Secret Ingredient (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


You go and win that competition.
We will all be here watching you.
I want to start over.
I’m going to join the competition.
I want to see how far I can go.
We have a problem.
Maya's knives are missing.
I have an extra set of knives.
From the chefs. Remember?
- I’ll go get it!
- Take care.
This knife is so dull!
- Chef Maya’s sous chef has cut herself.
- No.
Chef Arif did not approve of this.
With her partner gone,
she’ll never make it on time.
Thank you!
In first place
is contestant number
410, Chef Maya Laurel!
I won’t let you fight this alone.
I will be your sous chef.
[In Tagalog]
I heard you’ve got a boyfriend now.
A rich Korean guy?
Heard you met him here in Jakarta and
he paid all of your mom’s debts.
I’m sure that’s how you got in.
He paid for you, right?
You lied to me!
Who are you?
I didn't have the courage to tell you the truth before.
The truth is just the truth.
You’re a liar, Jack.
I don’t want to see you ever again.
Maya, my name is not Jack!
It’s Ha-Joon.
That’s the god honest truth.
Food is like a time machine
that allows you to step back into your past feelings.
It’s incredible how the scent of the dish
can transport you back
to your childhood in an instant.
What I never told you
is that your dishes brought me back
to the time in my childhood
that I tried to bury.
But I didn’t want to look back at it
because it’s too painful.
That’s why I could never tell you about it.
But being with you,
and cooking with you,
showed me that I had to face the past.
The past is an ingredient
that makes me the person I am today.
You set me free, Maya.
I hope that if you know my truth,
you understand why I did,
what I did,
and be able to forgive me.
This is my story,
which keeps leading back to you.
[In Tagalog]
Where were you?
I am worried about you.
[In Korean]
My son
are you nervous?
About what?
About living abroad.
I’m not sure yet.
But, Mom
Are we running away?
We’re not running away.
We’re going to the Philippines
and you’ll learn English,
make lots of new friends.
You will have fun.
You and me.
From now on,
you have to protect me.
Am I?
Of course!
It’s just you and me.
And if you don’t protect me, who will?
Everything will be fine
Then no one will come looking for us,
no one will say bad words to us,
and we won’t need to hide from
How was the trip?
You speak English?
A little.
Hello! Hello!
Welcome to the Philippines!
Welcome to your new home!
Where's my room?
Oh, your room?
Are you hungry?
You want dinner?
Okay, okay.
Please tell me if you’re hungry.
Yaya Mels.
[In Korean]
how long do we have to live here?
It feels like I am in exile.
I feel like a dirty little secret.
Is that all I am to you?
When are you going to come here?
Okay, come quickly. Okay?
I miss you too.
How was school? Do you have friends?
Why are you not at international school?
That is why I go to this school.
Because there are no Korean kids in my school.
It's better if we don't see any other Koreans.
Mom said we're only going to stay here for a little while
then go back to Korea.
What's the point of making friends?
A long time ago, first wife came to our house,
and she said a lot of very bad words
to me and my mom.
[In Tagalog]
Poor child.
You like to eat?
I like to eat. I’m very hungry.
Did you not have lunch?
No lunch for me.
You know why?
Because my wife,
she put me outside of the kulambo!
You know
mosquito net?
I don’t understand.
Don’t worry!
But can we eat?
Thanks, Boss!
You like it?
It's okay.
Hello! You like?
It’s very good.
You try it.
I made this.
[In Tagalog]
It’s yummy.
You know, I am sure you will like this.
You will come here every day because of this.
[In Tagalog]
Girl, stop pestering the guests
and come help me.
Yes! What is it?
Sisig. It’s made of pig’s face.
It’s good,
I just did not expect you to say that.
That’s Maya.
[In Tagalog]
Give this to table number two.
[In Korean]
Son, you’re here!
What’s all this?
The house has gotten so much prettier, right?
If you don’t have anyone to buy you flowers,
I can just get them by myself, right?
Go wash up.
I’m making something delicious with Yaya Mels.
Yaya Mels! I’m going to do that,
so leave it to me!
Yes, Ma’am.
Let’s eat something delicious today
until our bellies explode.
[In Tagalog]
What's going on?
I don't know.
I can’t keep track of her moods.
One day, she’s crying.
Now, she’s in a good mood
and decides to buy a ton of flowers.
I guess, Sir probably won't come.
Eat it, My son!
Does lumpia suit your taste?
- How about pancit?
- Yes, it’s delicious.
Mom, I’m full.
What are you talking about?
You haven’t even touched some of the dishes.
You need to eat all of this to grow tall like Dad.
I’ve eaten a lot.
I feel like my stomach is going to explode.
Alright, alright.
Just a little more.
You haven’t even touched caldereta.
Mom, enough! I’m really full!
Why are you like that?!
Sorry. Mom just wanted to
No, Mom It’s not like that.
I’m sorry, Ha-Joon.
Mom was wrong.
Mom, are you sleeping?
I’m sorry for earlier.
I wanted to eat everything, but I was full.
Mom, why are you crying?
Hmm, it’s nothing.
I guess
I just felt a bit sad today.
Today was the day Dad was supposed to come.
