Secret Ingredient (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Main Course

[In Tagalog]
Rodolfo came to my aunt’s house.
It’ll solve your problems.
But I can’t afford the entry fee.
We think we can raise enough money
to pay for the entry fee.
Have you heard about the rumors going around?
Someone is selling food to hotel employees.
If you hear anything,
please let me know.
Do you find it amusing
haggling over someone's life
with that sort of money?
[In Tagalog]
What’s the problem with that wh♪re?
You are the wh♪re.
If, by any chance, I find you near Maya,
her aunt or anyone that she cares about,
I will come back to this place.
Do you understand?
- I’m sorry, I’m late.
- Oh my God! Where were you?
We’ve been waiting for you the whole day.
I had to deal with something.
I see myself in you.
Thank you, Chef.
You follow every instruction brilliantly,
that’s why I’ve decided
to give you the promotion.
Thank you.
We found them, Arif.
We found our crooks!
My mom used to tell me that in life
and in the kitchen,
everything is a matter of timing.
That if she met my father at a different time,
everything would be different.
Is it all in timing?
Is that the secret ingredient?
I keep asking myself,
what’s the secret sauce,
the hidden element that makes something click?
What makes certain couples fail
and others last?
What makes one person decide another
is worthy of forgiveness?
I keep wondering if I missed my chance with you.
Is it too late?
I pray,
there’s still hope for us to be something more.
How dare you do this to us?!
You again?
You’re a disgrace to the kitchen!
- Chef, we never
- Who's the real culprit here?
- It's me!
- It's me!
I convinced Maya.
She said she would never do it until the end, but
No, I made the food.
I am responsible for this.
Of all people,
how dare you do this to us?
I'm sorry, Chef.
you have the higher position,
this is ultimately on you.
[In Korean]
This is unbelievable!
Maya is not to blame for this.
As you said,
I'm a disgrace to this kitchen.
Let me make this easy for you.
I quit.
liars don’t belong in the kitchen.
This is for you.
I believe in you, Maya.
you go and win that competition.
We will all be here watching you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
It’s just
It’s been overwhelming.
I just got
promoted and then
fired within the same day.
And I don’t know why but I feel so relieved.
You've been through a lot.
Why don’t you go and get some rest?
I want to start over.
I’m going to join the competition.
I want to see how far I can go.
- Oh, hi!
- Hey!
What are you guys cooking?
Just making soup.
What happened there?
What happened to your hand?
He’s had that since yesterday.
It was so crazy, I didn’t notice.
Oh this?
It was just an accident.
Don’t worry about this, it’s nothing.
It looks so bad!
- Do we have the kit here?
- Yeah.
Let me see.
- Did you do this to yourself?
- Ouch! Uhm
- Is it okay if I
- Yeah, go. Sure.
- I’ll do it again. Okay?
- Okay. Ouch.
We have to clean this one.
By the way, where were you yesterday?
You weren’t at the kitchen.
Like at all.
I was helping a friend with an errand.
What friend?
Have we met him?
I feel like there’s so much we don’t know about you.
He was just an old childhood friend.
What’s his name?
- His name?
- Yes.
His name is
- Roy?
- His name is Roy. Yeah.
- Roy.
- Uhm, yeah.
I was helping out with his furniture,
like I had moved his furniture.
Is that my phone?
Can you get it?
Oh, May.
Oh my God.
“Congratulations, Participant 410,
Maya Laurel,
for qualifying for in the International Cooking Competition!”
- I got in?
- Yes!
Maya, congratulations! Oh my gosh!
- Maya!
- Oh my God
You did it!
[In Korean]
They won’t waste any time.
Even before your dad passes away,
they’ll do whatever it takes
to have control of the company.
Aren’t the board of directors all on dad’s side?
Yes but with the Chairman’s fragile state,
they’re feeling anxious.
They still believe that you are the best person
to take over the company.
But we’re running out of time.
The sooner you return, the better.
I will.
But I need to stay for the cooking competition.
It might be too late by then.
What’s holding you back?
I haven’t told her yet.
I know she matters to you.
