located the drone.
- [Lavelle] What about the data brick? I'm afraid it's gone, sir.
How is that possible? [reporter] Secretary of Defense Richard Gascoigne arrived in Parliament House to a warm welcome from Prime Minister Garrity.
The unexpected visit to the nation's capital [Karen] Morning.
- The phones have been running so hot, KK.
- Huh.
Karen Koutoufides' office.
overseeing a top-secret military training exercise Something's got the Yanks' wind up.
These visits are planned months in advance.
Makes you wonder why the Secretary of Defense would get on a plane the day after Pale Horse goes public.
It's not like it's their skin in the game.
- Something's going on.
- [reporter] unmanned aerial vehicle as a new-technology drone, rushed into production and operation.
These allegations were put to the Minister's office today, but no official response has been provided.
To overseas news now, and Downing Street called an urgent cabinet meeting to approve Britain's response to the escalating crisis in Syria, amid concerns the UK will launch military action Hey, Declan, you still seeing that girl from Home Affairs? Why? Do you think she'd know the password to Bailey's social media? Out of the question, Harriet.
Why? - We shouldn't be doing this.
- Relax.
Bailey's dead.
She's not gonna hurt you.
Right, you're in.
So, can we go into her private messages? What's with all the Oliver Choi ads? She gets no spam except for those.
I'm not getting involved.
We are waiting on their demands.
I'm sure you're aware these negotiations take time.
Uh, we need to get Markson out of there, Mr.
Of course, but these situations require delicacy.
Ambassador, the situation in Waziristan is potentially volatile.
There may have been a breach in the security of our drone - No one's saying that.
- I'm just saying.
- It's still under investigation.
- [phone rings] [sighs] Hellier.
Prime Minister, why would anyone be interested in hacking a drone that was only employed for military exercises? It's still under investigation.
If you're accusing Haqqani of hacking it, surely they would've have claimed it? For decades, my country has put up with your war that is not a war, but trust me, Prime Minister, if you send combat troops into North Waziristan my government will treat that as an act of invasion.
Uh, Prime Minister they've found the location of the drone.
[knocking on door] You wanted her to be safe.
I'll leave you to it.
[whispers] You okay? - You're with them is that what this is? - No.
Cal, come here.
Fuck! Who do you want to call? Where's your computer? - Cal, calm down.
- They're lying, okay? Who's lying? Everyone's lying about everything.
- Where is it? - You need to sit down.
Talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
[breathes heavily] The people who died [sobs] - [sobs] - It's okay.
- It's okay.
- [sobs] It's okay.
Just breathe.
[weeps] Just breathe.
[weeps] Good to go.
Dunkley, good to go.
[indistinct chattering] [Mina exhales] Jesus Christ, Mina.
Like, what were you thinking? You were a fugitive and you found time to run a stolen weapons business.
That's fucking enterprising.
- How do you know about that? - I was your courier.
Did you forget that? - You went to the handover.
- Yeah.
- Sami, is he okay? - Oh, he'll survive.
I want you to tell me about Helen Wu.
I give info on Sami's contacts to the screws and Aliah has neither of her parents.
Aliah gets her mother back if we find out who killed Bailey.
So, Helen knew Bailey, right? And Bailey's killed with a military-issue 9-millimeter.
So, if Helen found out that Bailey was trading secrets military secrets [whispers] Why the fuck won't you help me, Mina? I thought we were friends.
- [whispers] You are my friend, Harriet.
- [guard] Almasi.
- No contact.
- You need to get me out of here.
How do I get to Helen Wu, 'cause she won't let me back in Defense? You want to get to her? You know her husband.
William Vaughn.
Evening, Major.
It's a nice suburb, Yarralumla.
Lowest crime rate in Canberra, apparently.
The shooter at the civic car park, the one who had your back, who is he? - Is it your husband? - What's going on? She knows about the car park.
What do you want, Harriet? What did you see last night? I saw a weapons exchange with Sami Almasi.
One fatality.
What were you thinking, Vaughn? You're not a field agent.
- [sighs] - Your wife could've been killed.
I don't understand anyway.
