Secret City (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Two Cheers for Democracy

Catriona Bailey sent embedded information to China.
Information given by Bailey, too, was followed by a response from the US.
You understand the importance of keeping this - known at the highest levels only.
- Of course.
US military action guarantees Markson's death and we're compelled to join 'em.
Keep your head down for a while.
Just wait till whatever it is blows over.
Naakesh Rahimi is a CIA mole.
You're going to tell the Haqqani that you'll give up the identity of the CIA mole in their midst and in return, they'll release Corporal Markson.
The only way people are going to take notice is if innocent people die here.
Did they kill Connor to cover their lie? You said you wanted the truth.
I have it, on a USB, all the evidence you need.
Take it! Shit.
You've seen her records.
She had a lot of problems.
You stole fucking ADF weapons, Helen.
That's court-martial.
That's treason.
Got a location on Markson.
US are sending in a task force to pick him up.
All sorted? I believe so.
There's still one loose end.
I'll see to it.
The first attack by a foreign power on Australian soil in 77 years and the first causalities are four innocent civilians, including This is our worst fears realized.
It's the sort of nightmare that happens somewhere else The question is how does the prime minister respond? Garrity got our backs? Are we safe in our own We don't forget and we don't lie down.
Ask the bloody Japanese.
They'll tell you.
Protestors descended on the Pakistani embassy this morning, following last night's bombshell from Ludie Sypek.
Unnamed sources at the highest levels have confirmed to me that the Davoren Park drone hack has been traced to an internet service provider address in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Who leaked this? I've put some feelers out in the gallery.
Nothing as yet.
Do they have any idea what they've unleashed? Are they trying to start a fucking war? If you want to leave me, I'd understand.
Is that what you want? No.
I don't want to leave you, Helen.
I just want my wife back.
Helen phone.
Where's she going? Rehab.
Thirty days.
What if it doesn't work? Then I'll keep turning myself inside out.
Hey, Vaughn.
Have you had a chance to, uh, to analyze the USB yet? I have no idea what you're talking about, Harriet.
Cal Treloar, she had a USB on her last night at the Carillon when she was killed.
It should've gone to ASD, so you could verify the flight data, proving that she hacked the drone.
We don't have any USB.
Well, who does? Would it be ASIO or the Feds? Well Hey, Vaughn.
Hey, Mum.
Oh, Mum.
I just got home from night shift.
I haven't touched anything.
Do you know what they were looking for? Yeah.
It's to do with her, isn't it? Cal.
What have you got yourself caught up in, Harriet? In 48 hours, we'll have completion on a forward-operating base, 17 kilometers east of Khost, near the Afghan border to Pakistan.
Camp Bastion.
US Special Forces and advance troops are mobilizing for an assault on Haqqani as we speak.
The Commander-in-Chief won't be waiting for Congressional approval.
There's precedent.
He can invoke the alliance if he has to.
Where are we at with Garrity? He's waiting on Joint Committee and then it goes to Cabinet.
Do we anticipate a problem? It's about hearts and minds, gentlemen, which is where our insurance comes in.
Corporal Markson was put on a plane out of Bagram Airfield three hours ago.
Does the PM know about his condition? Not yet.
Pakistan is not responsible for any of this, Prime Minister.
Are you saying you could categorically assure me you know the full classified working brief of the ISI? I'm saying that all my communications with Islamabad, from the Prime Minister down, confirm there was no UAV datalink hack nor was there a missile strike on Australian sovereign territory.
An assurance that you cannot offer my government in return.
My government assures you we don't capture and torture Pakistani military personnel - in breach of the Geneva Convention.
- Neither does my government.
What you speak of is the responsibility of the Haqqani.
Is there a difference? Is there a difference between the Australian government, its American allies and the private military corporation it employs? I have the voices of 25 million people in my head at any one time, Mr.
Some are louder than others, but all of them demanding to be heard.
And somewhere in there, amidst the noise is my voice.
And what is it saying, Prime Minister? I'll order a federal police detail to be assigned your embassy.
- Prime Minister.
- Mr.
The evidence has been confirmed.
The case is compelling.
The ISP has been verified now by two independent sources, AFP and ASD.
Hellier didn't lean on their findings? I'm telling you, Karen.
It was Cal.
- Why else would she confess to me? - Her medical record, history of PTSD.
Why drop a bomb on her countrymen? Makes no sense.
- Because it was a misguided protest.
