Secret City (2016) s02e05 Episode Script

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Where is my money? Where are my weapons? You can’t have both.
You go near my wife and your life will be over.
Four days after Davoren Park, she was murdered with a stolen weapon.
Did you have any 9mm Berettas in your cache? - Sir, we’ve located the drone.
- What about the data brick? - I’m afraid it’s gone, sir.
- How is that possible? - They’re lying, okay? - Who’s lying? Where is it? If you're accusing Haqqani of hacking your drone, they would have claimed it.
If you send combat troops into North Waziristan, my government will treat that as an act of invasion.
Jesus Christ.
That’s the ambushed safe house, isn’t it? I knew she was a spy.
There’s a 20-year sentence for leaking classified information.
If you don’t work for the air force, who do you work for? So, Pale Horse has been running kill missions in Pakistan.
That’s why the Americans are here.
Does the data tell us where the hack originated from? - The Pakistani secret service.
- Jesus Christ! - Our priority is to get Markson out alive.
- We need to let the negotiations play out.
Diplomatic options are a waste of time with these people.
- What? - I need to see Garrity, in person.
- Okay, Cal, that’s not possible.
- I don’t trust anyone else.
You tell me whatever it is and I promise I’ll get it to Garrity.
Just him.
I know you can do it.
Your boss has got leverage.
No one's going to let you near the Prime Minister after what just happened.
What? That the guy.
The guy in the house at Captains Flat.
Cal, did you kill him? Get me to fucking Garrity.
You wanted to see me? I’m briefing you in on a job.
Sensitive, compartmented, for now just you and me.
Of course.
We’ve intercepted encrypted social media between a suspected local agent and Beijing.
I need you to do full forensics on the agent’s account.
Is the agent aware they’re being investigated? The Haqqani know about the US plans to infiltrate their territory.
They know about the troop buildup, the base in Khost.
They want it stopped or Markson’s dead.
We’ve got 72 hours to locate him.
That toxic little troll.
All this grandstanding about national security and Bailey’s selling our secrets to Chinese intelligence.
She must’ve known China would give away the location of the safe house to Pakistan.
- The Haqqani have to be stopped.
- You know this isn’t about the Haqqani.
It's the US playing hardball with Pakistan, forcing them to take sides.
And us? Whose side are we on? I’m not blindly following the Pentagon into an action - that would antagonize a nuclear state.
- Four Australians are dead, Ewan.
- It’s on Pakistan’s head.
- The joint committee's investigating - The more they talk, the less chance - We’ve got 72 hours to locate him! I want our intelligence talking to everyone, anyone.
The Saudis.
Use their contacts in the Taliban if we have to.
Markson’s going to come home, without anyone provoking a war, Jim.
The cops are saying his name was John Smith.
Yeah, so do you think that he was hiding? Like, from Cal? Everything she did, contacting him, taking my gun, it all feels planned.
Do you think she’s dangerous? I think she’s disturbed and that makes her dangerous.
If she contacts you again, let me know.
Don’t let her get near the Prime Minister.
Have you notified the federal police and Garrity’s office? Yeah.
They’re increasing his protection.
Listen, she was the drone pilot the night it was hacked.
What if she knows something? Yeah, well, whatever there is to know, I’ll find out in that committee meeting.
By the book.
I’m not putting a target on the PM’s back.
Then we analyzed the audit log records from the data brick retrieved from the compromised AOD Nine.
You can see here That's That’s the compromise.
That’s when the drone was taken over.
Now, our cyber analysts then tracked the source of the hack to an ISP in Islamabad and from there, back to the headquarters of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI.
- Uh, it all looks like Greek to me - How do you know it wasn’t a proxy server? Most hackers, they take steps to not be so easily identified, proxy servers, onion routing, anonymous VPN.
For example, the hacking of the US Office of Personnel Management, allegedly by China, was done through servers based in the States.
How do we know this isn’t a third party trying to hide behind Pakistan? Or trying to put them in the firing line? Why is the chief of defense whispering in your ear, Mr.
Lavelle? Don’t you have an answer? - Ms.
Koutoufides, I was - You can’t know for sure, can you? - The member will refrain from badgering.
- I’m not badgering, Gaelene.
I just want Mr.
Lavelle to give me an answer.
You can clearly see our software’s digital signature embedded in the flow of information and that’s a flag.
It’s legitimate.
August 20th, Catriona Bailey sent embedded information to China detailing a Cabinet discussion about curtailing US satellite information gathering activities at Pine Gap.
Two days later, a lightning visit by a senior American military adviser, glad-handing all the brass.
October 17th.
Bailey informs China of a potential reopening of trade talks with India.
Within a week, the US are conducting their own talks.