But the people here in Korea,
the people that trust and rely on you,
don’t they mean anything to you?
Okay, I’ll leave as soon as I can.
Okay. Oh! And
make sure to avoid any cameras.
The last thing you want is let them know
is where you are.
Got it!
[In Tagalog]
Where is Jack?
Hmm, he'll be here soon.
- Hello.
- Hi, Ma’am.
Thank you.
Chef Maya Laurel,
you and your sous chef will be competing in an hour.
Thank you.
- Maya.
- Chef.
I see you still chose to compete against my advice.
I hope you abide by the rules this time.
Well, Chef, she didn’t really have a choice.
Her aunt could have died.
It’s that right?
Oh Maya, I’m so sorry to hear that.
I could have helped if I had known.
Regardless of what happened,
I still think you have a lot of potential
and I hope you do well here.
Thank you.
- What's going on?
- We have a problem.
Maya's knives are missing.
What?! What do you mean they’re missing?
I don't know what happened.
They said they delivered it to this station,
but now they’re asking her
to use spare knives instead.
Knives are a chef’s weapon.
We don’t even know what prop knives they are giving her.
Oh, right!
I have an extra set of knives.
- From the chefs. Remember?
- Yeah.
It’s in our apartment.
I’ll go get it!
- You can?
- Yeah.
Give me your keys.
In your bag.
Okay. Please, take care.
Take care.
Hey, hey. Can I get a ride?
No, no, no. I’m off duty.
- No, no, no.
- Okay, uhm
Let me borrow the cab,
it’s only a few blocks.
This should cover the gas and a little extra.
You can stay on your call.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
Get in there. Alright.
Welcome to the international cooking competition,
where the best of the best will compete!
Only four teams from each region
will be moving on to the second round.
From there, they will compete for a spot for the finale,
and they will have the chance
to get the grand prize of $35,000
and become this year’s grand champion!
In this round,
each team will cut and prep the ingredients
within the limited amount of time.
The team to finish first
And your time starts
Maya, go! Go!
As you can see,
this first round will test the knife skills
and abilities of our chefs.
Who will be able to butcher their meats
and fillet their fish the fastest?
Only time will tell!
What’s wrong, Maya?
This knife is so dull!
It’s okay.
You can do it. Almost done.
Despite some knife issues, Chef Maya is done!
And that’s an official “Go” from Chef Arif!
He’s given the go signal for the red team
to proceed with the next prep.
Chef Maya’s sous chef is now prepping the chicken.
[In Tagalog]
Come on, Stella! We're almost caught up.
Just a little faster we're almost caught up.
Time seems to be speeding up,
and the other chefs seem to be catching up
as they start to prep on the chicken.
And in record time,
the red team is done!
- Oh!
- Stella!
- Chef Arif just gave a thumbs down to the red team.
- Don’t worry about me. Go to the ingredients.
- Chef Maya’s sous chef has cut herself.
- How about you?
They need to start all over again,
as the chicken has been contaminated with blood.
Handicapped without a partner
and limited time on the clock,
Chef Maya needs to continue prepping
on the other ingredients
plus start all over again with the chicken.
Those knives are useless.
With her partner gone,
she’ll never make it on time.
Thank you!
What’s happening here?
Like a superhero with a renewed set of powers,
we see Chef Maya in super speed!
All the chefs are now on overdrive.
Chef Maya is already on her last prep!
With mere minutes remaining,
can the chefs finish on time?
Last two minutes!
Chef Maya seems to be speeding by.
And she’s already plating!
Time is up!
Now is the moment of truth.
Chef Arif walks over for inspection.
We see the look of approval
from famed Chef Arif Hadi.
We have determined the team advancing
in the second round.
In first place,
with an overwhelming score of 98 points for speed,
97 points for precision,
and 98 points for presentation,
is contestant number
410, Chef Maya Laurel!
Maya, congratulations!
Congratulations to both of us.
Anyway, how are you?
Don’t worry, it’s just a few stitches.
How long does it take to recover?
Maybe a few days.
what about the second round tomorrow?
They require you a sous chef
or else you can’t compete.
I’m sorry.
Maya, I hope you don’t drop out.