- To prove what? To prove that Western lives matter more than Middle Eastern ones.
That there's not enough outrage to go around.
So, she kills four innocent white people, so we choke on our Corn Flakes and care? Look, like you say, she wasn't in her right mind.
So, why should we believe her? Because there is a USB out there that proves the hack originated from an ISP address in rural Canberra.
- John Smith? - AKA Connor MacPherson.
- So, she had him hack her own drone? - It was the perfect cover.
But now they need to bury the proof that it wasn't Pakistan.
They just turned my mother's house upside down looking for the USB.
Now, while I try and track it down, the least you can do is just tell Garrity that Cal has confessed.
- Karen, we're starting.
- Yeah.
Harri, I am not going to go to the PM about a critical matter of national security, based on the word of a mentally-unstable drone pilot.
Not without proof.
- But, Karen, I promise you that I saw it.
- Then find it.
Yeah? Her personal effects.
Did they tell you we're giving her a military funeral? When things have quietened down a bit.
That's it? She had nothing else on her.
Lieutenant we got him back.
Markson? Is he okay? The report's not good.
I need to be there when he lands.
- When's Markson due to land? - Wheels down 1600.
Is it permanent? Too early to know for sure, sir.
I want to be there.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and, Wes I don't want Hellier there.
This might be tougher than we thought.
Oh, my God.
Gav Hey, it's me.
Gav It's okay.
You're home now.
You're safe.
Gav We've got 48 hours till the Joint Committee vote, followed by Cabinet.
Until then this stays classified.
Brief the wife.
No one's to know Markson's in the country until a physical and psychological assessment's been made.
- Do you understand? - Yes, sir.
Let's hope your minister does, too.
What the hell have they done to him? Hey.
This gets out, the public are going to want blood.
One of their own tortured, turned into a vegetable.
It's like a red rag to a bull.
It's classified.
It's not getting out.
Well, why would you disobey a command to tell me? It's on me all of it.
Markson, Clemens, Cal.
What does the inscription say? It's Latin.
It means, through adversity to the stars.
The RAAF motto.
The stars.
That's Defense for you.
Promise the world, deliver an atlas.
Is that all you got from the morgue? Cal's USB didn't make it? Not according to Lockwood.
Do you believe him? What if Cal's confession never sees the light of day? What if What if the Joint Committee vote in favor of Pakistan hacking the drone? What if you have to go back there and fight? In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.
We should take nothing for granted.
Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.
Please, uh, have a seat.
Sweet kids.
I've just come from Senator Abboud's office.
He tells me the committee's split down the middle.
Those meetings are supposed to be in camera.
Well, you know what politicians are like.
Yes, I am one.
Yes, but you're not like the rest of them.
Abboud, Warneke, Crawley and Edmonds, they're a different breed.
When push comes to shove, they lack your conviction.
I don't suppose it's too much of a coincidence that you just named the four members of my voting bloc? My understanding is that the numbers are changing.
Like I said, they lack conviction.
And even if they didn't, you'd still be one short.
Is it really worth putting your neck on the line? Is this about the photos, Mr.
Lavelle? Photos? Mm.
With Alex Berezin Because I'm not afraid of them being released.
Why should you be? We're all grown-ups here.
Thank you for your time, Ms.
What'd he want? My vote.
So, he hasn't got it? Especially now.
Hello, Arlo.
Do you want to play a game? Say, yes, Mr.
Yes, Mr.
I can't accept this.
I'm afraid my mind's made up, sir.
Is someone leaning on you, Vaughn? No, Prime Minister.
My wife's a recovering relapsing addict.
I don't want to place you and the government in an invidious position.
Drugs? Gambling.
She's currently in treatment at a facility.
I need this to stay between us until after the vote.
What's the cloak and dagger, Griff? You, uh You ever read any E.
Forster? - What, his novels or? - No, the essays.
Two Cheers for Democracy.
Because, let's face it, who can summon a third? You got something for me, Griff? Do you think I was a good journalist? I think you always had a nose for bullshit.
And then you joined Bailey and you started wearing it like a cologne.
This, uh secret little investigation of yours Listen, you know something? The morning after Davoren Park - Bailey had a meeting up here.
- Okay, with who? Ms.
This will be a short meeting, Mr.
I know what you people are up to and I know what you've done.
I know about Pale Horse and Davoren Park.
And I also know about your secret soldier, who's digging up skeletons in the Defense Department.
It ends now.
I'm afraid that's impossible, Minister.
