Secret Ingredient (2024) s01e06 Episode Script


[In Korean]
Are we running away?
We’re going to the Philippines
and you’ll learn English,
make lots of new friends.
[In Tagalog]
One day I will be so rich.
I will cook in a big restaurant.
Rich people will eat my food.
How about you?
What’s your dream?
I wish my mom can be happy every day.
You cook for your mom.
Food makes people happy.
[In Tagalog]
I have a bad feeling about this
because I’ve seen cuts on her wrists.
[In Korean]
We will miss our flight.
The chairman gave specific instructions
to take him straight to the airport.
Nanny Mels!
He said we’re going to the cooking class today.
He knows that it's my dream.
you need to take this.
[In Korean]
Welcome back!
You look different.
What do you mean?
You look different.
In a good way.
A lot has happened since I left.
You’re confident about pulling this off?
Are you?
Let’s see.
See you later!
Maya, my name is not Jack!
It’s Ha-Joon.
Nanny Mels!
Mr. Ramon!
[In Tagalog]
you need to take this.
It’s the people from the competition.
Yes, yes, this is Maya.
Okay! Okay, okay.
Thanks! Thanks for letting me know.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
[In Tagalog]
They said I made it to the final round.
Oh my God!
What happened?
Time’s up!
The judges will now evaluate the dishes.
What a moron!
This is your chance, Maya.
What are you going to do for the finals?
Give it your all.
[In Korean]
I’m here.
Is this why you called me so desperately?
To get rid of your guilt before you die?
Today was the day Dad was supposed to come.
let’s go to sleep now.
Dad will definitely come.
Mom, I’m home.
Mom, I’ll always protect you.
As you said to me.
Okay, My son. You’re so kind.
Mom! Mom!
[In Tagalog]
That’s my secret to my tasty adobo.
What does that mean?
It means food can be a way
to express one’s emotions.
Through food,
you can make someone feel what you can't say in words.
When you pour love into your food,
you can fill not only the stomach but also the heart.
Food can cheer up anyone who is unhappy.
They feel better.
Look at them.
Let’s eat.
”Food is an emotion”
I hope so.
Let’s see.
Hey, Maya!
Arif, hi!
Good job.
You’re in the finals.
You know you were always
my most talented protege, right?
Maya, this round will be extremely tough.
You’re a line cook
competing with the best chefs in the world.
Are you sure you’re up for this?
Yeah, I’ve come this far,
I’ve got nothing to lose.
you’re representing my kitchen here.
And I know what you’ve been hoping for.
So if you win,
we can talk about giving you
what you’ve always wanted.
But you have to win.
You have to secure first place.
Yes, Chef.
If you win,
it will be an extraordinary achievement for us.
Oh my God?!
[In Tagalog]
Also, he’s handsome today.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
These are the four best chefs
gathered from around the world.
All ready to fight for the ultimate showdown!
Aside from taste and creativity,
the judges will decide on who’s dish
best represents their country.
They will be crowned the winner
of this year’s International Culinary Competition!
[In Tagalog]
”Food is an emotion”
So Chefs, let’s begin!
[In Korean]
This must be him.
Just show him his room.
Please clear his plate.
Seems like he’s not hungry.
Dad says he is enrolling Ha-Joon into Ludgrove.
Why does he get to go? And not us?
That’s ridiculous.
Stop talking nonsense
and just finish your food!
I will talk to your father myself.
You should go to a school that
matches your level.
You bought my future with money,
but that wasn’t what I wanted.
I needed a home. I needed my mom!
Why did you abandon my mom like that?
I really did my best.
But I was just a kid.
My poor mom
Ha-Joon my son
You shouldn’t live like me.
The only woman I ever
truly loved was
your mother Ha-Joon.
died alone without you.
I know
I’ll never forgive myself too.
I’m sorry, Ha-Joon.
Live your life.
Welcome back!
Here are the dishes our chefs
are preparing in this final round.
Most of the chefs have selected
prime premium ingredients.
Except for Chef Maya, who seems to have chosen
as somewhat unfamiliar ingredient.
Chef Maya is cooking a banana heart.
The first time we’re seeing this ingredient in this competition.
[In Korean] Thank you all for being here
despite the busy schedule.
Today’s agenda is about
replacing Chairman Gu Won Il
who is in critical condition right now.
We need to vote for a new chairman for LB Group,
Yes, LB Department Store Director Koo Seo-Young,
do you have anything to say?
