Secret Ingredient (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


Maya, I'm really sorry.
I said I don't want to talk about it.
I want to make a dish for the Davis’
using a kepel fruit.
You’ve got to be kidding me.
That’s an impossible fruit to find.
There it is!
This is amazing!
How did you think of pairing this with kepel?
I learned that Madam has a weak stomach.
Arif stole everything from you.
We need to talk to him.
What do you mean “talk to him”?
Korean regional office
wants us to find this person.
- Those are Maya’s ideas you stole.
- Jack, it’s okay.
You don’t know how things work here.
Sir, we’ve been instructed to find him.
Oh, sh♪t!
Why are they looking for you?
I’ve made mistakes.
Sometimes the right way to be
is the wrong way to go.
No matter how you slice it,
rules are meant to be broken.
And no matter how much we try to master the rules,
we're destined to break them.
And I made so many with you because
I’ve become accustomed to breaking the rules.
But at the end of the day,
I would rather that you remember me
for the rules I broke
and not for your heart that I broke.
Why are they looking for you?
[In Korean]
Oh, sh♪t!
- Everybody, out! Let’s go!
- What’s going on?
What’s going on?
Move, move, move!
Let’s go! Let’s go!
Move! Move!
Move! Move!
Move! Move!
Let’s go, let’s go!
Go, go, go!
[In Tagalog] What really happened?
I didn't smell anything burning.
Maybe it's just a false alarm.
Maybe someone played a prank.
What's this? There is a lot of clutter around.
[Maya, I already talked to your aunt,
this is your last warning.]
Are you okay?
Rodolfo came to my aunt’s house.
They are billing the debt to my aunt.
Of course, who else is he going to go after?
I feel so guilty because she doesn’t need
the stress right now.
take a look at this.
The prize money is $35,000.
It’ll solve your problems.
But I can’t afford the entry fee.
I’m sure we can come up with a solution.
We can ask Jack for help.
No, I can handle this on my own.
Don’t tell anyone.
But we can help you, Maya.
Stella, this is my problem to solve.
Don’t tell, Jack. Okay?
- Promise me.
- Okay.
Make a promise!
Okay, promise!
Fire inspection is complete!
Please return to your work stations!
Come on.
Let’s go.
Thank you for meeting with us
despite recent hotel emergencies.
- May I?
- Please.
How do you know each other?
Actually, this troublemaker is my cousin.
He is the only child of my aunt.
So practically, he's my little brother.
[In Korean]
Apologize to him, quickly!
Go on. Just play along.
I'm sorry, Chef.
I complained way too much.
Please forgive me.
I was the one who put this guy into your kitchen.
I thought that he should see the world
rather than waste his way as a failure in Seoul.
I see.
Chef Hadi,
could you make something out of him?
I’ll see to it.
After all, It's a request
from none other than yourself.
So don’t worry,
I’ll be sure to make a man out of him.
Thank you, Chef.
Now, go back to the kitchen.
Thank you, Chef.
I’ll personally relay all this
to the head office in Korea
and make sure your patience
and kindness will be rewarded.
Wow, really?
Thank you so much.
Oh Jack, who’s that Korean guy a while ago?
Did you know him?
sort of related.
Are you a chaebol?
How do you even know what that means?
I watch K-Dramas, duh!
If I were a chaebol,
would it make a difference?
What's this about?
She has some debt.
She mentioned.
Oh, so you know?
And you know that the interest
is always going up,
and at this rate, she’ll never be able to pay it off.
How serious is this?
I mean, they won’t stop with her aunt.
Oh my God! If anything ever happen to her aunt,
Maya would not be able to live with herself.
If I were a chaebol,
would Maya accept money from me?
Probably not, but
Why? Are you a chaebol?
I guess not.
[In Korean] You were very convincing
in front of Arif today with all your lies!
You’re welcome.
You think that bullsh♪t was good?
You should have heard what I told the head office.
You’re somewhere in Paris right now,
sipping Bordeaux with girls.
Let's go back to Seoul.
Why are you still here? Is it Maya?
If that's the only reason,
then just bring her to Seoul.
all you need to do is to make a few calls
and she can have her own kitchen in Cheongdam-dong.
It's not that simple.
I haven't told her who I am yet.
You haven’t?
What’s taking you so long?
Just be honest with her.
I just need to find the right time.
There is no such thing as perfect timing.