Why would she be doing it? What's she got to gain? Nothing.
She's a gambler.
You only ever lose.
What you saw it's over.
I need your word.
I need to find Bailey's killer.
You help me to to decrypt a file that could lead me to them I won't expose your wife for selling the murder weapon.
[bleeps] I'm going to have to brute-force this.
Might take a while.
That was you in Davoren Park, wasn't it? That night, in the house across the road.
I had to see it for myself.
Like an arsonist returning to the scene of the crime.
- You think I lit the fire? - No, of course not.
What were you doing there? Instinct.
Sitting in a dark room with a joystick, hundreds of ks away, that's not you.
I knew you'd need to see ground zero for yourself.
Cal, what happened? Freak accident? One-off? - I need to use your computer.
- You need to rest, recuperate.
- You've had an episode.
- No, I haven't.
Just - Give me your computer.
- God, you have not changed.
I'll get it.
I'm not sick, Sully.
What did they tell you? I'm [exhales] I'm not sick.
Jesus Christ.
[Harri] Miramshah.
That's the, uh That's the ambushed safe house, isn't it? Bailey sent it to Beijing.
MSS? Right? I knew she was a spy.
The question is, why didn't any of you? This doesn't leave the room.
There's a 20-year sentence for leaking classified information.
- You can't do anything with this.
- I can't.
But you can.
I mean, aren't you sick of the shadows, Vaughn? [door opens] - [sighs] - [door closes] [phone bleeps] [sighs] [typing] [computer bleeps] [types] [types] [bleeping] [slams] [bleeping] [sighs] [mutters softly] [exhales sharply] [mutters softly] 9-8-8-1 [safe bleeps] [sighs] So, did you find the drone pilot yet? [indistinct chattering in background] That was your mission, wasn't it? To find her.
You got another reason why you were sent to Davoren Park, or why Catriona Bailey called you that night? Is this a drink or an inquisition? Well, it seems to me that she's the only one who knows what happened that night and Defense are making damn sure that she doesn't talk about it.
I deal in facts, not conspiracy theories.
Okay, fine.
Here's a fact.
You were in a safe house in Miramshah and your cover got blown.
Correct? - It was an ambush.
- Someone must have known you were there.
- Somebody must have been trading intel.
- It's the tribal lands.
You can buy someone's grandmother for 50 cents.
- Someone from your own side? - No.
- How would you know? - There's no grand conspiracy here.
- It's war.
Shit happens.
- Yeah, but we're not at war.
I get it, okay? You want us to be on the same team.
Conquer the bad guys together.
Root out the corruption.
You want a guy who's got your back, a guy you can trust.
Do you blame yourself for what happened in Miramshah? - You don't know anything about it.
- So, tell me.
Let's go back to my room, hold each other and whisper our secrets.
You've done that before, haven't you? Trusted the wrong guy.
You should thank me for the warning.
Tell me, if you knew who gave away your safe house who got your men killed and captured what would you do to them? [softly] I'd execute them.
At night, from behind, so they didn't see it coming.
Thank you.
[Karen giggles] [Alex grunts] How's this for transparency? [giggles] [knock on door] You fucked him yet? Actually, no.
But you thought about it.
Is that why you're here? You're a journalist, right? Yeah, in another life.
Have you got something you want to tell me about why you went on the run after the bomb? I didn't go on the run.
They were chasing me, trying to shut me up.
Who were? The military? Why would they do that? They didn't want it getting out we were running kill missions to Pakistan.
- What? The RAAF were running missions? - [sighs] The Air Force wouldn't touch me.
He told them I was too sick for the service.
He signed the affidavit.
- Who? - Sully.
- Why would Sullivan do that? - Because he's my husband.
If you don't work for the Air Force, who do you work for? Have you got proof of these kill missions? I'm going to get it.
I don't mind, by the way.
You can fuck him, but [chuckles] don't ever trust him.
Can I use your bathroom? Sure.
[soft banging] [sharp knock] Cal? Fuck! Hey, Karen.
Do you reckon you could get on the Committee for Security and Intelligence? Not a shit show in hell.