Yes. Before the voting begins,
I would like to request to speak.
Okay, so please keep it short.
It has been a little over six months
since our father, Chairman Gu felt ill,
unable to preside over the LB Corporation as a whole.
So what we need most
is for a new leader to be decided.
A leader who will lead the organization
as it copes with the crisis facing us now!
Therefore, I strongly recommend that my older brother,
Gu Ha-Seong be the next Chairman of this corporation.
With the last 10 minutes remaining,
the chefs have started to fire up their dishes.
Here we see Chef Maya dipping the banana heart
in to a batter.
The judges seem curious about her ingredient.
She isn’t using any of the premium ingredients
like the other chefs.
I don’t think we’ve ever seen a banana heart
used as a main ingredient before.
Contestants have started to plate.
Five seconds left!
Four three
two and one!
That is the time! Hands up!
[In Korean]
We will now proceed with the vote.
The recommended candidates are Mr. Gu Ha-Seong
and Mr. Gu Ha-Joon.
If there are no additional nominations,
we will conduct the vote.
First of all,
please refer to the data provided for the management performance of the two candidates over the past three years.
I request to speak before the vote!
Director Koo Seo-Jin,
if you are not recommending a new candidate,
I think it would be better to refrain for now
due time constraints.
There is something you need to know before voting.
It is important information that will help determine
the future of the company.
The judges will now evaluate the dishes.
My dish is a sophisticated take on surf and turf,
Wagyu Steak with Black Truffles
and Lobster Mousse.
I've prepared Sabayon with Beau Soleil Oysters,
and White Sturgeon Caviar.
I prepared this banana heart dish, two ways,
pickled in calamansi brine and deep-fried tempura style
then I blanketed it in a rich, cream sauce.
And there is no meat in this whatsoever, correct?
Yes. Actually, all of these ingredients can be bought
in what we call a “palengke”
or a local farmer’s market.
So all of these cost under $3.
But don’t you think this is too simplistic
for a final round?
I wanted to prove that a dish is more than its ingredients.
It’s the execution,
the emotions that it evokes,
I believe this is what elevates a dish.
Chef Maya, is this a statement towards Food Sustainability?
I wanted to promote local and organic ingredients
and make the most out of it.
Even the banana heart,
discarded in so many countries,
but can shine just as brightly
as premium ingredients.
It tastes different yet familiar at the same time.
The pickles mixed with the cream,
a good balance of flavors.
The flavor profile you created is very impressive,
especially for a simple,
and dare I say, disposable ingredient.
Thank you.
That’s what Gu Ha-Joon looked like yesterday afternoon.
As you can see, he is in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Everyone, look carefully.
That is the person who represents our LB Corporation.
While we all work hard day and night for the company,
Gu Ha-Joon vacationed for months
and was living a life of leisure over there.
That person must be excluded as a candidate immediately.
How can we entrust our future to a person
who acts so recklessly without any sense of responsibility?
Gu Ha-Seong should be the only nominated candidate.
You can vote for or against based on your show of hands.
Okay. That’s enough. Thank you.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
You did it! You won!
Stella, thank you.
- I couldn’t have done it without you.
- Don’t say that.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Maya.
I knew you could do it.
Thank you, Chef.
Well, enjoy the win.
Have a break for a week,
and I’ll see you first thing on Monday in my kitchen.
I’m a man of my word, Maya.
So I promised to give you what you want
if you won first place.
So, starting next week,
you will be the Palm Garden's newest sous chef.
But what about Tommy?
Don’t worry, I'll take care of it.
Think of the publicity, Maya.
A culinary collaboration
between renowned chef Arif Hadi
and this year’s culinary champion.
What about that?
Thank you
Chef, but
I will not work with you anymore, Chef.
I thought this is the job that you’ve always wanted.
No. My dream is to be an Executive Chef.
Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Maya.
Just because you won,
it doesn’t mean you’re ready for that.
After everything that I’ve been through,
I know that I am.
[In Korean]
We will now proceed with the vote.
He’s here!
I’m sorry
for being late.
I apologize for being away for months
due to personal reasons,
and I will take full responsibility for it.
Let’s proceed with the vote to elect the president.
Before that, I have something to tell.
Over the past 40 years since founding the company,
my father said he was greatly indebted with loyalty
to the directors of the company.
Director Hyun,
do you remember the accident that happened 27 years ago
when your car flipped over on the way back to the airport
after going on a field trip to Germany with my father?
Of course, I remember.
I am here because of him.