You just do it.
[In Korean]
Why would you give it up so easily?
Why wouldn’t you fight what’s rightfully yours?
Mom! Mom!
[In Tagalog]
I have a weak heart, Maya!
I can’t handle this. What do I do?
I’ll take care of this, Auntie. Don’t worry.
I’m sorry, Maya. Take care there.
Alright, I will.
My God
What’s going on?
We’re here to help.
We agreed that we could sell food
to the hotel employees.
And then with your cooking
and his skill in numbers,
we think we can raise enough money
to pay for the entry fee
for the competition.
Where do you get off
telling everyone my problems?
You promised, remember?
Maya, we’re just here to help.
Stella, I specifically told you I can handle it.
You said you wouldn’t tell anyone
but you told Jack?
You lied to me!
I think you have a real shot at this.
We just want to support you
because we believe in you.
You’re one of the most talented chefs that I've ever known.
You’re not alone in this. We’re here for you.
Maya, can I ask a favor?
You know, since I’m a terrible cook,
I was wondering
if we could order some of your dishes?
Your dish tastes exactly like how my mom
used to make it.
It would be nice to somehow feel like my mom
is with us too,
even if we are far apart.
I heard you’re cooking for Angela.
I wanted to order as well.
I plan to propose to my girlfriend.
Your food is so good.
I’m sure it will add to the moment.
Hey, guys.
I know I was very upset last time.
I realize you guys were just trying to help me.
And I know I can be very stubborn sometimes.
Ain’t that the truth
You also
lied to me, Stella, which I don’t like.
You know that.
That’s true.
This is the first time she’s talking to me again.
Don’t underestimate how mad she can be
Never lie to her.
Even if you’re just trying to be a good friend!
Okay! I’m sorry, Stella!
I’m sorry!
I made ayam goreng [Malaysian fried chicken].
- Okay?
- Okay!
- Forgiven.
- Forgiven?
- Okay.
- Okay, here!
Guys, you want instant noodles?
You guys were right.
I do need to take some action,
just so I could get myself out of this financial hole.
Jack, if the offer still stands,
I would love your help in selling lunchboxes.
Of course.
Why are you being so kind to me?
You were kind to me first.
- Hey.
- Hey. Wait.
What’s all of this?
- What’s this?
- I got it from work.
I convinced Sam, our pantry manager,
to let me have these.
I mean, there’s always overstock
and instead of throwing all it away,
I figure we can use these.
We help lower the hotel’s overall food waste
and this lowers our cost of ingredients.
I mean, look at these,
these all good for consumption.
It’s a shame it’s categorized as overstock.
All of this for the box lunches?
Yeah, and with this amount,
we should be able to cover her entry fee.
Best part is
You’ll get it.
Anyways, I took a look at our orders and
if we sell this many
plus the percentage of labor cost
and save this much,
then we should be able to have this much
Are you sure that’s enough?
Ah Yes, if we exclude my share.
Yeah, you can take my share too.
No, if you are both working on this,
then you guys have to be compensated as well.
This is not a charity.
Yeah. Uhm, okay.
Uhm, we can charge about
this much.
I don’t know you guys.
I don’t know if that’s enough.
I don’t even think we’ll get enough orders.
I probably talked to 15 or 16 people.
Yeah, about that
we have more orders.
All these people placed orders?
Maya, you'll have a chance to
join the competition now.
- I have to try it.
- Okay.
Try it.
- What happened?
- It’s hot.
Is it bad?
No, it’s good. It’s good. This is really hot.
Smells good.
What’s cooking?
This is Kare-kare.
My mom used to cook this for me.
So, how do you know when it’s right?
If you know, you know.
Have you ever wished
you could have lived your life differently?
I don’t know like
started out your career earlier?
I’d do it all over again.
There were times, yeah,
when it was hard.
Especially her last few years but
when she passed away I
I missed her so much.
And I’d give absolutely anything
just to be with her again.
Even if it means having to re-live her hardest days.
What about you?
Do you ever wish
you could have done things differently?
I’d never let anyone hurt my mom.
I just can’t forgive myself.
I can understand.
With my mom’s condition,
I remember,
I just wanted to blame everyone else
for what happened,
the hospital,
the doctors,
our family and friends that weren’t there for us.
I was so angry.
So angry at everyone.
But then I realized
if I wanted to move on,
I needed to forgive.