So, Pale Horse has been running kill missions in Pakistan.
That's why the Americans are here.
[softly] Jeez.
You got proof of that? I don't, but if you get on that committee, I think maybe you could get some.
[inhales and sighs] [sighs] [sighs] Where is my money? Where are my weapons? You can't have both.
[phone rings] Hm! There's never been an independent on that committee.
- This is the time.
- I can offer you Energy and Environment - or Industry and Innovation.
- I want Intelligence and Security.
It's just routine briefings from heads of security.
- You'd have far more input on - I owe it to my electorate to explain to them why drones doing training exercises - are dropping bombs in their backyards.
- Mm.
Or were they doing something else? You think you can come in here and threaten me? My constituents want to know the truth about Pale Horse.
- Thanks for coming by, Karen.
- Ewan I thought you wanted my support on confidence and supply.
Conway's pushing your private member's bill through.
I think our quid pro quo is up to date.
Whatever you've got on me, on my wife, I can get ten times as much on you.
I've got access to equipment that can read the label in your underpants.
You go near my wife, or into my house and your life will be over.
Take 'em and fuck off.
You will have to lift it for me.
Hm? Oh.
Doctor's orders.
- What the fuck? - I need it.
- Get out of here now.
- Give it to me.
Are you fucking crazy? They'll have followed you.
We've analyzed the ordered log records from the data brick and can confirm that GPS spoofing techniques were used to relay false information to the UAV, prior to its return to base.
Iran did this to one of ours a couple of years ago, but it didn't drop a bomb.
No, it's not been done before, but once the ID device is hijacked, malicious commands can be sent.
Does the circuitry data tell us where the hack originated from? The [sighs] ISP address is in Islamabad.
So, it's Haqqani.
No, Prime Minister.
The server can be traced to ISI, the Pakistani Secret Service.
Jesus Christ! We've spent $33 billion in aid to Pakistan since 2002 and this is how they repay us? Are you sure? The evidence would suggest My government is in delicate negotiations with Pakistan, Mr.
Accusing them of hacking a UAV's not going to get our man out alive.
- So unless you have 100% proof - Prime Minister.
I would not be here if we didn't.
I want to talk to the drone pilot.
She [clears throat] She's gone missing, sir.
There was a fraudulent transaction on my stolen credit card.
It was a $138 taxi ride at 7:15 this morning.
[woman] Yes, Miss Dunkley.
So, I was wondering if you could give me the drop-off address.
I'm sorry.
There are privacy laws, customer confidentiality.
Well, the customer was a thief, who was assuming a stolen identity.
I, uh I work as a media adviser in Karen Koutoufides' office, so I've got access to all the different media outlets in the country.
If you'd like your company to be known for aiding and abetting criminal activity I'll get that address for you now.
[exhales] Hacking our UAV is a serious act of aggression, sir.
And dropping bombs on them from 20,000 feet isn't? Sir, our priority is to get Markson out alive.
Then we let the negotiations play out.
You think, after this, we can still trust Pakistan? If we reinstate Pale Horse, we can monitor the Haqqani position.
They'll lead us to Markson.
When they do, we go in.
Trebuchet has upgraded all AOD nine security measures, Prime Minister.
Diplomatic options are a waste of time with these people.
I can have our troops in Afghanistan alerted and stationed in Khost.
Secretary, the Pakistani Ambassador made it abundantly clear that would be seen as a clarion call to war.
Public support for this government will not survive another military death.
Ewan, you know that.
[Karen] I've left some milk in the freezer.
You can use that.
It It's in the ice trays.
Yeah, okay.
[knocking] This better be important, Declan.
I am arse-deep right now.
[Declan] Karen.
[chuckles and clears throat] You're on the committee.
Intelligence and Security? I want the evidence of the drone hack reviewed as a matter of priority.
Uh, why the about-face? Do you want to be on the committee or not? I'm not your puppet, Ewan.
Just do what you normally do, Karen.
Ask the hard questions.
Don't accept any bullshit.
- [sighs] - [computer bleeps] Hello! - [knocks] - Hello? Oh! Oh, my God! [panicked breathing]