In almost every case, information given by Bailey to MSS in China was followed by a response from the US.
Meaning they were intercepting the information? Without telling us.
They knew she was a spy for years.
If this is true, they knew the safe house in Miramshah had been compromised.
And stood by while it was ambushed.
Why? Why didn’t they tell us? This is great work, William.
But it’s speculation.
What if we could get something concrete? Any surveillance of US authorities would breach the no-spy arrangement.
If it unraveled, we’d have to cut you loose.
Let’s find another way.
He must have provided identification when he rented the house.
If you could send it to Karen Koutoufides' office, on behalf of the Prime Minister.
Okay, great, I got it.
Thank you so much.
So, you got the time to be looking at pictures What the hell? Keep scrolling.
Gets steamier.
- Do you know who sent this? - Blocked number.
- So, what do they want? - No idea.
If these get out, it’s going to look like you influenced the tender process for the old car factory and that’s why Vanguard got it, your solar plant.
Never named Vanguard.
The tender process was run by the state government.
It’s not really about the truth.
It’s optics and that looks really bad.
I can have somebody try and find the number - and do a bit of a search, but - You know what? I get screwed every day in this place.
It’s nice to enjoy it once in a while.
Ca Hm.
So, John Smith, it was a it’s a fake name and it’s a fake address.
- Did you get the license photograph? - Yeah, still don’t recognize him, - but I might have something that helps.
- All right, bye.
Thank you for the extra security.
I was just passing on information.
If the pilot’s got anything, I want it.
Understand? I’m shocked truly.
Catriona Bailey was a great supporter of the Alliance.
You understand the importance of keeping this known at the highest levels only.
- Special intelligence.
- Of course.
This is who we think should be informed and the protocols for doing so.
Let us know if you disagree with anything.
I’ll make sure it gets done.
You tell the Prime Minister, we’ve got his back.
I will.
Set up the first call for 9:00 a.
, Washington time.
I’ll need a secure line.
It arrived this morning, everything from Cal’s quarters at Woomera.
Oh, thank you.
I’ll leave you to it.
- Hey, what is this? - It’s a Gallantry Medal.
She was waiting to fly out of Tarinkot when the base took some mortar fire.
Her SO got hit.
Would’ve bled out if Cal hadn’t put pressure on the wound.
But there was another guy about two meters away.
She had to make a choice.
So she stayed with her SO.
The other guy didn’t make it.
Who was her SO? He had one star then but he always had his eye on the top prize.
Hello, sir.
People are looking for you.
We’re all worried.
Worried about me, or worried about what I’ll do? I haven’t forgotten what you did for me.
You've got a funny way of showing appreciation.
I was trying to help you, Cal.
You know that, right? Cal? Cal? Did you just sit and watch when they came for me? You sent me into the lion’s den.
They tried to tear me apart.
I didn’t know what else to do.
Cal let me call Joe.
Let him help you.
Too late for that sir.
Cal? How did he even see the photographs? The envelope was addressed to him.
They wanted him to see them.
Arlo's going to be okay.
He can deal with his mum having sex.
Your life is your life, I’m not judging you.
Every time you fly out of here, Arlo asks me, "Is she coming back?" And I say, "Yes, of course she is.
Mummy has important work to do in Canberra.
" - But he is important, too.
- Mum.
If I let this get to me, if I change the way I do things in any way I’m being compromised.
I’m just asking you to think of Arlo.
He’s a child and should not grow up so fast.
F You’ve arrived.
Same place as before.
Anzac Hall, under the Lancaster.
Just before closing.
Make sure you’re not followed.
I put your position to US command.
They won’t back down on the Khost base or Kabul.
They’ve informed me they’re ramping up, increased long-range transport, reconnaissance aircraft in Qatar and Diego Garcia.
- They want us to join them.
- Ground troops, air support most likely.
We’re getting nowhere with intelligence and we’re running out of time.
If the Haqqani decide to take out Markson, it’ll be difficult politically for us to refuse the US.
So, US military action's going to guarantee Markson’s death and we’re going to be compelled to join them? We’re being screwed both ways, without even the courtesy of a reach-around.
Guys, can you just fuck off? - Hey.
- Hey.
So I’m so sorry, Karen.
This is my fault.
- Any idea who sent them? - No.
No, I didn’t get them, so, whoever it is, I presume, is targeting you.
Why? The only bill on the table is an amendment to compensation for seafarers.
This is not coming from a pissed-off sailor.
I wouldn’t worry about it.
But if you are, maybe just keep your head down for a while.
- Keep my head down for a while? - Wait till whatever it is blows over.
I’d still like to see you.
Curtains closed this time.
I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
Alex Berezin from Vanguard Energy I want to know everything about him.