Department Head of LB Electronics, Kim Jong Min,
you were injured during the construction
of the Coast Expressway tunnel 18 years ago,
the Chairman took care of you when your leg was injured.
Slightly limping, but still going strong!
Thanks to the Chairman for comprehensive health insurance.
Life would be difficult if this had happened elsewhere.
With all his employees, Chairman Gu has always treated
each and every one of you like his own.
While all of this brings great memories to everyone,
that doesn’t mean you can change
the board’s agenda today.
Gu Ha-Joon.
Gu Ha-Joon is not qualified.
You all saw the video earlier.
How much embarrassment did he bring to the company.
I totally agree.
I don’t have the qualifications to lead this company.
I withdraw from the nomination.
However, I would like to recommend a new candidate.
The candidate who exemplifies all of Chairman Gu’s vision
and values for this company, is none other than
Director Lee Jin.
As you all know, Manager Lee
is a product of the LB scholarship program.
Graduating from high school and university
with top grades and honors.
Since then,
he has held key positions within the company
solely based on his skills and performance.
He has demonstrated outstanding abilities
in solving problems for the company.
As a result, he has established himself
as an irreplaceable core resource to the company.
I believe there is no one more
qualified than Director Lee Jin.
I believe that now is the time for our LB Group to break away from the old shackles of family inheritance
and establish itself as a global company.
Director Lee Jin,
the Chairman himself nominated you as a candidate.
Do you accept the recommendation?
This is
it’s too sudden.
I will ask again.
Do you accept the candidate recommendation?
Oppa, please say something! This is insane!
Nonsense! This is outrageous!
Those who are voting for Director Lee Jin,
please raise your hands.
And the grand winner is
Chef Maya Laurel!
Look at you, using your cellphone,
even though your boss is here.
Maya won first place.
I’m so proud of her.
Your wish came true.
I’m proud of you too.
I believe you will be fine.
I don’t want to say this
but you are a talented person that would be a shame to lose.
I’ll be back.
I just need to take care of something.
Say “hi” to Maya for me.
Hi, Maya. It’s me again.
I don’t know if you’re listening to my messages
or just ignoring them, but
please call me back.
I know I’ve got a lot to explain to do.
Hi, Stella.
Hi, Jack.
Or should I say Ha-Joon?
Sorry, I get confused.
Okay, I’m sorry. I know
I was meant to
- I was just
- So you are a Chaebol!
I knew it!
Anyway, if you’re looking for Maya,
you just missed her.
Where’d she go?
Congratulations again, Chef Maya Laurel.
We are happy to present to you a three-year contract
as Executive Chef for our newest restaurant.
And I know you’re all dying to speak
with our country’s newest hero, so
without further ado,
Ms. Maya Laurel, everyone!
[In Tagalog]
Chef Maya, how do you feel?
It’s great. I am very grateful
and honored for this opportunity.
Chef, what kind of food will you be serving?
- What’s that?
- There are flowers.
- Look, guys.
- That’s so sweet.
”I’m sorry. Please meet me tomorrow at this address”
I’ve made mistakes.
Sometimes the right way to be
is the wrong way to go.
No matter how you slice it,
rules are meant to be broken.
And no matter how much we try to master the rules,
we're destined to break them.
And I made so many with you because
I’ve become accustomed to breaking the rules.
But at the end of the day,
I would rather that you remember me
for the rules I broke
and not for your heart that I broke.
It’s incredible how the scent of the dish
can transport you back
to your childhood in an instant.
What I never told you
is that your dishes brought me back
to the time in my childhood
that I tried to bury.
But I didn’t want to look back at it
because it’s too painful.
That’s why I could never tell you about it.
But being with you,
and cooking with you,
showed me that I had to face the past.
The past is an ingredient
that makes me the person I am today.
You set me free, Maya.
I hope that if you know my truth,
you understand why I did,
what I did,
and be able to forgive me.
This is my story,
which keeps leading back to you.”
Thank you for coming.
I know I’ve got a lot of explaining to do,
and apologies to make.
Starting with this.
I promised you that I’d take you to cooking school
20 years ago.
So here we are.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Why did you lie to me?
I’m sorry.
I may have lied about the name
but everytime I was with you,
that was me and that’s the truth.
I felt so lost.
I felt like I never belonged.
But everytime I found you, that was home.
I love you, Maya.
Ha-Joon, you
you gave me the courage to believe in myself
and inspired me to take chances.
Just like the one I’m about to take now.
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