You don't get to decide that, Mr.
I do.
Now, shut it down or I tell the PM.
So, Lavelle shut Bailey down instead, huh? The the secret soldier, you got any idea who it is? What are you going to do with that? Well, this is currency.
I'm going to spend it.
What do you want, Harriet? That's That's the document that the Rabbit sent Mina Almasi and I need it unredacted.
- I can't do this.
It's illegal.
- It's never stopped you before, Vaughn.
Bailey knew someone was digging up skeletons in Defense, someone that she called the secret soldier, working for Lavelle.
And you think the secret soldier is one of these redacted names? No, I think it's the Rabbit.
This is classified Level Three.
Well, you can access anything, 'cause you're the head of ASD.
Not for long.
What's going on? I've given my notice to the PM.
That's why you signed off on the drone hack being Pakistan? Trebuchet is blackmailing you over your wife.
The rot set in, Harriet and I'm part of it.
My special guests tonight are Corporal Gavin Markson and his wife, Kirsty.
Thank you so much for coming in, Kirsty, - I really appreciate it.
- You're welcome.
I should say that Kirsty Markson is here tonight in defiance of ADF confidentiality protocols.
Kirsty, could you please tell us about your husband's condition? His skull suffered multiple fractures.
When you look at the MRI, you can't tell where one crack ends and the next begins.
I told the doctors if there's nothing that you can do for him then he's coming home where he's loved surrounded by his his memories.
Kirsty, do you know who did this to him? Haqqani.
The US government.
The Australian government.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
And it'll never be okay.
My beautiful husband, the father of my child, he went away and he didn't come home.
We're trying to get to the bottom of how this got out.
Are you at the bottom of this, Jim? Did you go to Ludie Sypek with this? Ludie called my office when the story went viral - on social media - How'd that happen? - Like I said, I'm looking into it.
- Spare me the bullshit, Jim.
I won't stand by and watch you gut the alliance.
You want to nick yourself go ahead.
So, now we're coming to the sharp end of the knife, are we, mm? You can get on board, Ewan, or you can squeal like a stuck pig.
It's up to you.
You know sleep deprivation's a form of torture, right? So, Lockwood was part of the cover-up in Ar-Rutbah.
- What? - Yeah.
I got the classified action report unredacted.
Listen, do you know a soldier called Gattuso? Captain Vincent Gattuso? He was SAS, First Squadron, Iraq.
Did you know him? I did.
Do you know where I could find him? Six feet under.
Chinook chopper went down in Kandahar 2010.
Lockwood's not going to talk to me and the other name's withheld.
So, Gattuso gave the order to open fire on four suspected insurgents, as they were trying to flee a compound in a vehicle.
When they realized it was Mina's mother and father and husband and her son, they planted weapons on the dead bodies and then Lockwood called in an air strike to cover their tracks.
And how do you know all this? They set Mina up.
I mean, somebody who knew about that and someone who knew how to push the buttons of a grieving, traumatized woman.
They did the deed and then Mina took the fall for it.
Why would they redact "withheld name"? - I want to talk to Lockwood.
- You won't even get past the front desk.
- But maybe if you came with me.
- He's the Chief of Defense.
Yeah, but he's up to his neck in this.
Joe, the vote is tomorrow.
If we sit back and do nothing, then we go to war.
You go to war and I don't think that you should be going.
I work for the Defense Department.
I don't get a say.
This isn't about defense.
There's no enemy.
We haven't been attacked.
- So you were at the safe house, were you? - It's about revenge.
- Don't tell me what it's about! - For Clemens, Markson You have no idea what it's like over there, Harri.
It's fucking Old Testament.
It's the Bible with guns.
Okay? Outside the wire, surrounded by enemy, all hell breaking loose around you.
You're in over your head.
Drop it, Harri.
Do you want me to call the police? Can I come in? Why would I let you in? Because I know you were part of the cover-up in Ar-Rutbah.
It's not the only copy.
Where'd you get it? Did you kill Catriona Bailey, Air Chief Marshall? Oh, Christ.
Why would I do that? Because she called a press conference the night that she was murdered, where she planned to announce an ADFG inquiry into Ar-Rutbah.
But she got spooked by Davoren Park and threatened to shut down Pale Horse.
Because she was a traitor and blew the cover on your safe house in Miramshah getting your boy Clemens killed and Markson captured.
Who else besides you had clearance level access to that kind of confidential information? I don't answer to you, Harriet.