- What kind of? - Everything.
- The Beretta, where is it? - I don’t have it.
- I should report you.
- You should.
You should report yourself.
Or what? You’ll drug me again? Yeah? Uh, so, John Smith, his real name is Connor MacPherson, formerly ADF.
- MacPherson? - Mm-hm.
He was an IT expert, working in signals in Afghanistan, same time Cal was there.
And then he left shortly after, under some kind of cloud.
- No one could give me the full picture.
- What are you thinking? What if he was the one who hacked the drone? I mean, it was under Cal’s control and then four people died.
What if it was revenge and that’s that's why she killed him? I don’t know why Cal would hurt anyone.
That’s not the person I know.
Well, in my experience, no one ever really knows anyone.
I got to go.
You need help, Cal.
You don't need to worry about me.
You never did.
Proper help, I can’t do this anymore.
- I want you to do something for me.
- What? Don’t go back over there.
Don’t ever, ever go back.
She likes you, Sully.
Don’t ruin this one.
All set? Five mics, omni-directional.
We’re covered 360.
destroyed Germany’s industry and its will to fight.
Losses of aircraft improved 16th of December, 1943, Lancaster G in George Here we go.
How was your flight? Economy.
Shit food.
But somewhat satisfying.
What does your brother want? Visas for him and his family.
We need him there.
- We have an operation coming up.
- That’s not possible.
Once his family leaves, he'll he will be in great danger.
I - I don’t think you understand - No, I do understand.
- I understand your concern - We need a face.
I know it can’t be easy for him, for you, the kids, his wife I can offer this.
Look up.
Once we get everyone on the ground, right before the operation Look up.
we’ll get his family out.
Got it.
And we’ll get him out.
Naakesh Rahimi.
A clean skin himself, but, uh, younger brother to Afshin Rahimi.
Afshin’s a mid-level Haqqani commander.
Last known location, Miramshah.
The US are offering asylum for him and his family? The only explanation is Afshin has been working with them.
He’s a CIA mole.
Now we know why they didn’t tell us about the safe-house ambush.
They wanted to protect their asset’s identity.
How did you know about the meeting with Buchanan? His office.
The bug still there? - Mm.
- Tell me where it is exactly and I’ll send someone in to get rid of it.
Take this to the PM and stand the hell back.
Trebuchet are telling the committee that they traced it to Pakistan.
But you’re saying it could be this Connor MacPherson.
- Yeah, it could be.
- And the pilot? Well, I’m not sure.
I mean, I’m just, uh speculating - KK? - But I - Uh, that search you wanted me to do? - Uh-huh? Oh, Harriet’s briefed.
Uh, nothing came up on Alex Berezin, but Vanguard I had to go through a couple of offshore dummy corporations, but eventually, I got to the parent company.
We need to remember that Pakistan has essentially been protecting the Haqqani for years allowing them to operate with impunity from within their borders.
General Nazir was in a Haqqani vehicle, after all.
Now, these are ruthless terrorists, responsible for many, many deaths, and propped up by a government benefiting from their presence.
Pale Horse did not create a problem.
The problem was already there.
Okay, thank you, Air Chief Marshal.
I think we have enough now to begin deliberations Just a minute, Gaelene.
Before we consider submissions, I would like an independent review of the evidence provided to the committee by the Trebuchet Corporation.
The data retrieved from the crashed drone, which, according to Mr.
Lavelle, supports their assertion that the AOD Nine was hacked by the Pakistani secret service I’m sorry, Deputy Chair, but now is not the time to stall This is not stalling, Jim.
This is fact checking.
We still have time.
And we also have our own specialists in the Australian Signals Directorate.
Now, I request that they verify the material put to us.
And if they do? Then we make a recommendation.
I got your message.
What's all the excitement? Come inside.
- What is it, Mum? - I’ve got a surprise for you.
I hardly ever get to meet any of Harri’s friends.
- What’d you say, Mum? - She likes to keep them to herself.
Hello, Harriet.
One thing about Harriet, she’d do anything for a mate.
That went fast.
I’ll get another.
- Get out.
- Call your boss.
- I want that meeting with Garrity.
- I know all about Connor MacPherson.
You don’t know anything.
- I’m going to call the police.
- Don’t do that.
Here we go.
What’s going on, Harri? - Who are you? - We haven’t got time.
- I’ll do it.
- Time to what? - Harriet, talk to me, please.
- It’s okay, Mum.
- Karen, it’s Harriet.
- It’s Joe.
You've rung the wrong number.
Put it on speaker.
- Harriet? - Karen, I need you to listen to me.
Do you, uh Do you remember the drone pilot? Yeah.
She needs to see Garrity right away.
- That's never going to happen.
