Secret Invasion (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


Fury, I'd like you to meet someone.
This is Gravik.
FURY: Gravik?
G'IAH: You don't trust me.
You're telling me
there's a million Skrulls
walking amongst us right now?
Have you lost your reptilian-ass mind?
SONYA: Skrulls have infiltrated
the ranks of major world powers.
DERRIK: Where is the proof?
I nominate Gravik
to the post of Skrull General.
They sent you to fire me?
I volunteered.
Set up a meet between me and Gravik.
Talos, he will kill you.
I wanna talk about my daughter.
- PAGON: Everyone ready?
- ZIRKSU: Uh-huh.
Do you think it'll work?
I mean, uh
Bringing chaos?
Why did you join the resistance, Beto?
I did not want our people
to keep running.
You joined the same reason I did.
Not fear of the past,
faith in our future.
All faith is built on risk.
So that's what we have to take. Yeah?
Members of the Council.
Glad you could make it on short notice.
Now at the council meeting,
I told you I had a plan
for taking Earth as our own.
I sent three operatives
to infiltrate the Royal Navy.
Time to change.
GRAVIK: And execute a strike
on a key United Nations target.
The heroes of Earth will react.
The only way we can counter that
and claim this planet as our home
is to become super ourselves.
Now, we no longer just change faces.
We change powers.
We're gonna be uniquely programmed
weapons of mass destruction.
All of us.
Super Skrulls.
Humans will be at all-out war
with each other within the week.
And while they're at
each other's throats,
we're gonna break their backs.
GRAVIK: I invite you to join me
in the extinction of the human race.
- Coffee?
Yes, please, black.
Looking for someone?
Uh, yes, I am.
What does she look like?
That depends on what
day of the week it is.
Wanna sit here while you wait?
Well That
That might send the wrong message.
She won't mind.
VARRA: This should put
Dreykov's men on their heels.
Looks like you already have.
This new face of yours is
I agree.
FURY: Who is she?
Well, that depends on where this goes.
No, no, no, no, no.
There's a rule that, you know,
commander of station
and operatives cannot be
Our unit doesn't exist, Fury.
That means I don't work for you.
- Well, that's an intriguing possibility.
STEARNS ON TV: Does anyone out there
seriously trust our leaders?
I sure don't.
Load your guns and make sure
you got enough food and water
because that, my friends, looks
a hell of a lot like World War III.
How can you watch that poison?
Even a broken clock's right twice a day.
(CHUCKLES) Good morning.
FURY: Mmm! Mmm!
Those eggs supposed to be soft
or hard boiled?
I forgot. Things cook
differently up in space.
Whoa. Thank you.
Do I dare ask what calamity
must have transpired
to bring you home, to me?
It has been years.
If you want me to apologize
for being gone, Scilla, just say so.
Darling, you are Nick Fury.
I never harbored any illusions
about the necessity of you going away.
But staying away,
that leaves a mark.
I retired.
Any plans for the downtime?
Well, you know, I never
cared much for golf, so
I'm thinking I may take up revenge.
You been in touch with Gravik
while I was gone?
- And why are you asking me that?
- 'Cause I just need to be sure.
About what?
Who you've become
while I was gone.
I became a widow in your absence.
I wept on your pillow every night.
I grieved for you.
And just when I thought
I had gotten past the heartbreak,
you came back in the Blip.
And silly me, I thought we were
going to undo all the pain together.
Go back to the way we were, but no,
you just up and vanished again.
Only this time it was voluntary.
So if you're interested in who I became
in your second absence,
I became me.
The me I was before you.
What other choice was there
when you kept disappearing
as if you were never really here
in the first place?
Don't ignore it because of me.
I don't have that information
at hand right now.
You too, take care.
Something important?
What is it? What's happened?
What about him?
Well, someone told the cops
where we were headed,
and only we knew that.
It was me, you, Pagon
and Beto in the car.
It's hard for Brogan to confess
to something he didn't know.
Not so hard.
Oh, yeah?
How'd you figure?
Brogan under torture.
I'd imagine when they asked him
where they could find you,
he was forced to make an educated guess.
Is that what you'd do?
I'd lie.
I'm a good liar.
It was Brogan.
He was weaker than you thought.
All right.
See you tomorrow. Early.
You're coming with me.
GRAVIK: Your father called for a parley.
Apparently we're meeting about you.
Right on schedule.
The UN plane will be
at Neptune's coordinates, 2200 hours.
It's remarkable, innit?
Gathering up all these big men
for one painting.
Statesmen of World War I.
That's what it's called.
I mean, it just sums up the whole thing
pretty nice, I'd say.
Which whole thing is that?
You know, the difference
between statesmen and soldiers.
You see, 'cause one lot spends
the war posing for pictures,
while the other does all the killing
and the dying.
I mean, look at the fat
smug smile on his face.
You ask me, Talos,
choice between having my story told
in ink and oil paint
or having it written in blood,
I choose blood all day long.