So, who do you answer to? Pentagon? Trebuchet? Trebuchet's turned this town upside down looking for Cal's USB, so why have you kept it to yourself? What's the point in a secret army that the Chief of Defense doesn't trust? We live in an outsourced world, Harriet.
You can't fight it.
Comes with the territory.
It's deep state, accountable to no one with its own ideas about the national interest.
Just tell me where it is.
Tell her where it is, Wes.
- Enough, Berezin.
No more.
- You're the secret soldier.
Served together in Iraq.
You killed Bailey? John Smith, Connor MacPherson, yes.
Bailey, no.
Didn't need to.
Now, tell her where the USB is, Wes.
I don't have it.
It's on the bookshelf.
The shell casing.
The one on the right.
Now, give it to me, Harriet.
Drop it.
Harriet, go! On the floor.
Close the door.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Ready for D-Day? We are now.
Well, I think we understand the ramifications of the investigation we've had before us.
However, in the absence of verifiable evidence to the contrary I would like to propose the finding of the Joint Committee for Intelligence and Security into Agenda Item 467311-A, that the cyber-security breach of Pale Horse AOD Nine was an act of aggression by Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI in retaliation for the death of General Nazir.
Now, before I take a formal vote on the proposed recommendations to Prime Minister and Cabinet, are there any final submissions? If I may.
Thanks, Gaelene.
Uh If I could please draw your attention to the mon Excuse me.
the monitor.
Karen do you have anything or should we proceed with the vote? - What? Is it over? - No.
Did you show them? - Karen, what happened with the vote? - I abstained.
They're threatening my little boy, Harriet.
I can't.
- I can't.
No! No! - Karen, it's Mum, it's me.
Is Arlo there? Yeah.
The Pakistani Ambassador, Yasir Younis, was expelled from the embassy in Canberra today, along with 20 diplomatic staff, officially issued a persona non grata censure by Prime Minister Garrity, in response to the torture of commando soldier Corporal Gavin Markson.
Pakistan's just expelled our ambassador from Islamabad.
The die is cast.
I'm not sure it is, Prime Minister.
Almost 60 years ago, a US president, former general, no less, warned us about this.
The ADF, NSC, AFP, ASD and the Joint Committee, they've all signed off on it.
Cabinet's waiting now with its rubber stamp obedient, eager to please.
But if I take this to them they'll just bury it.
But how can they? Because history teaches us nothing, Harriet.
Cabinet's ready for you, Prime Minister.
I'm not your answer, Harriet.
I've been at the helm for too many lies.
Davoren Park, Pale Horse Corporal Markson If I'm the author of this one, it won't play.
I'm part of the problem.
You need to get it out there.
It's time for a little anarchy.
And when you do, I'll call a Royal Commission.
Our government will fall and I'll be a despised footnote in history, but this time, I'll have a say in it.
Australian Special Forces troops have been called up for immediate deployment to Pakistan, following today’s historic vote by Cabinet.
I’ve spoken to the President and informed him, along with the leader of the opposition and the Governor General of my government’s decision to join our great friends and allies, the United States.
It will be a joint military operation, the details of which will not be made public for security reasons.
But at this time, I offer the brave men and women of our defense forces our thoughts and prayers on behalf of the Australian people.
In light of the criminal charges laid in the past 24 hours against registered lobbyist Alex Berezin, Prime Minister Garrity and I would like to announce the removal of Vanguard Energy as a commercial partner in the Wakefield Solar Plant.
Mina Almasi has now been released from Maconochie Prison and cleared of all charges.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Huh? - Mm.
You know, the Rabbit told me that he didn't kill Bailey.
He said he could have, but he didn't have to.
What are you saying? I'm saying I think there's nothing a mother of a murdered child wouldn't do.
- Hello.
- It's ready.
By the time they shut it down, half the devices in the country will have got it and they'll send it to the other half.
Then let's do it.
My name is Caroline Treloar.
I'm a UAV pilot for private military contractor Trebuchet Corporation.
And I'm responsible for the death of four innocent people in Davoren Park on April 12th.
This was a deliberate act, made to look like an external datalink systems hack the evidence of which is contained on this USB and a shadow data brick, buried at these coordinates.
I committed this act as a protest against the black ops Pale Horse program and the taking of innocent lives in Pakistan.
Where does it end? Do we really think we hold our loved ones closer than our enemies do? Why would our grief hurt more than theirs? An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.