- Tell her to make it happen.
What What’s going on, Harriet? Is she there with you now? Karen, you have to speak to Garrity.
- What’s this about? - Tonight.
- He’s the Prime Minister.
- Call back when it’s done.
Hang up.
Here’s what you’re going to do.
You’re going to tell the Haqqani you’ll give up the identity of the CIA mole in their midst and, in return, they’ll release Corporal Markson.
But that would be a death sentence for our man.
What about our men? One’s already dead.
The other’s trussed up like a chicken in a Haqqani hideout.
That’s on your government’s head.
I’ve talked up the Alliance in the past.
I’ve sung from the hymn book about shared values and bonds of friendship, but friendship’s nothing if it’s in name only.
It’s got to be backed, by action, by political will! Now, we’ve been there, ready to follow, whenever you asked.
And where were you when we really needed you? In '62, in '99.
Where are you now? Knifing us in the back with one hand, holding the other out for help at the same time? You want to be our friend, Kip, then fucking step up.
I’ll pass on your request, Prime Minister.
Yeah, you do that.
Don’t leave anything out.
Prime Minister.
Karen? The Carillon, 9:00 p.
Take your positions.
Keep your comms on at all times.
You’re linked in to everyone.
Five minutes.
I’m sorry I had to do it this way.
Tell your mum I never would’ve hurt her.
She’s nice.
She is.
Harriet It was me.
The house in Davoren Park it was me.
Connor did all the work.
Built a shadow data brick for the AOD Nine with identical mission instructions, until the landing gear was activated and the drone was diverted to Davoren Park.
He built it.
I swapped it with the original on the Tarmac at Woomera, but it was my idea.
It’s all on here.
All the data and my confession.
Cal, you chose that house? Picked the Lamberts? I had to pick somewhere.
We were killing innocent people every day and no one cared.
And I I thought the only way people are going to take notice is if innocent people die here.
I don’t regret it.
Except for Connor.
I should never have involved him.
- Then why would you kill him? - I didn’t.
Then who did? Trebuchet are claiming that Pakistan intelligence hacked the drone.
So, if you did it, that means they’re lying.
Did they kill Connor to cover their lie? War is just an opportunity for them.
It’s just dollars.
Okay, but they’re not going to care about your reasons, Cal.
You’ve committed treason and murder.
You go out there and you spend your life in jail.
I know, but I have to.
This time, I can fix it.
Checking target to see if she's armed.
She’s clean.
I want a guarantee Cal’s going to be okay, sir.
That depends on her.
I have to talk to Garrity.
I know what I’m doing.
You are talking to him, Cal.
But this is as close as you're gonna get.
You said you wanted the truth I have it.
On a USB.
All the evidence you need.
- Cal, no.
- It’s okay.
She’s got a weapon.
Take it! Target's hit.
- Cease fire.
- Stand down.
Immediate medic Cal? Get a medic! Stay with me, Cal.
Stay with me, Cal.
- Tell Tell Garrity - You can tell him yourself.
You're going to be okay, Cal.
Cal! Come on.
Come on, Cal.
Come on.
Come on, Cal.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Sullivan! Get him off! - Come on.
- Come on, Joe.
Get off me.
I’ve completed my assessment on the Davoren Park hack.
- Well, send it through.
- I did.
I should say that my recommendation is at odds with yours.
It was very sophisticated work, Thomas.
But someone definitely manipulated that data.
The time-stamp signature wasn’t correct.
There was no jump back to a server in Islamabad.
My assessment remains the same.
The drone hack was an act of aggression by Pakistan, an attack on our sovereign soil.
On what possible basis do you make that assessment? It’s all in the file I sent.
Where’s Mina? Don’t you watch the news? How do you think this works? I can’t take them back.
We could get 20 fucking years for this.
I don’t know how many.
I Maybe 200 Berettas.
They’re buried in the system.
No one will know.
- I can’t live like this, William, please.
- You stole fucking ADF weapons, Helen.
That’s court-martial.
That’s treason.
What evidence, Jim? Why’d she want to see me so badly? Who gave the order to shoot? She said she had answers.
You’ve seen her records.
She had a lot of problems.
I’m going to need the room, Karen.
Yes, Prime Minister.
Got a location on Markson.
US is sending in a task force to pick him up.
What did I miss? It’s a good result.
Well, congratulations.
The joint committee can now report I’m gonna need to respond to this.
Joe? Hey, Joe.
Joe? Joe.
Take a nice deep breath.
There you go.
- Oh, fuck.
- You’re all right.
- Fuck.
- You’re all right.
You’re okay.
I’m so sorry.
- No - It’s okay.
All sorted? I believe so.
There’s still one loose end.
I’ll see to it.