Forgiving gave me the peace that I needed.
I have been hearing rumors
that some of your kitchen staff
are going against company policies
by selling packed meals to hotel employees.
That's impossible.
Are you sure?
Who else could be supplying food
to our hotel workers?
Well, not someone from my kitchen.
They wouldn’t dare.
I certainly hope not.
This kind of thing could tarnish your reputation
and the reputation of the hotel.
Okay So, how much did we make?
Uhm, we sold a total of 105 meals over the week.
After deducting the cost of packaging,
and if we take out Stella's and my share
it still doesn’t cover the entry fee.
Even if we work another week,
it's still not enough.
Our initial expenses were much higher than expected.
Yeah, but good ingredients are important.
I couldn’t serve them anything subpar.
Okay, then let me fill in the gap with my share.
As I already told you, money is not the problem.
It’s not a question.
Okay, then take mine.
You have to stop being so stubborn, Maya.
I'm not being stubborn.
I just
I just want to do things fairly.
Okay, but you also have to be realistic.
Because this is the second time this week
that Rodolfo has harassed your auntie.
And winning this competition is your only hope!
I don’t even know if I stand a chance.
Wait. Rodolfo is still bothering you?
Yeah, he won’t stop harassing her aunt and
we’re worried that he’ll go to extremes.
All right. Uhm, so
We have two options.
Option number one
we raise the food prices.
I don’t know if our customers can afford that.
Okay, then option number two,
in addition to the current orders,
we make ten more lunch boxes.
Can we do that?
Yeah, you’re so close,
what’s another 10 boxes?
Okay, fine!
Just another ten more boxes,
and then we're done, okay?
Before we get caught.
It’s really bad,
the situation with her aunt.
He’s been hounding her for weeks.
We don’t know what he’s going to do next,
but her aunt has a weak heart,
and Maya’s feeling helpless.
Have you heard about the rumors going around?
What kind of rumors, Chef?
They say someone is selling food
to hotel employees.
You know I trust you, Maya.
If you hear anything,
please let me know.
Yes, Chef.
Help me find out who it is
and we will talk about that promotion for you.
- [In Korean] Is that it?
- Should we go in?
We are looking for Rodolfo.
[In Tagalog]
There are people looking for you!
- Rodolfo, hurry up!
- Yeah, I’m coming!
Who are you?
We are on behalf of Ms. Maya Laurel.
The daughter of Maria?
Who borrowed money from me,
and then disappeared.
Who are you?
Her boyfriends?
We just want to help Maya settle her debts.
She owes you a million pesos, right?
If you’re going to settle it as a whole
it will be around two million pesos
plus the interest.
Do you find it amusing
haggling over someone's life
with that sort of money?
[In Tagalog]
What’s the problem with that wh♪re?
You are the wh♪re.
Would you please sign right here.
You will be signing this confirmation
that Maya has paid off all of her debts to you,
equivalent to $50,000.
If, by any chance, I find you near Maya,
her aunt or anyone that she cares about,
I will come back to this place.
Do you understand?
Yes yes.
[In Korean]
Good enough for you?
Kind of
I need to go back.
Those adobos aren't going to deliver themselves.
- I’m sorry, I’m late.
- Oh my God! Where were you?
We’ve been waiting for you the whole day.
I had to deal with something.
What’s wrong with your hand?
This? Oh, it’s nothing.
I cut myself.
I was handling knives.
Well, these are the lunch boxes
that need to be delivered asap.
Got it.
These aren’t labeled.
Yeah, Maya will know which ones which.
Right, where is she?
With Arif.
Let’s go.
Maya, something is missing.
Try this.
You always read my mind.
You continue to impress me, Maya.
I see myself in you.
Thank you, Chef.
You follow every instruction brilliantly,
that’s why I’ve decided to give you the
Really, Chef?
We found them, Arif.
We found our crooks!
I’m sorry.
I want to start over.
I’m going to join the competition.
I want to see how far I can go.
I won’t let you fight this alone.
[In Korean] I know she matters to you.
But the people here in Korea,
the people that trust and rely on you,
don’t they mean anything to you?
You need to come back right now!
[In Tagalog]
Maya, I heard you’ve got a boyfriend now.
A rich Korean guy?
I’m sure that’s how you got in.
He paid for you, right?
One second! Please!
What’s all of this, a publicity stunt?
Who are you?
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