You ranked first today.
What am I supposed to do?
I mean, do you think anybody
in the kitchen would be available
at such short notice?
Probably, none.
But you’ve worked so hard and come this far.
I don’t know.
It feels like the odds are against me.
They won’t even let me compete without a sous chef.
What about you?
Do you ever wish
you could have done things differently?
[In Korean]
Mom, I’ll always protect you.
You know I will.
I know,
my son.
I won’t let you fight this alone.
I will be your sous chef.
[In Korean]
You need to comeback right now.
The chairman is in the hospital as you know.
It’s only a matter of time.
And you’ve been gone for months!
How can you take charge when you’re not here?
I promised Maya I’d help her in the next round.
I’ll leave immediately after.
If you don’t show up,
the entire board will most likely vote for your brother.
That would render your father’s shares powerless.
If that happens,
you’ll be left with nothing.
Maya Laurel!
Enzo, what a surprise!
- You’re a chef now?
- Hm-hmm.
Last time I saw you,
you were studying to be an engineer.
Yeah, but I gave that up.
Switched to culinary instead.
Let’s be honest, I’m good at engineering and cooking,
but this is more fun.
Looks like we’re competing against each other today.
Isn’t that funny?
We dated back then and now we’re competing.
You were my friend’s older bro.
We never dated.
It’s all good!
You never returned my calls.
But I hear you traded up for a rich Korean guy.
My sister says you have a boyfriend now.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Heard you met him here in Jakarta and
he paid all of your mom’s debts.
She says he’s a big shot.
He owns that global company LB.
I’m sure that’s how you got in.
He paid for you, right?
Oh, is that Chef Arif?
Let me ask for a selfie.
I’ll go ahead.
[In Tagalog] Auntie.
I’m fine.
Yes, the competition will start in a few minutes.
I just wanted to ask you,
about my mom’s debts.
Are you alright?
Want to get ready?
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
Round 2 of the competition
is all about the "Jewels of Southeast Asia.”
Our chefs here are tasked with creating dishes
that will best represent Southeast Asian culture!
Time starts
And the contestants are off!
Each of them grabbing their ingredient
and bringing it back to the chef’s table.
Chef Maya Laurel, who made a stunning comeback
from yesterday’s knife skill challenge,
seems to be making a dessert from the Philippines.
The banana leaves burn quickly.
Keep your eyes on them.
Yes, Chef.
Am I doing alright?
Yeah, keep going.
Each of the contestants are creating dishes
originating from Southeast Asia.
Now, Chef Enzo from the white team
is predicted to be the frontrunner in this race.
Are you sure you’re doing alright?
I’m doing good.
Just check the pan, please.
Yes, Chef.
[In Korean] Mom!
Mom! Mom!
What’s happening here?
Where is he going?
Chef Maya is alone once again to compete on her own.
Congratulations, Chef Enzo and Chef Mae
for winning today’s challenge!
Maya, please stop for one second! Please!
Where did you go?
Why did you leave me out there on my own?
I’m sorry
”I’m sorry” Of course you’re sorry!
Stop apologizing and just tell me the truth.
How about this
Did you go to the Philippines recently?
Is that why you were missing the other day?
- I just wanted to help.
- You wanted to help?
You lied to me!
Is this whole thing a lie?
- No!
- No?!
And you own the LB Group?
What’s all of this, a publicity stunt?
Who are you?
Maya, please
just please listen to me.
I didn't have the courage to tell you the truth before.
Why do you need courage?
The truth is just the truth.
You’re a liar, Jack.
I don’t want to see you ever again.
Maya, my name is not Jack!
It’s Ha-Joon.
That’s the god honest truth.
your dishes brought me back to the time
in my childhood that I tried to bury,
but I didn’t want to look back at it
because it’s so painful.
That’s Maya.
[In Tagalog]
I will cook in a big restaurant.
Rich people will eat my food.
How about you?
What’s your dream?
My dream is for my mom to be happy.
You cook for your mom.
Food makes people happy.
But being with you
show me that I can face the past.
The past is an ingredient
that makes me the person I am today.
This is my story.
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