Yours and everyone else's. Huh?
You asked for parley,
so let's parley, shall we?
Come on.
Thank you, love.
Why don't you just get an empty cup?
I like a little bit of espresso
with my sugar.
You want some?
What I want is for you to stand down
and stop murdering innocent humans.
You know, I would be
doing us both a favor
if I just put you out of
your misery right here.
You want an honor meeting?
Mate, go ahead, say the word.
An honor meeting?
Well, it wouldn't be proper, would it?
A general challenging his subordinate
to knives.
Are you honestly puzzled
as to why the Council
would prefer me as general
over the likes of you?
G'iah's in the car.
Wanna come say hello?
You wanna be very, very careful now.
You should be grateful
that I haven't sent her back
to you in a body bag yet.
That's what this is all about, isn't it?
You're gonna take our people
to the edge of extinction
with the war with the humans.
All these miscreants know
is murder.
Look how they treat each other.
That's what's gonna happen.
We're gonna murder them all.
You don't understand
the first thing about humans.
They're at their most formidable
when they're threatened
by a common foe.
Have you forgotten how we fight?
You think I'll let you
continue this war under
the cover of anonymity,
you're very much mistaken.
I'm gonna tell every army on Earth
who it is that's attacking them.
You'll lose the element of surprise.
You and your rebels will be put down
like the rabid dogs you are.
Then you'll be the author
of our people's extermination.
And that's where you're wrong,
because you see,
they will see the difference between us
because we will show them,
we who haven't been infected
by your sickness.
So, then, G'iah stays
with me then, is it?
Now, until the end of time,
my daughter's name
stays out of your mouth.
You got it?
- I'm sorry.
- No, I am.
- I believe this is yours.
- Thank you.
You really gonna eat
that plate of dog food?
I was, mate. I just lost my appetite.
Oh, that's a first.
You really are shameless, aren't you?
Anyone that could say what
you said to me yesterday,
have the balls to come up in here
and ask me for help?
I didn't ask you for help.
What, are you here to have
an English breakfast, mate,
or are you here to inquire
after my well-being?
No, I think it's a pretty safe bet
you ain't here for that, right? Hmm?
Look, look, look, look.
I got a lead on a rebel Skrull that's
high up in the U.S. government,
- and he's in London right now.
- And?
Yeah, and what can I do for you?
How can I help you, my friend?
I just told you.
No, you told me
that you've got a line on a Skrull
that's up in the U.S. government and
That it's understood
that you think that implies
that I should just sort of leap up
and take this opportunity
to just help you, like that.
Those days are gone, so I'm gonna
need you to, you know, use your words.
Say the words.
Say what words?
"Help me, Talos,
'cause I'm useless without you".
Help me, Talos,
'cause I am useless without you.
TALOS: G'iah handed off intel,
used a burner phone.
Brave girl.
Yeah. Her mum. Good role model.
Neptune is a British sub.
I know who to call.
Whoever this is,
you shouldn't have this number.
FURY: What do you know about
a British submarine called Neptune?
First, I want an apology.
I just gave away the only
one of those I had today.
Well, you'll have to double down,
'cause you rather rudely attached
a nasty bug to my beloved Hoot.
Tell me that's not the name
of that owl clock.
No, not anymore. Has a new
name now. Nicholas Fury.
He has a rather dashing
little eye patch now.
I'm serious, Sonya.
I have it on good authority.
Neptune is planning to launch
on the UN Delegation.
That would mean World War III.
Well, why would they do
something silly like that?
Because at least one of Gravik's
rebels has infiltrated Command.
Can you make the call?
Unfortunately, I'm dealing
with my own infiltration
at the moment.
Somebody leaked the location
of the butcher's shop
when I was doing some of my
best work, so my hands are tied.
Loose enough to get the captain's name?
- His name is Commodore Robert Fairbanks.
- Bob!
- Can I get a photo and address?
- Absolutely.
- Shall I tell him you're on your way?
- Yeah. Tell him that.
That's where Naval Command HQ is.
You know what? I don't
get the whole dog thing.
What's to get? Dogs
are man's best friend.
But I mean, come on, look at that.
I mean, just name me one
other interspecies relationship
where it's acceptable
to clean up the other guy's poop.
I've been cleaning up your poop
for the last 30-some years.
Oh, that's rich.
Ah, the truth's a mother dog, right?
That's really what you think?
That the whole time
we've known each other,
you've been cleaning up my mess?
- You got a different take on it?
- Oh, well, let's see.
When I came here in 1995,
you were just a benchwarming nobody
in a dumpy field office in S.H.I.E.L.D.
What, do you have
a different take on this?
I was ascending the ranks.
You didn't start ascending the ranks
until me and 19 of my people signed
on as your invisible spy network.
You know, we fed you more dirt and intel
than you could've uncovered
on your own in a lifetime, so please.
I mean, every time you were promoted
inside S.H.I.E.L.D., we did that.
Every terror attack you
prevented, we did that.