Yes, that also
let’s go to sleep now.
Dad will definitely come.
Mom, let’s go to bed.
Mom, don’t be sad.
Mom won’t be sad anymore.
How can I be sad knowing my son
is by my side?
Mom, I’ll always protect you.
As you said to me.
You’re so kind.
You want to help?
You keep looking!
You want to try?
I don't know how to do this.
It's okay.
You're good at it.
I like to cook.
You hold like this.
Then you turn while you peel.
I did it!
Very good.
[In Tagalog]
One day I will be so rich,
I will have enough food to feed you.
How do you plan to be rich?
I will cook in a big restaurant.
Rich people will eat my food.
How about you?
What about me?
What’s your dream?
My dream is for my mom to be happy.
I wish my mom can be happy every day.
If that happens,
I will also be happy every day.
I have an idea!
Here. You cook for your mom.
You cook for her, so she is happy.
Food makes people happy.
Do you think that's true?
Yes! Let’s cook.
[In Korean]
This is really delicious!
I made this together with my friend Maya.
I’m so happy to hear you made a friend!
And you cooked for me?
I’m really touched.
Should I become a chef too?
will support you no matter what you do.
Ha-Joon, shall we go somewhere nice?
Somewhere nice? Where?
Anywhere. Let’s go have some fun
and I want to cook lots of food with my little chef!
Yeah, good!
This is good.
It’s good!
- Good?
- Yes!
Thank you, thank you.
I have two classmates,
they’re the class' clowns.
They look like this.
And this.
How about you?
My classmate looks like
[In Korean]
This week is the happiest of my life.
Mine too.
In your life?
Yes! I’ve already lived 12 years of my life!
That’s right.
I’ve been your mom for 12 years already.
you must not forget that you are the son
of Chairman Gu Won Il of the LB Corporation.
No matter what happens,
I will make sure that you grow up to be that person.
The truth is, all I need is you, Mom,
and nothing else.
How great it would be if the world were really like that
You didn’t make your mom sad.
You think so?
Maybe because she misses your dad.
But I'm really okay living with just my mom.
He’s never been present in my life.
At least you have a dad.
Where’s your dad?
I don’t know.
He left our house and said he'd come back.
But he didn’t.
Maybe something happened to him?
Maybe he got hit by a car.
No! He left and he lied!
He told me he’d come back,
and I waited for him.
Every day, I stand there waiting and waiting.
But he never come back!
He’s a liar!
I don’t understand why people lie.
Mom, I’m home.
Why are you showing this to me?
It says they have a cooking class
for kids every Saturday.
So what?
I want to cook for my mom.
She’s happy when I cook.
We can go together.
With me?
I’m scared to go alone.
Just come with me, even just one class.
This is too much money for me.
I’ll pay for you.
Why will you do that?
You said you want to become a chef.
Being a chef shouldn’t just be for rich people.
[In Tagalog]
I’m going to prove them wrong.
That's what I mean.
Let's go together.
You understood me?
I’ve been living here long enough,
I can understand Tagalog.
[In Tagalog]
Where's mom?
Mom is sleeping upstairs.
Has mom been sleeping all day?
Mom is not feeling well, Ha-Joon.
Maybe she'll wake up later to eat dinner.
Who is she?
This is my friend Maya.
[In Tagalog]
So, you're Maya?
I've heard a lot about you.
Maya wanted to help me
make something delicious for mom.
What will you cook?
Bibingka. [Baked rice cake]
[In Tagalog]
You know how to cook bibingka?
You’re so good, Maya.
I thought about it.
The cooking class.
I will let you to pay.
And you can eat for free at our carinderia.
But only for one week!
Here you go!
It’s hot! It’s hot!
Feels just like Christmas!
Something is missing.
Oh, the coconut!
You’re so great, Maya.
Ha-Joon, come.
I’ll teach you.
You need to do like this.
Put this here.
And then
Like this.
Can you do that?
Okay. You do it.
There you go! Very good.
[In Tagalog]
Where’s his mom?
She’s upstairs, resting.
She’s not well.
But I have a bad feeling about this.
I’ve seen cuts on her wrists.
What if it was just an accident?
Huh, on her wrists?
[In Tagalog]
Move! Give way!
[In Korean]
[In Korean]
I'm supposed to meet Maya today
for a cooking class.
I need to tell her I’m going back to Korea.
Sir, can you please bring him
to his friend’s house first?
No, I cannot.
We will miss our flight.
For 5 minutes only, Sir.
The chairman gave specific instructions
to take him straight to the airport.
It won’t take long.
I said no.
You promise
be a good boy.
Let’s go.
Mr. Ramon!
Nanny Mels!
Mr. Ramon!
Nanny Mels!
They’re gone, Maya.
But he said we’re going
to the cooking class today.
He knows that it's my dream.
Flight KR 456 is now boarding.
Passengers for Flight 456 is now boarding.
you need to take this.
Today’s agenda is about
voting the new chairman of LB Group.
How can we entrust our future to a person
who acts so recklessly
and without any sense of responsibility?
I made my mistakes.
I would rather that you remember me
for the rules I broke
and not for your heart that I broke.
Hi, Maya.
It’s me again.
Please call me back.
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