Every enemy you sabotaged
and ally you leveraged with dirt
no one else in the world
had access to, we did that.
You're a smart and capable guy,
Fury. Nobody questions that.
But you've gotta admit,
your life got a hell of a lot more
charmed once I came into it.
And do you know something?
I don't even need to hear
a bloody thank you from you.
It was my pleasure, mate.
Least you can do
is not rewrite history
when the guy who helped write it
with you the first time
is sitting right next to you.
- What'd you stop for?
- We're here.
- At Bob's?
- Yeah, Bob.
Remember Bob? The guy
that'll launch a nuclear attack?
All right, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize that.
No, that's 'cause you were too busy
riding the "we did that" wave.
You got any more abuse
you wanna hurl my way?
Or are you ready to go in here
and take care of Bob?
And then I get to say, "We did that".
We can do that.
Sorry. I didn't know you stepped out.
I needed a break from
the old ball and chain.
I can empathize, sir.
Don't let her hear you say that.
TALOS ON EARPIECE: You in position?
Worry about your own damn self.
Do me a favor, Fury.
Don't ever change.
- Sir, I just left you
- Shit.
- TALOS: I'm blown.
- Yeah, I see.
Come in, Talos.
TALOS: Sorry, Nick.
I was busy kicking Bob's ass.
Second floor. Last door down the hall.
Copy that.
Nobody calls me Nick, Bob.
I'll let him go when you let my son go.
This is not a negotiation, Bob.
Find something to tie them up?
Sure thing, boss.
"Thanks for saving my life, Fury".
"No problem, Talos. Any time".
What you working on over there, Bob?
- MAN 1: Forty-five degrees right.
- MAN 2: to four zero feet.
MAN 1: Standby. Uh, ready one.
CAPTAIN: This has to be a mistake.
The message has been
authenticated, Captain.
You are obliged to strike.
MAN 1: I'm at a 50 mile radius.
Here you go. Take a sip of this.
It's gonna help calm
your nerves. Come on.
Are you gonna kill my dad?
I just need your dad to do
the right thing. Come on.
I can't seem to get old Bob here
to listen to reason.
So I'm gonna switch gears.
Don't look at him.
He's not the one who's
gonna have your wife
scraping your purple goopy
brains out of her carpet.
Unless you call off the airstrike now.
And if you're afraid
of going against Gravik,
I can protect you.
You couldn't protect yourself
coming through that door.
You're a shell of the
general you used to be.
Just wait outside?
Why don't you shapeshift back
into this piece of trash
and call in an abort
on that missile strike?
Great idea. Why didn't I think of that?
Maybe 'cause he's the only one
who knows the code word.
You got a code for us, Commodore?
ROBERT: You created this vacuum.
All Gravik did is fill it.
I want to talk to Cent Com.
These are Cent Com's orders.
Either you obey or you'll be removed.
Do you understand?
ROBERT: You could've led together.
Gravik offered you a partnership.
We would have stood by you proudly.
So stand with me now.
You're too late.
- Enough of this bull!
I'm giving you three seconds
to give me that code,
or I'm gonna aim higher,
or maybe lower.
- Give me the gun.
- One!
- Give me the
- Two!
I said give me that gun!
You got minutes to figure out that code
if we can't make
your friend here tell us.
Prepare to launch.
FURY: Getting close
to showtime here, Talos.
ROBERT: Traitors like you are the reason
people have been walking
in exile for 30 years.
- You sicken me.
- Shut up!
What's it gonna be, man?
You can't even keep
your daughter's loyalty.
Or is she the spineless traitor
feeding you information?
G'IAH: What is it?
Commodore Robert Fairbanks.
I need his launch
termination password now.
- Good evening, friends.
- Operative G'iah. What can we do for you?
AUTOMATED VOICE: Initiate go position.
You got it?
Okay. Now run.
Initiating go position.
Initiating go position.
Launch sequence underway.
(MIMICS ROBERT) This is Fairbanks.
Abort exercise.
Code word, Zachary.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Abort launch.
Abort launch.
- FURY: So, why didn't you take the deal?
- What deal?
Gotta be hard for you
to be fighting with him
when deep down in your bones
you believe in what he's doing.
Shit. Thirty years, you still don't
know me better than that?
All right, so make me understand.
I'm not with Gravik 'cause I'm with you.
GRAVIK: Where are you off to, G'iah?
I heard about the failed strike.
Our men need exfiltration.
I didn't fail.
That plane would have been valuable.
Finding the traitor was essential.
Go on, turn around.
You will look at me.
And you'll ask yourself,
are you a leader of Skrulls
or our worst enemy?
WOMAN OVER PA: Platform 17
for the 16:42 to Teddington,
calling at Vauxhall, Clapham Junction,
Earlsfield, Wimbledon.
(MAN SHOUTS) The National!
- I'll give you some time alone.
- Hmm.
MAN ON PHONE: St. James Church, one hour.
I need to speak to Gravik.
Yeah, well, you're talking to me.
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